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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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messages with a teenager. jeffrey sandusky is the adopted son of jerry sandusky. the court records say his son is adopted son jeffrey sexually assaulted one teen and they asked from naked pictures from that girl and another girl. sandusky faces 12 felonies for his activity with two separate children dating back to 2013. he is in the center county jail. he's been held on $200,000 cash bail. so far calls to his attorney have not been returned for comment. we're live in the breaking news center. >> we are also following breaking news out of montgomery county. a viewer sent us these pictures of a school bus crash with a van. the accident happened on lower state road in horsham. you can see the front of that van does have a lot of damage to it from a fire officials. at the hatboro horsham school districts, students were on the
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bus but no one was injured. >> mess left behind by today's windy weather. crews hard at work after several trees toppled over. this one in stafford township fell on power lines. there's still thousands of power outages in our area. take a look at this. the wind caused two townhomes under construction to collapse in warrington. this is a picture of the homes. luckily no one was hurt there but those powerful winds created problems all over the region. >> but it was those downed trees that caused the most problems today. it was a busy day for tree crews and a frustrating one for some car owners. >> i'm like, for real? why my car? >> his charger is likely totally loss. strong winds toppled a tree on
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cre sham road he's thankful it wasn't worse. >> my son could have been in there that day. >> all day we've seen it happen in norristown. crashing to the road. in elkins park a tree block part of new second street. plea mouth meeting cars forced to detour. >> in philadelphia's an dorrar section. >> i'm hoping i can get out of here in the next 45 minutes instead of being backed up wall to wall with detour. >> he had to wait after a tree slammed on top of a box truck bringing down power lines with it. that driver is okay but it shut down this below zero rode for good risen. >> the cop told him and ran into the tree. >> and the wind still going strong tonight. >> look for yourself the flags atap the aramark building. that wind making it feel much
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colder. krystal klei, what's instore for us tonight. >> the winds are starting to die down. you've got to deal with the windy conditions as we speak and at least for the next several hours. here's the current wind gusts that we're dealing with now. earlier this afternoon we had gusts above 50-mile-per-hour. this is an improvement but still windy. 50 in philadelphia, wilmington at 32. i can tell you around 11:00 a.m. we were up to the low 50s there. 31 mile per hour in coatesville and 30 for wildwood. we are starting to see these winds weaken and they will really start to drop off as we go overnight. now you see the difference here by 15 to 20 mile per hour gusts instead of 50 and above. into your tuesday morning, now we're looking at spots only around five to 15 miles an hour. things get a lot better as we go into tuesday, but we are feeling much colder than we truly are
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because of these winds. the whole day we've only felt like we were in the 20s to low 30s. we're at 27 the feels like in philadelphia. mt. holly at 28 and lancaster at 25. dover also feeling like 28 degrees. coming up we'll talking about the temperatures overnight tonight and we'll time out your valentine's day. if you want warmer air, we'll show you the weekend forecast that looks a lot better than these numbers. >> watch your money. a group of thieves is taking cash right from people's bank accounts and people still haven't figured out how. deanna durante is live in bucks county where they managed to steal tens of thousands of dollars, deanna. >> they have and for weeks police have been trying to identify these men. they believe five men struck at one bank using cloned atm cards. somehow getting access to the victim's personal information and emptying out accounts in the middle of the night. they don't even try to hide their faces. one by one police say these men
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showed up here at the first bank in the middle of the night. they may have been all together or maybe they took turns. sometimes they checked the account balance. if the card was rejected, lowering the amount until they got the money they want. >> taking out increments of two, or three until they got to $17,000. it wasn't until victims began noticing they were missing money they called police. 12 have come forward so far and all of them share very little in common. each had their atm cards and they've not given personal identification numbers out to anyone. >> the cards were compromised is that they're all getting some federal benefits. they come from pittsburgh, scranton and philadelphia. they all get social security checks and that's part of the investigation. police say a major factor is putting names to these faces. >> we don't know if these guys are local. >> we don't know where they're from. they're taking advantage of folks -- it's a lot of money
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$17,000 with a bunch of victims out there and i'm sure that's going to continue. >> reporter: police say they fear that the victim list will climb because they say some of the withdraws were very small amounts of money, cash that victims may not yet know is gone. so if you know who those guys are, you are asked to call police. reporting live in ben salem township, deanna durante, nbc10 news. >> tonight in philadelphia police are trying to figure out who knock the over ten headstones at a cemetery. it happened at the holey redeemer cemetery. they found the damage when they were walking by on sunday morning. they all got together and reset the stones themselves. none of them were damaged. >> tonight a final farewell for a community activist who is found shot to death inside her home. winnie harris was laid to rest this morning at the christ community church in western philadelphia. friends and family gathered to remember her life. the 65-year-old was the acting
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executive director of university city green if urban gardening nonprofit. there is a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >> a man is hospitalized after he was hit by a bullet that came through the window of a north philadelphia home. the victim was in his apartment on popular street watching tv when he was hit. police say someone opened fire from last night. several people in the apartment were arguing right before the shooting. the victim is in critical condition. >> new details on that van dix spree that forced half of the pennsylvania state capitol building to shut down. ryan stump got into the building yesterday morning got a fire extinguisher and started spraying it. officers chased him down and arrested him. investigators say four floors on the senate side were vandalized. he's now facing several charges
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including felony burglary and trespassing. >> the strouzberg area association has been on strike for a week. students returned to the classroom today. no word when contract talks will resume. >> septa is expanding his key card program starting today. riders can find kiosks for the key card along the broad street line, the market frankfurt line as well as major bus route. we found this key os being up and running this morning at the walnut low customer location. septa's reloadable key cards will eventually replace tokens, magnetic stripped passes and paper transfers. >> a wall of water is threatening hundreds of thousands of people in california. those people were evacuated. if a crews found a whole in part of this massive dam but now officials are hoping they've avoid the worst case scenario. plus put down that pill bottle. what doctors say you should try first if you're suffering from
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lower back pain. >> plus, the price of prescriptions. they can be a burden for many families. >> it was expensive, but you do what you do. you're vulnerable. >> but are companies keeping those prices too high. investigators uncover a practice that patients need to know about. coming up all new on nbc10 news at five. >> we've been telling you about this wind, the scene from sku l skyforce10. the owners were not hurt. we see damage like this across the area because of the high wind. we'll have an update on your most accurate neighborhood forecast next at five. >> new tt
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of your prescriptions. >> they were expensive, but you do what it takes. you're vulnerable. >> the nbc10 investigators uncover a tactic that may be keeping drug prices too high. >> these are real harmed that patients are suffering every single day. >> industry watch dogs call that tactic product hopping. >> it can be subtle changes in
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most of your common drugs. investigative reporter george spencer tells us what patients need to know about. >> he just started -- he was slipping. >> reporter: the memory loss in her husband bob started slowly as an athlete who suffered head injuries, he began forgetting the basics. within two years of the first symptoms, this entrepreneur who co-owns a senior care service in collingswood had become a caregiver herself. she was eager when doctors recommended the drug nemendia. >> i remember thinking i'll do whatever it takes. >> reporter: whatever it takes ended up costing between 3 and $400 a month out of pocket and even as generic drugs similar to nemendia came out wrights husband kept taking the name brand. >> in 2015 a new york appellate
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court found behind the scenes the makers of nemendia engaged in so-called product hopping, pushing families like wrights to keep paying those brand name prices longer than they had to. says the tactics started raising eyebrows in just the past five or six years. >> a price that goes up a lot gets a lot of attention. what we don't notice is what the price stays high and doesn't come high. stays high longer than it has to. >> the federal trade commission describes product hopping as a brand name company trying to obstruct generic competitors and preserve monopoly prices by making modest reformulations that offer little or no therapeutic advantages. those reformulations could be as minor as switching a twice a day drug into a single pill that you break in half. >> product hopping does not
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prevent a generic from making a drug. substituting a generic for a brand name because the two are not technically equivalent. >> you switched the form from capsule to tablet, if you switch the dosage by just a little bit no longer is it the same. >> so they can't be substituted. >> patent holder keep your ma nolly. >> and because you're region is a pharmaceutical hub, philadelphia's third circuit has become ground zero for testing the product hopping tactic in court. two of the five big cases were filed here way third files in delaware. >> you call this innovation. >> right. i call it innovation because i think that's what it is. george gordon has advised drug companies on this issue. he believes it's dangerous for judges not doctors to decide when a drug change is big enough as even small changes can make life much easier for a patient. >> i don't know what it means to
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say technically little or no benefit and who gets to make that decision. >> reporter: generics do compete. fda records show in 2015 about 15 new generic drugs were approved for every one brand name. >> the risk with overzealous enforcement and attack on what's been called product hopping is the fact you increase the cost of innovation. >> outline what they're going to give you. >> reporter: critics say the impact on wright and their patients is pronounced because their knowledge of drug options and pricing is limited. >> a lot of people don't know and i'm embarrassed to say i should've known. i should've done more research. >> wright is confidence many of her clients are in the same boat. for the investigators, george spencer nbc10 news. >> now watch dogs and drug company advocates alike say the single most important thing patients can do is speak to their doctor and pharmacist about generic options.
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the company which currently holds the amended drug patent never responded to our multiple requests for a comment. >> back pain sufferers listen up. new guidelines have been released for treatment options. the american college of physicians says medication should not be the first option for easing lower back pain. the new guidelines suggest therapies such as exercise, heat therapy, massage, acupuncture or spinal manipulation for treatment. >> one of the therapies we've been recommending have been reviewed and there's more evidence for what has been considered alternative therapy that should now be more part of the mainstream. >> experts say opioids should only be used as a last option when other methods have failed. >> if drug therapy is needed, certain over the counter medicines work better than others. all the details tonight on nbc10 nightly news. >> no plow operators are working overtime after a massive snowstorm brought much of the state of maine to a standstill.
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the national weather service says parts of the states could get as much as two feet of snow before the storm moves out to sea. >> here at home it was the wind everybody was talking about. you can really hear it in center city today. the tall buildings created a wind tunnel for people walking here at 19th and market streets and that wind will start to die down as we go through the night. >> let's see how that will effect your neighborhood forecast. krystal klei who's also tracking a bit of a warmup. >> temperatures will be better tomorrow and the winds will be lower which is a much better forecast. here's a live look outside the nbc10 studios. it's not a constant flapping around because the winds are already starting to die down as we speak. take a look. these are your current wind gusts. some areas like the philadelphia airport still up to 30-mile-per-hour gusts. you can tell because you go
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north areas like allentown not reporting gusts any more. we're at 31 in coatesville and wilmington in 32 so still windy out there but not nearly as windy as it was a few hours ago. temperatures were certainly effected today. we had that cool air that lingered and on top of that it felt even colder because of the winds. philadelphia neighborhoods we're at 39 degrees and 38 in center city. 38 as well at the airport. officially we hit a high of 42 degrees. and 38 degrees in parkwood. it's cold out there and it's going to continue dropping off overnight. the good news is the winds weaken overnight. you won't have to too as much worry about that wind chill. in parts of berks county. about the same. reading is one of the areas that saw the highest wind gusts report, 63 miles per hour earlier today. 33 near freezing in kutztown. 34 in allentown and right at
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freezing for walnutport 32 degrees. radar and satellite, not a lot to talk about in our area, no rain or snow. that's all well off to the northeast of us and we're seeing the winds as a result of that storm system that's just pummelling the rest of new england yesterday we saw the rain in the beginning of this system but it wasn't cold enough here for us to be talking any snow. our neighborhood temperatures for tomorrow our actually looking very good. 46 degrees in fairmount, this is only a little bit above average so it's a pretty typical february day. 44 in slankzville, lehigh valley to berks county, same deal in those low mid-40s. allentown is at 42. nice mix of clouds and sun out there. in new jersey robbin vilz 42, voorhees 47, mid-40s along the jersey shore and upper 40s for delaware. mix and cloud of suns as we move
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along through the day. for tomorrow, you're trying to get in maybe an early breakfast, 6:00 a.m., 30 degrees will be your temperature. chilly start to the day. we'll see some around noon, 39 degrees your temperature. we'll hit that high as you saw in the mid-40s forred in. and if you have dinner plans, we're still dry. the winds are lighter so ladies you can do up the hair. your ten day on ten. it's windy and then quite gusty through thursday with a little dip in your temperatures. we promised the warmer temps and there they are. saturday, sunday into the 60s, upper 50s through to next monday. >> thank you for that. now to breaking news we're following. this is a live look at skyforce10. a house fire in frankfurt section. it looks to be a firefighter there right in front of that home the 5,200 block of akron
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street and you can see at least one fire enjoint scene. at least one person is hurt. we'll keep our eye on this scene and keep you updated as we get more information. >> small business, big rewards. how one community could bring home half a million dollars just for helping its local stores. that's still ahead. all new at five.
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>> week four of president trump's presidency and another world leader visits the white house. president trump welcomed canadian prime minister. the two leaders reaffirmed the friendly relationship between the u.s. and canada. they also took part in a round table talk about women in the workplace with business leaders representing first countries. vaufrp was part of that as well. >> you need to make it easier for william to manage the demands of having both a job and a family. we also need to make it easier for women entrepreneurs to get access to capital. >> up next israeli leader benjamin netanyahu is slated to visit the white house on wednesday. >> nbc10 in old city for the abe ham lincoln parade.
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where a ceremony honored the country's 16th president, sunday, by the way, was lincoln's birthday. we want to tell you about an employee at a chick fee lay. >> he was a dining room host at the restaurant. he had such an impact on customers that they raised $1,800 for him and surprised him with a party. he was wearing a special shoe that was worn-out. she learned he had diabetes and couldn't afford to replace that special shoe. so kind of the community to come together then. >> yeah. >> parents of a philadelphia school are worried their children's education is being left to chance. >> next at five. the change that will effect dozens of kindergartners in one philadelphia neighborhood. >> plus we're getting a closer look at some of the wind damage across the region today. look at this. new details from the owner of this crushed car. that's next at five.
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>> together nbc10 responds coast to coast recovered $10 million for you. >> and we're not stopping there. >> got a problem, every e-mail, every call, we respond.
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>> take a look at conditions in sussex county delaware, the wind was kicking up flags in lewes. oh, my goodness. a lot of people will come home from work tonight looking for their trash cans because this was like a scene all over the
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area. this is ridge avenue. i know personally i had to run after my trash cans this morning. >> our first alert continues now with south jersey cydney long she is live in west deptford where one homeowner now without a car. not much left of it. >> reporter: and that's right. not just one but two cars. the owner of both of these cars and this home just pulled up from work this afternoon. he's catching his breath by the damage that occurred here. he has to scramble. his baby daughter inside in her carrier but he tells me he's also crushed by his other baby, this 2013 mustang that was totalled. his wife's suv also damaged by the tree that fell on top of both cars. he said it was his car alarm that alerted them to the damage before dawn. crushed a mustang total a second suv also bruised.
5:31 pm
mother nature did more than scratch the service, neighborhood david feels their pain. he believes the tree fell just before 7 this morning. >> i'm really heart broken for the guy and hope there's somebody here to support him when he gets home. >> the family not yet aware of the damage so it remains. the wind toppled tree also tor off some of the roof and siding. i think you really need to be careful. take precautions when you watch weather reports. >> reporter: from depford to medford. >> all my trees knocking into the house all night long. >> reporter: it was the kind of howling wind that your house siding might peel off. crews worked to remove this tree swept across the road safely out of harms way and off of power lines. >> in my car it sounded like the wind. i kept thinking the car just sounds so loud today. >> reporter: drivers like this say they took it slow with both hands on the wheel. >> we just came from red bank and the wind was blowing all
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over the place. >> reporter: in bell mother, recycle conditions blue around like beach balls so the nuisance of collecting trash may awake you when you get home. traffic signals barely hung on and street signs toppled over. >> everything was rattling. >> reporter: to make sure belongings don't get carried away or cause harm. >> we had to cover over our table and chairs and that was blown off. >> reporter: and neighbors initially told us they thought this family was out of town but the homeowner said he and i had to scramble to get to work together. both cars are insured and all of our checks today with fire police and emergency management we did not hear about anyone being seriously injured. when it's your baby like this mustang it still hurts. this property damage is also going to hurt in the pocketbook. we'll talk to him in just a few minutes. live in west deptford tonight,
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i'm cydney long. >> the wind was strong enough to pick up this tram poe lean, sent us this picture. the wind blew the tram poe lean and it had to clear a six foot fence to get there. >> wow. >> that wind caused a lot of problems today. >> let's get an update on your most accurate weather forecast. >> we're warning of these winds for several days ahead of time saying they're going to be strong and monday was going to be a bumpy one. here are the current wind gusts. they're a lot better than they were a few hours ago. we had gusts at some spots about 50 miles an hour. now at 32-mile-per-hour wind gust in wilmington and philadelphia at 37. millville now below 30-mile-per-hour gusts and the same for wildwood and coatesville at 28. areas like atlantic city, allentown, no longer reporting gusts. that shows that the winds are starting to weaken and they're
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going to continue to do so pretty rapidly as we go through the night. we're in the upper 30s currently in mt. holly, 37 in philadelphia. those are the actual temperatures. look at what it feels like outside because of those winds. coatesville feeling like 22. only 8 in mount pocono. that's the feels like temperatures. as we go through the next few hours, we continue to drop to 33 by 10:00 p.m., feels like 27 degrees. we'll get into more detail on your valentine's day and beyond coming up. >> here are some of the other stories we are following on nbc10 news. one of jerry sandusky's sons had been arrested on child sex abuse child. jeffrey sandusky faces 14 counts in all, this comes nearly five years after his father conviction of abusing ten boys. >> after a school bus crashed into a van, the accident
5:35 pm
happened on lower state road in horsham. you can see from these pictures that at one point the van was on fire. officials at the school tell us students were on the bus but no one was hurt. >> in bucks county police trying to figure out a a band of thieves made off with $17,000 from an atm in ben salem. investigators say the suspect used bank account information from people all over the state including philadelphia and scranton. police are trying to figure out if the suspects are even from our area. >> there's a story we're following out of california. water levels at the nation's tallest dam are now dropping. it's a good sign for the nearly 200,000 people who had to evacuate their homes. this after crews found a hole in the emergency spillway at the lake oroville dam about three hours north of san francisco. if that spillway spills it could send a 30 foot wall of water rushing into nearby communities. >> we thought we were okay, and
5:36 pm
then all of a sudden, bam, you need to leave. i'm concerned about getting out. >> this is the first time that the dam spillway has been used in the dam's nearly 50 year history. >> jennifer, right now it is a race against time to get these emergency fixes done because as you know more rain is expected in this area over the next few days. >> reporter: right. three to five inches near the end of the week so crews are taking this advantage of this clear weather to get some of the work done and it is like sandbagging in a grand level. they have these giant bags full of boulders, heavy equipment loading them up and helicopters dropping them into spillways that are damaged. not just the regular spillway but also the emergency spillway which isn't lined with concrete so it is a race against time and as soon as it starts raining again the problem will come up again even though now, those spillways are not being used the
5:37 pm
water level has dropped because of some of the emergency efforts they're making to get that water to go down stream. >> what's next for the people that had to evacuate? >> reporter: they have to just wait and see, because, you know, some of the officials today were saying just because it's clear skies and just because the imminent failure of this spillway and this dam hasn't happened, doesn't mean that it's perfectly safe. so until it's safe and until they can be sure that the spillways have been reinforced, they're not going to let anybody back home. that's a tough one. a lot of people had about an hour to get out last night when it looked like there was an imminent failure on their hands and they were just barely getting out with what they had on then, so it's been a difficult night for almost 200,000 people, difficult day and a few more ahead. >> all right. thanks for that.
5:38 pm
nbc nightly news will have more on the dam happening right now in california. >> it's not just flames putting firefighters at risk. take a look how the opioid epidemic has led to a new danger for firefighters. that's coming up all new at five. >> here's what we're working on for nbc10 news today. a villanova student is using his trip to america as inspiration. >> now he's working to help others in his situation. >> i've been in migrant shoes, i want them to be in my shoe. >> the step he's taking to other immigrants trying to call america home.
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>> here are the stories we're following, county by county today, in chester county two police departments that merged are getting some help from the state. the new garden and west grove police departments are getting $44,000 to help with start-up expenses. the two departments merged to form the southern chester county regional police department. >> in mercer county, trenton's mayor has made another appointment to the city school's school board. addy daniels lane has been a teacher for nearly 40 years. heather watson to the board.
5:42 pm
still one more vacancy to fill. >> celebrating students who are turning it around. nbc10 at the back on track student luncheon in camden where the city recognized the hard work of the 20 most improved high school students this year. in gloucester county a public hearing is now set to fund improvements on scotland run park in clayton. the hearing will be for about $50,000 which would fund half of the renovation work, some of the upgrades include new boating and fishing facilities at the park that are client with the americans with disabilities act. >> in bucks county tonight a final push for bristol borough to bring home half a million dollars. the town's in first place to win a national contest that helps revitalize small businesses. we want to wish them good luck. i want to ask you a question how much do you know about your local pet store?
5:43 pm
lawmakers say the trump administration to spot a puppy mill. >> and take a look at the current wind gusts right around 30 miles per hour now but that's a lot better than the reports we were seeing earlier and these winds continue to decline overnight. we'll talk more about what to expect for your tuesday and the details on the next round of windy weather, coming up.
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>> in delaware county violence crimes are on the rise in chester and now the mayor and law enforcement officials are planning to take action. the mayor and police held a news conference outlining their plans to fight crime. it includes doubling rewards for information on arrests and convictions. there were 26 murders in chester. this year there have already
5:46 pm
been seven. >> we hope that people find the level of compassion and empathy and help to bring justice for these families who are grieving the loss of loved ones. >> the mayor also promised to hire more police officers and detectives in the city after what he called an unprecedented number of resignations and departures from the police department. >> a judge in north jersey will not throw evidence against three people after they were arrested for weapons charges during what they call a rescue mission. two of those suspects are from our way. both from zion'sville were pulled over back on june 21st that's when police found a cache of weapons including long range guns. the police had probable cause to search their car. the suspects say they were on their way to save a teenage girl from a heroin den. >> the opioid crisis has led to
5:47 pm
a new danger for firefighters. now they're forced to dodge flames and drug needles. nbc ted greenberg gives ace closer look at this growing problem. >> reporter: when it caught fire early sunday morning, atlantic city firefighters found an additional danger inside this abandoned home and known drug den, needles, all over the floors. >> it's now becoming additional hazard in these vacancy structures that we have here in atlantic city. >> reporter: they just have to look outside to be reminded about the region's opioid epidemic. >> everybody that you see nine out of ten of them is on heroin. >> reporter: you can see what's been going on here, syringes littering the sidewalks. inside a building filled with smoke, they're not always easy to spot. >> seeing a little syringe on the floor is something you can easily overlook especially when you're crawling around.
5:48 pm
they can easily puncture through their gear or boots. >> one firefighter suffered minor burns in what's been labeled a suspicious fire. none got stuck by any needles this time. >> it's like the walking dead. i've never seen anything like it. >> reporter: the house and two abandoned homes on the block have been boarded up numerous times but drug users keep breaking in. >> it's pretty bad. >> reporter: all three are said to be demolished within a month. firefighters say they pose sharp risks and can't come down soon enough. >> we have an update now on breaking news. we have learned a woman was killed in this house fire that sky force ten was over in our last house fire. the fire started around 4:30 this afternoon. investigators are still trying to figure out a cause. >> well, for some incoming kindergartners in the queens village areas of philadelphia getting into a popular kindergarten will be the luck of
5:49 pm
the draw. the william and meredith school is now implementing a kindergarten lottery for spots next fall. that is leaving some parents with a lot of uncertainty. >> obviously every child in the academiment should be able to go to their neighborhood school first and foremost. >> the district says students can come back to meredith for first grade. the district is also working with the principal on ways to avoid overcrowding and come up with a long-term solution. >> it is been a windy one out there. wind gusts in many areas throughout the day time were in that 40 to 50 mile per hour rank. so we're starting to see the decrease. this is the future wind forecast, as we are seeing currently. we go through the next several hours and take a look by 8:00 p.m. really dropping off.
5:50 pm
19 mile per hour gusts in philly and 23 in wilmington. we go from 8:00 p.m. overnight into your tuesday morning and everything just drops off. so these winds are going to start weakening but they're still strong enough overnight to make it feel colder than it truly is. we've got 30s across the map right now. we zoom into parts of our pennsylvania suburbs, west bradford township, right at freezing now 32 but feeling more like mid-20s. exton at 34 degrees. and 35 for warrington. bedminster right at 34 as well. very chilly conditions out there. we did warmup a lot today as we saw the same yesterday. neighborhoods in the new jersey area, 35 for our washington township location. clayton at 36 and turnersville 37. mt. laurel you're at 36 degrees and we've got about the same as we track along further north in the mid-to upper 30s for
5:51 pm
princeton. radar satellite is clear. it's actually a pretty good forecast. you're seeing the center of that storm has been pounding the northeast with snow but just bringing us today the windier conditions. we will not have snow in the forecast and we don't have for your valentine's day either. 41 in philly. mid-40s were high. 39 will be the temperature at 7:00 at night and the sush burbs tomorrow and in the lehigh valley at 36. we will see the wind pick up just a tad in delaware. new jersey at 38 and we're also seeing those upper 30s along the jersey shore. as we track through the next several days that's when we're talking stronger winds, wednesday into thursday, we'll get to that with your ten daily on ten coming up. >> will you be my valentine? finer flowers in vineland. they're one of many flower shops
5:52 pm
around the area preparing for tomorrow's big day. they assembled more than a hundred red rose arrangements yesterday alone and the work is far from over especially for those procraft naturers tonight and tomorrow. >> a group of dogs is looking for love and new homes. >> how police rescued them from a dangerous situation. that's next all new at five.
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they're one of many flower shops >> how police rescued them fr> >>
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. >> welcome back. lester holt joins us now. >> he has a look at what's coming up on nbc nightly news. >> coming up the latest from the threat of a spillway collapse in the nation's tallest dam in the face of thousands forced to evacuate. a surgeon overdoses in the potentially lethal drug makes that may be behind it. and some important new guidelines to treat your aching lower back. it's all coming up when we see you on nbc nightly news. send it back to you now in philly. >> we'll see you at 6:30. one person is under arrest after the pennsylvania spca and police were called to the scene of a dog fight. >> this happened at a home on 6th and diamond streets. the pspca found one dead dog and eight others hurt after they broke up that fight. police were able to arrest one
5:56 pm
person but say others ran off when the officers showed off. we talked with spca officials and they say that they wished someone spoke up sooner. >> i mean, you can't think anything about anger and frustration at the situation. i mean, a beautiful dog lies dead and you just think to your self if only somebody had called sooner. >> the dogs recovered from that fight will be treated and rehabilitated at the pspca before they are put up for adoption. >> the plea to the president. he's calling on president trump's administration to restore annual reports after they removed from the u.s. department of agriculture's service website. senator menendez and 17 others are calling for that information to be put back on the site. it includes public inspection records and annual reports from research labs, senator menendez said the public is entitled to
5:57 pm
that information and it creates better transparency of animal cruelty laws. >> you can no longer see if a breeder has torched puppies and kittens. no one can tell if the dog or cat they're getting from the local pet store is abused. >> the review of the animal and plant health inspection service site is ongoing. nbc news at 6:00 is next. >> here's jim rows infield and jacqueline london. >> the fight happening in wilmington over prayer at one type of government meeting. shaming his way to a new contract. how a philadelphia teacher is calling out city officials in a way you might notice during your morning commute. >> our top story tonight, jerry sandusky's son now charged with child sex abuse. new information right now about the allegations that's next at
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> new sandusky scandal. the son of the disgraced penn state coach now charged himself with abusing children. >> whipping winds smash a tree into this home. we're finding the worst damage around our region. >> credit card attack. thieves still $17,000 in just one hour and now police are looking for more unsuspecting victims. >> nbc10 news starts now.
6:00 pm
>> right now at six, jerry sandusky sun arrested for child abuse. five years after the former penn state assistant coach was locked up, one of his adopted sons is now accused of victimizing two children. the nbc10 investigators uncovered new details about the allegations tonight. >> good evening i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. jeffrey sandusky is charged with sex assault and child pornography. mitch blacker who's been digging into the court documents. what have you learned? >> former penn state assistant injury sandusky was convicted on 40 accounts, today his adopted son faces 12 counts. according to court records, police began investigating jeffrey sandusky in november. that is when a teenagers father told the pennsylvania state police about sexually explicit text messages that were exchanged between


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