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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  February 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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can testify against him. >> but it's not devastating for the prosecution. everybody knows who bill cosby is. of course. everybody grew up with him. >> reporter: his fame could be a blessing and a curse, according to former prosecutor-turned-defense attorney david zealous. the case has played out on tv with women who accused bill cosby of sexual assault. some saying it happened as far back as the late 1960s. accusers have told their stories to newspapers and magazines. more than 30 spoke to "new york" magazine, coming together to share stories. >> every prosecutor wants as much evidence as they can possibly garner before going to trial. >> reporter: that's why zealous says prosecutors in montgomery county offered up 13 women, some kwho have gone public -- some who have gone public, others who haven't, wanting them to testify before a judge in the trial. in the end, the judge is allowing only one other with a similar story to testify. a woman who like the accuser in the criminal case said cosby gave her red wine and pills and claims she was incapacitated
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when the sexual assault occurred. the accuser in the criminal case is andrea constand. she is expected to testify. the only other women known as victim number six will tell her story. victim six said it was in a hotel room in the late 1990s when she met cosby for lunch. he forced her to take the pills, and she was assaulted. they say it's a vooictory for t defense but not a total blow for the prosecution. >> it doesn't mean the case is over. it means you have to fight another day. >> reporter: lawyers on both sides will be back in norristown on monday arguing whether or not the case should be moved to another county or a jury should be brought in from out of county. prosecutors argue the case should be heard in the county where the alleged crime occurred. in norristown, nbc10 news. now to our first alert weather. fridays in february don't get any warmer than this this time of year. the sun sets on this record breaking day. >> blue cross river, penn's landing would normally be
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packed. the rink is covered by a layer of water, you see there. ice force 10 pushes around puddles on the rink, so warm. >> it is a much better to surf. we spotted this guy wiping out in atlantic city. boom, right there. others enjoying the sand, waves, and sunshine. and the dogs were loving the 70-degree weather in chestnut hill. nbc10 found the dogs, people jogging in short sleeves at the valley park. parts of our area broke records today. >> let's go to first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. it's never been so woorm this day for parts of this -- warm on this day for parts of this year. not just this area. multiple states. this is a widespread record-breaking event here. camera shaking a little bit here. it's south philly. i-95 as that southerly wind comes in here. it's down to 67 in philadelphia, 59 in wilmington, the winds coming in off delaware bay and the atlantic. seeing the 50s at the shore.
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still 70 in northeast philly and in allentown. so these were the records today. 74, philadelphia, tied a record. allentown broke a record. trenton broke a record. reading tied it. allentown's record, though, is the warmest temperature ever recorded in february. that is impressive. one more warm day, and then a big change. we'll get it down to you hour by hour coming up. >> enjoy the warmth while you can. this just in, prison time for one of the two owners of the popular jersey shore pizza place manco and manco. in the past hour, charles bang emwas sentenced to -- bangle was sentenced to 15 years behind bars for tax evasion. his wiv. ser -- his wife will serve three years probation. the company opened decades ago, and there are four locations in
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ocean city. see you in court! see you in court! >> hundreds of protesters couldn't stop a pipeline project from getting a yes vote. these demonstrators were trying to stop a council from approving a plan to run a gas pipeline through federally protected forests in the pinelands. nbc10's andrea cline-thomas joins us live to break down the debate. andrea? >> reporter: despite the vote being cast, the debate is far from over. the south jersey gas company may have to clear a few more hurdles before that pipeline is constructed. ♪ despite opponents singing in an effort to drown out the vote, commissioners approved a south jersey gas pipeline. >> we need work, and they put the pipeline in. that's work. >> reporter: not just a win for the gas company but laborers after years of trying. >> make a lot of money in a short amount of time. you work your -- you know, your rear end off. >> reporter: the 22-mile mile will stretch from maurice river
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township to upper township. half of the path will go through the pinelands national reserve. it's proposed to make it less likely for service interruptions for south jersey gas customers, n cape may and atlantic counties. >> i want to preserve clean drinking water for my children and grandchildren. ♪ >> reporter: opponents say the short-term benefits could come with long-term costs and irreversible damage to the environment. >> it's got pristine streams for kayak, canoeing, and fishing. it's got -- plant species and animal species found here and nowhere else in the world. >> reporter: the largest tract of untouched wetlands is worth continuing to fight for, many say. back live. the south jersey gas company says the pipeline is wanted to give energy to 140,000 customers in cape may and atlantic counties. they said the proposal is a balanced solution. meanwhile, environmentalist
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groups, the sierra club, the director tells me that they plan to file a lawsuit. reporting live in cherry hill, andrea cline-thomas, nbc10 news. the concerns are similar for the dakota access pipeline. a day after protesters were kicked off the site of the pipeline site, we're learning oil could be flowing in less than two weeks. the company building the pipeline says it's finished drilling and will be laying pipe soon. now an update to a story the nbc10 investigators brought you exclusive bly about a beating investigation at the montgomery county jail. in a letter obtained by investigators, inmate derek houlihan describes being assaulted by corrections staff. he writes, "they blacked both mize, kicked me -- my eyes, kicked me, and handcuffed me." he has a prosthetic leg and said the officers beat him with that leg. he says his ribs are broken. officials say as many as six corrections staff are on leave now while detectives investigate. the delaware coalition for prison reform and justice and a local branch of the naacp are calling for a federal
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investigation of the four major prisons. that came in the form of a letter addressed to the u.s. attorney general today. earlier this month, prisoners at the james t. vaughn correctional center in smyrna revolted, taking officers hostage. a prison lieutenant was killed. governor carney launched a special commission to investigate. in south jersey, a series of lewd incidents has police in burlington county on alert. the most recent happened yesterday near kings grant and woodland drive. a man was hiding in the bushes, performing a sexual act as several women walked by. back in january, a naked man chased two teenage girls in the township before jumping into a jeep and driving off. before that, two different women in medford township reported seeing a man get out of his car without any clothes. police say the description of the man is similar in all of the incidents. a trenton police officer is suing the department for harassment. a veteran officer says she was teased about her sexuality and
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retaliated against when she complained to supervisors. the police department declined to comment this afternoon. president trump laid out his agenda to the heart of the republican party today at the conservative political action conference. for the first time, we're hearing how republicans want to replace obamacare. the preliminary republican plan gets rid of the requirement to buy insurance, dismantles low-income subsidies and taxes, rolls back medicaid, and pays for it all by limiting tax breaks that most workers get for employer health plans. governors from across the country kicked off their winter meeting in washington today. they were greeted this morning by vice president mike pence. the group plans to discuss education, infrastructure, childhood hunger, and cybersecurity through the weekend. today new jersey lawmakers are considering the impact of the trump administration's immigration policies. an assembly committee heard testimony today about how the president's executive orders have impacted people in the garden state.
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some who testified said undocumented immigrants are feeling anxiety about the new administration. if you're concerned about immigration and have questions, our sister station, telemutual funds mutual funds -- telemundo 62, has you covered. you can call the immigration hotline at 877-622-9228. local immigration lawyers are taking calls until 6:30. tomorrow here on nbc10, the flyers take it outside. >> the orange and black will play outdoors at pittsburgh's heinz field. the flyers' opponent, the penguins, out practicing on the ice earlier today. >> keeping the ice frozen is tough. we sent nbc10's keith jones up to pittsburgh one day early. he joins us now live. keith, 70s here. i'm guessing it's pretty warm there, too. >> reporter: 70s as well. so much so that i can roll up my sleeves. unseasonable in pittsburgh. i want to show you what's happening behind us. the flyers have taken the -- the
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practice skate now. playiers excited. we saw -- playiers excited. i we saw wayne simmons. he had a big smile on his face. this is the video. zambonis on the ice earlier, repeatedly going back and forth. nhl officials, they've been depending on the cooling system underneath the ice. temperatures are expected to drop 30 to 40 degrees tomorrow. when the puck drops, it could be about 40 degrees. we'll stay on top of this. we'll check in with the flyers when they come off the ice. their families are going to jump on afterwards. we'll have a little better idea of how the ice has held up after a very, very warm day here in pittsburgh. unseasonable, pleasant if you're off the ice. on it, probably hot to wear the uniforms. for now, live here at heinz field. keith jones, nbc10 news. >> with the jersey, shoulder pads, the neck guard, it's a lot. that equipment can be heavy. >> yeah. thanks, keith. nbc10 will have exclusive live coverage of tomorrow's
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game. john clark will be live at heinz field starting at 7:00 tomorrow night for our take it outside pregame show. then the game starts at 8:00 here on nbc10. a little league in delaware got a major league bill. the $17,000 mistake that has the league in the hole tonight. first, all new at 6:00, the new crime fighting weapon for police across south jersey. how it quickly connects officers with information they need to keep you safe.
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the sunset in north philadelphia. a gorgeous day leading into a beautiful evening. glenn "hurricane" schwartz will have details on your weekend coming up. tonight more than 100 police departments across south jersey have a new weapon in the battle against crime. >> the realtime crime center will rapidly connect law enforcers with key intelligence. >> nbc10's ted greensburg gives us an inside look at this high-tech crime fighting. >> reporter: it is a centralized crime fighting hub that southern new jersey can call its own. a single room filled with high-tech tools collecting and sharing crucial information with thousands of law enforcement officers in six counties. >> all this comes down to is breaking down silos. >> one, two, three --
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>> reporter: officials today marking the opening of the realtime cries center south, located -- crime center south, located at rowan dplcollege in gloucester county. they analyze and disseminate realtime tactical intelligence. >> our goal, to give decision-makers the ability to fish with a spear rather than a net. >> reporter: they do that from 16 work stations manned by law enforcement task force members from across south jersey. state-of-the-art capabilities deployed in west trenton and newark now here, as well. >> the buoy of the room is if there's -- the beauty of the room is if there's an event, we can collectively bring everyone together. >> reporter: synergy the key for critical incidents and daily crime fighting efforts. the center currently manned for 12-hour shifts on weekdays with the goal of eventually operating around the clock.
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ted greenburg, nbc10 news. a delaware little league just got a major league electric bill. the new castle little league found out they've been accidentally underbilled for electr electricity for more than a decade. they owe $17,000. the power company admitting it charged the lower rate but saying it wouldn't be fair to other customers to let the league off the hook. the league says there is like a preseason fastball to the face. >> little league baseball is not a money-making venture for us. just about every dime goes back out. >> if you're interested, you can make a donation to the new castle little league through its facebook page. if the league can't raise enough money, some of its improvement projects will be put on hold. we had record-breaking temperatures today. as you know, a lot of people were outside enjoying the warm weather, looking on their golf swing. they didn't think they would be
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able to do it for months. we saw these guys on the links in wilmington. the sun setting on this warm february friday. glenn, one more day of 70s. then the dramatic temperature drop. >> that temperature drop is going to go down all the way to average for this time of year. we're so far above average, it's like a 30-degree drop. we're 70 at lehigh valley still. cooler to the south. the wind is coming in off the cooler bodies of water. 67 at philly international. 71 at king sessing. that's the warm spot. bustleton at andora, chestnuts hichestnut -- chestnut hill, 68. graduate hospital and penn's port, pretty warm. in the 70s throughout the city today. with all the sunshine, that is going to change this line of
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thunderstorms, pretty heavy stuff about to hit cincinnati. the record warmth there. record warmth at cleveland. warmest ever in both places and many others, some broke the records by a good bit. here we go as we go into tomorrow. starting with a fair amount of clouds. the showers are mostly up toward the poconos until later in the day. here's 3:00, and that's a significant line of storms. so we're talking about a brief period of time that you got to watch out for. maybe gusty winds with these things. 4:00, there it is going from the poconos down through chester county. and just entering delaware, 5:00 is about the peak of it. across most of our area, bucks to montgomery, into philadelphia. into new castle county, by 6:00,
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it's past most of us, and starting to hit the shore. may not be as severe at the shore because it won't be as warm. with the wind coming off the ocean. by 8:00, it's all clear again. so we have some dramatic changes that are going to be coming in a matter of hours later tomorrow. you can enjoy most of the day with the 72 degrees. the thunderstorm comes later in the day, and it's a brief period of time like we just showed you. only 58 for the thigh at the joe jersey shore with the wind off the ocean. then the clouds come in sooner in the lehigh valley. sunday, sunshine across the entire area. it aep's kind of windy. these temperatures are close to average for this time of the year. and then as we go through the ten-day period, this warm windy weather on sunday, and then we start warming up again. by tuesday when the rain comes,
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it's warming up into the 60s. and then it starts cooling down again as we head toward the end of the week and next weekend. to this now, the philadelphia eagles hosting dance and audition workshops in lincoln field. it starts this tuesday. for more information, check out leaders. nbc10 is the official television home of the philadelphia eagles. i'm guessing it might be difficult for csn to find a photographer to shoot that video of that dance audition. who's going to do it? >> i don't know. i'm sure you'll have a long list waiting in line. we're talking sixers coming up. the number-one pick could be the game of the year. more on the trade deadline, and we'll talk to john clark live from pittsburgh as the flyers look to topple their showdown.
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>> reporter: hey, let's talk some hoop. the sixers' president said that ben simmons will not play at all this season. simmons had a scan yesterday that showed the fracture in his right foot has not fully healed. there's been heat from the fans and press. he hobday to day for a couple -- he had been day to day for a couple of weeks and deangelo was asked about it today. >> i regret saying day to day when it should have been out indefinitely. i have to say that there's
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never, ever been any effort to deceive fans, to mislead fans, to mislead you, but injuries are unpredictable. the trade yesterday that garnered so many opinions, he said it was a money move. colangelo said the new deal was a "concern" and caused apprehension. to hockey now. the flyers face the penguins tomorrow outdoors at heinz field. that is where we find our john clark. john, take it away. >> reporter: hey, danny. they are practicing on the ice behind me now. and i guess that's why they call it warmups. a record 78 degrees in pittsburgh. a record for february. the ice is a little wet, slick, it's going to be cold tomorrow. take a look at the flyers practicing. half of the team has not played in an outdoor game like this in a stadium. they're going to be nervous at first. the veterans know you have to get into the game. it's a huge game. they're five points out of a
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playoff spot. they're rival penguins, outdoors, primetime. they'll be ready. >> it doesn't get bigger than this. we know where we're at in the standsings. >> you have to pinch yourself. a lot of us haven't doesn't this before. it's cool to see. >> i've been playing since i was 3 years old. you go out and try and enjoy the game even -- if it's not going your way, you've got to find a way to love the game and play with passion. >> reporter: it's going to be fun. the gm told me the flyers will not be buyers at the trade deadline next week. i'm john clark. back to you, jacqueline. >> can't wait to watch. another live look at the immigration phone bank from actu telemundo 62. the lines closed at 6:30.
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one more warm day, then we cool down sunday. warming back up and getting much needed rain. look at how much cooler by next
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weekend. >> big changes coming. thanks for watching at 6:00. i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. ing. tonight, the obamacare replacement plan? nbc news obtain as draft being circulated among republicans. our first look at what's in it and what's not. also tonight, controversy erupts over a conversation between the white house chief of staff, and the fbi. winter of extremes, as we head into the weekend, dangerous storms threatening millions. as millions more bask in record february heat. there's trouble in store. news tonight of another big american brand name closing locations. where experts say those shoppers are going. not just online. wheel of misfortune, surging car insurance premiums, drivers paying more. a key factor behind it? that you should keep in mind. and inspiring america, the pair behind broadway's new smash


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