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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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only fios can. skblienchts false alarm. a man now charged with faking a child's abduction. new tonight. what police say was his motive. the trap. a warning. how police say two men lured children through their smartphones. and a family reunion 30 years in the making. how a jersey shore police officer finally tracked down her relatives. >> nbc 10 news starts now. trouble on the track. trains collide leaving four people injured and riders wondering about the affect on tomorrow's commute. good evening. i'm jacquelin london. >> i'm jim rosenfield. we want to show you the scene. although trains will be running tomorrow, there won't be as many cars as you normally would see.
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we have a closer look at the work going on there tonight. brandon. >> reporter: jacquelin, joe, we want to take you right across the street so you can see the damage on the side of one of these trains. this is the back end of that curve here at 69th street station. we learned that 19 cars will run tomorrow. that's three less than normal. septa will not sec late peculat investigation, but they want to insure their passengers tonight that the trains are safe for travel. >> reporter: before the evening rush hour ended, an ntsb crew arrived from washington d.c. to check out the collision in upper darby. the number 57 and 67 trains still displaced hours after a slow-moving crash which hurt four people, including a critically injured train operator. the impact knocked a third train out of service too. tonight sep did a clear train service a go for tomorrow morning. >> it's still undecided. we're going to have to be able to use the loop first thing in the morning. >> reporter: this shows two
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damaged trains at the curve. we learned at one point they impacted traffic on westchester pike. evening rush hour train service was back. just this time for thousands of people to get home from work. >> they got it together. now we want to go -- >> this is just the latest incident in a long list of recent problems for the transit agency. septa's assistant general manager of safety says those problems have tested the resiliency of the market frankfurt line. however, there is still enough train cars to support the more than 187,000 riders. >> yes, it's certainly been challenging, but i think that the riders can -- should know that they are getting on safe equipment. >> septa says an electronic signaling system would have stopped this collision. the passengers we spoke to tonight plan to take the train tomorrow morning.
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reporting live in upper darby, i'm brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. this is only the latest problem for septa. you may remember a few weeks ago when investigators found cracks in the support beams on two railcars, and that forced officials to pull 110 cars right off the blue line. septa had to use shuttle buses to make up for the lack of train cars. a woman tells police that a man tried to force her into his suv. gloster township police say that victim was standing outside of her home on may apple road in sticklerville when the man drove up and asked for directions. that's when police say he grabbed that woman and tried to pull her into his car. she screamed. he gave up and drove off. now, a similar investigation is underway in new castle county, delaware. two women were abducted by a masked man in separate incidents this month. investigators say there appeared to be no connection between the cases and the one in gloucester township. a new twist on it a story that played out as breaking news right here at 11:00. a philadelphia man now facing charges after police say he
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filed a fake abduction report. police say a pizza delivery driver seen here in the blue shirt told him he was robbed at gunpoint and his car was stolen with his 4-year-old nephew inside. we told you last night about the search for the boy who was nowhere to be found when police recovered the stolen car. investigators later determined the boy does not exist, but the robbery claims were valid. police say the man lied to them to get back at the prior robbery incident as he claims wasn't handled properly. to bucks county. a warning for parents after two child sex assaults at a park. >> police arrested two men in two separate incidents. now, officers don't think these crimes were connected, but they do say the encounters started the same way. through technology. >> denise nicano tells you what you need to know to keep your child safe. >> reporter: the two child sex assaults happened here at this park in salsbury township less than a week apart. police say the children were lured here through on-line apps.
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>> reporter: police arrested two accused child predators who met 13-year-old boys using two popular apps. grinder and snap chat. then according to criminal complaints, carried out separate sexual assaults at the park. >> i don't think any place is safe. >> reporter: police say 28-year-old sal larson used snap chat to lure his victim to the park. he was working as a princeton animal control officer at the time. investigators say 21-year-old nicolas fisher first met his victim through grinder. >> these children can access any application on their cell phones through the tablets, laptops, even gaming consoles where predators or offenders can reach out to them. >> i wanted to see how easy it was to access the mobile apps, many of them meant for adults. i found they accept birth dates without verification so minors can easily get access. >> in a matter of minutes i'm on grinder. >> reporter: cyber security experts say parents should have control of the device and know pass words. invest in a content filter that can cost as little as $15 and
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enables parents to keep bad content away. talk to your teenager about the risks of on-line predators who may try to hurt them. these parents have lived by that advice and believe it's paid off. >> we keep track of everything they do. >> making sure they understand where the lines are. >> both suspects are out on bail, and police are concerned there may be more victims out there. they're asking anyone who has information to come forward. i'm denise nicano, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00 in montgomery county, the school board just voted to close one of it's elementary schools at the end of the school year. nbc 10 in lower province township tonight voted to close audubon elementary in eagleville. the district officials say it's due to declining and unbalanced enrollment throughout the district as well as budget issues. audubon elementary will officially close in july. for the second time during his first 100 days in office
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president trump is getting set to introduce a new immigration order. this order is expected to target the same seven muslim nations as the original travel ban. the department of homeland security also started rolling out new plans for a crackdown on illegal immigrants. that plan includes hiring thousands of additional federal agents and speeding up deportation proceedings. the president made those comments after wrapping up his first visit to the national museum of african-american history and culture in washington. the president also directly denounced anti-semitic threats as horrible and painful. this comes a day after bomb threats were phoned into at least ten jewish community centers across the country. >> very sad reminder of the work that still must be done to rout out hate and prejudice and evil. president's remarks come as the investigation continues into this vandalism here at a jewish
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cemetery in missouri. the recent string of vandalism has local jewish communities stepping up security measures at temple emmanuel in mount laurel. they're locking up gates, skps they have security officers at the doors, and similar measures are being taken at the jewish community center in cherry hill. president trump is getting rave reviews for his choice of lieutenant general h.r. mcmaster as his national security advisor. mcmaster is a philadelphia native and colonel job church has known him for quite some time. the two men served together overseas in iraq. church, who is the president of the valley forge military academy says he thinks mcmaster has exactly what it takes to get the job done in his new role. >> he is a very sincere individual, very approachable, very down to earth, but also very creative and very innovative of how we as a nation and we in the military should view conflicts. >> mcmaster graduated from valley forge back in 1980.
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a flat tire led a crash that left 2-year-old twin girls in critical condition tonight. sky 4 10 over that scene at 1:00 this afternoon. the mother driving the green minivan there tells us she pulled over. her fiance could change the flat tire. that's when you see the white honda injured her twins had her fiance. now to an nbc 10 exclusive. montgomery county detectives are investigating a valentine's day assault on an inmate at the county's correctional center. now a source inside the jail tells the nbc 10 investigator that inmate derek houlihan was beaten by officers while others, including supervisors, watched. county officials confirm officers are on administrative leave and a criminal investigation is ongoing. houlihan's mother says one witness contacted her after the assault. >> the young man -- he said they
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took him in the hole. he was supposedly -- he was handcuffed, and he said therm in there for, like, 20 minutes and just beat him down. broke four ribs. >> montgomery county officials confirm houlihan is in segregation, but said they legally could not comment on an inmate's health. the warden of the delaware prison that was the scene of a deadly inmate takeover has now been placed on leave. officials have not said what led to this decision. last week governor john carney announced two judges will complete a thorough review of just what happened during that standoff. a member of the u.s. air force went beyond the call of duty to help nab a robbery suspect in dover. i'll show you a picture of the suspect. police say brian mccain walked up to a woman on saturday and demanded her purse. investigators say she gave it to him, and he took off, but the airman saw what had happened. chase came down and tackled him. from our jersey shore bureau. atlantic to ease its
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debt city trying to sell off boardwalk real estate. philadelphia developer who bought the former show boat casino has now purchased three more boardwalk properties. price tag about $6 million. the state of new jersey took over much of the city's government back in november to try to fix ac's financial troubles. stliench through the ice. new video of a group of teenagers trapped in this icy pond. who came to their rescue? family ties. how a jersey shore police officer it reunited with her relatives after 30 years. the great escape. take a look. we'll show you how police finally corralled a bull on the loose. this was in new york city. glen. well, i'm tracking another warmup, including 70 degree temperatures on the way. plus, some thunderstorms are in the future. i'll tell you when to expect them in your most accurate forecast. he
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are. ♪ i want to dance with somebody ♪ ♪ i want to feel the heat with somebody ♪ >> does it make you want to dance? a tribute to the late great whitney houston right there. "the bodyguard" toepd tonight at the academy of music in center city. the musical version of the 1992 film stars r & b performer debra cox and features some of whitney houston's biggest hits. "the bodyguard" runs through sunday. now to a family reunion more than 30 years in the making. a new law gives people who are adopted in new jersey access to their original birth records. >> as our bureau reporter fred greenberg tells us, it didn't take a police officer long to track down her biological mother. >> megan keller's family circle suddenly got a whole lot bigger. >> i sometimes pinch myself. i'm, like, did that really happen? >> the long township police officer and mom to 4-year-old grady still getting to know her
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sister jenna and biological mother alissa combs wondered for 37 years if she would ever be reunited with the child she gave up when she was 18. >> a roller coaster of all kinds of emotions. all the pain of, you know, when i put megan up for adoption came out, but then all the joy of her finding me. >> new jersey's new law unsealing adoption records made it possible less than two weeks after a copy of megan's original birth certificate came in the mail last month. she and grady were meeting their newfound relatives in north carolina, a state where they now live. >> it was just hugs and tears, and it wasn't like meeting strangers. >> but there has been a few surprises. megan lives in surf city, new jersey. turns out home for center jenna is just outside surf city, north carolina. >> everyone is connected. >> megan's quest for answers was
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mainly driven by hopes of filling in her family's medical history. her adoptive parents cathy and jim cochran constantly encouraging and supportive. >> i would never deny her the right to find out her roots. >> the cochrans are set to meet the combs in may. megan looking forward to meeting a second sister and grandmother during a trip next month. >> it's really been quite a whirlwind. >> a family story with quite a few chapters yet to be rwritten. >> bye, love you guys. >> she waited 30 years to be able to say that. >> yes. >> they still have a lot of catching up to do. >> police say a suburban thief who breaks his roof top and repells into businesses is stuck again. >> the latest break-ins were at a montgomery county grocery store. earlier this month police say the same suspect hit the costco at least four businesses have been burglarized and in each
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case the thief repells right through the roof. we'll be right back.
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for those people that love mild and warm temperatures, they are really going to ledelight in the next few days. >> we're not just talking about flirting with the 650 sz. we're going up into the 70s. here's first alert chief meteorologist glen hurricane schwartz. >> we got to 70 on sunday. certainly capable of getting there this time of the year, and it gets easier and easier the later we go into the season. now, we did hit 70 sunday. down to 58 monday. 51 today. that's the coldest day of the week. jump up to 63 tomorrow and then there we go. thursday and friday. i i don't think it's going to be quite as sunny as sunday was, but it's going to be warm and not just thursday and friday. temperatures right now are in
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the low to mid 40s. these are the average high temperatures for this time of the year. pretty close to it. 42 at the airport. parkside. an doria, parkwood also. 40 degrees in summerton is the cool spot. it is not all that cool for february at 11:00 at night. we're going to be going back to near 70 thursday, friday, and saturday, and this warm end to the month is going to probably push february as the warmest february ever recorded in philadelphia, and it may be by a good bit too. then the rain most likely saturday afternoon in the form of thunderstorms. there's a slight chance of getting some showers on thursday night, but that is nothing compared to the saturday threat. as of today, we're in third place since february. like i said, the warmth we're
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predicting should take us all the way to number one. radar and satellite, well, we got a lot of clouds around. a couple of sprinkles on the radar. most of it's not reaching the ground. some showers back in ohio too. that area not really headed this way. we are talking about more clouds than rain over the next couple of days. there are a few sprinkles early, and then we start to get a little bit of sunshine later on during the afternoon. by thursday got a lot of clouds again to start off the day. maybe a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon. a little sun thursday afternoon. easily pushes us to 70 degrees. then thursday night perhaps a couple of little light showers around. we're not talking about any big threats. during the day tomorrow, the wind is turning around, becoming southwest. it was southeast during the day today, and more to the southwest and where that warm air from the middle of the country comes in
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here. 63 degrees. dakota, 62. elwood, 61 and lange horn, 61 as well. allentown may not quite get to 60, but that's the way above average for this time of year. longhorn and avalon being right at the shore they'll still get a bit of a sea breeze tomorrow, and that's where we'll be significantly cooler than the inland areas. dover, 63. that's at the beach too, but the delaware beaches were the southwest wind. that is a land breeze. they get very warm. for the next three days february doesn't really look like february here. generally on the dry side. temperatures are going up throughout the area. even lehigh valley friday. near 70 in jersey and also delaware, but as we saw, a little cooler right at the jersey shore because of a bit of
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a sea breeze. now, over the weekend this is a pretty clear cut thing. one day is going to be really warm. one day is going to be pretty chilly. one day has a pretty good chance of showers and thunderstorms. the other day looks to be dry. there it is. saturday, i've got thunderstorms in the forecast for just about all the areas. all the neighborhoods. not all at the same time. it's not an all day thing. it's not a wash-out. look at the temperatures. 70 degrees in philadelphia. jersey, delaware, even the lehigh valley at 62. everybody is much colder on sunday. these temperatures are close to average for this time of year. it's not like it's arctic air mass here. it's also going to be on the windy side. that's quite a difference between saturday and sunday. you see that on the ten-day. thursday, friday, saturday. all near 70 degrees. gusty winds coming in on monday.
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then we're cool for a couple of days. we warm right back up tuesday into wednesday with more showers and then we get colder later in the week. now we'll be right back. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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hey, everybody. i'm john clark from csn. nfl free agency starts in two weeks. could former eagle receiver deshawn jackson be coming back to philly? he says he wants to return to the redskins. espn says the tampa bay bucs have interest, and deshawn tellings espn he wants to play for a contender with a great quarterback. he did say he likes carson and will consider returning to the birds. >> it does mean it's a great story, and i guess you could say starting your career somewhere and -- >> it definitely is a great story, and i guess you can say,
11:29 pm
you know, starting your career somewhere and going to a rival team and having a possibility of maybe going back, you know, you just kind of think about all that and finishing it. you really never know until the final decision is made. >> it's a process here tonight. we'll hear in one second here. the trade deadline is less than two days away. nba tv says he will be traded by thursday, and the kings are now interested. the pacers have contacted the 6ers. now, joelle embed hopes to play against the wizards. he has learned to be patient because he missed two years and ten months before playing in an nba game, and he told nba tv he needed that second foot surgery because he wanted play so bad. >> i needed to say it because -- i just wanted to play basketball
11:30 pm
again. i just wanted to be on the court. i wanted to prove what i wasn't supposed to. i learned how to be patient. >> flyers back home tomorrow night hosting the team with the most points in hockey. the capitals, jordan wheel will not play. the flyers are three poins out of the playoff spot. they did win in the final game of the road trip, but with 23 games left, they know they're in a must win mode. >> got it win games. it doesn't matter what it takes. that's the point. we can't -- you know, you can't have any excuse. you know, no matter what it is, no matter what has to be done, putting the goalie true the net and put the puck in the back of the net. >> we went on a three-game road trip. that's not going to be good enough. the focus is on ourselves and what we have to do to gain points. >> they need every game now. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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>> winters coats back in the closets. at least for the next few days. >> enjoy it. >> for glen and all of us, thanks for watching tonight. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon is next. have a great night. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- will forte, milo ventimiglia, musical guest, future,


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