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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 10, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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hotel. that snow has turned to ice. add to that the wind has picked up today and you get the dangerous situation of ice falling. you can see the ice on the ground. police have closed off market street from 12th to 13th. woo espoke to a woman who was coming out of the hotel when the ice first started to fall. >> it's loud once it falls. you don't even know what's going on and people are looking around. it's pretty scary. it's scary if you're caught under it and it were to hit you in the head. >> reporter: she also told us that when the ice fell the first time she heard a lot of people saying watch out. we contacted police and they say, thankfully nobody has been hit by the ice. we talked to officers out here on the scene, they say they could be out here all night. reporting live in center city, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. >> really busy back there. look at the traffic. just avoid it. good advice right there. we were first to warn you about this. nbc 10's lauren mayk showed us how the problem was forcing
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yesterday. that was after the snow fell that morning. she spoke to a woman who was hit by falling ice and spotted a warning sign outside liberty place. you hear that? winds were whipping flags around at the upper marion town ship building. no snow on the sidewalks today. >> lucky for us a warmer weekend on tap. >> meteorologist erika martin has your neighborhood forecast. >> we are finally seeing a warm front making its way into the delaware valley. current temperatures, the good news is we're seeing above freezing for parts of our area. wilmington, 33 degrees. dover 34. philadelphia currently at 32 degrees along with vineland, allentown currently at 28. the record high for philadelphia today, 65. far from that. today's high 32. the normal high 43. so, we're tracking the nice warm up for you. it's due to the fact we're
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seeing a shift in those winds right now. currently, they're westerly but shifting southwesterly soon enough. that means we're bringing a lot of warmer air, sliding into place. even though the winds right now are pretty mild, the more important feature is that they're coming out of the southwest. which means, of course, warmer air in store. so feels like temperatures right now, not as bad as we saw yesterday. in fact, earlier this morning, it feels like 24 degrees in atlantic city. 26 in vineland. 24 in philadelphia. 13 in mount pocono. yesterday at this same time it felt like three below. 13, we'll take that. 20 in trenton. allentown, it feels like 16 degrees there. so let's go ahead and take a look at your out the door forecast for tonight into early tomorrow morning. midnight, notice we see developing clouds. that's because that warm front is pushing the moisture into our area. and in fact, those clouds act like a blanket and keep us just a little bit warmer.
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at 4:00 a.m., 36 degrees. so at least we're starting temperatures above the freezing mark. for the pa suburbs, same deal there. lehigh valley, we warm up nicely by 4:00 a.m. at least warmer than we have been seeing. i have your warm up for the weekend coming up in just a bit. breaking news new now we're following in cumberland county. we learned police were involved in a shooting here in bridgeton. sky force 10 was over the scene just before 4:00 this afternoon on the 200 block of south avenue. drew smith is on his way there. as soon as we learn anything new, we'll let you know. new at 5:00 tonight, a message, stay home. that's from several local schools tonight. >> they say too many students are showing up sick. as nbc 10's tim furlong shows us, that's just causing the problem to get a lot worse. >> it sounds like a robot, like broken. >> reporter: little luke, more than happy to tell me how his vomit sounded. luke one of the many students in
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wilmington who came down with the same nasty noro virus going around our region. luke shared his virus with mom and dad. >> it made me scared at some points because we were just so violently ill. it was something that we just all shared and it was terrible. >> reporter: the numbers of sick kids were way up and so the principal sent a note home saying if your kid is sick, please stay home. >> we've been wiping down door knobs and railings every single day to get the virus out of here. to be honest it's about kids staying home. >> reporter: dr. shapiro says the virus can last a few day and the sidelines are clear. >> their mouth is dry. they run a fever with it. they're having frequent bowel movements. they're throwing up everything you give them. >> reporter: the number one way to keep yourself safe, wash your hands a lot. be generous with the purell.
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anything nasty you have to touch, try not to touch it with your bare hand. keep your hands clean and away from your mouth. >> don't let your hands go above your shoulders. >> reporter: hopefully you can avoid the virus so many kids in our area haven't been able to avoid. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. we checked with other local school districts as well. haverford is disinfecting before and after school. teachers are going hand washing techniques with the students. philadelphia and central bucks told us they have not noticed a decline in attendance. new details about the death of a teenager at a philadelphia school. the medical examiner has ruled he died from affixiation. that means the 17-year-old was deprived of oxygen. he died last october at wordsworth academy. in an earlier report, students said three staff members held
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and punched the team because he was acting aggressively. the school released a statement saying everyone at the school is saddened by the loss and that words worth board of directors and executive management have undertaken steps to advance our services to children. cleanup underway at a chinese restaurant in gloucester county after a car punched a hole through it. sky force 10 was over the scene along mullica hill road around 2:30. there are no reports of any injuries. in a surprise announcement, philadelphia district attorney seth williams says he is dropping his reelection bid. williams says questions about his conduct and scandals in his office have become too big of a distraction. many of those questions surround gifts he accepted and the ethics fine that followed. today williams read a prepared statement and didn't take any questions. >> during my tenure, i have made
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regrettable mistakes in my personal life, and personal financial life. with that, i thank all of you. >> mr. williams are you worried about any criminal charges for your conduct? mr. williams? are you concerned about any criminal charges that you may face because of your conduct? you're not going to take any questions? >> that was nbc 10 investigative reporter mitch blocker trying to get answers from the district attorney. it's not the first time, coming up at 6:00, see how mitch has been trying to question seth williams on these issues for months. with williams out, it brings the pool of candidates running for da to six. five democrats and one republican. the primary election is on may 16th. nbc news has learned white house lawyers are working on a rewrite of president donald trump's executive order on
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immigration. last night, the ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals ruled against reinstating the controversial ban. lawyers are reportedly working on language for the order that would find favor with the federal courts. president trump supporters we spoke with today in the lehigh valley say the travel ban is necessary to keep the nation safe. and they believe it does not amount to relings discrimination against muslims. they say voters in pennsylvania wanted something like this to keep terrorists out of the country. and it was a big issue during the campaign. >> as we got out and knocked on doors, national security was one of the top issues that concerned berks countians. >> i think those that have supported him, particularly here locally, realize this is going to be a battle. >> they're hoping that battle is headed next to the supreme court where they believe the executive order will be upheld. now, appealing to the supreme court is one option for president trump.
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and as this legal battle plays out, people with family and friends in the affected countries will be watching the latest developments very closely. nbc 10's rosemary connors has one man's story. >> reporter: owning his own business is what muhammad kurdi considers to be the american dream. he sells used cars and owns a mechanic shop. originally from syria, he is now an american citizen, fears for those still living in his native country. just this week, some of his relatives died in a building collapse there. >> it's the most dangerous country in the world now, syria. that's why people fled from syria, you know. their goal is to go to the safer place, you know and have a better life. >> reporter: with the president's executive order banning travel, sidelined following yesterday's decision from the federal appeals court, he tells me his faith in the constitution is restored. >> it gives me confidence back that american people are standing. we are living in a free country. >> we'll be doing something rapidly, having to do with
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additional security for our country. you'll be seeing that sometime next week. >> reporter: as the president promises new security action in the days ahead, the next step in the battle over the ban remains to be seen. >> in some ways because the president applied the order immediately and applied it so broadly he left himself in a difficult position to litigate a real threat. >> reporter: professor craig green of temple university explains the appeals court did not find an imminent and specific threat to national security. >> every time the person puts his credibility on the line, and is not believed, sort of the president who cried wolf, becomes a possibility. and one hopes that this president and these courts will not sort of go that route. >> reporter: muhammad kurdi will be watching what happens closely. >> we're hoping for the best because that's what america build up on, immigrant. refugees. people. that's what we here to build up this country for. >> reporter: reporting from hunting park, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. and this just in, from nbc's
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pa pet pet peter alexander, a senior administration official says the white house is focused on defending the order on its merits, likely before a federal district court. this tanker truck crash is still tying up traffic in bucks county, some 20 hours after it happened. the northbound lanes of route 611 in warrington won't open until 6:00 tonight. they've been closed since last night. crews are still working to clean up a fuel spill. septa is working to give you a smoother ride during your monday morning commute. septa says more trains are back in service on sunday. septa announced cracks were found on 60 cars and took a number of cars off the tracks.
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that created a serious slow down on septa's busiest line. right now septa has a total of 21 six car trains in service. making trips every five to six minutes during peak hours with more room septa won't be using buses to get people around on the market frankfurt l anymore. local lawmakers trying to beat president trump at his own game. he called out the president on twitter and we can't even show you one of the words, coming up all new at 5:30, he tells us what sparked his response and why he doesn't plan to stop. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month.
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the school visit for the country's new education secretary didn't go as planned today. betsy devos had to enter a washington, d.c. middle school through the back door after protesters blocked the front. she's an advocate of charter schools and faced criticism throughout her confirmation. devos spoke briefly about today's visit. >> it was really wonderful to visit this school and i look forward to many visits of many great public schools both in d.c. and across the country. >> devos was confirmed as education secretary this week after a historic tie breaking vote by vice president mike pence. to a follow up now on our nbc 10 investigation. we uncovered thousands of
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elevators in pennsylvania that are missing their inspection certificates. >> but even when they exist, you might have hard time finding them. investigative reporter mitch blocker shows us what happened when he try todied to get them philadelphia city hall. >> reporter: inside elevators across our area the nbc 10 investigators found few inspections certificates on display. that's because the state does not require them to be posted in elevators, even though the state official who oversees elevator safety believes the certifications should be accessible to riders. >> i don't know how else you would know that it was currently under inspection and that it passed an inspection. >> reporter: you wouldn't know that it's safe? >> i wouldn't know that it was safe. >> reporter: if an inspection certificate isn't in an elevator it's supposed to be kept in the building's maintenance office. when we visited philadelphia city hall and the municipal services building, we didn't see
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inspection certificates inside elevators and were told they were not available on site. when we checked state records we found six city elevators, including four in city hall didn't have certificates of inspection. >> the state could close down any of these elevators if it felt they weren't under current inspection. they didn't do that. they haven't done that. >> reporter: the city's deputy communications director provided the elevator's latest inspection reports, showing they passed. but the city could not provide the state issued inspection certificates which authorized elevator operation in pennsylvania. >> those records are not necessarily readily available to the public. but the inspections are taking place. >> if they have a current inspection on them they should have a current certificate of operation if there's no outstanding violation. >> reporter: the city says it's working with state regulators to get updated inspection certificates. when you step inside a city
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elevator you'll notice they are not posted. not even in the 62 elevators that do have them how does the public know the city's elevators are safe? >> ideally by examining the certificates. >> reporter: when we asked it took more than eight weeks to get them. the city says that is about to change. >> we appreciate you bringing that to our attention. if a member of the public comes to a particular building and asks to see these certificates, they are to be provided in an expeditious way. >> reporter: for the investigators, i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. building owners from harrisburg to philadelphia told us they don't post records in elevators in order to prevent people from stealing or vandalizing them. moving up to wilmington, people walking with their heads down to avoid those winds whipping them in the face. but at least the sun was out and no snow today. >> no, we're in store for a
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50/50 weekend. >> first alert meteorologist erika martin joins us to tell us which day will be warming up and which day we might see rain. >> i do think that we have a really decent weekend in the forecast. as erin mentioned 50/50 that's for sure. temperatures will steadily climb. right now what we're tracking is increasing clouds moving in from the southwest. a live look outside, mostly cloudy skies across philadelphia. and really, that's because we do have a warm front sliding through. radar image picking up on some light snow, not making it to the ground. we'll keep you updated on that. weather headlines include mostly cloudy skies for tonight with southwesterly winds. of course, warmer temperatures on the way. and feels like temperature on the rise. we'll certainly that. much of an improvement there. saturday, temperatures climbing into the 40s and 50s. sunday we have widespread rain. and temperatures will be in the
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40s, it looks like we could see wintry mix for parts of lehigh valley. temperature trend for the past couple of days, 32 was the high today. 50 is our expected high temperature for tomorrow. 46 on sunday. 44 on monday. valentine's day 50 is your expected high temperature. so we are trending very nicely. temperatures expected to be above normal. very important story here, notice we're starting to see westerly ands southwesterlies, that's bringing us warmer air sliding into place. which is why temperatures will be a lot more comfortable. lehigh valley averaging into the upper 20s. it looks like philadelphia is seeing some low 30s for the most part on average. again, temperatures much more comfortable right now. let's take a look at your neighborhood forecast. new jersey seeing lots of 30s. 32 for turnersville. lumerton, 31. hopewell township at 29.
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robinsville, 30. philadelphia, seeing lots of 30s as well. in fact, at or above the freezing mark. center city, 32. fox chase 31. overnight lows, a little bit more comfortable tonight. allentown, 24. trenton 25. philadelphia 28 and mount holly, 26 degrees. coming up, i do have your ten day on 10. we are tracking some rain due here saturday into sunday. back to you. thank you. happening this weekend at the jersey shore, cool classic cars. 44th annual car show at the atlantic city convention features hundred of classic and antique vehicles. about 30,000 people attend the three day event. costs $25 for adults. looking for some new ink, the 19th annual philadelphia tattoo convention is being held at the convention center this weekend. it's known as the largest tattoo convention in the country. if you don't want your tattoo
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anymore, there are also tattoo removal booths. the convention runs through sunday. you live here, but how much do you really know about the history of the city of brotherly love? >> this week on nbc 10, we have answers that may surprise you. do you know the liberty bell's original name? how your neighborhood got named or why george washington rotated his slaves between philly and mount vernon? >> that's a touchy subject. it wasn't illegal but they did. they did that to avoid their slaves being emancipated. >> that plus local help that can get you started building the family tree of yours. sunday morning at 11:30 only on nbc 10. coming up tonight, they are known as the fighting phils. >> reading's minor league team is making a sweet change to its name. next at 5:00.
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local leaders want the ability to fight terrorism on a local level. but they need the money to do it. senator bob casey and the philadelphia police top brass make their plea today at the delaware valley intelligence center. they're using top technology to make sure you're safe but it costs a lot of money to keep it all running. senator casey says it all starts at the top with the president. >> i just hope that he'll --
5:26 pm
president trump will actually say to the republicans in congress you've got to work with us to fund those programs. and i'm an optimist. we'll see what happens. if they're just going to turn it over to the -- some right wingide log that says cut everything, we'll fight. >> casey is sending a letter to the department of homeland security asking for funding. businesses in allentown are getting help from the city to keep an eye on what's are going on. today, city leaders announced a new program called s.c.a.n. business owners can get half off installation. they say this is a way to help keep the city safe. new jersey state police want you, the state is hiring troopers. but you have to move fast. online applications are being accepted for two weeks between next monday and the 27th. there are some age and education requirements. if you're interested, just head
5:27 pm
to >> a local lawmakers goes after donald trump using colorful message. we ask what his constituents thinks of this. the bidens go hollywood, the move that could have them rubbing elbows with stars like brad pitt and will smith.
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a faceoff on twitter. a state senator from montgomery county says he has had enough of president trump. and he wasn't shy about it on social media. his tweet has been shared all over the country. >> it's not sitting well with voters here at home. new at 5:00, nbc 10's deanna deante spoke to the lawmakers who says he has no plans to stop. >> i'm not fan of the prest. >> reporter: a few minutes with senate senator leech and he'll tell you why. >> he's a bully, he intimidates people. he threatens people, belittles and degrades. >> reporter: it was on february 7th when he got so angry at the president he fired off this tweet, threatening the president to come after him and using a word we can't show you on tv. >> i only regret it wasn't stronger. >> reporter: we stopped in at michael' deli in valley forge. all are asking politicians to stop tweeting.
5:31 pm
>> i'm tired of the political nonsense. >> i don't want to get into it. >> juvenile. and there's no reason to throw that language around. >> he's stooping down to the president's level which is pretty low. >> reporter: what started this? leech supports getting rid of asset forfeiture. it is reported that trump joked about destroying the career of an officer. he sent out this tweet that has more than 30,000 likes. >> the president stops tweeting i'll stop tweeting about the president. >> reporter: he says he hasn't gotten a reply from the president. >> the man was elected president. so let's give him a chance. >> it's very immature. doesn't sound professional. aren't these people in office supposed to be professional and represent the people? >> reporter: deanna durante, nbc 10 news. here's some of the other stories we are following on nbc
5:32 pm
10 news at 5:00. philadelphia district attorney seth williams says his actions have become a distraction and he will not be seeking a third term. an fbi probe revealed williams received $160,000 worth of gifts he didn't initially report. williams has been fined $62,000 by the philadelphia ethics board. he says he regrets mistakes he's made. bucks count aauthorities say the northbound lanes of route 611 won't reopen until 6:00 tonight. they've been closed since 9:00 last night. crews are still working to clean up a fuel spill. falling ice from buildings has forced police to block off a stretch of market street in center city. we slowed down the video and highlighted the ice just to give you a better look at it. good news, no one has been hurt. market street is closed to cars
5:33 pm
and pedestrians between 12th and 13th streets. bundled up on the avenue of the arts. we found this pair taking a stroll with hats, hoods, gloves, you name it they had it all. >> they're all covered up. we're taking a break from the cold weather tomorrow. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist erika martin is here to tell us about a 20 degree warm up tomorrow. >> are you happy about that? it's exciting. temperatures for the past couple of days well below normal. we've been seeing 30s. atlantic 33. trenton 29. mount holly 30. philadelphia at the freezing mark, 32. in allentown, 28 for you. at least we're a little bit warmer. in fact, let's go ahead and take a look at the temperature difference. four degrees warmer and we'll take it in allentown at the same time yesterday. atlantic city, 5. mount holly, trenton, philadelphia, three degrees warmer than the same time yesterday. overnight lows mainly in the 20s. mid to upper 20s.
5:34 pm
wilmington, a little warmer for you at 30. dover your overnight low 31. mount holly 26. philadelphia 28. and coatesville your expected overnight low 25 degrees. now, out the door forecast. we'll start this in philadelphia. the clouds are starting to develop all ahead of a warm front. good news there, it feels like a blanket. keeps any of the warmer air right into place. notice by tomorrow morning we'll see partly cloudy skies across the lehigh valley. temperatures, of course, colder there at 26 degrees. but for the jersey shore, we're seeing cloudy skies at 8:00 p.m., midnight and 4:00 a.m. temperatures will start to climb. i have more information coming up. three thieves who tied up two women are under arrest tonight. the three men had guns and knives when they burst into a house at 66th street around 2:00 in the morning. they were on their way out with $1,500 in jewelry when officers showed up and arrested them.
5:35 pm
the two women weren't hurt. today, new jersey governor chris christie signed legislation to stop foreclosures on houses damaged by superstorm sandy four years after the storm devastated much of the state. under the law, sandy victims could get a temporary stay of foreclosure if they're eligible for certain programs. but haven't received funds. now, to some of the stories we are following, county by county today. gloucester county, a new initiative to make college more affordable. 15 local principals signed a start program. students will be able to enroll in college courses for a discount. the caninstruction competition is underway. teams from four south jersey companies are using their
5:36 pm
imaginations to build structures using only cans. a winner will be announced tomorrow. canstruction has raised more than 40 million pounds of food. president trump has welcomed another world leader to the white house. he met this afternoon with japanese prime minister shinzo abe in the oval office. mr. trump is hosting abe and his wife at his mar-a-lago club this weekend. the two leaders are scheduled to play golf tomorrow. the bidens are going hollywood. former vice president joe biden and his wife have signed with a hollywood talent agency. the announcement didn't specify what projects the creative artists agency would work with the bidens on. just that the agency would amplify their public policy initiatives. caa represents stars like jennifer lawrence and brad pitt. on to a south jersey pet
5:37 pm
store that closed. and some say it is about time. we asked what's in store for dozens of puppies who are sick. and still need a new home.
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taking a live look right fou had at the blue cross river rink. if you don't have plans this sunday, well, this is where you want to be. nbc 10 is a proud sponsor of flyers day at winter fest. starting at 11:00 on sunday you
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can skate with flyers alumni, there will be a clinic for the kids and trivia contests hosted by first alert meteorologist erika martin. >> got to love that. it's a sign of the season here. the phillys' equipment truck arrived in clearwater florida. it's a mild 73 degrees there in case you're wondering. now i'm depressed. everything was unloaded, including the all important hot dog launcher. on monday, pitchers and catchers report, followed by infielders on tuesday and outfielders on wednesday. i could go for a hot dog right about now. the season opener less than two months away, april 3rd. and the first game april 7th against the washington nationals. first pitch at 3:05. we'll have on our annual pregame show welcome phillies. the team will play with name
5:41 pm
the reading whoopees. players will trade in their traditional blue uniforms for these brown ones resembling whoopee piles. there will be a special mascot for the game. the whoopee pie, if you don't already know made of two soft cookie pieces sandwiching a fluffy filling. believed to have originated in reading. the game jerseys will be auctioned for charity. we really made you hungry. >> you ought to do advertisements for whoopee pies. >> you got to say it like that. it's not quite baseball weather yet. but it's going to get a little warmer for part of the weekend? >> i want one of those, too. here's the deal. even though we are expecting some rain to get here on sunday, of course, it's all a matter of perspective. temperatures will be nice and warm, 40s and 50s. i have your most accurate forecast coming up in just a bit. jersey shore eye sores getting hit with a splash of colorful scenery. >> automatically catches my eye
5:42 pm
when i see something beautiful like this. >> i'm ted greenburg with what's behind this anonymous art in atlantic city.
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5:44 pm
right now at 5:00 they are sick with no where to go. dozens of puppies are in limbo after a south jersey pet store closed its doors. critics of the puppy barn say they're glad it's out of business. >> cydney long explains pet owners and animal shelters are still concerned about a dangerous virus. >> reporter: concealed by carriers and isolated in quarantine it's puppies like these who are fighting the parvo virus. >> animals develop very
5:45 pm
significant diarrhea and vomiting, oftentimes they stop eating and drinking. >> reporter: dr. christopher turry with the animal shelter has a team of workers caring for the sick and dehydrated dogs. it comes as the spca and county health department cited the long time land mark the puppy barn for parvo virus and other unsanitary conditions. the owners voluntarily closed their doors for good. a note reads sorry for the inconvenience. >> it takes one city from one sick litter to infect the whole store. >> reporter: customers are sounding off on facebook about the anguish, hard break and money last after buying sick dogs from the store. burlington county has regulations that prevent whole sale of puppy mill animals, so he asked if there's any further discipline. >> because they're closing their facility. there will be no charges. >> reporter: it may be several
5:46 pm
weeks before the puppies that were rescued from the puppy barn with well enough to be adopted, there is something you can do right now to help. that is show the love and adopt a senior dog like duchess or dozens of others anxious for a happy home at special rates this valentine's day. it will make room for the sick puppies to get extra tlc. >> we have 70 puppies here. we took an entire wing that stands alone and set it up for the puppies so they can be quarantined. we will not put animals down because we received these puppies. >> reporter: the county plans to hold the puppy barn responsible to pay the tab. new at 5:00, the bucks county spca is tracking down who killed four geese. officials say it appears they were shot. the spca is offering a $500 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction.
5:47 pm
switching gears now, doctors say they now know more about the long term effects of traumatic brain injuries in children. seven years after a brain injury, children with milder head traumas had double the risk of attention problems. those with more severe injuries were five times more likely to develop adhd. children from low income homes were more likely to have long lasting effects, while kids whose parents were involved in their recovery had the best outcomes. the study was done at cincinnati children's hospital. i'm first alert meteorologist erika martin with your most accurate forecast. a live look outside. it's quiet, it's dry. but we do have mostly cloudy skies ahead of a warm front headed in our direction. a mostly cloudy night with southwesterly winds, warmer temperatures and feels like temperatures also on the rise. on saturday, my pick of the weekend includes dry conditions, a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures topping out in the
5:48 pm
40s and 50s. sunday includes widespread rain and a wintry mix for the lehigh valley. satellite and radar image picking up on returns here. you're seeing light snow not making it the ground but state college has had reports of snow. everything remains dry but we do see developing clouds. mostly cloudy skies. current wind, we're seeing westerlies and southwesterlies a sign we have warmer air sliding into place. nine miles per hour wind speed for philadelphia and dover air force base nine mile per hour wind speeds for you. keep that in mind. we have all the warmer air sliding into place. your neighborhood forecast across the lehigh valley seeing lots of 20s. we're seeing 26 in allentown, nazareth and easton at 27 and bethlehem currently upper 20s for you. so a little chilly right now. be sure to bundle up. we will get warmer by tomorrow. across the pa suburbs west
5:49 pm
bradford town ship at 27. bedminister 27. new hope two degrees warmer at 29. hour by hour forecast starting at 5:30 p.m. we're seeing the introduction of flurries moving into parts of lehigh valley. however, it will be light fur s flurries at best. what i'm tracking would be showers moving in early sunday into the afternoon hours. so notice right now, it's not very organized by noon on sunday. and we are seeing the threat of a little bit of a mix for parts of the lehigh valley. i get this going at 2:30 p.m. widespread and then everything starts to clear by about 7:00 p.m. now your ten day on 10 includes temperatures climbing into the 50s and then 40s by sunday. we do have a windy monday in the forecast. and it looks like it will be dry for valentine's day. temperatures topping out at 50. here's the deal, on wednesday into thursday. we certainly could get a wintry mix and some snow temperatures
5:50 pm
in the 30s on thursday. then we climb back into the 40s and 50s with a mix of sun and clouds for next friday, saturday, sunday and monday. back to you. >> thank you. nbc 10 is celebrating black history month. >> tonight we shine the spotlight on a business leader in the delaware valley. >> really trying to let people be all they can be. >> that's angelo perryman he's the president and ceo of per perryman construction. i recently spent time with him and asked him about the lack of minority business leaders in his field. as a native of alabama he noticed a different in this part of the country. >> in the northeast the numbers drop significantly that are doing major construction. >> his company has been involved with notable projects such as the health and literacy center
5:51 pm
at children's hospital, philadelphia. the new subaru headquarters being built in camden and the philadelphia zoo garage, not to mention the love park renovation there. we'll have much more on perryman's stories during nbc 10's celebration of black history month. watch tomorrow night at 7:00. it's great program and you can see it only on nbc 10. >> i will be tuning in for sure. take a look at this. this light house in south jersey looks like new. how a restoration project is hoping to bring in new visitors. coming up at 6:00, south jersey police shot a man and when they showed up to the wrong house after a 911 call. why police are now arguing the officers are not at fault for the near deadly mix up.
5:52 pm
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welcome back. lester holt joins us now for the nbc studios in los angeles. >> he has a look at what's coming up on nbc nightly news. hi, lester. >> ahead for us the president's next move after yesterday's legal defeat over the immigration ban. he's offering some hints this
5:55 pm
afternoon. floods and mud slides as parts of the west are reaching their breaking point. we have the dramatic audio of one recent drone encounter. it's coming up when we see you at nbc nightly news. >> we'll see you at 6:30. also tonight, light houses at the jersey shore are a lure for both locals and tourists alike. >> now a major effort is underway to preserve one of the oldest in the garden state. ted greenburg shows us how it's taking the land mark back in time. >> reporter: it is a local treasure. >> i like the green shutters. >> reporter: still being discovered. >> this is my first time. already i'm impressed with it. >> reporter: these are the finishing touches of a major restoration project. >> it's nearing completion. >> reporter: at cumberland county's historic east point lighthouse. the second oldest in new jersey. >> it dates back to 1849. >> reporter: a long time beacon
5:56 pm
along delaware bay at the mouth of the morris river. >> it's the first time that the lighthouse has been restored inside at all. >> reporter: the repairs were desperately needed. >> holes in the ceiling and the floor. just crumbling. >> reporter: the landmark's weathered brick exterior painted its original white. >> this would have been a bedroom. >> reporter: furnishing are set to bring a return to east point's glory days. >> we'll make it look like a keeper and family, like it would have been when they lived here. >> reporter: the project includes one important addition. this wheelchair ramp to make the first floor of the light house accessible to people. >> it is a special place. it's special to each generation for different reasons. >> reporter: the lighthouse expected to welcome visitors inside in the coming weeks. >> really pretty, i like the colors. >> reporter: a fresh look that's preserving a window into the past. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> very cool to see the old
5:57 pm
versus what it looks like right now. >> here is jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, we're following breaking news, a shooting involving police in south jersey. >> plus, new at 6:00, you are paying for the protests in philadelphia against president trump. nbc 10 learns why the demonstrations are costing millions in taxpayer dollars. also new at 6:00, mysterious artwork showing up in atlantic city's most run down areas. we tracked down the anonymous artist who wants to leave a positive mark on the resort town. and it's been chilly today, but it's going to get warmer. but also later rainy for your weekend. i'm tracking all the conditions you should know for your weekend plans, next in my first alert neighborhood forecast.
5:58 pm
♪ strummed guitar you can't experience the canadian rockies through a screen. you have to be here, with us. there's only one way to travel through this natural wonder and get a glimpse of amazing.
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and that's with a glass of wine in one hand, and a camera in the other, aboard rocky mountaineer. canada's rocky mountains await. call your travel agent or rocky mountaineer for special offers now. right fnow we begins with breaking news a shooting involving police in south jersey. >> sky force 10 flew over the scene in cumberland county. drew smith is just arriving on the scene. what can you tell us right now? >> reporter: this is south avenue, still covered in a lot of police tape. there are police cars all out here on the street. you can see they set up a portable light down there, it's shining on a house and a yard over there. what we can tell you is that when this began around 4:00, a high level source has told nbc 10 that a man pulled a gun and that's when police shot him.
6:00 pm
we're told that one victim was taken to the hospital. it's unclear what his condition is right now or why police were out here in the first place. this investigation is just beginning. we saw the police chief just arrive on the scene in the past 15 minutes. he told us he would be coming back to update us. and we will, of course, be staying on top of this investigation. we're live in bridgeton, i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news. right now at 6:00, scandals force philadelphia's district attorney from fighting to keep his office. >> i have made a very difficult decision not to seek reelection. >> after dodging the nbc 10 investigators for months. >> mr. williams, come on. >> today seth williams said he's brought shame to the post. his ethics controversies, too distracting for him to stay in office. >> you're not going to take any questions? >> today seth williams announced he won't run for


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