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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  February 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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tracks. this accident happening on a loop where trains turn around at the end of the line. then within the last few hours we can tell you that 69th street station back open to trains. septa trains up and running again at 69th street station. things getting back to normal just in time for rush hour. kadeer jenkins had a long day riding septa. >> it was very bad. >> reporter: today's train collision made him late for school. he and many others were rerouted and forced to take crowded buses instead. >> you talk about the train, what, a train crashed? >> reporter: the slow speed crash happened just outside the upper darby platform. three trains were involved. a total of seven cars derailed. >> i heard a big ban, then all of a sudden i heard the fire engines and all. i knew something big happened. >> reporter: septa says it all began when the number 57 train came around the loop and rear-ended the number 67 train that was stopped ahead. >> after that collision, train
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57 derailed. >> reporter: the derailment causing a third train on another track to collide. septa says an electric signaling system should have prevented this. >> there's an automatic train control system, it's a signal system, the trains move under signal authority and the signal system will keep the trains separated. >> reporter: the ntsb will have to determine why that signal system failed. i'm told those trains were going at max ten miles per hour. there's one train operator still in critical condition, another less seriously injured as well as two passengers who were actually not supposed to be on board. they also suffered injuries. live in upper darby, randy gyllenhaal. there's more trouble for septa tonight. in the past ten minutes septa completed repair works on the fox chase regional rail line, however it's causing delays up to a half hour on several different lines including lansdowne doyles town. a crash that left several
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people hospitalized including children. police now tell us 2-year-old twins are in critical condition following the two-car crash. skyforce 10 was over the scene on woodhaven road near thornton road at 1:00. the white honda rear-ended the green minivan that had broken down. a 28-year-old man was also hurt. it's happened again. a burglar rappelling his way into a local business and taking off with its money. police are investigating four similar crimes in the last week stretching from montgomery county to south philadelphia. nbc 10's deanna durante shows us how the thief pulled off his latest crime. >> reporter: early in the morning when police say the crook got on the roof of this montgomeriville market, shimmied down through the duct work and once inside the store helped himself to cash. now, tonight new video of the guy police want you to look for. take a good look at this guy. he's making his escape from
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lansdale meats and deli on february 15th. you see the guy tossing his climbing gear down before he gets away. inside the store that morning police say the thief spent about an hour prying his way into an office and going after cash and finding a gun. he stole that, too. >> criminals have all different strategies, and this is a different one. >> reporter: this guy seems to be employing the same strategy. on february 6th, police say the guy is getting away from the king of prussia costco. he left behind the rope he used to lower himself down from the rooftops. there he stole jewelry. the same guy hit the patel food market again getting in through the rooftop. and on friday the 17th owners of a south philadelphia sandwich shop found that he got in through the roof and stole $3,000 as well as the shop's cash register. >> we're working with any other agency that has a similar job to ours. >> reporter: in hatfield the clearest video shows the man
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with a red bandanna over his face. he comes armed with tools to break through the doors and even a wall. he's small but has to have serious upper body strength. in hatfield he left the same way he got in, through the roof. police say the images are all very similar to the same guy. that's why they think it is the same man behind all the crimes. but geographically these crimes have been spread out. that's why they are looking for help from you tonight. if you know who this guy is, call police. deanna durante, nbc 10 news. now new at 5:00, a dover man was arrested for a robbery thanks to a member of the united states air force. police say on saturday 33-year-old brian mccain walked up to a woman on west lockerman street and demanded her purse. she gave it to him and he took off. the airman saw what happened, chased mccain down and tackled him to the ground. if you're worried about temperatures, you can stop right about now. why? well, we had it to the 50s today.
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and that's the coldest it's going to get this week. >> we like it. krystal klei is standing by with the most accurate forecast. things about to warm up again for us. >> that's exactly right. we've been seriously spoiled. take a look at the map. this is the 24-hour change from yesterday at this time. we did see a cooldown. we're seven degrees cooler right now in philly, 13 degrees cooler in wilmington and dover, 11 degrees cooler in atlantic city. but temperatures are still warmer than average and look pretty good. we're at 45 in coatesville. that's the school spot, or 50 philadelphia, 51 allentown and mt. holly and vineland in the upper 40s. a couple of hours ago they were a little higher. a lot of us made it to the low 50s today. again the average in philadelphia is 45 for this time of year. so we're warmer than a typical day. part of the reason we were cooler, kind of a gray day with that cloud blanket over us. it wasn't a rain producer. as you can see there's no green
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on the board because we're not tracking any rain at least for quite some time. that's until the weekend that we talk chances of showers finally moving back to the forecast. so we stay dry and ahead we begin warming up. take a look at how mild we are overnight into tomorrow morning. 48 at 6:00 p.m., but only 44 at 10:00 p.m. the clouds do hold on to the region. in the suburbs, same thing, 46 by 6:00. and 42 at 10:00. and in the lehigh valley almost the same and we repeat ourselves, delaware, new jersey and the shore. low 40s as we go this evening right into tomorrow morning and by the afternoon tomorrow 60s before the 70s at the end of the week. we'll talk more about the rise in temps coming up. we want to get to some breaking news right now. crews are on the scene of a person who was shot. that's what you're looking at from skyforce 10 in bucks county. this is upper black eddy.
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the victim is currently being loaded into that helicopter, the maroon one in the center of the screen. as soon as we learn more about this breakings now, this electrocution apparently in bucks county, we'll make sure that we make you aware of those updates. tonight in new castle county, one man is dead, another is in critical condition after a double shooting in wilmington. police say this happened just before 11:00 this morning near 23rd and market streets. one of the victims was shot in the head while the other was shot in the arm and chest. right now a portion of north market street is closed because of the investigation. we have new details out today of the delaware prison that was the scene of the deadly inmates takeover. the warden has been placed on lead. officials haven't said what led to the decision. last week governor john carney announced two judges will complete a thorough review of what happened during the standoff. the nbc 10 investigators have uncovered another criminal investigation at a local prison.
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now several workers at the montgomery county correctional facility are on leave. tonight we're asking why and we'll bring you those exclusive details coming up on the news at 6:00. police in south jersey need help identifying a man who stole from a marlton church. police say the man hid inside a gas station near st. joan of arc church last monday. about five hours later that night he went into several offices taking cash and a bunch of gift cards. then he called a cab and the cab dropped him off near philadelphia binternational airport. police are charging a high school teacher for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a student. police arrested william jacobs in florida, he's a teacher at buena regional high school. the relationship started in november and ended last month. they also found hundreds of electronic messages between the two. tonight in montgomery county
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parents in the methacton school district will have the chance to speak up about the closure of two elementary schools. aud u done in eagleville and arrowhead in collegeville could shut down due to declining and unbalanced enrollment in the district's elementary schools as well as budget issues. the meeting is scheduled for 7:00 tonight at arcola intermediate school. governor tom wolf is getting social on the first day of budget hearings in harrisburg. he hosted a facebook town hall discussion this afternoon where he answered questions sent in from pennsylvania residents. his goal is to provide services for pennsylvanians without raising taxes. this is with a $3 billion deficit and proposals for $18 billion in tax increased spending. the delaware transit corporation is holding hearings all week to get feedback from people who trach the bus.
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they're meeting right now in dover. any changes will take place in may. the city of allentown received a $300,000 grant to make things safer for pedestrians. the money will be used to improve crosswalks and ramps next to the school district building. it will pay for the mlk parkway trail that connects the downtown area to the western park resources. cracking down. president trump has issued new orders to stop illegal immigration. we'll have a live report from washington next at 5:00. plus on alert. local jewish centers tell us they've upped their security after a series of threats nationwide.
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authorities in washington, d.c. want to know who left graffiti on three national monuments. someone used a permanent marker to deface the lincoln memorial, the washington monument and world war ii memorial some time between sunday night and monday morning. park service officials said the vandalism does not appear to be motivated by hate or politics. the trump administration is taking a hardline stance against illegal immigration. new guidelines under president trump greatly expand the number of people in the country illegally that can be considered a priority for deportation. they include anyone convicted, charge or even suspected of a
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crime, and that includes traffic violations. kristen welker joins us from washington. >> do they have the resources to carry out all these orders? >> reporter: well, dhs, the white house, believes they do have the resources. they'll have to reallocate the funds from congress to do it. because the d had, s guidelines today call for hiring 10,000 more i.c.e. agents, 5,000 more border agents. it allows for parents who pay smugglers to bring their kids across the border, they could be subject to prosecution. and those who cross the border could be immediately detained. so the way that you've characterized this is absolutely right. this is really an expansion of who they're going to be scrutinizing and looking at very closely. now this has raised some alarm bells for immigrant rights groups who say, wait a minute, this looks like it amounts to mass deportation. the white house is pushing back
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against that characterization. white house press secretary sean spicer saying that's not the case. he has said that they are going to be prioritizing the deportation of criminals, but nonetheless this is a much tougher approach to deportation. one important caveat, though, they are leaving the dacha executive order in place. that obama-era executive order which essentially allows young people who are here studying to not have to worry about being deported. >> this is the last look here from president trump on immigration policy this week. we do expect a new version of that travel ban to be released as well, right? >> that's what we're expecting. we know that the white house is working on a new version of that so-called travel ban executive order. and the challenge for the white house is to make sure that it would withstand legal challenges because remember the first version did not. i'm told based on my conversations here with sources that this new executive order is still going to halt travel from the same seven countries, but
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unlike the first order, it is not going to include an indefinite ban of all syrian refugees. one of my sources stresses this is still a work in progress and nothing is final here at the white house until the president announces it. >> an nbc 10 alum by the way, from washington. >> good to see you guys. thanks. >> now from the politics to the people. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk takes a closer look at how this crackdown could affect families from across our area. >> reporter: in philadelphia immigrant rights advocates were already preparing even training people how to peacefully disrupt an i.c.e. raid in workshops likes this. but the new memo from the dhs secretary changed things for people like sheila cantina. >> it includes basically everybody. >> reporter: she's an organizer with new sanctuary movement and has family members in the u.s.
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who are undocumented. >> i have family members who will be personally impacted. >> reporter: it sets priorities for removing those convicted of crimes but says no category of those labeled removable aliens are exempt. >> it makes me feel really angry and gives me a lot of strength to see all of our communities come out and not be intimidated. >> reporter: new sanctuary movement is organizing hundreds of community members to show up when i.c.e. agents arrive to remove someone, but families themselves now watching and waiting to see the impact of the new direction. would you tell your family members you should live your life any differently than maybe a couple weeks ago? >> not necessarily. we're asking people to be prepared and we're asking people that this is a time for us to stand up. this is not a time for us to go back into hiding. and that's not what we're seeing. we're seeing people who have had enough. >> reporter: in kensington, i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. lauren also took a closer
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look at what this means for sanctuary cities. that story coming up all new at 6:00. and nbc "nightly news" will have much more on the president's new crackdown on illegal immigration and how it had be carried out. how refugees are fleeing the u.s. for canada. that's coming up at 6:30 right here on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we'll begin wa live look outside cape may, new jersey. beautiful shot as the sun is setting here. what we're looking at are clouds but still some sun breaking through. that's going to be a theme over the next several days. the difference will be in the wind direction which will pull in warmer air over the next several days. so radar and satellite showing us the clouds that we do have. it's kind of a blanket of gray for us today with peeks of sunshine. and you can tell more where that comes from as this continues to push on in from the west. so the clouds will hang overnight. temperatures, they took a little dip as a result, still warmer than average, though.
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here's your philadelphia neighborhoods. we're at 50, society hill, center city and rittenhouse. we're at 49 now for the airport, 48 west mt. airy. and you see the low 50s down to torresdale and ft. richmond at 52 degrees. a nice day out there. this is mild, mild weather we've been having considering we broke records over the weekend and we got the next round coming up. here's your delaware neighborhoods currently. talleyville you're at 46 degrees as well. drop farther south and you're seeing upper 40s, lincoln at 47, reading at 52 degrees. these will continue to drop off to the 40s tonight but it won't be terribly cold overnight. in fact these mild conditions continue through the rest of the month. so we're already set. record warmth for february. take a look at the numbers. these are the average temperature for different years on record. 1925, 42.2. but at number third -- number three, rather, 2017, this year,
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already set to be the third warmest february ever on record for philadelphia. and by the end of this month as we factor in the rest of our forecast, we believe this will become the warmest february on record for philly. temperatures that we're looking at tomorrow, boosting up already. we're at 63 fairmount, you see the clouds mixing in through the suburb. schwenksville 61 and allentown a forecast in the upper 50s though spots in berks county making it to the lower 60s. robbinsville, voorhees 60. then in delaware, low mid-60s as well. rehoboth beach up to 64 degrees. that's just the beginning. hour by hour forecast. here's what i was talking about with the clouds lingering overnight. and that continues through the rest of your wednesday with peeks of sunshine through the afternoon. enough to start boosting that temperature up. 70 by thursday, 71 friday.
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and still 70s on your saturday. you can see windy conditions on sunday. a more typical 48 degrees. >> 48 is still very warm. i'll take it. one of washington, d.c.'s most popular residents is now on her way to her ancestral homeland. >> fans of the panda cub bao bao gathered to say a final good-bye. she's on a one-way trip to china whether she'll join a breeding program. she boarded a plane called the panda express. from bao bao now to ridley. look at ridley. she's one of our nbc 10 clear the shelters success stories. her new mom wanted to adopt a dog. she went to providence animal shelter in media. that's a no-kill shelter that gets stray and orphaned animals from all over the country.
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>> it was just so sweet and so affect et and she knew some demands and we just couldn't put her back in the shelter. we had to bring her home. >> good looking dog, too. ridley has been with them for four months and has adjusted quite clearly very well. >> yeah. >> our next clear the shelters event is an oug 19th. your chance to adopt a pet new need. right you can learn about nationwide campaign and read more success stories just like ridley. cries for help. a group of kids plunge into an icy pond. coming up, new video shows what happened just moments before.
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tonight nbc 10 continues its celebration of black history month. one of the most sought-after construction firms in the delaware valley. he's breaking new ground and barriers all at the same time. this is what angelo perryman lives for, construction, from the foundation up. and building is in his blood. do you ever think about your father when you're on the sites? >> i think about him all the time. think about him all the time. >> reporter: back in 1954,
5:26 pm
evergreen, alabama, his father jimmy perryman sr. returned from the korean war and went to work with a toolbox and a truck. >> we've come a long way from that start, from my dad working from a toolbox. >> reporter: now decades later, angelo perryman has had his hands on some of the most recognizable landmark in philadelphia. he's behind the $20 million renovation of love park, the $70 million university city live/work project. and part of the team working on the new subaru headquarters in camden, new jersey. perryman construction has grown 400% in the last five years landing it number 29 on fortune's inner city 100 list. >> we've tried to make sure that the work leads for us more than anything. >> reporter: leading but also helping others along the way. >> we're looking at the engineers, the superintendents that may would not have gotten a chance. we're really trying to let people be all they can be.
5:27 pm
>> reporter: so great to spend some time with him. there's so many more projects that people don't know that he's worked on, all started by his dad with a toolbox and a truck. >> you think they work from one project to the next, but they can always look at those buildings and say, i did that. coming up next at 5:00. >> nationwide anti-semitic threats is causing local heartbreak but increased security and a calm concern. >> thank god there's been nothing found in any of the bomb threats. >> we're taking the pulse in the jewish community, next. coming up all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, an nbc 10 exclusive. why a criminal investigation is now under way into several workers at a montgomery county prison.
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right now at 5:00, on alert. local jewish centers tell us they've upped their security. >> this all follows a series of threats nationwide and vandalism at a jewish cemetery. >> vandals targeted more than 150 burial sites in st. louis over the weekend. dozens of headstones knocked over or broken. the fbi and justice department are investigating the damage. >> this incident comes amid a rise in anti-semitic activity. since the new year authorities say 54 jewish centers have
5:31 pm
received bomb threats in 27 states, 11 came in just yesterday. today president trump denounced the threat. >> the anti-semitic threats targeting our jewish community and community centers are horrible and are painful and a very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to root out hate and prejudice and evil. >> now, in response the anne frank center for mutual respect issued this statement. quote, the president's sudden acknowledgment of anti-semitism is a band-aid on the cancer of anti-semitism that has infected his own administration. make no mistake -- the anti-semitism coming out of this administration is the worst we have ever seen from any administration. tonight local synagogues and community centers are responding
5:32 pm
to these incidents from around the country. >> south jersey bureau reporter cydney long joins us in mt. laurel. >> reporter: local places of worship have stepped up their own security measures. they're also working externally with local authorities and police as well as internally to stay calm as part of their prayerful vigilance. >> you look over here, you can see his mother's lipstick. >> reporter: helen hirschbaum teaches and educates about the holocaust. >> to see it still happening is frightening. >> reporter: the words "anti-semitism" are part of her everyday vernacular. she's sickened by a recent rise of the prejudice against jews. >> the feeling in my heart is hurtful to see so much hate being spread. >> reporter: dozens of bomb threats to jccs nationwide interrupting daily life and the
5:33 pm
des ek rags of jewish graves monday in st. louis. >> we're trying to work with our community that if you see something, you say something. >> reporter: together with the jewish federation of south jersey, the mantra is one of stepped-up security and prayerful vigilance. >> we're preparing everyone, our members here, our staff, our lay leaders to be on the lookout, to be prepared to how to respond if and when or should something be of concern. >> reporter: she says even when young children see the faces of families torn apart, they read loud and clear when anti-semitism rears itself it's not okay to just stand by. >> you can't allow prejudice to happen around them and say i'm not the one doing the act so it's okay. >> reporter: now, jennifer weiss with the jewish federation of
5:34 pm
south jersey may have said it best, that so often the very evil that intends to tear us apart instead brings us much, much closer together. live in mt. laurel tonight, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. now to breaking news. skyforce 10 over an accident on henry street in palmyra. take a look at that car there. we're told the vehicle crashed into a pole and flipped over into a front yard. you can see it is completely upside down. that driver was trapped for a time. no word on what caused this crash but again a car flipped over in palmyra. the driver trapped for a time. we're going to continue to monitor this situation and bring you any updates as they become available. elsewhere 2-year-old twins are in critical condition tonight after a two-car crash in north philadelphia. police tell us at least one other adult was hurt, too. the accident happened on woodhaven road near thornton
5:35 pm
road around 1:00. police tell us a car rear-ended a minivan which had broken down. four people are hurt after a septa train crash at the transportation center in upper darby. one of the market frankford line trains slammed into the back of another train this morning. the blue line is in service tonight but there are no express trains. the warden at vaughn correctional center in smyrna is now on paid leave. officials haven't said what led to the decision. earlier this month an officer was killed in a altercation with inmates. the search is on for a man who fired a gun at philadelphia police. it happened late last night at fifth street in olney. officers approached a group of men who were firing at each other. one man turned and fired a shot at the officers and took off running. no officers were hurt. hoping to learn more about the man wanted for two kidnappings over the past week.
5:36 pm
>> nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong has been digging for new information on this case. >> reporter: when bob first saw my reports on the sunday night kidnapping at the arundel apartments -- >> ways quite concerned and i called my mother. mom, what's going on? >> reporter: his mom lives not too far from the woman who was attacked by a masked man with a gun waiting for her in the common area of her building who foreed her back into her car and made her withdraw cash from local atms. he physically and sexually assaulted her but she's okay. the police think this attacker is the same guy who did the same thing to a woman at this complex a weeker earlier. he's a slim guy who rambled to himself as he committed his crimes. >> both victims describe a distinct accent. unfortunately we're unable to determine what type of accent it is. >> reporter: complex managers sent this letter to residents with safety advice.
5:37 pm
police don't want residents to live in fear. they want you to use your head and not make yourself vulnerable to the attacker. >> let people know when you plan on arriving home or leave work. >> reporter: this advice is for arundel and all neighborhoods. stay in well-lit areas, look around before you get out of your car. if you see anything suspicious, call police. one person said he's taking an extra eye on her girlfriend. >> we take turns with the dogging outside but i've been doing that because i don't want her outside. flying for less. one airline is making it cheaper to fly out of philadelphia international airport, but there is a catch. we'll explain next. all no at 5:00. i'm nbc 10's matt delucia. there are plenty of videos that show you how to fix your car but when it's time to bring your car in.
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american airlines is offering cheaper flights out of philadelphia international airport. the basic economy fares went on sale today. tickets are available for round trip service from philadelphia to new orleans, ft. lauderdale, charlotte and miami. if you choose the lower fare, you can't pick your seat.
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you'll have to board last and you'll have to check your carry-on. two people in our area, not the two of us, though i wish that were the case, are holding million dollar winning lottery tickets from last saturday's powerball drawing. >> definitely not us. one was purchased at classic wine and liquor at wrightstown, burlington county. the other bought their ticket in south philadelphia. it was here at the news shack on packer avenue. winners have a year to claim their prize. alexa scardanato has advice for people buying tickets. >> come to the little news shack because we're extremely lucky. >> good advice. there's another shot at the full jackpot. the powerball now up to a whopping $403 million. want to show you this video coming up next. even k-9 officers like to relax. see how next at 5:00.
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they got permission to lie down on the job. >> it's quickly becoming our favorite time of the newscast. look at that sunshine. cape may. keeps getting better and better on us. >> we're back with a great forecast. 70s again. we'll look at how long.
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the senior editor of conservative outlet bright bart news has resigned after controversial comments of sexual relationships between young boys and older men. yesterday the conservative political action conference canceled a scheduled appearance from milo yiannopolis. it came after video was promoted
5:45 pm
through a social media by a conservative blog. simon & schuster also announced it's cancelling a book deal for him. about half of all infant deaths in philadelphia are related to sleep. that's based on research from the city's department of public health and the medical examiner's office. officials say there were 75% more sleep-related deaths in philadelphia than the national average. investigators say most of those babies were in an unsafe place. health officials stress the importance of putting infants to sleep in their own crib on their backs and without any blankets, pillows or toy. new jersey has tried to cut down on this problem by giving new parents a free baby bunk for their newborn. it's part of this program where parents pay for the box and pick it up at a local hospital. they're made from durable cardboard and can be used as a bed. 105,000 boxes will be give out this year. if you live in philadelphia
5:46 pm
expect to see more of the emotional ads about the takers of smoking. >> ask yourself what you will miss more, your children or cigarettes. >> the city's department of public health announced it's launching more ads with tips from former smokers. the campaign tells the personal stories of americans suffering from smoke-related illnesses. the reason the department says the number of calls to the state's quit line significantly increases after the ads run. tomorrow new jersey's health department will consider adding chronic pain and other ailments to the list of conditions that qualify for the medical marijuana program. a panel will hear from people who petition to be added to the programs. migraines, autism, lupus and opiate addiction were some of the ailments mentioned in the addiction. former teen heartthrob and partridge family star david cassidy says he's suffering from dimension. i -- dementia.
5:47 pm
age and family history greatly increase the risk. it has many people wondering if their own forgetfulness can be a sign of the illness. >> all of us are going to forget as we get older. all of us will have trouble learning new things. we'll have trouble learning names and remembering names. it's when the forgetfulness begins to affect our ability to function that we should start to worry. >> more details as well as what you can do to lessen your chances of being affected by dementia tonight on nbc "nightly news." let's turn to a live look at the blue cross river rink. hasn't felt like winter lately but it is not stopping people from getting out on the ice. gosh, probably a dozen people right now. but a beautiful time of day. it includes the pros, too. this art the flyers take on the penguins outdoors in pittsburgh. nbc 10 will have exclusive live coverage. i will be live alongside csn's john clark at heinz field. join us saturday night starting
5:48 pm
at 7:00. >> that will be fun. right now let's get your most accurate neighborhood forecast. here's first alert meteorologist krystal klei. >> i was thinking of showing off a different live picture but this is so nice i'll leave it up. this is cape may, new jersey. very nice conditions out there. we've seen a blanket of clouds. temperatures were cooler. but temperatures were for the most part warmer than average this time of the year. here are your temperatures in the pennsylvania suburbs. 46 the same for exton. pretty much consistent at 47 waurington, north wales and elroy in those upper 40s. drop down to the lower 40s for the next several hours and that's about it. we're not talking freezing temperatures tonight. we stay warmer than that. and in the days to come we see the big climb. same for the shore. 43 atlantic city, cape may,
5:49 pm
woodbine and mullica township. that warm-up at the shore but not quite as pronounced as farther inland. you've seen this all day long. if you took a lunch break outside. you notice that gray sky that we had, it wasn't the big puffy clouds. instead this was a nice little blanket that we had. and that will continue overnight into tomorrow. still some peeks of sunshine like we saw today, though. the focus is all about the climb. yesterday we hit a high of 58. that was a cooldown from the weekend but still way warmer than average. today lower 50s. but as we go into tomorrow we start the climb again. 63 degrees for your wednesday in philadelphia. look at thursday and friday. lower 70s for highs. that's a huge difference between the average and the actual that we are expecting. it actually continues into the weekend as well.
5:50 pm
let's talk about thursday a little more closely. it will be near record temps in a few areas. 70 the forecast for philly. won't break a record. 75 is the actual record. but a close call. wilmington as well, 70 is the forecast. running close, 68 the forecast, 72 is the record. this is thursday into friday. the records were a little higher. but nonetheless we're still going to be much, much warmer than average. it continues into saturday. saturday at 70 degrees, philly, new jersey, delaware, upper 60s, the shore and mid-60s for the suburbs. notice the icon. we have showers and thunderstorms that start to develop. when you've got that warm air. we dry out sunday but there's a cooldown. not really a cold forecast but brings us to more typical temperatures. 48 in philly, let's take a quick
5:51 pm
look at the ten-day. sunday at 48 but then look at that. we start to warm back up as we get into your next work week. >> krystal, thank you so much. there's nothing like the feeling of a brand-new bed. tonight all active and retired philadelphia police k-9s will sink into their very own orthopedic beds. look at that. getting a paw massage, too. they were donated today by big barker. a philly company that makes the beds. police k-9s are hard and at risk for joint problems, too. these beds can help alleviate it. >> he's enjoying that. a sneak peek into the butterfly pavilion. it's an addition to the insectarium. filled with native and tropical butterflies. it opens to the public this friday. it should be the last place that you'd expect to see a bull running through the streets. we'll show you how police in queens tried to corral the
5:52 pm
runaway anillal. >> plus a scare on the ice. new video shows what happened before and after these kids plunged into an icy pond. coming up at 6:00, an nbc 10 exclusive. a valentine's day assault inside a montgomery county jail under investigation tonight. only nbc 10 learns why coming up new at 6:00. go to protect your vehicle?
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welcome back. lester holt joins us now from the nbc studios in new york. >> he has a look at what's coming up on nbc "nightly news." >> tonight the president speaks out about the wave of threats against jewish community centers across the country. we'll let you know what he had to say. we head north to witness the desperate journey of undocumented immigrants leaving the u.s. going to canada and what's behind it. and plus actor david cassidy announces his battle with dementia we take a close look at its many forms and causes tonight on "nightly news." back to you in philly. >> we'll see you at 6:30. i want you to take a look at this right now. not something you see every single day. a bull on the loose in queens after it escaped from a slaughterhouse. you see that guy running away from it behind a car. police tried to stop it for hours but it kept getting away.
5:56 pm
eventually about six officers finally caught it in a backyard. imagine seeing this. the bull died shortly after it was captured. some people in our area did see this. last november a bull escaped on its way to a philadelphia slaughterhouse and made its way to kensington high school and to fishtown and along i-95. quite the trip. police finally caught up with the 550-pound animal in chinatown. you do not want to get in its way. >> no. >> to video you won't soon forget. a group of children falling through an icy pond in central new york yesterday. >> it was all caught on video. take a look at this. >> the story comes from our sister station wnbc in new york. moments earlier tourists spotted the children venturing on to the ice. the ice cracked and they all slipped in. bystanders grabbed a ladder. they dove into the water to save
5:57 pm
the children. witnesses described a chaotic scene. >> first one to actually scream and say something i think was the youngest, the smallest one. and he was like terrified. >> i imagine so. some of the children are still suffering from hypothermia-related injuries at the hospital. very scary. >> thank goodness there were people there to watch them, too. the news at 6:00 is next. >> here are jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. >> thanks, guys. >> broken ribs and handcuffs so tight they cut. an alleged 20-minute beating inside a montgomery county jail. what an inmate says happen to him at the hands of correctional officers. plus another taste of spring coming your way. i'm tracking temperatures getting back into the 70s in my most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast.
5:58 pm
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and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at prisoner beatdown. only nbc 10 has the story of jail workers under investigation. crashed and derailed. federal investigators are figuring out what triggered this train collision that's causing headaches for septa riders tonight. deportation danger. local immigrants fearing almost everyone may be at risk as the trump administration rolls out a new plan. nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 6:00 an nbc 10
6:00 pm
news exclusive. a criminal investigation into officers inside a montgomery county jail. a source tells the nbc 10 investigators a person was beaten. >> they beat him down. broke four ribs. >> good evening, i'm jaek wellen london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. >> investigative reporter mitch blocker has details you'll see only on nbc 10. >> reporter: yeah, detectives are investigating a valentine's day assault on an inmate. we're told that involved as many as six corrections officers. inmate derek houlihan is inside the montgomery county corrections center arrested on drug charges. while he's being held a source inside the jail says he was beaten by officers while others, including supervisors, wad.


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