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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 21, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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hono hahnemann in. there doesn't seem to be any trouble out there. but be sure to stay with us for updates. that's live from the breaking news center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues right now with another setback for septa. this crash this morning at the 69th street terminal derailed cars and injured four people. here's what we know about the crash's impact on the afternoon commute. >> the train service from 69th street is back in service, but there will not be an express service during the evening rush hour. the trolleys from 69th street are back up and running. one train operator is in critical condition while three others were also injured in the crash. randy gyllenhaal is live at the terminal in upper darby. >> this crash still causing problems for people trying to get home right now during the evening commute. >> and new information in just the past couple of minutes. a septa official tells me that
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the national transportation safety board has taken control of this investigation. they have a team on their way from washington here to upper darby as we speak. this accident happened here along the loop in the backside of the 69th street train station. this is where trains turn around at the end of the line and head the other direction. for some reason one train slammed into the back of the other, the ripple effect causing commuter headaches. it was a slow-speed collision, less than 10 miles per hour. >> it looks like a pretty bad wreck, if you ask me. >> reporter: but still it caused quite a mess. >> how it tipped over? >> reporter: in total seven cars tumbled off the tracks, three trains were involved. a chain reaction leaving some without a ride to work. >> i heard a big bang, then all of a sudden i heard the fire engines and all. i knew something big happened. >> reporter: septa says this all began when the number 57 train came around the loop and rear-ended the 67 train that was stopped. >> after that collision train 57
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derailed. >> reporter: the derailment causing a third train on another track to collide. septa says an electric signaling system should have prevented this. >> there's an automatic train control system, it's a signal system. so the trains move under signal authority and the signal system will keep the trains separated. >> reporter: one train operator has serious head injuries in critical condition. meantime, septa riders now facing a krufrmg at rush hour with fewer trains and crowded cars. >> when i saw it, it kind of reminded me when you play with toy trains and they crash and fall off the track. >> reporter: a second train operator was also injured, less seriously, plus two passengers who were not supposed to be on the train at the time. they're supposed to debord on the platform. again the national transportation safety board now overtaking this investigation. but the good news 69th street station now back open to train riders though things might go a little slowly in rush hour.
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randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. this is just the latest in a string of troubles for septa, special the market frankford line. you may remember when inspectors found cracks in the support beams on two rail cars. that forced septa officials to pull 110 cars off the blue line. septa had to use shuttle buss to make up for the lack of train cars. that caused major delays for commuters moving around the city. the white house could release a new executive order on the immigration travel ban some time this week. >> this as the department of homeland security is now outlining a wider crackdown on illegal immigration. nbc 10's erin coleman live for nus our breaking news center to break all this down for us. >> that new executive order could come down as early as today. it is still expected to target the same seven muslim majority countries but only bar entries to those without a visa and those who have not entered the u.s. before.
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the department of homeland security with new plans for ending a policy of releasing people caught at the border while they wait for deportation hearings. hiring thousands more federal agents and speeding up deportation proceedings. another measure would prosecute parents who pay smugglers who p bring their children into the u.s. the president visited the smithsonian's african-american history museum today. he called it a big success but said there's still a lot of work to be done in terms of bringing the country together. he spoke to craig melvin about a big division happening within the united states right now. >> we're a very divided nation and we have been for many, many years, decades. i mean, you go back to the founding. and i would just like to see if we could bring people together. so many bad things happening. by the way, so many great things
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happening, like the museum. but we're going to try very hard to bring people together. >> this was the president's first visit to the museum. now, the president's statements are also coming during a recent wave of anti-semitic acts. the fbi is investigating a string of bomb threats against jewish community centers nationwide. here's video of the latest incident out of missouri. police say vandals caused significant damage to a jewish cemetery in st. louis. more than a hundred gravestones were damaged. president trump addressed the anti-semitic attacks today vowing that they will stop. >> the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community and community centers are horrible and are painful and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done. >> since the new year authorities say 54 jewish centers have been targeted in 27 states.
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we're live in the breaking news center, erin coleman, nbc 10 news. we want to talk about what's going on here at home in the wake of those threats, local police stepping up patrols at jewish centers because of the threats across the country. south jersey reporter cydney long reports. >> reporter: parents and school leaders here at this synagogue tell me they relied on the intercom and the buzzer system here at their side door. and while all are welcome, now part of their security team is greeting all parents and visitors no matter how familiar face-to-face. the playground is especially quiet and so are the hallways during preschool nap time at mt. laurel. however -- >> now is not the time to remain silent. >> reporter: he's speaking up. >> hate is real in our world. >> reporter: he considers the hatred and prejudice of jewish
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headstones des ek rated monday in missouri deplorable. and dozens interrupted due to hoax bomb threats. >> every single one of us from the oval office across the country has an obligation to speak against intolerance and hate. >> reporter: what's different right now is a heightened approach to already tight security measures for the school and sanctuary. >> we use a walkie-talkie system now. we also have a different protocol. >> reporter: early childhood director and mom herself says parents are finding relief that response times to any type of threat would be immediate. >> we have a very different community here. we have students who are muslim, students who are jewish, students who are not jewish, who don't speak english. >> i'm proud to be a member of the jewish people. i'm not afraid. >> reporter: zero tolerance for the hatred and the prejudice of
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anti-semitism. it is caught every day here but also at the jewish community center of cherry hill. we spoke to them also today. and they told me a short time ago, we will also not live in fear. we will continue to live our lives. we'll have more on that coming up at 5:30. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. all right, back to washington now. newly confirmed epa chief scott pruitt discussed his employees for the first time. the u.s. will find a way to be pro energy and jobs and pro environment. pruitt was confirmed by the senate earlier this week after senate democrats held that all-night session protesting his selection. pruitt has been criticized for his past battles with the epa including suing the agency multiple times to block regulations. turning to our weather now. how about an afternoon stroll in the park? not a bad day for that. at brandywine park in wilmington where even the geese were on the move today. a live look down broad street in
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center city. a decent day outside. still very mild, but this is the chilliest day i guess we'll have for the entire week. nbc 10 first alert glenn "hurricane" schwartz has your most accurate forecast. >> a big climb up the thermometer the next couple of days. we won't even need coats, will we? >> probably not. at least not during the daylight hours. you do need them today. especially because of the cloud cover. there's a live shot at cape may. there really isn't any sunshine. we're not going to have that beautiful sunset like yesterday. 50 degrees in philadelphia now. even in the 40s and some parts of the area, coatesville, wilmington, dover, atlantic city, is at 45 degrees and colder than it was this time yesterday. dover and wilmington way colder than at this time yesterday. atlantic city 12 degrees colder. philadelphia 7 degrees colder. but then this is going to be the coldest day of the week.
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and even today about seven degrees above average. going up to about 63 tomorrow. then 70, then 71. and that's not the end of it. still going to be warm on saturday. see all the clouds here. there are some showers up by cleveland. now, those do not look like they're going to be moving in, but we do expect a lot of cloud cover. by tomorrow morning, it's not cold at all. that's kind of mild for this time of the year. that's close to the average high. then we're 56 by noon and 62 in the afternoon. in the suburbs we go up to 60 and lehigh valley we even start at 40 degrees. so nobody's cold in the morning, everybody's mild in the afternoon, and that's just the beginning. more on those numbers coming up. all right, glenn. tonight new castle county police are reviewing surveillance video hoping to learn more about the man wanted for two kidnappings over the past week. delaware bureau reporter tim furlong has been digging for new
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information on this case. >> reporter: anyone coming in saw them, three big new castle police clydes details keeping a watch over the arundel apartment complex. >> everybody here is pretty concerned. i think it put a huge scare into residents. >> reporter: just before 8:00 sunday night a woman walked into her building and found a masked man with a gun waiting in the common area. he physically and sexually assaulted her and forced her into her own car and made her withdraw cash from this and other local atms. stam m.o. as an attack at that complex last week. >> a white male about 5'8" tall, thinly built with light eyes. >> reporter: both victims have told police the attacker had a very thick distinct accent. but here's the catch. neither could say what kind of accent it is. banks are closed today. we're told the images of the attacker are so far very dark and he's wearing a mask.
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police won't speculate if he knew his victims or their habits. they're encouraging all county residents to stay alert. >> stay aware of your surroundings. if you see something suspicious, please call us. >> reporter: tim furlong, nbc 10 news. new details today out of the delaware prison that was the scene of a deadly inmate takeover. the warden of that prison has now been placed on leave. officials have not said what led to this decision. last week governor john carney announced two judges will complete a thorough review of what happened during the standoff. four americans were killed in a plane crash while on their dream golf vacation in australia. and this afternoon we're learning at least two of the victims are from texas. take a look at the scene of this crash in melbourne. the plane was also caught on dash cam seconds before it slammed into the mall. look at that fireball there. both the mall and the plane engulfed in flames and the fire so intense rescuers couldn't get close at first.
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>> so the last second the plane banging and then just hit. there wasn't any time to do anything. >> pretty much just a smoking wreck when we got there. nothing left on impact. >> investigators are still trying to figure out what happened but the pilot reported engine failure before that plane went down. governor tom wolf is getting social on the first day of budget hearings in harrisburg. he hosted a facebook town hall discussion this afternoon where he answered questions sent in from pennsylvania residents. he said his goal is to provide services for pennsylvanians without raising taxes. if you have an illness or condition not currently covered by new jersey's medical marijuana program that could soon change. officials in trenton held a public forum today on expanding the list of ailments eligible for medical marijuana treatment. some of the new additions could include chronic pain, osteoarthritis, lupus and lyme disease. one man is dead, another in critical condition after a double shooting in wilmington. police say this happened just
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before 11:00 this morning at 23rd and market streets. one of the victims shot in the head. the other was shot in the arm and the chest. the north and southbound lanes of north market street are closed because of the investigation. philadelphia police are trying to find out who shot three teenagers in olney. it happened last night around 8:00 on american highway. you can see the street just littered with evidence markers. the victims are all between 16 and 19 years old. they were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. tonight parents in the school district will have the chance to speak up about possible closure of two elementary schools. the audubon in eagleville and the arrowhead in collegeville could shut down. they say it's because of a declining and unbalanced enrollment. the meeting is set for seven clock tonight. a man who works as an animal
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control sister in princeton is facing charges for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old. saul barson was arrested. police say the attack happened in a park in solsbury township. he's been suspended without pay. going to the jersey shore now. state police are charging a high school teacher for having a sexual relationship with a student. police arrested william jacobs in florida. he's the teacher at buena regional high school. the relationship started in november and ended last month. they found hundreds of electronic messages between the two. to delaware. the department of transportation asking for your input when it comes to improving an intersection in middletown. they're hosting the public workshop tonight from 4:30 to 7:30 at a.g. waters middle school. the intersection in question is at cedar lane and marl pit roads. we're learning why the power
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went out during a high school basketball championship game in berks county. this is the scene in reading. crews say an underground cable failure caused the 90-minute power outage. now, it came back on around 10:00 and they were able to finish the game. this afternoon in california fire crews rescued five people stranded in dangerous flooding near the bay area. >> want to show you this video right here. half of california under flood, wind and snow advisories. this is an area that at one point was dealing with major drought concerns, but officials at a nearby dam also just opened the spillway for the first time in years. and hundreds in central california out of their homes after a levee breach. officials say 350 homes were impacted by the mandatory evacuation. that breach was halted hours later, but officials kept the evacuations in place. to our weather now and sun trying to peek through the clouds over camelback mountain
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resort in the poconos. it's trying. by this time tomorrow, though, we might see skiers on the slopes in t-shirts. got to love spring skiing. >> it's only 50 degrees and it will only get warmer. in is the mildest day we'll have this week. 70, 71 toward the end of the week, glenn? >> yeah, more than one day of it, too. it does look like we'll end up the month of february as the warmest february ever recorded in philadelphia. 50 degrees in philadelphia on the coldest day of the week. it's still above normal. winds started to turn around now to the southwest near 50 elsewhere. it's generally southerly wind across the region. as we told you yesterday, the wind will shift at the shore. it was a land breeze yesterday, here it is a seabreeze. 45 in mollic ka township. 47 in woodwine and the ocean temperature at 42 degrees.
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the wind's going to start coming into the south, then eventually the southwest which will really warm us up. the temperature heading back to near 70 degrees. thursday, friday and saturday. and so for february overall, likely the warmest ever recorded. and it might not even be close. the rain most likely saturday afternoon. we do have a slight chance on thursday, but the best chance is on saturday. so as of today we're in third place for the warmest february. but we've got such a warm forecast for the rest of the month, i'll tell you we're going to jump into number one by the end. and it may not even be a close call with the kind of warmth that we are predicting. a lot of clouds around preventing it from being even warmer. a few showers in ohio and near erie, pennsylvania. but the futurecast hour by hour
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is mostly just showing clouds across the area. this is tomorrow morning, still mostly dry tomorrow. some peeks of sunshine. then on thursday, a little bit more moisture coming in. but it's still warm. we're talking about near 70 degrees with any kind of peeks of sunshine on thursday and then possibly a shower, but that's not much of a threat there. this is pretty much -- it's february. it's 63 degrees in fairmount. look at the low temperature, 41. that's closer to the average high. schwenksville with 61, langhorne, 62, easton and allentown at 58 degrees. tomorrow robbinsville 61. a little bit cooler at the jertsy shore. still a little bit of a seabreeze, 56 in avalon. but 63 in dover, rehoboth beach wind out of the south to
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southwest will be more of a land breeze. that's why they'll be warmer. so the next three days, thursday and friday at or above 70 mp mainly dry, just a slight chance thursday afternoon. the low temperatures start to go up as well. we're not showing any kind of significant rain and it even stays warm at least until the start of the weekend. more on that coming later. >> we'll see you soon. don't you hate this? not the deal you were promised. >> it's the worst. a family kept getting bills for a cell phone plan that was designed to save them money. how harry hairston and the nbc 10 responds team was able to save them hundreds of dollars. then bullheaded, the stubborn animal that gave police officers a run for their money. you won't believe where this was happening. and baby boom at the "today" show. the latest anchor to announce a new baby. that's next at 4:00. first, here's a look at the closing bell on wall street today. the dow, nasdaq and s&p all
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closing at record highs this afternoon. all three have gained at least 10% since president donald trump took office. sponsored locally by crash proof retirement. shielding your future with truth.
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big news at the "today" show today, the family is getting a little bigger. >> you may notice host hoda kotb has been off for more than a week but she's left clues on social media as to why she's been gone. she posted a series of inspirational quotes like we're all looking for someone to spend our forevers with. may the next few months of your life be a period of magnificent transformations. then my soul saw you and it kind of went, oh, there you are. i've been looking for you. well, this morning on the "today" show hoda explained the meaning behind those posts with a big announcement. >> but you know what?
4:25 pm
how about this? instead of telling you, i'm going to show you something. do you have a picture you can put up for me? >> that little girl haley joy -- i'm crying. is my daughter. >> yea! >> wow! >> haley joy ckotb is a valent e valentine's baby. all those anchors were in tears listening to hoda and how emotional she was. >> haley named after the comet, right? >> throughout the years we've seen her with kids and she's done so much with pediatric cancer research. when she walks into st. jude, she lights up. she loves children and it comes through. now she has her own.
4:26 pm
>> it will change her life, big time. we're very happy for her. haley joy the first in the baby boom. savannah welcomed her child and days later dylan dryer gave birth to her son calvin bradley. hoda became an adoptive mother as a single 52-year-old woman. we wanted to find out how difficult is it for you to adopt an infant depending on your situation. we'll hear from them coming up. also at 4:00, are you wasting your money by sending your children to preschool? a new study weighs the benefits and whether they're worth it in the long run. plus a discount deal without the discount. how harry hairston and the nbc responds team helped a local family get back hundreds on their cell phone plan. mom, i just saved a lot of money
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want to go to some breaking news from skyforce 10. we have a suspect barricaded in a house. this is at 22nd and market street in wilmington. you see the s.w.a.t. officers on the scene in the middle of the street there. now market street has been shut down in the area. and if this sounds a little familiar, that's because there was a double shooting that happened this morning just about a block away. this may be related to it. we're not sure yet at this point. we're making calls on that. but we know from this morning one man was killed in that earlier shooting, another in critical condition as we look at numerous police vex at this location now. as we said, a suspect barricaded in a house in this neighborhood. we'll keep an eye on this and keep you posted as we learn any new developments here. turning now to today's nbc 10 responds and a tech-savvy
4:31 pm
family looking to save cash. >> when they heard about a deal to lower their cell phone bill, they jumped on it. but when they didn't get what they were promised they called nbc 10 responds and harry. >> we had to work on getting them the deal. this family spent six months trying to resolve a billing problem, but one call to the company from us was heard loud and clear. >> the family that texts together, stays together. >> reporter: the dude ek family loves to stay connected, but all that texting and calling was getting expensive. >> basically we were just looking to save money. >> reporter: last summer an employee in target's mobile department told joe and his wife linda about a deal. switch to sprint and pay only $113 a month. that included four phone lines and the cost of four iphones on a buy one get one free promotion. >> we believed what they said. >> reporter: but when the bills arrived they were charged more than $200.
4:32 pm
and they kept piling up. the dudeks kept these e-mails from the target mobile rep showing the promised $113 a month bill. >> target told us they're not responsible. >> reporter: so they went to sprint which told them there was a miscommunication and they couldn't honor that low price. they were fed up. >> i eventually said to my wife, i'm going to contact channel 10. >> reporter: we reached out to sprint and target. sprint has a policy of not discussing customer accounts with the media and worked with the dudeks to resolve the issue. just days after we got involved sprint and the du derks, ks worked out a deal. now they pay $130 a month. >> we'd like to thank channel 10 and harry hairston helping resolve our issue. target tells nbc 10 it apologizes to the dudeks for their experience. they were credited a total of
4:33 pm
about $480 for their troubles. and their bill is now much more manageable. so once again when you do get those bills, try to make sure you get it in writing and have documentation to back you up. >> looks like they're a family that does a lot of texting. >> and a lot of talking. let's check out the recovery counter and see where we are right now. $340,353 for you, our people, out there in the delaware valley, getting your money back for you. >> if you have a consumer complaint you can fill out the form on our website or give us a call and we will respond to you. >> coming up tomorrow on nbc 10 responds, a woman pays to add minutes to her prepaid cell phone account but the minutes were never added and she couldn't get a refund. so she turned to nbc 10 responds. that's tomorrow on nbc 10 news today. here's a look at some of the other stories we're following county by county at 4:00. in montgomery county a teacher is suspended after she was
4:34 pm
charged with sexually assaulting a student. officials say rose lamuli had inappropriate contact with the student back in may of 2016. in atlantic county bart blatstein is opening up more prepare properties. he just add more land nearby for $6 million as a part of future development. in lehigh county residents are getting set for a town hall tonight on healthcare. they've invited senator pat toomey to attend but say it will go on with or without him. it will be from 6:30 to 8:00 at resurrected light church in allentown. everything from repealing obamacare to custom medicaid and medicare. governor john carney will be on hand for a discussion on how to bring real estate problems to first state. the urban land institute of philadelphia's fostering quick dwroet discussion will take place at the university of delaware star campus in newark. take a look at this.
4:35 pm
not something you see every day in new york city of all places. a bull right there on the loose in queens after it escaped from a slaughterhouse. police tried to stop it for hours but it kept getting away. about six officers finally caught it in a backyard. the bull died shortly after it was captured. last november a bull escaped from a truck on its way to philadelphia's slaughterhouse. it made its way to kensington high school then to fishtown right along i-95. police caught up with that 550-pound animal in chinatown. baseball season's almost here but the phillie phanatic is already in midseason form. got the kids pumped up this afternoon at st. matthews school in northeast philadelphia. the visit is about the reading program. great to read. we told you earlier about the exciting announcement of the adoption of her baby girl. >> but adding to a baby through adoption isn't always easy for everyone. still ahead at 4:00, the
4:36 pm
challenges some families face when they choose adoption. plus stage fright. how one of david cassidy's recent concerts led to a major revelation about his health. and to the rescue. how an off-duty airman in delaware became one woman's personal hero.
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this is nbc 10 news. actor and musician david cassidy says she's suffering from dementia now and is quitting music. cassidy spoke to "people" magazine about his health after a concert in california where he struggled to remember song lyrics and also stumbled off the stage. the 66-year-old became a huge star during his stint on the hit tv show "the partridge family" back in the '70s. he sent out a tweet today thanking those who reached out to him after making this announcement. about half of all infant deaths in philadelphia are related to sleep. that's based on research from
4:40 pm
the city's department of public health and the medical examiner's office. officials say there were 75% more sleep related deaths in philadelphia than the national average. investigators say most of those babies were in an unsafe place. health officials stress the importance of putting the infants to sleep in their own crib on their backs and without any blankets, pillows or toys. a change in the weather could influence a mother's breast milk. that's according to research from the university of colorado. it found that women's breast milk contained 20% fewer complex sugars during months with more rain, and that made the babies get sick more often because those sugars help support healthy bacteria in the baby's stomach. actor george clooney is opening up for first time about becoming a father. >> what he's saying about the anticipated arrival of those twins this summer. plus waste of money? the new study that says the cost of preschool may not really benefit your child.
4:41 pm
and glenn's here with more about the warm weather. >> yeah, here it comes. back to the 60s tomorrow, then the 70s later this week. i'm tracking that climb up the thermometer plus our next chance for rain in the most accurate weather forecast.
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this is nbc 10 news. actor george clooner is opening up for the first time about becoming a father. in an interview with a french tv host, clooney says he and his wife amal have, quote, embraced it all with arms wide open. the 55-year-old clooney and his wife, as we know, are expecting twins this spring. big news for them. new research is questioning whether pre-k education is really worth the expense. >> researchers at the university of california at irvine and duke looked at data from dozens of early childhood intervention
4:45 pm
programs. they find much of what students learn there they would typically pick up in kindergarten or first grade anyway. despite some of the research findings, parents say the lessons learned in pre-k go beyond the classroom. >> i think it's that emotional intelligence. that anxiety is decreased for my daughter because he was more familiar. >> you think that these benefits could fade away quickly? >> i think it depends on what benefits you're talking about. really at the end of the day the love for education. >> researchers aren't saying we should give up on early education programs but say the environment at home is just as important. some studies of early childhood education programs did find evidence of positive outcomes lower high school dropout rates. here in philadelphia the city's controversial soda tax is funding universal pre-k. that tax went into effect in january. it charges distributors 1.5
4:46 pm
cents per ounce of sugary beverages like soda, energy drinks and sweetened tea. to our first alert weather now. taking a live look at citizens bank park. phillies still in florida for spring training, but it will feel like baseball weather in south philly by this time tomorrow. i'm looking forward to it. are you? >> absolutely. the phillies could almost stay here for spring trainingp they didn't have to go that far away. >> who needs florida, glenn? >> well, maybe in the future it's going to end up warm enough here we are not going to need spring training down in florida. that could be a scary thought. 50 degrees in philadelphia right now. the wind is starting to come in and around out in the south and get ready to warm things up. this is the coldest day of the week, as we've been saying. and delaware one of the colder spots, which is a little bit unusual. as you can see, a lot of 40s here. collieville at 47, marshalton, middletown at 47 degrees. the reason for the cooling, the
4:47 pm
wind direction coming off that cool delaware bay in the atlantic. so dover's at 47, felton at 48, reading at 52, lewis, delaware, at 46 degrees. we have likely a record. another record coming up in philadelphia. we're in third place as of today. the warmest februarys, but with the forecast that we've got, you can see the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen for your neighborhood, we're going to jump into first place. now last winter we had the warmest december ever recorded. so we've been breaking all sorts of records and we're going to get close to some individual records on thursday. wilmington may be the closest. the record is 72 and predicting 70. philly's record is 75. reading's record 72 degrees. even if we don't break records,
4:48 pm
it's going to be pretty darn warm. a lot of clouds coming through the area, though we do see some breaks there and breaks in this line of showers. not very impressive at all, is it, back to the west. so let's go through the time period. by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, we got a lot of clouds around. break up into some sunshine later tomorrow. that will help push the temperatures well into the 60s with a southwest wind. then we have more clouds on thursday but some breaks there, too. allows temperatures to get near 70. and maybe a shower in a couple of spots later on thursday or thursday night. the cool air that we've had with the northeast wind, well, that's already shifting, becoming south and eventually it's going to become southwest. that's where that real warm air is that's going to bring the temperatures up near 70 degrees. tomorrow it will be mostly in the 60s.
4:49 pm
bethlehem, though, may not quite get to 60. at 58 degrees. notice these low temperatures are not very low. fooengsville at 61. westchester 62, newtown 62 for the high tomorrow. and fairmount at 63. you can see haddonfield, new jersey, glassboro at 63 degrees. we've got 60s all over the place except right at the beaches. atlantic city 54. still a little bit of a sea breeze there and there's delaware with temperatures in the 60s, too. you see on that seven-day at the bottom even saturday is likely to be 70 before we cool down. >> field trip. >> for a day. >> field trip to cape may. >> wherever. >> three-day stretch of this. >> that is correct. i mean, it won't be bright and sunny all three days. and saturday should have some showers and thunderstorms, but -- yep. >> and that's going to bring in the cooler air because 70 degrees saturday, then it dips down to a high of 48 on sunday.
4:50 pm
that's a wbig dip. >> and then we start warming up again. i've got another 70 during next week. >> no blizzards and subzero temps on the radar. >> not here. >> thanks, glenn. we'll talk about challenges when choosing adoption. >> hoda kotb's announcement about the adoption of her baby girl is getting a lot of attention. the process isn't always easy for every family. that's next at 4:00. plus flying for less. that always sounds good. one airline is making it cheaper to fly out of philadelphia international airport, but there is a catch. we'll explain.
4:51 pm
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so earlier in the newscast
4:54 pm
we told you about hoda kotb's big news. >> the "today" show anchor announced she's adopted a baby girl named haley joy. the little girl is already the love of her live. kotb who is 52 and single surprised her "today" show family with the news this morning. a local adoption agency tells us it can take up to two years or more for a family the adopt and that the wait could soon get much longer. erin coleman with the story. >> you're so funny. >> reporter: ardmore's donna rossi calls herself the luckiest person on earth. >> because three times over i was picked to be a mom. >> reporter: rossi and her husband tom are the proud parents of tara, thomas and maria, all were adopted without long waits, but maxine, the founder of adoptions of the heart of montgomery county says -- >> it's harder for families to find pregnant women. >> reporter: the birth rate is down in the u.s. leaving a lot more waiting families than
4:55 pm
available infants and there are far fewer international adoptions because of tougher laws in some foreign countries. >> we used to send ten families a month to china, now one family would have to wait seven or eight years to get a baby. >> reporter: one upward trend is that more african-americans are adopting. >> and they don't have to wait as long. for some reason there's a lot more african-american babies. >> reporter: open adoptions where birth mothers choose and stay connected to the adoptive families are more common. the birth mothers tend to pick young couples but many are also more open minded than in the past. rossi believes having a connection with their birth parents helps her children understand that they weren't given up. >> they can hear directly from their birth families, then it becomes so much more powerful. and it means so much more. >> these days more birth mothers are using the internet to find adoptive families. she worries that could lead to problems when it comes to legal issues and background checks that agency typically handle.
4:56 pm
something you don't think about until you are ready to take the plunge and adopt. >> we were surprised it could take seven to eight years. >> yeah. >> more stories to come at 5:00. >> mission impossible and criminal. police have uncovered more cases of a thief rappelling into local businesses. plus a scare on the ice. >> whoa. >> new video shows what happens before and after these kids plunged into an icy pond. plus, trouble on the tracks, septa is trying to clean up the mess after several trains collided and derailed. coming up next at 5:00, the safety measure that should have prevented this crash. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
4:57 pm
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nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 5:00, off the tracks. tonight septa is trying to figure out why three of its trains collided. nbc 10 was on the scene moments after the crash caused these cars to derail. four people were hurt in all of this. the train's operator is still in critical condition. >> septa says there are safety measures to stop this very thing, so what went wrong? randy gyllenhaal is live on the scene tonight. you have new information on the ntsb and its investigation. what are you learning? >> reporter: well, we're told that the ntsb will be sending three investigators here to upper darby to try to figure out what happened. right now on scene i can tell you that crews are working with heavy machinery to try to lift those derailed cars off of the
5:00 pm
tracks. this accident happening on a loop where trains turn around at the end of the line. then within the last few hours we can tell you that 69th street station back open to trains. septa trains up and running again at 69th street station. things getting back to normal just in time for rush hour. kadeer jenkins had a long day riding septa. >> it was very bad. >> reporter: today's train collision made him late for school. he and many others were rerouted and forced to take crowded buses instead. >> you talk about the train, what, a train crashed? >> reporter: the slow speed crash happened just outside the upper darby platform. three trains were involved. a total of seven cars derailed. >> i heard a big ban, then all of a sudden i heard the fire engines and all. i knew something big happened. >> reporter: septa says it all began when the number 57 train came around the loop and rear-ended the number 67 train that was stopped ahead. >>er


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