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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  February 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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suffered minor injuries. the officer being checked out at the hospital for smoke inhalation. this man and his wife were shaken but not hurt. they sat other driver was speeding and driving aggressively. investigators now trying to figure out why. >> it was an extremely dangerous situation. >> reporter: i just got the name of that police officer. is he anthony casall, a 19-year veteran of the atlantic city police department. the rescued driver is 37-year-old roberto salazar of pleasantville. i'm told a passerby helped the officer with that fire extinguisher to put the fire out. live in our jersey shore bureau in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> people really getting involved. now to a sexual assault on the loose. he struck in wilmington as a woman ran on a trail. police tell us that man grabbed the jogger near the swinging bridge. she managed to fight him off.
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that attacker got away. another runner was able to help that woman and call police. >> a woman who worked at a school for at-risk children is accused of sending inappropriate pictures to two students. my yeah johnson no longer works at presbyterian children's village. this is the second time this month police arrested someone from that school. nina scott is accused of sexually assaulting a child. scott's charged with 70 criminal counts. now to your first alert weather. would you look at that? skyforce10 is live over the philadelphia zoo. you can see coldilocks, the polar bear, doing a little sunbathing on this warm afternoon. temperatures climbed into the 70s today. coldilocks is loving it. i'm sure you are, too. hard to believe this is how things looked this morning. things got off to a foggy and much cooler start. some people in pottstown had on
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coats and scarves. >> now temperatures are going to get warmer. get out there, enjoy it, relax. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is up next. >> the sun came out and temperatures skyrocketed. just about the entire area, into the 70s. atlantic city international up to 65. dover at 73. how does that compare to this time yesterday? 14 degrees warminger in philadelphia. 19 degrees warmer in dover. in just a 24-hour period. and so this is the beginning. we've been telling you about this for a long time. 72 so far today. 74 tomorrow. that will be at least tying a record. 72 saturday. then the plunge comes on sunday. but that's near normal.
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despite the tremendous drops. a few clouds back to the north and west. may be an isolated shower or thunderstorm up towards the lehigh valley this evening. look at tomorrow. we start off much warmer at 54 with some fog around. then get to 66 by noon, 70 by 4:00 and much of the area into the 60s by noon tomorrow. the only exception at the jersey shore we'll get that sea breeze again. it may stay below 60. we're going to see this all interrupted with thunderstorms. i'll have the timing on that coming in a few minutes. this was an emotional sentencing day for everyone involved in a deadly hit-and-run. the woman was reported by her own niece. the sentencing is still going on. cydney long is in court. she killed 15-year-old when she hit him and drove away last summer in pennsauken. highland's niece was in the car with her and she's the one who
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called police. highland is facing up to ten years in prison. we'll have more from nbc10's cydney long as soon as highland is sentenced. what is it really like to work inside delaware prisons? that's the focus of a public hearing today. it's an opportunity for current and former corrections employees to share the work atmosphere for prison workers and how it can be improved. officials tell nbc10 the state senate panel hearing was planned before the inmate uprising this month. steven floyd was killed in that uprising. >> that is the sound of an off-duty officer firing off a shot at a group of teenagers in his own front yard. that video caused these protests in anaheim, california, last night. people were jumping on cars, they were spray painting homes in that neighborhood. in all, 24 people arrested. protesters say the off-duty los angeles police officer never
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should have pulled out a gun. his neighbors say the teenagers had beener tomenting him. >> it was disgusting. he pulled out a gun on a child. >> how many times do you have to tell a kid, get the hell off my lawn before you go out and make them get off your lawn? >> the officer is on leave. the department is investigating. the officer said one of those teenagers threatened to shoot him. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this video. stop whatever you're doing and watch as that thief's foot right there slams through the ceiling of this montgomery county store and then he rappels down to rob the place. nbc10 has told you about a series of crimes like this. >> that video was so close up. can you see it clearly right there. it's happened again. this time in another county. nbc10's deanna durante has exclusive details. >> reporter: outside patel food market the guy takes his time. inside the market on february 13th he drops down right next to
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a camera. it's the clearest video released yesterday. police want to you look closely at this guy. his shaggy hair, sneakers with the checkerboarding and the clothing. he appears to have climbing gear and it's something he's practiced. police say this guy has struck at least four times in montgomery county and philadelphia. on the 17th a guy came in through the duct work at a sandwich shop. this guy spent an hour prying through the door and smashing through the wall. he stole cash and a begun. on february 6th a rappelling thief dropped down in king of practi prussia. >> reporter: they stacked pallets up on the ground and climbed up to the roof. new video released from upper southampton township shows men on a rooftop. they lowered ropes but they don't know if they got inside. >> they left behind some tools.
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hopefully we can get some dna evidence from. >> reporter: police say they're working in all three counties to figure out if this guy is working alone or part of a ring. do you recognize his clothes or shoes? if you do, contact police. in upper southampton, deanna durante, "nbc10 news." president trump is talking nuclear weapons in an interview with reuters, the president said he wants to ensure that the u.s. nuclear arsenal s quote, top of the pack. mr. trump also said the united states has fallen behind on its atomic weapons capacity. meantime, the secretary of homeland security says there will be no mass deportations and no use of military forces to enforce president donald trump's immigration crackdown. john kelly says everything will be done legally and with respect to human rights. earlier today the president said, deportations are, quote, a military operation because the u.s. has allowed too many bad people into the country previously. top officials from the trump
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administration are speaking at the conservative political action conference this week, aiming to consolidate the party around the president's agenda. white house adviser kellyanne conw conway kicked off a busy day. she defended the president's stance on women's rights saying he's promoted women to powerful positions throughout his career. she also thanked conservatives for helping elect the president. >> donald trump because he's not a legacy candidate, he's not a bush or a clinton. he's sort of the first candidate of his type that nonpolitician, true outsider, who's coming to shake up the system. >> vice president mike pence will be the keynote speaker at the conference this evening. president trump will address the group tomorrow. today the president met with a group of manufacturing ceos at the white house. among them, the head of camden-based camp bells soup. in opening remarks the president blasted america's trade deals as in his words, unbeliefably bad. he also repeated his goal of
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bringing high-paying manufacturing jobs home to america. here in phil y people still buying a lot of soda in the city despite the soda tax. the proof is in new numbers released today by the city of philadelphia. the sugary drink tax raised more than $5.5 million for philadelphia in one month alone. that's more than double the amount of city thought the tax would bring in. the mayor is happy about the money coming in and saying he has no sympathy for big wigs at soda company saying the tax would hurt business. >> our kids live in 26% poverty. the state legislature does not provide enough money to educate our kids in the appropriate way. we look for new revenue that's not the wage tax or the real estate tax. these guys have a conniption. i really don't have any sympathy for them at all. >> the new totals counter the assessment of store managers and beverage distributors who say their sales are way down. coalition of philadelphia citizens and businesses that calls themselves axe the bev tax
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say regardless of how much money the administration says it collected in the first month of this plan, the pain philadelphia families and businesses are feeling is very real. for the working families paying drastically higher prices and the businesses impacted by the tax, the pain is only going to worsen over time. today marks a sad anniversary in philadelphia. 26 years ago today three firefighters died battling a huge fire at one meridian plaza, high rise office building in center city. it happened when a bucket of oil-soaked cleaning rags burst into flames on the 22nd floor. the skyscraper across the city hall was later demolished. the memorial now stands on the spot to honor those who died. the life-saving drug narcan is the focus of a meeting. john taylor is hosting that event. the goal is to teach families dealing with opioid addictions how to use narcan to rescue people in an overdose. the meeting is from 6:00 to 8:00
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at st. ann social hall. philadelphia is moving forward with plans to expand the international airport city council. they introduced a bill to acquire 136 acres in delaware county. the property known as henderson tract sits along the western edge of the airport. releasing heliums balloons in center city is against the law and could be fined up to $50 on. they join vintner is banning the release of helium balloons. ♪ young performers took the stage in west philadelphia to help celebrate black history. kindergarten through second graders took part in the global leadership academy's second annual black history showcase. the children performed songs and affirmations they learned during their studies. settlements reached between a local school and parent who was banned from his son's athletic events. the man's son is a wrestler at liberty high school in
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bethlehem. earlier this month the school sent a letter to the father barring him from its gym for what it called offensive behavior. no word on the details of that settlement. chris christie is denying talk his next job will be on the radio. the new jersey governor went on new york's wfin radio to bat down claims he'll take over for afternoon host mike francesca. christie's term ends next january. he did say he's looking forward to becoming a free agent for the first time in 16 years. the nba trade deadline has come and sixers have moved one of their young ben big men. it's not okafor. the team sent first-round picker in lenoel. they decided not to move okafor right now. new push to get kids out to enjoy the outside today. residents and visitors can find
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out detailed information about public parks and facilities like ball fields and fishing piers. the site is mobile device-friendly so users can track their locations to navigate along trails across the state. and speaking of getting outside, let's take a live look at boat house row. a great day to take a walk along the river. that's not only way people are enjoying these spring-like temperatures. >> nbc10's rosemary connors outside the nbc10 studios. feels great out there, doesn't it? >> reporter: feels wonderful. this is the kind of weather that gets people to maybe want to cut out of the office a few hours early. definitely a time to make time for lunch outside. belmont plateau proves to be a popular spot for lunching, strolling and retrieving. everyone seemed to have a pep in their step, enjoying the warm weather and sunny skies. >> spring is like a rebirth. up, you start to get buds on the
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trees, flower. >> reporter: downtown bethlehem is buzzing. known as the christmas city, there are still a few signs of the winter season but folks are ready for a change. >> the warmer, the better. i mean, you know, you come here and anyplace else, sit outside, enjoy your coffee, watch people. you can't do that when it's 12 degrees and snowy. >> reporter: pleasant of people traded in hibernating for exercising in brandy wine park, eager to leave february behind them. >> i wanted to get out before it got crowded. >> reporter: back in phil y runners and bike riders hit the trail along kelly drive while rowers hit the schuylkill. >> i've been waiting all winter for now. >> reporter: as you can see, we were aubl ovll over the area. in the beginning, folks were still dressed in heavy jackets, even scarves. not the case this afternoon. on city avenue we've seen quite a few convertibles with their tops down. back to you.
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>> looks like it could be april or may with you out there, except no leaves behind on you that tree. >> reporter: no, not at all. and no snow on the ground, is not always the case in february. >> yeah. >> very true. speaking of that, take a look at this. >> flashback. throwback thursday. this is what it looked like in philadelphia 30 years ago today. much different weather than we're dealing with today. back on this day in 1987, 2 feet of snow fell on the area. so, it is possible to have snow in late february around here. i don't know about you, i don't mind not having it. >> i know there are a lot of people who definitely want it to feel more like winter, but that is what we could be dealing with. we have to remind ourselves. we don't want 2 feet of snow. >> we've had snow, big snowstorms, even into april. we had one on april -- or easter sunday one year. 19 inches of snow. so, snow lovers don't totally give up, but we certainly don't see any signs in the current pattern. how about 72 degrees in philadelphia right now with that southwest wind. once the sun came out, the temperature skyrocketed and
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we're near or above 70. just about everywhere. but there is an exception. it's right near the water. we've got that south wind. look at the temperature difference from the shore to inland areas. 55 at summers point to 75 in maze la may's landing. that's about as extreme. 73 degrees in woodbine. only 51 degrees at cape may point. a warm day, if you're headed into shore. similar issues over the next two days. it's going to be much cooler at the shore. near record temperatures tomorrow. another 70-degree day on saturday. february, going to be the warmer ever recorded in the philadelphia area and many other parts of the region. it's not even going to be close. it's going to break the record by a lot. and gusty thunderstorms late saturday interrupting part of the weekend, but just a small
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part. so, here's our update. recalculating everything based on the forecast for the rest of the month. we beat the record by more than two full degrees, which is pretty amazing to beat an all-time monthly record. records go back to 1874. and you beat it by that much. that's even more amazing. now, we had a lot of sunshine. we have some clouds building up in the middle of the state. some computer models suggest a few showers develop over the next few hours. most of the area not affected. this next area of moisture getting close to chicago. and the hour-by-hour showing us some of those showers up to the north, obviously not amounting to very much. i start off the day tomorrow with fog again. then we break up the clouds and the temperatures go up. saturday start off with clouds,
4:18 pm
maybe a few showers in the morning, north and west. here comes that cold front that's going to put an end to all of this. probably looks like a line of gusty thunderstorms. this is late in the afternoon. the yellows and oranges indicate the heavier rain. it doesn't last very long. and so we're just talking about maybe an hour or two of any kind of significant rain over the weekend. maybe less than that. fair tomorrow at 74. reading, 72. 70 in allentown. remember, the beaches. different story. 59 degrees in long port. >> glenn, speaking of warm temperatures. members of congress feeling the heat. voters showing up in big numbers at town haslls across the country. they're tar getting republicans and president trump. now the other side saying, it's time to fight back. >> nbc10 lauren shows us how
4:19 pm
they are planning to speak up. >> reporter: one after another since inauguration day, marches and rallies and protests against the trump administration, its policies and nominees. the philadelphia region and the country seeing a wave of activism from the left. >> there's definitely a sense of guilt and renewed responsibility of, i was sleeping on this. >> reporter: jessica lennox says she canvassed for hillary clinton on election day, but since then has been spending about ten hours a week organizing. >> i am spending the amount of time on my political advocacy and organizing that i would spend on a part-time job, although i want to be very clear, i'm not getting paid for any of it. >> reporter: after a month speaking out against the administration, trump supporters are mobilizing to counter that and support the president. >> we i think he's gotten off to a phenomenal start. >> reporter: jim is supporting a rally supporting president trump in salem on may 4th. >> we had to speed it up because there were so many anti-trump
4:20 pm
rallies, we said, we may not be able to wait to 100 days. let's give them a shot in the arm and show them less than 50 days in the administration we're still out there and we're still the people who put him in office, still 100% behind him. >> reporter: trump supporter rosalynn is happy with what she's seeing from the president. >> i think it's great. every day something else is coming out that he's doing, that he promised the voters. >> reporter: worthington says the people for trump rally isn't aimed to democrats and republicans. >> we're showing the left and the republican establishment on the right that, hey, we're not going away. if you're thinking about teetering and getting off the train, you know, the train's still going and we're still out there fighting. >> reporter: in newtown, "nbc10 news." still ahead at 4:00, confusion and chaos on the basketball court.
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>> why the principal of a delaware high school decided to cancel the rest of his team's season and how students are fighting to get back on the court. plus, the liberty tower is a major part of the philadelphia skyline. right now they've been immortalized in legos. we'll show you that next at 4:00. a look at the closing bell on dow street. the dow up as well as the s&p 500.
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fifth graders in our area are spreading the love today. students from bethany christian school of chester county collected more than 1,000 jars of peanut butter to help feed deserving kids. the students donated the peanut butter as part of their spread the love campaign. a big announcement and big reveal today from legoland
4:25 pm
discovery center in philadelphia. >> take a look at this. mayor kenney helping unveil this nine-foot version outside liberty hall, one of famous sites that will make up legoland's display. mark your calendar. the lego land discovery center at plymouth meeting mall will officially open thursday, april 6th. that is a lot of man hours right there. >> it is. how impressive is that? looks so good. >> i maybe made a tiny car. that's about all i could do. a local student being recognized by an internet giant for her creative heart work. >> you're looking at new jersey's entry in the doodle for google contest. it was taken with artist allison kang, the third grader won an android tablet. she now enters the national competition. the prize, a $30,000 college scholarship and $50,000 grant for her school.
4:26 pm
those are good prizes. >> wow. today on nbc10 responds, millions of recalled washing machines leave a lot of people agitated. >> i see what you did there. >> many of you reaching out to nbc10 respond as you struggle to get rebates and repairs. find out how our team can help you. that's just ahead on "nbc10 news." take a live look from skyforce10. oh, perfect day to be at cooper river park. we've spotted boaters and kayakers out on the water. what about your weekend? stormy? glenn shows us what's headed to your neighborhood next. also, school suspensions. is the punishment in class to over the top and exactly who's getting suspended? the nbc10 investigators open the books next.
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right now at 4:00, high school basketball season just canceled right before the playoffs. >> as you can imagine, that decision is not sitting well with students or parents. nbc10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong is here to explain what led up to this. parents calling this punishment too severe. >> reporter: we've seen this before. tempers flaring in high school sports. there's a couple different versions to this story. delaware military academy behind me, they're being unfairly accused they say of racism and taunting parents of a.i.du pont high school basketball players. this morning parents of ancht i. dupont high school basketball players demanded a meeting with the principal and coach who decided their season and playoff hopes were canceled. >> they'll be punished for something drastically more than they should. >> reporter: a.i. it was having
4:31 pm
a bad night at military academy. as tensions rose, a.i. coach told them to stay on the bench and walk to the buses together but one player took up off the stairs and teammates following. >> the feeling in the area and the arena is the intent was to engage the fans upstairs. >> reporter: a.i.'s principal believed his players were racing to fight the fans. parents say they were just headed to the locker room. they say cadets and parents were getting nasty. >> racial slurs were heard by myself personally. i'm not sure if it was the audience or players. >> reporter: at dma today as cadets paraded outside, they showed me the video of the end of the game. he says his own investigation found no signs of racial slurs. >> i can be totally honest with you. i didn't hear anything about the "n" word being used until they were told their season was
4:32 pm
suspended. 100% for sure if we heard any comment like that, that student would have been addressed right then and there and dealt with. >> reporter: dma says none of this is their issue. they say this is an a.i. story. in the media, a.i. parents, the red clay school district, they decided they would reopen their own investigation and they'll decide the future of the team. the team already missed senior night, by the way. the district could decide to let them compete in the playoffs that begin next week. we're live in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc news. two more people died from the flu in delaware. that brings the total number to five. all of the victims were 65 years old or older with other health problems. now, people 24 and under are also being hit particularly hard this flu season. that age group makes up 54% of all lab-confirmed flu cases. back now to your first alert weather. skyforce10 has been on the move for us today. we made our way over to camden catholic high school. this is ay lacrosse practice ou
4:33 pm
there. nice day for the students out on the field. looks like girls' lacrosse, getting in practice and enter si exercise in the sunshine. quite a different scene this morning, though. we found some people wearing hats and scarves in spring garden. temperatures much chillier this morning. there was some fog around as people head off to work and school. exactly what season will we be feeling tonight? >> i think it's going to be very mild. it's interesting when you see people practicing outside like that, so often this time of year they're forced to play inside. now they can get out on the field and get that outdoor practice. nbc10 first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with more on 70 degrees in february. >> cookout alert for tonight and tomorrow night because you don't have to worry about showers or storms. this is a blue cross river rink. now known as the rake blue cross. but it's not going to stay this warm for the next week.
4:34 pm
starting on sunday it will be cold enough to go skating again. temperatures 70s or above almost everywhere in our area. and we've got another two days of this. here's the temperature trend. yesterday's high 48. normally high is 46. 72 today. 74 friday. 72 saturday. there's the drop for sunday. a tremendous drop. still 2 degrees above normal. of course, the wind will make it feel colder. we have a line of some clouds coming through pennsylvania. one or two tiny showers starting to develop. we'll keep an eye on that as we go through the night. but it's going to be a warmer night than last night. temperatures not going below 50 degrees in most of the area. even lehigh valley down to 51 degrees at 6:00 a.m. some areas will be seeing some fog but that's the start of yet another very warm day. a near record warm day. but those big changes are coming
4:35 pm
over the weekend. i'll have that timing hour by hour in a few minutes. >> we'll see you soon. here's news we're following county by county this afternoon at 4:00. awe voight tonight could determine the fate of a south jersey school. they will vote again on whether to close evans elementary. last year the board voted to close the school as part of a consolidation plan but some board members believe there may be better alternatives. new castle county, people from a housing community will meet with police. they're worried about kidnapper who has struck twice. in both incidents the women were sexually assaulted and robbed. the most recent crime happened sunday night at arundel apartments. people tell nbc10 they'll meet with police at limestone presbyterian church. a microbrewery called king's road brewing company. it was approved this week. the owners must apply for a
4:36 pm
license with the division of alcoholic bref control. if all goes as mrandz, it will open in the fall. hillary clinton will visit scranton next month. the former secretary of state will be keynote speaker at women's irish dinner. anyone who gets migraines will tell you the pain can be unbearable. >> and can last a long time. now a new drug could bring relief. see what makes a difference from other treatments. that's next at 4:00.
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4:39 pm
a national college sorority will now admit women who were transgender. in a facebook page the president of alpha chi omega says while the organization remains a women's organization, it must be
4:40 pm
inclusive of all regardless of their gender assigned at birth. it does not allow transgender women who identify as men. promising news today for the 35 million americans who suffer from migraines. there's a new medication designed to specifically target migraines. it blocks chemicals in the bodies that doctors now know spike during a migraine attack. lynn kaufman suffered from the since she was 12 years old. with the new medicine, she says she now gets them only once a week or less. >> i don't even have words for it. i will be a different person. i just feel resentful that this wasn't discovered in my 20s, because i really do feel i could have had a different life. >> the drug is still in clinical trials, though the fda could approve it as soon as next year. you can learn more about how it works and what it will cost by watching "nbc nightly news" with lester holt tonight at 6:30. today we all know about selfies. >> oh, yeah.
4:41 pm
but one man may have started the trend nearly 30 years ago. now he's sharing his decades-long project. you'll see what he learned by taking pictures of himself year after year after year. and all new at 5:00 -- popular south jersey restaurant up in flames. tonight a timetable to start serving up food again.
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it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle. well, if you're still at your desks -- >> as we are. >> -- good bet they didn't win last night's lottery. >> that went to a ticketholder in indiana. the sole winning ticket was sold at a gas station an outside of indianapolis. i have family there, by the way. it's worth a whopping $435 million. i haven't heard from them, though. the winner has not come forward.
4:45 pm
right now even the store manager is in shock about that win. >> we're small and we just had a $400 million winner walk out of here. it's so amazing. >> as it turns out, indiana is the luckiest state in the country when it comes to powerball with 39 powerball jackpots. >> need to get in touch with those relatives. this guy has been taking selfies since before they were even -- oh, were we going to show the numbers there? sorry about that. you want to go back to that graphic? i guess we won't. we're go ahead. let's go on toe this. this guy has been taking selfies since before they were known as selfies. >> a boston college professor has three decades of pictures to show how he's aged over the years. every single day for the past 30 years carl snapped a simple black and white photo of himself. today marks the anniversary of the very first picture he took way back in 1987. he even kept his face clean shaimpb and hairstyle the same. he's now 64 years old and says he plans to keep this project going for the rest of his life.
4:46 pm
they say often you wake up one morning and look in the mirror and say, what happened? >> he could have smiled. >> he didn't smile at all. very stoic. >> didn't change that much. a live look at the place where you're not finding many people today. blue cross river rink. that includes the pros, this saturday the flyers take on the penguins outdoors in pittsburgh. nbc10 will have exclusive live coverage with keith jones. csn's john clark at heinz field. join us saturday night at 7:00. a lot of golf courses were packed today with tee times booked starting at 7:30 this morning, booked the entire day. >> a few people missing from work here, to. perhaps we should check the golf course. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here rain or shine. i'm all choked up. >> are you getting sick now? now you're feeling sick? >> i'll be sick tomorrow. >> i feel okay because saturday's going to be nice with and warm so we don't have to
4:47 pm
play hooky for tomorrow. tomorrow's going to be every bit as warm as this, maybe even a little bit warmer. show you how warm it is in delaware right now. what a contrast across this state. take a look at this. marshal to know, harmony hills, 74 degrees. middletown, 72. 73 in redden. 71 in georgetown. mil millsboro, southwest wind. look what's happened over here. it's 72 in lewis because it's a land breeze. we got a wind coming off the waters, rehoboth, it's 54. dewy beach is 50. these are the kind of contrasts that you can get. we can show you with neighborhood weather. things we were never able to show before years ago, for example. well, we're going to be ending up with the warmest february ever recorded. we're going to be there by a
4:48 pm
lot. more than 2 degrees we're going to beat it. if you bet it by a tenth of a degree, it's a big deal. it's an all-time record. beat it by ten times that and more. . couple tiny showers in central pennsylvania. not amounting to much. rain headed towards chicago, not amounting to much. a couple showers you he can-k see towards lehigh valley, berks county, anywhere nearby. tomorrow we start off with cloud and fog, sunshine comes out and that sets us up for another warm day. saturday we could get showers north and west in the morning. most of the day is dry until this line of thunderstorms comes through late in the day. it hits hard, it moves fast, gusty winds with it and that's it. you won't be getting hours and hours of rain.
4:49 pm
tomorrow no rain. 74 in fairmount. 73 at byberry. as we head close to the shore, we're still 73 degrees. atlantic city, only 59 right at the beaches because of that wind coming in off the ocean. now, everybody's going to cool down on sunday because behind that cold front there's some cold air. mostly sunny skies. winds 20 to 30 miles an hour. so, we have quite a difference in the type of day, the temperatures of the day between saturday and sunday. but remember, these thunderstorms only for a brief period of time, more like an hour or so. >> next at 4:00, nbc10 responds is on the case of some washer woes. a ten ager shot in a road rage case. police say a retired officer is the one who pulled the trigger. his family claims he was protecting his daughter.
4:50 pm
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are these the dog days of summer? not quite but it kind of feels like it. look at this. this is the schuylkill river dog park. taking a bath there. i've taken my dog here many times. they have one area for the big dogs and a separate area for the little ones. >> you wonder if they're wondering, what's going on with this weather? >> and they're wonder, why is that helicopter flying over me? going nuts out there. looks like they're having a good time. turning to nbc10 responds and a washer recall impacting millions of customers. >> nbc10 responds keeps hearing from viewers who are having a tough time getting rebates or repairs. harry hairston is here to show us house nbc10 responds has helped viewers and what you
4:54 pm
should do if this affects you. >> many frustrated people about what's been going on with this recall. the recall announced in november, now months later dozens of you have reached out with problems. so, we went straight to the company to get an update on the situation. >> i like the washer. it's large, as you can see. >> reporter: valerie is showing us the samsung washer she's been trying for weeks to get repaired. her washer is one of millions impacted by a recall where the top can unexpectedly detach. samsung offered customers the option of a repair or rebate. she opted for the repair but says no one showed after three scheduled appointments to make the fix. >> i'm frustrated with samsung, with the way they handled this. >> reporter: she's not alone in her problems with samsung. >> great to see you, harry hairston. >> reporter: adrian got this new lg washer since her samsung
4:55 pm
washer was also part of the recall. >> i loved the other washer. i was just afraid to use it. >> reporter: she was entitled to $535 refund from samsung. she waited the standard for four to six weeks for a check but three months later, still nothing. >> i was lived wrt both women contacted nbc10 responds. we contacted samsung and asked what customers should expect when it comes to repairs and rebates? samsung tells us, most customers wait about four to six weeks for a rebate check. that's after you send in all the proper documentation and expect about seven days for an in-home repair. after we got involved, she got her washer repaired and she got her rebate. >> is this the time i can give you your hug? >> this is the time. >> all right. thank you so much. >> well, in tboth cases, samsun apologizes from their inconvenience and says they're learning from every consumer's experience so improve its
4:56 pm
process processes. >> but this is impacting a lot of people. >> a lot of people impacted and frustrated and waiting for rebate checks. we'll stay on top of it. money to talk about, $341,643 weave gotten back to our viewers height rear in delaware valley. >> if you're watching at home and have a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds, give us a call, fill out the form on our website and we'll get back to you. "nbc10 news" at 5:00 is tracking news you haven't seen yet. >> that's right. all new at 5:00, parents arrested. police tell nbc10 that children lived in filth. the pictures police showed us. also new at 5:00. the mayor calls it crack, his words. the twist on the soda tax battle that's still sizzling. a case of road rage turns into gunshots leaving a 15-year-old girl wounded. next, why a former police officer is facing charges.
4:57 pm
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new at 5:00. defending his daughter? a retired cop is accused of shooting into a car during a road rage incident. children rescued from a home and police say the conditions were deplorable. school suspension. does race play a factor when a school decides to punish a student? tonight the nbc10 investigators take a look. a case of road rage leads to a teenager being shot.
5:00 pm
>> and the accused shooter is a retired police officer. it all played out in upp eper gwynedd township. the story all new at 5:00. >> reporter: court records show this began with a pretty minor case of road rage. one driver honking the horn. the other one sticking their middle finger out the window. but it ended with three gunshots and a former police officer accused of pulling the trigger. the retired upper gwynedd officer is facing charges from his former department. accused of shooting at a bmw that followed his stepdaughter home. police say it started here along north wales road in montgomeriville. farmer's stepdaughter and the driver of that bmw got into a case of road rage. court records show the bmw then followed the girl home where her dad was ready with a handgun. according to police, farmer came out of the house armed with a


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