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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 21, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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news exclusive. a criminal investigation into officers inside a montgomery county jail. a source tells the nbc 10 investigators a person was beaten. >> they beat him down. broke four ribs. >> good evening, i'm jaek wellen london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. >> investigative reporter mitch blocker has details you'll see only on nbc 10. >> reporter: yeah, detectives are investigating a valentine's day assault on an inmate. we're told that involved as many as six corrections officers. inmate derek houlihan is inside the montgomery county corrections center arrested on drug charges. while he's being held a source inside the jail says he was beaten by officers while others, including supervisors, watched.
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>> my son called if not every night every other night. >> reporter: this is his mom. >> i knew something had happened. >> reporter: she told us eight days ago she was on the phone with him when a corrections officer started and argument. >> the c.o. unplugged the phone on me so he couldn't tell me anything. >> reporter: she said other inmates told her derek was sent to solitary confinement. >> the young man told me they really did him dirty. they took him in the hole. they were supposedly six c.o.s. he was handcuffed. he has an artificial leg. and they were just in there for like 20 minutes and just beat him down. broke four ribs. lacerations on his wrists because the handcuffs were so tight. plus they were like throwing him over the cell. >> reporter: a source inside the jail says the beating was captured on camera but county officials say any video would be part of the criminal investigation. montgomery county officials say the warden is cooperating with the montgomery county district
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attorney. joann houlihan wants the officers held accountable. >> they need to be relieved of their position because they abuse their authority. >> now, county officials told us they could not legally comment on the health of an inmate. they did confirm that houlihan is in disciplinary segregation when we asked if we could speak with him. they said no outside calls are allowed. for the investigators, i'm mitch blacher. >> this is the same correctional facility where a pediatrician died in december. dr. david kennedy was locked up for child porn in november. we checked with the coroner today. kennedy's cause of death remains under investigation. in delaware a warden is now on leave three weeks after inmates there took over his prison in a deadly standoff. david pierce is in charge of the james t. vaughn correctional center in smyrna. now he's been placed on administrative leave with pay. three weeks ago prisoners took over one building killing one
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correctional officer and holding others hostage. officials would not confirm whether pierce's leave is connected to that deadly uprising. investigators are trying to figure out what caused this train crash in upper darby. four were injured when a train crashed into two other trains during the morning rush. nbc 10 is at 69th street live terminal where this accident is causing commuter headaches. randy gyllenhaal, what can you tell us? >> reporter: they've turned the on the lights and the generators. it's clear this investigation is going into the night. the ntsb has officially arrived on scene. we've seen one of their investigators here. the ntsb is sending three investigators here to the scene as crews continue to clean up the debris and lift off the derailed cars from the tracks. federal investigators will comb through the bent metal and tipped-over train cars to find out why one septa train rear-ended another. >> it looks like a pretty bad wreck, if you ask me.
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>> reporter: it caused a day of headaches for commuters but 69th street station back open just in time for rush hour. >> i was very lucky, but it's crazy. >> i said train crash, what? a train crashed? >> reporter: the crash involved three separate trains. it happened while they were out of service just after dropping off passengers. >> i heard a big bang, then all of a sudden i heard the fire engines. >> reporter: septa said it started when the number 57 train rear-ended the stopped 67 train. the derailment caused a third train to also collide. septa says a signal system should have prevented this. >> there's an automatic train control system, a signal system so the trains move under signal authority and the signal system will keep the trains separated. >> reporter: the ntsb will have to determine why that system didn't work. we also know that one of the train operators was hospitalized with critical injuries. another train operator also injured plus two passengers who
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were actually not supposed to be on board that train also suffered some injuries. live in upper darby, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. this is just the latest in a string of troubles for septa including the market/frankford line when septa found cracks in the support beams and it forced them to pull cars off the blue lin. they had to use shuttle buses to make up for the lack of train cars. 2-year-old twins are in critical condition tonight following a crash in philadelphia. skyforce 10 was over that scene on woodhaven road near thornton road. the white honda rear-ended the green minivan which had broken down. a 28-year-old was also hurt. the westbound lanes of woodhaven have since been reopened. police say a suburban thief who breaks in through roof tops the and rappels into businesses has struck again. >> the latest break-ins were at a montgomery grocery store and
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meat business. he hit the costco in king of prussia. the thief rappels through the roof. >> a smaller person with some upper body strength to be able to climb back up 12 feet of rope back to the rooftop and then off. and obviously by doing that he's not being detected by the alarm system. >> montgomery township police released this photo of the suspect. tonight new castle county police are reviewing surveillance video as they try to find a man wanted for two kidnappings over the last week. officers with the county's mounted patrol were out in force at arundel apartments today. sunday night a resident was attacked in her building's common area. she was physically and sexually assaulted and forced to withdraw cash at a number of local atms. and police believe this same suspect committed the very same crimes at a claymont apartment complex a week earlier. tonight president trump says he's closely monitoring an investigation into a wave of
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threats against jewish community centers around the country. he spoke exclusively to nbc news about it. >> anti-semitism is horrible and it's going to stop. >> this comes as the investigation continues into this vandalism at a jewish cemetery in missouri. more than a hundred headstones were knocked over or broken this weekend. meantime local jewish communities are stepping up security measures both inside and out. at temple emmanuel they're locking up gates and they have security at the door. in cherry hill the jcc has its guard up as well. >> every single one of us from the oval office across the span of the country has an obligation to speak out against intolerance and hate. >> many in the jewish community we spoke with today say the forces of evil meant to tear them apart only making the jewish community stronger. police in bucks county are now investigating two child sex
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assaults involving two different suspects in the same park. two men were arrested for incidents in solsbury township. nicholas fisher is accused of assaulting a boy in a separate case. both suspects are in custody. a massage parlor crackdown to tell you about in delaware. a bipartisan group of lawmakers is proposing a new law to stop sexual services at those parlors. the legislators say it's a form of human trafficking. the new legislation would call for random state inspections plus the arrests of owners of parlors that offer sexual services. a state budget hearings starting today. governor tom wolf proposed a $32.3 billion plan. republicans have said it's modest in spending increases but they question the governor's proposal of raising the minimum wage to $12 an hour. atlantic city is trying to
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ease its debt crisis by selling off city-owned boardwalk real estate. a philadelphia developer who bought the former showboat casino has purchased three more boardwalk properties. price tag about $6 million about the state of new jersey took over much of the city's government in november trying to fix ac's financial troubles. $2 million worth of rest rooms are coming to atlantic city's boardwalk hall. today the reinvestment authority authorized the project. eighth bathrooms will be renovated. up next the trump administration rolls out a new immigration crackdown. why local immigrants fear the new plan makes almost everyone deportable. plus a new jersey police officer now getting to know her biological mother and sister and it's all because of a new state law. we'll explain next. plus here we go again. more warm air coming. i'll tell you when those
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temperatures will reach the 70s again plus i'm tracking thunderstorms for the weekend. that's all ahead.
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you're watching nbc 10 news at 6:00 with jim rosenfield and jacqueline london. crackdown on illegal
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immigration. >> today the department of homeland security started rolling out president trump's plan to kick out people in the country illegally. >> that plan is outlined in a pair of memos. immigrants seen as dangerous would be top priority. >> you have to have people come in that are going to love the country, not people that are going to harm the country. >> nbc 10's lauren mayk spoke with a woman today whose family has a lot on the line. >> memos from the dhs secretary break down what the president's xaektive order means on the street. like 10,000 new i.c.e. agents, 5,000 customs and border patrol agents and who those agents will arrest. >> it makes me feel really angry that everyday people are being targeted with violence and at the same time being accused of violence. >> reporter: she's a community organizer with new sanctuary movement and she has family members in the u.s. who are undocumented. >> i makes everybody deportable and more and more people
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immediately deportable. >> reporter: the direction from the dhs secretary does say those who have been convicted of or charged with a crime should be prioritized for removal, but it also says no classes are exempt anymore. and dhs is looking to expand a program that allows local law enforcement and participating agencies to be designated as immigration officers. it's something that concerns a staff attorney with the pennsylvania aclu. >> when local law enforcement acts as an arm of immigration, it inevitably leads to racial and ethnic profiling. it's very hard to determine justly looking at someone what their immigration status is. >> reporter: there's also new direction that could affect sanctuary cities like philadelphia. documenting when they release people who have an i.c.e. detainer request and putting that out in a weekly report. i'm lauren mayk, nbc 10 news. as for those agencies who sign on to have local police act as immigration officers, we checked and right now it is not
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done anywhere in pennsylvania bup there are three counties in new jersey including salem county. the federal government wants to expand that to more. tonight philadelphia leaders are highlighting the power of immigrants. the officer of immigrant affairs we leased new data today. 10% of the people in the metro area were born in another country. immigrants are more than 40% more likely to be an entrepreneur compared to someone born here. in delaware, an airman stationed at dover air force base helped catch a robber. 33-year-old brian mccain walked up to a woman on west lockerman street and demanded her purse. she gave it to him and he took off. but the airman saw what happened and tackled him to the ground. she's getting to know the loved ones she's just met. >> all thanks to a new law in the garden state. megan keller tracked down her biological mother last month 37 years after being put up for
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adoption. a new law gives people adopted in new jersey access to their original birth records. we were there when megan and her 4-year-old son grady talked over facetime with her mom and sister in north carolina. >> surreal. definitely surreal. i'm still in shock, and i still think it's -- i sometimes pinch myself. wow, did that really happen? >> megan and her son recently came face-to-face with their newfound relations. the story of their emotional meeting tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00 right after "chicago fire." today's the chilliest day of the week before a supercharged warm-up starts tomorrow. looking live at cape may right here. temperatures in the 40s down the shore today, but just wait. >> a little warmer in center city as we look live. glenn says we're about to get a string of 70s. >> yeah, starting on thursday
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the temperature should get right around 70. tomorrow will be in the 60s. a good bit warmer than what we've seen in the last couple of days. today 52 degrees. it's still above average even though it's the coldest day of the week. tomorrow 63, thursday 70, friday 71 degrees. so yeah we're warming back to 70 thursday, friday and saturday. right around the 70-degree mark. that will help make february the warmest february ever recorded in philadelphia. and it may not even be close. the rain most likely saturday afternoon with some thunderstorms although there is a chance that we could see a couple of showers in some areas on thursday. here we are so far as of today in third place all time, but because of the warm forecast, you can see the seven-day in your neighborhood at the bottom of your screen, i think we're going to jump up to number one
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by the end of the month. we'll see how that goes day to day. a lot of clouds around today. a few showers in western pennsylvania, but this is a pretty weak system here and we're not really expecting much of anything from it other than the clouds. we'll see some of that in the morning going through the afternoon. some breaks allowing the temperature to go up into the 60s, more of a southwest wind tomorrow than the east wind -- the southeast wind that we have seen. here's thursday and a weak system coming through. and not much of a threat. possibly a shower late in the day. during the day tomorrow there's that southwest wind. helping to push the temperature up. fairmont up to 63. reading to 63 degrees. these are way above average temperatures. voorhees at 60 degrees, egg harbor township inland at 62. but longport on the beach at 54.
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new york delaware at 60 degrees. into the weekend there's gog be a dramatic difference between saturday and sunday. first of all, saturday up near 70 degrees. the third day in a row of that. but windy and thunderstorms likely in the afternoon. i've got thunderstorms for all areas. of course, they'll be coming later at the jersey shore than they come in the lehigh valley which will help keep the lehigh valley temperature down to 62. then on sunday another windy day, but this is a cold wind. so the high sunday is only 48 in philadelphia, 43 lehigh valley. 50 at the jersey shore and delaware. so we're going to be seeing a dramatic difference between saturday and sunday and we're pretty sure about that so you can go ahead and alter some plans. there we are 70, 71 and 70 with the gusty winds saturday. we cool down on sunday, but it's
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just one day. we start warming up again on monday and much of next week is a little bit warmer. look at wednesday up to 70, then we start cooling down again later next week. i'm john clark. coming up desean jackson talks about returning to the eagles and the playoffs for the sixers but when? that is next.
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this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x-1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. i'm john clark from csn. nfl free agency starts in two weeks. desean jackson will be one of the big play receivers available.
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he says he wants to return to the redskins but the tampa bay bucks have interest and desean tells espn he wants to play for a contender with a great quarterback. he does like carson wentz and he will consider returning to philly. >> it definitely is a great ending, i guess you can say starting your career somewhere and going to a division rival team and having the possibility of maybe going back. i mean, you know, you just kind of think about all that when you start somewhere and want to finish there. you never really know until the final decision is made. >> the trade deadline is two weeks away. the pacers have interest in jalil okafor. and joel embiid hopes to return friday night. he says he has high hopes for next season. >> next year we are going to make the playoffs and after
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that -- >> joel embiid didn't play for two years and ten months. and he went through some real tough times. and he thought about just going back home to cam maroon. >> i lost my -- i thought about quitting. i just wanted to go back home and fort everything. >> joel went through two foot surgeries and he says the second one was because he wanted to play so bad. >> i just wanted to play that's why i think i needed the second surgery because after i had first one, i just wanted to play basketball again. i wanted to be on the court. i pushed through when i wasn't supposed to. so i learned how to be patient. >> he's being patient now. flyers host the capitals. take a look at this. this is english soccer backup goalie wayne shaw during a match. he ate a meat pie during the
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a live look outside at the blue cross river rink on penns landing. after today another spring awakening in a big way, glenn. >> yeah, the temperatures are going up then we'll have more than one day of 70 degrees. there we are thursday and friday in philadelphia. after tomorrow 63 is not that bad. the average high is 43. and you can see in many parts of the area temperatures are at least in the 60s if not near 70 during the day at night it's not all that colder. >> you get in the 70s, there's really no chill in the air. >> not if february. >> that will feel good.
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thanks for watching. >> up next nbc "nightly news." knew tonight, anti-semitism uproar. president trump condemns a wave of threat against jews. what he tells nbc news after criticism he didn't comment fast enough. trump's deportation plan. new detail ossen a much more aggressive effort to deport undocumented immigrants. flood calamity, roads into rivers and dramatic rescues in california. officials warn a critical dam is not out of danger. americans killed in tragic crash in australia. what caused the plane to plunge exploding into a mall? fighting dementia. after a former teen idol's devastating diagnosis. what you can do to combat it. when a young girl put out the cl


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