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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  February 24, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EST

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specifically picking up both directions on route 56 between route 55 and orchid road. good alternate would be almond road to route 55. if you're going to be locally commuting r have important to know. vine street opening up morning construction. and should be lifting around 5:00 this morning. another accident in upper when ed. firefighters trying to get control of these flames that ripped through this hotel. crews battling the fire for the past threw hours how. matt delucia lye on scene in vineland. what's happening right now. there's dwiebt of ♪ ♪ and flames here. step out of the way and give you
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a look at what the firefighters are dealing with now. ladders up here. still spraying water from the sky. focusing on the backside of this building. you might also be able to see, look at the parking lot, cars in this parking lot. this hotel was occupied at the time. people were inside. they were sleeping. one told us he woke up to the sound of police banging on his door. take a look at video from a little while ago. still see more flames coming from the roof. this is the ra ma da in. two-story hotel here along landis avenue. just off route 55 in vineland. several fire trucks here. firefighters still putting water on the building. no word on any injuries. did speak with hotel guests who said several officers were going door to door. evacuating everyone inside. he told us he did not hear any alarms at the time. we are waiting to get more information from the firefighters. fire chief came over and said to
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give him about five minutes. hoping to get more information from him. activity here still a busy scene. we're going to get some interview with the hotel guest coming up as well. new from overnight. fire ripped through a house in montgomery county. officials tweeted a video of the scene. the fire started in second floor bedroom around 12:30 this morning. no one was hurt. also from overnight. car crashed into a building in philadelphia's kenszington neighborhood. you can see the damage. the driver was take on the the hospital and then police took him into custody. we have new video of good samaritans to helped save a woman who was being stabbed in allentown. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. you can see several people pulling the stabbing suspect off the victim. who police said was the suspect's own stepdaughter. the video from wednesday shows two men, one of them a
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paramedics trying to get knife out of suspects hand. the victim suffered serious injury. facing charges including attempted murder. new security could be on the way for two apartment complexes hit by recent kidnappings. still looking for the man who struck the apartments. people voiced concerns at a meeting. the manager of the apartmentings said he's considering security cameras and locks on outside doors. meeting came just days after the abduction. police said in both cases women were physically and sexually assaulted by an armed mask man who took them to atm and demanded money. the nature of the way the attacks occurred is very scary. >> i'm so scared. i bought mace so i carry my mace all the time. >> police said the attacker drives a dark colored suv and
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speaks out loudly about his plans before following through on them. 4:33 a man is critically hurt and in a hospital while police look for the driver kwhoe slammed into him and took off. moments leading up to hit and run at clear field street. investigator say the impact sent him flying around 50 feet. medics found him unconscious with broken bones and head injuries. happening today in cam depend, the husband and wife owners of a popular jersey shore pizza chain scheduled to be sentenced for a tax evasion. own pizza restaurants. pleaded guilty to underpaying taxes and lying to irs. faces up to 10 years in prison. wife marry could get up to five years. pineland commission expected to approve natural gas pipeline through freprotected area.
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opponents say they'll be there to protest the move. supporters say it will increate supplies. opponents fear it will damage the pine barons and threaten water supply. the director of pine loonds has said the impact would be limited. run under existing roads from m mauricetown. a man who slammed to a poll is alive because of the people on the scene. >> heroic measures. this is one of those instances you really can't practice. >> we'll tell you how officers and passing drivers came together to pull off a burning car rescue. up in flames. hot crews got this massive construction site fire under control. later this morning, helping you save money on your cell phone bill.
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find a plan that fits your need. definite saving money on heating. temperatures warm this morning. 50s to start with. watching cape may for a little bit of fog. very light fog in the area this morning. big warmup ahead for all of the neighborhoods. your neighborhood forecast coming up next.
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expressway. take a look at this. you see the area still in green. not affecting traffic in and out
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of this area just yet as long as it hasn't cleared. over in center city, looking at 95. camera girard. southbound traffic slowly seeing more vehicles pile up on the majors. keeping an eye on 95. earlier we looked at schuylkill and vine street expressway. have the majors when i come back in next ten minutes. now nbc 10 first alert weather. it's 4:39 and we have got warm winds blowing. this is live picture from center city. mild morning. temperatures in the 50s. normally we would be right around 30 degree mark in philadelphia. heading for the 70s this afternoon. we may go into the record books. record temperatures later today. and stays warm this evening. temperatures will be slow to cool down. got one more warm day over the weekend before things change. get back to normal. at least for one day. 53 right now in philadelphia. 53 degrees. look at the temperatures climbing. 68 degrees at lunchtime. into the 70s this afternoon. the suburbs 54 this morning. 60 by 10:00.
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upper 60s near 70 degrees at 2:00 this afternoon. lehigh valley fog free this morning. 57 dreeegrees to start with. 50s at 8:00. southerly and southwesterly winds increasing this mpb. reach into the 70s. lehigh valley. new jersey, sunshine will be nice and bright. 52 degrees. scattered clouds. no sign of any wet weather. look at the warmup. 50s. first thing this morning. through the 60s. morning hours and right on through the morning hours. low 70s this afternoon. jersey shore right on the beach. temperatures be a little cooler. coming off the ocean. eight mile an our wind. keep temperatures in the 50s at noontime. just go inland a little bit. just a few miles. see temperatures sore into 60s and low 70s today. delaware. 50 degrees. 55 at 8:00. the 60s later this morning. low 60s in fact by 10:00. closer to 70 degrees at lunchtime. into the 70s this afternoon.
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beautiful weather today and yes, we could hit some records this afternoon. philadelphia the record is 74. that's my forecast for today. allentown record is little higher. low 70s today and for redding also in the low 70s. doesn't look like it's going to be a record for trenton either. atlantic city will get close. record is 75. up to 72 at the airport. wilmington, record is 78. likely fall short of that temperature with a high of 73 degrees this afternoon. this will not be the last day in the 70s. look at the weekend forecast and beyond with a ten day on ten when i'm back in ten minutes. >> bill, see you if ten minutes. new butterfly pavilion opens today. sneak peak inside. filled the native and tropical butterflies. buzzer has sounded for local
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basketball team. >> prompted the principal to cancel the rest of then. coming up 5:15. beauty by youtube. decide which online tutorials you should be using to create your look and which ones could be dangerous. reminder for college students, today is the last chance to bring al roker to your campus. looking for videos of students showing school spirit. come to winning school and broadcast the weather live from there. the deadline is today. find the link right now on nbc app and
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hotel fire in vineland. pretty much gotten control of the ramada in. crews on the scene for more than three hours. we're also on the scene. nbc 10 matt delucia speaking
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with guests who were there when the fire broke out. just about a quarter of five this friday morning. take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories across our area. police are investigating a body found in upper darby last night. tell us kids discovered the body near the bridge. authorities are working to find out who the person is and how that person died. lehigh valley police have a man in custody. questioning him, following a deadly shooting outside an autozone store. sky force ten flew over the scene last night. police found a body in a parking lot. haven't yet identified the victim. in camden county. police want to know if you recognize the man this video. wanted for stealing a car left running earlier this month. surveillance cameras found him walking before the crime. police have found the car. atlantic city banning helium balloons. move to try to protect wildlife. you get caught releasing
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balloons filled with helium you could be fined up to $500. oaks city considering similar law. new castle county, there will be no more boys basketball at a irki due ponte high schools season. principal made that cal in connection with this video. after recent loss sprinted towards opposing fans looking for a fight. parents denied that claiming racial slurs taunted the players. school district is investigating. sneak peak at the new electric buses septa will roll out soon. features charging point for phone and tvs with travel information and news. going into service this summer. speaking of travel. get you to work on this friday morning. >> francesca ruscio in for
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jessica. very light traffic. watching travel speeds. going to take your 13 minutes when traveling from blue route to vine. talking about the building on fire if vineland new jersey. it still remains closed. watching traffic in and out of the area still. very light. still pretty much in the green. a good alternate would be road to route 55. good alternate to avoid area of trouble. take a look at majors in new jersey. 295 earlier we checked on the 42 freeway. we are problem free. come back and take a look at 95 and vine street expressway. send it back to you guys. >> thank you. we're about 13 minutes before 5:00 a.m. amazing how warm it is. temperatures in the 50s. >> 53 at 4:47. >> and it's february. find out what's ahead. meteorologist bill henley has the first alert neighborhood
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forecast. most accurate forecast in town. in for another beautiful april day today. it was nice and warm yesterday into the 70s. that's typical of april weather. today starting off in the 50s and warm back in the 70s this afternoon. live view of boat house row. very little wind. not much at all. see the schuylkill nice and calm in morning. see a nice breeze develop for tomorrow, but for today we'll get some sunshine and the emphasizes will really take off this afternoon. starting off warm. 50s for the lehigh valley. suburbs, philadelphia, south jersey in the 50s. delaware, 50 degrees starting point. easily into the 70s this afternoon. there are a few cooler neighborhoods, upper 40s. further to the south. middletown is close to 60s degrees this morning. 50 degrees in lincoln. there's some cooler neighborhoods, but no sign of any wet weather. you can see a few scattered clouds coming into play. not getting a repeat of dense fog we had yesterday morning. may be a few spots of fog as
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things cool down this morning. most of the area is going to be fog free. sunshine, the temperatures will really ramp up. now, where's winter? i'll show you. there's the snow falling in wisconsin. and upper michigan. that's all going to miss us. that's how far you have to go to find cold air. south and southern michigan, detroit and into new york. thunderstorm activity. that's warming up. it's all rain there. we will be in for rain over the weekend. not today this is the hour by hour forecast. 10:00 this morning. some cloudcloudiness. you'll see them thin out and get breaks of sunshine. won't be completely clearing out for afternoon. get enough sunshine to warm into the 70s this afternoon. late tonight, 11:00 tonight. see the rain moving into the ohio valley. rain going to be cooling things down for us over the weekend. before it gets here saturday morning at 8:00. far to the west. we will see the temperatures climb in spite of mostly cloudy
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skies on saturday. look at that cloud cover. showers, thunderstorms race in late in the afternoon. 5:00 in the afternoon, be falling in the lehigh valley. suburbs and moving into delaware. then they quickly race through the area by 8:00 in the evening those showers and potential thunderstorms are right along the coastline or just offshore. already be dryi ing out in philadelphia or wilmington. wind will shift. once the showers come through, the wind shifts and brings in a colder day for sunday. not today and not tomorrow. 74 degrees. partly sunny skies. beautiful today. back in the 70s tomorrow before the storms arrive. and then after they're gone, there's your colder temperatures. 48 degrees. high temperature of morning low of 36 degrees. back to february for one day. monday, 55. 60s on tuesday. first day of march, 68 degrees ahead of another round of showers of thunderstorms with another cold front that cools us down for the beginning of march
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for thursday, friday, saturday. see temperatures in the 40s. back in the low 50s sunday afternoon. dplagloucester county looki for cause of fire. sky force ten over the flames  last night. took firefighters several hours to bring this fire under control. no one was hurt. happening today, prison reform acts advice will call on the trump administration to look into the deadly inmate standoff in smyrna, new castle county. group of community leaders release details. hoping federal authorities uncover what led to hostage situation at the vaughn construction center earlier this month. lieutenant steven floyd died during that standoff. at a hearing yesterday, correction workers said they feel the state does not support them. officers testified that understaffing and lack of training put them at risk.
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delaware hold as special election tomorrow which will decide in democrats continue to control the state senate. democratic stephanie hanson and republican john marie know are trying to fill the seat. no are trying to fill the seat. race is getting national attention and national funding with democrats trying to keep majority. delaware one of only five states with the democrats control both the legislature and governor's office. in camden county, up close and personal treatment. last night democrat held a town hall at the oakland municipal building. crowd was so large, dozens of these people didn't even make it inside. asked a range of questions including one of the future of the affordable care act. second town hall scheduled for belmar on march 6. repeal of the affordable care act was also a hot topic at
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this forum in philadelphia last night. nbc 10 in center city. senator pat toomey's constituents orthopediced this event. pennsylvania republican did not attend. also in center city, advocacy groups helped plan long-term resistance beyond the protest. dozens of people showed up at community action committee, action meeting to learn how to coordinate with others to speak out on issues. people supporting president trump are also mobilizing to speak up for the leader they helped to elect. protests opposing the president's policies and nominees marked first month in office. now local group planning a rally to back mr. trump. organizer told us it's something the group was planning to do after the president's first 100 days in office. >> had to speed it up. so many anti-trump rallies. may not be able to wait. >> pro-trump rally is set for saturday, march 4 at noon.
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similar rallies will be going on across the country. a man from philadelphia is leading an effort by muslims to raise money to repair a vandalized jewish cemetery in the midwest. >> someone toppled dozens of head stones in saint louis last weekend. more than 150 were damaged. helped launch an online fundraiser. that drive has now raised more than $100,000 to fix the head stones. >> i wanted to do something and i felt that every human being has the right to rest in peace after they're laid to rest. no one should be worried about their loved ones graves being desecrated. >> tells us he's received more than 100 messages from jews saying they were moved by the support of the muslim community. all new next on nbc today at five, local family left heart broken after the driver who hit and killed a boy doesn't get a jail sentence. >> emotional pleas for justice. what the victim's mother is
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saying about the decision. take a look at this. repelling thief. who breaks into businesses and from the roof. we'll take a close look at the video police want you to see following a string of similar burglaries in the area.
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surveillance capture add thief repelling down. investigator want to know if it's the same repelling thief who broke into other stores in montgomery and bucks counties and philadelphia. police help someone will recognize distinct climbing gear and also clothing. four of top five schools on a best list in pennsylvania are in our area. the list was made by an online company based on sat and act
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scores. student teacher ratio, quality of students. plus reviews from students and parents. reason you're seeing us there is we would like you to join the conversation. those are our twitter addresses right there. tell us what you think about the schools on that list or should you school be on the list or should not be a school on the list. tell us on twitter or facebook. >> people are opinionated about their high schools. startsing toding today, gym compete to raise awareness for breast cancer. looking at video from last year's event. money raised go towards the care of breast cancer patients. in atlantic county, a police officer and victim he helped pull from a burning car are both recovering from injuries. >> police say the driver rear-ended another car before crashing into utility pole yesterday on route 40 in atlantic city. witnesses say the suv then
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caught fire with the driver trapped inside. two offduty officers and other drivers managed to pull him to safety and put out the flames sgll heroic measures. this was an instance you really can't practice, right. it just happens and your instincts take over. >> two other people involved suffered minor injuries. cited suv driver for reckless driving. >> driver got a ticket. probably grateful for the fikt and the cop to get him out. more stories at 5:00 a.m. breaking from overnight. hotel up in flames. tears through a ra ma da in. live on scene with the details. i don't accept your apology and i never, ever will. >> demanding justice. local family left outraged after the woman hit and killed a teen gets no jail time. fbi discussions. what the white house discussed with the agency raising eyebrows.
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we continue the warm streak. tempted to say hot streak. >> we are talking record temperatures for this afternoon. you can use your own adjective for today. it is warm this morning. mild if you prefer. 52 degrees in philadelphia. suburbs at 52 degrees. temperatures are more than 20 degrees above normal. we would usually be below freezing at this hour of day in february. new jersey, 50 degrees right now in the lehigh valley 53. see sunshine today in wilmington, some scattered clouds at 6:00. 50 degrees by 9:00 though. up to 62 degrees with the southerly wind and southerly winds. won't be strong, but they will helpo


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