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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the ice flying off that building. we want today give you a closer look. this video shot from sky force 10 shows ice falling from the loews hotel. market street was closed as a precaution. you can see the ice littering the ground below closer to 12th street. officers stand in the doorway of businesses helping guide pedestrians around the road blocks. pedestrians and drivers are approaching the intersection not going what's going on. they are being allowed to go into the bank and septa building, that are within the barriers. we spoke to one woman who walks with a cane and has to take a longer route to the terminal. >> people will get hurt with that. it's just too much. >> reporter: back out here live, you can see video from sky force 10. i'm actually standing on market and 13th and 13th street is getting backed up a little bit. you can see the same thing is
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happening on 12th street. if you can it's probably best to avoid this area. i talked to philly pd, they say they're not sure how long they'll have the road blocked off. reporting live in center city, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. our freezing temperatures forced most people walking in center city to bundle up today. experts say when you start shivering get inside because it's a sign that you're losing body heat. >> honey, look at us, we're freezing. >> what are you doing to say warm, tell us about the layers. >> i have on boots, double layers. >> the american red cross warns pet owners to bring their pets inside when it's this cold out. and of course check on your elderly relatives. people are feeling a chilly breeze down the shore. taking a live look from our cape may camera. you see the flag blowing in the breeze. we're in for a warm up but we have to get through a chilly
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night. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the temperatures in your most accurate weather forecast. >> yeah, we still have some snow on the ground in many parts of the area. the wind is there, but not nearly as much as it was yesterday. and the good news for those of you who want to warm up, is the temperatures won't be as cold as they were last tonight. 29 in allentown, coatesville. 29 in trenton. 32 in philadelphia. that's as warm as it's gotten all day. that's about 10 degrees below average for the temperature. the winds, about 10-15 miles an hour in most parts of the area. yesterday we were gusting 40, 50, even 60 miles an hour. the feels like temperature, up to 22 in philadelphia. still in the teens in allentown and coatesville. and 10 degrees in the poconos. now watch what happens as we go through the night tonight.
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the temperature actually rises a little bit. part of the reason, a lot of clouds during the night tonight. the suburbs you can see getting closer to the freezing mark, but still below freezing. things are still going to be frozen out there. but not nearly as cold as it was this morning. jersey shore, going from 31 up to 37 by 6:00 a.m. you don't see any precipitation here across the area. we don't expect anything tomorrow. sunday's a different story and we'll get into the timing of that coming up. 20 minutes of non-stop news continues with seth williams' surprise announcement. the district attorney says he won't see reelection for a third time because he caused his office much embarrassment and shame. his decision comes amid an fbi investigation into thousands of dollars in gifts he failed to report. >> nbc 10 investigator mitch blocker has been following the investigation into williams for months.
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williams said questions like the ones you've been asking him are the reason he won't be a da next year? >> for months we've been asking questions about his gift disclosures and money into his non-profit foundation. getting answers, it has been tough. but we have continued to ask. today williams said the scrutiny has simply become too big of a distraction. >> i've made a very difficult decision not to seek reelection to a third term as the district attorney of the city of philadelphia. >> with that, the two term philly da appeared to end 20 years of political life. >> during my tenure i have made regrettable mistakes in my personal life and personal financial life. >> he admits his conduct created questions he couldn't overcome. we reported on his girlfriend's delayed prosecution after she slashed his city owned car's tires. he dodged us when we try today get answers about the gifts he
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took from friends and colleagues, including the $45,000 roof on his home. wednesday from the first time he's anything about the record setting $62,000 ethics fine he now has to pay. do you have the moral authority to continue do this job? >> yes. any other questions? >> today he only read his prepared remarks. >> i will try to regain the trust that i have lost. >> he left without taking a single question. >> with that, i thank all of you. >> mr. williams, are you worried about any criminal charges for your conduct? mr. williams, are you concerned about any criminal charges that you may face because of your conduct? you're not going to take any questions? williams has said he wants to spare his family and his staff anymore questions about his conduct. his term is over in january. for the investigators i'm mitch blocker. there are six candidates running for da, five democrats,
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and one republican. the primary is on may 16th. nbc news has learned white house lawyers are rewriting the president's executive order on immigration to help it pass through the courts. >> last night the federal appeals court refused to reinstate president trump's controversial ban of nationals from seven muslim majority countries and the fallout. it's not sitting well with local voters who supported president trump because of this campaign promise. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is joining us live from lehigh county. >> you spoke with voters who support president trump's vow to fight this in court? >> reporter: this setback last night for the president and also for those who want to see the immigration order go through, but here in trump country, parts of the lehigh valley, very dedicated to the president. they say the fight is just getting started. at the lehigh valley tea party,
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court developments unfold on television, the president's travel ban facing constitutional hurdles. >> i'm absolutely convinced that this is entirely constitutional. >> reporter: but dean browning, long time tea party member says they're not backing down. >> i think those that have supported him, particularly here locally, realize this is going to be a battle. >> reporter: the next stop, likely the u.s. supreme court. trump tweeting all caps, see you in court, the security of our nation is at stake. the big legal question, whether the travel ban amounts to religious discrimination against muslims. >> the folks that claim it's a muslim ban, that is a false premise. these are countries that are either hostile to the united states or are engaged in civil war, have a large isis presence. >> reporter: in berks county, the gop chair keeps track of the rapidly changing news. >> i'm somewhat disappointed. >> reporter: he believes the three federal judges got it
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wrong and politicized the decision. >> the ninth circuit court is one of the most liberal courts. >> reporter: adding that voters believe trump's travel ban will keep the nation safe. >> we got out and knocked on doors, national security was one of the top issues that concerned berks countians. >> reporter: those supporters say they do agree with the president's plan to rewrite parts of that immigration order. at least until this case can get in front of the supreme court. live in lehigh county, randy gillen ha. a local law professor believes president trump does not have a chance of getting a win. that's all new coming up at nbc 10 at 5:00. president trump says he's confident he'll win the case. he spoke this afternoon after welcoming japanese prime minister shinzo abe to the white house. donald trump says he has no doubt his travel ban will
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prevail. >> we will continue to go through the court process and ultimately i have no doubt that we'll win that particular case. >> president trump is hosting japan's prime minister and his wife at his mar-a-lago club in florida this weekend. the two leaders are scheduled to play golf tomorrow. tom price was sworn in as secretary of the department of health and human services. the georgia senator was approved by a strictly party line vote early this morning. he's the third cabinet member to be confirmed this week. a school visit for the country nfs new education secretary didn't go as planned today. >> betsy devos had to enter a school through the back door. she's an advocate of charter schools. she spoke briefly about today's visit. >> it was really wonderful to visit this school. and i look forward to many
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visits of many great public schools. both in d.c. and across the country. >> she was confirmed as education secretary this week after an historic tie breaking vote by vice president pence. nordstrom's decision to drop ivanka trump's clothing line generated a whirl wind of controversy. new figures show online sales for the ivanka trump brand fell 26% in january. sales for the line at nordstrom, dropped 63% in the fourth quarter last year. of course, nordstrom has said its decision to drop trump's line was not political, just business. sales at amazon also dropped. presidential aide kellyanne conway promoted ivanka trump's clothing line on thursday. president trump lashed out at nordstrom on twitter earlier this week after the company decided to drop his daughter's
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brand. sky force 10 or gloucester county this afternoon after a car punched a whole right in that chinese restaurant there. this was the scene along mullica hill road around 2:30. there are no reports of anyone hurt here. a teenager who died at a residential treatment facility in philadelphia last october died from asphyxiation. the medical examiner just released the cause of death today. the 17-year-old was a student at wordsworth academy. in a prior report from the pennsylvania department of human services, students say three staff members held and punched the teen because he was acting aggressively. the school released a statement today saying everyone at the school is saddened by the loss and that the board of directors and executive management have undertaken steps to improve the processes at wordsworth to advance their services to children. new details in this tanker truck crash that's been tying up traffic in parts of bucks county since last night. we learned the northbound lanes
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of 611 won't reopen until 6:00 this evening. they've been closed since before 9:00 last night when the tanker wrecked and spilled its fuel into a storm drain. crews are still working to clean the mess up. friends, family and colleagues of the corrections officer killed at a delaware prison will begin paying their respects tonight. lieutenant steven floyd was killed during a hostage takeover at vaughan correctional center last week. he'll be remembered as a viewing in dover tonight. his funeral is tomorrow. more than four years after superstorm sandy, new jersey's governor has signed a bill to help people whose homes were damaged and in danger of being foreclosures. sandy victims could get a stay of foreclosure procedures if they're eligible for aid. the frankfurt line is closer to service. dozens of car was removed from septa's busiest line when septa
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found structural cracks. officials say they're running on a normal schedule. police say they've arrested the three thieves who tied up pair of women during a home invasion in southwest philadelphia. they burst into the house at 66th street around 2:00 this morning. they were on their way out with $1,500 of jewelry when officers showed up and arrested them. the two women were not hurt. reinforcements are on the way to wilmington's police department. 18 recruits graduated from inpolice academy today, following several months of training. the mayor welcomed them to the wilmington family. >> all employees must be part of an undivided whole all together committed to excellence in everything we do. committed to making our city, not just any single department all that it can be. >> we wish all the new graduates the very best. a student at cherry hill high school east has a case of
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mumps. parents learned about the virus on monday. the school has taken steps to stop the infection from swelling. systems include swollen salivary glands as well as fever. pennsylvania death row inhates who get a reprieve can no longer be held in solitary confinements. the court of appeals cited the effects of mental health. a push to legalize marijuana is on. they say they're putting a final touches on the bill that would make money legal for recreational use in the garden state. jeff sessions has an anti-marijuana stance. random searches on the way at several atlantic county schools after students were caught with knives. they'll begin checking lockers and desks. they are building an app for students to notify them about safety issues. delta airlines said today it
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plans to hire 25,000 workers over the next five years. the airline wants to fill open jobs and create new positions around the globe. delta's ceo says it's working to expand its hubs around the nation. here is a live look at philadelphia international airport. we checked with them to find out if any of those jobs will be here. the airport is looking into that and we're waiting to hear back. students and families in delaware have a new tool to help them apply for college financial aid and scholarships. the online site called college planning center is available for a fee. it typically costs about $200 but students in a first state can buy a year's subscription for $99. former vice president joe biden and his wife it appears they're going hollywood. >> they signed with a hollywood talent agency. the bidens will be recepresente by a creative artists agency. they didn't specify which
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project they would work with the bidens on, just that the bitens would amplify their public policy initiatives. they represent stars like jennifer lawrence and brad pitt. it's another day of digging and scraping in parts of the northeast. i want to show you how things looked in new york city this morning. people were out early to dig out from thursday's storm. some parts of the northeast saw a foot of snow from the same system that rolled through our area. check out this out of control suv on a snowy road in new hampshire. watch as it barrelled in front of a home. a family was inside. as bad as it looked they were fine and the suv's driver wasn't seriously hurt. likely that blinding snow where you just can't see anything. it seemed as though the truck was going fast. >> it did seem it was going fast and icy conditions too, perhaps. we're dealing with falling ice as these temperatures stay cold, glenn? >> yeah, the snow that was sticking to things, then froze,
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now it's melted and some of it falls to the ground. i remember running into that in atlanta many years ago. i actually see gigantic pieces of ice crashing to the ground. very dangerous. 32 degrees in philadelphia. 28 in allentown and coatesville. 29 in trenton. feels like it's 22. 17 in allentown. 19 in coatesville. no where near what we saw this morning or last night. and tonight, is not going to be anywhere near as cold as it was last night. we actually do have some snow on the radar, it looks a little scary, doesn't it? going through western new york state and down through central pennsylvania. but we checked with all of the observing stations and it's not really reaching the ground. the low levels of the atmosphere are very dry. it could graze the poconos tonight, but that's about it. the next system's going to be
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affecting us is way out to the west in the rockies. that will be racing our way for sunday. watch what happens hour by hour tonight. chance of a few little periods of light snow up toward the poconos, that's just very, very brief. the computer has it out very quickly. look at the temperatures. they don't really drop much at all during the night tonight. they go into the 40s and even to the 50s during the afternoon tomorrow. depends on how much sunshine we get. tomorrow night it's not cold at all. then on sunday, we start to get an east wind and we start to get the clouds. here we go into sunday morning. you see the wind arrows, the wind is critical here. here comes the rain. and instead of temperatures in the 50s, when we have the wind coming in off the ocean, that's going to keep the temperatures down, at least from philadelphia northward. it could be a little bit of a
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wintry mi wintry mix towards the lehigh valley and the poconos for a while on sunday. that's a wet period there, not just a couple of showers. that's kind of a study rain. so over the weekend, saturday is definitely the nicer day, the warmer day across most of the area. and then on sunday, it's not a total washout, but it could be several hours' worth of rain. more so from philly northward. and even lehigh valley a little bit of a mixture. new jersey, jersey shore, and delaware, look how much warmer it is there. 39 lehigh valley to mid 50s jersey shore and delaware. big contrast across the area. again, that is what neighborhood weather is all about. now, next week what we're focusing on is the middle of the week. this is the european model, just out today, world's most accurate. and it has a storm coming up the
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east coast. this is just the general area of precipitation. it could be a close call rain versus snow around here. but that is something that we're going to have to be watching very closely over the next few days. all right. glenn, many people join a gym to fulfill the new year's resolution. >> remember those resolutions? but member beware if you signed a contract at a gym. ahead at 4:00, several unhappy customers contacted nbc 10 responds after a gym's opening date kept getting pushed back. how harry hairston and the team worked to resolve their workout worries. plus, south jersey's popular puppy barn closing its doors for good after several animals were infected with a virus. the reason the owners came to their decision and what's next for these pups. and double tumble. a cheerleader falls from the top of a pyramid. but it doesn't end there. we'll show you what happens as she was carried off the court. something you have to see to
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believe. next. and here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. an up day all around on this friday.
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a ucla cheerleader who had not one but two unfortunate falls last night is doing okay. watch as she falls -- well you saw the pyramid at first. here's where she's being taken off the court and the guy carrying her fell as well. the squad sent out a tweet saying she was evaluated and back on the court for the win against oregon. so she's okay. tomorrow at 7:00 p.m., we are so proud to bring you nbc 10's celebration of black history month. the stories of african-americans from across our region making a real difference. here is one of our top stories.
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♪ >> dance has me. >> right here, joan myers brown, the founder of philla denco. she opened a school for dancers. she received the highest civic honor from president obama in 2012 for her work with the arts. and she is thrilled to be able to give back to her community. >> well, i was raised in the era of segregation. so having the opportunity to give others what i missed out on is important to me. >> she is such great lady. joan's story is one of many we'll have for you tomorrow at 7:00 p.m. in our nbc 10 celebrates black history month special. so much energy, too, that she has. >> so much energy, 85 years old and she started that company
4:26 pm
because she wanted to become a great ballerina herself. she couldn't because of the times. now she's doing it for everyone else. >> she's an inspiration. big celebrities are putting their paychecks on the line over politics. >> ahead at 4:00, the reason they're risking endorsements and taking a stand against the big ceo. it is a well known land mark here along 206. but the puppy barn will never open its doors again. and why county officials tell me they're relieved about it. next. another night of chilly temperatures, but warmer weather's on the way just in time for the weekend. i'm tracking the changes in your neighborhood, plus our next chance for rain in your most accurate weather forecast.
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bringing you up to date here at 4:30. falling ice from high rises has forced police to block off a busy area in center city. we slowed down the video and highlighted the ice right here just to give you a better look. >> here's what it looks like from the ground. market street is closed to cars and pedestrians. we're talking about between 12th and 13th street. aundrea cline-thomas is on the ground right now. she's trying to figure out how much longer the street will be closed and what's been done to get the ice down. she'll have a live report coming up at 5:00. right now at 4:00, shut down for good. a popular south jersey puppy store closes shop in the midst of health department and spca violations. dozens of puppies are in isolation now battling a
4:31 pm
potentially deadly virus. >> nbc 10's south jersey reporter cydney long found out what's next for the animals. >> reporter: from the sweetest, cutest, most adoptable of little faces to the angriest of words. a rash of social media upsets, posts about sick and dying dogs being sold at the route 206 puppy barn led both spca and county health officials there monday. >> a lot of people who received dogs who had got sick dog swz what they ended up doing and bringing them back. there was a lot of issues for the residents who purchased those animals. >> reporter: thursday a sign that reads we're closed on the marquee and front door. the puppy barn put its hands up. >> i think the puppy barn saw the writing on the wall. i think they decided it would be better to close for good. >> reporter: many of the pups, sick with a sometimes fatal parvo virus are in quarantine.
4:32 pm
workers at the animal shelter are suited up and keeping the isolated puppies hydrated before they can join the ranks of duchess, and older dogs up for adoption at the shelter. >> it takes one sick puppy from one sick litter to infect the whole store. >> reporter: the vet considers it's the worst herd of sick dogs he's attended to. >> the puppies have a naive immune system and it takes a bit of time for them to develop immunity. >> reporter: we asked what you'll need to do now if you recently bought a new puppy here, a puppy who had a parvo virus or any other health issues. >> right now we're being told by the puppy barn that they'll stand behind the warranty. >> reporter: you're asked to send documentation to the puppy barn. all of the rescued pups are expected to recover. it will be weeks before they're ready for adoption. cydney long, nbc 10 news. nbc 10 is committed to clearing the shelters. more than 53,000 pets were
4:33 pm
adopted through last year's campaign. watch nbc 10 every saturday morning at 9:00 to see another pet that needs a loving home. a 4:33 this afternoon we have breaking news for you. pictures from sky force 10. this is a shooting investigation taking place in bridgeton cumberland county. one person was shot in the 200 block of south avenue. we know that a medical helicopter was called to the scene right there you see investigators on that same scene. we are going to try to get answers for you on the individual who was shot and they're injuries. we'll have more as we get it. turning now to our weather, it takes real dedication to brave the cold and wind and run outside. we saw one runner this afternoon, just one lone runner out there. very bundled up, which is good. college students at west chester university didn't have a choice. they had to walk outside to get to the friday classes. >> take a live look at the blue
4:34 pm
cross river rink. bundle up if you're heading out to do some skating of your own. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist it glenn "hurricane" schwartz back now tracking a cold night ahead. >> warmer weather is just around the corner? >> yeah, you'll notice the change as we go into tomorrow. you may notice it first thing in the morning when you go outside. it's not nearly as cold as it was on friday morning. well, we have clouds coming in from the west. that's one of the things that will prevent the temperature from dropping very much during the night tonight. 32 in philadelphia, which is pretty cold. even for february at this time of the day. 32. 28 in allentown and coatesville. 29 in trenton. that's about as high as it's been all day. the wind, though, has been diminishing somewhat. and will continue to do so. down to six miles an hour in coatesville. three miles an hour in lewis, delaware. they had gusted to 52 yesterday.
4:35 pm
the wind will diminish some more tonight. making the feels like map not needed tomorrow morning. 22 is the way it feels now in philadelphia and 17 in allentown. and as we go through the night tonight, as we mentioned, the clouds helping to keep the temperature up. rising slowly during the night tonight. we'll see how warm it gets over the weekend coming up. all right. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county. north hampton county the search is on for two gunmen who stole $36,000 in cell phones and a bag of money from a verizon store. surveillance video shows them walking into the store. they tied up a worker before they made off with the phones and cash. cape may county, bank customers did a double take when they got their bank statements in the mail. hundreds of savings bank customers received someone else's statements because of a printing error. today the bank's ceo told us
4:36 pm
they're sending out correct statements immediately. new castle county the school district will ask to approve spending for the year. residents will vote on the spending plan february 28th. and in atlantic county if you have a thing for the classic cars, you may want to head to the jersey shore. the classic car show is packed with classic rides. more than 400 cars will be up for auction. >> i love new shiny cars but there's something about the classic ones that are so great. >> takes you back, right? >> it does. >> way back, before you were born. >> way way way before we were born. >> workout warning we need to tell you about. >> nbc responds is telling about
4:37 pm
gym. coming up for air, we'll explain how a special swimming pool is helping kids cope with asthma. plus, talking about going back, it dates back to 1849. but now this lighthouse in south jersey looks like new. how a major restoration project is hoping to bring in more visitors, that's coming up at 5:00.
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doctors say they now know more about what happens to kids long after they suffer a brain injury. researchers studied a group of kids who suffered head trauma. those with milder trauma had double the risk of attention problems. kids with more severe injuries were more likely to develop adhd. parents need to stay involved to give their kids the best chance to get better. a unique school is helping kids with severe asthma breathe easier. this indoor pool at a school in denver is kept at 90 degrees.
4:41 pm
some doctors say humidity is key for kids with asthma. they have seen children improve academ academical academically. >> it seems like it strengthens my muscles and it's always really fun. >> doctors warn that asthma sufferers should never start a new activity like this one without checking with their healthcare provider first. well, the wild week of weather is going to end on a warmer note this weekend. but i'm also tracking a chance for rain and a wintry mix for some by sunday in your most accurate weather forecast. plus the reason some celebrities could be risking their endorsements after a ceo gets political. that's nexting on nbc 10 news at 4:00. on nbc 10 news at 4:00. on nbc 10 news at 4:00. on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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welcome back. two more big name under armour sports people are taking issue with the company's support of donald trump. >> dwayne johnson is taking issue with underarmour's ceo kevin plank. in a statement on social media, dwayne johnson calls plank's words divisive and lacking perspective. a professional ballerini misty copeland wrote that she strongly disagrees with kevin plank's comments. she was so concerned she spoke to him directly. an nba star stephen curry was among the first to criticize the ceo. all three still represent the company. 25 local high school students who play hockey will get to go to west chester university for free. yeah, it's all thanks to the ed
4:46 pm
schneider youth foundation. students are eligible if they learn to play hockey through the foundation. that is fantastic. back to our weather now after this wild week. now we're hearing something about a wintry mix over part of the weekend? >> yeah, the normal areas and the areas that already have some snow, like the lehigh valley, still a fair amount of snow on the ground and only 28 degrees. they could see a little bit of that. we're talking about on sunday. 32 in philadelphia. that would just be rain. some of the pa suburbs have a good bit of snow on the ground, too. that can have an effect of holding the rise of temperatures somewhat. right now, it feels like 22 in philadelphia. 17 in allentown. 22 in coatesville. we have much warmer temperatures coming in tomorrow. some parts of the area getting into the 50s. the precipitation this weekend, we're going to have several
4:47 pm
hours of rain on sunday across a good bit of the area. next week we're watching a potential storm in the middle of the week that could be somewhat interesting. this is somewhat interesting, too, on the radar. looks like there's a gigantic area of snow headed this way. but just about all of it is not reaching the ground. some of it in the mountains in pennsylvania is. so keep an eye on that. some of that could head up towards the poconos, maybe even the lehigh valley over the next couple of hours. but the future cast is showing it just grazing lehigh valley and poconos early this evening. temperatures slightly below freezing but watch as we go through the night. they don't really drop. if anything, they go up in some parts of the area. so it's not going to be anywhere near as cold tonight as it was last night. look at tomorrow afternoon. this computer model has temperatures well into the 50s, especially in southern parts of
4:48 pm
the area and near 50 in philadelphia itself. tomorrow night not nearly as cold as even tonight. sunday, with the temperatures marginal at allentown and mount pocono we have precipitation coming in and some of that could be in the form of let's say, some sleet for a few hours on sunday morning before the warmer air comes in. speaking of warmer air, tomorrow voorhees at 51. longport 52. dover, 58 degrees. rohobeth near 60 degrees. that's pretty warm. but we're going to be getting cooler weather coming in on sunday. because of this wind coming in off the ocean. that combined with the clouds, combined with the rain, that prevents the temperature from going up. there's that little wintry mix toward the poconos into sunday. poconos could even get it later on during the day. it would be hard to get it into being snow, though.
4:49 pm
over the weekend, we're going to be seeing the nicest day on saturday. still mostly cloudy, but well above normal temperatures. then on sunday, it's going to be a big contrast between the lehigh valley, only 39 degrees, with potential mix, wintry mix. to 56 degrees at the jersey shore. yeah, that's neighborhood weather. that's what neighborhood weather's about. sometimes it's fairly uniform for north to south, east to west across the area. sometimes there's big differences and we can show you that with the neighborhood weather. >> saturday's the better day to get out and do things. >> you'll notice it because it will be a lot warmer than today. >> cold out there. >> yeah, right. the wind dying down helps too. >> yeah. >> a welcome break. nbc 10 responds has a workout warning. >> harry hairston and the team are epihadding unhappy customers who say their gym isn't opening at promised.
4:50 pm
the lesson they have for anyone signing up to a new gym membership.
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wuh-- [silence] [engine roars to life] [dog howls] ♪ dramatic opera music swells from radio ♪ [howling continues] in today's nbc 10 responds, a warning about signing up for a gym. >> unhappy customers contacted nbc 10 responds after a gym's opening date kept getting pushed back. harry hairston with the story. >> anna suarez saw a promotion on facebook for fusion gyms. >> i was looking for a change. >> reporter: they offered $69 for the first year of membership. she signed up, knowing its northeast philadelphia location wouldn't open until december. >> december first comes around. they're not open. >> reporter: she tells us the
4:54 pm
gym kept pushing back the opening date to february first to midfebruary. she tried calling and facebook messaging the company. >> i want to cancel. >> reporter: she contacted her bank and got refunded. this she contacted nbc 10 responds to share her experience. >> i thought of you, harry. and i said maybe they can help. if not me, they can help other people. >> we don't have any issue giving people a refund. we practically gave the memberships away from free. >> reporter: the owner says consumers who want a refund can e-mail the company or post on his facebook page. he tells us the new facility will open soon. >> we don't have an exact date on it. but we do stay in contact with our members via e-mail. >> reporter: she says she'll take her time considering. >> i wasn't a fan of going to the gym, this hasn't helped me.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: the owner says members will get an additional three months free. if you're considering joining a gym, experts say you want to consider trying it out first. that means waiting until a gym opens, even if you forfeit getting a special deal. i have joined a few gyms, not that i use them all, but i did get the same deal they were offering months ago later on. yeah. >> you know, any excuse not to go to the gym. if i sign up for one that's not open yet, there's my excuse. >> i'm going to get out of here with my guns. >> go work out. go work out, harry. >> give us some room here at the desk, would you? if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds, let us know. the best ways to reach us, right there on our screen and we'll respond to you. we're working on several stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. next at 5:00, you probably heard about the illness that's making everyone sick. >> now it is hitting local schools hard.
4:56 pm
next all new at 5:00, what they're doing to stop it from spreading. and what pediatricians say you can do at home. i'm tracking a nice warm up into the weekend. we'll see 40s and 50s but rain showers in the works. i have your most accurate forecast coming up in just a bit. plus, look out below. falling ice has forced police to shut down a street in philadelphia. we're live on the scene as the clean up continues and traffic keeps getting worse.
4:57 pm
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right now at 5:00, falling from the sky. falling ice has forced philadelphia police to shut down a street in center city. >> this is a live look right now from sky force 10. police, you can see they've blocked off market street. nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas has been on the scene for the past hour now. is the situation out there getting any better? >> reporter: well, we are in the height of rush hour. you can see that cars and pedestrians continue to maneuver around this road closure. within the last hour we saw actually more ice falling from the loews hotel. it looks small when it's coming down. as it crashes on the ground, you see exactly why police had to close off market street. take a look at the video from sky force 10. you see ice falling off the loews hotel. an officer explained a lot of snow accumulated along the ridges of the windows of the
5:00 pm
hotel. that snow has turned to ice. add to that the wind has picked up today and you get the dangerous situation of ice falling. you can see the ice on the ground. police have closed off market street from 12th to 13th. woo espoke to a woman who was coming out of the hotel when the ice first started to fall. >> it's loud once it falls. you don't even know what's going on and people are looking around. it's pretty scary. it's scary if you're caught under it and it were to hit you in the head. >> reporter: she also told us that when the ice fell the first time she heard a lot of people saying watch out. we contacted police and they say, thankfully nobody has been hit by the ice. we talked to officers out here on the scene, they say they could be out here all night. reporting live in center city, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> really busy back there. look at the traffic. just avoid it. good advice right there. we were first to warn you about this. nbc 10's lauren mayk showed us how the problem wasci


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