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tv   NBC10 News Today at 530am  NBC  February 10, 2017 5:30am-6:01am EST

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right now, one lane of a busy bucks county road is now open following a fuel spill. crews cleaning up 4,000 gallons of spilled gas. working to get route 611 fully reopened for the morning rush. this morning learning more about the violence at the prison where last week's inmate standoff happened in delaware. this as family and friends prepare for funeral services of the office killed in the takeover. bitter cold moved in following yesterday's snow. nbc 10 news starts now. just after 5:30. good morning. welcome to nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. >> you better bundle up as you head out the door this morning. start with meteorologist bill henley and most accurate nbc 10 first alert neighborhood weather forecast. >> it is the a cold one this morning. 23 degrees. our skies are clear. the temperatures still coming down. hard to see because it is not
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sunny just yet. you can see the moon shine this morning. bright moon and with clear skies and a wind blowing it feels especially cold this morning. 12 mile an hour wind in philadelphia. millville 13 miles an hour. coatesville giving us windchills in the single digits and teens. actual temperature cold enough to refreeze anything left on the ground from yesterday. 22 in the suburbs. 23 in philadelphia. look at the 20s for new jersey. just bare apply in the 20s in new jersey in the lehigh valley. and delaware too. we will see sunshine. and the temperatures will in the short terms come down by 7:0021 degrees with a seven mile an hour breeze. then sunshine and the warmup begins at 10:00. 26 degrees. wind will also be increasing. not going to feel much warmer at the 10:00 hour. this afternoon temperatures will finally make it into the lower 30s. suburbs, new jersey, philadelphia, and if you're looking for warmer temperatures,
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delaware and jersey shore up to 35 degrees this afternoon. break it down hour by hour to show you when the sunshine and clouds will move in. the clouds will move in late in the day when the temperatures will move up. that's when i'm back if ten minutes. first check in with jessica boyington who has your first alert traffic. watching the vine street expressway. big jam here. cameras showing westbound side. traffic moving towards the schuylkill. that's because there's a crash up ahead on the westbound ramp to schuylkill. saw several police officers move up the right-hand lane. had all traffic stopped to get by the accident scene. few vehicles reported to be involved there. watch the jam of the schuylkill expressway for now on the westbound side. eastbound side is fine. also watching on standby for the ohm on the burlington bristol. scheduled for 5:25. see that happening soon. betsy ros still clear. no problems over the walt whitman bridge. vai and tracey, back to you
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guys. 5:33. breaking from overnight. residents being allowed back into their homes after gas spilled on route 611 following a tanker crash. part of the busy road remains closed this morning. nbc katy zachry live at the scene. following the efforts to clean up the mess and get the whole road back open. give us the status. >> reporter: couple of important updates to give you. in the last few minutes, crews reopened the southbound side of route 611 around this scene. traffic is able to travel southbound on 611 or eastern road. the northbound side we're zooming in on, see the scene right there. still blocked. the northbound laneses are still blocked. the head of the cleanup operation says they were well on the way for opening the entire road in time for the morning rush.
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carrying the fuel spilled on the roadway, on the ground, on the storm sewer system. dozens of families living nearby were evacuate to a school where they remained overnight. just given word that they were allowed to go back to that homes. also hear this from the head of emergency operations on the scene earlier this morning about the entire cleanup operation. route 611 going to be closed in area. it may be a little bit longer that than that. make sure the clean up is complete. trucks are out of here. safe for the residents to pass through. went on to say the cold temperatures actually help the cleanup effort because the air is denser and keeps strong gasoline fuels closer to the ground. we are waiting to hear confirmation as to if black ice or slick road conditions was a contributing factor to this
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crash. they're looking into that right now. again we're going to stay on scene and let you know as soon as the northbound side of 611 at freedoms way opens to traffic. that would really be a help to thousands of drivers who rely on 611 to get to work and school. stay on it and give you a progress report in the next half hour. for now reporting live. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. just got this video in from the scene of the breaking news we're following in southwest philadelphia. police arrested three men following a home invasion. at 66th and greenway avenue. police say the men were armed with a gun and knife. they tied up two women. and took $1500 in jewelry. more breaking news, this from overseas, anti-terrorism until france arrested four people including a teenage girl in what they are calling a forwarded attack. also say they uncovered a makeshift laboratory with explosives.
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one of the suspects was planning a suicide attack. 5:36. in kent county loved ones and comrades of steven floyd will begin paying final respects. funeral scheduled for tomorrow. the prison in smyrna where he lost his life during an inmate revolt was the scene of another assault on an officer this week. >> really serious what the inmates want out of this and somebody better take some action real quick. >> is promising an independent investigation into the uprising that killed lieutenant floyd. >> now hearing from a university of pennsylvania officer who is back at work after being shot during a deadly rach page. >> returned to full-time duty on wednesday. he was shot in the ankle and his hip during a gun battle. despite his harrowing experience, miller said he'll do the same job he's always done. i always knew what it entailed after a total of 35
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years in the police department. it's just what you deal with every day. >> the shooting spree left one woman dead and four other people injured, including a philadelphia police sergeant, officers shot and killed the suspect. loved ones held a vigil last night to remember a teenage girl killed in a hit and run in the lehigh valley. family and friends called her a loving girl who was always smiling. the 18-year-old died wednesday night when she was hit while walking near palmer park mall. sky force ten over the scene. family members we spoke with at the vigil with inconsolable. >> you will never be forgiven for taking such a sweet person from all of us. >> grab her and hold her. >> police have found the vehicle involved in the crash. still looking for the driver who left the scene.
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>> the wind is taking a break at this time. briefly t sunshine during the day. it's going to be a cold one. with readings climbing to the very low 30s this morning. breeze blowing. making it feel a bit colder. late in the day and into this evening see clouds moving in. expect it to stay dry with the next batch of clouds. heading out the door right now. definitely need to bundle up. wind is blowing. feels like six degrees below zero in the very cold. 20s for most of the morning. into early this afternoon. we'll also shoe sunshine. the suburbs winds won't be as strong as yesterday. just enough to middle age it
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feel colder. 19 degrees. 20s at 8:00 this morning. still in the 20s at noontime. up to 29 degrees. sunshine in the lehigh valley scattered clouds at time. wind blowing out of the west. still be with us this afternoon. then late in the afternoon, start to see some clouds moving in. next system going to swing through tonight. new jersey 22 degrees now. temperatures peaking near freezing in new jersey. the shore just below freezing at noontime. delaware will see a pretty good warmup. cold morning. 22 degrees with that eight mile an hour wind. feels like it's in the teens or below this morning. 20s this morning. then into the low 30s this afternoon. warming trend. look at tomorrow. 50 degrees saturday afternoon.
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got rain building on sunday. that's going to drop temperatures for sunday and into thex next week. more on that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. 19 minutes before 6:00 a.m. the ramp to the schuylkill and vine street. watching we're seeing some delays right now. police officers on the scene. looks like they're blocking one lane here. over to the shoulder for the most part. toec even to the center. some traffic moving fine. schuylkill from the vine street headed towards the schuylkill. westbound. pretty big delay backed up on the vine street expressway right now. all the way to broad street starts to get slow there. also watching the bridges. standby for the scheduled opening with the burlington bristol waiting for that to go down. betsy ross is nice and clear. fuel spill we have some lanes getting by on the southbound
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side. now easton road around freedom way. detoured around the scene considering it's a little early for a lot of delays. you can take york road. here over on the delaware river bridge, new jersey turnpike, connector bridge still closed for structural repairs until further notice. jessica, thank you. smoothing things over, president trump talks with china's leader by phone and reaffirms long standing u.s. policy. break down the shift that could's friction between the two global powers. plus point with the president. japan's prime minster touched down last night. prepares for meeting today at the white house.
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5:46. i saw a moon shadow when i walked to my car this morning. just beautiful. that's from sky force ten. thank you sky force ten. that's a beautiful shot. we have clear skies this morning. cold temperatures. meteorologist bill henley will have the. explosion and fire at a pipeline in louisiana. new orleans. officials evacuated 60 homes in the area and they say the fire could burn for days. japan's prime minster in washington for a meeting with president trump today. shinzo abe and his wife arrived last night. he and the president expected to discuss trade issues. president and mr. trump host for a weekend of golf and entertainment in south florida. white house says president trump told china's president that the
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u.s. will honor it's one china policy. >> policy recognizes china as america's diplomatic contact when it comes to self governing taiwan. president throuew the policy in controversy by speaking directly with taiwan's leader. >> happening today, secretary on the left here will continue this visit to the u.s. mexico border. kelly will be at the port of entry near san diego. yesterday kelly toured the border in arizona. kelly is reviewing security operations while discussing the administrations efforts to improve security. three more executive orders from president trump are now on the books. deal with law and order. yesterday the president signed one order that would break up criminal cartels. another create a task force to reduce violent crime and third stop violence against law enforcement officials. prompted a series of tweets from defensive player.
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one of the tweets said how do you ignore the 968 lives lost at the hands of law enforcement. you can support the police and hold them accountable simultaneously. >> take you state by state and county by county for a look at some of the stories across our area. >> in north hampton county passed a resolution to support undocumented immigrants. resolution endorses a streamline process for undocumented immigrants to become u.s. citizens. it also calls on the federal government to recognize contributions to society made by undocumented immigrants. mercer county, bureau of hope well declared its a sanctuary city. offer safe harbor for undocumented immigrants. burlington county, police are using baseball style trading cards like this one to reach out to children in the community. officers in florence handing out cards with pictures on them. small short biography of them.
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goal so to make kids feel more comfortable about asking police for help. gets underway many just a few hours down the shore. throughout the weekend, visitors can check out more than 400 cars. all be up for auction. in philadelphia the school reform commission approved a creation of a new charter school. in a unanimous vote, the commission approved park side school in west philadelphia. serve 860 students there kindergarten through eight grade. 11 minutes before 6:00. getting a better view of the moon getting ready to set becomes full this evening. we will see the moon set this morning. the clouds cleared out yesterday are still out of the picture for us. which means we'll also get sunshine. we need it to. cold outside. look at temperatures. low 20s for lehigh valley. suburbs. delaware. 23 degrees in new jersey. in philadelphia, there's some
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neighborhoods a little bit colder. teens now for park side. 22 degrees in north philadelphia. bussenton. cold morning. get some sunshine today in spite of the wind that will still be blowing a few clouds past us during the day. see afternoon temperatures climb to near freezing in philadelphia. center city and somerton right up to freezing. doylestown 30 degrees this afternoon. sunny skies. winds blowing not as strong as yesterday in the lehigh valley to make 28 degrees feel like it's in the low 20s this afternoon. sunshine for new jersey, the jersey shore, and delaware. delaware will be a little bit warmer for central and southern delaware into the upper 30s. 34 degrees the high temperature for ocean city and new jersey at the shore. new jersey just 32 degrees. little bit colder. inland neighborhoods. we will be dry. a lot of sunshine today. clouds are out of the picture for our area for now. this evening, see some clouds to the west and know moving into
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the ohio valley. that snow will swing toward our area, but misses us to the north. poconos might see a little bit of snow. nothing like yesterday. we will get the clouds this evening. next wet weather maker for us comes in on sunday. that's on the west coast. this time going to be rain for sunday. future cast hour by hour shows it stays dry. there goes the snow to the north this evening. poconos mountains clouds thinning out for saturday morning. 6:00 in the morning for us. stays dry to west until saturday night. this is when sunday's rain is visible to the west. see a few showers in southwestern pennsylvania. that's saturday evening and rain will swing into the area during the day on sunday. the first of it will be to the north. that's first thing in the morning at 8:15 during the afternoon. we'll likely see showers coming into play. this is 5:15 sunday evening. sunday. for today you'll see sunshine and dry. blustery day. high of 32 degrees this afternoon. warmup for tomorrow after a cold
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start. 20s 50 degrees. high temperature. rain due in on sunday. won't be an all day rain. clouds will be here all day. keep the temperatures in the 40s for sunday. sunshine back for monday. doesn't valentine's day look nice. partly sunny. 44 on wednesday. little chillier on wednesday. low 40s friday and saturday. back to warmer region on sunday afternoon up to 55 degrees. >> bill, thanks. eight minutes before six. get a better look at the situation we've been following for you on 611. >> got sky force ten in the air. we've got katy zachary on the ground. jessica boyington you've also got cameras looking at the situation. we're watching sky force ten over the scene of a tanker has been removed from the scene. just watching part of the cleanup and fuel spill in the area. little dark out. southbound side. side that's open right now. traffic earlier we had both sides blocked off.
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now you can clearly see that one side is getting by. the other side still with massive cleanup under way. che keep our eye on that for you. it's out in warrington. easton road. northbound side right here. still partially blocked. right around freedom way. detouring people around the scene. following the detours they have, see only one car going by at a time. not really seeing major delays through the area. schuylkill expressway ramp from the vine street expressway headed to the schuylkill westbound. pass the multi-vehicle scene there. creating a big backup to the vine street expressway now. headed westbound to the vine trying to get to schuylkill. see some of that. crash on upper marion. county like line road. and should be on the way out for the burlington bristol bridge. earlier scheduled opening for 5:25. be good by the time you get out the door there. betsy ross and walt are good as well. tough moment to watch on the
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did you hear that? thunder snow in connecticut. reports during yesterday's storm. officials cancel a polar plunge because there's too much snow and too much wind. hard to see where you're going. didn't stop these folks. several brave souls jumped into the ocean anyway. speaking of polar, coldy lox. polar bear in the pictures here enjoyed the colder temperatures. look at that.
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philadelphia zoo entity us pictures of her playing around yesterday in the snow. in her element. the zoo was closed yesterday, but because of the weather, the sky force ten in the air spotting our friend. >> the peacocks. i love it. >> strutting their stuff. shaking their tail feathers. the zoo will be open today. if you had any snow left on your car from yesterday's storm, it's going to turn into ice today. >> a lot of people will be able to clear that ice away. thanks to nbc 10. we hit the streets yesterday morning in between shows to hand out nbc 10 ice scrapers. >> hundreds of them. >> people were so happy. see the snow coming down pretty good. about rush hour. we loved getting out there and meeting our viewers and giving them ice scrapers. >> a few were cynical. thought we were selling them. >> this was our visit to today's 101.1 more fm studios. we visited stations yesterday. talked on air about how the snowstorm was impacting
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listeners. great to have us. took pictures. >> great friends. the sixers got back on the winning track in florida. >> yes, the team went to orlando on a five game losing streak. sat out the 11th time in last 12 games with a bruised knee. last ten seconds of the game trailed by one. hits the pullup jumper to give the sixers the lead. mcconnell then filed the magic's last chance to score the final sixers 11 1112, magic 111. post add picture of mcconnell next to jordan and quote, is tj mcconnell the clutchest player in the history of the nba. i guess. easy big fella. this morning a cheer leader is recovering from not one, but two falls. >> this is hard to watch. timeout at ucla men's basketball
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game. cheerleader falls off the pyram pyramid. he trips and fell with the cheerleader in his arm. according to the broadcast, he was able to get and you happen walk after the second fall. >> tripped on. hopefully the cheerleader is okay. >> now for more stories we are following for you on nbc 10 as to. tanker truck spill. see you in court, president trump fires back at the judges who refuse to reinstate his travel ban. crashing the party. new rule in place at penn state to keep students safer. 6:00 a.m. good friday morning. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. the most accurate forecast for your hb


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