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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 20, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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the complex came home to find county police officers walking the parking lot last night around 7::45. he forced her back into her car, physically and sexually assaulted her and drove her around to this and other area banks where he forced her to withdraw cash from her account. >> i want to ensure the people of our county that we are on this. we're on this 24/7. >> reporter: the new castle county police held an emergency meeting. that's because they believe this crime was committed by the same guy. same description, same m.o., same behavior. >> the man was wearing a black mask, dark clothing and brandishing a handgun considering to the kidnapping at the hill apartments. >> reporter: police have now made suspicious persons a higher priority. they're reverse texting many
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county residents and alerting residents on social media. they're worried he'll strike again soon. come back live here. the victim in this case is physically okay. the suspect was wearing a mask and police are releasing a atm surveillance video. there's a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in this case. if you have any of the information, you should probably go ahead and call crime stoppers or new castle county police. >> president trump appointing retired army lieutenant h.j. mcmaster as his next security adviser. >> abs local connection to our area. he's a philadelphia native and a graduate of the valley forth military academy. president trump made his announcement from his mar-a-lago estate in florida. >> now this comes after president trump spent the
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weekend interviewing potential candidates for the position. he also held a campaign-style rally with thousands of supporters in the city of melbourne, florida and today the president is criticizing the media over a recent comment he made about sweden. he tweeted out this morning. give the public a break. the fake news media is trying to say that large scale immigration in sweden is working out just beautifully. not. suggesting that an attack happened the night before in sweden. >> you look at what's happening last night in sweden, sweden. who would believe this? sweden. they took in large numbers, they're having problems like ááá online frenzy to figure out what the president meant. he later tweeted that it was based on a report that aired on fox news. it says there's a connection between the increase of immigrants in swedens and a spike in crime akrs the country.
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>> 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with protesters rally in center city against president trump and his policies on president's day. groups across the country held not my president rallies to mark the holiday and one month of the trump administration. >> nbc lauren mayk is joining us live in center city with more on the message the groups were trying to send today. >> reporter: the rally has cleared out at this point but there are some chalk messages left over here on the ground and this was not about one specific issue. we saw signs about immigration, about lgbt rights and also about russia and some of those signs and hats and tee shirts they were left over from other rallies as more people make activism part of their routine. >> no hate, no fear --
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>> reporter: rallies like this are getting to be regular stops. her no wall, no ban, no fear, no hate sign is recycled from a previous one. >> do you find yourself going to a lot of these? >> i think i'm going to be, yes. i think this is just the beginning. >> reporter: she and friends protested together back in the 1970s against the vietnam war now they're back together again. >> i'm scared. i have never been squared. i was angry with nixon which was my part time to vote. i was angry with bush. i have never been scared and i'm scared. >> reporter: the gathering on this holiday labeled a not my president's day holiday. >> reporter: what are you hoping this does? >> it let's them know we have a voice and we're not going to go away. >> this is my fourth rally protest in four weeks. >> reporter: and had you been to them in the past? >> no. >> reporter: melissa hall
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brought her kids today. >> we're going to go over the national constitution and learn more about the constitution today. >> reporter: some are taking involvement to a new level. like emily miller from south jersey. her mom joining her to sell those hats like the ones from the women's march to help fund a run for office. >> when i was little i said i have something to fight for because this country's very important. >> reporter: now this rally was not one of the really big ones. couple of hundred people as opposed as opposed to a couple of thousand. one woman explained to it to me like this, with so many rallies it is sort of like tag teaming when you can make it to one, you do and then for the others, someone else picks up the baton and goes to that one. live in center city, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10. >> protesters are showing up here in london over president trump's visit to the uk. british lawmakers whether to downgrade the president's visit and remove its royal seal of
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approval. another petition supporting the visit has been signed by close to 300,000. a new raeks today from vpt on the resignation of michael flynn, the vice president said in belgium today he was disappointed he got inaccurate information from flynn about what he discussed on calls with a russian ambassador. >> we honor general flynn's long service to the united states of america and i fully support the president's decision to ask for his resignation. it was the proper decision. it was handled properly and in a timely way. >> flynn resigned after reports came out he discussed sanctions with russia's ambassador to the u.s. that call made before president trump took office. vice president pence also said president's decision to ask for his resignation was the right one. >> unannounced visit in iraq.
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the united states does not intend to seize iraqi oil which shifts away from a controversial idea proposed by trump in september. this visit comes during key battles against isis militants. secretary mattis has just a week to send the president a strategy to accelerate the fight and defeat isis. turning to first alert weather. a cool down from our record temperatures yesterday but still this is not what you expect to be wearing outside in february. families in valley forge are wearing light coats if anything at all. skiers, they're out there, soaking up that sun today. >> looks beautiful there. what about the shore? well, beaches kind of bare but a beautiful afternoon. big difference from yesterday, though when these beaches were filled with people enjoying some 70 degree temperatures. took you a while to realize yesterday, i really don't need pay jacket. >> i know. it's hard for that to sink in.
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>> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz has your most accurate forecast. >> i know your favorite place is sweet charlie's ice cream and that line over the weekend was down the street. that's a shore sign that it's warm outside. >> it has been an incredible weekend that's for sure and even though it's much colder today, it's still more than 10 degrees above normal. the flag's showing indications of the cooler air trying to come down. it's 57 in philadelphia. that's still 12 degrees above the normal high. wilmington is 60. 56 in trenton, 54 in allentown: i don't see any cold air anywhere close by but we do have winds coming out of the north, the northwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour and that will bring colder air in. you will need a jacket by tomorrow morning. not the heaviest one but certainly more so than this morning when we were in the 40s at 6:00 a.m.
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but temperatures dropping, fairly quickly through the night tonight, some places even down into the 20s by tomorrow morning which is actually close to average for this time of the year, but we're going right back up and we'll see some more 70s this week. >> new video of this afternoon of some golfers trying to get around an unusual obstacle on a course in upper hanover. a plane that crashed right on the butter valley golf port yesterday still sitting on the fairway today. some golfers in a cart there and when weather's much better than average you do try to play around something like this. the plane went down around 2 yesterday afternoon that straddles the berkz montgomery county line. all new on nbc10 news at 5:00. >> early this morning northbound lanes were closed for hours in
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mt. laurel. this tractor-trailer flipped causing a big mess. luckily no other cars were involved. that crash happened in the very same spot this one did friday, only this one happened in the southbound lane. breaking pieces of the truck off into the road and causing an hour's long back-up. man say police started a fire. surveillance footage shows him trying to open car doors back on february 12th. the deli caught fire just a few minutes later but it wasn't caught on camera. one of the deli's walls was damage. >> the race for philadelphia's district is getting more crowded. >> barely a week after the scandal plagued seth williams, his former number two through his hat in the ring today. investigator george spencer was there for that announcement. questions swirling around this candidate as well. >> he admits he is on a
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repayment plan for a unpaid tax liens. instead he focused on experience that he says puts him far ahead of the pack. >> let me share the worse kept secret in philadelphia. >> reporter: he knows people have been talking about him ever since district attorney seth williams said he would not seek reelection among ethics violations surrounding unsupported gifts asking voters to judge him by the accomplishments of the district attorney's office not the mistakes of his former boss. >> please, do not try to put spillage on shabazz by the failings of seth williams. >> reporter: but he faces questions of his own. he admits to owing $190,000 in tax liens to the irs and others. he says he's on a repayment plan but wouldn't get more specific
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for us. >> i'm not going to get into how the debt originated, with all due respect or that aspect and i'll tell you why. the purpose of this here is not to indicate whether i was a perfect businessman. >> instead he says he has the experience to take the d.a.'s office to the next level. >> this race is important. >> reporter: encourages voters to pay close attention to the unfolding race and yet often in the post presidential race exhaustion, few voters actually show up for d.a.'s races. >> for an elected office here in the city that has a tremendous impact on folks on a day-to-day basis, voter turnout tends to plummet. >> he noted today that he is the first african-american candidate to enter this race but he said he believes his own past as both the prosecutor and defense
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attorney puts him ahead of the other candidates, race aside. democratic voters will ends up making that decision in the may 16th primary. >> thanks. earlier this month seth williams announced he would not be seeking reelection for a third term in office and the fbi is looking into $160,000 worth of gifts williams' received and did not report. he also received a record ethics fine. williams said the scrutiny on him has become too much of a dis-attraction. there are now 7 candidates running for d.a. the others are michael undermier, rich knee grin, theresa carr and joe khan. >> new details in a deadly stabbing from atlantic city over the weekend. police announced an arrest. jose lopez stabbed a man and woman. >> the woman died the man is still in the hospital.
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investigators haven't said anything about a possible motive. tomorrow in newark, new jersey, the two officials found guilt in their involvement in the bridgegate scandal will learn their sentence. the most serious charge, conspiracy to commit wire fraud and that carries a possible 20 year sentence. back in 2013 which prosecutors say was politically motivated. >> students in bucks county are fighting back after someone found a kkk flier in their community. this morning students walked through town with signs promoting love, peace and racial justice. it comes after someone found the kkk flier in front of a home on doylestown on friday. the students responded with their own message. >> no response and the community stay silent or blows it off as one angry white person that that is an invitation for them to move in and organize and recruit
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and have a bigger presence. >> the students are encouraging doilztown businesses to place their signs in their windows for the rest of the month. >> schuylkill expresswkyforce10e while crews cleared this skin. >> starting today pennsylvania's department of health will accept applications for medical marijuana growers, processors. it's all part of the state's program that will offer marijuana to patients who are residents of pennsylvania. the dead looirn to apply is march 20th. if you have questions for pennsylvania governor tom wolf about the state budget and how it might impact you, he wants you to ask them on facebook. the governor is hosting a facebook town hall at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. you can post your questions right now on his facebook page. new castle county the
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skating club of wilmington should reopen today after a carbon monoxide leak made members of a hockey team sick over the weekend. a parent shared this picture right here showing the athletes saturday night. firefighters found high levels of carbon monoxide at the rink. nine players and a coach went to the hospital. the skating club suspects a link to the rink is to blame. >> today body cameras on-the-job. police in mercer county is introducing the new program. the chiefs says the cameras will help in the department's investigation and adding a another level of transparency to the department. >> at last check the highest bid on ebay on $7,500. the sign was part of the trump branding removed from the casino this month as part of the agreement with the buildings new owner.
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it's one of five casinos that have closed in atlantic city since 2014. this week an ac church will offer up some prayers for the towns businesses. >> back to our first alert weather here in our area, everyone's wondering what the heck happened to winter with these mild temperatures out there breaking some records over the weekend? >> look at that. the crowds are out there. meteorologist krystal klei is live in independence mall. a big difference from the february of last year. >> reporter: yeah. i have to admit after a weekend where both saturday and sunday i got outdoors. i'm a little spoiled right now. on this very still nice and mild february day. even though conditions are not quite as warm as they were over the weekend. let's talk about warnl february
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conditions we have been dealing with, though. right now we are tracking the coldest low that we have seen so far this month on the 10th at 22 degrees. not even in the teens in february. as for the warmest high, well that was 70 degrees just yesterday. hopefully you were outside to enjoy that one. look at the calendar over the month of february. the orange color indicates above average day, of course the blue below average days. there's only five days below average and the range of low averages starting the month of 41. you can see right now we're trending again above average which is 45 degrees for today and we filled out the calendar for the rest of the month with our forecast. we continue above average. as for snow totals that's another where we're below average and those conditions. tracking eight inches so far. what we have seen this season for snow totals, 26.2 last year in philly. in allentown look at that difference, 25 inch difference between this year and last
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season and you see it's a pretty wide range between wilmington and atlantic city as well between 20 inches last year and only around five to seven this year. so overall we've seen less snow than is normal for this time of year. we have also seen temperatures at least in february much warmer than is average for what we should be at. we're going to continue talking about the stats for your february and we'll track through the ten-day forecast talking about the big warm-ups. that's still to come. that's coming up in just a bit. >> all right. out in independence mall. and it does seem it's hard to make up the difference between last year and this year as we head toward march. >> i know. the ice skating rink was packed. people were out there loving it. >> today is a little bit cooler than it was over the weekend. i'm sure there were more difficulties over the weekend and later on this week, it's going to be every bit as warm as it was over the weekend, at
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least across much of the area. you can see your own seven day forecast at the bottom of your screen, by the way, different neighborhoods, different forecasts, not just for philadelphia any more. philadelphia's 57 degrees with a 12-mile-per-hour wind. we got sunshine across just about the entire area. still 60 degrees in and we're still way above average. that average high temperature is 45 degrees. we were 68 saturday, 70 sunday for a record, today a mere 57. tomorrow we're going to go down but not even down to the normal and then wednesday we start going back up again. and by thursday and friday, it's closer to 70 again. here we are in some of the normally cold spots. on a day after a cold front
4:21 pm
comes through, in february, and it's still 60 degrees inning lan dawn, pretty amazing, 54 in allentown, 53 in easton. and we have warmer weather coming later in the week back to near 70 degrees. it's mainly dry this week until saturday when we were going to be getting some thunderstorms i think and then much cooler weather at the shore. don't expect 70 at the shore because of the wind coming in off the ocean. lot of dry weather right now and that's what we're going to be seeing tomorrow. 53 in fairmount, 50 in chestnut hill, 49 in shh wanksville. this is the coldest day of the week and it's not very cold. wait till you see the rest of the forecast a little bit. >> glenn, sounds upset or maybe he's happy. i'm not sure which. >> a trip to the hospital ended
4:22 pm
with a guy paying a surprise bill. >> but he later learned he never owed the money. still ahead at four hour harry hairston and nbc responds stepped in to help after months of battling the company. >> also underwater makeover. the construction at the cooper river that's hoping to drive an economic boost to the area. plus this. ♪ >> you know what time it is? the line-up for the summer's picnic is next at four.
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is ♪ this afternoon we know the line-up for this roots picnic in philadelphia. this is a look at last year's show. roots today announced headliners for the 2017 edition. the line-up includes the roots,
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lil wane. always a good time there. >> feels like it too. you can call them the rat pack. >> talking about a group of pennsylvania college students teaming up to get rid of an unwanted house guest. love those screams. the video that has these roommates rising to internet fame. and all new at five. >> i don't need another family being heart broken. >> families destroyed by hit and run drivers.
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right now at four. cooper river makeover. >> underwater construction under way for the regat ta's next month. >> it's a huge project. people are so excited about the big reveal. >> reporter: pretty soon all of the parking lots, the trails and all of the nooks and crannies that we love so much about cooper river park will be accessible and back open for business. that is when all of this construction equipment moves out of the way, get ready for some spectators and excitement. this mom fraends enjoy a president's day picnic play date. at cooper river park. many have been wondering. >> it's all blocked off. i don't know what's going on. >> reporter: what all the fenced in is going on. >> the dredging of the cooper rivers now complete. the dredge have to drain a bit and then they're taking to a
4:31 pm
landfill. >> it's just weeks away from welcoming back a series of 12 national and international regattas both high school and college levels. >> at this point i think we have over 50 high school who called this river their home. >> reporter: even with construction equipment, the project is on target. it's two fold to even out and deepen the lanes so it's level playing ground for roerz and since the saidment from storm water there's an environmental impact. >> the waters clean and has been very clean. >> reporter: on days like today to replace the construction with the excitement of a reat that time ta will be awesome. >> when i was young that used to be really big here. >> reporter: he's certain it will spillout to have an economic boost to the area. cooper river may still some thunder from the other side of the bridge. he believes it.
4:32 pm
he's excited about the economic boost of the newly landscape cooper river park will bring to this area, the draw of the regat tas. we asked him just how much money it could bring to camden county. we're live in cherry hill. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county. in atlantic county look at the immigrant. organizers say this symposium won't highlight the refugee crisis as a political or economic issue but also a humanitarian one. albright college is planning to build -- a little more than $1 million was donated in honor of president lex mcmillan. it pushes the college past its goal to raise $55 million over
4:33 pm
seven years. >> to chester county a discussion about health care is happening in little less than two hours, the focus on the affordable care act or obamacare and how it impacts you, medical providers and businesses. the discussion is from six to eight and where west chester university. a burger restaurant is shutting down because of health code violations, health inspectors are closing the way back burgers after finding food that wasn't being stored properly or in the right temperatures. an executive the location was planning to close any way and the chain waurned the owner of the restaurant before. while most of us were celebrating a long weekend, dozens were celebrating a birthday at valley forge today. >> and per tradition the one celebrating the tradition always cuts that cake first. kids, parents and mechanics of the continental army helped celebrate advertise 285th
4:34 pm
birthday. presidents day translates to major sales at a lot of stores. best things to buy today, furniture, alliances and home electronics. if you can be patient, wait until memorial day for the best deal. >> take a long nap in the meantime. tomorrow you can get your hands on a new presidential forever stamp celebrating the 100th birthday of jfk. it features a 1960 photo of the president campaigning in seattle. as part of black history's month, children's hospital of philadelphia is honoring a young girl to get kids to read. she received the rising star award she's the founder of t the -- today the donated 50 books to chops reach out and read program. >> in washington the
4:35 pm
african-american is marking a milestone more than one million people have visited the museum since it opened. the average time people spend at the museum six hours, compare that to about two hours other people spend in other museums. >> something to see there. to this now a trip to the emergency room leads to panic for a local couple. >> but not just because of a health scare, the surprise bill that nearly put them out hundreds of dollars. until the nbc responds team stepped in to sort through all the red tape. >> mom's right. it's the most important meal of the day. why eating breakfast can better protect you from life-threatening diseases. >> and fighting fire with fire. how new jersey is using smoke and flames to stop an even
4:36 pm
bigger threat at this wild fire's season could be the worst in decades. coming up all new at five.
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♪ ♪
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so legalizing same-sex marriage appears to have an unexpected benefit. a study suggesting it reduces teen suicide attempts. a states where it's legalized showed a 7% decline in suicide attempts among high school students. >> the country's leading pediatrician say women who use opioids during pregnancy should be helped, not punished. the american academy of ped at tricks says prosecuting and jalg mothers have not been effective.
4:40 pm
doctors recommend improving prevention, monitoring and treatment for pregnant women. >> before you head back to work tomorrow, eat breakfast. a new study shows skipping breakfast increases concur risk of having a heart attack or stroke. you are less likely to have high cholesterol and blood pressure so there you go. oatmeal. >> you got it, jackie. she knows the recipe, glenn. >> sounds good. >> i forgot to eat breakfast this morning. the record warmth is returning this week once question get past one cooler day. we'll let you know when you could need the umbrella in your most accurate weather forecast. what are they doing here? team work and timing to try to get rid of an unwanted house guest. we'll introduce you to the rat
4:41 pm
pack of pennsylvania college students next at four. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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some impressive video to show you right here. it's of a spacex rocket landing in florida. but the main part of the rocket is deextending there through the clouds nine minutes after sundays's launch and it touches down perfect on its landing pad. the part of the rocket that didn't return to earth is delivering more than 5,000 pounds of supplies to the international space station. really cool. well, to this video now, if you're ever playing dodge ball in illinois, you want to play on this girl's team. >> taken out her friends there, one by one. she's a softball pitcher, using those skills and her dad's
4:45 pm
taping the game on his phone. you can hear him cracking up. >> i was always the last chosen for dodge ball. >> you were? >> i was not good. >> but you were good at other sports, so it's okay. >> to this group now. roommates from university in pittsburgh, they've gone viral. have you seen this, with this inventive way to deal with a rat cornered in the bathtub. >> it was a plan that required team work, timing and precision. take a look. >> for the win, for the goal. one roommate coax the rats out with a broom while another smacked it down the stairs, boom right there while the roommate was waiting to knock the row dent out the door. >> we were freaking out because logan went to go touch it the rat and we had no plan it
4:46 pm
just -- we hoped it went downstairs. we had to act fast so we didn't really like have a plan. >> bad news. you won't believe this, the rat came back. >> oh, no. >> but they say they took care of it once and for all. they're not 100% sure the one they call was the same one they chased out. they're hoping it was. >> they better hope so, otherwise they have a real rodent problem. >> and that rat was big, huge. >> step one, scream. because then it will scamper. >> spring-like weather on spring mountain today. skyforce10 high above watching on this sunny day. got to be kind of slushy out there in these temperatures, glenn. >> not exactly great skiing conditions and ski lovers kind of disappointed with the way this winter has turned out but a lot of other happy people with
4:47 pm
the weather that we've seen especially over the weekend here. it's cooler today but it's still not cool for this time of the year. 57 in philadelphia and we've got a north wind that's bringing in cooler air, 16 mile hour wind. look at that sky, perfectly clear. bright blue skies out there. now the northwest wind means it's a land breeze at the shore so it's warmer in avalon than it is in upper township or woodbine or mullica township. it would be the opposite starting tomorrow when the wind starts coming in off the ocean. the ocean temperature at 42 degrees right now and that is going to be warming up too. the average highs, 45 for this time of the year. so even though we've dropped from 70 record yesterday to 58 for the official high today, it's still 13 degrees above normal. tomorrow will be the coolest day of the week.
4:48 pm
that's still going to be eight degrees above warmer and we start warming up again on wednesday. well, we have nothing but sunshine out there now. there are some clouds back to the west so i don't expect to be quite as sunny tomorrow, but i still do expect it to stay dry and much of the week is going to be dry as well. here's the neighborhood forecast. reading at 50 degrees tomorrow, easton at 49 after lows in the 20. it's colder tomorrow morning than it was this morning. west chester at 30 in the morning. phoenixville 28 and then going pup to near 50 in the afternoon. by-berry going up to 52. haddonfield at 51, trenton at 50 and at the jersey shore with the wind coming in off the ocean, little bit cool rks avalon at only 47 for the high. wilmington at 52 as well.
4:49 pm
look at the temperature jump, tuesday 53, wednesday 63, thursday 70 degreeses basically dry during that period of time and that's not the end of the warm-up. we could be just as warm on friday and look at these other temperatures well up into the '60s but at the jersey shore considerably cooler. still high for this time of the year. you get some big differences across the area. >> thanks, glenn. >> ever been to the er. but then the bill comes and there's pain that usually shows up in the mail weeks later. >> that's not good. next at four hour harry harriston were able to settle the score for a surprise bill for a local couple.
4:50 pm
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now to nbc 10 responds. a trip to the hospital ends with a surprise bill. >> he pays it but then later learns he never owed that money. >> this probably happened to you. you get these bills in the mail, you figure, do i owe this or not? get this, folks. the viewers did what most of us would do, when you get a bill. he paid it. but this time a phone call before he paid that bill may have prevented a problem. he'll never forget the day he rushed his wife to the hospital. >> it's nerve-racking because you don't know what to expect. >> his wife has a heart issue. >> her heartbeat goes off and once it goes off they got to bring it back to normal.
4:54 pm
>> they took her to the emergency room owned by at lanty care. the next month he receives this $805 bill. >> they told me that aetna my insurance company didn't pay so i was responsible for it. >> he says he paid the bill right away and later showed the bills to his daughter. >> my daughter checked the paper work and she spotted the two separate accounts. >> they told me they paid it. >> he says he tried to get a refund by contact the hospital. but he says for five months the company kept giving him the same answer. >> they were checking in to it. >> after that atlantic emergency associates started telling him the check is in the mail. >> he says that went on four three months but the check never arrived. >> finally i got disgusted and i called nbc10 responds. >> we contacted atlantic care. and aetna. all three companies told us this
4:55 pm
was a simple billing error. they say it regrets the error and the time it took for their subcontracted billing agency to correct the problem. a few weeks after we got involved, he got this $805 check. >> how did we do for you? >> you did very well, harry, i can't thank you enough my man. you're the best. >> all right. glad he got that money back. listen the thing to remember here, before paying a medical bill, check with your insurance to see if they've already paid it. also for your records, ask your insurance company for documentation that that payment was already made. >> or you have a daughter that looks over the paper work and discovers two different numbers or two different accounts. >> that's what happens and sometimes you may get and this happened to me, you'll get one bill in the mail that tells you what this is what you owe and another been sent to the insurance company already.
4:56 pm
let's go to our recover counter. $339,873. >> fill out the form on our website or give us a call and we'll respond to you. >> we're working on several stories for nbc10 news at five. >> talk about a hazard on the golf course. >> tonight we're getting a closer look at this unusual obis it acle for players in montgomery county. >> i think i'm going to take a mulligan if i hit it. >> it is a small plane that crashed in split in two. what we've learned about the people who were inside? >> plus a security scare at jfk airport. how 11 people got on a plane unscreened and why the tsa still can't find them all. >> and all new at five. killed in a hit and run. >> you have to do something now. >> families are demanding change but the nbc10 investigators show
4:57 pm
us why philadelphia's most dangerous intersections aren't getting any safer.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
crash on the course and the wrecked plane isn't keeping golfers away. >> trouble for the tsa how nearly a dozen passengers slipped past security at jfk without getting screened and battle of the burn why new jersey is getting a head start on wild fire season.
5:00 pm
and topping nbc10 news at five. playing around a plane crash. skyforce10 caught golfers swinging around the plane. it's been signature there for more than 24 hours. >> we know everyone inside walked away even though the plane split in two. it's called the butter valley golf course. the course is built around an airport. the runway goes right through it. >> deanna durante talked to people who saw the plane go off course. >> this is the first time i've seen anything like this. >> reporter: golfers take a few minutes away from play to get a closer look. >> viewing the airplane on the 10th hole and i think i'm going to take a mulligan if i hit it. >> reporter: all joking aside, those who are here yesterday afternoon are just taking a look


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