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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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sunrise. skies are lightening up a little bit. scattered clouds in easton. we'll get sunshine but it's the wind that's going to hold the temperatures back. in spite of sunshine, we'll see the temperatures climb only to the 30s and 40s this afternoon. right now with the wind blowing feels like the 20s. 5 for mt. pocono. this afternoon, temperature is into the low 40s for philadelphia. lehigh valley up to 34. a little warmer new jersey, inland and at the shore. hitting 44 degrees this afternoon for delaware. i do expect the winds to increase this afternoon. first, jessica boyington with your "first alert" traffic. >> bill, i'm watching an accident on upper chichester, the eastbound is closed between i-95 and 452 because of an accident involving a tractor trailer. you can see in both directions right here, either way, that is
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going to be a little bit of a problem for your morning commute. again, 322 eastbound is closed for you there, because of that accident. but 422, right around the cameras at route 23, no delays or problems reported but you can see extra volume starting to head out the door there. bridges are okay. and a scheduled opening coming up for the burlington bristol. the tacony-palmyra okay. and we're watching the walt whitman bridge there as well. now back to breaking news that we're following for you out of grays ferry. nbc10 is live on the scene at a house fire on eddy street. fire started on the first floor, spread to the second. we're making calls about it to see if there's anyone injured. but we have been told several people are displaced here. very smoky as we see firefighters putting water on what were flames leaping out of
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the windows a couple minutes ago. we'll keep you updated on air and the app. philadelphia police chased a car full of people wanted in a shooting investigation. >> at one point, the chase moved on to the schuylkill expressway. nbc10's matt delucia is live for us at southwest detective where is police are interviewing people in that car. matt. >> reporter: vai and tracy, this happened around 2:00 this morning. about a mild away from where we are at alden and christian street. there was a guy that got out of a car and then the people who were left in that vehicle then took off. police started following them. that's when the pursuit began. take a look at video here. this is where that pursuit ended in front of the st. police barracks. we're told a total of five people being questioned in all of this. philadelphia police say after that stop on alden, the pursuit
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continued until they hit the schuylkill expressway. police put out an apb on that car and it was later spotted in montgomery and belmont. and then that car was stopped on monument road. out of all of this, no one was injured but you can see there was quite a bit of police presence in that area. we're looking at more details of what was going on at the time. again, there was that initial report of shots fired in that area. and police were investigating that at that time. but again, five people being questioned in connection with all of this. we'll keep you posted on what we've learned. i'm live at southwest detectives, matt delucia, nbc10 news. today, immigrant workers and their families in the area plan to take part in a nationwide movement called a day without immigrants. about two dozen businesses plan to close in norristown alone to express frustration over president trump's crackdown on
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immigration. and parents may keep students home from school as well. and across the area to send a message that immigrants are an important part of the community. happening today, president trump hopes to get another member of his nomination in place. south carolina congressman nick mulvaney is expected to bin confirmation. we have new details on former national security adviser michael flynn. "the wall street journal" is reporting that u.s. intelligence had withheld information from president trump because they're worried that it could be leaked. yesterday, the president blamed the media and intelligence agencies for leaked agencies that other administration officials had repeated contacts with russia before mr. trump was sworn into office. documents and papers that were illegal, we'll stress that, illegally leaked. criminal action. criminal act. >> a spokesman for the office of
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national intelligence told "the wall street journal" that any suggestion that the community is withholding information is not true. meanwhile, democrats are increasing their call for an independent investigation into the trump administration's ties with russia. u.s. senators cory booker of new jersey and tom carper of delaware are among the group calling for jeff sessions to launch the investigation. and in atlantic city, 911 dispatchers facing charges. police say skakeel wade, is suspended. two others are suspended because of the investigation but not charged. ivy league students are asking their schools to automatically wave application fees. the letter was signed by eight universities including
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university of pennsylvania and princeton university. the students want the change by next september. meanwhile, a lawmaker wants more african-american boys in philadelphia to go to college and earn a degree. councilwoman blackwell was at boys latin charter school. she will have a call to action and hearings at city hall. yesterday, governor chris christie signed a measure lilting first time opioid prescriptions to a five-day supply. the limit does not apply to cancer or chronic pain patients or end of life care. the new law also mandates coverage of drug addiction treatment. 33 degrees outside. it is windy. you might have heard the wind overnight. the flag doesn't show much wind but it felt like it when we came in this morning. let's find out what's ahead with "first alert" meteorologist bill henley. >> it's increasing during the
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day. it's cold at camelback mountain and making snow this morning. winds now at 7 miles an hour in philadelphia. but stronger in wilmington and coatesville. and the winds will increase as we go into the afternoon. in fact, the temperatures right now, even with a little bit of wind makes it feel even colder. 33 degrees currently in philadelphia. 31 in mt. holly and wilmington. factor in the wind and it feels like the 20s. and the mountains 5 degrees with windchill. the winds will be getting chillier. wind gusts at 9:00, 20 miles an hour in philadelphia. near 40 miles an hour in south jersey. watch perhaps, 1:30 this afternoon. close to 40 miles an hour for philadelphia. toppi ping 40 miles an hour in jersey and delaware. it's going to be a windy, blustery day. at time, clouds will blow through. we saw those overnight with
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snowflakes that tried to make it to the ground. never hit the ground. you see the isolated snow showers on the move, now offshore. more to the west. we won't get the snow showers again. but we will get the cold and occasionally some of the clouds will be blowing through the area. a blustery day ahead. at 1:00, 37 in philadelphia. clouds increasing this afternoon along with winds for the suburbs. 30s through the day for the suburbs and lehigh valley. 29 degrees at 9:00 and low 30s this afternoon. for delaware, sunshine, clouds and gusty winds. strongest winds will be during the afternoon hours. that's true of new jersey as well. clouds rolling in. snow showers and rain drops, it will be dry and cold as we go into the evening hours. gusty winds at the shore will limit temperatures in the upper 30s. cold as it is today, windy as it is today, there's much warmer weather ahead. a spring preview for the weekend. we'll look at that in ten
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minutes. 6:08 right now on this thursday morning. looks like an accident on 422 in upper chichester, i believe? >> jessica boyington has the update. >> a crash closing that between 95 and route 452. you can see that closure right here on the map system. so big delays around. also watch the lanes on the opposite side. the westbound side there as well, you want to avoid this entire area for now. injuries reported on the scene, a tractor trailer involved and another vehicle. if you are moving towards i-95, this is 95 right here if you're heading eastbound and moving towards 95. you can take chichester avenue and get on the ramp to 95 in that direction. again, updates for that, as soon as they become available for us, and we also have skyforce 10 on the way to the scene, we'll have a live shot overtop. the area bridges, burlington
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bristol scheduled for an open. and the tacony-palmyra is clear. and cherry hill, along kings highway, no problems or delays at the intersection. back to you. and at the site of the damaged dam in california. >> but it has people living across new jersey wondering about safety. next, we'll take a look at how a north jersey dam was made stronger. next, we take you to the delaware county elementary school where art is being sold to help kids in war-torn syria.
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we continue to follow breaking news in philadelphia at 6:13 this morning in philadelphia. this is grays ferry and a live look at the aftermath of a fire
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on eding street between tasca and north. we've learned that three children were taken to children's in philadelphia. and two adults also taken to the hospital. we're working to find out their conditions. this is video taken 15 or 20 minutes ago when firefighters got there. and nbc10 crews got there. we've learned that five people were taken to the hospital, including three children. a lesson on international affairs came to life for some students in delaware county. >> yeah, they've been skyping with syrian refugees that live overseas. yesterday, they got a visit from one of the volunteers who works with those children. nbc10's katy zachry is there. what can you tell us? >> reporter: vai and tracy, it was not just exciting for the haverford students to meet the
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person from overseas but also artwork. >> a lot of flowers. >> that is very good. >> reporter: these third and fourth graders at friends school haverford have good reason to be excited. the last time they saw volunteer kayla martinez was over skype. she's in greece. this is her first visit to the united states with artwork in hand. martinez will give back to the families. >> it's wonderful to give that amount of money to the child for their work. that goes directly for food. >> reporter: martinez has sold dozens of pieces of artwork in her short visit to the u.s. she was only here for a few days. she goes back to greece today. but she says she plans to make a trip back to this area with u.s. goodies every month with more
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artwork in hand. katy zachry, nbc10 news. california officials say the water 11 is now 26 feet below the emergency spillway at the oroville dam. and this week's storms don't pose a threat to the spillway. crews have been making repairs to the spillway and drainage water to the lake. about 200,000 people were evacuated over the weekend when a hole was found in the dam's concrete spillway. they were allowed back home on tuesday. meantime, new jersey has hundreds of reservoirs and lakes with dams. there's a new focus on safety. the dam in new jersey was damaged in 1999. reconstruction has hardened the banks and the state has offered to buy them. 16 minutes after 6:00 a.m. on this thursday. could you be at risk for al
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alzheimer's and dementia. >> a test that you can take on your home computer can be taken anywhere in the world as long as you have a web camera and intersecti intersecti intersection connection. one of the company's co-founder tells us the program works by detecting eye images. >> in a few minutes we can get a look at in a way that's grounded. an update on that crash in 322 in upper chichester. >> we know we have sky force going to the area. what do you have on this? >> reporter: sky force will be there about ten minutes. for now, upper chichester, a crash, route 322 on the eastbound side, 95 and 452. you look at the maps here looking at closures in both
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directions. probably lane closures on the westbound side as well. either way, avoiding the area is a good call because of the accident investigation. it's involving a truck and another car. if you're heading eastbound and trying to get to 95. obviously, it's not the way to go right now, you can take chichester avenue and head to 95 in that direction. that's a good alternate for you there. plus, to get around this at one of the worst time in the morning when we're starting to see things pick up out there. this is the vine street expressway, the eighth street. westbound moving towards the schuylkill expressway, no big problems or delays. now, let's get you updated with the weather for today. 6:18, "first alert" meteorologist bill henley has the accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> tracy some clouds are blowing through but you see pretty good breaks. we're about a half hour away. we'll see winds overnight and yesterday, will blow a few more
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clouds through the area during the day but it's not going to be completely clear. 33 degrees for philadelphia. right now, 28 degrees, and just below freezing for parts of the area. a little area, bedminster, 29 degrees, along with warrington, a cold start in ft. washington, too. and you factor in the wind and it feels like a good five to ten degrees colder this morning. and that wind will continue to blow clouds through during the day. you see the clouds have been breaking overnight. nothing coming from the clouds. a few snow showers have showed up on radar. they didn't even reach the ground. snow showers to the west, the cold air that we'll get blowing into the area today. but the snow will stay out of our area. occasional clouds will be riding in on the winds this afternoon that will be steady at 20 miles an hour in philadelphia.
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but the gusts will go from 35 to 45 miles an hour this afternoon. the winds tomorrow won't be as strong but they still will be around tomorrow. it's over the weekend that these northwesterly winds shift and become southwesterly. and that's going to boost our temperatures. the trend is for cold weather for today and tomorrow. that's typical for february. but for saturday and sunday, into the 60s. and the mild weather continues next week. it does look like a beautiful weekend wherever you 62 degrees in philadelphia. a little cooler in lehigh valley. upper 50s there. 55 degrees at the shore. interior new jersey and delaware, gusting to the low 60s. with sunshine, everybody will be a little warmer on sunday. and it does continue, the mild weather into next week. we'll look at that 10 day on 10 when we come back in the next half hour. well, this woman said that
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6:24, we have breaking fuse this morning. house fire in grays ferry. five people were hurt. three children and two adults. this is on eddington street. roughly at 5:30, we learned about the fire, started on the first floor. and spread to the second floor. five people are hurt. three of them children. we don't know their condition right now but we're working on
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that. stay with nbc10 and the nbc10 app for new information. diane allen was a reporter here before she became a senator. allen decided not to run for re-election. the move allowed her to spend more time with her family. she sat down with nbc10 to talk about her decision. >> sometimes, it's better to leave on your own terms, i think. that's what i'm doing. >> allen says she's had job offers but doesn't given any decision as to what is next for her. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington. checking on the roads right now. we have breaking news with skyforce 10 live in the scene in upper chichester delaware county. an accident here, an overturned truck on route 322, on the eastbound side, closing that. and we can see traffic getting by as well.
6:26 am
heavy police presence there. another vehicle is involved. injuries reported as well. we'll have updates on this when i come back. for now, let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> a live view from center city. with scattered clouds and a good view from the sky with sunrise less than a half hour away. bundle up. 33 degrees. feels like 24 with the wind. happening today -- a day without immigrants. >> where you shop and where you eat, we know here at the italian market, several businesses are expected to close for the impact. it goes even farther beyond that. i'll tell you about it on the other side of the break. you got to believe, ted mcgraw sure did. just ahead, hear why his most famous phrase has the phillies and mets in a twitter battle over baseball history.
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right now on "nbc 10 news today" -- a day without immigrants. protests against the travel ban people here and across the country that will stay home from work and school. breaking from overnight, a police chase through parts of west philadelphia. right now, police have several people in custody and plenty of questions. and how about a cold one a shorty. today, wawa becomes the first to sell beer. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. good thursday morning. i'm vai sikahema. this is "nbc 10 news today." >> i'm tracy davidson. let's get to bill henley with the most accurate "first alert" neighborhood forecast. bill. >> we're seeing a few scattered cloyds blowing through. these clouds are on the move and the winds were strong overnight now, they settled down a little bit but the winds will be picking up as we go through the
6:31 am
afternoon. temperatures will be warming but a cold start with a 12-mile-per-hour wind allentown has a 15-mile-per-hour wind, blowing those clouds around in wilmington. that's getting the temperatures in the 30s right now. sunshine breaking through the clouds at times. mostly cloudy view, 28 degrees. 33 degrees in philadelphia. the wind at 12 miles an hour right now will be up to 16 miles an hour. that's at 8:00, then 20 miles an hour at 11:00. that increased wind will blow clouds in for the late morning and afternoon hours. peeking in the low 40s for philadelphia, even though a change in the low 40s for philadelphia, new jersey and delaware, with the winds blowing it's going to feel like it's in the 30s. low 30s is what it's going to feel like for the suburbs. much of the lehigh valley, a cold day. i'll break this down hour by hour to show you where the
6:32 am
temperatures will peak this afternoon when i'm back in ten minutes. but first, jessica boyington. skyforce 10 over top of a scene in delaware county over upper chichester where we have a truck that was involved in an accident with another vehicle as well closing a portion of the route 322 on the eastbound side. you see the tractor trailer still off to the side. we have one lane trickling by in the opposite direction. 322 closed right now. you need to get around it, we're starting to see backups on the eastbound side. most of that traffic, a lot of it anyway, is moving towards 95. this is part of that closure right here. again, it's between 95 and 452 an alternate to get around that, chichester avenue, that's right in here. you can see a little slowdown here, but that's expected. now, back to you. now, to breaking news -- an update on breaking news, five
6:33 am
people hurt in a fire, three of them children, two adults. this is shot roughly an hour ago. you see the flames started on the first floor and spread to the second. we're monitoring the situation. stay with the nbc10 and the nobs 10 app for more information. and breaking overnight, police are questioning five people they have in custody after a police chase through philadelphia. that chase ended here in front of the state police barracks. police stopped the car, shots were fired from that car. the car then took off and police went after it. no one was hurt. happening today -- immigrants across our area plan to take the day off in protest. >> a day without immigrants is a national movement that could impact the businesses that you rely on. nbc10's pamela osborne joins us live at the italian market in south philadelphia with details. pam, tell us more. >> reporter: tracy, vai, i think
6:34 am
we're all going to feel the impacts of this at one point or another. take a look, especially here at the italian market, several businesses here at the market will not open today. if you're grabbing a bite to eat, you may find your favorite restaurant is closed because of day without immigrants. this is a national movement encouraging businesses to close up for the day in order to show the nation what this country would look like if our immigrant community would be forced out by large-scale immigration enforcement. in norristown, a third of the population is hispanic. we know 20 to 25 businesses will be closed there today. several business owners we spoke to across our area say that they are willing to lose out in a day's worth of pay or business in order to support the voices of employees. but it goes beyond the opening and closing of shops. immigrants have been encouraged to avoid making purchases and shopping online. and they're also being
6:35 am
encouraged to keep their kids out of school. >> we have one school, about 95% of the population is hispanic. so -- and we already know that they want to be absent. >> i have to say that they don't want us, but they can't live without us. >> reporter: at the end of the day, immigrant leaders will gather to discuss the impact of today's worker strike here locally. the groups he says are planning more events over the next several months. they're actually calling for a protest and boycott and strike on may 1st which is international workers day. reporting live at the italian market, i'm pamela as born, nbc10 news. and senator bob casey will meet with neil gorsuch. the democrat tweeted that he will pay particular attention to the judges confirmation
6:36 am
hearings. pennsylvania governor tom wolf joined with philadelphia mayor jim kenney at city hall yesterday to blast a statewide abortion bill. it would ban most abortions after 20 weeks. the governor said if passed it would be a disaster for women's health and he would veto the bill if it reaches his desk. let's take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories. in montgomery county, a dare care worker accused of sexually assaults a 3-year-old in a classroom while others were sleeping. authorities say at first barbie lied about the alleged crime but then confessed. a new policy requires prison staff to waive gender identity when deciding where to house and
6:37 am
strip search. a vote next week on whether to dissolve the fire district and replace it with the municipal fire department. the township claims the fire district is financially mismanaged and has created safety concerns. atlantic city, a long running tax battle is over. announced by the state, the borgata casino has agreed to take less than half than what the city owed it. the cash strapped city will bay borgata $72 million. and route 70, the old chi-town plaza will eventually reopen as renaissance square with restaurant and hair salon. it will anchor the shopping center. you may know how easy it is to get a parking ticket in philadelphia, now the police commissioner nose how easy it is as well. police commissioner ross was
6:38 am
ticketed when speaking at a city event and police say the commissioner paid the fine. starting today, you'll be able to buy beer at the newly renovated wawa. if chadsford it will reopen later today. ringling bros. and barnum circus fuels in one more time. last month, the greatest show on earth announced it will shut down in may because of dwindling atte attendance. 33 degrees outside. 6:38. let's find out about the weather. it's chilly this morning. >> meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill. >> temperatures will warm up a little bit, but they feel cold. this morning, especially because
6:39 am
of the winds will get stronger as the day goes on. we're reaching wind gusts at 40 miles an hour that peaks this afternoon. here and cold, not at windy overnight. right now, winds at 7 miles an hour in philadelphia. 15 miles an hour in wilmington. i do expect the winds to increase this afternoon. it's the temperatures that have come down overnight. most of the area is below freezing. lehigh valley, suburbs, and new jersey. in philadelphia, some neighborhoods that dropped below freezing. chestnut hill, all below 30. and it's a cold start and cold blustery day. the temperatures will climb to near 40 degrees at 3:00 this afternoon. with the wind blowing it's going to feel like the 20s through the day and tonight. then it gets colder as the winds die down. we will see some sunshine. it's not all clouds.
6:40 am
37 degrees right now and clouds. the suburbs, we're see something clouds blow through right now. 28 degrees at this hour with some breaks of sunshine, the temperatures will come up a bit but 34 degrees at noon time. lehigh valley, we see scattered clouds right now, those clouds will blow in and out during the day. 30 degrees now. 30 at 10:00. into the middle 30s this afternoon. and that's when we'll see stronger winds during the afternoon hours. new jersey stays dry but there will be clouds at times with breaks of sunshine. 31 right now, just above freezing at 10:00. upper 30s this afternoon. and you'll see upper 30s at the shore today. winds the 20 miles an hour at lunchtime. delaware, 15-mile-per-hour wind, sunshine, a few clouds and winds die down later today. 10 day on 10 with a huge warmup for the weekend.
6:41 am
i'll show you how long that's going to last in ten minutes. >> that brings a smile to your face every time. doesn't it? >> yes it does, huge warmup. >> and if you're going out the door an accident in upper chichester. >> we're watching this accident scene in delaware county, upper chichester where we have a truck involved clearly in our cameras here on skyforce 10. another vehicle is involved as well. that's the eastbound side. that's completely closed down. looks like we have one lane getting by on the westbound side. a lot of traffic moving towards 95, considering that eastbound side is closed down right now. looks like there's a lot of cleanup. injuries were reported on the scene. we had an ambulance there and several police cars. so how to get around this, this is part of the closure as well. if you're trying to get eastbound towards 95, 95 right here. we're seeing that into the green. now, you can take chichester
6:42 am
avenue. that's right in here. it actually looks better than a few moments ago. 452 is another alternate it you're trying to get to 95. that is all red. delays there with traffic that's even getting off of 95 trying to get to 422 and being detoured off. those are your alternates, chichester avenue is your best bet. imagine getting billed for something you no longer use. >> yeah, this woman racked up hundreds of dollars in bills after she cancelled a home security system and moved. see what happens after she called "nbc10 responds." ya gotta believe. and the history books get a second look. we just moved into this house
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and didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to tie all that space together. with an open floor plan, you need to separate it with furniture. bassett had everything that we needed. fabric combinations marry the rooms together. having someone with bassett has been invaluable. we could've never dreamed up this room without bassett.
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quarter to 7:00, now to "nbc10 responds" a woman bought a security system but she said she cancelled the system after she moved. >> after numerous calls with no contact, she contacted harry hairston. >> reporter: deborah bought a security system for her old apartments. >> it really wasn't the best. >> reporter: she said the manager at this at&t store sold her the system in may of last year. it came with one camera but she purchased two additional one. >> one camera was for the front of the property and the other for the back. >> reporter: garner tells us that the manager promised as part of the deal if she ever moved that at&t would install all three cameras free of charge. two years later when she moved she said at&t automatically cancelled it. but the new system only had one
6:47 am
camera. >> you're not going to get the two additional cameras because those are your private property. >> reporter: she said she declined to take the cameras. although she didn't have a system, at&t billed her for $276.76. >> i called you guys because they center me a notice saying we're going to send this bill to credit. >> reporter: we contacted at&t for answering. the company declined to discuss details about carter's account but did send this statement saying, we worked with the customer to address her billing concerns. she is satisfied with the resolution. >> carter sent us this "nbc10 responds" cam. >> just want to say thank you to you and your deem at nbc10. >> now, whenever you're promised a deal, make sure it's in writing. that way, if there's confusion, you have the documented proof it was agreed to. >> in this case, charter was off
6:48 am
the hook for the $276. if you've got a concern, let us know about it, the best way to reach us is on the screen and we will respond to you. 6:48. a chilly 33 degrees to start your day. >> let's check in with "first alert" meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast for your area. bill. >> a few clouds blowing through your area. ocean city, bracing for clouds. and chilly start. and clouds in spring city, pennsylvania and abington is mostly cloudy. and winds were a little stronger when we went on the air at 4:30 this morning. the winds have died down temporarily but ramping back up during the day. it's combined for a blustery one. cold this morning, just below freezing for lehigh valley and delaware. south jersey some neighborhoods
6:49 am
colder than others. mt. laurel, 31. swedesboro, 33. 32 in lumberton. princeton the cold spot of 29 degrees. factor in the wind and it feels even colder. allentown, quakertown, exen, reading will all feel like the lower 20s with the actual temperatures in upper 20s. 30 degrees and 33 degrees in atlantic city. that's at 8:00. you see the clouds blowing through overnight. those clouds are coming off of snow showers to the north and west. don't expect to see the snow showers. but we will see clouds blow in during the day today and right through the area. those winds will keep things cold feeling. 38 degrees in summerton. 40 in center city. with the winds feeling like five to ten degrees colder. sunshine, 36 for westchester. 35 degrees for allentown. delaware will be dry. occasional clouds in new jersey.
6:50 am
37 in trenton, at the shore, 44 degrees for atlantic city. a little colder in ocean city with the clouds and gusty winds. for wilmington, yes, dry and 44 degrees this afternoon, while 40 and gusty winds for smyrna. that's today. today will be the coldest of the next ten. the warming trend starts tomorrow. 45 and the wind breezy. but the wind will shift this weekend. look what that does for the temperatures. 60s for saturday and sunday. still mild with plenty of sunshine. clouds will be building on tuesday and wednesday. i think it will stay dry tuesday and wednesday. next chance of showers is going to come at the end of next week for friday and saturday, friday, 53 degrees. another warmup next weekend of 60 degrees. 10 before 7:00, here's what's not perfect, skyforce 10 wants to give you a better look at the accident. >> skyforce 10 over top of the
6:51 am
screen, upper chichester. you can see looks like the fire department there as well. there's a truck involved. another vehicle involved. closing down the eastbound side of route 432 right now between 95 and route 452. one lane getting by there. either way, delays in both directions. multiple traffic essentially on the eastbound side will be heading towards i-95. it could be an alternate for you trying to get back to i-95, but covered in delays as well. a lot of traffic going in both directions, being detoured off of 322. to get around, you can get to chichester avenue. you can see it's a little slow moving towards i-95 but better than being stuck behind those massive delays. also a crash, northeast philly, outer drive.
6:52 am
the phillies single games tickets go on sale at 9:00 this morning. at citizens bank park. the phillies home opener coming up april 7th. >> new artwork at the spring training home it's a rivalry between the phillies and mets. >> yeah, here's a look. the team put up a picture of the late reliever ted mcgraw next to his famous quote "ya gotta believe." here the problem, mcgraw originally used that slogan when he was a member of the seventh street mets. and the mets twitter account replied saying ya gotta be kidding. they did use the phrase during his time in philadelphia. >> we're going to claim it, too. >> yeah. die-hards may be a bit fired up. we want you to weigh in. hit us up on social media, facebook and twitter. tell us what you think of the
6:53 am
legendary ted mcgraw and his famous phrase. next, we'll run down the morning headlines and stories we'll be following throughout the day. that includes a day without imgrants. next, see how a nationwide protest could impact small businesses in our area. also, the traffic headache, we'll update you on efforts to shore up delaware's turnpike bridge. what do doctors from leading cancer centers
6:54 am
in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at
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cancer treatment centers of america.
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here's some of the stories we'll be following today. >> a day without immigrants. several businesses in south philadelphia's italian market and around the area and the country will be closed today as part of a nationwide demonstration. the idea is to just show how reliant we're on the immigrant
6:57 am
workforce. and families in norristown will mark the day without immigrants. the montgomery county town is about a third hispanic. about two dozen businesses plan to close in norristown today to express frustration with president trump's crackdown on immigration. >> and this is a fire on edding street that heard five people, three kids and two adults. and the police captain -- this is from the police captain there may have been drug activity in the area as well. homes on the side are both damaged in the fire. stay with the nbc10 app. and breaking overnight, police are questioning five people in custody after a police chase in philadelphia. that chase ended here in front of the state police barracks. police stopped the car, shots were fired from that car. police took after it.
6:58 am
no one was hurt. there's a team of people from around the country in place to fix this, the delaware turnpike bridge. they hired people from as far away as texas. the bridge was closed last month after they spotted a crack in a beam. good morning, jessica boyington with breaking news. skyforce 10 live overtop of the scene in delaware county. upper chichester where we have a tractor trailer involved in a crash. another car involved as well. injuries reported on the scene. looks like the fire department got to the scene there as well. big backup, it's closed right now with that accident. in between 95 and route 452. 452 trying to get to i-95. still a problem there. you can see it's backed up. ch chichester avenue, although a little slow, we'll get to that. a beautiful view from the
6:59 am
city from the adventure aquarium. you can see it's blowing clouds through the area. the wind's making it feel cold right now. right now, 25 degrees feels like, 18 in coatesville. and 5 degrees in mt. pocono. we will see clouds blowing through. 20s in philadelphia. 30s for lehigh valley and the suburbs, very low 30s for new jersey and delaware. even cold at the shore with gusty winds, 31 degrees. it will feel like the 30s through the day today. so, the wind blowing through the day, it's a little stronger this afternoon. then we warm up this weekend. we're still on track with temperatures in the 60s saturday and sunday. you can always get my alert it's on today's 101.1 fm. >> look forward to the weekend. >> our director just said it looks like somebody painted it. it's extraordinary. >> we'll have local updates throughout the morning with realtime news, weather and traffic on the nbc10 app.
7:00 am
>> thanks for watching. the "today" show starts right now. have a great day. enjoy the morning. good morning. white house turmoil. president trump's nominee for labor secretary suddenly withdraws. congress, now asking for an investigation into those intelligence leaks surrounding the resignation of his national security adviser. after a rocky start, can the trump administration get itself back on track. new arrests. two more people taken into custody in connection with the deadly toxic liquid attack on the half-brother of kim jong-un. as the north korean leader surfaces for the first time since that incident. and breathtaking. ten years after "planet earth" brought us the views we've never seen, the seque


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