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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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freezing and force today bundle up. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking this warm up in your most accurate weather forecast. glenn? >> yeah, the problem is when you get temperatures in the 60s on the ice, the ice gets a little -- yeah, extra slippery. water standing. not exactly great conditions for that. great conditions for almost anything else. and we're also going to be having a lot of sunshine like we have right now. we're not going to be seeing a lot of wind, and not expected precipitation either. 44 in philadelphia right now which is at the average for this time of the year. okay. what we have now is average. and atlantic city is 44. wilmington 45. dover 46. but look what is going to be happening here. we got up to 39 yesterday. it will be about 45 today.
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jumping 20 degrees for tomorrow and sunday perhaps even a little higher. sunday a little bit chance of some places getting to record levels. 20 degree jump in just one day. so we go through the night tonight, with this warm air surging in, that's not going to tul allow the temperatures to drop. lehigh valley 28. so very few places, even into the 20s by tomorrow morning. so that's a milder start. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures into the 60s. we have more 60s into next week as well. we'll get into that a little bit later. all right. we'll have more than just this weekend to enjoy it. >> lasts a little bit longer. if you're looking to take advantage of the warm weekend. tim furlong has you covered. joining us live from wilmington. i'm guessing maybe one of your
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activities will involve maybe, a jeep somehow this weekend with the top off? >> reporter:. we're on the cusp. i can pretty much guarantee you a beer will be on the menu. these garage doors open up and they let the warm air inside. at rni score, the weather means the bike dudes need to work faster. >> we're starting to see people's light bulbs go off and get the inspiration. >> reporter: they're making way for the bikes, shades, some are ready for a nice weekend of disk golf. >> it's nice to get good weather. >> reporter: at the blue cross river rink in philly. ice force 10 hoping the ice
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stays icy. enjoy the skating while you can. the sto camel back, skiers are already on the slopes doing their wintry sport. it's going to be nice for the annual undies run in south philly. and for the mummers, whatever you got to do to get outside. maybe you'll be one of the customers starting at rei. >> when they get the 60 degree weather, it's on. >> reporter: yeah, so much to do this weekend with the ac/rv show. valley forge visitor's center going to have cupcakes in honor of george washington's birthday. live in wilmington, nbc 10 news. you can plan for your weekend with withe nbc 10 app.
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download it for free to get the hour by hour forecast for your neighborhood. our 20 minutes of non-stop news continues with a story you'll only see here. a pair of suspects using a cr crowbar to break into a montgomery pizza shot. deanta durante is live from montgomery county. these suspects are going from town to town breaking into several small businesses? >> reporter: in one night they were here at the springfield town ship strip mall. then they hit a second business right next door. a little while later, less than a half hour, they were two towns over inside that pizza shop. lewis' family business is food. he's a third generation pizza chef. he knows criminals target shops like his. when it comes to these guys, he can't quite figure out why they've been picking on him.
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>> in my case, it might be someone that just doesn't like me. >> reporter: that's the only reason for why these guys would strike more than once. the first time around 3:00 a.m. christmas morning. 52 days later on wednesday morning, they were back again. >> we can't explain why they would come back a second time. we find that to be odd. but it seems like they were looking for something. >> reporter: both times the thieves got away without getting any cash. police say they came in and hit li lieuegy's. >> it's the same guys, even though they're covered from head to toe. they're wearing the same garb. they have the same huge crowbar. >> reporter: the faces are hands are covered, but maybe you recognize the clothes they're wearing. one man has glasses over his mask the other appears to be walking with a limp. or maybe you know where they got
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this larger than average crow bar. business owners in several towns, four of them right now, they are all looking for these guys. they want to know if you recognize the clothes they're wearing or maybe where they got that crow bar. if you know anything about the cases you're asked to call police. >> they've been busy. demonstrators across our area gathering to protest donald trump's administration. >> randy gyllenhaal is live near city hall with more of the message they're trying to send. i know the demonstrations were planned for noon, 1:00, 4:00, 5:00. >> reporter: there's been a few and there are some all across the country, including this one that's gathering near city hall. we're expecting two large demonstrations around rush hour in center city. let me zoom in and show you the crowd. they want to put pressure on the philadelphia police department to end stop and frisk.
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also concern about president trump's rhetoric of law and order. there's members of the philadelphia police department gathering to make sure the protest stays safe. the folks here will begin marching in about an hour during rush hour. another separate demonstration about a mile from here at the philadelphia art meme. a group of bicyclists are gathering. they're part of the general strike that we're seeing in cities across the country, specifically the ones we talked today are focusing on president trump's immigration policy. also some concern about authorityian tendencies inside the white house. we spoke to the organizers. >> maximize disruption. i don't mean disrupting traffic but disrupting the rhythms of every day life so people who wouldn't normally be exposed to these kinds of voices are in a way forced to. >> reporter: that bike protest beginning at the art museum, they say they're going to ride around center city through traffic trying to make a message
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around 5:30. we're told they will begin that bike ride. we'll be tracking it live from sky force 10, as well as this protest that's just beginning to gather. randy gyllenhaal. to atlantic city, a dozen people carrying signs saying things like make american sane again and keep democracy alive. they walked the board walk. they started at the taj mahal. the strike against trump was more than a stroll on the board walk with their signs. this group is asking people not to spend any money today. hoping that will get the attention of lawmakers in washington. president trump is on the road today. >> yeah, he's touting job growth as he visited a boeing facility in south carolina. he toured the plant as boeing unveiled its dream liner aircraft. the president told workers he'll continue to press companies to bring jobs back from overseas
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and penalize those who don't. >> you built this incredible airplane behind me, we're going to rebuild this country and insure that every forgotten community has the bright future it deserves. >> president trump is off to florida where he'll hold a campaign style rally tomorrow, his first one as president. the senate confirmed president trump's choice to lead the environmental protection agency. scott pruitt and oklahoma's attorney general. several democrats have criticized his relationship to oil and gas degrees. they held an overnight debate in opposition of pruitt. among his most out spoken critics was delaware senator tom carper. >> instead of holding polluters and bad actors accountable. mr. pruitt spent a lot of his time suing the environmental protection agency. >> senate democrats wanted to delay a vote of pruitt.
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they ordered him to release thousands of e-mails with oil and gas executives by next week. pruitt has refused to release the e-mails for more than two years. bucks county officials say the trump and clinton campaigns owe them $25,000 for rallies they held in new town township last year. supervisors have written the new athletic club sports training center where the trump campaign held a rally in october. they're asking for help getting the $19,000 spent from the campaign. they've asked the bucks county democratic committee for help for a rally tim kaine held the same month. kaine spoke at bucks county commute community college. philadelphia mayor hopes taxes can renovate parks and recreation centers. future projects using the bevererabeve
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beverage tax is on hold. aundrea cline-thomas is joining us to explain. >> the fight never fizzled after it passed last summer. in recent weeks it has intensified forcing the mayor's administration to come up with a plan b as the legal fight continues. the library is closed until october while it's under construction. more computer labs, quiet spaces and handicap accessibility will be some of its features. it will become the prototype for what the library hopes to replicate across the city. >> it's a lot of plaster and we have heating problems. >> the other libraries, will have to wait for money from the soda tax. this branch had to shut down in the summer and winter because of air conditioning and heating issues. the wear and tear on the old building shows. what would you want done? >> i would want a paint job. i would want more bulletin boards. >> building and renovating
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libraries, parks and recreation centers makes up 21% of the revenue generated from taxing sugary beverages. >> we went from paying $80 for a box of syrup to $130, $140. significant for small business like ours. >> a cost businesses like more than just ice cream say they have to pass on to customers. few will want to pay $2.50 for a soda. >> which cuts into our bottom line for any restaurant, the beverage part of it is a big part of the money coming in. >> the soda tax is not a done deal. it's headed to court again. a judge will hear arguments starting in april. aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. so here's the reason this morning's commute on the new jersey turn pike was tough for drivers in burlington county. there were big backups, really big ones after this tractor trailer hit an overpass at mount
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laurel road near route 173. two people in the truck were taken to the hospital. the father of a man shot and killed inside a north philadelphia bar overnight is pleading to the shooter to turn himself in. today philadelphia police are going door to door asking neighbors if they know anything. police say the shooter got into a fight with eugene farmer inside the bar. the shooter robbed the bar and left. >> i wish the man would turn himself in. he took a life. for $175. life is more than that. >> the father said his son started working at monique's lounge a little more than two weeks ago. he was going to be installing security cameras at the bar. the old rebel casino will not reopen this weekend as the developer wanted. atlantic city says permits and licenses aren't in place. the casino went bankrupt twice when it was named rebel and closed in 2014. it was bought and renamed and
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said it would open this weekend. a jersey deli is shut down and the owner is accused of sexually assaulting his employees. tonight, the owner is charged with criminal restraint, criminal sexual contact and harassment. police say they were two complaints from women who worked at the deli. >> he would hold the victim down and not allow them to leave. >> police say he may have assaulted others. happening now, a south philadelphia community is making its voice heard two days after the murder of a teenager. neighbors, police officers and council members are taking part in a safety walk. this group is hoping to raise concerns about gun violence in the area. a 17-year-old was shot and killed wednesday afternoon. police are still looking for the killer. a traffic alert if you're driving in center city this weekend. 21est street is closed between arch and market.
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penn dot is demolishing an overhead bridge. the work is expected today wrap up monday with 21est street reopening at 6:00 p.m. the murder trial of accused cop killer eric frain is set to begin in less than a month. opening statements are a month later. he is charged with opening fire outside the blooming grove barracks in 2014. killing one state trooper and seriously wounding another. because it's a high profile case, jurors will be chosen in chester county. a former student is suing a bucks county boarding school at the center of a sexual abuse scandal. the lawsuit against the school was announced today. it detailed half a century of sexual abuse at the school. the school is not commenting on that lawsuit. vocational students would not have to take the keystone high school exam under a new bill proposed in pennsylvania.
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the exams would be replaced with certification based on the students' field of study. the keystone exam is a pennsylvania standardized test. in the lehigh valley a change in ownership for a hospital. easton hospital has been sold as stewart health care center in boston. the owners needed to sell several hospitals after paying down a $1.5 billion debt. this could be a historic weekend for space travel. >> clouds and rain could challenge space x's planned launch on saturday. space x is partnering with nasa. the launch pad at kennedy space center hasn't hosted a liftoff since 2011 when nasa's space shuttle program ended. space x's original launch pad in
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cape canaveral was damaged last september. if tomorrow's launch is postponed they'll try again sunday. back to our first alert weather. taking a live look at boat house row. you can bet plenty of bikers and rowers will be out there tomorrow as we go into the 60s. >> i think kelly drive will be packed out there. >> yes. >> maybe head out there for a ride yourself. >> if you're biking, be careful because there will be plenty of company, i'm sure? >> bikers and joggers and everybody on top of each other tomorrow. it's going to be kind of a spectacular day. not just tomorrow. sunday as well. right now, it's on the chilly side, 44. at least not windy. 6 mile an hour wind. we have a lot of sunshine across a good bit of the area with temperatures in the 40s. and a beautiful end to the day at the jersey shore. this is cape may. as the sun goes down you can see it shimmering off the ocean.
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the temperatures, well, it's still on the chilly side. that west wind, that's a land breeze. and so we have pretty uniform temperatures here. 46 in ventnor. 45 in egg harbor township. 44 in woodbine and stone harbor. 40 in cape may point. the ocean temperature is cold at 39. so this weekend, we've got temperatures into the 60s. both saturday and sunday. and compared to the 40 that we've seen today, you're really going to feel that. mainly dry for the next week or so. remember, we're in a moderate drought, we could use some of this rain. next week we have more 60s on the way. this saturday and sunday thing, that's not the end of it. it's not going to stay warm on monday and tuesday, but it will be warming right back up. we had sunshine here now. and dry weather all the way
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through the midwest. so the cold air will be exiting. and the southwest winds coming in, bringing that warm air. and it's going to be with us all weekend. this is saturday afternoon. we still don't see much in the way of clouds. some saturday night and maybe into sunday morning. but there's that dry west wind, a warm west wind. it goes into the northwest on sunday. that's not bringing in colder air. so take a look at this. for tomorrow, 65 in fairmount. 61 in langhorn. 62 in reading. 57 degrees in allentown. a lot of sunshine all across the area. voorhees, 63. now, at the shore, got a southwest wind, so it will be cooler right at the beaches. 54 degrees in longport. that will be a cool spot in the area. dover, rehobeth beach, 65
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degrees. we look at the high temperatures, saturday, sunday and monday. we already told you about saturday and sunday being into the mid 60s. monday's going to cool down a little bit. but that's still ten degrees above normal f time of the year. i expect it to stay dry. lehigh valley only about 50 on monday. for the holiday. but lots of sunshine. nothing but sunshine there on monday. now, when we get to the seven-day forecast, you can see that at the bottom of your screen, as we go into next week temperatures will start to go back up into the 60s. all right. glenn. we all sort of dread doing our taxes i think. but the season is around. prime time for scanners to pose as the irs. >> it can be dangerous. nbc 10 responds shows you their latest tricks to score your information. plus, the big change you need to know before you file. building new thrills at the jersey shore after a pair of
4:21 pm
disasters took a toll on tourism. >> this is really going to bring more crowds. >> i'm ted greenberg with the big changes you'll find in the seaside this summer. and look at this guy. you see him flexing there and a thumbs up for the camera? it was after saving a toddler from a terrifying fall. the video you just have to see it next on nbc 10 news. let's take a look at the closing bell on wall street, stocks are up today.
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by the name tex. sprang into action and grabbed the boy before he hit the floor and then tex shows off for the camera. good job. >> really good reflexes by tex when that kid slid. >> could have been bad. >> should go out for the eagles, wide receiver. >> come on up north. a lucerne county man returned a book 70 years past due. >> he said the dad checked the book out when he was nine. >> he took the time to come down to the library to return us and took the chance we didn't say, well, now you know the fine has grown over the years. >> she was anxious to tell us that. that fine did grow to $550 the library did not impose it. the return date was stamped
4:26 pm
december 2nd, 1941. five days before the japanese attack on pearl harbor. glad they didn't impose the fine. >> he was honest. >> love to see that. how about this? seeing double? >> yeah, the real hillary clinton out on the town with her snl impersonator. ahead at 4:00, the dinner date that has everyone talking on social media. you ready for the warmest weekend in more than three months? i'm tracking the return of the 60s for the holiday weekend in your most accurate weather forecast. and building new thrills at the jersey shore. next at 4:00, the big changes you'll find there this summer.
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like my children's college tuition and retirement. i can help you piece together your financial journey for today and tomorrow. if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen. board walks along the jersey
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shore will be busy for the warm holiday weekend. in one resort area, major changes impossible to miss. >> a pair of disasters left the seaside struggling. there are high hopes for a big turn around. ted greenberg shows us why. >> reporter: building thrills on casino pier. >> i think it's excellent. >> reporter: new additions that keep sparking linda's interest. >> we come down every week to check it out. >> reporter: this is a brand-new roller coaster, set to open by easter weekend on the just expanded seaside heights land mark. casino pier got world wide attention when its coaster was washed into the ocean by hurricane sandy in 2012. >> having this coaster is saying we're back. >> reporter: the storm dealt a blow to local tourism as did the devastating board walk inferno the following year. but now construction finally
4:31 pm
bringing business back to the rebuilt board walk in neighboring seaside park. nine buildings going up to house shop and food outlets. >> bring more life into the area of the board walk because it's been drab for a couple years. >> i think it's all important. it's going to bring so much revenue. >> reporter: hydrus means water snake but it also means kaunsilation. >> i'm glad we can make new memories. >> reporter: a new ferris wheel will soon rise 131 feet above casino pier. towering attractions, that to many also represent resilience. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. see how pretty the skies are. cape may, the sun is still shining down the shore. it will be great weather to take a walk on the beach. still a little chilly tonight, a
4:32 pm
live look down broad street. this is a shot from our kimmel center campus camera. by tomorrow we'll be feeling spring like temperatures in philly. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking the warm up and we love it when it's the most accurate when we're talking about warm temps. >> and coming on a weekend. >> makes me think about baseball. almost like baseball weather this weekend. not a whole lot of wind. 44 in philadelphia. and trenton. atlantic city. that is the average high temperature for this time of the year. but we are going way above that as we head into the weekend. the average 44, we are only 39 yesterday for the high. 45 for today's high and then well into the 60s. 20 degree jump in just one day. and as we go through the night
4:33 pm
tonight, the temperature doesn't really drop a whole lot. only the wind, it has gone to practically calm. the feels like temperature by 9:00, only down to 34. remember, this is the coldest day that we're going to see for at least another week. how about that? the wind, not too much of a factor right now. it is a land breeze as we've been showing you. seven, eight miles an hour. 12 miles an hour in philadelphia. we'll have the warm winds, we'll see how much of next week we're affected by that and when we're going to see much needed rain coming up. here are some of the other stories we're following at 4:00. burlington county, their mayor is answering a federal lawsuit that a township school officials filed against them. the mayor has filed documents seeking to have the suit dismissed. the suit alleged brown is
4:34 pm
racially biassed. a fight where a church wants to slit from its national denomination. new castle county, newark is laying out the welcome mack for mike row breweries. it was almost unanimous, one member was not at that vote, so it was counted as a nay. atlantic county, evander holyfield is in atlantic city city. he is a four time heavy weight champ and was recently elected to the international boxing hall of fame. workers at the betsy ross house are kicking off the long president's day weekend by doing what they do best, makic flags. it's part of a new exhibit that opens this weekend called historic threads. 250 years of flag making in philadelphia. from now through january, you
4:35 pm
can see presidential flags made here in philadelphia. betsy ross house is open every day from 10:00 in the morning to 5:00 p.m. george clooney's mother is so excited about being a grandmother to twins, she spilled the beans about what they're having. nina clooney said her son and his wife are having one of each. the 55-year-old clooney and his 39-year-old wife announced they were having twins last week and they're due in june. grandma is forgiven, but you know they were like we were trying to keep that secret. >> now we know. there will be a tax write off, boy and a girl? >> absolutely. >> it's tax season. time to get your receipt and finances in order for tax time. >> it's also time to keep your guard up. still ahead, nbc 10 responds explains what you need to know before irs impostors come after your information. plus, making an adjustment. next at 4:00, the free program helping adults with autism
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transition to college.
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new evidence today that adhd is a brain disorder and you might be able to actually out grow it. researchers in the netherlands say people with adhd showed delayed development. the greatest differences are seen in children. that suggests you can eventually outgrow the condition. going to college can be a tough transition for anyone. that is especially true for adults with autism. the university of north florida is now offering a free program to help make that adjustment easier. the program is called thrive. students in thrive work on social interactions in week day meet ups, life skill class and career fairs. >> it's helped me steadily come out of my shell and to really take the initiative as far as a student here at unf to own my
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time here and not just be a commuter, not just be one small part that doesn't, you know, use his voice. >> the woman who created the program says she hopes this helped students feel connected and at home while they're at college. a new reality show at the jersey shore. >> some residents say the idea is kind of bringing back memories of another show. next at 4:00, how the return of tv cameras has the town concerned. glenn? yeah, the situation. we could be breaking records with as much warmer weather on the way. i'm tracking the long weekend warm up in your neighborhood. your most accurate weather forecast.
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breaking news from septa on a friday right at the beginning of rush hour. regional rail trains are not running on the media elwin line
4:44 pm
because of the police investigation near the c cane station. sky force 10 was over that area a short time ago. police are serving a warrant near that station. they have asked septa to halt the trains. we'll let you know when it's back up and running. also, want to show you something happening now. a south philadelphia community making its voice heard two days after the murder of a teenager. neighbors, police officers and a council member are handing out flyers, hoping to raise concerns about gun violence in the area. a 17-year-old was shot in the area wednesday afternoon. police are still looking for his killer. well, they are dancing up a storm in happy valley. penn state's thon is getting on the way.
4:45 pm
it's a no sleeping, no sitting dance marathon. some 16,000 students are going to take part in that. >> i'm guessing at the 45th hour it will be slow dancing. tv cameras are returning to the jersey shore. not everyone's excited about it, though. people living in seaside heights are worried about a repeat of jersey shore. bamboo bar, put out a flyer for a casting call tomorrow, looking for loud and fun single people. the show is tentatively titled i love summer. it would follow roommates who work at the bar on night. >> who are loud and fun. >> not sure if there's going to be a snookie among the bunch. >> memories. >> you never know who you might spot having dinner in new york city. >> that's for sure. this week, it was a pair of hillary clintons. take a look. >> hi. i'm hillary rodham clinton. >> great name i'm val. >> remember that? hillary clinton appear ing with her impersonator on "saturday
4:46 pm
night live." the two were spotted having dinner wednesday night in manhattan. there was reportedly plenty of laughter coming from their table. and now she does kellyanne conway. >> she does. snl has been in the spotlight. this prompted a lot of speculation, maybe hillary clinton is going to make a cameo on an upcoming snl. we'll have to wait and see. people are definitely talking about snl. >> also talking about the weekend weather we're getting ready for, glenn? >> by saturday night, 11:30, it's going to be pretty pleasant. still be outside without the heavy winter coat this weekend at any time this weekend. it's 44 right now. the official high today was 45 which is right around average for this time of the year. very little wind compared to what we've seen over the last few days. you can see none of the areas
4:47 pm
have any kind of substantial wind. let's head up towards berks county, lehigh valley and see how the temperatures are going. 41 in sinking spring. 43 in blanden and reading. 44 degrees in whitehall. bethlehem. nazareth and walnut port at 42. so we've got temperatures going into the 60s both saturday and sunday. pretty good timing, huh? but it's not just going to be saturday and sunday. we're still going to be dry, not only through the weekend, but for a good bit of next week. but we're in a moderate drown. so we could use some rain eventually. next week, we've got the temperature going back up into the 60s. this weekend is not the end of it. it's not the end of winter, though. there could be a change in the pattern toward the end of the month of february, beginning of march. don't totally put the winter coats away.
4:48 pm
we have dry conditions out there right now and drier back to the west. so we'll be using this word for a few days now. tomorrow's going to be one of them. and 55 in easton. 57 in bethlehem. 62 in reading. low temperatures in the morning. upper 20s for this time of the year, that's not that cold. and it's going to warm up quickly as you can see. we go from 30 in the morning to 60 in the afternoon. philadelphia area, fairmount goes from 32 to 65. mount airy 30 to 61 degrees. everybody's going to be on the warm side. watch what happens as we get closer to the shore. haddonfield at 63 with a low of 30. at that shore itself, avalon 60. atlantic city 54. the southwest wind, cold ocean.
4:49 pm
it will be cooler right at the beaches there. in delaware, the land breeze for the delaware beaches, that's why rehobeth will be up to 65. that's all neighborhood weather stuff going on here. differences from one neighborhood to another. as we go through the weekend and into next week. here's the warm weather, saturday, sunday, drops down monday and tuesday. same thing with all the areas, but these monday and tuesday temperatures are still way above average. allentown, 50 monday. 47 on tuesday. wi wildwood drops down to 46 as we go into tuesday. yeah, a lot of people pretty happy with this forecast. but as i say in the newsroom, there are people who like the cold and the snow. >> absolutely. a lot of people are wanting it, especially in the slopes. >> and there are people's businesses that depend on the
4:50 pm
cold and snow. so we don't want to celebrate too much. but enjoy the weekend. >> i would like one big snowstorm. on a weekend. >> you do? >> before the season's over. that's just me. >> it feels like winter. >> i don't know if there are others out there who feel that way. >> i think there are a lot of people who are like that. enjoy the weekend, because glenn says winter might come next week. if you're about to do your taxes we have a warning. >> scammers are out to steal your money. next the nbc 10 responds team will explain how to protect yourselves from impostors. plus the big change you need to know before you file.
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in today's nbc 10 responds we're in the midst of tax season, which means it's prime time for scammers claiming to be with the irs. >> one local woman got a message that startled her. harry hairston tells us what to look for. >> norma gray received this text message from someone claiming to be with the irs. the message was an alert requesting a call back. >> he was saying stuff like, they going to file a claim against your name. >> shortly into the call gray said something clicked and she realized it was not the irs. she hung up before giving out personal information. >> i didn't let it get to that point. >> she was right to hang up. the irs won't initiate contact through e-mail or text. you could get a phone call. starting this spring, debt collection companies will call taxpayers on the government's behalf. though you'll get a letter stating you owe a debt before you get a call. and these legitimate calls are
4:55 pm
all the more reason to pay attention. and look out for scammers. >> i wanted people to know that they're still at it. >> okay, now if you get a text or e-mail or call from someone claiming to be with the irs. do not reply. don't click on any links or open any attachments. contact the real irs so it can investigate. you can forward a text to 202-552-1226 or e-mail phishing@i got to be careful out there. >> we heard for so long that you'll never get a call from the irs. >> that is something brand-new. it's not going to come directly from the irs but it's going to come from the agency they're going to hire, the debt collectors to make the call. again, remember, you will get a letter in the mail letting you know that that call could be forthcoming. >> correspondence.
4:56 pm
>> yes. >> if you have a complaint for nbc 10 responds, give us a call and we'll respond to you. coming up monday on nbc 10 responds, a trip to the hospital ends with a man paying a surprise bill, but he later learns he never actually owed the money. after months of battling the company, nbc 10 responds stepped in to help. that story will air monday on nbc 10 news today. right now we're working on several stories for nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> here are keith jones and erin coleman. >> next, a break in at a famous sandwich shop in south philly. it was no easy feat. >> i can't imagine. it's all greasy up there. it's disgusting. >> the owner of john's roast pork shows us how the thieves squeezed their way in and how the crime has shown him the worst and best of his community. i'm tracking a major warm up for this weekend. temperatures topping out in the 60s. i have your most accurate forecast coming up in just a bit.
4:57 pm
plus, a new start. more than a week after this deadly hit and run killed adlocal teenager. police say a key piece of evidence has been ruled out. that's next. all new at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
we are following breaking news from septa. regional rail trains are not running on the media elwin line
5:00 pm
because of a police investigation near the station. >> sky force 10 was over the area a short time ago. police are serving a warrant near that station and that brought train service to a halt. nbc 10's brandon hudson is headed to the scene. we'll bring you any new developments as they come into us. closed for business, there were no cheese steaks or roast pork sandwiches served today. that's after thieves pulled off a tricky break in at john's roast pork. >> the crime forced it to close for the day. the owner tells nbc 10 it's also shown him the best of his community. nbc 10's rosemary connors joins us at john's roast pork in south philly. this was not your average break in? >> reporter: definitely not. this place is locked up like a vault. that didn't stop the thieves in this case. they got creative, breaking in through the vent, the silver vent on top of the roof. >> they got in


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