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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 9, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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any snow or slush left on the roads is likely to refreeze tonight. especially on the bridges and the untreated roads. here's a live look at the ben franklin bridge. it could set us up for a slow and slick commute tomorrow morning. >> we've seen a change in the temperatures. taking a live look at the winds gusting down the shore in cape may. we've got from 60s at this time yesterday to what will feel like single digits tonight. our team of reporters have been out all day as people bundle up for the much colder weather. we begin with nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> you were right about the timing of the storm. it was quick. now we're getting ready for the bitter blast you told us about. >> yeah, it was only a couple or a few hours at most of really hazardous conditions. really had a problem with the airports all over the northeast. but things are returning to normal. at least in philadelphia. but the temperatures are way below normal now. 30 degrees in philadelphia. 25 in allentown.
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and look at the difference since this time yesterday. 35 degrees colder. 37 degrees colder in vineland. and even that doesn't tell the whole story. because the wind is still pretty powerful, gusting to 44 miles per hour in millville. 45 in atlantic city. 37 in philadelphia. we've seen gusts close to 50 miles per hour. the feels like temperatures, it went from 66 at 3:00 yesterday to 32 this morning. to 16 at 9:00 a.m. in a span of 18 hours, it fell 50 degrees. now what happens is, with the cold, and with nightfall, anything that's around that's moist is going to freeze. any slush is going to freeze. and it's going to feel really cold. feeling like single digits by 8:00. 11:00, all the way through the
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night and into the morning. so we've got some bitter cold air that's moving in right now. it's going to freeze everything up. and it's not going to last that long. we'll tell you about the warm up for the weekend coming up. >> all right. l let's take a live look at 8th and market. people turning their eyes to the sky. >> they're worried about falling ice that's hanging from the high rises. lairen mayk is live in center city. i know you spoke to one woman who is already been hit by ice. >> reporter: it is enough to make you want to walk around, looking up. and, you know, when it comes to snow, the city of philadelphia really made out quite well. they were quite lucky, as you can see. no snow to be seen where we are here now. as it has melted on the ground, it is also been melting up there. snow and ice melting and falling. we have been hearing it and seeing it coming down around the city. especially when the wind blows.
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it was snow at first, whipping through the air in center city. covering grass and pavement as a cold wind blew through. >> the wind cuts through to your bones. you soldier on and get to work as fast as possible. >> reporter: but the sun made its way through the clouds. and a cold day got a little brighter. but wetter, too, from the roads to the sidewalks. in some places it almost looks like it's rapiining up. if you look up you can see the snow and ice melting above you. wait long enough and as the wind blows, you caught ice falling around the city. >> the buildings that have the awnings. >> reporter: she says it happened to her. >> i experienced it. >> reporter: how big it was? >> it wasn't that big, but it was unexpected. >> reporter: outside the shops at liberty place, there's a sign
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warning of falling ice. as the wind blows, it blows what's left of the storm off buildings. as snow, ice, or water. >> being dripped on. >> reporter: the water dripping off and dripping away through the day. what's left could freeze again as colder temperatures set in. yeah, refreezing anything that's wet, like puddles like this one we just found here in center city, the city has been salting the roads to try to keep that from happening. and keep people safe on the roads. as for that falling ice, i checked with the city, they tell me no one has been injured. it is all quite a change from what we saw just yesterday. coming up at 6:00, we're going to take a look at how people are dealing with this drastic swing in temperatures. live in center city, i'm lauren mayk nbc 10 news. >> a live look at broad street from our kimmel center campus camera. the snow emergency for
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philadelphia is now over. this means driver with park again on those snow emergency routes. it also said both public and archdiocese and schools in the city will be open on friday. the mayor says the drop in temps will be the concern tonight. >> we get closer to this evening, the temperatures are going to plunge and the wind will pick up. we need to make sure some of our people who are out in the cold come in to someplace warm and safe. no car, no problem. this guy sailed down this slushy street on a skate board inna ardmore this morning. you can't have a snow day without this, good old fashioned sledding. this group really picked up speed on their way down. look at them go. the dogs preferred a good romp in the snow as they always seem to. parts of berks county got walloped by the snow. >> more than six inches of snow fell in allentown alone. that's where randy gyllenhaal is
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live. randy, now begins the tough task of digging out. >> reporter: yeah, it took most of the day to get all of this snow from this parking lot we're standing in right now all the way piled up behind me. probably 15 feet tall. the good news is the parking lots are clear, the roads are clear. most of the sidewalks are, too. but the winds that we've been talking about, brutal, blowing all that snow around, back on to the sidewalks and streets. and the concern again tonight, ice. along the narrow streets in allentown, shovels get the job done early on 8th street. everybody is pitching in. >> it's heavy, really heavy. slushy. and as cars go by you get hit with slush too also. >> reporter: jamie rooks says at first she was excited waking up to a blanket of white snow. >> inprocess of cleaning it up is a pain in the butt. >> reporter: it's much easier if you've got the heavy machinery like this guy. >> easier than shoveling.
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>> yes it is. i've been here since 5:15. >> reporter: the snow stopped falling pretty early in the morning. the problem going forward is all of the wind blowing the snow around, back on to the streets and concern it could freeze later tonight. his young son is getting bored, wants to go play. what you making? >> snowball. >> reporter: dad says he wants to take a very long break after digging out of the winter's first big snowfall. >> just clean up, get everything fixed up and just snuggle in and get it nice and warm. >> reporter: that's some good advice, stay inside. especially with these brutal winds. coming up at 6:00, we'll chat with the guy who had to head to work early this morning, that was during the peak of the storm around 5:00 a.m. saying it was almost impossible to drive. we'll show you before and after pictures fromyard yesterday's h
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temperatures and today's snow. >> all right. let's take a live look at i-95 in south philly. it looks good right now. the plow trucks were prepared to get out early. the side streets take longer to clean out. we're not out of the woods where ice is concerned. some of the slush could refreeze tonight as we've been saying. >> cydney long is live in berlin. i've seen you all morning long. how are the roads where you are right now? >> reporter: the combination of the sun and melting today with the wind has created slushy spots. but the roads right now are good. it certainly hasn't been the case all day. i want to show you what a picture perfect intersection looks like according to camden county. you can see right here at franklin avenue, the white horse pike, the roads are dry and clean, there are no signs of any patchy ice. >> the roads are actually pretty good right now. >> reporter: drivers like steve waters aren't naive to the fact that just like wednesday's warm
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sunshine quickly turned to a shower of snow this morning, so too can plowed roads refreeze. the combination of sun, melting, or blowing snow and slush on the road shoulders is a recipe for black ice when the temperatures tumble. >> you got to be careful, especially at night with the black ice. you got to be careful. >> reporter: which is why camden county salt crews didn't go on break when the snow stopped falling. instead, they're keeping an handful of salt truck drivers deployed to make sure that 1,400 lane miles county wide stay dry. >> when the wind blows, it's going to create a thin layer of ice on the roadway. >> anything is possible right now. because the winds are so strong. so i would say just proceed with caution. safety is paramount. >> reporter: waters is glad to have the day off and pleased efforts continue to prevent black ice. >> you can't see the ice on the road with the headlights, it becomes difficult to see it. you have to drive slow.
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>> it's deceiving, you want to go out and go shopping or whatever you want to do, absolutely. but we really need to give as much space to the crews so they can do their job effectively and efficiently. >> reporter: you can see how strong the winds out here are right now. camden county officials tell me they're 911 call volume was extremely light today. that's a good thing. you might not believe how busy new jersey state police were responding to the snow-related accidents. we'll have that coming up for you when we see you at 6:00. live in berlin, i'm cydney long nbc 10 news. air travel at philadelphia international is getting back to normal this afternoon. the majority of flights in and out were canceled this morning. the planes are coming and going again right now. most flights tonight are still on. but you should check with your airline if you have a flight scheduled. the storm that hit us blanketed much of the northeast. this video you see right here is from new york city.
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crews were up early to clear it all away. some 1,700 flights were canceled. we've also learned a door man died after he slipped and fell through a plate glass window while shoveling. do you hear that? that's thunder snow in connecticut. that's rare but there were reports of it throughout the northeast during the storm. this is what happens when you drive on a hilly road caked in ice. look closely here, watch as the suv in massachusetts slides and spins. knocking into car after car along the way down that hill. we wouldn't let you hear what it sounds like but we can tell you there are too many words being shouted by people on the street. its a family show. no one was hurt. the neighborhood body shop, as you can imagine it's busy right now. watch what happened in boston
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today. >> good afternoon. the splash over from the atlantic ocean. it hasn't started snowing yet. >> still snowing but smacked in the face. that was from our nbc station in boston getting hit by a wave. he and his photography are fine. >> hopefully he's warming up now. we saw hundreds of school closings this morning and delays could happen tomorrow. see if your school is delayed or closed through the nbc 10 app. the country has a new top law enforcement officer this afternoon. >> jeff sessions has taken over his post as attorney general. he was sworn in today, sessions won senate confirmation last night after a bruising battle with democrats who tried to block him. after being sworn in, sessions headed right to the justice department. he's the eighth member of president trump's administration to be confirmed. president trump is hitting back at reports that his supreme court pick criticized his
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behavior. judge neil gorsuch met with senators today in washington. it was yesterday when a senator told him he was disheartened by the president's comments about a federal judge. today, mr. trump met ceos from several airlines at the white house, but not before taking a shot at senator blumenthal on twitter. the president tweeting, senator blumenthal who never fought in vietnam when he said for years he had. major lie. misrepresents what judge gorsuch told him? a few words spoken today by white house advisor kellyanne conway have her in hot water. both with the white house and legal experts. >> buying ivanka's stuff. i'm going to get some myself today. >> conway told people watching
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fox news this morning to go buy ivanka's stuff. her comments come after president trump launched a twitter attack against nordstrom. they dropped his daughter's clothing line. they say kellyanne conway may have threatened laws. coming up, what the white house did to conway after that comment. septa is growing his key card program. riders can buy one of the key cards. riders deposit money on the cards and you use the cards on subways, buses and trolleys instead of a token. until now they were only available at septa headquarters. new details in a deadly hit and run crash we told you about last night. the victim was an 18-year-old woman. she was hit while working at the
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palmer town mall. police are still looking for the driver. another correctional office has been assaulted again. a prisoner hit an officer in the face at vaughan correctional center. we're told the officer is going to be okay. it was last week when inmates took four employees hostage. lieutenant steven floyd was killed. he'll be laid to rest tomorrow. an olympic medalist said she was detained by u.s. customs for two hours without an explanation. she became the first female muslim american to medal in the olympics. she won the bronze in fencing last summer. she didn't elaborate on where or when she was detained. she said she's not sure if it was related to president trump's travel ban. comedian joe piscupo is second among republican hopefuls. he has the support of 12% of republicans polled.
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the lieutenant governor leads the field with 18 piece. piscupo has said he's considering running as a republican. phil murphy is the democratic front runner in the poll. he has 17% from democratic voters. back to our first alert weather. what a difference a few hours can make. on the left, you see the blue rock stadium as the snowstorm blew through at 7:30 this morning. on the right, a live picture of wilmington eight hours later. quite the contrast in camden as well. on the left, the view from this morning, from our camera on the adventure aquarium. on the right a livep picture frm the same camera. a whole lot clearer. nice to see the sun out. with clearer skies comes strong winds and biting cold. >> let's check in again with glenn "hurricane" schwartz with more on the bitter blast after the storm. you are the most accurate, proving it with the timing and the temps we have today. >> yeah, our chief mission is to keep you safe.
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and the roads this morning, for a short period of time, a couple hours, were dangerous across a good bit of the area. and we're glad to hear that there were not any serious injuries or worse across the area. that's the last of the storm. exiting new york city. and as we look back to 4:00 in the morning, the low pressure center itself was just south of cape may. the circulation around it bringing the colder air down and changing the rain to snow mostly north and west of philadelphia. the heaviest snow north of the pa turnpike as expected. it's a 12 hour loop. that low is already off the new england coast. it's the same day. it is just racing off shore. as we've been saying for days, that was the thing that was going to limit the potential snow accumulations.
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and also, some of the rain before it changed to snow. that tended to limit it as well. florence in burlington county, four inches. mount lateral, 3.7. princeton, new jersey, six inches. national park, 2.3 inches. we'll have some more of those totals coming up later. look at this, flags, it is windy out there. current temperature, it's cold enough without it. it was 66 yesterday afternoon. and there we go. down tomorrow's high only 31 before we start coming right back up. here's what it feels like right now, 17 in philadelphia, 3 below zero in mount pocono. 10 in allentown and trenton. and 14 in coatesville. that's as warm as it's going to feel all night. because it's still windy. 43 mile an hour gusts now at dover air force base.
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we had 50 mile an hour gusts at cape may and lewis, delaware, at 11:00 this morning. those feels like temperatures are going down into the single digits. and some places, pretty close to zero. because it's going to be a windy evening. now, by tomorrow morning it won't be as windy as it will be tonight. but the wind helps a little bit in trying to dry out at least the main roads. but your sidewalks, driveways, any slushy areas, all that's going to freeze. clearly. during the night tonight and will be sitting there tomorrow as ice if you don't get rid of it. by tomorrow afternoon, it's going to be feeling like it's merely in the mid20s. and so that is the improvement. so here's the weekend outlook. tomorrow, is really cold. 31 philadelphia, 28 for the high in lehigh valley. it jumps to 40 on saturday. saturday looks dry, but mostly
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cloudy. and then a system coming by from the west, looks like it's going to bring some rain to a good bit of the area. but look at the temperatures. well into the 40s. even 42 in the lehigh valley. meaning that it is rain and not snow or ice. amazing that we can go from such cold tomorrow morning to be warm enough for rain across the entire area by sunday. a local mother relies on a tablet to communicate with her special needs son. after it broke she called the warranty company to get it fixed. but after months without a working tablet she turned to nbc 10 responds and harry hairston. another bite in giving back to wilmington, hour the former vice president's daughter is turning a new clothing line into charity for the city. plus, passing the torch for next year's winter games. and we're not just talking about the olympic flame. the major change to decades of nbc's coverage.
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first here's a look at the closing bell on wall street day. an up day all around on the markets.
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it sure looks like winter outside today, it makes sense we mark a mile stone in the count down to the winter olympics. ♪ >> dramatic reveal there. today olympic organizers unveiling the torch for the 2018 games in pyeonchang, south korea. the games begin in 364 days. one year from yesterday. the olympic organizers released drone video of the sites and venues for next year's games.
4:25 pm
this will be the second time the olympics will be staged in south korea. the capital city of seoul hosted the summer games in 1988. there's a passing of the torch at nbc on the today show this morning. bob costas announced he's stepping down as nbc's primetime olympic host. he's handing the duties over to matt tariko of nbc sports. big entertainment news. george clooney and his wife a mal are expecting twins. george clooney is 55 years old. the couple married in 2014. >> beyonce is having twins, they're having twins. >> she's an international human rights lawyer she's very busy. clooney has always said he thinks the number one responsibility in life is to have kids. >> they're on their way. >> how about giving birth to colder temps in the area. >> the morning snow is gone but we're now in for the bitter
4:26 pm
blast of cold air. >> all the wind isn't helping. a sustained wind, 20 to 30 to 35 miles an hour. making it feel like single digits. even that's not going to last long. i'm tracking the big change in temperatures over the next couple of days. always wins.
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these kids in upper derby know you can't have a snow day without a snowball fight. it's all part of the fun of this morning's snowstorm. kids always have more fun, don't they? snow plows got to work clearing the parking lot of this mount holly shopping center. it can be hard enough pulling carts apart, even harder when they're frozen. >> a little slushy, i had a spin out when i was turning out of my
4:30 pm
street. once i got straight, i'm good. >> the sidewalks quickly turned slushy, too. workers used squeegees to clear it away. one place they like the snow, of course, camel back mountain resort in the poconos. a couple of skiers out there night. got around nine inches of snow in the poconos in this storm. they needed the snow. >> extra powder feels better when you fall and wipe out. >> philly didn't see as much snow as towns up north. >> take a live look at city avenue, crews are out salting the roads to prevent refreezing tonight. look at that shot, it looks like it never shnowed at all. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is watching the temps. >> the wind isn't it feeling better, but it does help dry out, especially the main highways. you saw the traffic there was doing pretty well.
4:31 pm
it's the side roads and the slush that's freezing overnight that is going to be the issue. it's still windy out there across the entire area. the temperatures are mostly in the 20s. 26 in trenton, 25 in allentown. 27 in coatesville. and this is 30 to 40 degrees, the temperature, lower than it was at this time yesterday. then we add in the winds. it happens to be gusting 40 to 50 miles an hour at times. atlantic city now back up to 45 mile an hour gusts. now, the feels like temperature is based on sustained wind, not just the gusts. remember, 3:00 yesterday afternoon it was 66. by 5:00 this morning, it felt like 32. and 9:00 this morning, it felt like 16. and i hope you were not surprised by any of that. or about the fact that it could go from 66 one day to snowing
4:32 pm
hard the next morning. now, it's the issue of the cold. single digit feel, all night tonight, and into tomorrow morning. but things are going to warm up fairly quickly as we head through the weekend. i'll tell you about that and the next chances of snow coming up. all right. glenn. a lot of folks still working hard today. today's storm did not stop the cherry hill mall from opening on time. several plows work to clear snow from that enormous parking lot at that huge mall. snow brought damage to cities north of us, though. >> we look at what they're getting in boston. >> reporter: i'm in boston's dorchester, neighborhood. you don't know what it's like until you step out. check out the wind in the area right now. on any other given day, this neighborhood would be packed with people, cars driving by. but right now, many businesses
4:33 pm
are starting to close early before this weather gets worse. take a look at the streets right now. these are the main streets here in dorchester, the plows have come through. the problem now, neighbors say are the side streets. neighbors saying a lot of the side streets not getting that much attention from the plows, making it difficult to navigate through the narrow corridors. for now, many are staying inside until this storm passes. from boston, i'm jonathan cho. from boston to the big apple. new york also took a big hit. >> we're live at jfk airport. a lot of unhappy travellers there? >> reporter: absolutely. i hope you all don't plan on any flights to new york city anytime soon. it's been an absolute mess here at jfk. the cancellations started yesterday and they've gotten even worse as the storms came in today. take a look at the vehicle. if you hate deicing your car,
4:34 pm
you can imagine how long it took to deice plans. jfk shut down all rupwnways. i went inside to check the arrival times. every flight is canceled or delayed. la guardia had 600. the ripple effect has gone throughout the country. we've seen more than 3,500 cancellations nationwide. but things seem to be getting back to normal soon. so maybe we'll see you guys in new york city in a little bit. >> how was traffic getting out to the airport? >> reporter: traffic is not too bad. a lot of people are actually staying away from the roads. they've heeded the warnings that all the public officials throughout the counties here have been giving. a lot of school cancellations. we actually saw them coming down yesterday. a lot of people are staying off the roads. traffic is actually not too bad.
4:35 pm
but for the people who are driving, they're going to notice a lot of ice, a lot of slush on the roads. the plows are out working. but as the snow is coming down throughout the day, it was hard for them to keep up. >> all right. school was out today in new york city as well as here in philadelphia. thanks so much for bringing us up to date from around the big apple. speaking of the school closures, we saw hundreds of school closings this morning. the threat of a slick commute tomorrow could create delays. sign up to the app to see if your school is delayed or closed. you can do that easily on your mobile device, the nbc 10 app. here's a look at other news we're following at this hour, county by county. northhampen county e easton city council passed a resolution to support undocumented immigrants. that resolution in response to president trump's immigration travel ban. it endorses a streamlined process for undocumented immigrants to become u.s. citizens. in mercer county, hopewell has declared itself a sanctuary
4:36 pm
cities. they offer safe harbor for undocumented immigrants. their declaration prevents the borough from using taxpayer money to aid immigration offici officials. a business is closing its doors after nearly 60 years. in wilmington, bh windows and doors will close later this month. the company was founded in 1957. the show must go on for five tight rope workers who fell during an accident. >> the reason why nick walenda said his team hit a snag. why mistakes in mammograms are preventing some women from getting life saving screening.
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you can still refinance your undergrad and grad loans. now that i'm saving, i can visit my nephews. and i can help you with your student debt, so you can do whatever's important to you. if you have a question about whether refinancing is right for you, ask me. sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. citizens bank education refinance loan. call... to see how much you could save now. a mistake in a mammogram keeps some women from getting tested again. hospital researchers studied
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data from 250,000 women. they found those who got false positive relates were more likely to delay their mammogram. more concerning researchers say, false positive students were more likely to skip their next screening all together. it's tax season, which also is the season for tax return scammers. the irs is warning us to be alert for tax return preparers who promise inflated tax refunds. they say scammers look for people who don't even have to file, like the elderly or people with low income. con artists file a false return in the name of someone else and then steal the refund. experts say if a preparer is promising something that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. all right, let's take a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. you can see the roads look pretty good for drivers right now. check out those winds blowing that leftover snow in the area. that's the new threat we're dealing with, glenn. >> yeah, everything that is wet or slushy is going to freeze
4:41 pm
tonight. those winds are going to make it feel like the single digits for much of the area. i'm tracking the drop in temperatures, plus when it's going to warm back up in your most accurate weather forecast.
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4:44 pm
legendary dare devil nick walenda vows to return to the high wire. >> a training incident injured five acrobats. >> he believes someone in the act may have blacked out during practice. that sent several of them tumbling 30 feet to the ground. walenda says his team's performance tonight will be in their honor. >> everybody unanimously said yes, we want you to get on the wire again. that's what we do, that's who we are. >> walenda said doctors told him it's a miracle the five performers walked away without
4:45 pm
more serious injuries. >> they tell you you should get back up, but that's hard to do. joe biden's daughter is giving back to delaware with her fashion line. her brand is called livelihood. a portion of the profit goes to community organizations. each year ashley biden says she'll choose two low income zip codes to help. she's starting with wilmington and a neighborhood in washington, d.c. back to our top story today, the cold after the storm. check out this guy right there in the yellow. while others bundled up, he's just strolling around center city wearing a tee shirt. tough guy there. taking a live look from city hall from our camera on top of the comcast center. you can see snow on top of the high rises. the sun is out. makes us feel better about the cold, glenn. >> that's right. the sun angles a little bit higher. so the snow melts a little better in february than it does
4:46 pm
in january or even late december. that snow is ending in new york city where they got at least a foot of snow. and even more in parts of new england. this is the way it looked 12 hours ago. a huge area of snow and right on the rain/snow line in philadelphia. we had some heavy rain for an hour or two that kept the snow totals down a little bit in some parts of the area. others did get hit hard. it's still hitting new england hard, that's for sure. in pennsylvania, in berks county, florence at four inches. bedminister at five. lehigh valley international, 7.1. easton and bangor at seven inches of snow. now not much at cape may county or southern delaware. 1.3 inches. less than an inch in galloway township. hamilton, two. mount laurel, 3.7. florence, four. you can see more the further
4:47 pm
north you go. 2.8 inches in overbrook. a section of philadelphia. at the airport in south philly less than an inch. four and a half in media. four and a half in hatfield. five in bedminister. easton at seven. allentown six and a half. valley forge at four and a half. northern delaware, glasgow less than one inch. now the folks of the poconos are happy. they finally got a decent snowfall about close to ten inches there. right now, temperatures in the 20s to near 30. it feels like it's in the teens. and it's going to feel even colder than that later tonight. because these winds are not really diminishing fast enough. millville and atlantic city, gusting close to 45 miles per hour. dover pretty close to that, too. feeling like teens throughout the afternoon. single digits later tonight.
4:48 pm
and into tomorrow morning. so that's some of the coldest air we be seen in a while. and especially after the 66 yesterday, we're not used to that. friday is a very cold day, not as windy as today. barely to 31 in philadelphia. there will be more snow melting, even with temperatures below freezing because of the sunshine. saturday is mostly cloudy. and not nearly as cold. sunday, we have some rain moving in from the west. it could be a little bit on the heavier side by sunday night. and then the ten day forecast shows strong winds on monday. behind that rain on sunday, new england's going to get hit again with another huge snowstorm. valentine's day looks pretty decent right now. and wednesday, a chance of some light rain or snow. that is a potential threat there. and then kind of chilly the rest of next week.
4:49 pm
no more 66's for a while. >> it would be easy for people to let their guard down today. seeing how the weather is right now and the snow is gone. on those side roads and when the sun goes down tonight, you have to be careful. >> yeah, it's a really good thing to get rid of the slush now before the sun goes down. it will be easier to do that than tomorrow morning when everything's frozen solid. >> watch out for black ice out there overnight. >> anything wet will freeze. a woman bought a tablet with a warranty to help her special needs son communicate. >> after it broke, she could not get the warranty company to fix it. until harry hairston and the nbc 10 responds got involved. that story next at 4:00. (alarms)
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in today's nbc 10 responds, a mother relies on a tablet to communicate with her special needs son. >> aerrefund, she turns to nbc 10 responds. and this is definitely a need, not a want for her >> yes, it is. you know, the big thing about the story for me is all about helping the young little boy. this was a fantastic story to do. the family invested in a warranty plan to prevent headaches. but it led to nearly one year of aggravation. >> next time won't you sing with me. >> polly brown says her 3-year-old son mattox is making great strides. he is on the autism spectrum and relies on a tablet to communicate. >> he's able to log into it and focus and learn. >> holly bought mattox a navi tablet on amazon a year ago. a few months later the screen broke. >> it was a rough few months while we were out of a tablet.
4:54 pm
>> she sent it in for repairs and said the unit came back damage. she sent it back again. >> we already had to buy our son a replacement tablet. >> holly tells us she wanted the navi returned. >> every single person was telling me it's coming. >> after six months of back and forth, she tells us someone finally denied her claim. she says the company agreed to return the broken tablet but wouldn't fix it. >> i'm very frustrated. >> brown made one more call to nbc 10 responds. we reached out to warren tech. the company never got back to us, but days later brown says they called her and apologized. they also gave her a $150 amazon gift card. the amount she spent on the navi tablet. >> do i get a hug yet? thank you. >> well, the warranty says it will cover the cost of repairs in the event of a product failure, but doesn't mention a broken screen. the browns say mattox now uses
4:55 pm
an ipad and has an apple protection plan. and i tell you, i needed a protection plan for my knees, after sitting down with that little guy -- >> i saw you on the floor. >> it took me ten minutes to get up. i was like, whoa boy. >> he seems like a great kid and glad he can communicate. >> let's go to our recovery counter and see what we have for you. $282,045. >> glad you're feeling all right. if you have a complaint, give us a call and fill out the form and we'll get back to you. >> tomorrow, a warning about signing up for the gym. unhappy customers contacted nbc 10 responds after a gym's opening date kept getting pushed back. that story tomorrow on nbc 10 news today. maybe harry needs to spend some more time at the gym, i don't know. a lot is happening at 5:00. >> here is keith jones and erin coleman. >> all new at 5:00, we have a question for you, how safe is
4:56 pm
that elevator you ride? >> the nbc 10 investigators uncovered information that might have you heading for the stairs. let the fun begin, we asked for your favorite spots to spend a day off in the snow. but it's going to be hard to enjoy with bitter cold temperatures headed our way. >> that's right. now we're tracking that much colder air behind that cold front. the snow is off shore. but now we're dealing with feels like temperatures that will be in the single digits through the overnight hours. i have all the information coming up in just a bit.
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, triple the changes. look at this you can see how much the weather has been all over the place in the last 24 hours. we've got from 60s on the left, to snow there in the middle, then back to clear skies. but those clear skies accompanied bitter cold temperatures. take a look at the wind blowing in philadelphia right now. the flags above the aramark building making it feel even worse. some areas will drop into the teens later tonight. if you have any snow or slush on the ground, you need to watch out for refreezing. good evening, i'm keith jones. >> i'm erin coleman. there was definitely slipping and sliding going on this morning. this driver had a hard time getting up the hills in andorra. those tires spinning there in the snow. the cleanup began early this morning in glenside. the snow blower made it easier to get the job done.
5:00 pm
others opted for shovels. >> for these kids it was all about having fun. sky force 10 spotted this group sledding, the perfect way to enjoy a day off from school. the cold is sticking around. >> it's going to feel even worse later on tonight. nbc 10's lauren mayk joins us live from philadelphia. walking around the city, not really that pleasant right now? >> reporter: you can feel that people are holding on to their jackets here. as the sun goes down and the temperatures dip. take a look at this. stuff like this becomes important. salt to keep the ice away. the snow and the ice out here today, has been melting and now it could refreeze. in the meantime, it's the wind that is really a harsh reality after all of those warm temperatures we've seen this week. you can see it moving the flags


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