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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 14, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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others. right to meteorologist bill henley. >> it is cold. temperatures just dropped to the teens in the suburbs. 19 degrees right now. happened when the wind are light. that's what we have this morning. after windy day yesterday. the winds have died down. 19 in the suburbs. 29 degrees. ten degrees warmer in philadelphia. upper 20s in delaware. lehigh valley you can see some scattered clouds right now. 24 degrees and a few lights in the distance in new jersey and 27 degrees. out of here this afternoon. temperatures respond. upper 40s for new jersey and delaware. 45 in the lehigh valley and into the middle 40s for philadelphia and the suburbs. go through the forecast on this valentine's day. hour by hour when i come back in
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ten minutes. first, jessica boyington watching first alert traffic. starting off on the garden state parkway. that's exit 40. traffic still getting by the scene though. this is route 30 also in new jersey. right around the circle near the blue route is okay still. still pretty quiet on most of the major roads this morning. north and southbound. and 14 minutes in both directions right now from the schuylkill with speeds into the mid 60s. end here on woodhaven road. good drive here. roads empty around academy road. couple cars going in either direction. no big problems there. updates for you because they're coming as soon as the rush hour starts that coming up. breaking news overnight. president trump's national security adviser has resigned after less than a month on the job. michael flynn was the focus of
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growing concern about contacts with russia. he admitted to a conversation with the u.s. russian ambassador about relaxes sanctions. retired army general is now the acting national security adviser. you'll have more -- we'll have more on the possible short list to replace flynn coming up at 6:30. two newly approved cabinet members. >> despite objection, senate confirmed president trump's pick for treasury secretary. nuch mnuchin mnuchin. approaching doctor david shulkin by unanimous vote. police were called to park side avenue around 1:30 this morning. investigator say the women stabbed each other. both are expected to survive.
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>> son of disgraced penn state football coach is facing a sex abuse scandal of his own this morning. jeffrey sandusky charged with sexually assaulting two underage girls. pamela osborne with the developments. >> reporter: charged with 14 counts after a state police investigation. he was arrested by police and suspended from his job. according to investigator, last year jeffrey sandusky solicited naekd photos from a then 16-year-old girl. in 2013 he asked the girl's sister who was 15 years old at the time to perform a sex act. the father of the girls turned the text messages over to investigator in november. one of the victims told police he kept pressuring her and told her multiple times not to show anyone the text messages. the don mattinglied son of jerry
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sandusky. as you know currently serving time in prison for sexually abusing ten boys. jeffrey has never made any public allegations against jerry, but one of his adopted siblings has said he was abused. we talked to a child sex psychologist who said survivors guilt could be a factor here. >> sometimes there could be something called survivors guilt. where maybe nothing particularly happened to that person, but it happened to their siblings and that guilt can also impact how they lead their lives. seeing how it might have dro destroyed a sister or brother. it can make them make choices that are not healthy for them. >> attorney declined to comment on the allegations. jailed and $200,000 bail. pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. thank you. a man philadelphia police say grabbed a septa officer against her will is facing
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charges. arrested the man yesterday. the officer was not hurt. new this morning, three former fire officials will be spending weekend in prison after plea deal. the former president of the volunteer fire company along with her boyfriend and her daughter pleaded no contest to theft and conspiracy charges. betty and lauren cellini and gary bryce are ordered to pay restitution. they will spend 15 consecutive weekends at the county prison then be on probation for three years. 6:05. more people coming forward to report hate flyers appearing in communities. someone in morristown alerted police after story aired over the weekend. people found these letters. at first it looks like a valentine's note with hearts, but a closer look reveals messages asking people to join the ku klux klan. police are asking anyone who finds anymore of these flyers to call them. today, family and friends
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will say good-bye to a teenager killed in a hit and run. 18-year-old died last week after she was hit by a car leaving the palmer park mall in the lehigh valley. loved hair and makeup. aspiring kos molltologist. police are looking for the driver who hit her. >> delaware county the end of the line for a new pro new pro natural gas pine line. 300 miles from washington county to refinery in marcus hook. provide four times the capacity of existing pipeline.
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speeds in the high 50s there. no major problems. eastbound here. westbound right here moving towards king of prussia. pretty much the same drive time there as well. no big delays on the schuylkill. crash on the garden state parkway on the northbound side. over into the shoulder. right around the white horse pike. exit 40 watching accident scene. traffic still is moving by on the parkway for right now. now, we still have fallen cables and downed branches and from the actually the wind that occurred yesterday morning. this one is on abington. blocked between mill road just around washington lane still. mass transit all running on time here. no major delays for septa, patco, new jersey transit and amtr amtrak. no problems or delays right now. most of the jersey majors look like. everything still pretty quiet for this early tuesday morning.
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just around the 6:00 hour. keep our eye on that for you. i'll be back in ten minutes with more updates. all right. 6:08. let's take you to the poconos. give you a look at camelback ski resort. look at that. >> i bet it's great skeeg over the weekend. >> absolutely gorgeous. iing ov the weekend. >> absolutely gorgeous. fresh powder. freshman made powder. 21 degrees right now in the mountains k. clear skies over the night. fire area in the 20s this morning. the readings have fallen overnight. the wind nowhere near as strong as yesterday. above building level as you can see by this live view from center city. just a little bit of a breeze. coming out of the northwest. that's a cooling direction for us, but that's going the be
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changing as the day goes on. we will see that become more southwesterly and though the winds will be light, just enough of a breeze to help where the warmup during the day today. view from cape may. you can see a few scattered clouds there getting closer to sunrise. 6:09 and 20s for inland areas, but right now, in the very low 30s. right now in the lehigh valley, 24 degrees. the suburbs 25. delaware 27. definitely colder than yesterday, but without the wind it feels about the same as yesterday. look at south jersey. 23 degrees. some neighbors have come down in the low 20s. clayton at 25. just dropped another degree in princeton at 20 degrees. there are clouds moving in. was clear overnight. now getting clouds moving into wilmington, philadelphia, horsham, trenton just on the edge. these clouds are going to filter sunshine this morning. we'll get sunshine coming through the clouds.
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we will not get any of this. look at the wet weather that's to the south. that is snow in southern ohio and west virginia and virginia. that snow misses us. the clouds getting that from the same system. clouds will thin out this afternoon. neighborhood planner for today. 34 degrees in philadelphia. that's at 9:00. by noontime and early this afternoon in the very low 40s. 43 degrees with more sunshine late in the day. suburbs clouds rolling through this morning. temperatures still climbing. by 1:00 see sunshine and continue right on through the afternoon. wind stay light in the lehigh valley. clouds this morning will be heading out by early afternoon. and bright sunshine later this afternoon. 40 creadegrees. pretty good looking valentine's day. clouds will linger. and then the temperatures will stay in the 40s with sunshine in the afternoon. new jersey 32 degrees at 9:00. right up to 40s at 1:00 in the afternoon. low 40s for inland areas and at the shore as well.
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if that's not warm enough for you, maybe you like the weekend forecast. got that when i'm back if ten minutes. >> all right. thank you, bill. 11 minutes past six. grammy spotlight to philadelphia stage. rampage at the capital. the relationship drama that may have fueled a destructive vandalism spree in harrisburg. coming up, how a pair of shoes can tell a story of immigration, persistence and the american dream.
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hardship into a helping hand for others.
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from where he came to where he is now, thousands of miles and years of immigration court. this young man says his fight is just beginning. sat down a third year law student at villa nova university. how he got to this point is really nothing short of amazing to colleagues and professors. 13 years ago, louis fled on d r honduras because he was being chased by gangs. the fourth time hid in a cargo train and made i representt acr border. he was able to stay with a family in scranton. five and a half years later, finally became a u.s. citizen. and got into villa nova where he now wants to help and save other migrants in his shoes.
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made a much better life for themselves and for everybody else around them. >> an inspirational story there. his first goal is to graduate law school then pass the bar and then he has to get to work. live this morning, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> all right. matt. thank you. 16 minutes past 6:00 a.m. are you looking for a sweet ride this valentine's day. >> you might want to catch a ride on the route 10 septa trolly. decorating tollies for more than 20 years. way to pass on peace and happiness to his passengers. let's find out how sweet your ride to work is whether you're taking mass transit or driving. check with jessica boyington. we actually just had some
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accident scenes occurring in the camera just within a couple of minutes. moving towards center city. on the westbound side here. right around the ben franklin parkway. westbound side. traffic moving towards the schuylkill expressway area. over into the right hand shoulder for right now. see that westbound traffic still getting by. blocking part of the right hand shoulder and part of the next lane over. you can see traffic a little slow by the scene. we'll watch for backup moving towards and through center city right now. again, that's the westbound side. traffic that's moving away from 95 and moving towards the schuylkill expressway. there's also a disabled vehicle reported out in upper pottsgrove. route 100 northbound. egg harbor township in jersey, crash on the parkway headed northbound around the white horse part-tiike. traffic still getting by is scene on northbound side. also watching wind damage from yesterday.
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fallen cables on susquehanna road. check back in with vine street expressway when i come back. updated on the forecast for today. first alert meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. been talking about the clouds moving into the area. getting closer to sunrise. see the clouds. live view of the sky from here at nbc 10 studios. clouds will be moving through. see thin spots. still get sunshine this morning, but it's going to be a mostly cloudy start today. and cold too. 20s for the lehigh valley, the sburks. delaware 27. south jersey and colder neighbors in philadelphia too. andorra at 24. park side. 23 right now in somerton and low 30s just blow freezing for center city and society hill. that's where we're starting on this valentine's day. see the clouds rolling in on the radar and the satellite imagery. no sign of any wet weather for
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us. the wind have died down this morning as the blizzard in the northeast as pulled away from new england. this rain and snow is not coming our way. it's going to miss us. see the snow is getting fairly close in west virginia and virginia close enough to send the clouds into the area this morning. the snow stays to the south and eventually the clouds moving to the south. see the clearing that's taking place in north western pennsylvania. that's going to be happening for us later this morning 67. the forecast calling for sunshine this afternoon. warm temperatures into the 40s. beginning of a trend. have us in upper 40s on wednesday. cooler weather for thursday and friday before we get the real warmup this weekend temperatures sore saturday and sunday. through it all, looks like it's going to be staying dry. valentine's day, 46 degrees. see the clouds this morning. filtered sunshine to start with. we will warm into the 40s this afternoon. and the clouds will break during the afternoon hours. gusty wind are back tomorrow. 48 degrees with a high temperature in the 40s again
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thursday and friday. dry weather heading into the weekend. and there is your weekend warmup. talk about timing. 60 degrees on saturday. 63 on sunday. still nice and mild on monday. turns cooler for tuesday and wednesday. tuesday will be dry. chance of rain showers here later wednesday and into thursday. 6:20. shoe sellout. next the discount retailer that could be closing hundreds of stores. getting the show on the road. what's happening today to speed up the reality of self-driving cars. later, valentine's day date ahead for the new jersey governor in our nation's capital.
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philadelphia can't get enough lady gaga. the pop diva is adding second philly show to world tour.
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first somehow is already sold out. tickets for september 11 sale go on sale friday morning. metallica is also coming back to philadelphia. presale tickets go on sale today for the concert may 12. metallica just performed sunday night at the gammy's. didn't let a mic problem error stop them. the mummers take over again this weekend. yesterday we learned 16 string bands participate in mummers mardi gras parade. that's how things looked and sounded at last year's mummers parade. this year the parade will start at 11:00 a.m. and strut down main street. new this morning, shoe store in talks to close 1,000 stores nationwide. may also file for bankruptcy as it wrestles with $600 million of
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debt. payless has dozens of stores across the tri-state area. happening today a push to get self-driving cars on the road more quickly. hear from executives at general motors, volvo, toyota, lyft. expected to ask for current safety rules to be relaxed in order to develop the technology fa faster. good morning. jessica boyington watching the roads and right now watching a problem. moving through center city this is the vine street expressway. cameras right around the ben franklin parkway. crash on the right-hand shoulder. taking out lanes and causing disruption on the westbound side. have updates at 6:30. for now let's get a check on the valentine's day forecast. wind has died down. that's going to help. few clouds. that's a live view from the hotel. 29 degrees. 6:25.
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neighborhood forecast just ahead. 6:25. stepping down, a top philadelphia leader that's resigning as his boss faces an ethics investigation. last chance for love. chapter that ends today for one of philadelphia's most iconic images.
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breaking overnight. handing in resignation. search for answers about the deadly inmate takeover. new problem emerges from inside the prison wall. lovers quarrel that may have fuelled a man's vandalism spree in harrisburg. good morning. this valentine's day. >> 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. he has the most accurate first
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alert neighborhood forecast in town. >> cold start, but we will see sunshine today. after clouds roll through this morning, 23 right now in the suburbs. the wind is calm after that windy day yesterday. 20s for philadelphia in the lehigh valley and you can see, skies are starting to brighten over new jersey. 27 degrees right now. for delaware, there are some clouds moving through. no sign of any wet weather with these clouds. the clouds will thin out as we go into the afternoon hours. going to be mostly cloudy at 39 degrees at 11:00. see a warmup in spite of the clouds. new jersey 47 degrees with mostly sunny skies this afternoon. at the shore, partly sunny skies this morning. the clouds will linger into the midmorning hours for the lehigh valley. sunshine this afternoon and mostly sunny, 48 degrees. after the clouds this morning in delaware. break it down hour by hour when i'm back the ten minutes. first, jessica boyington, watching your first alert traffic. >> thanks, starting on the vine street expressway this morning. we still have some delays
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because of a crash on the westbound side. just around the ben franklin parkway. you can see the crash right underneath the overpass. causing westbound delays. traffic trying to get past the scene. coming to a complete stop. westbound side. moving towards the schuylkill. we are going to see backup there moving past the scene. look at the eastbound side moving towards 95. no big problems or delays there or at least because of that. out in horsham. crash on west county line road around cull p road. and disabled vehicle in. egg harbor township watch for clearing of crash. northbound right around whies horse pike. traffic still getting by for now. now to breaking news from overnight. the trump administration has suffered first major shakeup. michael flynn has resigned as national security adviser amid controversy with a phone call
6:32 am
with russia. following the story in breaking nud news center. >> reporter: that's right. hearing three names thrown around as to what may become the country's new national security adviser. here's what happened. late last night michael flynn resigned. comes on the heels of the justice department telling the white house that flynn could be subject to blackmail. speculation swirling that flynn told the russian ambassador to the u.s. that sanctions imposed by president obama late last year would be relaxed when president trump got in office. flynn denied having that conversation. vice president pence even went on his defense. no flynn says he's not 100% sure what le discussed during the call and apologized in resignation letter saying in part i inadvertently briefed vice president elect and others with incomplete information regarding my phone call with the russian ambassador. now retired army general keith
6:33 am
kellogg has replaced flynn for the time being. also on the short list is former cia director. it's 6:33. happening today new jersey governor chris christie has a lunch date with president trump at the white house. >> some are wondering if it would be more than that. christie's visit follows reports that the president is unhappy with members of senior staff. governor said don't read too much into the timing. no idea what topics will be discussed at lunch tied. >> it would not surprise me at all to spend an hour with him socializing. talking about families and life in general. if he wants to talk about certain business and get my input, he's never been shy to ask. if he asks, i'll here are
6:34 am
stories making headlines we're following for you this morning. the adopted son of convicted former coach sandusky is in jail facing child abuse sex charges. philadelphia district attorney seth williams no longer has top prosecutor. announced his resignation yesterday just days after williams said he won't run for resignation. looking into gifts williams received, but did not report. speculation he could run for da. >> developing now in california, 200,000 people remain out of their homes as repairs are made to a damaged dam. helicopters are droming giant bags filled with rocks into a hole in the lake oroville dam. now to new details about a deadly fire in frankford neighborhood. faulty heater is being blamed for the fire that killed a woman. she was bedridden and couldn't escape her room.
6:35 am
other family members were able to make it out safely. lockdown remains in place at the correctional center. since then, more than a dozen officers have quit, given notice or simply retired. lieutenant steven floyd killed during the standoff was buried on saturday. family of prisoners fear loved ones are being mistreated. state correction officials deny those allegations. 6:35. tuesday morning. take you state by state and county by county for a look at the stories from across your area. >> state capital in harrisburg will be back open today after a vandal caused more than $10,000 of damage. he faces a list of charges. reports say that he had an argument with the girlfriend before the break in. launching what they call a
6:36 am
citywide spiritual state of emergency. city will add extra patrols in high crime neighborhoods. also upping the reward to information that leads to convictions in the murders of irk williams and others. williams was gunned down in that city last year. now to gloucester county. improvement plans for the park in clawton. county will hold a hearing to talk about spending 50,000 on the renovation work. upgrades include new boating and fishing for a minutes for the disabled. expand horsham breeze bus route by splitting it in two. riders have a choice of red line and blue line. two separate smaller routes help get more riders to where they're going faster. 6:36. let's check on the weather for valentine's day. >> bill henley has the most accurate forecast for neighborhood. >> heading out right now see the clouds that have been rolling into the area this morning.
6:37 am
the clouds won't last all day. we've got a cold winter morning back into the 20s. we won't have this morning or afternoon is much in the way of wind. strong wind has finally died down. skies will be become sunny after the clouds move through this morning. leading to moonlit skies for valentine's day. heading out now, see the clouds inching in in the area. nothing is falling from the clouds. don't expect to see any rain or snow nothing like that today. 29 degrees right now in philadelphia. just a six mile an hour breeze with winds at 3-mile-an-hour. 39 degrees at noontime and bright sunshine takes over this afternoon. that's when temperatures warm into the 40s. the suburbs 27 degrees right now. cold morning, but in spite of clouds, temperatures will be near 40 degrees at lunchtime. southwesterly winds will help push the temperatures up. nine-mile-an-hour wind at 2:00 this afternoon.
6:38 am
42 degrees. lehigh valley, the clouds will move through and sunshine will be in full display at lunchtime. 40s for 2:00. new jersey a lot of temperatures in the 20s this morning. many neighbors have seen that cold air take hold. then warming through the 30s and into the 40s with more and more sunshine. 2:00 this afternoon. see mostly cloudy skies. some sunshine. enough to warm from 27 degrees to 37. and delaware, will be dry. you'll see those clouds roll through the morning and into the early afternoon hours. the temperatures climb with winds to 12 miles an hour. out of the southwest at 2:00 this afternoon. 40s today. talking 60s for the weekend. ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> never too early to start thinking about the weekend.
6:39 am
let's get a look at traffic. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. some updates. good updates. vine street expressway and cameras around the ben franklin parkway zoomed back out. they zoomed out because they watched it clear on the exit ramp. that's all better right now. back to normal on the schuylkill. no problems at least for now. there's still susquehanna road. blocked right now between mill road and washington lane. we're also watching a few other things. crash in horsham on west county road. disabled vehicle in upper pottsgrove. just around the ramp from farmington avenue. 6:39. a little girl's death at the hand of a hit and run driver is
6:40 am
sparking change in philadelphia. up next, plan to catch hit and run drivers and prevent deadly crashes before that happen. also, show me the money. woman called nbc 10 responds on a refund she was promised never came. watch harry hairston in action. up next.
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happening today, efforts begin to create an alert system for hit and run investigations. j alerts would send out information about hit and run vehicle descriptions similar to what police do during amber alerts. the alert system is named after
6:44 am
8-year-old struck and killed by a hit and run driver last year walking home from school. now to nbc 10 responds. a woman pays to attend a real estate seminar. hoping to improve her skills. >> when it didn't work out. she ran into problems getting her money back. she contacted hairy hairston and nbc 10 responds. >> reporter: carly greg loves playing with her dog, la la, teaches her new tricks. in november, 2014, she says she thought she might learn a thing or two at a real estate seminar. >> i love real estate. >> so she paid $14.149$1,497 to the seminar. wasn't impressed with the first day. i said, you know what, i don't think i like this. i think i'm going to change my mind. i want my money back.
6:45 am
>> the contract says she could cancel within writing in three business days and a refund would arrive within ten business days. greg says she called within one business day to cancel. >> i talked to a young lady. she said she was going to send me back my money and she never did. >> greg says for more than two years t company never responded to her calls or the written requests she sent two weeks after her first call. so she contacted nbc 10 responds. >> la la is the one who told me to call you guys. la la said, mommy. call nbc 10. >> we contacted the company. it tells us it does accept phone cancellations within three day window, but has no record of her calling until two weeks later, but it issued greg a full respond. >> i had to call nbc 10 responds. that's you harry. that's right. can i give you a hug. according to federal trade commission, you have three days to back out of a deal.
6:46 am
make sure you do it in writing. company has to refund you within ten days. also tell us it takes customer service seriously and upgraded the system multiple times since 2013. if you have a problem, best way to reach us is on the screen. we will respond to you. happy valentine's day. consider this your last chance nor love in center city. >> here's why. tomorrow iconic love sculpture will be moved from temporary home. cleaned and we painted. by the way, to mark valentine's day, people who visit the sculpture can expect music and free roses. how about that. >> just a few minutes before the start of the "today" show coming up at 7:00 this morning. matt lauer and chanel jones standing by in new york. >> coming up, michael flynn's abrupt resignation as security
6:47 am
adviser. less than a month into the new administration. how big of a disruption is this for the white house. going to have the latest kellyanne conway will join us live. dramatic demonstration of the potential dangers that space heaters are pose to your family. the right way you should be using them. top monday's surprise marry me proposal. it is valentine's day. we have lined up not one, but two special surprises when we see you here on a tuesday morning. >> yesterday's was pretty good. >> can hardly wait. right. all right. see you in about 12 minutes. >> all right. thanks. meanwhile, let's get a look at the skyline. how about that. sun coming up a little bit here. background there. city skyline looks beautiful. >> that's the way to start the day. find out what's to come.
6:48 am
first alert meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast for the neighborhood. skies brightening. see the clouds have started to move into the area. going to be around this morning and going to be out of here this afternoon. that's a live view from philadelphia. fewer clouds in spring city. nice start to the morning. cold in spring city. margate mostly clear skies. few scattered clouds. clouds will be increasing at the shore. temples will also be increasing, but right now it is cold outside. 23 in south jersey. philadelphia is 29. also in the upper 20s in delaware. lehigh valley is 24 degrees. and the suburbs 25 degrees right now with some neighborhoods right in the low 20s. westchester is 23. collegeville is 22 degrees. also 22 in el roy. a cold morning, yes. we will get sunshine after these first clouds move through the area. it's going to be a mostly cloudy wait at the bus stop this morning. and cold too. 20s for allentown. quakertown, redding at 26
6:49 am
degrees. clouds thin out this afternoon. started moving in first thing this morning. coming from a system that's unrelated to the blizzard that was in new england yesterday. blizzard out of the picture. winds have finally died down. getting the clouds from this line of showers. snow in the ohio valley. reaches down into deep south into texas. that's rain. and it's all going to miss us, but not the clouds. they'll be in the area this morning. and out of here this afternoon. so we'll get sunshine. skies become sunny on valentine's day. 46 in center city. 44 in doilston. clouds thin out during the afternoon showers. delaware to 47 in smyrna. 48 degrees in wilmington. ten day on ten has warmer temperatures once we get past the workweek. for today, 46 degrees up to 48
6:50 am
tomorrow. tomorrow will likely the wind kicks back into the area. won't be as strong as yesterday, but you'll feel the difference tomorrow. sunshine on thursday. cools down 20s in the morning. 40s in the afternoon. another cool day on friday. look at the warmup for the weekend. saturday 60s. 63 on sunday. looks like it's going to stay nice and mild on monday. turns colder on tuesday. tuesday will be dry. only chance of showers on this ten day on ten comes in later wednesday and into thursday. thanks bill. ten before seven. get you to work. watching volume pick up as i peek over there. >> looks like 422. starting to see some delays that are typical for the morning time around trooper road. backed up here. that's backing up because of the eastbound delay moving towards the schuylkill.
6:51 am
slow go there. crash out this horsham on west county line road. right around cull p road. schuylkill starting to show normal slow spots for this time. eastbound from the blue route headed to vine street expressway. average speeds in the 30s there as well. over in gloucester city. cameras around market street. here is the northbound side. see a little bit of bright liaks ahead. no big problems or delays here. we'll have more updates for you in a little more than five minutes when i come back. starting today, you can see a one of a kind art and literature display worth tens of millions of dollars. all part of a very generous donation. university of delaware will put new gift on display at the campus library. famous works include first editions and signed copies. largest donation in the school
6:52 am
history. come customer si of mark samuels. blind university research fellow with a passion for reading. >> a book is a small object that's very portable. and i can look at books and really love them. >> samuels now hopes the generations of delaware students will also love them and learn from them as he has. next, run down this morning's headlines and stories will be following for you throughout the day. includes breaking news in washington where president trump is waking up to shakeup in his administration. ♪
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all eyes in washington. michael flynn was on the job less than a month and quit over concerns about contacts with russia. >> new jersey governor chris christie has a lunch date with president trump at the white house today. reports say the president is unhappy with members of his senior staff. the governor who campaigned with mr. trump says he has no idea what topics will be discussed other lunch. former penn state coach jer resandusky in jail. yesterday came four years after a jury convicted his father, jerry sandusky is a scandal. criminal complaint dating back to 2013 says jeff sandusky texted the girls asking for sex and nude photos. four minutes before 7:00. philadelphia district attorney seth williams no longer has top prosecutor. just days after williams says he won't run for re-election, el sha becauel-shabazz
6:57 am
el-shabazz. around the clock repairs continue to a damaged dam in northern california. helicopters dropping giant bags filled with rock into a hole in lake oroville dam. nearly 200,000 people remain out of their homes while the dam is being fixed. a wall of water. happening today, who will lead an independent review of the deadly prison standoff in smyr smyrna. since the standoff. more than a dozen officers have quit, given notice or retired. lieutenant steven floyd killed during the standoff. deny allegations of families of prisoners who fear loved ones are being mistreated. good morning, mpb. jessica boyington with a check
6:58 am
on the roads. starting to see pretty big delays on 95. pretty typical. right around cottman avenue. on the southbound side right here is where we're watching. see it's a slow go up ahead. 22 minutes. not bad. adding about ten minutes to morning drive right now. southbound from woodhaven road to vine and speeds are down into the 30s here. now they're falling power cables out in abington. now block between mill road and right around washington lane. here's the admiral wilson boulevard. moving through camden right here is the ben franklin bridge toll plaza. no problems or delays getting up and over the bridge. still really light volume moving through there. watch for the clearing of the crash. right around cull p road. just before 7:00. skies are brightening. see the clouds that are over camelback mountain. cold start this morning. making snow all morning long. the snow making will likely get turned off as the temperatures climb in the mountains and the rest of the area see a warmup.
6:59 am
even though clouds are moving through easton. clouds thin out later this morning and afternoon and easton and clear the rest of the area during the day today, but first, we have the doo deal with the c 20s. now 31 degrees in philadelphia. that know is safe this morning. clouds thin out this afternoon. 45 degrees. mostly sunny skies late in the afternoon for the lehigh valley. partly sunny in delaware. 48. high of 46 in philadelphia. suburbs warm up to 44 degrees. for new jersey, 47 even at the shore. see some sunshine. the clouds clear out later in the day. warm into the middle 40s in the afternoon. and then, dry this evening with moonlit skies. for valentine's day. hey, don't forget if you're on the go, always get first alert forecast on 101.1 more fm.
7:00 am
>> all right. happy valentine's everyone. local updates throughout the morning and always get realtime news and weather on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. today show starts now. good morning. breaking overnight, michael flynn resigns as president trump's national security advisor, admitting he misled the administration abhis contacts with a russian diplomat. a top democrat now aing if that phone call was a case of flynn freelancing or was he taking direction from the president? this morning, white house counselor kellyanne conway is with us live. race against time. crews desperately working to repair that damaged dam in northern california as a powerful new storm approaches. the evacuation order still in effect for nearly 200,000 people. were warning signs


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