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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 22, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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taking a devastating toll on young lives in our area and what families can do to avoid the threat. i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and most accurate forecast for your neighborhood this morning. hey, bill. >> it's going to be a warm one today. starting off cloudy and i'm tracking a few very light showers. in fact, more like sprinkles this morning. radar is showing just a little bit of activity in philadelphia. and the lehigh valley has seen a few light rain showers as well. already exiting allentown and moving into new jersey. the showers moving out. get sunshine breaking through this afternoon. later this afternoon and temperatures through the day in spite of clouds will be warming up. it's not as cold as it was yesterday. as yesterday. 37 degrees right now in the suburbs. clouds over philadelphia. 42 and very low 40s for the lehigh valley. delaware, and new jersey. lehigh valley has seen a few
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rain showers. those showers and the clouds will stay through the morning. and into early the afternoon. 52 degrees at lunchtime. we can do better than that this afternoon. should be near 60 degrees for the lehigh valley. and into the 60s for most of the rest of the area. exception is the shore. going to be a little bit cooler thanks to cooler ocean water. 54 degrees this afternoon. 60 degrees for delaware. i'll break it down hour by hour to show you when you can expect to see sunshine. when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> thanks, bill. starting off on vine street expressway moving through center city this morning. cameras right around eighth street. looks like a good drive so far. right here is what's headed westbound towards schuylkill. also dealt with construction this morning. not anymore. that ends around the 5:00 mark. hour out of the woods there. other than moving through the city looks great. so there's a crash out in abington on hamilton avenue just around easting road. wash for that. service was restored since
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yesterday morning. train crash on the market frankford line. other than that patco new jersey transit and am track running on time or close to schedule. >> breaking news right now. problem here for philadelphia international airport is creating delays for travelers. trying to camp their morning flights. nbc 10 viewers have been calling us for answers. >> reporter: we've learned brand new information since we saw you last about 15 minutes ago. here's the problem. you can see some of the kiosks here not in service. in fact all of them are not in service. that's because a system wide outage right now that's affecting american airlines flight here at philly international. awant to give you a look at check in counter here in morning. here's what we know. division of aviation had 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. planned maintenance power shutdown. when the power came back on this morning, it it did not restore
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the internet to american airlines. this is impacting their ability to print boarding passes. of course use a kiosk as i just mentioned. they're having to manually check in bags. this is what this line is right now. even if you are able to get your boarding pass on your phone, they're having to check in your bags manually. this is a look at how things are to the left of me. take a look over on the other side. see all these customers waiting right now to see if they can make their flight speaking of that we know that flights may be delayed because of this. checked the departure board looks like everything is on time right now. 6:00 a.m. departures affected by this because of that they are holding these flights to make sure all passengers get on board. we spoke to one jose altuve earlier this morning who is pretty frustrated by all of this. couldn't get a straight answer about what was going on. take a listen what he had to say. >> if you travel enough, then you learn to try to not get frustrated, but, yeah, you plan on traveling and they take your
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money in a timely fashion, right? and as we come back out here live this morning. you can see it's a all hands on deck situation here. a lot of people behind on the other side of this counter trying to assist passengers. get bags checked this morning. get them too their flights this morning. all of that taking quite a bit of time here. heading out this morning. flying to american airlines at philly international check and make sure your flights are leaving on time and also consider whether or not you need to check a bag. there could be a back up and delay into the morning because of the lines that we're seeing right here today. reporting live at philly international. pamela osborne. nbc 10 news. 6:04. happening now septa crews hard at work. live picture right now. where they are preparing to move the derailed and damaged market frankford cars. from yesterday's crash. sky force ten overhead yesterday
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morning after three trains colluded along the loop at the terminal. several people injured. one of themry maining in critical condition. septa says the cause of the crash is not yet clear. president trump's administration is laying out a new approach to illegal immigration. the sweeping rewrite targets millions of people for possible deportation. anyone who was caught crossing the mexican border will be sent back to mexico even if they're not from mexico. also the administration will hire thousands more federal agents to handle border security. and more judges and officers will be said to deal with asylum claims. the administration also wants to prosecute parent who is pay smugglers to bring their children into the u.s. we're following two other headlines involving the president this morning. mr. trump pledging to combat bigotry. made comments after visiting
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african-american museum in washington, d.c. denounced anti-semitic threats as horrible and painful. comes after bomb threats were phoned into ten jewish community centers across the country. local jewish communitying stepping up security measures at temple. they are locking up gates and have security officers at the doors. similar measures are being taken at the jewish community center in cherry hill. after just two days on the job, accolades continues to pour in for president trump's new national security add vviser. also philadelphia native. lieutenant mcmaster. police are investigating this crash in northeast philadelphia that seriously injured a man and two-year-old twin girls. mother says their car got a flat tire on woodhaven road yesterday afternoon. pulled over so her fiance could change it. police say that's when a car rear-ended them injuring her
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twins and fairway. >> now to nbc 10 exclusive. montgomery county corrections officers under investigation after an inmate was assaulted while in jail. source inside the jail says inmate was beaten by officers while others including supervisors watched. county officials confirm officers are on administrative leave and criminal investigation is ongoing. one witness contacted her after the assault. the young man told me they really did him duirty. took him in the hall. supposedly six cos. he was handcuffed and they were in there for 20 minutes. beat him down. broke four ribs. >> mont gom equiconfirmed he's other prisons, but couldn't legally comment on an inmate's health. nbc 10 learned the warden of the smyrna correction facility is now on leave. officials have not said what led to decision.
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last week governor john carney announced two judges will complete a though review of what happened during the standoff. just about ten minutes after six right now on your wednesday. lancaster avenue in wayne. delaware county. first alert meteorologist bill henley has most accurate forecast for that area and yours. warmer start and wayne and philadelphia. we're seeing clouds move through the area. and a little bit of a breeze blowing. hasn't gotten started yet. there's a change when it comes to wind today. going to be a southwesterly wind. wind forecast today calling for winds below ten miles an hour. out of southwest to warm things up. starting milder this morning. 43 degrees in the lehigh valley. 40 in delaware. 41 in south jersey and 42 degrees in philadelphia. there are some cooler neighbors in the suburbs. not by much. 40 degrees .
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most of the neighbors are dry. few showers further to north. bedminster few rain drops this morning. cloudy morning at the bus stop this morning. not as chilly as yesterday. might see some breaks of sunshine in atlantic city. really going to be this afternoon that we get to see sunshine. clouds are producing. there goes the few showers from lehigh valley. late showers showing up on the radar in philadelphia. see a rain drop or two, not going to last long. thest the clouds that are going to linger into the afternoon hours. cloudy morning. by 1:00 in the afternoon, start to see sunshine. look at the warmup. philadelphia. . 45 degrees at midmorning to 1:00 temperature at 57. you'll see more sunshine in the suburbs later today after a cloudy morning. dry for most of the morning. 1:00 this afternoon. 57 degrees. and from the 40s into the 50s for the lehigh valley, clouds breaking late in the afternoon. that's when the temperatures
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will warm up nicely for today. delaware, cloudy and 46 degrees at 9:00. look at 1:00 temperature. 60 degrees. likely go a little bit warmer before it starts cooling down just ahead of sun set this evening at 5:00. new jersey see temperatures climb into the upper 50s early this afternoon. highs in the very low 60s. still soom clouds lingering into the late afternoon. no sign of any wet weather for new jersey. the shore will be cooler than the rest of the area. 40s to start with. low 50s this afternoon. that's the influence of that cooler ocean air. today will be the coolest of the next four. a big warmup is on the way. look at that with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. thank you, bill. 6:10. before we get to traffic. want to let everyone know the airport as tweeted out the faa has issued a ground stop for all flights departing philadelphia international airport. reporter on the scene, pam osborne sending us updates as
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well. let's get to traffic reporter jessica boyington who you also deal with airport delays. especially checking in with 95 as well. approaching the scene. get to the airport on time this morning. we're going to start with schuylkill. cameras around route 1. no big problems or delays right here. definitely see more volume heading out the door in both directions. westbound here. starting to slow up a bit. drive time total on the eastbound side. moving towards center city. 14 minutes eastbound from blue route to vine. average speeds into the mid 50s. the schuylkill expressway looks okay so far. pretty much common theme across the board for most of majors. crash on abington. you might be detoured around the scene there. of course check in with the philadelphia international airport for the rest of the morning for you. and mass transit. rest of your roads when i come back in ten. see you then, jessica. silent danger that poses a threat to babies is hitting philadelphia hard.
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>> the problem and the warning to parents. plus a creative criminal. how this guy is breaking into local businesses, using a special skill. and later, new view of harrison ford's close call in the air. new video that shows plane landing on the wrong roadwun wad missing a jet.
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trikt to whitney houston right there. opened last night in center city. musical version of the 1992 film star stars stars. features biggest hits.
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runs through sunday. important information about the risk your baby faces when you put him or her to sleep. half of deaths in philadelphia are related to sleep. there were 75% more sleep related deaths in philadelphia than the national average. investigators say most of those babies were in an unsafe place. health officials stress the importance of putting them asleep in own crib on their back without any pillows or toys. lieutenant governor gets elected to win the state. symptom plans to run the state house in trenton. running to replace chris christie in next years's election. wants to spend $300 million on the building project. told the associated press she wants to focus on auditing state spending. about quarter after six right now. on your wednesday. if you're headed out the door. headed to work or school. jessica boyington is here. to help you get there easier and
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and faster. camera went black behind me there. i'm going to switch other anyway. watching philadelphia airport as well. due to ground stop for flight s departing to philadelphia for american airlines flights only. want to check before you go there. before you head out the door. here's 95 as well. only problems or delays starting to see increase on southbound side from woodhaven road to vine which is normal. not heavy right now. speeds still boo the 50s. watch crash out in abington on hamilton square around easton road. checking in with mass transit. service restored for the market frankford line. other than that patco, new jersey and am track running on time with no major reported delays. >> thanks so much for that. first alert meteorologist bill henley is joining us now with most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. pretty mild to start. >> it is mild. no weather issues at the airport. computer is what's giving
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american airlines problems. other airlines getting ready for flights this morning doing just fine. thatst the airport. clouds overhead. no sign of showers at the airport. i am tracking a few light rain showers. this morning too warm for anything else. 40 degrees in lehigh valley. seen a few sprinkles this morning. 41 for suburbs. dropped down to 39 in south jersey. couple 30s pop up this morning in philadelphia. it was down to 39 degrees in somerton. they have since warmed to 40s degrees. 41 in andorra. park side is 41 degrees. this is our starting point. this is actually closer to what you would expect this time of year for high temperatures. not morning temperatures. normally these would be in the 20s. we're living on borrowed warmth. only going to get warmer for our area. here's the showers i was talking about. doppler radar showing very light showers now moving out of lehigh valley. might see a sprinkle in other
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spots. showing up on radar not reaching the ground. we will get sunshine later today. most of the morning it's going the be cloudy. afternoon we'll get break of sunshine. temperatures peaking in the fd 60s today. this will be cooled compared to next three days when we will top the 70 degree mark. the record is 75 degrees. get a little more sunshine. we could go above that 70 degree mark on thursday. up to 71 on friday. come saturday, clouds will be building and looking at showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon. 70 degrees before those storms move in. if they get here a little earlier. we won't make it up to 70. then it will be turning colder one way or the other for sunday. cold front comes through the showers on saturday and thunderstorms too. the wind will be blowing on sunday. 48 degrees the high temperature. still cool. less windy on monday. another warmup starts on
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tuesday. chance we'll hit 70 degrees before more showers and thunderstorms arrive later on thursday. cold front cool things down for thursday and friday. katie. thank you. cheaper flight option is flying into philadelphia. next the airline offering cheaper fairs, but with a catch. plus, all new at six. prepaid problems. woman pays for more time on cell phone, but the minute were never added. coming up. nbc 10 respond to her case and dials up some help.
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also set to arrive on ath the station this week. now get out of philadelphia for less.
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american airlines is offering cheaper flights. new basic economy fairs on sale. tickets available for round trip service from philadelphia to new orleans. fort lauderdale, charlotte and miami. here's the fine print though, with the low eer fare you can't pick your seat and board last. also have to check your carry on. people across our area will be buying power ball tickets today. tonight's drawing is for estimated $403 million. if you hit all the numbers and elect to take the cash option. that comes to almost $244 million. two people in our area are already holding million dollar tickets for saturday's power ball drawing. purchased here at the little new shack on packer avenue. winners have a year to claim their prize. >> good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the
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roads. saying good morning to fort washington. route 309 around the pa turnpike. a few cars out the door there. everything looks good and a good drive so far. check in with area bridges are and the airport when i come back. for now, get a check on today's forecast with meteorologist bill henley. looking at gray skies from the city to the shore. live view. cape may. you can see a little bit of sun peeking through to start with. going to be mostly cloudy morning. few showers too. show you when that moves out with the neighborhood forecast just ahead. >> matt delucia live in upper darby. following the aftermath of septa train crash that happened yesterday. market frankford line. just got off the phone with septa. have an update after the break. embellished cry for help. why he lied about what happened when he was carjacked.
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trouble this morning at philadelphia international. creating problems for travelers trying to get in and out of philly. lured online. targeting underaged kids. botched landing. new video shows just how close harrison ford's plane came to a passenger jet. good morning, on this wednesday. just about 6:30. nbc 10 today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm katy zachry. you were going to say you're katy zachry. i could sense it. we have a lot of get to this morning. first start with meteorologist bill henley first and foreman. the great weather. >> i am ready for nice warm weather. it will start today. starting off with clouds. we have seen a few rain drops in some areas this morning. spring city pennsylvania not too
6:30 am
rainy there. most of the area is dry. i am tracking some showers exiting the lehigh valley and some light rain showers that have developed in philadelphia. some of the immediate suburbs into delaware county. see light rain showers are pushing right through to the east. the showers will be light and they will be departing this morning. the clouds are going to linger for much of the afternoon. even in the lehigh valley where it's drying out right now. during the afternoon, later afternoon hours, that's when we'll see some clouds break for sunshine. right now the suburbs 37 degrees. mostly cloudy over king of pruss prussia: 45 at 9:00. still looking at mostly cloudy skies at lunchtime today. philadelphia, 42. few rain showers end and clouds still with us at 9:00 and nn time expect to see some thinning of clouds. enough to warm us up tow 55 degrees. late this afternoon. temperatures will really warm up. near 60 degrees in the lehigh valley.
6:31 am
63 for philadelphia n. suburbs. little bit cooler though at the shore. those clouds will linger and temperatures held back by the cooler ocean water. 54 degrees. up to 60 degrees in delaware this afternoon. go through the forecast hour by hour so you know when to expect to see sunshine when i'm back in ten months. first, jessica boyington has update on first alert traffic center. >> thanks. starting off on schuylkill this morning. cameras right around city line avenue and we're watching that westbound delay. no surprise. really at a crawl. moving out from the boulevard and montgomery drive forward on the westbound side. starting to see delay. no problems getting off the ramp there. as for the bridges. scheduled opening. you can take the betsy ross bridge as your alternate right there. clear there as well. lastly check in with philadelphia international airport. if you have an american airlines flight this morning, remember there's a ground stop for flights departing to philadelphia international airport. definitely check before you go there. some delays and a little bit of
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mess hanging out at the philadelphia international airport this morning. vai, back to you. thank you, jessica. speaking of that, breaking news. computer problem here at philadelphia international airport. creating delays for travelers trying to catch their morning flights. nbc 10 viewers have been calling us for answers this morning. nbc 10 pamela osborne is there investigating the situation. pam whar pam, what have you learned. >> reporter: within the past 15 minutes or so. we learned there's a ground stop on all flights departing to philly international here this morning. this stop was issued by the faa. for passengers flying out of philly international, there have been huge backups all morning long and here's why. the division of aviation had a 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m. planned maintenance power shutdown when the power came back up. it didn't restore internet to american airlines. so all morning long the airline has not been able to print boarding passes for passengers. passengers have not been able to
6:33 am
check in at the kiosk either. this of course is leading to huge backups and delays. one passenger who was trying to fly out early this morning for audition. he's hopeful he'll make it. >> very frustrating. usually i fly united. today i'm flying american. i hopeky get this sorted out. get to la. make the audition and rock it out. >> as we come back out here live, you can see it's all hands on deck right now. several agents at the front counter right now getting the passengers checked in and trying to get bags checked instead this morning. people are still trying to get out right now. so if you're flying out of philly international this morning, taking american airlines. one of the things you can do is check yourself in online. you can have your boarding pass ready and available to go on your phone. you can also see if you can carry on a bag as opposed to
6:34 am
checking a bag. looks like you're still having to come here and be done manually. reporting live at philly international. nbc 10 news. >> pam, chanthanks for that. before we move on, latest information from the airport is that all incoming american airlines flights are affected by that ground stop. the other airlines are proceeding as normal this morning. happening now, septa operating with three fewer train cars after this crash at the 69th street station yesterday. nbc 10 matt delucia live on the scene with the effect this could have on riders who take the line this morning. wanted to know what the effect is right now. just got off the phone with septa. no major issues on the line at this point. advising riders to prepare just in case for delays and overcrowding. work going on behind me. dent in a train car. workers have been here throughout the day yesterday and into the night. take a look at video from yesterday from other angles here.
6:35 am
with all the activity septa says that certifies will be running pretty -- this was a slow moving crash yesterday morning, but it wasn't enough to injure four people. including one train operator who was critically injured. the exact also knocked a third train out of service and the trains were not carrying passengers at the time, but it did have an effect on service and traffic in the area for a good part of the day. septa management says it won't speculate on how long the investigation will take. ntsb is handling the investigation. did ensure us the trains are safe for passengers. >> it's certainly been challenging, but i think that the riders can -- should know that they're getting on safe equipment. we're running safe twaining. running safe buses. our employees are doing a great job at finding things they need to find to keep us safe. >> reporter: take a live look and keep you updated throughout the morning. at this point again, septa says no major issues on the line at
6:36 am
this point. live in upper darby. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new overnight. two people in the hospital following a crash on the northeast extension of the pennsylvania turnpike. crash happened in northbound lanes. happened just after midnight. both victims are list instead critical condition, but they are expected to survive. police in bucks county have a warning for all parents have two children were sexually assaulted in a park there. police say both cases the suspects reached their young victims through popular social media apps. 29-year-old used snapchat to lure his victim to the park. he was working as an animal control officer in princeton at the time. investigator say 21-year-old nicholas fisher first met his victim through grinder. police have advice for parents. >> these children can access any application on the cell phone through tablet, laptop, gaming console where predators or
6:37 am
offenders can reach out to them. >> recommend buying an internet content filter. be sure to talk with your children about the risk online. 6:37. mont g montgomery county. burglar has struck again. latest crime happened a week ago at montgomery township grocery store and meat business. police think the same burglar is behind three other suburban break ins. >> man who philadelphia place say made up a story about a child abduction has now been charged. now charged with making a falls police report. monday night told officers he was robbed at gunpoint and his car was stolen with four-year-old nephew inside. delivery driver admitted he lied because he wanted to watch the police work harder. 42 degrees outside.
6:38 am
let's take you state by state and county by county. high school teacher charged with having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student. arrested 32-year-old william jacobs in florida. teacher at knew that regional high school. buena found hundreds of electronic messages between the two. mont gclose a school at thef the year. lower providence township last night school board voted to close audubon elementary in eagleville. due to declining enrollment and budget issues. lehigh valley. allentown use a $300,000 grant to make streets safer for pedestrians. city will improve cross walks and ramps. the money will also be used for mlk park way trail. connects downtown area to city parks. it's about 20 minutes before 7:00 right now.
6:39 am
meteorologist bill henley is going to join us in just a second with a picture perfect forecast. it looks great right now. just look behind us. look out the window and it looks great. >> it will be more perfect this afternoon once we get the clouds out of here. heading out right now. live view from wayne delaware county. right along lancaster avenue. cloudy start. dry. clouds are producing a few light showers this morning. they're not going to last all day. this afternoon will be more picture perfect. a warm afternoon into the 60s today. that sunshine is going to take its time moving into the area. this evening, nice and mild. even warmer than it is this morning. getting a mild start. 42 degrees. close to normal high temperature this time of year. clouds linger through most of the morning into the afternoon. 55 degrees at lunchtime. then once we get sunshine, that's when we'll see the temperatures peak in the low 60s for philadelphia. clouds thin the suburbs.
6:40 am
too warm for anything else. and then it's into the 50s. late day sunshine. near 60 degrees in the suburbs. have seen a few very light rain showers. most of the morning dry in the lehigh valley. most of the morning it's going to be cloudy. 51 degrees at noontime. then some late day sunshine and that's when the temperatures will get closer to 60 degrees. 39 in new jersey. few clouds lingering into the late morning hours. breaks of sunshine at lunchtime. look at afternoon temperatures. helping with i can't remembwarm l little bit of breeze out of the west. exception the shore. ocean still chilly. old afternoon temperatures into the 50s. late day sunshine and delaware, 40 degrees right now. clouds this morning. might sigh some breaks of sunshine or just a little hint of sunshine. going to be a mostly cloudy morning. it's the this afternoon. probably during the noontime hour start to see breaks of sunshine and then low 60s this
6:41 am
afternoon. if that's not warm enough for you on a february day, standby. got the ten day on ten with even warmer temperatures to come. bill, thanks for that. earlier we had matt delucia live at 69th street station to talk about septa problems. jessica boyington joining us with an update as well. >> what's the latest jes. we're watching the market frankford line. nothing reported right now. certifies service restored as normal. we're watching some delays all across the board otherwise. watching chestnut hill running about 54 minutes late right now. almost an hour delay right there. checking in with bridges. scheduled opening right now for the tacony palmyra in the process of that. see delays on route 73 for right now. betsy ross bridge nice and clear. walt whitman bridge looks great. same goes for ben into philadelphia. boy or girl, the answer could impact a mother to be's
6:42 am
health. research that could mean there's truth to an old wives tale. plus show you the video the moment harrison ford landed plane in the wrong spot just missing a passenger jet in the process. unique family reunion decades in the making. jersey shore police officer finally solved her most personal case yet.
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quarter to seven. we're following breaking news at philadelphia international airport. this is a live picture right now. inside the airport of the lodng lines at american airlines. rnd a ground stop for american airlines flights comes to philadelphia international airport. an internet outage is causing the backups there.
6:46 am
right now, septa crews hard at work. 69th street material. live picture where they are preparing to move the derailed and damaged market frankford cars from yesterday's crash. service is operating, but passengers are being told to expect possibly delays throughout the morning. sky force 10 was overhead yesterday morning after three trains collided along the loop at the terminal. several people injured. one remains in critical condition. septa says the cause of the crash is not clear at this time. new video showing harrison ford's close call at a southern california airport which prompted a federal information. the "star wars" actor accidently landed his plane on a the accident si last week. shows plane flying low over a jet. saying gave clear instructions of where to land. >> in through morning, parents know that boys and girls can act differently. now new research shows those differences may start before
6:47 am
birth. researchers at ohio state university say they're starting to understand why some women carry girls may feel worse. the scientist took the mothers immune cells and exposed them to a bacteria in the lab. cells from women carrying baby girls showed greater inflammation. philadelphia health officials hope anti-smoking ads encourage more people to quit the habit. >> ask yourself what you will miss more, your children or cigarettes? >> that is one sample of the ongoing ad campaign using personal stories of americans suffering from smoking related illnesses. the health department says the number of calls to smoking quit line significantly increases after the ads run. now to nbc 10 responds. a mother buy as prepaid phone to stay in touch with her son. when she goes to put more minutes on the account, the money is taken, but the minutes do not show up there. >> after she can't get a refund,
6:48 am
calls nbc 10 responds. harry hairston has her story. victoria brown bought a prepaid phone as a birthday gift for her son a few years ago. last month i went to best buy to add minutes to the plan. paid $19.99. this one time the minutes didn't go on. so i said to them, well, just give me my money back. i'm not worried about a phone. just give me my money back. no, no, no, we can't do that. brown says she asked to speak to a manager who also couldn't help her. brown was out of the minutes and money. >> i said well i'm going to contact nbc 10. >> nbc 10 responds contacted best buy. best buy tells us it's unable to authorize refunds when customers buy cell phone minutes, but as soon as it became aware of brown's situation. it worked to resolve the issue. after we got involved, brown got her money back. >> thanks harry hairston. >> thank you so much.
6:49 am
>> i'm glad we can help you out. >> nbc 10 did it again. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. >> harry did it again. in this case, best buy said the company that supplied the minutes restriktdcted it from offering refunds. try calling the phone company districtly. best buy apologized if for the inconvenience this caused mrs. brown. if you have a consumer problem for nbc 10 responds just let us know about it. the best way to reach us is right there on your screen. we will respond to you. about ten minutes before seven right now. take a live look outside. this is cape may new jersey. beautiful sunrise. bill just told us the sun rose just about five minutes ago. as you can see it there a gorgeous shot. joining us live with most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. that sunshine at the shore has faded. will be fading shortly. already not visible in philadelphia because of the clouds. those arie inlight rain showers
6:50 am
visible. the good news is it's only rain. temperatures are way to warm for anything else. looking at 40 degrees in the lehigh valley. 41 in the suburbs. delaware is 40 and just shy of 40 degrees in south jersey and philadelphia. in the city. there are some cooler neighbors, but not be much. 41 in somerton. as far as the showers are concerned. just very light showers. moving through delaware county into lower montgomery county. philadelphia seeing some showers. lower bucks and now into new jersey as well. a few isolated showers right along washington township. in new jersey, you have a few clouds and a few rain drops in the area in burlington county as well. they're extending towards southern ocean county this morning. very light spotty showers. not going to last long. they'll be clearing out. we'll actually get sunshine this afternoon. it's going to take time for that to happen. part of the same system producing steadier rain to southwest. that is all going to miss us.
6:51 am
certainly providing us with a lot of clouds. today we'll get late day sunshine. we will see a warmup into the 60s today, but look what happens for tomorrow. friday, and into the weekend. into the 70s for philadelphia. dover will see temperatures into the 70s. a nice warmup in the lehigh valley too. near 60 today. upp upp upper 60s tomorrow. along at the warmup for the shore. little bit of a delay. ocean water cooler. upper 50s near 60 with sunshine for friday. late day showers and thunderstorms on saturday. still have to get through today. the showers first thing this morning will be coming to an end: see clouds break this afternoon. it will turn out tow be a really beautiful day. 63 degrees. the high temperature. and warmer tomorrow. still be clouds around. get enough sunshine to warm up to 73 degrees. just updated this. enough sunshine for friday. to head into the 70s. warm morning of 54 degrees. # 70 degrees before showers and thunderstorms arrive with the
6:52 am
cold front on saturday. cold front swings through with the storms and here comes the colder weather and gusty winds for sunday. into monday that cool weather will be with us. another warmup 56 on tuesday. possibly up to 70 degrees on wednesday. the first of march. before another cold front comes in. to drop temperatures for thursday and friday. thanks bill. eight minutes before 7 clonk:00 looks like a problem on the bypass. just around route 322. watching this right now. looks like four vehicles involved. on the eastbound side. that's the traffic approaching route 202. that's down to one lane right now. of course zoomed in right on the accident scene. i don't see police officers there on the scene yet. there are people walking around. might be there for a little bit. get the situation under control. again with the one line moving by, seeing big delays moving
6:53 am
towards route 202. also watching a crash out in abington on hamilton avenue. just around easton road. if you're out and about taking the bridges. especially the tacony palmyra, scheduled for earlier. betsy ross bridge as alternate. right now clear. same goes for walt. vai and katie, back to you. jersey shore police officer getting to know loved ones she just met. >> all thanks to new state law involving adoption. long beach officer megan keller tracked down biological mother last month. 37 years after being put up for adoption. the new law gives people adopted in new jersey access to their original birth records. nbc 10 was there. megan and her four-year-old son talked over face time with biological mom and sister in north carolina. >> surreal. definitely surreal. i'm still in shock and i still think it's -- i sometimes pinch
6:54 am
myself. did that really happen? >> megan and her son recently came face-to-face with their newfound relatives and plan to meet more family members in the coming months. good for them. next, run down the headlines and stories we're following today. >> includes septa collision and impact it could have more morning riders. have that up next. this race is consequential. it's all about being able to look your kid in the eye... and say, honey, it's gonna be okay. and this woman understands it in her gut. she gets it. stephanie hansen understands what people need. this election is very, very important to middle class people to live the life they deserve. don't ask yourself the morning after the election "why didn't i vote?"
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kwawe're following two big headlines. first breaking news at philadelphia airport. nbc first to tell you about. live picture inside the airport. long lines at american airlines. the faa has issued a ground stop for american airlines coming into philadelphia.
6:58 am
outgoing flights are running on delays. internet outage we're told is causing the backups. the other headlines affects septa. picture of live shot right now from 69th street station. crewing working to remove derailed cars after yesterday's crash. l service is running through 69th street terminal right now. this is the view from sky force 10 yesterday afternoon. one person remains in critical condition from that crash. good morning. jessica boyington with one last check on your morning drive. watching the route 30 bypass right now on eastbound side around route 322. crash here involving multiple vehicles. looks like 1, 2, 3, 4. vehicles here on the scene. police officers just got to the scene there as well. trying to get the situation under control and cleaned up. on the eastbound side. traffic moving towards route 202.
6:59 am
seeing some delays on that eastbound side. watch for a crash out on rupert road around evergreen road. tracking a few light showers to start with this morning. clouds have been with us all morning. light showers won't last long. moving through this morning. just enough to get the windshield wipers and umbrellas going first thing this morning. do extend to new jersey. go through the day, showers will taper off. clouds though will be lingering for most of the morning. 37 trees right now in the suburbs. 42 in philadelphia. new jersey seeingly cloudy skies. sunshine on hold for most of the morning. temperatures climb to low 50s. later this afternoon breaks of sunshine. in fact a good deal of sunshine during the late afternoon hours. that's when the temperatures are going to peek in the upper 50s and low 60s with warmer weather to come starting tomorrow. don't forget always get forecast on the go.
7:00 am
101.1 more fm. always get breaking news and weather and traffic on the nbc app. >> thanks for watching. back in 25 with an june daupdat the airport. good morning. sounding off. voters give lawmakers an ear full at town hall meetings all across the country. >> feels like we have a juvenile running our country. >> president trump dismissing them in a tweet. as our new poll released just this morning reveals how americans feel about the job he's doing. state of emergency. new evacuations in northern california as that region is once again drenched by heavy rains. entire neighborhoods submerged. rescue crews in san jose forced to use boats to reach stranded residents. train to kill? officials release details in the murder of north korean leader kim jong-un's half brother.


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