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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 1, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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multibillion dollar plan to give pennsylvania drivers a smoother and safer ride. 6:00 a.m. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracey davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. dangerous weather that sparked deadly tornados in the midwest is heading our way today. at least three people killed in illinois and missouri. nbc 10 giving you a first alert ahead of these storms before they get here. right to meteorologist bill henley tracking the threat for us this morning. >> the first threat will be this morning. right now we are dry. warm windy and there's a little bit of fog around. see the clouds blowing through the area. warm air racing and that's the warm air going to fuel spring like storms. the first line of storms is moving into southwestern pennsylvania into central pennsylvania. look at those thunderstorms as they race across pennsylvania. now, these will move through this morning, but the main threat is going to come in during the afternoon when this next line of storms already
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creating severe weather in ohio when they arrives during the afternoon hours. going to be a fast moving system. there will be a brief period of heavy rain. it's going to move so fast. not expecting flooding. the main threat from this is from damaging winds. that's why we've issued a first alert. potential for severe thunderstorms for all neighborhoods this afternoon between 2:00 and into the early evening hours. now it looks like it might be moving quicker offshore. 7:00, these showers ands will be gone. they move through strong thunderstorms could turn severe leading to damaging winds, tornados, and hail. frequent lightning just like we saw over the weekend. setup is very similar. very warm air mass. a lot of moisture racing into the area. 50s across the area. look at these. temperatures look nowhere near what we normally see on the first of march. you can see a little bit of fog in the delaware. 57 degrees right now. the fob will clear out. 56 degrees a chance of storms this morning. 66 degrees at 11:00 into the 70s
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this afternoon. then the storms roll through. that will usher in cooler weather for tomorrow. take a close look at neighborhood by neighborhood so you know when the storms will impact you when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. >> we're watching the schuylkill. camera around the curve. we just had a disabled vehicle here in the right hand shoulder. that's just cleared within the last couple of minutes. you can see no problems anymore on that westbound side. eastbound towards center city. not really seeing any increase in drive times yet. keepingline on that. drive times here look great. 11 minutes at the most. southbound from skoog toll route 30. speeds in the 60s there. other than a good drive. no approximate reported. sri, back to you. >> president trump is asking americans to dream big as he
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laid out a bold agenda in a speech to congress. >> address brought cheers, tears and a new vision for the country. speech began with a condemnation of attacks on jewish cemeteries and threats against jewish community centers. president said he's working on historic taxz reform that would help companies and the middle class. called for affordable child care and paid family leave and education bill that funds school choice. mr. trump had a noticeably softer tone in prime time address. >> he offered a mixed message on his signature issue. nbc 10 matt delucia in digital operation center. the president laid out aggressive goals for jobs, infrastructure, and immigration. lacked a lot of specifics. three big issues to mention on
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immigration. the president says he believes real and positive reform is possible. that construction on the border wall will start soon. for health care, the president impulmonaried congress to come together to repeal and replace obamacare. president also outlined budget proposal for military describing it as one of the largest increases in nashlg defense spending in american history. address ended with a call for unity. mr. trump says both sides need to work together for the good of the american people. everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. every problem can be solved. and every hurting family can find healing and hope. our citizens deserve and so much more so why not join forces and finally get the job done? former county gofer. slamming the president on everything for repealing
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obamacare for. real leaders don't spend division. real leaders strengthen. they unify and partner. they offer real solutions instead of ultimatums and blank. i may be old fashion, but i still believe that dignity, compassion, honesty and accountability are basic american values. >> reporter: the speech did have mixed reviews as you might expert testimony. some saying they can't ignore the past divisive language and republicans on the other hand believe the president hit the mark last night. now live in the digital operation center, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> most memorable moment of the evening came when they honored fallen navy seem owens. message to owens is coming up at 6:30. >> here at home the community continued to work towards
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healing. >> that meant cleaning up the grounds of the jewish cemetery where grey stones were toppled. people came out to denounce threats against local jewish community centers. took a stand outside to denounce bomb threats called into that center and other jewish organizations here and hay cross the country. >> rally of people. pooem hugging. pooem brought signs and children. that's important that everybody feels welcome. no one is afraid to come. >> in philadelphia, police are still searching for whoever knocked over more than 100 head stones. $50,000 reward in that case. today's ash wednesday. marking the beginning of season of lent for christians here and around the world. philadelphia archbishop will celebrate ash wednesday mass at 12:05 this afternoon. priest will place ashes on fore heads. sign of the cross. solemn season of lent starts today.
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prepares the faithful for the celebration of easter sunday. >> 6:06. very warm 57 degrees outside. cloudy, fog in some areas. first alert meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast in your neighborhood talking about the fog and then what's to come later today, bill. the clouds over the city. this is the fog. one of the areas seeing fog. this is cape may. normally a great view of beach avenue warm and windy conditions. bringing in the moisture. greatest threat will come through this afternoon. fast moving line of storms. sweep through the area. be fueled by record warmth in spite of mostly cloudy skies. yesterday tied the record 68 degrees 6789 today i expect it will tie the record of 76 degrees. what a way to begin march. not a problem in philadelphia.
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already improved in wilmington. down to a quarter of a mile. mount holly doing just fine. see light fog. temperature climbs, the fog will disappear. starting off warm. we'll see the temperatures sore in spite of the clouds and the chance of storms. 50s right now even in the poconos. 50s degrees at this hour. getting a warm and cloudy start, but also windy. those are southwesterly winds that are pushing our temperatures up. the storms, first line is quickly moving through pennsylvania. went on the air moving through pittsburgh. now moving towards central pennsylvania. seen a lot of lightning with these storms. showers will swing through the suburbs and lehigh valley and possibly philadelphia this morning. then we get a break and then we get this next line of potentially severe weather for this afternoon. plays out hour by hour. 8:30 in the morning. showers from harrisburg to redding allentown and into some suburbs. still dry in wilmington and
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philadelphia. some of the showers will be moving in as the storms ramp up we could see thunder and lightning this morning at 9:30. further north and west. break at lunchtime. potentially some thinning of clouds. might see a little sunshine. we get that. temperatureses take off well into the 70s. here comes the threat of severe weather. that's at 2:00 this afternoon. line that will quickly race through the area. 3 krok in philadelphia. towards new jersey by 4:00 you'll see it central delaware and into south jersey. it's going to be a fast mover by 4:30 this afternoon. this computer model has it offshore. sweep lg through the area. with it a possibility for damaging winds. neighborhood planner is going from mostly cloudy to very warm. occasional showers and thunderstorms this afternoon for philadelphia. storm threat will start this morning in the suburbs and lehigh valley. threat of severe weather later today. you'll see the massive warmup in delaware. maybe a break of sunshine at 70 degrees at noontime.
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afternoon storms roll through. delaware and new jersey and at the shore, little bit cooler thanks to the ocean. still be in the 60s. still unusually warm for march. not to worry. typical march weather is coming our way. got to look at that for the weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. not to worry. reality coming back. >> we don't know typical march weather. >> ten after six. get you to work. >> is there a problem happening there on the schuylkill, jessica? >> few things going on. schuylkill and westbound side. not sure if these two are related. you can see top of our graphic here. right about university avenue. see flashing lights up ahead. crash on the bottom of university avenue on-ramp to schuylkill expressway. i don't know if these are related. either way flashing lights and lane restrictions ahead. at the bottom of the ramp as well. slow go here watching for slippery spots at the bottom of the ramp. definitely see the road look wet in this area. definitely something to watch there. we are seeing westbound delays.
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especially considering you can see a truck trying to get around the bottom of the ramp. still merge on to the highway as well. the could create a problem for drivers coming westbound. that could be potentially dangerous as well. keep eye on that for you. i'll be back with more updates on the schuylkill. vai back to you. free family fun on the parkway sounds good. >> absolutely. coming up, tell you about the three day party coming up next. next month. it's free. plus another reason to eat healthy. new link between woman's diet and risk for breast cancer. straight ahead, vai and i test out a form of yoga to help you relax and rest easy. we like that.
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tracking storms this morning. let us know why he has issued a first alert. keeping an eye on that storm. this morning continue effort to help you get body in tiptop shape for summer. >> not always about pushing your body to the limits. one of the keys to losing weight is rest and rejuvenation. today vai and i give nedra you gentleman a try. >> yoga means union. connecting the body, the breath, the mind all of those things. integrating. brings us to place of wholeness and stillness. >> which is good. >> really good. >> 60 some points i'm going to be connecting your awareness to. you're in a safe environment.
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as you come into stillness now, remain still for deep breaths. deep nourishment and pour your awareness like liquid into the right side of your body. pour your aware rns into the left side. as you feel ready, bend your knees and bring them up towards your chest and come to rest on your knees. begin to circle the knees from side to side. >> that conclusions on prags r r r -- that concludes our practice. bring your hands in front of your heart. >> how did you like that. >> i could do that all day.
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i really could do they all day. >> i do that every day. call it a nap. >> that was a little unlady like to find drool on you there. >> one director said in my ear a min ago, namaste in bed. >> that's the whole goal is to be relaxed. and feel your body and sometimes you need that. >> yes, the practice of yoga nedra helps to reduce tension, anxiety, also helps soldiers cope with ptsd. >> we need more of it. the four of us could go and do that. >> once a week. that would be terrific. >> going to practice this afternoon. >> we're going to send a photographer to your house to see how you nap. >> you're going to be busy throughout the day this morning. >> that's true. >> and this afternoon. >> some of it will likely impact
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the traffic as well. >> hopefully you didn't do too much yoga yesterday and oversleep. we have to get out the door a little earlier today. few problems on the road. starting off with schuylkill. right around university avenue. westbound side is what we're watching here. see flashing lights at the bottom of the screen. bottom of university avenue off-ramp headed to the schuylkill. we are seeing some delays approaching that scene right here. traffic when it comes to get off the ramp as well. we're seeing problems there. up ahead, you can see just underneath our graphic here. more flashing lights. not sure if either one of these are related. if there was a crash around the area, maybe the accident scene road down the westbound side of the schuylkill or it could be completely unrelated. either way we're seeing lane restrictions on the westbound side. and bottom of the ramp. watch for slow down there is. checking in with bridges. dense fog. 25-mile-per-hour for the speed restriction over the commodore barry. cleared over the ben franklin
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bridge and burlington bristol. end with the accident scene. updates when i come back on the schuylkill. thank you. now we pivot and head to weather. first alert meteorologist tracking potential for severe storms today. bill? >> threat of severe storms. not everybody seeings the fog jessica mentioned. we are getting the warm wind blowing. wind coming out of southwest. that's the warm air. warm direction for us starting temperatures off in the 50s. doesn't look anything like march. ma more like may. south jersey seeing fog. warms up in robbinsville. hope well township. any fog around will disappear. >> even a chance we see storms in sorm me of the area. you may see showers and possibly thunderstorms. warm and cloudy for much of the
6:20 am
area. 60 degrees at 8:00 in philadelphia. first showers. just to the west. see a few sprinkles that are moving towards berks county right now. there are two events that are really going to make for problems during the day today. first one, this line of showers, that's the shower and thunderstorm activity that will be here this morning. then we get a break. then this next line of storms, which is already producing some severe weather in the ohio valley. this is what will sweep through during the afternoon hours. this is going to be a fast mover. come with a potential for damaging winds. can't rule out a tornado today either with this storm system. then things change. today 76 degrees. record high temperature. look at the cool down. trend will bring in cold just in time for the weekend. weekend forecast is calling for temperatures in the 30s for saturday. and 40s at the shore and in new jersey. much cooler day on toward. little bit of a warmup on sunday. that starts a warming trend that will continue for the workweek. look at that and ten day on ten
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in the next half hour. now is the time to download nbc 10 app to get weather information about your neighborhood right on your phone. plus get weather alerts as the storm develops. it's 21 minutes past six. lavish spending with stolen money. lo local police officer taking thousands of dollars that wasn't his. building bridges across the state.
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my cancer started as ovarian cancer and it kept coming back in different places. we went from everything being fine to everything not being fine. i really needed someone who could think outside the box. we did the genomic testing pretty early in christine's course. with our treatments we've had great success for her. they gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. there's an atmosphere of hope. i want to be around just to be a grandma. the evolution of cancer care is here. learn more at appointments available now.
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6:24. governor wolf has pledged to improve the roads. part of the roads maintenance and preservation program called road map. also make use of recycled asphalt. upgrade less traveled side roads. >> crews are about to begin the permanent repair of a crack that
6:25 am
closed delaware river turnpike bridge connecting bucks and burlington counties. workers jacked up eight touwers the bridge closed january 20. expected to stay closed until at least early april. parents, teachers, animal lovers. the philadelphia zoo will be closed today for a cleanup project. this is an annual event where zoo employees work to get the zoo and gardens in shape for spring and summer. zoo reopens tomorrow. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads right now. watching the schuylkill expressway. right around university avenue. the bottom of the ramp right there. clearly a problem. there's a crash over into the right hand shoulder of the westbound side. blocking the ramp as well. details for you on this when i come back. also ahead, the emotional moment. what president trump said to a navy seal's widow that sparked
6:26 am
tears and a thunderous round of applause. philadelphia police recruits heading to washington, d.c. to check out the holocaust memorial. give you their thoughts when we come back. hi
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it kept coming back in different places. cancer treatment centers of america gave me treatment options i didn't know about before. i want to be around just to be a grandma. learn more at weather threat. could bring us heavy wanes and potential for first alert tornado. brings audience to feet with words to navy seals widow. >> indict consequence. link between food and woman's risk of breast cancer. good morning on this wednesday. march 1. >> i'm tracey davidson. let's get right to pleejt bill henley and most accurate neighborhood alert forecast.
6:30 am
no rain just eyet. wilmington and philadelphia. showers are racing towards our area. thunderstorm activity too just west of harrisburg. this line when we went on the air at 4:30 this morning was moving past pittsburgh. this is the first round of showers. that will be here this morning. the most concern is with this next line of showers and thunderstorms. that will give us the potential for severe weather this afternoon. and it will affect all neighborhoods. first alert for severe storms this afternoon from 2:00 to 7:00. we will see strong to severe thunderstorms that could produce damaging winds, tornados, and hale. a lot of lightning as well. much like what we saw over the weekend. the setup is very similar. in the 50s right now. clouds and warm winds blowing. 58 degrees in new jersey. suburbs at 55 degrees. we have seen areas of fog. mostly just cloudy in king of
6:31 am
prussia. answer the of thunderstorms for the suburbs this morning and into the early afternoon hours. then we'll get a break. then the next round of storms will come after temperatures peak in the 70s. in fact. record levels this afternoon. the starting with fog and storms later today. storms a big threat. march you through it hour by hour with future cast when i come back to show you when storm are likely to affect your neighborhood. first jessica boyington has first alert traffic. following delays and at the bottom of the on-ramp, watching crash right here. few vehicles involved. little difficult for cars to get around the scene. also see additionally with fog in the area. reduced visibility and roads are definitely wet. slippery spots there as well. watch for a crash on the mile
6:32 am
marker 330. there's a crash there. the garden state parkway dealing with really dense fog right now as you can see. right around cape may toll plaza. so few cars moving through, but, again, even difficult to see on the roads right here. definitely use caution there. give yourself extra time before you head out the door to be safe. checking in with fog. they've reduced the speeds there to 25 miles an hour. go a little slow tler to be safe. clear on the bend and burlington bristol. vai and tracey. everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. every problem can be solved and every hurting family can find healing and hope. president trump showcased softer town in address to congress last night. laid out ambitious agenda.
6:33 am
defending controversial policies and outlining a bold plan. >> he started by denouncing recent threats against the jewish community. >> recent threats targeting you wish community centers and vandalism of jewish cemeteries as well as last week's shooting in kansas city, remind us that while we may be a nation divided on policies, we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms. >> the recent attacks included vandalism at a jewish cemetery in northeast philadelphia. bomb threats at jewish community centers in new jersey. pennsylvania and delaware. here are the other topics trump hit. repeated call to repeal and replace affordable care act. also pushed for tax overall to tax imports and not exports. called on congress to approve a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. speech wasn't all policy talk though. >> perhaps the most memorable
6:34 am
moment came when mr. trump spoke to the widow of a navy seal killed in the mission in yemen last month. >> ryan's legacy is etched into eternity. thank you. those moments drew the longest round of applause. she stood with tears in her eyes. the power moment. happening today, philadelphia police recruits will get a timely lesson in our nation's kpap. >> making the trip to learn more about policing community with a different perspective. nbc 10 pamela osborne live from the police academy to explain what this is all about. pamela, tell us more. i talked to the corporal actually leading the recruits on the trip to washington, d.c. earlier this morning. he tells me the trip is all about increasing sense at this
6:35 am
time. it's about getting recruits to connect and relate in another way. this is video of the recruits as they boarded buss to the holocaust memorial museum. a total of 69 are making the trip. they've been doing this every year since 2008, but this year there's a bit of added significance with what's going on around the country and here at home. we're talking about threats to jewish community centers and the vandalism of more than 100 graves at a jewish cemetery. i'm told the vandalism at mount caramel cemetery came up in ethics classes the recruits are taking. recruits are seeing the connection here as why this visit to the museum is important and impactful in the work they signed up to do. >> i think large part of it is just the way policing is going to be a factor in a way we can fight racial profiling and all the ethnic disparities we have in the community. >> especially in philadelphia. it's a melting pot.
6:36 am
large diversity. it's important everyone shows the same -- feels the same safety anyone else should. >> times on the ride back it's a very quiet ride back. take in everything they saw and relate it back to what they learned in the classroom. reporting live at the police training center, i'm pamela osborne. nbc 10 news. >> take you state by state and county by county. >> lower south hampton police officer finds himself on the wrong side of the law. accused of miss using more than $51,000 belonging to volunteer firefighters relief association. he served on the group's executive board. court documents show he used the mown to pay for weddings, wave runner and a down payment on a house. >> new details in a murder. police arrested andrew for allegedly killing his aunt last friday in mercer street home.
6:37 am
57-year-old virginia was found lying on the floor shot in the head. police think robbery was the motive. >> montgomery county. police arrested a man for allegedly recording cell phone video inside of the school locker room. state police say the man walked into the locker room during the swim meet and started recording. students and teachers alerted police. john junior of collegeville is charged with invasion of privacy. >> resident in the clone yell school district have voted against a major referendum that included millions of dollars in spend skmg bonds for security upgrades. now the school's superintendent says the district has to mange tough decisions affecting programs, class size, and personnel. 6:37. this system has been rolling out from the west and midwest before it's getting here. >> i heard bill mention earlier the timing is speeding up. fill us in.
6:38 am
>> right now looking at a lot of clouds and fog through. that is even foggier than just a few minutes ago. view from the lafayette hotel. cape may. foggy start and windy start. we will see showers and thunderstorms this morning. still on track for severe storm threat this afternoon and may start early this mpb. in solt fogs. dense fog quarter mile availability. we're seeing fog just light fog in philadelphia. wilmington, millville hasedness fog this morning. quarter mile visibility. look at the temperatures. upper 50s right now for center city. 59 in tarsdale. bustleton. fox chase and park wood. 57 degrees in andorra chestnut hill. on track for record breaking temperatures this morning. tieing into philadelphia breaking it in allentown. breaking the record in trenton. breaking the record in
6:39 am
wilmington. riding in on the wind blowing clouds into the area right now. same warm air going to fuel spring like storms. we're seeing the first line of storms race through pennsylvania. when we went on the air at 4:30 in pittsburgh. now central pennsylvania. we're seeing less lightning now than we did earlier. there is a thunderstorm this is the greatest concern for today. this is what could produce damaging winds for area. severe storms races through this afternoon. having storms roll through first line fall through. may actually take some of the energy out of the next line of storms. still severe threat for later in the day. looks on the future cast. 9:00 this morning. first line of showers and thunderstorms in the lehigh valley. berks county. northeast philadelphia. 62 degrees. first line moves through. we'll get breaks of sunshine. look at temperatures taking
6:40 am
offer. 75 degrees. now if we get limited sunshine, we'll see that quick warmup to record level ofs this afternoon. 1:00 see the storm line that's approaching. will swing through the area by 4:00 in delaware and south jersey. with that come the potential for damaging winds. your neighborhood planner. keep an eye on the sky. especially in philadelphia for storms this afternoon. suburbs see the first showers and thunderstorms this morning. threat of severe weather rolling through during the afternoon hours. lehigh valley 57 degrees. and 8 clonk this morning. storms are possible this morning. there will be a break. and then the next line of showers and thunderstorms rolling through during the afternoon. delaware, might see some sunshine by lunchtime. then storms in the afternoon. could be severe for delaware and new jersey. eventsly they'll reach the shore. you want see at the shore are temperatures in the 70s. still unusually warm march. that is about to change too. show you what happens after the
6:41 am
storm with the ten day on ten when i'm back in ten. >> part of your morning commute. want to give you a sense of what you're up against. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter has you covered. >> watching the westbound side. yumpt avenue and that off-ramp right here. still dealing with accident scene here. earlier watching lane restrictions ahead. all this traffic that we're are seeing some delays approaching a that seen. we have to get past this scene right here. over into the shoulder. at the bottom of the ramp. we are seeing a little bit of delay and slowdown when cars start to go by the scene there. also we can see on the roads, the road is wet. shiny a little bit. we are seeing slippery spots at the bottom of the ramp as well. that's where you have to be careful as well. checking in with philadelphia international airport.
6:42 am
up next, airfare fiasco. >> woman's surprise for niece doesn't go as planned. she tried to get a refund. she got nothing, but trouble. how nbc responds was able to help. sendoff fit for a queen. beloved lunch lady at a local high school. have that up next.
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♪ ♪ 6:45. take a look at that. potential for severe storms this
6:46 am
afternoon. stay updated on the nbc 10 app. new this morning. might want to remind teens to eat fruits and veggie s. 35% more likely to develop breast cancer at a younger age. now to nbc 10 responds. a change of plans. refund she calls and asked for. nbc 10 responds. >> here we are right here. >> very close with her family. especially her niece. >> she's like a daughter to me. >> i'm like a mom to her. >> last year she brought a nonrefundable ticket to visit her in florida. >> i wanted to see her so bad i wanted to surprise her when i purchased the ticket. >> a few days later, found out her niece was moving to georgia. that's when she called to cancel
6:47 am
the trip. gave her a $127 credit good for one year. then i called to see if they travel to georgia. no. so what else can i do with that. >> since she couldn't use the voucher, she asked alegion for a refund. >> we live on a budget. us seniors live on a budget. >> we contacted the airline. said it would break the policy if she signed nondisclosure agreement. we interviewed before she sig d afterwards the airline confirmed it was resolved. >> i can show you the money. >> we contacted alegion air. the dot tells nbc 10 responds an airline is free to refund a passenger after a cancelled trip
6:48 am
if it chooses to do so. it's 6:48 a warm 57 degrees outside. cloudy foggy start this morning. take a live look at philadelphia international airport. could be flight delays this afternoon with severe weather moving in. as always check with your carrier before you leave. let's check with bill henley tracking the starting off in the 50s. many neighborhoods close to 60 degrees and will be in the 70s. thank the winds out of the southwest. warm air surging into the area. same air is going to help fuel storms. first storm will reach the lehigh valley and suburbs. not here yet.
6:49 am
57 in suburbs, delaware, and philadelphia. fog in south jersey and millville. temperatures warm up: see the fog disappear. 60 degrees and not far from florence, robbinsville, princeton. bus stop at 8:00 could see storms in allenton. quakertown. affect berks county and redding as well. mostly cloudy for other neighborhoods and warm and windy. clouds are here: showers are not far away right now. the thunderstorm activity is starting to die down, but does look likely we will get rain this morning. first round. the next round, this is the one that's been producing all the severe weather and damage. it doesn't look like much right now, but you see that break in the storms. that's a enough for temperatures to take off. little bit of sunshine in between this first round of wet weather and the next round and that will fuel the storms this afternoon. closer vuf the hour by hour forecast at 8:00 this morning.
6:50 am
there's the rain. maybe thunderstorm activity for allen and redding. i am expecting the first one to be done by 10:00 in the morning. then we get a break. see a little bit of sunshine breaking through the clouds. that will nerks line coming in. rain and possibly thunderstorms for redding and allentown. look at is the storms. potential for damaging winds as it comes through philadelphia right around 3:00 in the afternoon. look how quickly it's moving through the area. by later in the 3:00 area, it's in wilmington and south jersey. heading towards the shore by 4:00. and then moving offshore, but it will move fast. come with some very strong cells so the possibility of severe weather for this afternoon. 76 would tie the record for this day. nowhere near the records for the rest of the ten day. windy on thursday. possibility of light wintery mix
6:51 am
in the morning on friday. 33 degrees. above freezing. monday we're in the low 60s. back to the 50s tuesday. typical march weather for wednesday and thursday. staying a bit chilly on friday with a cans hance of more showe >> i keep shaking my head. 76 one day. few days later, wintery mix. update here. camera right around university avenue. off-ramp situation with the accident scene at the bottom just cleared out of the way. right here westbound we are still seeing delays though. it's still a good shot to show you. especially you can see the bottom of that ramp since that's cleared. we are still seeing gathering. looks like we might have flashing lights up behind that scene. might be lane restrictions back there. either way, delays on the westbound side of the schuylkill. also watching 95. 25 minutes right now southbound
6:52 am
to the vine. speeds into the 30s. typical at this time anyway. nothing reported causing those delays. and bridges we're dealing with fog over the commodore barry. dense fog reported there. down to 25 miles per hour for speed restrictions. ben and burlington bristol are clear. last check in with philadelphia airport. arriving flights to philadelphia international are delayed about 17 minutes. that's something to check before you go. if you're ready for football: center city philadelphia will be the place to be. >> the nfl draft is just two months away. three day draft party will be held on the ben franklin parkway. nfl experience. totally free. fans can run like a pro or pretend their top draft pick. show up with family in limos like they do.
6:53 am
much loved member of a lunch team enjoying her first day off. >> after four decades of work, all the students in havertown formed a line and cheered as she made her final exit from the school yesterday. showered her with gifts and hugs. >> they perk your day. forget your troubles and bring a smile to your face every day. they were my sunshine. >> always so willing to give the kids food and sweet and nice. >> said they're like her sunshine. >> is that what she said? >> yes. >> tells us she started out as school volunteer before she was first hired as dishwasher for $10 a week. pretty amazing. >> i bet she was sunshine to a lot of kids.
6:54 am
up next, look at the first alert forecast. and president trump's congress as he prepares to put agenda in motion.
6:55 am
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few minutes before 7:00 a.m. here are some stories we'll be following today. >> president trump meet with house and senate leaders to push the agenda he laid out last night. president repeated call to repeal and replace affordable care act. push a tax overhaul and called on congress. he also promised to bring americans together. >> we are a country that stands united in condemning hate and evil in all of its very ugly forms. [ applause ] that got a standing ovation
6:58 am
from both sides of the aisle. reaction to key parts of agenda showed that congress is still sharply divided. happening today in bucks county. community members, religious leaders. lawmakers gathering to speak out. local grass routes organization one bucks will announce plans. right now members of the philadelphia police department are headed to washington to visit the holocaust memorial museum. participate in a national training program called law enforcement and society. lessons in the haolocaust. philadelphia police recruits have done this since 2008. >> good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with one last update before we end this morning's show. 76 right around university avenue. westbound side still dealing with partially a crash over into the right hand shoulder. westbound side getting by. the lanes back open and bottom of route university avenue offramp has cleared as well.
6:59 am
also watch for speed restrictions over area bridges because of fog. less than an hour away from first round of showers moving into the area. trending towards the lehigh valley and some of the northern and western suburbs. this is the line of storms that could turnpike severe this afternoon. why it was issued a first alert. this afternoon between two and six. severe thunderstorms damaging wind, tornado and hail and frequent lightning are possible as the storms swing through. getting a very unusually warm start to march. 55 in the suburbs. delaware at 57 degrees. look at the warmup during the day today. looking for record breaking temperatures for much of the area. 76 degrees. would tie the record in philadelphia. those storms though will bring in cooler weather returning for the rest of the week. don't forget you can always get my first alert forecast if you're on the go on today's 101.1 more fm. >> thank you, will. we'll have local updates through
7:00 am
the morning. breaking news weather and traffic on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. today show starts right now. remember the umbrella. have a great day. good morning. the reset? >> believe in yourselves. believe in your future. and believe, once more, in america. >> president trump strikes a decidedly different tone in his first address to congress. >> the time for small thinking is over. the time for trivial fights is behind us. >> is this new version of mr. trump here to stay? is his agenda heavy on jobs, health care reform and national security ambitious or over promising? >> everything that is broken in our country can be fixed. every problem can be solved. >> this morning, reaction from both sides as vice president mi p


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