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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 20, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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there. 53 degrees for the suburbs. topping out after 56 degrees this afternoon in philadelphia. got a couple of cool days. seven day noerk a-day forecast the air is scrolling on the bottom of the screen. mount holly exit 5. see actually one car at a time moving through into the right hand shoulder. traffic still getting by the area. we're not seeing massive delays behind it right now. that's because it's still pretty early. with it being an early monday morning and holiday, less traffic out on the road as well. your way, you probably want an alternate. 295. towards the trenton area. you have no problem doing so for
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now. 295 is great. here's route 309 around the pa turnpike. good in both directions. roads are dry. end here on 95. drive times moving through delaware still into the green right now. 11 minutes northbound from 295 to 495 with speeds into if 60s. katie and tracey. 6:01. continue to follow breaking news of violent attack. man was beaten, tied up and left alone inside his home for an entire weekend. nbc 10 matt delucia live at the scene where police are looking for clues to what happened. >> reporter: well, police are hoping that the surveillance camera might be able to provide some clues. i'm get to that. let me walk you through wapd. this is the house where it all unfolded. friday night a man inside this garage working and then he was attacked by two men who came inside. police say the 50-year-old man was grabbed and taken to upstairs bedroom.
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bound with electrical tape and a rag was stuffed in his mouth. the two men beat and pistol whipped him and ran off. then the men left him there. yesterday around 4:00 the victim's brother got worried and came over. found his brother, untied him, took him to the hospital. police tell us he has injuries to face, arm, legs chls also found an air gun with blood on it inside the home. this all happened friday night. the guy was in here for two and a half days. take another live look at the home. police have left the area. this is at bristol and nelson street. there are surveillance cameras in the home. i spoke with the brother earlier this morning. tur vals cameras captured almost the entire othe ordeal. police are working on that to find the men. he told me his brother is in bad shape at the hospital. for now, live.
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6:02. breaking from overnight. secretary james mattis arrived in baghdad on talks defeating the islamic state group. told iraqi leaders the u.s. is not autoto seize anyone's oil as president trump has claimed in the past. secretary also said president's travel ban would not affect iraqis who have fought alongside u.s. forces. not my presidents' day. that's what anti-trump activists calling today's holiday. one of the rallies in chicago where activists gathered outside the trump tower. called for action against the travel ban and other executive orders from the new president. new jersey lawmakers considering a bill that would require presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns.
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under the new jersey bill, candidates who do not release five years worth of federal returns would not be included on the state's blot. new jersey is one of dozen states considering the message. donald trump did not release his returns during the 2016 election saying he was under audit. two-year-old hit and run back in the hospital. police look for the driver ha hit him. child's na look at him here. just treated for bumps and bruces. he was with his parents. ran off and parents and grandparents tried chasing after him. >> he's nhe's a person and he matters like everybody else. >> police are looking for the driver of a black toyota four runner. possible the driver didn't know he hit the child. philadelphia police looking for the person they say broke
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into a person's home and attacked her. man knocked on her door early yesterday morning. when he opened it, man pushed the door and hit her in the head. took cell phone and $9 before running away. went to the hospital to get checked out. sight skms sounds of mardi gras took over south street in philadelphia yesterday. beautiful sunrise in progress. couple of nice ones like that this weekend. >> yes, we did. find out what today holds. meteorologist bill henley has most accurate forecast. >> look at live view. not a cloud in the sky. clear skies overnight. temperatures have gotten a little cherylier than over the weekend. not by much. we're in the 30s and 40s right
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now. 44 in philadelphia. suburbs at 45. some 30s in the lehigh valley and getting closer to upper 30s in delaware. still time for number to drop a little more before we start seeing a warmgup. south 30s for some neighborhoods. there are some 40s too. and to the north. princeton, 36 degrees. robbinsville middle 40s to start with this morning. sunshine and temperatures climbing into the middle 50s. that's about 10 degrees above normal for this time of year: little bit of a breeze. that will drop. keep it feeling a little bit cooler. that will definitely be cooler than it was over the weekend. this evening gets chilly. feel like 30s by 9:00. skies nice and clear. sunny skies what we'll see today. no sign of any wet weather. not until we get to the weekend. so grab your sunglasses and forget about the winter coat.
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warm into the 50s in philadelphia today. plenty of sunshine for the suburbs and lehigh valley. 52 degrees at 1:00 this afternoon for the suburbs and lehigh valley. getting close to 50 at 1:00 this afternoon. new jersey and delaware, look at the sunshine, 55 degrees in delaware. early afternoon temperatures in the low 50s and new jersey and a little bit warmer at the shore. and so it's cooler today, and will be cooler tomorrow. there's another warmup on the way. this week. decease with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> thanks for that. right now we're going to get a check on the roads on this presidents' day. first alert traffic reporter. >> we continue to follow tractor trailer incident on the turnpike. >> yes, watching that from sky force ten live over top of the scene now. on the northbound side and it's just taking out pretty much all of the northbound lanes where we have one lane moving by now that they have before it was just the shoulder. looks like one lane on the northbound side getting through
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so that is preventing some of that delay since it's been open or that lane has been open for the most part of the morning. you can clearly see overturned tractor trailer here. tow trucks on the scene. losing te brie in the road. losing lanes on the side headed northbound. now that's right after route 73. and it's closed in between that point and exit five which is burlington mount holly. to get around, clearly see lanes moving through. some relief there. take 295 you'll have no problems with traffic in the surrounding area. really light so far on the roads. probably stay light considering it's monday and a holiday presidents' day as well. watch for this accident on allentown road. and disabled vehicle reported out in abington. >> thanks for that. do you feel like you spend half your life stuck in traffic? new study shows philadelphia area backups are far from the world's worst. we'll explain.
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and there's this, remember it like it was yesterday. hard to believe it's been that long since the phillies were on top. next, a world legend helping to teach the teach of the future.
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good morning. watching the roads right now. watching from the sky. overturned tractor trailer. one lane getting by on the right hand shoulder of the northbound side just after route 73.
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it's closed in between that point as you can see. in between there and burlington mount holly. now alternates for you and how to get around it with all the details when i come back in the next couple of minutes. >> jessica, thanks. speaking of driving. philadelphia drivers spent 38 hours stuck in traffic last year. putting us in top 100 cities for traffic congestion around the world. here's a live look at 95 in south philadelphia. philly came in 93 in the survey. driving spending 104 hours stuck in traffic. moscow number two. new york came in third. >> climate change was the focus on presidents' day weekend demonstration in philadelphia. nbc 10 in center city yesterday. dozens of people supporting the paris agreement walked down the ben franklin parkway. . paris agreement is a pact between 200 countries pledge to cut greenhouse gases.
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trump administration plans to withdraw from the agreement. today pennsylvania begin accepting applications for permit to grow, process, and dispense medical marijuana. signed the program into law last year to offer treatment for 17 medical conditions, including cancer, and epilepsy. expecting to be running by next year. phillies players getting spring training help from a former great. former pitcher says he's there to help young players with the major league learning curve and help the team rebuild a strong core so they can move from rebuilding to winning. >> really will come around pretty quick. hopefully quicker than people realize. no doubt they've done a great job in drafting with trade as well. it's coming. it's exciting to see these guys. >> scheduled to play first spring training game on thursday. home opener is on april 7.
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watch that game here. take a look moving from baseball to basketball. take a look at 76ers star. he posted it over the weekend. shows with basketball legend michael jordan at last night's all-star game in new orleans. greatest of all time and process, rise to success. 6:15. let's get you to work if you're working on this presidents' day holiday. >> not the case this morning. typically on a -- well, coming out of weekend. going to a weekend on a friday or coming out on a monday and especially when there's a holiday typically is a light day. for now, not the same story out in mount laurel, new jersey. sky force 10 over the scene of overturned tractor trailer. the scene is just after route 73. again, headed northbound. so traffic moving towards trenton and away from
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philadelphia area. right now have one lane getting by at a time. you can see cars moving slowly by the scene. probably will builittle bit of backup approaching there. don't want to take the turnpike right now. best bet take 295 considering it's closed and looks like it might be there for some time. still on the side. a lot of debris on the road from the load of the truck. again, here's where the accident scene is. little bit of delay before that. 295 is your alternate. that can get you northbound by the scene no problem. so again, we'll keep you updated there. check in with schuylkill. we look good so far. good amount of cars out the door around montgomery drive. 13 minute trip. speeds into the 60s. end on abington. just around okay shade avenue. >> thanks. 6:15. now let's talk about the extraordinary weather and whether it will continue for one more day on the holiday weekend as bill, you always have beautiful shots from the beach. >> this one. this is about a half an hour
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away from sunrise this morning. view from lafayette hotel. not a cloud in the sky. on our way to another sunny day. today will be 50s. little cooler. the winds have shifted. you'll feel that coolness in camelback mountain. skies brightening up a little bit. nice and clear in the mountains today. a lot of sunshine. 39 in lehigh valley. delaware at 41. 45 in south jersey. cooler neighborhoods, but not, but much in philadelphia. andorra, 43. parkside down to 41 degrees. 49 in richmond. society hill is 49 as well. temperatures climbing into the 50s. just about 10 degrees warmer than normal for this time of year. chestnut hill, all in the 50s today. low 50s this afternoon and nothing, but sunshine for the lehigh valley. little bit of a breeze this afternoon in the lehigh valley.
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you'll feel it in delaware and new jersey as well, but with sunny skies, no problem warming to above normal levels. 55 degrees. ocean city hits after along with wilmington this afternoon. beautiful monday presidents' day. dry one. no wet weather for us. not until tomorrow night when there's a chance that we'll get some of these showers. we've got a long way to go. really by the time they get to us, that system is going to weaken considerably. today, nothing, but sunshine. nice and clear for the entire region through the day today. start the day tomorrow, clear, at 6:15 tomorrow morning. as the day goes on. see clouds come into the area. won't be complete cloud cover. 4:00 in the afternoon, skies partly sunny tomorrow. see the showers just approaching. those showers are possibility in the lehigh valley at 9:15 tomorrow evening. really light showers and there's a chance those will fall apart completely. that's our chance for showers until we get to the weekend.
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for today, chances you're going to see sunshine very lightly. breezy today. 56 degrees high temperature. little cooler tomorrow. feel it tomorrow morning. and 51 in the afternoon. then, here comes another warmup. 60s on wednesday. 70 degrees on thursday. back in the middle 60s again on friday. that will set the stage for chance of thunderstorms on saturday. cold front comes through the area. showers and thunderstorms 61 degrees. clear out for sunday. keeler air follow cold front then into the 50s for monday, tuesday, wednesday. more showers are possible tuesday and wednesday, but the temperatures will stay mild. 58 degrees as the showers clear out wednesday afternoon. >> bill, thanks. every second counts in an emergency. that's why a man from south jersey didn't wait when his wife had heart trouble. the hospital trip cost him $800. ahead here how nbc response team helped him get money back.
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also how far is too far for school security measures. close look at students h s handcuffed at school.
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tweeted he was referring to a story he saw on fox muse. if you missed it, here are the president's remarks. >> you look at what's happening last night in sweden, sweden, who would believe this. suede en sweden. they took in large numbers. having problems like they never thought possible. >> the president was talking to about the travel ban when he alluded to some attack that happened on sweden. the swedish embassy doesn't know
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what he is talking about and asked for an explanation. >> i would expect our president to make statements based on briefings from intelligence agencies, not unverified reports. white house said he was not referring to specific incident. mike pence continues to belgium meet with nato alliance. pence met with belgium's prime minster telling him the u.s. appreciates the long-term alliance between the two countries. >> later this morning on today, nbc news investigation looks at a disturbing trend in america's public schools with increasing emphasis on security, tactics like putting kids in handcuffs are being questioned. that's what happened to ten-year-old. one day in second grade he said he stood up to students who were bullying him. school called father. when his father arrived he found his son sitting in a chair with his hands cuffed behind him. >> he's crying too.
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my first thing is to try to get him to calm down. why are you sitting like that. he goes like this. >> and that was the first moment you say the handcuffs. >> yes, like wow! >> school security officer said he was screaming and appeared to be out of control so the officer said he handcuffed the boy to keep him from hurting himself. starting at 7:00 t today show will look closer at problems like these at school. on thursday nbc 10 news 5:00 p.m., nbc investigators take a look at why race may play a role in who gets punish id. we want to know what you think about security tactics at school and what should change so way in on the nbc 10 facebook page. also watching the roads. sky force ten over top of the scene of an overturned truck. see there on the northbound side. just around route 73. and we have that closed portion of it anyway. the right lane still getting by.
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keep our eye on this for you. updates and how to get around it when i come back. >> happening today, fighting hate with love. kkk flyers found across the community over the weekend. next, see how today students are helping to spread a positive message. also, a scare on the ice. next we'll explain what made ten members of a young hockey team sick at wilmington skating club.
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wokking to change the message after kkk flyers found in the community over the weekend. forest fires. ocean county wildlife management
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area. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm katy zachry. >> i'm tracey davidson. let's get to bill henley with most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast. if this incredible weather will continue. >> see a beautiful day today. won't be as warm as what we had saturday and sunday, but a lot of sunshine. see the skies nice and clear overwom over wilmington. 42 degrees at 8:00. into the 50s at 11:00 and climbing. for the suburbs, 41 degrees right now. king of prussia nice and clear this morning. see sunny skies a little bit breezy at times. northerly wind at noontime. temperatures in the 40s at lunchtime and warming to the 50s. philadelphia, look how nice and clear it is over the city. 46 at 9:00. is 1 mile an hour wind. northerly wind. temperatures won't be as warm as yesterday. unusual warm for this time of
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year. 52 degrees. warm into the 50s for today. plenty of sunshine. 55 degrees inland and at the shore. low 50s for lehigh valley. 56 degrees this afternoon for delaware. there are some cooler mornings ahead. also another warmup on the way. break these down hour by hour when i come back in ten minutes. take you through the day. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. thanks, bill: starting off with sky force ten over top of a scene out on new jersey turnpike. overturned tractor trailer right here. northbound side of the new jersey turnpike. just after route 73. which is exit 4. blocked off in between this point and exit 5, one right-hand shoulder lane getting through for right now. again, that's one car at a time. slow speeds approaching that scene. now f you want to avoid it. 295 is your best bet. here's route 202. right around cameras at route 29. no problems reported here. see looks like a good drive.
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6 minutes right now. speeds still up there. tracey and katie, back to you guys. 6:32. update you on breaking news we're following for you. police say that's where a man was attacked, beaten and tied up inside his home. laid there injured and alone. all weekend long. nbc 10 matt delucia live at the scene. matt, you spoke to victim's brother about the scary ordeal. what did he say? >> reporter: he says his brother is in bad shape in the hospital. two and a half day long ordeal. that's the garage two men went inside late friday night. homeowner inside working when he was attacked. 50-year-old man was grabbed and taken to upstairs bedroom. tied up with electrical tape and rag was stuffed in mouth. two men then beat and pistol whipped him and ran off. the thing was, the man was left there all weekend. wasn't until yesterday around
6:33 am
4:00 the victim's brother got worried. came over, found his brother, untied him and took him to the hospital. police tell us he has injuries to face, arms, and legs. police also found an air gun with blood on it inside the home. believe that might be one of the weapons that was used. take a listen to what the captain told us earlier this morning about the attack. we don't know if he was targeted for a robbery. again, we don't know if anything has been taken here. yet to determine that. we do know that he was assaulted. it does appear to be some sort of planned attack. this crime was planned out. >> this is quite a mystery this morning. again, police are still looking for the man responsible for this. as we take a live look here, you can see something that might be of great help to police. that would be surveillance cameras. the victim's brother told me there are cameras inside and
6:34 am
outside of this house that caught pretty much all of the attack. so again, police ronald reagan going -- were going to be looking at that. following the story for you. happening today in bucks county, new efforts to overcome hate there. students will hit the streets to share messages of love after disturbing discovery. nbc 10 pamela osborne live in doylestown to explain what's happening there. >> reporter: started with a kkk flyer left in front of a home on court street. immediate reaction by residents who were very concerned about the message. last night people took to the center of town with paper hearts that had alternative messages of love on them. because of this, that flier that said love your own race, stop homosexuality and race mixing. organizer of this event said this is what the kkk does. drop a message in the community and no response show up to start recruiting efforts there. participates we spoke to say
6:35 am
they want to send a strong message to kkk which is that they outright object their message and ideology. we talked to a little girl and parents. a mixed race family. that message made her want to hide, but instead she stood up. >> those kkk people don't love love, then that's fine, but they shouldn't put hate in our community or really any community because nobody deserves that. >> reporter: the flier was found friday by high school. high school students off for presidents' day. plan to rally. they're calling the event love, not hate makes doylestown great. reporting live. pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. former deputy da under
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embattled seth williams plans to kick off own campaign today. shabazz resigned earlier this month from post in da office. will announce candidacy today at restaurant in chestnut hill. sixth democrat to enter the race. former boss seth williams announced he will not run. fined williams for failing to report gifts and sources of income. police in mercer county community will start wearing body cameras. officers on the west windsor police force will wear the camera on the chest. department officials able to say they got a state grant to cover half the coast of the body camera. >> 6:36. local lawmaker plays historic role. i'm frederick douglas. forget about everything you've ever heard about me. it's fake news: i'm a lie. >> that's philadelphia state senator dressed up as
6:37 am
abolitionist frederick douglas. mocks the president's comment that douglas has done a great job and getting recognized more and more. douglas died in 1895. skating club of wilmington hopes to reopen later today after a carbon monoxide sickened hockey team over the weekend. showed this picture on the team getting sick on the ice saturday night. they began vomiting and some even had trouble breathing. when the fire department arrived, they found levels of carbon monoxide. nine players and a coach were sent to the hospital. >> kids just started dropping like flies. >> it was really hard to breathe skating out there. got tired really fast. its was -- we were all nauseous. throwing up in trash bins. >> the skating club suspects the zamboni on loan to the rink is to blame. told it will be inspected today. >> 6:36. very mild 44 degrees outside. everyone is hoping the weekend weather continues.
6:38 am
one more day of this long weekend. >> we would love a repeat. bill henley has most accurate forecast. bill, answer that question. >> katie, we're going to see a lot of sunshine today. it's going be a beauty. there has been a change in the last 24 hours. wind has shifted direction. north westerly wind. nice and clear, get a lot of sunshine today. riding in on wind is cooler weather. clear and cool this morning. not cold. no sign of normal february cold. which would be in the 20s. sunshine warm into the 50s. will be breezy at times today. cooling winds that will make for chilly evening this evening. certainly chillier than last night. 44 right now. nine mile an hour breeze in philadelphia. warm to 47 at 8:00. into the 50s by lunchtime. present through the day north westerly winds. bring in the chillier air for tonight. suburbs 45 degrees rights now. look at sunshine. 50 at noontime. into the 50s for the lehigh valley. skies are nice and clear.
6:39 am
look at live view from easton this morning. 39 degrees. might need a jacket this morning. bright sunshine it's going to be a mild afternoon. new jersey, you'll feel the wind blowing through the day. that will keep temperatures lower. won't be the upper 60s and low 70s like we saw yesterday. 40s only here this morning. 50s for this afternoon. the shore, not all that chilly right now. 46 degrees. be in the 40s through 10:00. low 50s. wind nine miles an hour at 2:00 this afternoon. feel the wind blowing in delaware too. no sign of any clouds. sunshine and cool air that will come into play during the day today. sun will be so bright. 50 degrees at 10:00 in delaware. 55 degrees at 2:00 and 55 at 4:00. now colder air will be in place tomorrow. be a chillier day tomorrow. we're in for another warmup this week. 50s today and tomorrow. look at wednesday. thursday, up to 70.
6:40 am
possibly warmer. record is 75 degrees. flirting with that thursday afternoon and 60s on friday. then a changes of showers finally for the weekend: take a closer look at the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> about 20 minutes before 7:00. presidents' day weekend. traffic pretty light for the most part. there is an issue we've been following. >> tractor trailer overturned. j jessica boyington has been watching that. we have sky force 10 over the top of the scene. we can see one lane or one shoulder getting by on the northbound side. because of this overturned tractor trailer still have cleanup to do. you can see definitely some slowdowns approaching the scene on the northbound side. just after route 73 which is right around exit 4. we're starting to see a little more of a delay than we were earlier. we're getting a little closer to what typically is the morning rush. the roads are a little bit light. it's a monday. day after a weekend. a lot of people are all this
6:41 am
morning as well. your alternate right now is to take 295. you'll have no problems getting by on 295 that way. here's the schuylkill. we're clear on the schuylkill right now. cameras eastbound traffic moving along with 13 minutes. watch for this disabled vehicle right here over into the right hand shoulder. clearly not messing with any traffic. something to watch for especially with crew on the scene as well. fighting the flame. >> check out this video. flames burn more than 100 acres of new jersey forest. coming up next, update you on efforts to put them out. >> emergency room visit cost a south jersey couple $800 because of hospital and insurance company red tape. next harry harrison and nbc 10 response team jumps into action.
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we have an update on a forest fire. officials tell uses is fire is out. it did burn several acres. no homes or other buildings were threatened. now to an nbc 10 responds update. a man says a trip to the hospital ended with a surprise bill. he paid it, but later learned he never owed the money. efforts to get a refund went nowhere, he contacted harry hairston. nbc responds. never forget the day he rushed his wife to the hospital. >> it's nerve-racking. >> tells us his wife has a heart issue. heart meter goes off. once it goes off, they got to bring her back to normal. shock her back to normal. >> took her to the emergency room. . that was last may. tells us the next month, he  received this $805 bill.
6:46 am
>> they tell me that aetna, my insurance company, didn't pay so i was responsible for it. >> reporter: he says he paid the bill right away. showed the bill to his daughter. >> my daughter checked the paperwork and spotted two separate accounts. >> calls aetna. >> they told me they paid it. >> tried to get a refund. the company was responsible for the billing. for five months the company kept giving him the same answer. >> they were checking into it. >> after that, atlantic emergency associates started toling him the check is in the mail. that went on for tlhree months. the check never arrived. >> finally i got disgusted and called nbc 10 responds sg we contacted all three companies told us this was a simple billing error. associated say it regrets the error and the time it took for their subcontracted billing agency to correct the problem.
6:47 am
a few weeks after we got involved, he got his $805 check. >> how did we do for you? >> very well. harry, i can't thank you enough, my man. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> the thing to remember here, before paying a medical bill. check with your insurance to see if they already paid it. also ask for documentation of payment. let us know, the best ways to reach us are right there on your screen. we will respond to you. >> about 12 minutes before 7:00. start of the today show, craig melvin and haley jackson here are a preview. great to see you. >> good morning. good morning to you both. >> great to see you. coming upper one month into the job, president trump facing new questions about campaign's possible ties to russia.
6:48 am
this as controversial travel ban merges. also ahead, children handcuffed and arrested for bad behavior in school. so is discipline being take on the a dangerous extreme. our investigation all parents need to see. also ahead this morning, is your bed bad for your back? today of course a great day to buy a new mattress if you know what to look for. we'll walk you through that this morning when owe see you here in 11 minutes. on today. >> the best kind of shopping. >> bought a mattress this weekend. >> i looked at mattresses. i'm very intrigued about a particular piece coming up. we look forward to it. see you at seven. all right. take a live look right now. center city philadelphia. this is a great shot from south philadelphia. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill, we are coming off a
6:49 am
beautiful weekend. >> it was great. i enjoyed some of it. going to be a nice sunny day today. this is the view from your mattress, you're doing okay. sunshine is bright. view here at nbc 10 studios. in for a nice sunny day. 43 why west colin. looj at collegeville. 32 degrees. el roy at 38. there are some cooler neighbors. look at the sunshine we'll have during the day today. a lot of sunshine. 50s this afternoon. ten degrees above normal for philadelphia, the suburbs, and lehigh valley. little bit of a breeze blowing this afternoon. keeps temperatures lower than saturday and sunday for new jersey and at the shore. 56 degrees in ocean city. cape may. 55 degrees this afternoon. womenington, smyrna.
6:50 am
all in the middle 50s today. no sign of wet weather for today. let me give you a look at the chance of showers coming tomorrow nights. doesn't look like much. to the west. moving to oklahoma, kansas, nebraska. this is a system that is going to be moving our way and start to' the clouds late tomorrow afternoon, but the chance of showers is not looking very great. most of the showers will fall apart before they get to us. for today, sunshine. the winds keeping temperatures in the 50s today. little bit cooler tomorrow. especially in the morning. 43 to start with. low 50s in the afternoon. then, here comes another warmup. 66 wednesday. 60 degrees on thursday. 66 trees on friday. clouds building late friday. cold front going to arrive next weekend. with that cold front come as chance of showers and thunderstorms. once it clears out, temperatures cool down for sunday and monday. another warmup next week. middle 50s for tuesday. chance of rain comes into play
6:51 am
for tuesday. some of the showers lingering into wednesday. wednesday afternoon, little bit warmer up to 58 degrees. a lot of mild weather ahead on ten day on ten. nine minute before 7. we continue to follow that problem. the tractor trailer on new jersey turnpike. >> same exact spot. just heading in a different direction. >> that's a little weird. we're watching mount laurel again. getti getting by in one lane. right now we have this one lane getting by still. the overturned tractor trailer on the northbound side just after route 73. so it's pretty much closed in between this portion with that shoulder getting by, but still, you'll see delays approaching the scene right now. traffic is a little lighter than normal. it is monday and a holiday as well. get around this, just to avoid it it will be easy for you to get on 295 and head by the
6:52 am
scene. 295 has no problems. rest of the traffic in the area very light. schuylkill not seeing any delays at all. disabled vehicle as cleared. that car that was in front of him already pould out after way. 13 minute trip eastbound from blue route to vine street expressway. see the eastbound side around montgomery drive here doing fine. also checking in with bridges. tacony scheduled for opening. alternate there can be the betsy ross bridge. nice and clear. clear on walt withman and ben as well. last vrl performances of the ringling bros. and barnum & bailey brothers circus in philadelphia. wrapping up shows today at 11 and 3:00. finish current tour after shutting down after 146 years. next run down the headlines and stories we'll be following.
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breaking news overnights. philadelphia police investigating home invasion. put a man in the hospital. police say the man was found in the hospital tied up and bleeding around 2 this morning. and he had been that way since friday. police say two men beat the victim and ran off. the attack was planned. today people in doylestown put up more hearts on businesses all over town. high school students rally for
6:57 am
peace, love, kindness. those activities are meant to counter hate flies that surfaced. police will continue to look for driver in a hit and run that injured this two-year-old boy. he's out of the hospital after being treated. the car hit him saturday night and kept going. today president trump plans to return to washington from a weekend in f florida. the president held campaign style rally on saturday. this week the president is expected to release new travel ban executive order. also today philadelphia join at least nine other major cities coast to coast in staging not my presidents' day rallies. several anti-trump demonstrations took place over the weekend. free general admission to top attractions. national museum of american jewish history. the national park system is also offering free admission on presidents' day. 120 parks that usually charge a
6:58 am
fee to get in. none of the three national parks in our area charge entrance fees. in pennsylvania's wine and spirit store will be open normal hours today. new law removes restrictions on alcohol sales during presidents' day and certain other holidays. today is the last day of the adventure aquarium hippo awareness weekend in camden. been coming out all weekend to see the hippos named button and jennie. all donations collected will help save hippos in the wild. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads and right now watching from the sky and sky force 10 major top of a scene in mount laurel, new jersey. new jersey to the best of your memory -- tractor trailer. around route 73 only one lane getting by over into the shoulder. to get around that for right now you can take 295. 295 you'll be good to go headed
6:59 am
northbound. cool and clear start this morning. view from abington, not a cloud to be found in the sky there. string city look at the sun coming up this morning. we will see bright sunshine warm suburbs from the 30s into the 50s this afternoon. right now, winds at north at 3 miles an hour. northerly wind will keep things cooler than what we sawed for saturday and sunday. overall going to be pretty nice. king of prussia, clear skies. 49 by 9:00. lunchtime 49 degrees and climbing. philadelphia, 43 now, but warm to 56 degrees this afternoon. 50s for new jersey. at the shore, nice and sunny. 55 degrees low 50s for the lehigh valley. 56 degrees for delaware. the this is about ten degrees above normal for this time of year. don't forget, you're on the go, you can always get first alert forecast on today's 101.1 more fm. >> beautiful day outside. gorgeous. local updates throughout the
7:00 am
morning. realtime weather and news and traffic on the nbc 10 app. thanks for watching. the "today" show starts rights now. have a great day. good morning. breaking news, violent storms including a possible tornado rip through texas overnight. more than 100 homes damaged in san antonio alone. meanwhile, out west, new flooding concerns in california as another massive storm targets that state. one month in office. president trump searching for a new national security adviser in the wake of michael flynn's departure. interviewing four contenders over the weekend. this, as he uses a rally to escalate his battle with the media. >> when the media lies to people, i will never, ever let them get away with it. >> fellow republican senator, john mccain, slamming the


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