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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 13, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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another one of jerry sandusky's son's is responded to the arrest. his brother jeffrey, quote, sentence the judge will give him. we're live in the breaking news center. >> nbc10 investigators are digging into this case and making calls to his lawyer. we'll be live at 5:00 with that element of the story. >> damaging winds causing havoc across our region. strong winds ripped this large branch from a tree, sent it crashing down on the street. that wind is not letting up. live look at the flags atop the air mark buildings in center city. >> that wind is causing rough surf down the shore. here's the screen. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been monitoring these damaging winds all day.
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>> reporter: i want to show you up close. take a look at this mustang in this driveway. by this tree and mother nature didn't stop there. then to the family's home, right here, the top left of the roof according to neighbors they may be away and not yet know this damage that awaits them. crushed. he snapped photos of the heart break his neighbor will feel. wind gusts that reached 50 to 60 miles per hour overnight. >> we don't know these folks. it's a young gentleman that i think's been restoring this car. i'm really heart broken for the guy and hope there's somebody here to support him when he gets
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home. >> it's not all this bad. it's just been a nuisance for most. this traffic sign at route 73 maple shade is on its side. work for dot crews to clean up. along kennedy boulevard in bell mother, trash and repsychable containers were emptied ahead of when the trucks arrived. means many will be chasing their cans. >> it's crazy. my trees just like knocking into the house, all night long. we have a bunch of branches down in our yard and everything. >> reporter: and these cars you're looking at here right now certainly not drivable but a caution if you are out there driving today and we hit four counties since earlier this morning on roads like route 73 and the atlantic city express way. there's two different things you'll have to deal with. some of that signage that you saw was down. also the winds are gusty enough
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that you have to keep two hands on the steering wheel. that is the latest live in west deptford tonight i'm cydney long nbc10 news. >> good advice. let's check in with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz who's tracking these winds in your most accurate weather forecast. >> the winds starting to die down. >> it's not quite as windy as it was even a couple hours ago. it will continue to go down a bit. it is from the northwest direction. it continues to bring cold air in and the latest wind gusts are generally now below 40 miles an hour. we got a 41 in coatesville. as you'll see later we've seen winds over 50 miles an hour during the day today and even some last night. so this is an improvement. just in the last hour, 39 miles an hour toms river, 32 in philadelphia, just two hours ago we were gusting to 47 miles an
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hour. so this is quite a change. it's still, of course, makes it feel even colder than it really is. 11 degrees the way it feels like in the poconos. 28 in philadelphia, 23 in coatesville. so it's feeling like birnt out there, that's for sure. and as we go through the evening, for example, in philadelphia, watch the wind diminish as we go till 9:00. down to 16 miles an hour, it will be feeling like it's 24 degrees, but as the temperature goes down, the wind will be going down too so the feels like temperature will be leveling off as we go through the rest of the night. we have another round of wind that's coming in to the rest of when that's coming in a few minutes. >> and you can see more pictures of the damage from across our area and get your most accurate forecast right now on the nbc10
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app. >> our 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with new dangers on duty -- atlantic city firefighters and we're not just talking about battling the flames. first told you about this problem last night at 11:00. nbc10 jersey shore ted greenberg found out atlantic city's drug problem is creating a new health hazards for rescue crews. >> it's like the walking dead. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: he says he's constantly reminded about the regions opioid epidemic just by looking outside his apartment in atlantic city. >> i see different crews of people all day long coming, buying, selling, snorting, shooting. >> reporter: when this abandoned house on the block caught fire early sunday morning, firefighters came upon an unexpected hazard. syringes all over the place, including the floors. >> their visibilities is limited to begin with with, seeing a little syringe on the floor may be something that you could easily overlook especially when
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you're crawling around. >> reporter: officials say the house is a known drug den. police tell me they've responded to complaints from neighbors, a half dozen times in the past five months. >> needles post a great threat to firefighters they could easily puncture through their gear. they could puncture through the boots. >> reporter: i checked with the head of the city's licensing and inspection department. he tells me there have been constant problems with his house. a home a couple doors away and another one across the street. they've all been boarded up numerous times but people keep breaking in. >> they're in and out. >> reporter: one firefighter suffered minor burns in what's been labeled a suspicious fire. none got stuck by any needles this time. the three houses are scheduled to be demolished soon. >> the block needs to be bull dozed. he says he's in the process of moving out. ted greenberg nbc10 news. >> president trump has welcomed another world leader to the
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white house. this time canadian prime minister justin true dough. >> they had a round table discussions about women's in the workforce. later they held a news conference for president trump defended his refugee and immigration orders. >> i said at the beginning, we are going to get the bad ones, the really bad ones. we're getting them out and that's exactly what we're doing. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu visits the white house on wednesday. >> later today the senate is poised to confirm president trump's pick for treasury secretary, this despite complaints by democrats. >> steven mnuchin the head of one west bank. democrats accused him of failing to protect home owners from undue foreclosures. the senate veterans affairs committee voted unanimously to
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approve him. >> this group is opposed to president's election for the supreme court. gathered at city hall they say neil gorsuch believing in granting unelected judges more powers that protect workers, consumers and the environment. president trump named gorsuch as the supreme court justice nominee last month. confirmation hearings are expected to begin sometime in march. delaware snaer is preparing to talk -- >> philadelphia's archbishop says he is called with the press's hostility with president trump. made that comment on a catholic radio show this morning. if americans are series about their responsibility as citizens, it is important to support the president whether they support everything he stands for or not. >> now, to the fallout falling north korea's latest missile test. the united states, japan and
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south korea are expected to meet with the u.n. security council sometime today. the three countries requested that meeting after north korea launched a ballistic missile this weekend. it's believed the missile flew more than 300 miles before going down in international waters. the test is seen as an attempt to challenge the u.s. and its allies. in delaware county are on the rise in chester. now the mayor are planning to take action. >> held a news conference earlier today. they outlined their plan to fight crime. it includes doubling rewards for rfgs leading to arrests and convictions to $10,000. last year there were 26 murders in chester, this year already 7. >> we hope that people find a level of compassion and empathy. and help to bring justice for these families who are grieving the loss of loved ones. >> the mayor also promised to hire more police officers and detectives in the city after what he called an unprecedented
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number of resignations and depar tours from the police department. >> bucks county police say a ban of thieves emptied out the bank accounts of unsuspecting victims and right now investigators are still not sure just how they pulled it off. take a look here. the group allegedly withdrew more than $17,000 from an atm in ban sellem. police it started when victims in the pittsburgh area noticed cash missing from their accounts. they traced that missing money to a first bank on old street. more and more victims came forward and all of them reported cash being taken out of their accounts on the very same night. >> the only these folks have in common they're all getting some federal benefits. >> investigators say none of the victims belonged to first bank and the suspects may be from our area. new at five. deanna durante will tell us why the suspects chose this specific atm location. the search son for these two after they went on a shoplifting spree in bethlehem township.
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they stole several items from best buy last friday. now they're also suspected of doing the very same thing at a best buy in new jersey earlier in the day. >> a developing story now in northern california on the spillway on one of the country's largest dams is on the brink of collapse. evacuations were ordered for about 188,000 people. that's after officials discovered part of it was in danger of failing. the sudden evacuations triggered chaos as families jammed roadways for hours as they tried to leave town. >> i'm concerned about getting out. we've been sitting here for an hour. >> i was trying to get into the gas station then i was trying to get out of the gas station. i had people almost hitting me, running me over. it was insane. >> a failure at the dam could send a 30 foot wall of water into communities blow. >> seth williams top lieutenant has stepped down three days after his boss announced he
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would not run for reelection. announced his resignation today. he joins williams office as first assistant district attorney last year. it was on friday when seth williams announced he would not seek reelection. the fbi is looking into $160,000 worth of gifts williams received and did not report. he received a record ethics fine. tonight you're invited to share your memories about albert boscov. that is tonight at 7:00 at city. boscov died friday after battling cancer not only was he the chairman of the department store named after him, boscov cofounded our city reading, a nonprofit helping families become first time home buyers. a public memorial service is set for later this month. septa is expanding its key card program starting today riders can find kiosks for the -- at the walnut low
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customer station. septas reloadable key cards will replace tokens and paper transfers. >> a man charged with attacking ai prosecutor pleaded guilty today. the attack was caught on camera. jasha harding is seen lunging here. fleece wrestled him to the ground. the attack happened while harding was on trial for sex assault. he was convicted in that trial. >> the man who shot and killed nine people inside a south korea home in 2015 is asking for a new trial this afternoon. earlier this year, the federal jury found dylan roof guilty on 33 charges. he was sentenced to death in the original trial he represented himself. now he has lawyers and they argue federal prosecutors lacked jurisdiction. the case happened entirely in south kor south carolina. >> more sears and k mart stores might be closing soon. sears is trying to cut costs by
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$1 billion a year. it hasn't announced which stores, if any, are closing. it could sell off brands like kenmore appliances and die hard batteries. sears had 100,000 employees in the u.s. last year. the mum mers are getting set to strut again this time in manayunk. >> the strutting will start at shurz lane at 11:00 a.m. and down the length of main street. that's how things looked and sounded last year. this parade is a fund-raising effort. they rely on donations. >> a loot tri that could determine the future of your child's education. some philadelphia parents are in real panic mode no longer in control over their child's enrollment status.
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lauren mayk joins us. this is a big concern. a lot of these parents they're used to waiting in line to try to secure their child's spot. that's changing. >> reporter: not this time. this is a first for this particular school mer death all though it has done this way at one other school in the district but now it's being left up to chance where some children will have their kindergarten experience. at william and mer dij school change is coming for children who aren't even here. >> the uncertainty aspect is probably the biggest hurdle, not knowing your future until late march. >> reporter: he has a second grader at the school but his future kindergartener may or may not get to join his sibling. >> we're experiencing more and more overcrowded rooms and i guess a more lenient admission
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process, so to speak. >> reporter: he will nor inninger sol is the chair. >> the frustration and the anxiety are palpable because which is understandable. parents have bought or decided to live in with the understanding that they know where their kids are going to be school in the fall. >> she also sees good news. >> parents want to send their kids to public school and there's a clamoring for it and the truth of the matter is, there aren't just three options for elementary cool in philadelphia. >> reporter: she hopes parents will take a closer look at other nearby schools and see positives like parent involvement. for parents who already have a student at meredith there is extra uncertainty with siblings getting no special preference in the lottery. >> if you have siblings in the same school it's easier for them to take pride in each other. to play at the school yard together, to show them the
4:17 pm
ropes. >> reporter: now for students who don't get a spot and get on a wait list, they can get a spot at another nearby school. this is just for kindergarten. in first grade then they can come back to meredith. they are working with the principal to figure out a way to figure out overcrowding for first grade until they can come up with a long-term situation. >> thank you. maine getting buried by snow. as a result this is the preferred method of travel for some people. blizzard warnings are in effect throughout maine today. as much as two feet of snow is expected to fall by the end of the day. that's a fun way to get around but we don't have to deal around here. >> we're just dealing with a lot of wind and really damaging wind. we saw cydney long in her live shot and a tree down on that car. >> that wind is a direct result of that blizzard that is hitting maine, so if we were in a
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different part of that blizzard, we'd be getting the snow and the wind instead of just the wind. right now we have cold. the wind has brought in colder air, 39 degrees, sustained wind at 25. not quite as much wind elsewhere. lehigh valley only 13 miles an hour. of course 37 degrees. still feels pretty cold. the top wind gusts during the day today, reading at 63 miles an hour. wee knowna, new jersey and lewis delaware, 55, cape may, 54, philadelphia officially at 52. newtown square, 50, pottstown and allentown at 41 miles an hour, but we're not seeing that kind of gust right now. these are the sustained winds. still pretty impressive at 28 miles an hour in coatesvilles
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wilmington and toms river. allentown only 13. farther to the north, single digits. that wind is going to be coming down tonight. it's going to make it feel cooler as we go through the night tonight. feeling like teens. north and west, so it's certainly feeling like winter and will so when you get up tomorrow morning. notice you don't see the teens for the feels like temperatures because the winds will be so much less tomorrow than what we saw today. back up into the 30s tomorrow afternoon. feeling a little bit better than today. there's the center of that storm offshore and the winds around it, that's why we've got the wind. it's all related to that storm offshore. now the next thing that we're watching, storm down south, plenty of moisture there. this is the one that we've been talking about since last week. now, the wind of course will be
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dying down fast tonight. we'll have a dry week and the weekend. that storm to the south looks like it's going to stay to the south and the temperatures generally up into the 40s until the weekend and then really goes up. valentine's day, tomorrow, not too windy, not too cold, at least compared to today. pa suburbs barely getting above 40 degrees, lehigh valley not quite getting above 40 degrees but it's dry everywhere. it's not windy everywhere. you won't need that extra hair spray tomorrow. >> all right. that's good to know. don't forget today is your last day to sign up for your chance to run in the blue cross broad street run. the official list of participants will be posted on the race's website thursday. the ten miler steps off on may 7th. nbc10 is a proud sponsor and we will once again broadcast that
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race live. always fun to be out there. >> today's the last day to sign-up. we better get on it so we can run out there. >> we are? >> yeah. >> get to it. >> you'll sign me up. >> absolutely. >> then i'll be in trouble. >> $10 million donation of books. >> it is the biggest gift the university of delaware's library has ever seen. unique and how's he's giving the gift of reading to a special group of people. >> these cheerleaders spent week looking to raise money for competition, but the promised funds never came. see how nbc10 responds left them jumping for joy. plus this. ♪ >> philly goes gaga. she adds a second show in south philly. that's next at four. >> here's a look at the closing bell on wall street. green arrows up all around.
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today there are really only two people getting buzzed about from last night's grammy, adele and beyoncé. >> adele was the big winner but she says she didn't deserve all five grammys. >> so a piece of me did die inside as a beyoncé fan. i'm not going to lie. >> she said she's a huge beyonée fan. but it wasn't her wins you're talking about. last night she started and stopped her tribute to george michael after hitting a bad note. did you hear this? >> i'm sorry for swearing and i'm sorry for -- can we please start it again. i'm sorry i can't mess this up for him. >> she's so honest there and the
4:26 pm
second version went off flawlessly earning adele a standing ovation from the audien audience. >> beyoncé also took the stage. it is the first time she's performed since announcing she's having twins. she was nominated for nine awards and made people very nervous with that. she took home two. >> and a microphone malfunction did not stop lady gaga and metallic from finishing their performance. using gaga's microphone to sing moss into flames. you do what you have to do. >> and because people are going goo goo over gaga she's added a show to wells fargo. tickets go on sale friday morning at ten. >> back to those damaging winds.
4:27 pm
they're leaving a big mess but conditions are improving, glenn. >> those winds starting to die down a bit as the big storm off new england moves out and of course the weather is going to start to warm back up. i'm tracking the changing conditions in your neighborhood plus your valentine's day forecast. >> and these local cheerleaders spent weeks working to raise money but the promised funds never came. how a call to the response team helped get them to a national competition. >> announcer: this portion of nbc10 news sponsored by morgan and morgan, for the the people.
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hold on to your hats and anything else that's not tied down. damaging winds are causing problems across our region today. these people at the i-95 travel plaza in delaware had trouble just walking from their cars.
4:31 pm
they're sprinting inside. airlines also cancelled several dozen incoming and outgoing flights at philadelphia international today. part of the problem is the wind, the other is a snowstorm hitting parts of the northeast. travellers should as always check with their airlines before they head to the airport. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been tracking the impact of those winds today. >> those winds are better now. they'll ease up even more tonight. >> yeah, especially after the sunsets. it sets about 5:30 before it gets totally dark and i think you'll really notice a drop in the winds by then. the flags are still blowing pretty hard and it is windy but not even as windy as it was a couple of hours ago. no longer the 40 to 50 or 50 plus that we were seeing earlier today. 32 mile an hour gusts in philadelphia and millville, 38 miles an hour in wilmington. just couple hours ago.
4:32 pm
we did see wind gusts hit close to 50 miles an hour. 39 in philadelphia. now 34 in coatesville. everybody's in the 30s and so when you factor in the wind, it's feeling like winter out there. feeling like twenties, 24 in coatesville, 28 in philadelphia and mt. holly so it is going to be a cold night, but it's not going to feel as cold as it would be if the wind was still up there. it's dying down. by 9:00 as you can see a big drop from what we're seeing at 5 and 6:00. feels like temperatures down to 24 degrees. we have one more really windy day this week and a huge warmup coming. i'll tell you about both. >> we have breaking news just in to the nbc10 news national security advisor mike flynn has apologized to mike pence for the controversy about his talks with the russian ambassador. mr. pence said that flynn had not discussed sanctions with
4:33 pm
russia before the inauguration, those sanctions imposed by the obama administration but now flynn says the topic of sanctions may have come up in his conversation with the ambassador. all right to nbc10 news responds now. local cheerleaders raising money to attend a big national competition. >> but months go by and the team can't get the money it's owed. so they turn to nbc10 responds. harry as always got on the case. i'm sure you gave them a good reason to cheer. >> good reason to cheer. fortunately nbc10 responds was there to lift them back up. >> reporter: this is the saint agnes sacred heart cheerleading team. they have coached together for ten years. the team practices year-round and cheering isn't cheap. >> they fund raise all year
4:34 pm
because it's a huge financial commitment. >> two years ago the team sold donated clothes to a company called fashion republic and made hundreds of dollars. >> they told us how much it was and how much we'd get. >> in october they decided to partner with fashion republic again. >> it was about five or six weekends that the kids were out collecting clothes, moving big dress bags full of colleges. >> the company promised the team a $1,600 check, but month after month after month went by and still no money. >> they weren't responding to e-mails. they weren't responding to anything. >> so the team contacted nbc10 responds. we contacted fashion republic. the company apologized. the same day we got involved, it issued the team this check for $1,647.80. >> we are very, very grateful. i know our families are very
4:35 pm
grateful. >> the company didn't say why it took so long for the check to arrive and, by the way, the team competed in the nationals this past weekend and took second place. something even extra this year. >> a lot of talent there. and a special cheer for harry hairston i'm sure. >> i got tired of watching them cheer. it wore me out. let's check out that recovery total. we're stating at $283,693, mon gotten back for you our viewers here in delaware valley. >> if you have a consumer complaint, fill out a form on our website or give us a call and we promise to get right back to you. >> here's a look at some of the other stories we're following at this hour. in bucks county township officials from throughout the township will meet to discuss the area's heroin and opioid crisis. the forum is set for 7:00 p.m. at the middle town township building in lang home run. >> we are expected to learn more about the independent review of the deadly hos tage situation
4:36 pm
inside a delaware prison. on february 1st inmates at the correctional center took prison workers hos tage. correctional officer lieutenant steven floyd was killed. he was buried this weekend. >> in montgomery county septa is expanding his horsham breeze two and splitting it into red and blue. people will be able to get where they need to be faster by splitting it up. >> camden county is ready to woke rowan regatta. it'll be the first of 12 regattas this spring and summer. cooper river has been closed because of a dredging project. >> honoring the leg ga siff a pioneering woman in wilmington. >> how she's living her mark on the streets after serving the city for several years. >> plus are you smarter than your siblings. the connection between your
4:37 pm
brain and your birth order. that's next. >> plus, the price of prescriptions. they can be a burden for many families. >> it was expensive. but you do -- you're pay. >> are companies keeping those prices too hide. a practice that patients need to know about, coming up all new on nbc10 at five.
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canadian researchers say more people are likely to have heart aka ta beings after a major snowstorm. shoveling is the real culprit. the next time you have a lot of snow to clear, make sure you're taking breaks between shoveling and maybe doing the shoveling yourself or for your older neighbors. and this next story might cause some relatives at home tonight. a new study suggest first born children are the smartest. researchers in scotland tested
4:41 pm
5,000 children every two years until they turned 14. first borns had higher iq scores as early as their first birthday and continued to perform better than younger siblings. experts say parents gave all of their children the same emotional support but tended to provide first born with more mental stimulation. >> if you had to be outside today, you know just how cold those winds felt. it was blowing around. >> really cold. causing some damage out there. good news things are improving, right glenn. >> they're already going down a little and they're going to calm down even more overnight and start to warm-up. i'm tracking the conditions for your neighborhood in your most accurate weather forecast. >> plus guys, are you ready for valentine's day. in case you haven't checked your calendar, it is tomorrow. next at four, we'll take you inside a local busy that's booming ahead of the big day.
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. >> take a look at this. nasa releasing a picture of a dying star this morning. there it is. it was taken by the hubble telescope. astronomers rarely capture a star in this phase because it hpz within a blink of an eye. beautiful. >> the city of wilmington black history month of a pioneering woman. unveiled a market garden in commemorating hatty failen. she was the first woman elected to city council. she hopes her grandmother continues to inspire others. >> we hope that this inspires other members of our city to reach the goals and strive for the things that the members on this wall gave to our city.
4:46 pm
>> she was first appointed to council in 1967 to fill a midterm vacancy. she was later re-elected for two more terms. >> everything is kind of rosy for area florists. they love this time of year. >> absolutely. boids flowers in wilmington. red roses always popular but this year they have more and more customers choosing roses of other colors. whatever the color, boids said more people are spending more money on flowers this year. >> we're starting to see a rise on people's spending. it is a luxury. we want you to feel luxurious. we are here whenever you need us. >> late today boyd's was still taking valentine's day orders. it is getting tougher to pinpoint what time the flowers will actually be delivered. glenn, did you remember your sweetheart? >> every day's valentine's day.
4:47 pm
>> of course. >> yeah, yeah. >> we knew that. >> yeah. >> absolutely. everything's taken care of. don't worry about it. we got 39 degrees in philadelphia now. the wind still a factor but it's not nearly as strong as it was earlier. temperatures in the 30s across the entire area, which is not too far from average for this time of year, little bit of it on the cooler side especially when you factor in the wind. it's gusting 35 miles an hour in toms river right now. we have seen gusts as high as 55 miles an hour in reading, 52 miles an hour in philadelphia. it's all around this big storm off the new england coast. it's a legitimate blizzard and they're still getting pounded with snow in maine and down to boston and the circulation around it is bringing those winds into our area. the next weather feature we're watching this area of moisture
4:48 pm
down south. there's a storm down there and in many winters that type of a system would be moving up in our direction and if it was cold enough it would be bringing us snow, but it does look like it's going to track far enough to the south so that the northern edge of the precipitation is going to come just south of our area. now, if for some reason it did manage to come up a little bit more, then of course delaware and extreme southern new jersey would have the best chance of seeing any kind of precipitation. this is pretty much our only chance for the week and it's a pretty low chance at this point and you can see you're own 7 day forecast at the bottom of the screen. not only with the dry weather be but the temperature change. look at the wind, only 10 to 15 miles an hour. chestnut hill, 44, langhorne 45z, allentown 42 degrees.
4:49 pm
these temperatures a little above average and with the lower wind it will certainly feel warmer than today. voorhees as 47, avalon at 44, rehoboth beach up to 48 degrees. over the next three days it goes up a couple degrees more on wednesday, but wednesday the wind starts increasing, thursday becomes very windy again. i can see wind gusts over 40 miles an hour on thursday and the temperatures starts going down again. that will be the coldest day of the week. highs of only 35 degrees in the lehigh valley and lower 40s across other parts of the area. then, as we go through the rest of the ten-day forecast, first of all you see the wind. wednesday and especially on thursday. there's the coldest day. it gets a little bit less cold friday and look what happens over the weekend. i've got 60 for saturday, 63 for
4:50 pm
sundays, dry both days, not especially windy either day. 59 on monday and then temperatures drop a little bit as we head into next week but what a change from what we're seeing today. >> what a great weekend. >> yes. another flirtation with spring right there. >> rare additions of classics like drak ula. >> meet the man who made the $10 million gift of books possible and why he's choosing to hand over his collection to the university. >> plus, knock down, people showed up at their loved ones grave site to find this. how neighbors worked together to fix the damage.
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. >> announcer: this is nbc10 news. this is big right now for $10 million donation of books. >> what a great gift. it is the biggest gift ever to the university of delaware's library. tim furlong has more on the man who made it all possible. >> i am legally blind, yes. >> reporter: even back his legally blind teenager particularly victorian era literature. you can read books when they're very close to his face. he's been expanding his unique collection. >> printed about 425 copies, this is one of them. you are holding history in your hands and you are seeing it as the creators made it, in their original time. >> reporter: and now this
4:55 pm
university of delaware research fellow is given his $10 million collection to the university. >> this is a great collection for anybody who's doing research in this area and it is making the university of delaware a destination for those scholars. >> reporter: for valentine's day it will be here for the public's to view. you like james joyce? here's here. >> first edition of dracula which is a signed copy. >> reporter: he has a state guest book signed by most of the world's writers. >> virginia wolf. >> reporter: and speaking of jm barry this books is special to generation of children. >> it includes of peter pan. >> reporter: from kidnap ling you can see versions of the classics you won't find on amazon and now they will forever call delaware home. >> i felt this was the absolute right home for the collection.
4:56 pm
>> so much history there. >> it's the gift that will keep on giving too. >> we're working on several stories for nbc10 news at five. >> keith jones and erin coleman. >> 12 victims. >> how thieves used one atm to pull off their crime and what their victims all have in common, the climbing cost of your prescription, the nbc10 news investigators uncover a tactic that may be keeping drug prices too high. that's coming up. all new on nbc10 news at five. >> and those winds still whipping around as we speak but they begin dying down overnight. we'll track that out and talk more about a very warm weekend. all of that coming up. >> plus the sun of jerry sandusky now accused of sexual abuse against children. the criminal complaint next at five. by peggy lee playing ]
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>> announcer: nbc10 news breaking news. >> the son of jerry sandusky under arrest. jeffrey sandusky is accused of sex crime against two children. >> new detail. let's go to investigative reporter. >> according to those court records they have been investigate jeffrey sandusky since november. that is when state police were told about the 41-year-old exchange sexually explicit text
5:00 pm
messages with a teenager. jeffrey sandusky is the adopted son of jerry sandusky. the court records say his son is adopted son jeffrey sexually assaulted one teen and they asked from naked pictures from that girl and another girl. sandusky faces 12 felonies for his activity with two separate children dating back to 2013. he is in the center county jail. he's been held on $200,000 cash bail. so far calls to his attorney have not been returned for comment. we're live in the breaking news center. >> we are also following breaking news out of montgomery county. a viewer sent us these pictures of a school bus crash with a van. the accident happened on lower state road in horsham. you can see the front of that van does have a lot of damage to it from a fire officials. at the hatboro horsham school
5:01 pm


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