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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 15, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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6:00 a.m. wednesday morning. nbc 10 today. i'm tracey davidson. get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. chilly, but not likely to get much colder. we've got clouds that have moved into the area. they're coming off some rain showers in southern delaware and now cape may. seeing light rain. not going to spread inland and not going to last through the afternoon. right now, lehigh valley dry and 26 degrees. 29 in delaware and 33 in philadelphia. we will see breaks of sunshine. 50 degrees for philadelphia. the winds kick in this afternoon for the suburbs. and the lehigh valley a slight chance of isolated shower in those areas. and the showers, well, they'll be here this morning at the shore. you can see cape may is a bit damp to start with. this afternoon, cloudy and dry and 50 degrees at the shore.
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go through it hour by hour with the latest future cast. show you what showers move in and when they'll move out of your neighborhood. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. right and bill watching the schuylkill right now on the camera right around belmont avenue. have a disabled tractor trailer on the right hand shoulder. you can see that blocking the shoulder there. not blocking any of the lanes right now. traffic moving towards center city is still doing okay. westbound side looks good as well. crash on ridge pike. watching this. it should be clearing soon. down poll in galloway township. middle township a down pole and accident investigation from an earlier crash.
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"new york times" broke a story last night citing four current and former u.s. officials all of whom say the trump campaign had repeated contact with russian intelligence. this was around the time authorities were investigating whether russia was responsible for hacking the democratic committee. one of the people mentioned as taking part in conversations was former trump chairman paul manafort. denied having conversations with any russian intelligence. this all comes after national security advisor michael flynn resigned yesterday. >> the trump administration said it was because flynn misled the vice president about those calls. nbc news reports the president was informed by the justice department on january 26 that flynn wasn't truth. . vice president pence wasn't told until 15 days later. by then the vice president had gone on tv to defend flynn.
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>> we got to a point not based on a legal issue, but based on a trust issue with a level of trust between the president and general flynn had eroded to the point where he felt like he needed to make a change. >> thorough review of his actions and recorded phone calls found nothing illegal. >> tweeted about flynn's resignation. wrote the real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of washington. will these leaks be happening as i deal with north korea, et cetera mpk cetera. local politician calling for investigation. ethics and kellyanne conway. >> only our cameras where there as immigration agents walked a man in shackles into headquarters last night. prompt add protest. nbc 10 pamela osborne outside ice head quarters in center city this morning with more on that. pam, what can you tell us. >> vai, at this point, we're still waiting for answers from ice as to why these two
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individuals were taken into custody. as that was happening, a group of pro-immigration protesters demonstrators, supporters really alerted to what was going on showed up here to show their support. >> these are members of the new sanction ware movement, the group has been around for almost ten years during the obama administration. they had 65 members. now that president trump is in office, they are 1,000 members throughout the city strong. alert people to ice activity and in the event of something like this, they show up and show support. >> executive director of this group says it was a phone call he got last night that sparked this response. and we did have some sound
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there. unfortunately we're unl able to play it for you. we want to show you the next piece of video. the two detainees as they showed up at headquarters. not long after a woman arrived in handcuffs as well. we reached out to ice. spokesperson did say ice is currently determining how to best implement policies and guidance to carry out executive order. mayor jim kenny tweeted out a photo. saying philly welcomes everyone with love. working to -- spokesperson here with ice telling us this is not an uptick. and that yesterday's activities were business as usual. reporting live, pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. 6:05. 33 degrees out. new from overnight, philadelphia
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police investigating a shooting outside a gentleman's club. witnesses say a man fired 15 shots a the a group of people as they were leaving the club. no evidence that any of those people were shot police are searching for the shooter. police are still trying to find a man who kidnapped and rob add woman. authorities say on monday night a woman was getting out of her car at top of hill apartment complex when a masked man point add gun at her and shoved her into an suv. they then drove to a nearby atm and man forced her withdraw money. the robber also punched the victim before letting her go. >> now to delaware county where video of an attack on a septa office getting a lot of attention on social media. new body camera footage of moments before the incident happened. suspect grabbed the female officer and forcibly kissed her while she was on patrol at the 69th street transportation center. officer was not injured. man is facing several charges including assault and
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harassment. two retired judges now investigating the hostage situation at the correctional center in smyrna. look at exactly what happened earlier this month. lieutenant steven floyd was killed in the uprising. judges will make recommendations about how to prevent future incidents. local church leaders would still like to have a federal review into what happened. 6:07. still tadark out. about an hour before sunrise. give you a live look at broad street facing city hall from our kimmel city campus camera. nice and calm out there right no. >> find out what's to come with meteorologist bill henley. he has most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> clouds over the city. rain that's falling in cape may. this has changed since we went on the air 4:30 this morning. started off dry in cape may. coming off of showers that are moving through delaware as well. just dry and cloudy.
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further to the south, see rain in delaware and into maryland. just streaming. barely getting into cape may county. little bit of rain this morning. afternoon this wind will kick in and that may produce a few showers for other areas. here's your hour by hour wind gusts. pretty quiet at 9:00. most of the morning winds will be quite. get stronger at noontime. watch what happens between noon and 3:30 morning. goes from 6 miles an hour to 16 miles an hour. stronger gusts for allentown and pottstown. into new jersey too. those will be north westerly wind. those tap in to another area of moisture i'm watching. this morning, only rain at the shore. that is rain for southern delaware and into cape may and atlantic city. doesn't move inland. it's the clouds that have stretched inland. now further north and west go into the afternoon, see some clouds. they'll start blowing through the area during the afternoon hours. there's a chance we'll see some
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isolated showers and some of the suburbs and lehigh valley. that's at 3:00 this afternoon. that's not going to be much in the way of rainfall and with the wind whipping, the clouds will be on the move. any showers would be very brief with minimal impact during the afternoon. the wind though, impact tomorrow and bring temperatures down. today in spite of clouds, warm to 50 degrees in philadelphia. 47 degrees in suburbs. isolated shower possible this afternoon. most of the day dry. lehigh valley see those afternoon showers gusty wind later today. look what that does to the temperatures. by late in the afternoon go from 45 degrees in the lehigh valley to 38 degrees at 5:00. lehigh valley. delaware starting off with rain to the south. it won't reach northern delaware, but the clouds will. those clouds will linger into early in the afternoon. late in the day start to see some sunshine. look at the temperatures coming down. same wind kicking in for delaware. you'll feel it in new jersey as well. inland areas stay dry.
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showers at the shore 9:00 are done by 1:00 and by 5:00, get some breaks of sunshine adds the temperatures come down. ten day on ten with a warm weekend ahead. the latest on the warmup when i'm back in ten. ten minutes past 6:00 a.m. get a check on your roads for your commute to work or school this morning. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter has that. what are you seeing. starting on the new jersey turnpike right now, an accident reported out in the robinsville on southbound side just around 195. around exit 7-a. traffic getting by there for right now. just a heads-up there. also take 295 as alternate. no big problems or delays reported right now. see both directions look just fine. maybe if you're headed northbound on 295 trying to get to hamilton train station you'll be fine doing that as well. here's the 42.
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pay attention to northbound side for the morning. typically see more delays from 55 to walt whitman bridge in philadelphia. speeds in the 60s. no problems getting over the walt or ben franklin bridge. hollywood star at the center of investigate after he almost flew his private plane into a commercial jet. >> only nbc news has the exclusive details and what he said to air traffic control right after the near miss. plus, best in show. how adele inspired america's new top dog. we are talking shopping for a cause. tell you one reason this delaware county thrift store opened up and the lives it's trying to save.
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two text books have sparked a debate over climate change in bucks county. >> more than 100 people showed up to the school board meeting many doylestown last night. parents and students spoke out about two text books. i believe all sides of the issue should be discussed. >> we don't teach all sides. all sides do not have equal merit. >> board members approved both books last night. new this morning, your next soming spre inine ining shoppinp cure childhood cancer. >> reporter: he is. the front of this thrift shop is misleading. i can tell you from the first hand experience. it is massive inside.
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when you walk in, you'll find it's different from your average store in other ways too. meet barny daily. he's the brains behind value thrift shop. he wanted to open a secondhand store that sends profits directly to charity. we taemd up with alex's lemonade stand. eamed up with alex's lemonade stand. this is the only thrift store in the country that gives proceeds to alex's lemonade stand. tell everyone it's about the charity. buy as much as you can because we need to sell as much as we can to give them more money. >> he is proud to say he has created 12 local jobs by opening this store. the biggest challenge though is their location. they sit at the end of a neighborhood block. so location and pulling people in can be difficult at times which is why they rely heavily on word of mouth.
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reporting live, katy zachry, nbc 10. trending on social media this morning. america's top dog, rumor. german shepard crowned best in show late last night. >> now she's named after adele's song rumor. puppies are in her future. now the runner up was an irish setter if the jersey shore. adriane is from ocean city. we want to see her top dog as well. tweet us your pictures by tagging at nbc philadelphia. jessica boyington already tweeting a picture of her pups this morning. rocky and adriane. adriane wants to have pups. >> he is. he's a philly dog because he was v born with two big black circles around his eyes. i named him rocky. check it out. it's a funny picture.
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you tell me. they're runners up to me. we're starting on the schuylkill this morning. camera around belmont avenue. no problems or delays. have a disabled tractor trailer. reasoned shoulder blocked. see we're starting to see the volume typical of the morning time starting to gather in both directions. eastbound towards center city. little bit of slow down. not because of tractor trailer. that's the good news there. crash in ridge pike. watch for clearing on this. moving to new jersey, crash in robi robinsvillebinsville. end over here on route 38. different part of new jersey. around nixon road. no big problems or nixon drive actually. no problems or delays here. just a couple of cars heading
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out the door and roads look dry as well. more updates when i come back in ten. see you then. thanks. changes ahead. clouds over the city. the wind not terribly strong just yet. that will change later in the day. clouds coming off rain showers at the shore. fortunately the temperatures above freezing. 38 degrees. inland areas that are dry and colder this morning. south jersey at 32. 29 now in delaware. the suburbs down to 30 degrees with a few neighbors in the 20s. 28 degrees right now. exton is 28. 27 in collegeville. look at the 20s for bedminster. new hope. port washington in 28 degrees. cold one this morning. going to be a chilly start at the bus stop. showers limited to the shore this morning. 42 degrees. that's at 8:00 this morning. colder areas will see sunshine at 8:00. quakertown, allentown, very low 30s. philadelphia breaks of sunshine.
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32. there will be clouds around. they'll linger into the afternoon hours. there you see cloud cover coming off of the showers at the south. just rain in southern delaware and south jersey. further to the northwest, snow showers and we could see some of these showers enter the picture for us this afternoon. the thing is, by the time they get there, the temperatures warm enough just to be isolated rain showers. here it is hour by hour. shows this morning, the showers just about done by 10:00 this morning. cape may the last few showers and 42 degrees. the rain will be done at 10:00 this morning. the wind kick in. isolated showers possible through the late afternoon showers. breaks of sunshine. the temperatures in the 40s today. close to 50 degrees. the trend is for colder weather tomorrow, but as you can see, it is a temp rarely cool down.
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we will be in the 60s over the weekend. that's likely going to continue into the next week. here's your ten day on ten. windy afternoon. after a quiet morning and showers at the shore, we'll see breaks of sunshine and isolated showers possible this afternoon. riding in on wind. wind will bring in colder air for tomorrow. 20s in the morning. low 40s in the afternoon. sunshine on friday and then here comes the weekend warmup. near 60 on saturday. into the 60s for sunday and monday. 58 on tuesday. stay in the 50s next week in spite of chance of showers on wednesday and next friday. ransacked and robbed. next, the heist that gave a hit singer a jagged little pill to swallow. near miss on the roadway. only nbc news has exclusive details about the investigation into harrison ford's troubled landing. all in the details. local company's handiwork helped make snl skit a reality.
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6:45. raging fire damaged more than a dozen boats. thick black smoke seen for miles yesterday. no one was hurt and damage was kept to boats and boat racks. no buildings were damaged. here's a look from above. people who live in apartments at the marina got out okay. crews evacuated dozens of homes near the marina. power was cut for several hours. investigators don't know what sparked the fire yet. new this morning, singer alanis morissette victim of a big burglary. thieves stole a safe from the home. she was not home at the time. nbc news has exclusive details about an aviation scare involving pilot harrison ford.
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landing a single engine plane at an oirairport monday. he mistakesly touched down on taxi way c missing an american airlines plane waiting for takeoff. no one was hurt. once on the ground, radioed air traffic control asking was that airliner meant to be underneath me. the controller told ford, you landed on taxi way c which ford replied i landed on c. faa is investigating. ford declined nbc's request for comment: up up in flames. why it destroyed more than just a building. unique way to say i do. local couples take a plunge with complete strangers.
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talks with russia. breaking overnight. controversy involving russia and president trump's campaign. >> bittersweet ending. father of one of the nation's most iconic missing children finally gets closure. major props. literally. local company behind some of snl's most famous skits. nbc 10 starts now. >> good morning. on this wednesday. nbc 10 today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracey davidson. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley. has most accurate neighborhood forecast. getting closer to sunrise. see clouds scattered across the lehigh valley. view from easton. cloud cover is complete at the shore. raining this morning in cape may. cape may started off dry when we went on the air at 4:30 this morning. light rain that will be here in the morning and gone in the afternoon. you see the clouds over wilmington, philadelphia, trenton and lehigh valley. there is the rain that start instead delaware and spread into
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new jersey. this will be limited to shore community. inland areas stay dry. lights are on. see a few scattered clouds in new jersey. live view. 31 degrees right now. the wind is calm. 27 degrees in the suburbs in philadelphia. 33 degrees. you can see skies brightening in the lehigh valley. 26 degrees cold there. the temperatures will climb. see breaks of sunshine in the lehigh valley. partly sunny and breezy this afternoon. 47 degrees. delaware up to 52. the rain ends this morning at the shore. see partly sunny skies later in the day. high of 50 degrees. break these forecast down hour by hour when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. >> starting off this morning in west. accident popping up there on five points road just around pay owely pikepaoli pike.
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out in robbinsville new jersey, crash. exit 7 a. traffic still moving by the scene there. 422. end with drive times starting to see the yellow. little bit of slow down. eastbound to schuylkill. 11 minutes. speeds dropping the 40s. breaking news overnight. kremlin now denying reports of phone calls between russian intelligence and donald trump's presidential campaign. "new york times" reporting u.s. agencies intercepted those calls last year. raising new questions for the president's administration. nbc 10 matt delucia live in the breaking news center with details. mind you this report is different than the one involving president trump's national security adviser who just resigned over contact with russia's ambassador. new accusation that several people within the campaign had
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contact with russian officials before the election. "new york times" came out with this last night. the paper cites four current and former u.s. officials who say individuals in trump's campaign had repeated contact with russia officials. now, the officials would not say what was discussed on the calls or how many of trump's advisers were involved. former campaign chairman was named as one of them. he has denied having any conversations and new within the last hour, we just mentioned. russia is responding. a spokesman for president vladimir putin pointed to the anonymity of the sources saying the reports are not based on any facts. local lawmakers have been chiming in overnight. this is not a democratic or republican issue. integrity of our democracy is at stake. this requires an independent investigation. and democratic congressman brendan boil said in part, we deserve nothing less than 100 percent transparency.
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congress can and should be doing all it can to get an accurate accounting of exactly what happened here. there has not yet been a response from the white house on this most recent report. live in the breaking news center, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the ethics watchdog for the government is now recommending that the white house investigate and possibly discipline president trump's counselor kellyanne conway. may have broken the code of conduct by endorsing ivana trump's fashion line during a tv interview. made a letter public yesterday requesting that white house lawyers tell them in writing by the end of the month what they've done about this matter. we have new information about this fire in lehigh county that engulfed a house that was once a hotel. this morning, pennsylvania state police will be back at the scene looking into what caused this blaze. sky force ten over the large home in north white hall township last night. the home dates back to 1800s. used to be rock dell hotel.
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popular stop along the train line. firefighters rescued one person who tried to go back in to rescue pets. no one was hurt. family of etan pats says they finally have closure. one of the country's most recognizable missing children. found pedro hernandez guilty of kidnapping and murdering the six-year-old boy. disappeared nearly 40 years ago on his way to school at a school bus stop in new york city. hernandez once work ed as a clek at a convenient store in pats neighborhood. the pats family has waited a long time, but we finally have found some measure of justice for our wonderful little boy, etan. >> hernandez's lawyer says he will appeal the 6:35. happening today a ruling of a minnesota police officer charged in a motorist death last year.
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shot and killed philandro castile during a traffic stop last july. live streamed on social media which brought it to attention of the public. attorneys have asked the judge to dismiss the manslaughter case against their client. mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted for thousands of residents forced out after problems arose at the nation's largest dam. helicopters lifted huge boulders and dropped them in holes along the oroville dam in california. officials told residents they could return home, but warned they may have to flee again in repairs don't hold. 6:36. 33 degrees outside. take you state by state and county by county for a look at some of the stories happening in your neighborhood. theft charges dropped against a lehigh valley woman caught on surveillance video stealing a baby jesus from a nativity scene in bethlehem last year. inside she will have to pay a $100 fine and court costs for
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trespassing. prosecutors cited woman's mental health issues. number of students taking advantage of a program that provides instate tuition at out of state colleges is up. now more than 100 delaware students are participating in the market. public colleges in southern state provide discounted division to students pursuing majors not offered at delaware state university. this year added a dozen new majors to the program. jersey shore and atlantic city official says part of ten casino could possibly open next weekend if the owner submits necessary permits today. the owner glen strauf wants the open the former rebel property before the long presidents' day weekend. the officials say the paperwork for two permits comes in today, the hotel could open, but probably not the restaurants. the home of the national champion villa nova wildcats basketball team get a make theovthe
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makeover starting this summer. this is an artist draws of what the facility will look like when it's completely. love is in the air in montgomery county. judges officiated more than a dozen weddings in one courtroom to celebrate valentine's day yesterday. judges performed them all free of charge. how sweet is that? >> how sweet is that. find out about your forecast for this wednesday morning. >> most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. starting off with a few showers at the shore. not everybody is going to see the rain. if you're heading out right now, tracking showers in delaware and extreme south jersey. just rain showers. two warm here for anything else. winds will pick up this afternoon. afternoon wind will start to bring in colder air. and gusting wind drop the temperatures this evening. also push the clouds out of here. this morning, clouds are pru
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producing. and it's getting closer to morris river, atlantic city this morning. only going to be around this morning. those showers will be out of here this mpb. get breaks in the cloud. see sunshine. and warm to near 50 degrees in philadelphia, but the winds will kick in later in the afternoon. there's cold air in western pennsylvania. look at the snow showers. we could see an isolated showers this afternoon riding in on wind. it will be warming up and moving into warmer air. a few rain drops are possible during the afternoon. a few neighborhoods. philadelphia likely stay dry. 33 degrees right now. temperatures climb. see mostly cloudy skies at lunchtime and when the wind shift, those clouds will start to break later in the day. see the cool down from 48 degrees at 2:00 to 45 degrees at 4:00 today. clouds will break in the suburbs. see some sunshine this morning. the clouds will take over at lunchtime and the break again later in the afternoon. with the stronger winds later in the afternoon. lehigh valley see a few thin clouds right now. getting closer to sunrise this
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morning. 26 degrees right now. 39 at 10:00. then the middle 40s at lunchtime. the wind stronger this afternoon in new jersey. after the clouds thin out this afternoon. get sunshine this morning. clouds staying dry inland, but at the shore, a few scattered showers at 8:00 into 10:00. noontime 45 degrees. wind will be stronger this afternoon. temperatures start to come down during the early evening hours in delaware at the shore. for delaware, 29 degrees right now. 34 degrees at 8:00. see clouds increase during the morning hours and decrease this afternoon. along with the temperature with 20-mile-an-hour wind. very close to it at 4:00 today. look at the weekend forecast turning much warmer when i'm back in ten. 20 minutes before 7. must say volume has picked up considerably on the schuylkill. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has a
6:41 am
look. watching schuylkill around spring garden street. no surprise we're seeing more delay heading in that direction. now a 23 minute trip on the eastbound side from the blue route to vine. average speeds totaling into the 30s. we are really slow in some spots. more so from city avenue on forward and passing through the boulevard then we start to see some of the slowdown again once we approach the vine street expressway. westbound at this point looks better at least the drive times. out in lower marion there's a crash new into the system. city avenue around lancaster avenue. crash in west gauchen. 42 freeway in new jersey. starting to see some volume gatt rg on the northbound side. that's the traffic moving northbound to philadelphia area. typical khloe doslow downs ther nbc 10 responds celebrating biggest return for a viewer yet. $25,000. >> how harry ended one man's
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6:46 am
written efforts to get money back went to why. he contacted harry hairston and nbc 10 respond team. >> reporter: donald says after a three year wait, social security approved him for disability insurance in november 2016. that approval entitled him to back paisy. he says he got all of his money except $25,300. the social security administration told him it sent that 25,000 to domestic relat n relations department to pay for past due child support, but he insists he only owed domestic relations $550. after more than two months of trying to get money, he contacted nbc 10 respond. he sent us documents as proof of paying off his child support. we reached out to social security administration. it reviewed the case. two weeks later, he says he
6:47 am
received his $25,300. harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> the social security administration says privacy issues prevented from commenting on what happened. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 respond or telemundo 62 respond, let us know about it. best way to reach us is right there on your screen. we will respond to you. speaking of money, something could be a whole lot richer tonight. power ball jackpot up to $310 million. >> there were no winners for saturday night's drawing. if you do win and pick cash value, you would walk away with $190 million. what you could do with that kind of money. >> buy a boat and house on boat house row. 6:47. 33 degrees. let's find at what's to come. bill henley has most accurate forecast. we're looking at clouds in spring city. dry here, but i am tracking some
6:48 am
rain at the shore. ocean city, look at the clouds overhead. rain is falling in cape may this morning. just light rainfall after it started off dry first thing this morning. 20s for the lehigh valley and northern delaware. where rain is falling temperatures are warmer. inland areas that are dry are colder this morning. freezing in andorra. look at somerton, 33 degrees. a chilly morning at the bus stop. warmest weather will come with showers at 8:00. 42 degrees for atlantic city. stays dry. breaks of sunshine. colder this morning. quakerton, exton, 32 degrees at 8:00 this morning. the clouds won't be completely covering our area this morning.
6:49 am
only be here in the morning. gone in the afternoon. then attention turns to these showers. snow showers could be blowing in our area during the afternoon. blowing in to warmer air. few rain drops are possible. won't look like that. it's going to fall apart as it moves in the area. 10:00 last little bit of rain in delaware and south jersey at the shore. device o dries out in the afternoon. be on the move so little to no accumulation of rain in the those areas. the temperatures will stay in the 40s. only looking at rain for today. most of the day will be dry. sunshine and clouds and windy this afternoon. riding in on wind, colder air we'll feel tomorrow and wind will still be whipping for thursday. friday the wind dies down. cold in the morning, 45 in the afternoon. warmer by a long shot this
6:50 am
weekend. near 60 on saturday. into the 60s for sunday and monday. nice and mild for tuesday. mild weather continues next week. won't be as warm for wednesday and thursday. see a chance of showers on wednesday and another warmup. another chance of rain showers next friday. >> look at that weekend. we are so focused on that. it's only wenlddnesday. got to get you to work for hump day. >> looks like a problem on the vine street expressway. same spot we saw a problem in yesterday. yesterday we were watching on the westbound side a crash near the ben frankly parkway. this one less serious and show you some good news about it. again it is westbound side. traffic moving towards the schuylkill expressway. we're not seeing any delays there that's because it's pulled over into the shoulder of the work zone. it's not even touching any of the lanes or the shoulder. all the traffic is pretty much running by as it normally would. any delay we're seeing right now on vine street expressway is just typical morning volume. don't know what's happening it's over to the right hand shoulder.
6:51 am
exit ramp is right up here. that's where it's approaching right now. anything changes and try to move vehicles out of the way, might cause delays then. keep watching it just to make sure of that. also a crash in the system now. right around valley forge road. 95 looks okay for the most part. about 10 minutes added to your morning drive on the southbound side from woodhaven road. headed to the vine street expressway. average speeds also into the mid 30s. tracey. run away lectern. it was an snl sketch this past weekend. that's melissa mccarthy acting as shawn spicer. would you believe a company in our area made that. >> monkey boy production made the rolling lectern in the sean
6:52 am
spicer sketch there. >> running around in the snow. trying to find electric wheelchair. get it back here. pulling the feet apart. pulling the feet off. first rehearsal she got on it and was she realized how fast i could go. >> she got it right. monkey boy productions also made zz top style pizza guitar for snl skill. how about this story, south jersey high school student had a night to remember. >> school's basketball coach and players made it possible for him to take the court as a starter in last home game of the season. look how happy he is. smiling as he ran on the court last night. then scored first point on senior night. special needs student has been the team's manager for the past
6:53 am
two years. coach says all seven senior players were willing to give up their spot so kyle could play. >> i'm very lucky to be on the court because coach richie wanted me to help the team win tonight's game and if we win, it will be his 300 win. >> and they did win. beating gateway regional 77-34. >> congratulate coach richie for wins. not quite as important as the young men he's producing so good job. next run down the morning's headlines and the stories we'll be following throughout the day. >> that includes a "new york times" report that is raising questions about president trump's ties to russia.
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donald trump just tweeted. president said fake news immediate what is going crazy with conspiracy theories and blind hate rred. in reaction to a "new york times" report. one of the people mentioned as participating in the conversations former trump campaign chairman, paul manafort. he has denied having any conversations with russian intelligence. this all comes 24 hours after michael flynn resigned national security adviser over his contact with russia. today the pennsylvania state police are try to determine what caused this fire at this home. it was once a well known hotel. the large home on rock dell road.
6:58 am
it used to be a hotel. popular stop along the train line. good morning. jessica boyington with a check on the roads. watching the vine street expressway. we have a crash here in the same spot we had one yesterday morning around this time. on the westbound side approaching the schuylkill expressway around the ben franklin parkway on-ramp. just right back here. just after that, it's fortunately pulled over into the right hand work zone shoulder. not blocking any of the lanes right now. we are seeing a little bit of delay moving by the scene. not caused by the accident. actually just normal morning volume moving towards the skoog. . you will see delays there. maybe more of a delay when they move vehicles out of here. thankfully they're over into the portion of the work zone not affecting any of the road. schuylkill seeing delays here as well. see we're red.
6:59 am
eastbound. 23 minutes into the vine. speeds into the 30s as well. >> one minute before 7. getting cloudy start on abington. dry here. showers at the shore. rain is falling in cape may. temperatures coming up in the upper 30s and 40s at the shore. only looking at rain for delaware in south jersey. only be here this morning. clouds break for sunshine. late this afternoon. see snow showers in north western pennsylvania. might see isolated showers in our area arriving as rain. temperature will be warming up. 20s for the suburbs in the lehigh valley. scattered clouds in the lehigh valley right now. 34 degrees with clouds in philadelphia this afternoon. near 50 degrees in philadelphia. we'll get breaks of sunshine especially later in the afternoon, but the wibds will be picking up later today. make for a colder day tomorrow. we're still on track for big warmup this weekend. talking 60, near 60 on saturday. into the 60s on sunday. always get first alert forecast
7:00 am
on the go. all local updates on nbc 10 app. >> today show starts right now. good morning. breaking overnight, aides to president trump had repeated contacts with russian intelligence officials during the election. according to a new bomb shell report. the communications revealed during an ongoing fbi investigation. their content, unclear. but do they show team trump was closer to russia than they've let on? fluid situation. residents near the troubled dam in california being allowed to return home. the mandatory evacuation lifted for now. but with a new storm approaching, is the danger far from over? murder mystery. a woman arrested overnight in connection with the killing of north korean leader kim jong-un's half brother, in a


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