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tv   NBC10 News at 11pm  NBC  February 25, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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first warm then storms and now a dramatic temperature drop happening around our region. parade crash. dozens hurt when a truck plows into a crowd in new orleans. a stormy saturday around our area. nbc 10 and terry hill and port richmond as heavy rains, gusty winds, and thunderstorms quickly blew through tonight. the storms are cleared out now and we're feeling a cooldown. this is broad street in center city. it is good-bye to spring and welcome back winter. and we're bringing you live team coverage of this weather roller coaster. erica? >> definitely a roller coaster ride because we topped out in the low 70s in philadelphia. in and around fiphiladelphia wee seeing lots of 40s and temperatures, some 50s but
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mainly 40s. society hill at 50 degrees. upper 40s for fox chase at 49. chestnut hill 46. west mount airy at 46 degrees. here is the deal, the temperature trend versus feels like temperatures the next couple of hours. at 6:00 a.m. it'll be in the 30s but it will feel like it's in the 20s because we do have westerly and northwesterlies intlui influencing our area. it is certainly going to be colder that that. that's the story for the next several days as we cool down and stay in the 40s for the most part. while we are tracking 60s tomorrow the expected high temperature will only be in the 40s. we're going from 73 today to 46 tomorrow. you be sure you bundle up and no worries, by tuesday we'll hit 60 again. >> erika, thanks.
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several poles came down during the storm in fleetwood. take a look at the scene here. fire officials say part of this road, 662, will be closed for two days because of these downed poles. let's go to drew smith live on the ben franklin parkway in center city. drew, it feels like we've gone through several seasons in just a day today. >> reporter: yeah, it sure has. it's been so weird today. when you woke up you may have thought these trees may be blooming soon, it felt so nice out here. when the storms rolled through you may have worried the trees would blow down. temperatures the temperatures feel appropriate for the season. it's still february in philadelphia. nothing like a winter thunderstorm to confirm this day was a weather whirlwind. >> lightning, thunder. >> reporter: storm force in delaware county hit by intense
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rain and hail as a strong system moves quickly from west to east. minor flooding on the schuylkill while people began to empty off the city streets they had enjoyed walking on earlier. patio dinner areas were deserted. >> i put on my shorts earlier today. >> reporter: he wasn't the only one experiencing wardrobe confusion. >> it was gorgeous. i don't know what happened. the weather completely changed. >> reporter: this temperature roller coaster is tough to accept. the spring tease was a welcome one for kids playing basketball and those doing community service. >> it's great. good for to us do this work today. >> there are people who like to take one season at a time. >> it's supposed to be cold and snowy. i kind of like the snow. it's all rainy and muggy out. >> and good news for that guy as erika said, it will feel like winter again when you wake up tomorrow. i'm drew smith, nbc 10 news.
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>> you can track all the weather changes and check out videos of tonight's storm damage all on the nbc 10 app. back to the turning giroux. they score. >> the flyers make it a game against the penguins tonight but the orange and black cannot pull off the win as they play outside in pittsburgh. you watched all the action live here on nbc 10 and we're bringing you team coverage to wrap up all the ice action. we start with keith jones. he joins us live from near the ice at heinz field tonight. keith? >> reporter: flyers fans are keeping their heads up, a football stadium. an unreal atmosphere here. i will take a step out of here and show you the snowflakes coming down. yesterday philadelphia fans were met with 78-degree temperatures today. a whole different story, wind chills in the upper 20s. it was a sellout.
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more than 67 people watched the pens win, unfortunately, 4-2. take a look at the concourse. a lot of black and yellow. one woman didn't have a great opinion of pittsburgh fans and another guy who grew up here but his roots go with the fly guys. >> pittsburgh sucks. the city has been awful. >> reporter: why has it been so terrible? >> the parking. we were here 45 minutes trying to park. the fans suck. >> there have been a couple of mishaps, but there are as many nice people as mean people. >> 89% of them are pretty nice. >> reporter: the other 20%? >> not so nice. >> reporter: so mixed reviews here of pittsburgh. perhaps it had something to do with the score. talked to nhl commissioner gary bettman before the game, about the next time this could happen for the flyers. it could be citizens bank park as we've seen before or beaver
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stadium up in penn state, happy valley. something interesting to think about. live at heinz field covering philadelphia sports fans as they head on back to the delaware valley. keith jones, nbc 10 news. >> developing now 28 people including a police officer are hurt after someone driving a truck plowed into a parade in new orleans. police say the driver is now in custody. they think the driver was drunk. and the search is on for an armed robber in villanova. one suspect was caught after robbing a store in a strip mall. another suspect was last seen running away in the wooded area nearby. you can see officers are searching near the train tracks. the delaware state police helicopter was called in. new at 11 clo:00 an underground
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transformer fire caused a major delaware county road to close tonight. you can see smoke coming from a manhole on baltimore pike in springfield. still working on repairs. homes and businesses did not lose power. baltimore pike has since reopened. democrats will keep control of the delaware state senate. the district 10 seat today. even before the polls opened this morning voters in newark were waiting in line at mcveigh elementary school to cast their ballots. bethany hall long is now the you tent governor. the tradition president trump says he'll be skipping this year. >> coming up the sixers and knicks go down to the wire in the big apple. the highlights are coming up of the flyers made things difficult for the penguins in their own
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backyard. we'll go back to pittsburgh later in sports.
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police continue to search for clues after a woman was found dead in her port richmond home. they returned to talk to neighbors and look for clues. relatives found the 57-year-old woman laying in a pool of blood last night. electronics were missing from the home but there were no signs of anyone breaking in and no weapons found. >> who would do that? she didn't bother anybody. >> they are hoping surveillance video can help identify a killer. president trump's worst nightmare. who is threatening to become that tonight? plus the popular party the
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president says he'll be skipping this year. and we are expecting colder temperatures overnight into tomorrow. we very well could see some snow showers not making it here. we'll keep that to western pennsylvania.
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the governors are already off between the new national democratic party committee chairman and president trump. tom perez, the former labor secretary, was voted chairman today. perez pledged to rebuild the party at the state and local level. he's the dnc's first latino chairman. president trump reacted to perez's victory on twitter,
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quote, congratulations to thomas perez. i could not be happier for him or the republican party. now perez responded, quote, call me tom and don't get too happy. i and democrats united across the country will be your worst nightmare. end quote. the president tweeted he will not attend the white house correspondents dinner this year. it traditionally involves the president making jokes about media members who also attend. mr. trump will be the first president to skip the event in more than 30 years. this move comes as the president maintains a public feud with the news media. the white house press secretary attended a daily briefing yesterday. the white house correspondents association responded tonight saying they will still have the dinner in april without the president. the terminal market looked like a club than a market. more than 1,100 people packed the terminal for the seventh annual party for the market.
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reading is one of the largest and oldest markets in the country. i'm first alert meteorologist erika martine we are seeing dry conditions and a really big difference than what we saw earlier with the line of thunderstorms moving from west to east. now it is dry. a wider perfect spespective, we still see some clouds move through. i want to hone in on what's going on for parts of the lehigh valley, a little bit of a wintry mix there. to the west of us they're getting snow there. that's not going to be the case. however, locally again i would like to show you we are seeing some light wintry mix for parts of the lehigh valley. current temperatures in the 40s. mt. holly at 48. allentown at 44. trenton, 47. and vineland 48 degrees for you. let's take a look at the
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temperature difference. 19 degrees colder today at the same time in allentown than yesterday. 10 in philadelphia and 8 in vineland so bundle up because it's only getting colder. neighborhoods for the lehigh valley, temperatures are mainly in the 40s, upper 30s, however, for fleetwood at 39 degrees. allentown, 41 for you. bethlehem 43 degrees and here is why we're feeling the colder temperatures. northwesterly flow here at 11:00 p.m. that light changeover or a wintry mix but all of that will clear offshore. we certainly do have a chilly day as well. let's talk about those feels like temperatures. right now it feels like it's in allentown, doylestown 37. 41 in philly and westchester. it feels like a chilly 35 degrees. what about at 4:00 a.m., 23 in
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doiylestown and westchester alog with pottstown and 25. by tomorrow morning at 6:30 a.m. it's going to feel very cold in westchester. 23 in allentown and doylestown. you be sure you bundle up because we are going to trend cold. here is the deal. tomorrow's high temperature 46 degrees. it will be gusty but notice we will see a mix of sun and clouds. clouds start to develop monday and tuesday. we're tracking some showers late monday into tuesday and then the threat of some thunderstorms on wednesday. notice we're going to hit 60s on tuesday and wednesday but then we get colder on thursday. we're going to see upper 40s, windy conditions and we're going to trend in the 40s for the next several days on out and tracking some possible showers later next week but the big story right now we're going from 70s to 40s in just a matter of hours. the flyers of future got to play a little hockey for free today. this was the scene.
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the rink was opened to families to try their hand at honing their hockey skills on the same ice. hey, danny. >> this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. changing the way you experience tv. >> always good to see you. i'm danny pommells. flyers and penguins took their rivalry outdoors in pittsburgh. the flyers need to ignore the hoopla surrounding the game and focus on the two points on the line. sidney crosby getting behind the defense as he's known to do. and that's bad news. we go to the second period, brandon manning may be hearing from the nhl for this hit. later the flyers down 2-0. it is a man they call score check. good work to escape from the corner and stuff one home. 2-1 flyers as they cut the deficit in half. chris kunitz puts the penguins
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back ahead by two goals. they double up the flyers, 4-2. with more on what went down in pittsburgh, john clark from heinz field. hey, john. >> danny, the flyers say it was an adjustment at first in the first period. wayne simmons says it was a swirling win. the flyers outshot the penguins, 38-29. once again, they lose. they're not getting the results. they have lost 7 of 9 scoring just 13 goals in that nine-game spain. jake voracek says it's getting old. >> with the wind in your face, it was tough. in the end, it evened out, 30 minutes each way. it was fun. i'm not going to lie, i really enjoyed it. it would be better to end up on the winning side.
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>> so the flyers are five points out of a playoff spot, three teams ahead of them. 21 games to go. john clark live at heinz field. some flurries in the air. back to you, danny. >> all right, john, thanks. thanks for braving the elements. the sixers in the big apple to face the knicks. they could jump over them in the standings with a "w," missing president pryzingis. here they come down four. a wide open mcconnell. he can shoot. doesn't do it all the time, but that three cuts the lead to one. okafor giving the sixers the lead with 27. the sixers look like they're going to win it but they could not stop carmelo. with the hand in his face, his 36th and 37th points. that wins it for new york 110-109. senior day on the main line.
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the final home game for jenkins and the injured darryl reynolds. nova hosting creighton, the second half brunson to a wide open jenkins who deposits three. hea hart cleans it up. pasqual puts it in. locks up the number one seed in the big east tournament. the phillies in the grapefruit league opener. the hard knocks life. deep and gone to left. an inside the park home run. bottom nine, tied at 5-5, base hit. second base to home plate. the phillies walk off with a 6-5 win. that's a look at sports.
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today in south jersey haddonfield got uncorked, filled with wine lovers.
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they got to sample selections from south jersey wineries while exploring haddonfield's boutiques. we went from shorts to layers. >> i feel like the bearer of bad news. we went from 70s today in philadelphia. allentown 75 or 77 today. 73 in philadelphia. 46 by tomorrow. that's the cold front. 52 monday. and then back into the 60s tuesday and wednesday but right back into the 40s by thursday. so it is a serious roller coaster ride, and people will need their coats and jackets. >> it's february, right. it's what's supposed to be happening. >> and march is a couple days away. >> thanks, erika. >> for all of us here, ""saturday night live"" is next.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> and that is another example of how faulkner influenced latin american literature. [ cellphone beeps ] seth, i thought i told you to turn off your phone. >> i'm sorry, mrs. lehman. i think someone re-tweeted me. >> seth, you're just some random kid in high school.


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