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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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show us what went on. it went started like most presidential news conferences, mr. trump named a new labor secretary nominee and it became must see tv as the president took stories of chaos. >> i see stories of chaos, yet it's the exact opposite. this administration is running like a fine tuned machine. >> that was just part of the president's lengthy opening statement. he detailed a list of what he characterizes accomplishments. taking credit for a better business climate and a rising stock market. going on to say, he's been working overtime to clean up what he says the previous administration left behind. >> i inherited a mess. it's a mess. at home and abroad. a mess. jobs are pouring out of the
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country. you see what's going on with all the of the countries leaving our country, going to mexico and other places. low pay, low wages. mass instability overseas, no matter where you look. the middle east, a disaster. north korea, we'll take care of it, folks. we're going to take care of it all. >> the president called the media quote, out of control. accusing reporters of not telling the truth and only serving special interests. president trump took questions from the media for the first time confirming he fired mike flynn then saying he doesn't think flynn did anything wrong, while speaking to the russians. i'm going through those questions and answers. you feel hear more when i come back in about 15 minutes. back to you guys. all right. 20 minutes of non-stop news continuing with five people injured in an early morning house fire. >> it happened this morning at west philadelphia. rosemary connors is finding out what happened and how the victims are doing.
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she's joining us live from the scene. what can you tell us? >> reporter: the children's injuries are related to smoke inhalation. the men who went to the hospital, did suffer some burns. you can see what's left of the house and how much damage the flames caused. next door, firefighters had to knock out the second floor windows to make sure everybody was awake. >> i didn't even smell it. i didn't hear anything. people were screaming outside. i felt the vibrations of banging on my door. >> reporter: firefighters alerted neighbors to get in and get out, neighbors like ebony jones who lives on the other side of the row home where the fire started. the fast moving flames spread to her front porch. the next door neighbors wasn't as lucky. >> she invited them to her house till they got their belongings out. >> my son woke me up.
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>> reporter: ruby foster, the block captain tells me she took in the three children who live in the row home and their mother. the father went to the hospital and three other kids on the block. foster tells us the neighborhood will get through it. >> just keep god first. just keep praying. >> reporter: investigators will have to sift through the ash and the rubble to determine the exact cause of this fire. no word on that yet. in the meantime, the american red cross is helping a total of 13 people on this block with housing, food, and clothing. reporting live in gray's ferry, rose mamary connors. breaking news, for the first time we're getting a detailed account into what happened inside a delaware prison after prisoners had taken over. >> in the last hour we obtained a lawsuit filed by an inmate who says he was taken hostage. mitch blocker has reviewed that lawsuit. >> what did that suit reveal? >> the lawsuit comes from
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vaughan correctional prisoner. he gived a detailed account of what he says he witnessed as prisoners attacked to take over part of the prison. he claims that he was held hostage, along with two other prisoners as they tried to protect a prison counselor from other rioting inmates. he writes, that no more than ten inmates coordinated the attack. he says he witnessed three officers being savagely beaten while they were restrained and hooded. lieutenant steven floyd was killed in the attack. he describes fires started inside the prison and the moment the joint task force took control. he writes they stormed into the building using a back hoe, concussion grenades. he claims officers beat inmates. he claims since the riot inmates have been denied sheets, clothes and in some cases food.
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officials are not commenting on the lawsuit. the riot is still being investigat investigated. i'm mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. today, immigrant workers and their families across our area are participating in a nationwide movement called a day without immigrants. it's led to the closure of several businesses in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. aundrea cline-thomas was there. she joins us live from queen village where a lot of people may have felt the impact. >> reporter: especially here at sam's morning glory. the diner is one of many businesses that decided to close. unknowing customers who tried to get breakfast or lunch, instead were greeted by signs, one of them quoting scripture saying whatsoever you do to the least of my brethren, you do to me. a small group rallied at thomas payne plaza. many across the country were choosing not to work today in
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recognition of a day without immigrants. they expressed concerns with president trump's immigration policies, and vowed to fight. >> i have a mother that's undocumented. >> reporter: the 14-year-old was among those in the crowd. she fears her mother will be deported. she didn't go to school today to send a message. >> i'm afraid of i'll go to a foster care and get separated from my sisters. because i don't want to, like -- i want to stay with my mom. >> reporter: the day without immigrants campaign encouraged businesses to remain closed. it's not only to support employees, statistics show immigrants are 30% more likely than non-immigrants to become entrepreneurs. >> i had no capital and ended up living on the streets for first time. my first job was in a chinese restaurant. >> reporter: he worked his way up and became a lawyer. he went to work but he hopes the
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movement shows what immigrants bring. >> i contribute to the society like everybody else. my potential is not written on my face, my passport or anything. >> reporter: we talked to the owner here of sam's. she said closing was a very easy decision. we're going to tell you why coming up at 6:00. for now, reporting live in queen village, aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. the jersey shore, also felt the impact of the day without immigrants. here in atlantic city we spoke with people split on this issue. some business owners telling us they decided to shut down and support the movement, including keeping their kids home from school. others say they support the cause, but at the end of the day, the bills need to be paid. we asked community leaders if the movement will make a difference. >> yes, definitely. yes. this day, with this support, we want to make sure the difference, we show the support. >> roughly 90 businesses chose to shut down today in atlantic city. in allentown a few hispanic owned businesses were closed for the day as well.
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7th street the restaurants did not open. the employees taking part of the day. a rally to support immigrants is expected in allentown in about an hour. randy gyllenhaal is there. he'll have that story at 5:00. take a look at the battle firefighters had on their hands in delaware county today. flames tore through a pair of homes. sky force 10 was over the scene around noon. it's not clear yet just what started this fire. take a look at this scene in cape may county. a car plowed through this home along mckinley avenue this morning. we can tell you there was an 11-year-old boy sitting on the couch inside that home. he lost a tooth, he may have concussion. police are trying to figure out what caused the driver to lose control. secretary of state rex tillerson met with his russian count part at the g 20 summit today. it's the first face to face
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meeting. russian's foreign minister was asked if his country was concerned about turmoil in president trump's administration. he said russia does not interfere with domestic affairs of other countries. vladmir putin said it was in the interest of u.s. and russia to restore communications. the russian president spoke during a meeting of security officials in moscow. putin's calling for a new level of cooperation with western intelligence agencies in order to fight terrorism. the president's supreme court nominee will start the nomination process next month. he met with bob casey this morning. casey was measured in his response afterwards, saying he would thoroughly gorsuch's records during his confirmation hearing which begins march 20th. delaware county, chester's mayor says fighting crime in inner cities is a war and should be treated the same way cities are fighting the opioid
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epidemic. more than a dozen city and state lawmakers and law enforcement officers are brainstorming, strategizing on ways to fight inner city crime. another meeting is being held tonight at 6:00 inside city hall's community room so you can weigh in if you wish. earlier this week the mayor announced extra patrols in high crime neighborhoods and $10,000 rewards for information that leads to conviction. there have been seven homicide in chester this year. this is a new video of a pair of burglars driving through the front of a south philadelphia business on south 7th street two weeks ago. look, they grab whatever they can and then they took off running. there's a third man waiting for them in that get away car there down the street. call philadelphia police if you know anything about this crime. wilmington tonight, city council might change the way it prays before meeting again. last month city council voted and approved to change the prayer to a excellesilent refle.
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they will vote tonight to changing it to a universal prayer. the change last month was made to respect spiritual diversity. now it's become a distraction. a million dollars worth of improvements are coming to a hotel in center city, philadelphia. the le meridian hotel is renovating. work will start monday and it's expected to last until the end of march. your uber rides are starting to bring cash to philadelphia's schools. the school district today announced it's received its first payment from taxes from ride sharing services. last year a law puts a tax on rides. the family of late flyer's founder ed schneider is looking to get into the medical
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marijuana business. the state can issue up to 12 licenses. the schneiders want to build their facility on 14 acres not far from the bucks county border. the schneider family foundedt schneider health. the circus is in town for one final time. they will be performing their final shows in philly tonight through monday. last month the greatest show on earth announced it was closing after 146 years. tomorrow, there will be a special show at the wells fargo center, allowing students to take part in a special circus performance. if you need proof that spring isn't far off, we have one for you. single game tickets for the phil phillies are on sale. they begin play in seven weeks. tickets for all 81 home games
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went on sale at 8:30 this morning. the phillies host the washington nationals in their home opener, friday april 7th. watch the game right here on nbc 10. 20 minutes of non-stop news continues with a camden county community tearing several homes down to pick them up. dozens of abandoned homes will soon be brand-new and back on the market. >> nbc 10's reporter cydney long has the story. >> reporter: the sound of hammers and noisy construction. >> i'm glad they're finally doing it. >> reporter: is music to the ears of callingswood neighbors. >> every day was something. broken windows, ivy was growing all over the place, things were hanging off of it. >> reporter: across the street on the inside of number 254, now abandoned eight years, a caved in roof. rotted utilities. exposed electrical dangers and
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yellow tape blocks the bathroom due to holes in the floor. the mayor took the first swing at tearing off drywall after a long legal battle, now in agreement that involved banks, judges and the borough will allow non-profit st. joseph's carpent carpenter's. they lost all the interest, which is why renovations like these took so long to get started. >> the family that comes in here is going to be welcomed into this neighborhood like nobody's ever been welcomed before. >> reporter: at one point, they had 80 of these abandoned properties, including duplexes. >> we're down to about 40 right now. this is the first of the actual construction. and there are more in the pipeline coming pretty close behind it. >> reporter: other than homes right next door, the borough's real estate market has been strong. this new initiative will keep
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home values up and a downtown resurgence on the rise. cydney long, nbc 10 news. all right. back now to today's marathon news conference with president trump. >> it was billed as the rollout of the president's choice to head the labor department. then it became an hour long defense of his first four weeks in the white house. nbc 10's erin coleman is in our breaking news center with a closer look at that sparring between the president and the media. >> as we showed you earlier, the president began his first solo news conference with a long opening statement, defending his leadership and criticizing the media. then came the questions. topic one, the departure of national security advisor mike flynn. for the first time, president trump today confirmed he fired flynn. flynn left after evidence surfaced he talked to russia's ambassador to the u.s. to discuss sanctions before president trump ever took office. today, nbc's kristin welker asked the president if he told flynn to make those calls.
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>> did you direct mike flynn to discuss sanctions with the russia -- >> no, i didn't. no, i didn't. >> why did you -- >> excuse me. i fired him because of what he said to mike pence, very simple. mike was doing his job. he was calling countries and his counterparts. so it certainly would have been okay with me if he did it. i would have directed him to do it if i thought he wasn't doing it. i didn't direct him. but i would have directed him because that's his job. >> at times, today's back and forth became tense, especially when the conversation turned to coverage of recent leaks about the trump administration's contact are russia. >> can you say that nobody on your campaign had any contacts with the russians during the campaign. and on the leaks, is it fake news or are these real leaks? >> well, the leaks are real. you're the one that wrote about them and reported them. the leaks are real.
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you know what they said, you saw it. and the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake. because so much of the news is fake. one thing that i felt was very important to do -- i hope we can correct it. nobody i have more respect for -- maybe a little bit -- than reporters, good reporters. >> the news conference left some stunned and confused. at least one republican senator spoke out immediately on msnbc. >> i do take very seriously the fact that you have one president at a time and that if mr. flynn was directly involved in talking about sanctions and what would happen in the future, then i think that's a very serious charge, a very serious issue. >> again, today's news conference was billed as an opportunity for the president to announce his new pick to head the department of labor. he did do that. announcing alexander acosta would be his nominee. there's much more to hear from today's news conference. a live report from nbc news
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coming up at 4:30. erin coleman, nbc 10 news. turning to weather in camden county this afternoon, bundling up but taking advantage of the sun that was out at times. people were out working and riding their bike around cooper river park. all of this before a weekend warm up comes our way. >> it was really windy out there when i was out with the dog. >> it was windy and it was cold. but you know what helped me get through today? >> what's that? >> the fact it's going to be so beautiful this weekend. when we get snowfall or big dips in temperature and when we have a gorgeous weekend coming. we love it's going to be 65 on sunday. >> absolutely. there's going to be a tremendous change from what we have seen here. temperatures in the 30s, even with some sunshine. and winds, 20 mile an hour sustained winds. some areas even stronger than that. 23 in delaware. and just a couple days, we're going to be in the 60s.
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all over the area in the 60s. believe it or not. right now, it's only 37 in newark. 37 reedy point, middletown. delaware, got a pretty strong west wind. as jim said is very gusty today. gusting up to 40 miles an hour. 38 in allen down, lincoln. 37 in lewis, delaware. it's going to be a chilly day tomorrow, but not as cold as today. it's gusting to 37 in wilmington. 36 in millville. so it will take a little while for this wind to diminish. it will during the night tonight. dying down and much less wind during the day tomorrow. we've got more dry weather coming. at least another week's worth and we're already in a moderate drought, as you'll see in a minute. temperatures, 60s, both saturday and sunday. just an incredible weekend for
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those of you who like spring-like weather. we have a lot of clouds around, at least parts of the area and a few snow flurries in parts of cape may county. nothing too significant. and this is significant, an area of drought. it's pretty extreme in parts of new england. but look at all southeast pennsylvania, in a moderate drought, parts of new jersey and northern delaware as well. and with the lack of rain that we're going to be seeing over the next week or so, of course, we're going to be in the position of needing more rain at some time in the future. now, as we go into the weekend, we're going to be seeing temperatures going up into the 60s. you can see your seven-day forecast right at the bottom of your screen. i expect everybody to be in the 60s. and even into next week. temperatures will be way above normal. today is the coldest day you're
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going to see for quite a while. we'll be back with the rest of the forecast a little bit later. >> looking forward to it. i want to go to breaking news from sky force 10. what you're looking at a fire at the concord mall at wilmington delaware. you see the ladders reaching up to the macy's store. inside the mall. we don't see any smoke or flames. we also don't see any shoppers or workers pouring out into the parking lot. we don't know of any injuries at this point. so that's the good news here about a fire inside the concord mall in wilmington delaware, inside the macy's store there. we don't know the extent of damage to that store at this time. we'll check back. to this now, you cancel your service and the bills are supposed to stop. >> a nbc 10 viewer said that never happened when she moved and shut down her home security plan. how harry hairston and nbc 10 responds got involved to get her help.
4:22 pm
plus, we'll take you inside the renovated wawa serving suds with your favorite sandwiches. which check your pockets, the donation to goodwill that nearly cost a woman $8,000. next at 4:00. here's a look at the closing bell on wall street today. mixed day, the dow was up, nasdaq and s&p 500 were down today.
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here is a reminder tonight to always check your pockets before you donate clothing. >> a woman in california was thrilled to be getting rid of some of her husband's clothes, including this bright orange dress shirt. i guess she didn't like it. after donating it to good will her husband told her he had been stashing cash in that shirt. >> my husband was secretly
4:26 pm
saving for the last six years, apparently, to take me to italy when he retired. >> luckily, she was able to find the orange shirt and get this, she also found the $8,000 her husband saved up. good will says it gets a couple calls a week from people who mistake lane donate a valuable. >> suddenly she likes that orange shirt. >> 8,000 down in the pocket. can't imagine. >> how about an envelope in a drawer? >> i know. glad she found it. >> yep. off the table. >> big changes coming to your favorite atlantic city board game. the piece that monopoly fans have given the boot. this woman racked up hundreds of dollars in bills after she canceled her home security system and moved. next how a call to harry helped get her her money. ♪
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back to our top story, president trump going one-on-one with reporters for the first time today since taking office. >> it all started with him him naming a new labor secretary. the president pushed back at claims that the white house is in chaos. >> this administration is running like a fine tuned machine. despite the fact that i can't get my cabinet approved. and they're outstanding people. >> there were a few bombshells. for the first time the president confirmed he fired mike flynn. and also said he doesn't think flynn did anything wrong by talking to the russians about sanctions before trump even took office. now, let's get to cakasie hunt.
4:31 pm
>> what's the reaction from republicans and democrats to this news conference? >> reporter: i think it's one of surprise. it took the halls of congress aback for the hour and 15 minutes it lasted. the hours sense we've seen members of the congressional black caucus react. the president focused on president elijah cummings, he said he would like to set up a meeting with him. the democrats called it terrifying and embarrassing. republicans, for the most part have had a muted reaction. i talked to a number of them who were as well taken aback. one privately said it was unbelievable what unfolded over the course of the afternoon. but, republicans are trying to focus on making sure that they pass big agenda priorities that the president ran on. things like changing the president's healthcare law, rewriting the tax code to try to
4:32 pm
simplify it. i did talk to one republican who is a big part of those initiatives and he said he thought the press conference was about growth and cutting taxes and getting america back to work. >> trump promised voters he would shake up washington. people you have spoken to, do you think he's doing that, what he promised all along? >> reporter: i think it is certainly clear from people that i've known for quite some time in years of covering washington he is definitely shaking up what is going on here in washington. i think the question is, what will this mean for him and for other republicans in the long term? whether this is something -- and the way he's governing is going to make the people who voted for him, especially swing voters be more excited about backing him over the course of the next two years and four years or whether it's going to put some of those swing voters off. you heard in that sound bite you played donald trump talking about how he says his administration is running like a fine tuned machine. there's a perception, especially from other republicans up here
4:33 pm
on capitol hill, that there is some chaos going on that might get in the way. it's going to -- only time will tell whether voters think that that chaos is a bad thing or if it's exactly what you say and it's fulfilling a campaign promise. >> thanks so much. >> reporter: thanks, guys. now to nbc 10 responds, a woman buys a security system. but says she canceled the service when she moved. >> after numerous calls to the company, new resolution, she contacts harry and nbc 10 responds. what happens here? >> when you figure you cancel a service and still getting bill, that can be alarming. she tellsu us for months she's been trying to get this fixed before it affected her credit. >> the area wasn't the best, like the vandalism and the crime, it was time to get a security system. >> the manager sold her the
4:34 pm
system in may of last year. it came with one camera but she purchased one additional one. she tells us the manager promised as part of the deal if she ever moved at&t would install a new system with all three cameras free of charge. two months later when she moved, she said at&t automatically canceled service at her apartment. but the company explained, the new system would only have one camera. >> you're not going to get a move request for the two additional cameras, those were you personal property. >> she declined to get the new system without all three cameras. although she didn't have a system, at&t billed her for a past due amount of $276.58. >> i called you guys two weeks ago because they sent me a notice saying we're going to send this bill to credit. >> the bill was for service that she canceled at her old apartment and she didn't owe it. we contacted at&t for answers. the company declined to discuss details about carter's account. but it did send us this
4:35 pm
statement saying, quote, we work with the customer to address her billing concerns. she is satisfied with the resolution. carter sent us this nbc 10 responds cam. >> just want to say thank you to you and your team at nbc 10. >> well, here's the take away here. whenever you're promise added a, make sure it's in writing. if there's any confusion you have documented proof of what was agreed to. carter's is off the hook for the $276.58. guys? >> get it in writing thing again. >> yeah, you got to. just make sure you have it. write it down, please. >> makes all the difference. >> get it in writing. let's see what's happening with our recovery counter. we're up to $3,387.68. >> it's climbing if you have a consumer complaint, fill out the form on >> coming up tomorrow on nbc 10
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responds, tax season is prime time for scammers to pose as the irs. we'll have their latest tricks. right now, some of the other stories we're following county by county. chester county, students at west chester university say their debt is out of control. so today, they're asking the pennsylvania state system of higher education for a five year tuition freeze. students demanding the university provide a living wage of $15 per hour for student and campus workers. delaware county, substance abuse will be in a spotlight at a school meeting tonight. speaking at penn wood high school will be the narcotic overdose task force. tonight's meeting is set for 6:00. >> in cape may county, the police department is preparing to honor one of its fallen
4:37 pm
officers on the 23rd anniversary of his death. they will lower their flags at half-staff while placing a memorial wreath. lehigh county, three employees are injured after a canister exploded this morning. this happened at tech park. investigators say the canister had a chemical inside it but they're not sure what the chemical was. the has mat team cleared up the scene and decontaminated. the employees are expected to be okay. >> with warmer weather coming this weekend, a lot of parents will be out for a stroll with their kids. >> they need to know about a massive recall of a very popular stroller. what parents need to know before the next time they take their baby out. want a beer with your hokey? one wawa will sell beer.
4:38 pm
all new a 5:00, it's a long ride to school. are you keeping kids on the bus too long? >> we probably are. the investigators show us how it's costing your kids and what local leaders are doing to speed up their trip. the investw it's costing your kids and what local leaders are doing to speed up their trip.
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a popular stroller brand is issuing a recall to tell you about. britac says the bob motion with click and go mounts can come undone. the seat part can fall off the stroller. 26 children have been hurt. if you have one of these strollers contact them for a free repair kit. a big change for your favorite board game. >> monopoly is saying so long to a token. we'll tell you which one is off the table and which new pieces could be passing go by next month.
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i wonder how you'll feel about this. it's game over for one of the most well known pieces in monopoly. here it is. take a look. after 82 years, yeah, say so long to the thimble. it was revealed today the thimble would be retired as part of a campaign to select the next generation of game pieces, plenty to choose from. in all, 64 different possibilities. monopoly fans were allowed to vote for the eight pieces that will become part of the new lineup. one of the choices, the hashtag. that's a possibility. another one, the emoji might make its way from your phone to the board. voting is closed now. the winning pieces will be announced march 19th which is world monopoly day. the game dates back to 1903. as you're probably aware it's based on the real streets of atlantic city.
4:46 pm
facebook is taking on linked in. apply through the company's page and facebook will offer to autofill your application with info from your profile. employers will respond through facebook messenger. you might want to clean up your facebook page. linked in is strictly business. your facebook profile, not so much. olympians who win medals in the 2020 games will be wearing recycles cell phones. the government in tokyo started collecting electronic devices to mine for the medals to mint medals frl the 2020 tokyo olympics. it's the first for the medals to be made from recycles materials. they need about 20 million foenz. take a look at the banner unfurled today. garth brooks' tickets went on
4:47 pm
sale. it's been 19 years since he's been here. he looked about the same. he's doing four shows over three days. >> lucky the banner didn't blow away. >> it was gusty out there. >> we're looking forward to the weekend. here is glenn "hurricane" schwartz. a lot of people looking forward to spring-like weather. you're going to get it and it's going to happen on the weekend. it didn't feel like spring today. we had clouds around as well. look at the temperatures, only in the 30s. the average high for this time of the year is 43. no where near it. already down to 31 in west callan township. >> st. david's at 35. fort washington. also at 35 degrees. well, the temperature trend, look at that. 39 for the high today, 45 tomorrow and saturday and
4:48 pm
sunday, going to be kind of typical for april the 23rd. that's what our average high temperature is up to 65. we're still pretty gusty. wilmington, over 35 miles an hour. we've been close to 40 in a couple spots today. it will be diminishing a good bit after sunset. we've had a couple of snow flurries down in cape may county . tomorrow not nearly as windy, 10 mile an hour wind. a good bit of sunshine. temperatures, not quite as cold as today. once we get past the morning. the chestnut hills, it starts off at 24 and goes up to 43. langhorn, goes up to 44. easton and allentown, 24 going up to 39 degrees. it wasn't quite that warm today. voorhees township at 45. so is egg harbor township.
4:49 pm
that is for tomorrow. look at that. for the weekend, saturday and sunday, a lot of sunshine both days. no rain expected anywhere. even at the jersey shore, the temperatures will be way above average. a little bit of a wind off the ocean on saturday. keeping the temperatures down a little bit. and 60 on sunday. lehigh valley, 57. both days. so everybody is going to be seeing a very warm weekend for this time of the year. there it is. jumps from 45 to 65. then we are dropping down on monday. just a little bit. look at these temperatures. this is way above average. all the way through next week. you also don't see any precipitation until you get to next weekend. of course, as we showed you a little earlier, we're in a moderate drought. we could use a little bit of the rain. but the 65's we get this weekend, that might not be the
4:50 pm
end of it in the ten day. i've got more days in the 60s next week. >> make sure to enjoy this weekend. look at that ten day, the following weekend, rainy. >> not so much. >> get out there. >> all right. raising a glass to a major renovation. >> we're talking about serving up a cold one with your favorite sandwiches at wawa, next we'll take you inside the delaware county store and explain whether or not customers are liking this idea of beer with your sandwich.
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right now at 4:00 a beer at a wawa. >> a delaware county store is serving up suds with your favorite sandwiches and changing the way people shop and dine.
4:54 pm
tim furlong takes us there. >> reporter: if you've ever wanted a high life with your panini, you'll be happy to hear this sound. as of this morning's ribbon cutting, you can now buy beer at the wawa on route 202 in concord township. >> i'm excited i can get my beer now. >> reporter: you can beer at wawa's in virginia and florida. it's not going to happen here. i'm sorry to tell you, this wawa is going to be the only one in the region that sells beer. the rest of wawa's 750 locations aren't big enough to comply to do all this. it's the foyer for the new walk in beer cooler, which is already very, very popular. >> we buy -- we're allowing one beer per person when they sit
4:55 pm
and consume here. >> reporter: there are rules posted, a separate register where everyone will show i d. and while craft brewers gave samples outside today. >> it pairs well with a pretzel. >> reporter: this is the last time you'll be able to consume being in the parking lot. the company envisioned the beer cooler like the coffee machines, touch screens and gas pumps, another convenience. >> i can get my beer there, one stop shopping. >> reporter: in concord township, tim furlong. >> only one if you're sitting there to eat. >> exactly. >> know your limit. we're working on several stories at 5:00. next at 5:00, think your commute's pretty bad? the investigators found children all over pennsylvania is spending more than an hour on their school bus. >> we find out how it's affecting them on the classroom. we ask local leaders what
4:56 pm
they're doing to shorten the ride. >> i'm tracking a major warm up for this weekend. temperatures are going to top out in the mid 60s. we do have one more chilly day before we get there, i have your most accurate forecast coming up in just a bit. plus, it's the news conference that turned into must see tv this afternoon. donald trump taking questions from reporters. what he says about the reports, his ties to russia and what the president thinks of his for the first four weeks.
4:57 pm
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs, and jan can upload 180 photos. 12 seconds. that's the power of fiber optics. get 150 meg internet with equal upload and download speeds, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month for the first year. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good. only fios can.
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to be honest, i inherited a mess. it's a mess. jobs are pouring out of the country. the middle east, a disaster. north korea. isis has spread like cancer. russia is fake news. the leaks are absolutely real. the news is fake. this administration is running like a fine tuned machine. right now at 5:00, president trump takes on his critics and that was just a taste from his first solo news conference. >> many said they have never seen anything like it. nbc 10's lauren mayk shows us how the president went after everything from the democrats, the media to the leakers inside his administration. >> reporter: in the first solo news conference of his administration, president trump aiming to set the record straight.
5:00 pm
>> i turn on the tv, open the newspapers, and i see stories of chaos. chaos. yet it is the exact opposite. this administration is running like a fine tuned machine. >> reporter: the president answering his first questions about something that's brought discord to washington. the firing of national security advisor michael flynn. >> and i asked for his resignation. he respectfully gave it. >> reporter: the president answered a question about keeping the vice president in the dark saying flynn didn't do anything wrong. >> he was doing his job. the thing is, he didn't tell our vice president properly and he said he didn't remember. so either way it wasn't very satisfactory to me. >> reporter: the president taking on broader questions about russia without being asked. >> i own nothing in russia. i have no loans in


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