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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 28, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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get right to meteorologist bill henley. most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. >> we've got a few showers this morning. not everyone is going to sew these. at the shore. just inland and atlantic county in southern burlington county. southern ocean county. first thing this morning. most of the rain is missing us. except these very few showers. see the clouds starting to break over the suburbs. 36 degrees. that's a cool spot. some 30s now in the lehigh valley. 38 degrees now as clouds start to break in philadelphia. looking at cloudy skies. we will get some breaks of sunshine during the day. 50 degrees at 8 clonk. look at temperatures taking off. 11:00 this morning. will not stop there. up to 66 degrees this afternoon. two degrees away from the record high temperature. philadelphia. the cool spot will be in new jersey. not inland areas. no, it's the shore which will see a sea breeze. keep temperatures cool. 56 this afternoon. lehigh valley and delaware are well into the 60s today. take a look at that hour by
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hour. show you when we will reach the 60s in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> thanks. starting off on 295. just around cameras. route 130. again, you can see this is over into the right hand shoulder. part of the next lane closed as well. traffic is moving by into the left-hand lane. looks like they have two lanes open. everybody sticking over into the left-hand side. fire engine on the scene there as well. not exactly sure how many vehicles are involved. at least two or so. we have police activity there as well. so a little bit of a mez out in west stephford. southbound side. just in the general area. if you are headed southbound, traffic moving towards delaware. keep our eye on that for you. have updates when i come back in about ten minutes. >> we'll see you then. jewish leaders calling for an aggressive federal response to put a stop to bomb threats against centers and cools across the nation and here in our area. latest rounds of threats came as
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volunteers continued to help repair and restore hundreds of vandalized head stones at a jewish cemetery. nbc 10 katy zachry live for us at the mount caramel cemetery this morning. work will continue again today. good morning, katie. >> good morning. later today at noon expecting to see an outpouring at these gates. people go instead over the weekend more than 100 gravestones were disrespected. toppled or broken. now the jewish federation of greater philadelphia is organizing the cleanup. also a federal investigation into who did this. follows a wave of anti-semitic acts that have taken place across the down troy. people are emotional as they see the damage firsthand. nicole from south jersey drove here after work to take it all in. >> you know semitism all over
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the place. this is massive and destructive so close to where i live. >> three jewish organizations in our area received bomb threats yesterday. the kaiserman jcc in wynwood. cherry hill and siegel in wilmington. all three locations were evacua evacuated, but then clear id by police. in addition to cleanup happening at noon, help to install security cameras around the property and the anti-defamation league has come forward saying it will give a $10,000 reward to anyone who has information that leads to arrest and conviction of the person or people responsible for this damage. reporting live this morning. katy zachry nbc 10 news. pennsylvania governor tom
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wolf released a statement in part any anti-asthmatic act or act of intimidation aimed at jie wish institutions and people is pennsylvania is truery reprehensible. hillary clinton took to twitter yesterday challenging president trump. she wrote, we shouldn't have to tell the president to do his part. he must step up and speak out. the ann frank center also wants to hear from president trump. they would like him to give a prime time speech about plan to fight hate in america. they said, quote, if he can respond to "saturday night live" immediately, why can't he respond to anti-semitism immediately, end quote. new from overnight. fire damaged a home in philadelphia. started on the first floor along bell view street. people were home, but escaped without injury. also this morning, philadelphia police investigating a dui crash along the boulevard. police arrested a driver after his car slammed into another at wit ker avenue. injuries are minor.
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bill cosby sexual assault trial staying in montgomery county. jury will come from somewhere else. state supreme court decide which county the jury comes from for the trial. defense argued intense media saturation of the case would make it impossible for cosby to get a fair trial in montgomery county. comedian is accused of sexually assaulting. cheltenham home in 2004. happening today, chris christie give last budget address as new jersey's governor. expected to talk about education funding, state pension payouts and transportation projects. the governor is also expected to announce money for fighting opioid addiction. chris tee has made the drug battle a top priority. calling opioids a public health crisis. vote today in delaware school district could save jobs. four and a half million for security upgrades. superintendant says if it
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doesn't pass, could lose staff members. polls open up at 10:00 a.m. elected leaders in south jersey vote on whether to give themselves raises. vineland. city counsel would go up to $10,000 a year. while the mayor would increase to 60,000. first pay raise since 1987. the city in cumberland county is widely considered. new jersey. wave health benefits so the taxpayers won't be footing the bill. now to nbc news exclusive. new details surrounding last month's read in yemen that left a nay si seal dead. multiple officials tell the news the raid has yielded to intelligence of value. at least not so far. the white house called the mission a success in gathering important information. navy seal ryon owen was killed and 6 other service members were wounded. pentagon conducting three separate investigations into the raid. >> i just mentioned why now,
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what happened, and what the actual outcome was. >> demanding investigation of the raid and criticizing the trump administration for the raid just two weeks after he took office. owens told the miami her roeld he refused to meet with president trump when his son's body was flown to dover p airport space. just about an hour from sunrise. give you a live look right now. broad street. kimmel center campus looking north ward at city hall. going to be a nice day. first alert meteorologist bill henley has most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. getting a warm start. clouds over center city and the rest of the area too. see them in this view from cape may. dry in cape may. i am tracking a few showers at the shore. the good news it's too warm for anything other than rain. the shore right now at 50 degrees. plus 45 in philadelphia. 30s for the lehigh valley. the suburbs and not bad this morning. warmer morning for south jersey
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and delaware. temperatures in the 40s. a lot of the suburbs in the 40s. 38 degrees. west bradford township is 43. cool start, but not really cold. as far as that wet weather at the shore, see the showers that are moving past. just moving to the northeast. already passed atlantic city. heading through ship bottom right now. here this morning and gone this afternoon. we will see later today is the temperatures climbing boo if 60s. close to record highs for this afternoon. 64 degrees in philadelphia. that's at 4:00. more clouds, but look at the sunshine at noon. 61 degrees and in between these hours, we'll hit 66 degrees this afternoon. two degrees away from the record. the suburbs will see clouds break this morning. look at that quick warmup. 45 degrees at 8:00. 65 at noontime. lehigh valley looking for a nice one too. 39 at 8:00.
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upper 50s at noon. into the 60s this amp. that's in spite of clouds coming back in late this afternoon. it's that increasing clouds later in the day lead to showers this evening. delaware, 40s to start with. low 60s at noontime. bright sunshine, but then clouds are back late in the afternoon. see that at new jersey as well. warming up and clouds roll in late in the afternoon. at the shore, chillier with a sea breeze blowing. highs in the 50s this afternoon. chance of showers this evening. storms for tomorrow. we've issued a first alert. possibly for severe weather over much of our area. take you through it hour by hour when i'm back with future cast in ten minutes. 6:09. looking over the camera on 295. i can see there's a problem or accident. >> let's get you details. nbc traffic reporter jessica boyington has that. looks like we're having problems with the cameras. hoping you can see a little bit
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of this. map here as well. southbound side of 295. again, just around route 130. what we were see tlg is a fire truck on the scene. few police cars. now the left lanes are still open. two lanes are still open. about one lane is only moving by. all that traffic is still going down to one lane by the scene. we have that right shoulder blocked and next one over. this is for traffic moving southbound. again, this is moving towards delaware if you're heading towards the delaware memorial bridge. might run into this and see small delays by the scene. thankfully traffic is moving there. not seeing massive backup. also a crash in lower merion. right around old lancaster road. mass transit. septa route 15. dealing with shuttle bussing this morning. due to emergency track repair until further notice. vai, back to you. one of president trump's close adviser causing a stir on social media. >> show you the candid moment sparking the backlash.
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>> plus a water front transaction medication. new option for family fun that could soon be coming to philadelphia. then there's this. feeling the burn. next show you one of the summer's hottest workouts to slows the pace to tighten and tone. new option for family fun that
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summer beach season just over three months away. >> all this week testing out gyms and workouts and getting advice from coaches who can help you do just that. today we take you to sculpt fitness studio in center city. watch this. ♪ ♪
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>> sculpt workout is 50 minutes of slow and commed movements. all of our classes are 50 minutes. bring your body to muscle exhaustion. work every single part of your body one body part at a time. >> do a full amount. put them on. take it out. can be here. at the center. just find that fresh pose. >> press it. good. next balance is fine. if p you feel yourself shaking. it's the small muscles figures. this curl up and in to bring it back. >> oh, miff god. >> into the front. you got it. >> it's not my pilates. people think because it resembles a former. we always say it's the total gym turned up 1,000%. feel yourself rise up nice and slow. >> it is going to affect yours balance. take some weight into the hands
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and now press the back to a high twisted plank. try to keep the fight. keep the heels down. now lift up through the right oblique to bring the chairs back. press straight now come in. there you go. press it on out. find that push up. >> yes, yes. >> press out. >> and lift it on in. >> that's good. always more impressive when vai screams. >> when he comes into the studio. >> it's really -- which is more painful. >> it's really annoying for people around me or they might find it cool to have somebody screaming. >> it was energizing. that was a good workout. >> i'm surprised you didn't have more balance than that. >> you don't think of yourself as an athletic person. very balanced. getting on one food to me is the harder's thi er'est thing in th
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>> women are just better. maybe that's what it is. >> you don't like escalators. >> it's hard. it is hard. >> not as hard as traffic on a day like tuesday when you have an accident. exactly. especially when there's a lot of stuff going on. beginning of rush hour right now. crash on 295. right on the southbound side. just around route 130. so what we have going on here is of course our cameras actually out in this general area. so difficult to see. we do have some small delays on the southbound side moving and approaching the delaware area. there's a fire department on the scene. a few vehicles involved and some police activity there as well. the traffic is still moving by. here's a disabled bus on route 202. just on route 29. not really messing with traffic right now. clearly they have flashers off. over in the right hand shoulder. no problems reported because of
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this. northbound 29 to schuylkill. 26 minute trip. speeds up in the 70s actually. slow down a little bit. somebody is going fast out there. crash in lower merion. west montgomery avenue. old lancaster road. end on 42 freeway. five minute trip northbound for 55. speeds into the 60s there. >> thank you vai. so distracting. how did you work out like that. >> very challenging. >> thanks jes. 618. quiet down vai. >> wait until he sees sunshine. he'll really be going. clouds are starting to thin out. center city. dry in the suburbs too. starting to see breaks in the clouds. spring city. clouds thin out and temperatures warm up. those few breaks are allowing some of the suburbs to get a little chillier than much of the rest of the area. 39 degrees. delaware, south jersey. philadelphia. 40s in lehigh valley in the 30s.
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clouds overhead. really didn't get cold overnight. much warmer morning for philadelphia. 48 degrees. center city, 44 in chestnut hill. northeast tlphiladelphia. start in the 40s. warm through the 50s and heading to 60s this afternoon. bus stop this morning, still cool. breaks of sunshine for reading, trenton, atlantic city and 43 degrees in wilmington. 41 degrees in philadelphia, that won't last long. the temperatures will quickly warm up into the 60s this afternoon. as far as the showers concerned, not much left of those. just at the shore. those are going to be heading offshore shortly. dry for the rest of the day. just scattered clouds around. this evening, chance of more showers. system coming together for us this evening and doesn't look like much to the west, but there is more to this wet weather that's coming together for us
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for tomorrow and tomorrow afternoon that could lead to severe thunderstorms during the afternoon. and the evening commute. issued first alert for wednesday storms for all neighborhoods going to be a line of storms much like what we saw over the weekend on saturday. late wednesday afternoon into the evening hours tomorrow. and this will bring in strong to severe thunderstorms. the potential for damages winds, hail, and just like on saturday. a lot of lightning too. that's tomorrow. for today, get sunshine breaking through the clouds. 66 degrees. high temperature today. up to 76 tomorrow. that would tie the record for tomorrow. that happens before the storms roll in in the afternoon. by friday. storms are out of here. cooler weather starts moving in on wednesday. 50 degrees. low 40s after morning temperatures. friday morning down into the 20s saturday morning. first weekend of march. start off cold, but we'll also see a warmup that starts on sunday. monday afternoon in the 60s.
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turns cooler for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. >> thanks for that. 20 minutes past six. setting out on a moon mission. next the upcoming adventure to outer space never been done before. closer to home. put the coins away. the change that could make your jersey shore a little bit easier this summer. hi
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police joining the revelers to keep everyone safe. over the weekend. suspected drunk driver plowed into a crowd at mardi gras parade. injuring 28 people. everyone is expected to recover. fat tuesday tradition underway right now in gloucester county. live picture from summit cakery and cafe in woodbury heights. look at that.
6:25 am
makes authentic louisiana king cakes. cakes contain a hidden baby. don't think it's a real one. that brings luck to the person who finds him. >> tasty way to celebrate the holiday. >> we're going to have some of those later. >> the owner of space x says he plans to fly two people around the moon next year. elon musk says two people approached him about taking a week long trip. chief astronomer says it's ambitious for space x to say this going to happen next year and risky for the two who want to go. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington starting off on the schuylkill expressway right now. bat watching cameras on the westbound side. all kinds of stops just a moment ago. on the westbound side. get this accident scene that was taking out the left lane over into the shoulder. definitely police activity there. watching big delays on the westbound side. updates if for you on this when
6:26 am
i come back in a couple of minutes. for now a check on today's forecast with bill henley. starting off with clouds. live view from center city. 45 degrees. got sunshine today, but it's storms for tomorrow. your neighborhood forecast just ahead. also ahead, a wall of flames. we have new video and details about a deadly plane crash in california that brought a family's vacation to a tragic end. plus privacy invaded. bucks county nurse secretly recording female patients and female patient discovered alleged ploy. have that up next.
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president in prime time. controversial issues donald trump is expected to address in first major speak to congress. moment of impact. shows plane crash landing in california neighborhood.
6:30 am
mobile office etiquette. why the white house sparking a twitter fire storm this morning. nbc 10 news. starts now. it is 6:30 on the dot. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. i'm tracey davidson. >> let's get to meteorologist bill henley. >> getting a better view of the clouds starting things off over the city. starting off cloudy. we will see sunshine breakthrough the clouds. temperatures already mild. temples mild because of the clouds overnight where the 40s right now. see cloudy skies. no rain here. i am tracking a few showers. right along the coast. already moved through atlantic city. now swinging through portions of extreme soern burlington county. southern ocean county. getting a little light rain to start with. won't last long. be out of here during the day. look at the clouds breaking in the lehigh valley. 38 degrees right now. see more and more sunshine this morning. look at the warmup. from the 30s now to 40s at ni9:.
6:31 am
close to 60 degrees at lunch. partly to mostly sun any skies noontime. 45 now with the clouds. clouds break. 50 at 9:00. everybody see a nice warmup today. 60s today. 66 for philadelphia. two degrees away from the record for the day. low 60s for anterior new jersey. at the shore, sea breeze keep temperatures in the 50s today. take a look at clouds. when they break. for your neighborhood. when i'm back in ten minutes. first jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. thanks, bill. starting off sky force ten live over top of the scene on the schuylkill expressway. on the westbound side. cameras around belmont avenue with an accident. see two police cars here. three other vehicles involved right now. back up a little bit and show you backup. it is nasty. see more vehicles involved there. a few minutes ago into the left
6:32 am
land lane. blocked all the lanes to move it into the shoulder. now you see westbound delay is nasty approaching the scene right now. heading towards the king of prussia area see some of that. different views of it as well from the ground. here at the schuylkill. just from behind it. see the traffic still at a complete stand still. checking in with drive time, no surprise here. westbound drive time is pretty bad. so we're watching that into the red. 40 minutes right now from the vine street expressway. to the blue route. average speeds down to the teens now. again, if you're moving past center city heading westbound towards king of prussia. pretty bad delays. come back in ten to update you. tonight, president trump will address congress in his first major prime time speech. here is a live look at the capital. president is expected to declare early progress on his campaign promises. nbc 10 pamela osborne live in digital operation center with what we can expect on tonight's speech. we have new word from the
6:33 am
president himself on what he will be highlighting tonight: told fox askand friends on a ta interview airing right now that he intends to speak from the heart. pump has called for additional $54 billion to beef up military homeland security and american's intelligence agencies. that increase in spending would come as cuts would be made to other government agencies like the state department and the earnings pennsylvania. when asked where else the $54 billion could come from he said revved up economy. said he plans to talk more about the health care plan he calls terrific and all inclusive. says entitlements like social security and medicare will go untouched. >> i he says you have to take an ax to entitlements your treasury secretary says we're not touching it. who is right. >> if the economy fails, i'm right. >> the omb is belong.
6:34 am
>> i'm not saying anybody is wrong. if we and i think this is what's going to happen, our country is going to stand. >> and president trump noted that he's only been in office for five weeks and his health care plan the administration is working on is set. it will be highly respected. looking to hear more about that plan in tonight's address. reporting live in the digital operation center. pamela osborne. nbc 10 news. we should add nbc 10 gym rosenfield and lauren mayk will be in the capital to bring you analysis and reaction from the speech. live reports begin this afternoon on nbc 10 at4. watch the president's full address here on nbc 10. live coverage begins at nine. continue until 11 mplgt developing overnight. family trip to a cheer leading competition ended in tragedy in river side california.
6:35 am
three died. two or in critical condition. no one on the ground was hurt. home security camera caught the plain crashing. you can see the plain come down and a burst of flames and smoke after it hit the homes. 6:35. this morning a nurse in bucks county facing new criminal charges for taking advantage of unsuspected patients. police first arrested james earlier this month. accused of secret livid owe taping a teen patient. the office says seven more victims have come forward with similar accusations. tipped off by a patient who saw a cell phone at her feet during an exam. police are chester county need your help finding a man who hit a 72-year-old woman over the head, tied her up and left her
6:36 am
in a closet. pa registration. jtj-0600. if you're asked to see it, you're asked to call police. now take you state by state and county by county, look at some of the stories across our area. first in south jersey, testing shows two backup water wells are contaminated. showed levels of chemicals found in firefighting used there. mcgwire dick lake hurst reports no chemicals found in main water source.
6:37 am
join forces to break ground on upgrade to paoli train station. add high level platforms. new ramps. pedestrian overpass. parking lot improvements are part of the $36 million upgrade expected to be finished next year. controversial bridge plan gets go ahead. pedestrian bridge in villa nova university main campus is a planned expansion on the southern side of lancaster avenue. opponents unhappy it will have crosses on both sides of the bridge. voted last night to approve the bridge. did not have the authority to regulate or prohibit the crosses. north hampton county college running out of room to house students. officials of lafayette college
6:38 am
say up to 78% of incoming freshman put in two campus dorms. a 6:38. pretty nice day. expected to be, but might be a little bit of rain down the shore. >> then we have to talk about tomorrow as well. meteorologist blen hill henley the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. seeing the break. if you're heading out right now. clouds kept things mild this morning. 30s, 40s. that's to start with. a warm afternoon in fact. near record temperatures. right now 45 degrees in philadelphia. this afternoon will warm into the 60s and then clouds are back this evening with a chance of rain showers this evening, but the big storms will wait until tomorrow. 45 degrees right now. cloudy skies at the airport. sunshine breaks there and look at the temperatures. 40s to middle 50s at 10:00. 60s at lunchtime and climbing. record high for philadelphia. close to it this afternoon.
6:39 am
suburbs also see the clouds break. 41 degrees right now. starting to see some sunshine this morning. 52 degrees at 10:00. then into the 60s by lunchtime. 60 degrees and climbing. we'll see a strong wind out of the south. that southerly wind helps to boost temperatures in the lehigh valley too. cloudy skies overnight. starting to break. little bit of sunshine. 38 right now. not a lot warmer at 8:00, but once we start to see more sunshine, 58 degrees at noon and then into the 60s for the lehigh valley. cloudy skies over new jersey. sunshine this morning leading into this afternoon. late in the afternoon, skies turn mostly cloudy. chance of showers this evening. seen a few showers this evening at the shore. only into the 50s today. southeasterly wind at the shore. sea breeze. cool ocean breeze. keep temperatures in the 50s. inland into the 60s.
6:40 am
43 now. delaware. 53 degrees at 10:00. look at nice sunshine for lunchtime. 60 degrees. 60s this afternoon. and the warming trend continues tomorrow. for today, 66. that's close to the record. 76 tomorrow will tie the record, but it comes with a potential for showers and thunderstorms. now, this evening see a chance of showers in philadelphia and an dover too. potential for severe weather for our area. issued first alert. close look at that when i come back in ten minutes. 20 minutes before 7:00. get you to work. couple of issues we've been following for you this morning. launched sky force 10 to give you a better view of one of them. live on top of schuylkill expressway. because of this accident scene on the westbound side. now, clearly a lot of people on the scene right now. several vehicles involved. a few police cars on the scene
6:41 am
as well. emergency vehicles so a lot going on here. good thing we have here, you can see part of that right land lane blocked still. over on the left-hand side. we are seeing big delays. again, this is traffic heading westbound. moving towards king of prussia area. you will see pretty big delays. check instead with it. looks like it starts to fizzle out around montgomery drive or so. around girard avenue approaching westbound side is where we're starting to see some of that delay trickle out. it's not too bad and the drive times are going back down. that's a good thing. 41 minutes right now westbound from the vine street expressway moving to center city. headed to blue route typically around this time 22 minute trip or so. adding about 20 minutes to your morning drive. average speeds getting by the scene now are down to the teens. we'll be slow moving by the scene. disabled butt arou ed bus aroun just moved out of the way. just blocking the shoulder.
6:42 am
lanes are still getting by on the north and southbound side. rent or buy? either way the answer will cost you. ways to save if you go the home oen ownership route. >> three things to do to save cash when buying a new home. plus, new picture blunder. new details about the man who made a mistake and what he was doing right before he handed over the wrong envelope. oval office outcry. big problem with something in this picture.
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6:45 am
quarter of seven. new this morning. kellyanne conway is getting a lot of backlash on social media. >> a lot of people talking about this. look at this. come to your television. look at the picture. shows her sitting on her knees
6:46 am
with her feet on the couch in the oval office taken during a photo op with leaders of black universities and colleges. people are taking to twitter saying her position is distasteful and criticizing it as inappropriate. what do you think? join the conversation. lets us now. is it a big deal or not. twitter handle right there on your screen. >> home ownership has fallen to historic low due in part of millennials. experts say more millennials are choosing to pay rent rather than mortgage and having impact on local housining market. there is help if you want to buy. >> assistance programs available today that maybe 20-30 years ago weren't as prevalent. >> urge you to take advantage of tax credits depending where you live. if you qualify, consider the first front door program. gives buyers up to $5,000.
6:47 am
lastly, apply early because the money that comes from the federal home loan bank is released on march 15 and it's done on a first come, first serve basis. now to nbc 10 responds. today a woman has problems with her new couch just weeks after buying it. >> she thought a five year warranty would protect her. after two service calls and problems popping up, she called nbc 10 responds and harry hairston. >> we had it just a very short time. >> margaret bought this sofa one year ago. she also bought a warranty. >> five year plan so we assumed that we were good for at least five years. >> after just a few weeks of owning the sofa. noticed dark specs of fabric popping up on her couch. >> you can pull them off. >> plus stuffing coming out the side. >> you don't buy a sofa and expect it to doe in a year. >> they sent out a repairman to take off the black specks and repair the stuffing. the problems kept coming back. she kept calling.
6:48 am
the sales told her there was nothing else they could do. they just told us, well, that's the fabric. that's the way it is. >> so her husband had another idea. you know what, let's just call harry. >> we contacted ashley furniture. the company told us customer satisfaction is utmost importance. week after we got involved. ashley furniture told her to go pick out a new couch. i'm. >> i'm thrilled you came out. are you kidding. thank you so much. >> harry hairston, nbc 10 responds. did have to pay about $25 because the new couch was a littleexpensive. by the way. did not mention her specific problem. we don't know what caused it, but this is just another good reminder, people. folks, always read your warranty carefully and ask questions if you have them. and dahl nbc 10 responds if you have any issues. now if you have consumer problem or nbc 10 responds or telemundo let us know about it.
6:49 am
best way to reach us is right there on your screen. we will respond to you. 45 degrees on tuesday morning. sky force ten in the air. launch sky force to give you a better view of an accident. then we get the beautiful view of the skyline with the clouds for sure. let's find out what's to come. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. see sunlight reflecting on the water ways in philadelphia. skies over abington starting to break this morning. view from abington. the clouds will thin out and get a lot of sunshine. clouds are already thinning out in wilmington. skies are brightening here. seen showers at the shore. it is dry for margate. clouds will break. few breaks right now. get sunshine and warm into the 50s at the shore. the rest of the area is going to see much warm erp afternoon. cool this morning. 30s for the lehigh valley. suburbs 43 in delaware. 45 at philadelphia. cooler neighborhoods in south jersey. mount laurel and lumberton very low 40s along with turner erert.
6:50 am
robbinsville 43. overall warmer than yesterday. see a big warmup during today with sunshine. look at the temperatures from the low 50s through the 50s this morning into the 60s early this afternoon. peeking in the middle 60s. 68 degrees is the record. we're going to get close to it this afternoon. if we don't hit a record today, it's likely for tomorrow. this morning a few showers at the shore. activity that is mainly offshore. thunder and light tlng too. this is what we could see for this evening. this is not going to be the end of the wet weather. good chance we'll see storms come together for tomorrow. for today. lunchtime temperatures in the 50s. scattered clouds. don't need an umbrella during the day. watch what happens this evening. showers moving in. 5:00 it's dry. 8:00 this evening we'll see showers in south jersey and delaware. those will keep moving. thaim go offshore and tomorrow
6:51 am
morning, the threat of rain shifts to northwest. lehigh valley in some of the northern and western suburbs at 8:00 tomorrow morning. showers and a chance of a thunderstorm, but late in the afternoon that the weather could turn dangerous. look at that line of storms 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. that's on track with very warm temperatures into the 70s to cause some damaging winds tomorrow afternoon. if it comes together like it looks like it's going to. fast moving by 5:00. heading towards new jersey shore and then offshore during the early evening hours. strong enough threat that we've issued a first alert for tomorrow. for storms for the entire area. saw that line coming down. that's going to come through in the late afternoon and early evening hours. fast moving. those will be strong to severe thunderstorms. the potential for damaging winds much like what we saw over the weekend. hail and frequent lightning. quite a lightning show or saturday. likely happen again tomorrow. today storm free.
6:52 am
chance of envping showers. 66 degrees for philadelphia. ties the record before the storms move in. once things clear out, cool down on thursday. real cool weather. friday and saturday morning. 25 degrees. warming for the first weekend of march. bit warmer on sunday. low 60s with a chance of showers on tuesday. and into tuesday then turning cooler for tuesday, wednesday, thursday. eight minutes before 7. let's get you to work. we continue to follow that breaking news, sky force ten launched to get you a better view of that accident on 76. >> tell us, walk us through this. watching it on the schuylkill on the westbound side. multi-vehicle accident on and around belmont avenue. so we're watching sky force over the scene right now. now earlier it was more of a problem right at the accident scene because it was blocking several lanes. they've sutdown the road at one point on that westbound side. pushed over into the shoulder. now we're just watching massive delays behind the scene right
6:53 am
now. again, this westbound so the traffic moving away from center city and moving towards king of prussia area. now here's the schuylkill. different area around the boulevard. traffic at a stand still right now. 65 minutes for drive time westbound from center city to blue route. typically around this time about a 22 minutes trip or so. so we're adding on pretty significant time. at least be prepared to be stuck in average speeds almost down into the single digits. and adding 40 minutes to morning drive. >> a new water front park could be coming to penn's landing. these artist drawings are from the firm hired to design a new park. we're expecting to learn when this could be completed and where the money will come from. this thursd we have new details about the oscars error that overshadowed the award show. know more about one man who seemed to create the addendum. accounting firm price water
6:54 am
house cooper. said he mistakenly handed the backup envelope. wall street journal telling him backstage tweeting pictures of the actors including emma stone just three minutes before he oops gave the wrong envelope. >> and a new york daily news taking aim at him. check out this morning's front page. shows him smiling next to the headline. the loser is. ouch. that's harsh. we're right back with a final look at weather and traffic in just a minute.
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over and damaged. repairs underway. philadelphia police looking for whoever committed the weekend crime. $13,000 reward. president trump is hours away from delivering first address to joint session of congress. expected to map out a path ahead on priorities like health care and infrastructure spending. today chris christie will give last budget address as new jers jersey's governor. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the breaking news live in sky force 10 over top of the scene right now of belmont avenue. accident scene here on the westbound side of the schuylkill. see that pretty big delay right here. overlooking a different area right around the boulevard. westbound side really slow. believe it or not, drive times are doing a bit better. 45 minutes right now from the vine to blue. average speeds starting to climb. still into the teens.
6:59 am
really slow heading westbound towards king of prussia. give yourself an extra half hour. clouds over the city already starting to thin out. live view from the adventure aquarium. dry in philadelphia. have seen a few showers at the shore. there on the move however. cleared atlantic city moving past ship bottom. they'll be out. the next chance of showers coming this even. give us a great chance to warm up during the day. 37 in the lehigh valley. 41 in delaware. 43 in philadelphia. those 30s in the suburbs won't last long. it's going be a quick warm up into the 60s this afternoon. 66 for philadelphia. that's just two degrees away from the record for today. the temperatures this morning are actually more april like and that's what it will feel like this afternoon. 70s for tomorrow. don't forget first alert for strong storm late tomorrow afternoon. real threat of severe weather
7:00 am
tomorrow. always get updates on today's 101.1 more fm. >> today show starts right now. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow. good morning. front and center. president trump, set to deliver his first address to a joint session of congress tonight. looking to refocus his presidency with a speech, heavy on border security, the budget battle, and campaign promises made and kept. we've made our way to capitol hill for the historic moment. this morning, an exclusive live interview with house speaker, paul ryan. and a never-before-seen look at one of our nation's most iconic buildings. breaking overnight, chilling video emerges of a small plane crashing into an neighborhood in southern california. the plane returning from a cheerleading competition at disneyland, erupting into a massive fireball. th p


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