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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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center city. wind chills could have it feeling below zero in some neighborhoods. >> we're bringing you team coverage tonight of the bitter blast after the snowstorm today. we'll begin with meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz and the most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast, glenn? >> yeah, jacqueline, the flag is not just blowing strongly, it's blowing left to right. from this angle, that's a cold wind. the opposite way is the warm wind. we'll be getting into that before too long. but it's 28 degrees in philadelphia now. 23 in allentown. that doesn't tell the whole story. because we still have a lot of wind out of the northwest. as you saw with those flags. still gusting at 36 miles an hour in atlantic city. 39 miles an hour in dover. that's not quite as gusty as it was a few hours ago when it was up to 52 miles an hour in cape may. look at what happened here. yesterday at 3:00, it was 66 degrees. remember, records all over the
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place. by 5:00 this morning, it was feeling like 32. and by 9:00 this morning feeling like 16. that's a 50 degree drop in 18 hours. no wonder it feels freezing cold by the time you go outside. the temperature, as we go through the evening, dropping through the 20s. feels like temperature, dropping to 10 by 11:00 and single digits by morning. and everything that melted today, that's wet or slushy, is going to freeze over. >> cold out there, all right. glenn. tonight, the roads are clear as we take a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. but the melting today and cold temperatures today could cause slick spots. let's go to cydney long live in camden county. i saw you this morning when the snow was coming down. it looks like crews have done a
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nice job cleaning it all up. >> reporter: they have done a really good job. the county road crews have been out throughout the day today. i want to show you something. glenn mentioned this, it's the ability for everything to refreeze. these are our footprints from 4:00. this is completely frozen here. the road crews will be hugging the road shoulders where the slush can accumulate and turn into ice and become a danger for drivers. >> my car is in four wheel drive. so it's kind of hard to drive on the roads sometimes. >> reporter: frankie fisher didn't have to be out in the heart of the snowfall this morning. still, she's aware that the combination of sun, blowing snow, and any melting is a recipe for black ice. even untreated surfaces, slick spots can pop up. >> i have had friends that have slid under trucks. >> reporter: new jersey state police responded to hundreds of accidents state wide thursday. to save safe, fisher chooses a
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center lane to stay clear of ice. >> i know later the roads will be icy. >> reporter: how are the roads out there? >> they're fine. i can't believe they have a snow fine. >> reporter: michelle is thankful that crews across south jersey don't give up with the snow starts falling. refreezing is no laughing matter. >> the temperature is going down and they're saying about 15 tonight. with the wind chill factor, who knows it could be zero. we are concerned about the refreezing. >> reporter: camden county plows shut down to make room for the salt operations to continue into the overnight. >> i have to caution all the motorists that's going to be out there tonight, just give yourself plenty of time to get to point a to point b. >> drive slower, honestly, be more cautious on the roads. >> reporter: now, in addition to that full complement of salt crews who will be working through the night tonight in the
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windy and bitter cold temperatures, it's happening in both camden and burlington county. road crews will be getting a head start on their pot hole repairs to make sure that you and your car stay safe. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. let's go to the lehigh valley. allentown is cleaning up snow after six inches fell there today. >> wind gusts are blowing around. randyg randy gyllenhaal is joining us. the remnants of the storm not going away anytime soon where you are? >> it's all behind me. the snow is off the streets and the neighborhoods. and this parking lot, too. but they had to put it somewhere. ten feet high piled behind me here. half a foot of snow falling in allentown. their first major snowfall and the clean up was underway early this morning. the first big snowfall into lehigh valley and what a
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difference the hours makes. allentown yesterday, sunshine and 60 degrees. today, same spot, frigid cold, and a blanket of snow. >> six heavy inches of snow. >> reporter: bill bectal was hired to clean off the parking lot at the courthouse. some people broke out their shovels. >> the process of cleaning it up is a pain in the butt. >> reporter: across town heavy machineries made the job easier. >> it hasn't been a bad winter so far. >> reporter: you hoping this is it? >> i hope so. >> reporter: the snow stopped falling pretty early in the morning. the problem going forward is all of this wind, blowing the snow around. back on to the streets. and concern it could freeze later tonight. jose valentin had to reshovel again. after day of digging, the
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temperatures now plunging. best to go inside and fight another day. >> just clean up, get everything fixed up. and just snuggle in there and get it nice and warm. >> reporter: and back here live, you can see we've already got a lot of ice forming in this parking lot we're standing in. that's going to get worse over the next few hours. we're told that public works crews will be on the streets doing salting. if you're driving, take it slow, even if you're walking on the parking lot or sidewalk there's a lot of ice accumulatinaccumul in center city it's what happened after the snow that had people walking carefully. as snow and ice melted, chunks fell from buildings. a sign on chestnut street warned of the falling ice. we saw ice and snow falling around the city. >> it wasn't that big, but it was unexpected. something coming down on your head, a piece of ice. >> we checked with the city and
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they tell us they have no reports of anyone being hurt. there could be more school delays tomorrow with the concern of ice. keep that nbc 10 app handy. track the bitter blast of cold and winds with our first alert neighborhood forecast. to some other news, new at 6:00, could philadelphia's cigarette tax be dropping? a city councilman said the tax is not bringing in as much money for the school district. last year the $2 per pack tax brought in 24% less than planned. the councilman is pushing to lower the tax. if that happens it may keep people from leaving the city to buy cigarettes. new details in a deadly hit and run. we told you about it last night. the victim is an 18-year-old woman whoop was hit and killed when she was walking at palmer park mall. police tonight still looking for the driver.
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another corrections officer has been assaulted at the same delaware prison where last week's deadly standoff happened. a prisoner hit an officer in the face at vaughan correctional center on tuesday. it was last week when inmates took four employees hostage at the prison in smyrna. lieutenant steven floyd was killed. he will be laid to rest tomorrow. this week, delaware's governor ordered a review of the prison standoff. so far no one's been charged. a university of pennsylvania police officer shot in a deadly rampage last september is back at work. penn public safety tweeted out these pictures of officer ed miller as he returned to full duty yesterday. he was one of six people shot during the rampage in west philadelphia. the philadelphia police sergeant was also injured and another officer was killed when nicholas glen shot her and her boyfriend. glen died in a shootout with police. president trump signed three new consecutive orders today focused on crime and violence
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against police officers. the president said one would break the back of criminal cartels. another would create a task force to reduce violent crime. the third order is to stop violence against law enforcement officials. malcolm jenkins sent several treats about the consecutive orders. one of them said how do you ignore the 968 lives lost at the hands of law enforcement. you can support the police and hold them accountable simultaneously. we will know by tonight when an appeals court will reinstate the president's immigration order. a judge put that order on hold last week and today, a panel is deciding whether to put it back into effect. today, two local towns are making a statement related to immigration. in north hampton county, easton city council passed a resolution to support undocumented immigrants. the resolution endorses a streamlined process for undocumented immigrants to
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become u.s. citizens. and in mercer county, the borough of hopewell has declared itself a sanctuary city. the borough will not use taxpayer money to aid immigration officials. coming up, an nbc 10 exclusive. this dog was found tied up, almost drowning at the jersey shore. the good samaritan who saved her, talks only to nbc 10. plus, a bitter blast of wind. high winds. bringing in the cold. how cold is it going to feel? we've got a weekend warm up, too. next in my first alert forecast. the nbc 10 first alert severe weather update is brought to you by colonial generators, never lose power again.
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now to an nbc 10 exclusive. the search to find an animal abuser in south jersey. >> this dog was found starving and tied up on the bank of a river in bridgeton cumberland coun county. tonight a good samaritan talks only to nbc 10's ted greenberg. >> reporter: she had been starving from a lack of food and
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affection until alex gaunt spotted her inside an upside down plastic carrier. >> there was like, skeleton of a dog laying in there. >> reporter: he was out for walk friday when he found the severely underweight dog, chained to a tree along the edge of the river in bridgeton. >> i mean, imagine if it was high tide, probably would have flooded out. took her off the chain and got out of there. >> if the tide had come in she would have drowned for sure. >> reporter: the dog believed to be about two years old is now in the care of the cumberland county aspca. staffers have named her sweetie because of the friendly personality she has despite being left to die. >> i think it's horrible. i'm disappointed, you know, that anyone can do this. >> reporter: animal cruelty investigators trying to figure out who is responsible. >> some people really have no morals, it's disgusting to think people could be that inhumane.
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>> reporter: sweetie will be ready to be adopted in a couple of weeks. first she needs to put on a few pounds. >> she has a great future ahead of her. >> reporter: a dog who came close to losing her life until alex gaunt stepped in. >> she didn't know where she was going when she seen me but anywhere is better than where i am now. part of burlington county, they're not trading baseball cards, they're trading cop cards. the police officers are handing out cards with their picture on them and a small bio so children can get to know them better. they've made a collecting contest out of it. the officers want to make people feel more comfortable about asking for help. no car? no problem, this guy raced down the street in a skate board this morning. >> the snow made rittenhouse square look perfect. the snow on the trees and
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bushes, add a little snow man and you have the perfect post card. nbc 10 asked viewers on social media for the best spots for sledding in montgomery county. we found them at fort washington state park. and one mother, daughter ended the day throwing snowballs after they built the snowman. kids enjoying the day off from school and having some fun in the snow out there. right now, the weather threat is that bitter cold and high winds. you're looking live at the wind turbines at lincoln financial field. >> by later this evening and even into early tomorrow morning, we've got strong northwest winds. also bringing some snow flurries into parts of newcastle county, delaware, right now. right near middle town, smyrna getting a few flurries as well. the storm itself, 12 hours ago, we were seeing the rain/snow line right over philadelphia. look at that. lightning strikes. so we were very close to the
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thundersnow that they did have in new york and all the way up to new england. that storm moved very, very rapidly. lots of lightning there with it. new york, up through boston, at least a foot of snow out of that one. further south you were, the less snow there was. not much at cape may county. galloway county less than an inch. hamilton, two inches. williams town two inches. mount laurel, 3.7. florence, four. same story in pennsylvania. overbrook, in philadelphia, 2.8. officially at the airport, less than one. hatfield four and a half. bedminister five. allentown, six and a half. valley forge, four and a half. mount pocono had nine. claymont, 1.3. glasgow a little less than one inch.
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quite a variation across the area. but everybody is cold. the traffic is moving okay. remember the side roads, and sidewalks, and driveways, anything that was wet and slushy will be frozen pretty soon. 23 in allentown. and it feels like seven in allentown right now. seven below in mount pocono. 12 in coatesville and wilmington. it's already bitter cold and it's going to get colder. look at the winds, still gusting, 30 to 40 miles an hour. but we are seeing gusts as high as 53 miles an hour down by cape may and lewis earlier today. here's the feels like temperatures through the evening, down into the single digits, close to zero in doylestown. 8:00 tonight, we don't have to wait till the middle of the night -- by 5:00 a.m., mostly single digits. and then during the afternoon
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tomorrow, we gradually get up there. 11:00 a.m., it's still feeling like teens. it's just a one day thing because we are going to be seeing the temperature jump up. philadelphia, 31 on friday to 48 saturday. still dry saturday. a lot of sunshine friday. but sunday, that's when the clouds come in, that's when there's some rain. but we're warming up so that it's just rain on sunday. all right. we have breaking news in the past few minutes, an appeals court refused to reinstate donald trump's immigration order. >> that is after a lower court ruled that that ban should be put on hold. the order temporarily stopped immigration from seven muslim majority countries. it also temporarily halts the refugee program. the white house has not yet commented on the ruling, but we're expecting a special report
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at any moment now. we saw the chaos at airports across the country, including here at philadelphia international as people were trying to come in from those countries and were held by customs enforcement. some of them sent back to their home countries. we followed one family's ordeal. >> we followed them, they flew here from syria. they arrived at philadelphia international and was sent back to syria and then recently returned back here at philadelphia international. we were focusing on that couple, but there are many families who are dealing with the exact same issue. >> we heard those arguments, they were oral arguments over a telephone line earlier in the week before the appeals panel. the government arguing this needed to be lifted. the immigration order needed to be put back into effect. but two states had argued it should not be put back in in effect. we're awaiting to hear a special report from nbc news. we're hearing the appeals court has refused to preinstate president trump's executive order which was put into place after a lower court ruled the
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ban should be put on hold and affected people immigrating from seven countries and all refugees from syria. a huge impact we've been waiting to see what the courts would decide. we're going to wait for the special report. in the meantime, we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
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ga gasafair will play tonight. he had three goals in the last 32 opportunities. the whole flyers offense has struggled with no goals in the last two games. sixers president says there's no time table for ben simmonds to play after having foot surgery. he also said there's no recent to rush joel embiid from. but he hasn't given up on seeing those two play together this season. >> we hope to think that they're going both be able to play together this year. that's the goal, that's the objective. we'll put the health and long te term effect tonight. >> that will do it for sports, we'll be right back after this.
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back to our breaking news as we told you minutes ago, an appeals court refusing to
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reinstate donald trump's immigration order. >> that's after a former ruler, the ban stopped immigration from seven countries. the white house has not yet commented on the ruling. we will have the latest tonight at 11:00. >> more coming up in nbc nightly news. for last check of the forecast, bitterly cold in center city as we look live at broad street from our kimmel center camera. it's going to be really cold? >> broad street is nice and dry but a lot of side streets, anything that was wet or slushy will freeze tonight. as temperatures go down into the teens and the feels like single digits by tomorrow morning. but a gradual warm up as we head through the weekend. some rain on sunday. and then by next wednesday, we've got another chance of snow in between valentine's day is looking pretty good. and kind of seasonable cold for the rest of next week. all right, glenn. >> be careful on the roads out
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there tonight. that c thanks for watching tonight. >> up next nbc nightly news with lester holt. we'll see you back here tonight at 11:00 mpth . tonight. a federal appeals court has just ruled against president trump. the order blocking enforcement of his travel ban will remain in place. monster snowstorm blanketing major metropolitan areas. cities paralyzed. highways buried. thousands of flights grounded. free commercial. top trump aid kellyann conway under fire for promotinge ining ivanka trump's products. ghost guns. completely untraceable. police are saying they being used to kill. it's being called a dangerous loophole. against the odds. young men excelling past the obstacles all around them and


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