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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  March 5, 2017 8:00am-8:41am EST

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i'm wil obama had we'll talk with chuck tod ler v dire kasie and tweeting today about russia and the dnc hacks but the focus is still on those accusations he maevidence, the president claims ma to nixon tweets and president a'tp himself from any investigationst ways ever over donaldrumpnd putin to show revised version of the travel ban as early as monday. keep in mind, though, this has already been repeatedly delayed. willie? >> kasie, hunt, thanks. jeremy bash is the national security analyst for nbc news. good to see you, good morning. >> good morning, willie. >> we'll revisit this premise that donald trump is on to something that president obama, as he claims, bugged trump tower
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in the lead up to the election. would president obama have the power to warrant surveillance of a private citizen? >> absolutely not. after watergate, after nixon, congress passed a law that said whenever the executive branch wants to engage in wiretapping or surveillance of people inside the united states, they have to go to a federal judge and get a specific warrant. and, willie, i have looked at these warrant applications from my time inside the intelligence community. they are voluminous filings that are done by career lawyers and presented to a federal judge and those federal judges are hard graders and they turn the justice department around all the time and say, go back and do more homework. bring me more evidence. >> we're throwing around the term fisa court, fisa warrant. as you suggested a response to domestic spying. what is a fisa court and how
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does it work? >> it's made up of judges from the federal courts who are appointed to serve on this special sppanel and they work wh the justice department and the at's a term you're going to likn to t fbi legally meaning enough tow. >> so, conversations or t o for exampl talking tos i inadvertent collection. that's different than what the of "meet the es trump's speech came in of the joint session of congress, they were glowing. let's be honest. a lot of us said, let's pump the brakes and see what he does the next few days. woke up saturday morning and found out what he does. >> yep. this is exactly, the russia story in this situation is consuming his presidency early on. that's pretty clear at this point. they, this white house is not yet ready to embrace the need to figure out a way to better compartmentalize it. he wants to deny, deny,ctio.
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it's clear what the s dacommiss many republica>> it more ldends an immeeecause it -- either way, it de sent out in a very it's us, t run it has to be run down. the government has to. so many of these folks on capitol hill because if we're ever going to restore trust, we've got to run down these allegations. >> yeah. chuck, let's talk about the president's state of mind on saturday morning when he woke up and made these tweets. reporting from bob costa at "the washington post" today that suggests donald trump was furious that attorney general sessions came out and recused himself. didn't think he should have done it. in fact, thought it was a sign of weakness. >> look, that is donald trump going all the way back to when he first began his businesses and his empire in new york. remember, his mentor in many ways was roy cohn an infamous attorney and roy cohn was always
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one that suggest deny, deny, deny, punch back. don't ever give an inch and donald trump has lived his business life, his public life and his political life that way and i'm not surprised that he is furious. i think he thinks now by sessions doing what he did that it opens the door for more problems. and i think that's the way the president sees this and i think that's why he exploded at his staff. >> he may have opened the door further with his tweets this weekend. chuck will dig deeper into the russian connection on "meet the press" and he'll be joined by marco rubio. we're talking to former president george w. bush a bit later this morning about his new book "portrait of courage" and the trump administration. i'd ask president bush what he would say if trump would call asking for advise. i know you don't want to criticize president trump, but if he picked up the phone and called you, what advise would you give him? >> i'd say same advice i gave before.
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it's a really hard job and i wish you all the best. it depends on what he asked. of course i would answer his phone call. i want him to succeed. one piece of advice would be you picked some really good people and empower them. make sure that they're able to give you their unfedered advice. tillerson, mattis, mcmaster, these are all people i know and admire aresint bush including his take on immigration tdemanding an apoloo they published stands byy without bail on terrorism saturday. he faces cha ohe middle east and told police aune the crew flew a plane over t rh a few nfluniversity of at the combine. nobute's when he broke >> i would say . helps. notice how much everyone is bundled up towards new york city especially in the northeast. there's a reason for this. that record.. today is the coldest day of the entire season this morning right now 14 degrees. just take a look at this, boston 15 degrees this morning. the wind chill now at zero. just an hour or so ago below
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zero with that wind chill. wind chill coming in at 3 in philadelphia. oh, yeah, feels like 5 degrees right now. here's what we're looking for even as we go in towards the afternoon. just 30s. keep in mind, this is below average for this time of year, even for us. i think we know by now, been a strange season. not going to be lasting long already expecting 60 abovs.e good morning. i'm meteorologist krystal klei. forecast highs for today, another cold one, 38 in center city and 39 for somerton. upper 30s in the pennsylvania suburbs. we are sunny to mostly sunny across the board. allentown 37, kutztown 38. we'll get to 40 in a few spots like trenton, upper 30s in la n the little boys running for tak on the early tak on the early da biggest
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c'mon, caesar. let's go. how much money matt saved by slyylenol® rapid releas tylenol® because only he brings de♪(clucking noises) entrance on your first day on a new job. confirmed on wednesday as secretary of the interior overseeing america's public land and national parks. on thursday morning secretary zinke commuted to work through the streets of washington on horseback. the new secretary was escorted by mountain united states park police were the ones that offered to help zinke into the office on his first day. how cool is that? if you're a navy s.e.a.l. commander for 25 years, you get
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to work however you want to. >> takes his job very seriously. >> well done. our next low goes to the feeling when you meet the robot that will soon be your over. designed by the google team company, his 6'6" handle put on a terrifying show of skill and power. displaying agility and speed and picking up and carrying a 100-pound crate and showing off a vertical leap of 48 inches, which, by the way, the same of michael jordan's back in the day and eventually heading outside where he descended stairs and a snowy hill before it rolled through the parking lot presumably stealing up a car and meeting up with the other robots. should we just surrender now? >> completely terrifying. cool and then creepy. it's like this. >> let's put that one away for a while. the next high from the pennsylvania preschool wrestling circuit. a 4-year-old boy named isaiah going up against a 5-year-old
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girl and he wanted no part of her. the gladiator shaked hands but as soon as the referee blew the whistle isaiah takes off running in circles away from his opposing opponent. she even pauses here for a second to look over at the grown ups with a, what am i supposed to do here? after one more chase isaiah ran out of gas and the little girl pinned him and got her hard-earned victory. it's the first match of his life. he's like how does this work? >> i so hope they know each other when they're older so she can use that as ammo. our next low is the speed of one recent 60-meter dash that we'll loosely call a sprint but enthuse astically call awesome. rogers racing down the track against a young whippersnapper, 92-year-old dixon hemphill. it happened at the usa track and
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field masters championship. but in the end, it's the 99-year-old rogers with a burst of speed winning the race in a photo finish. the margin of victory, 0.05. if only he had leaned at the finish line, he thinks he would have won. we need to rematch that it's a tight race. t at 99, we reddy. jax if theyht, i don't kno s t no harm totally worth it just ar g next, our sunday stic tribute to the veterans who fought in iraq and afghanistan. and any second thoughts they gave him about decisions he made as commander in chief. then harry smith on a sports columnist so legendary the statue outside the arena is of him. you can head over
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i'm rosemary connors. it's just before 8:30 on this sunday. it's a sll the least. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking those frigid temperatures. >> single digits across the board. there's been a little improvement. we're now at six in allentown
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and redding. only three in trenton and five degrees the current feels-like temperature in philadelphia. these temperatures are so cold because we've got, a, cold air in place, but b, still breezy conditions outside. no rain to track. we will stay dry and sun think today. temperatures will start to climb into the 20s and 30s by your afternoon. today investigators will return to the scene of a house fire in philadelphia where crews rescued a 7-year-old girl. the child is in critical but stable condition this morning. firefighters rescued the girl while battling flames in cold, windy weather. she was tracked on the second floor of the home. the child's parents suffered less serious injuries. medics at the scene also treated the girl's grandmother who was evacuated from next door. . you are looking at dozens of nurses at delaware county
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memorial hospital in drexel hill. they the hospital says it's fully staffed to handle all patients. i'm rosemary connors. krystal and i will be back here krystal and i will be back here at 9:00. h your family. but enjoying today doesn't losi. so while i invest in "the now" my mortgage, vacations i still invest in the future, like my children's college tuition and retirement. i can help you piece together your financial journey for today and tomorrow. if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen.
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i'm gonna take mucinex sinus-max. enough pressure in here for ya? too late, we're about to take off. these dissolve fast. they're liquid gels. and you're coming with me... you realize i have gold status? mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast to unleash max strength medicine. let's end this. >> i wish i could go back to the white house and see mr. trump.
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democrats want me to resign. i just got to prove to everybody that i don't have any ties to the russians whatsoever. >> this meeting never happened. >> i wasn't going to remember it anyway. "saturday night live" back after a couple weeks off with kate mckinnon playing jeff sessions and octavia spencer hosting. it's been 15 1/2 years since the terrorist attacks of september 11th that defined the presidency of george w. bush. the united states response to that day has claimed the lives of thousands of american servicemen and iraq and afghanistan and left many more permanently injured in conflicts that continue today. in the eight years since he left office, president bush has committed himself to helping the
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veterans of those wars. the 43rd president also picked up a pretty good painting habit in his post-presidency. in a new book called "portrait of courage" he tells his stories. i traveled with him where he was visiting wounded warriors. where did the painting come from? >> i was bored. i was pretty busy. i was working on the bush center at the programs we have there. i was exercising a lot, but it wasn't enough. and, so, by chance someone suggested i read winston churchill's essay painting is a pastime. that old boy can paint, i can paint. i started painting. hired an instructor. painted a cube and then a waterdwate watermelon and then painted world leaders because a good artist said you should try that which really boosted my confidence and then somebody who knew i painted a world leader suggested i paint the faces that
8:18 am
nobody knows. so, i decided that this would be a wonderful opportunity to honor those who served and to call attention to programs that work. >> "portraits of courage" is a collection of 66 paintings all by president bush. each one a tribute to a veteran of the wars he launched after 9/11. so, let's go through some of these paintings, if we could, mr. president. scott lily. this one is extraordinary because it's not just staff sergeant lily. >> i got to know lily as parents first. they were at the white house when i landed on marine one and i took to them immediately and they told me their son was in the hospital. went over to visit him and he was in a coma and he came to the white house a couple of times. was gradually getting somewhat better. but i was never really confident that he would be able to live a full life. about five years later, i see his name on the list of people who wanted to play in our golf tournament and i said is this
8:19 am
the lily that i know? yeah. so lily came. much to my surprise. and during that period he said, i'd like to bring my daughter by to meet you. so, i painted lily and his daughter and lily's got a big scar on his head where they had to go inside his cranium and i was just struck by, you know, near death and then, you know, a beautiful little child. >> president bush painted fathers, mothers, friends and immigrants. specialist juan carlos hernandez. >> lost his leg. >> lost his leg and he has an extraordinary story. he came to america as an undocumented child. >> correct. his mom was seeking a better life, brought juan carlos and his brother across the border like a lot of other people had in our state of texas. decides he wants to pay back to the country that meant a lot to him and loses his leg. but the intrustieresting thing
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him is he became a sergeant in afghanistan. the vets who are not u.s. citizens, we should expedite their service. >> is he a good example his parents may have broken the law but could stay and contribute to society. >> i hope americans understand the contributions he made. this is a person who willingly said i want to volunteer. and went into combat all in the defense of the country. loses his leg. surely americans would be able to say this is the kind of person we want as a citizen. >> president bush failed to achieve the comprehensive immigration reform he sought while in office. but he still believes in it. including that so-called dreamers. children like specialist hernandez brought to the united states illegally by their parents should have a legal place in america. >> more broadly, though, do you think it's a good idea for dreamers to be allowed to stay here? >> i think somebody who has vested time and effort it could make a contribution to our
8:21 am
country. be a really good citizen. it's, obviously, immigration is a very political issue. i tried to reform it. and one of my big regrets is i couldn't get congress to respond. but, and i think the plan i laid out ultimately was the plan that would be accepted. >> based on what you know about running the country and running the immigration system, do you think it's practical to go in and deport millions and millions of people who are here illegally? >> i don't see how that would work. and i'm not sure that is the intention of our government. i think people who, you know, who are charged with doing that, if that is the charge. i'm not sure it is. but say it's going to be hard to do. now, the idea of running out rapists and murderers, i think all americans can agree to that. i think it's very important for people to know that when i talk about freedom of the press or imgrasi immigration reform, i don't do so to criticize anybody. i understand how hard this job is. i do so because i want to share what i learned and what i've seen. >> president bush's loathe to
8:22 am
criticize a sitting president directly, but he does offer reminders about what he thinks america should represent. i want to ask you about some comments you made less than a week after september 11th. you reached out and you said we have to reach out and talk to our muslim brothers and sisters in this country and embrace them. >> that's not what islam is all about. islam is peace. these terrorists don't represent peace. they represent evil and war. >> which is quite the opposite of the rhetoric we hear from the white house right now, including the executive order proposed by the president that would ban travel from seven countries that are predominantly m ll lly musl. why did you feel it was important to speak that way about muslims that day? >> freedom of religion is one of our bed rock principles. people should be allowed to worship without the government telling them how they should
8:23 am
worship. we should honor people regardless of the religion they choose or honor them if they choose no religion. we're all equal. after 9/11 i read reports where some muslim women were being harassed and i also read reports where american women were walking, women of cover to grocery stores and, you know, it affected me because i didn't want us to lose our soul. i didn't want the attacks to cause us to change. >> we've got more of my conversation with president bush just ahead, including his answer to my question about regrets he may now have about the wars that put the men and women he painted in harm's way. but, first, let's get a look at the weather with indra pet petersons. >> i can't believe we're still talking about storms in the pacific northwest. a very unusual year. we're looking at a mix of rain and snow out towards portland and seattle. little bit colder as we get in through the day today. be looking out for that. the rest of you an inch or two. snowfall, this is a good thing. more snow to the sierra snow pack that is huge. keep in mind, california, you
8:24 am
still do have dughtro good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. forecast highs today, another cold one, 38 in center city and 39 for somerton. upper 30s as well in the pennsylvania suburbs. sunny to mostly sunny across the board. allentown 37, kutztown 38 for a high. we'll get to 40 in a few spots like trenton. along the shore made it to the upper 30s and upper 30s in delaware. smyrnaality 37 degrees. stay warm today. and the good news, wi willi we have to end on a high note, right? we are talking about warmer temperatures in the northeast as we start monday. >> we'll take it, indra. next on "sunday today" part two of my conversation with president george w. bush where he shows a wounded vet his portrait for the first time and answers questions about his decision to go into iraq.
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no-no. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back. 1% when you buy and 1% as you pay. the citi double cash card. double means double. president george w. bush ma made, president bush intends to keep that policy with president trump. but as you heard in the first part of our interview, he does break with the current president on some of the big issues of the moment. more now of our sunday sit down with president bush at macdill air force base where he was meeting with vets and sharing his new book "portraits of courage." >> i have never seen the picture yet. >> in "portraits of courage" he paintsantodd
8:28 am
ru i the sense that he lks less trou person. >> thank you. >> don't you think. >> absolutely, mr. president. thank you. >> i was very amazed that he would say something like that to me because to hear it from somebody else besides somebody that i know personally on a day-to-day basis it was very inspiring. >> any part of you when you meet these men and women and you see their wounds and you see what war has done to their lives, even the internal wounds we can't see that has any regret about a decision you may have made to send them into battle? >> i think it was the right decision. i regret they got hurt. i was heavy hearted when i made the decision to both go into afghanistan and iraq. because i knew thatted there would be some dire consequences. i don't think i can be effective if i walk around full of regret. >> your brother jeb got the question on the campaign trail. knowing what you know now about iraq, do you still think it was
8:29 am
a good idea to go in? >> absolutely. >> you still do? >> absolutely. i still do. not such a good idea to pull out before iraq had a chance to defend itself. one thing people need to understand is that al qaeda looked impregnable. they looked undefeatable until there is you know, were both my >> so the mistake wasn't going uess all decisions. living in a free society where ir the wars of i want to ask you,fja at the to the georg b to hear what president bus a surviving the big hair '80s and enduring as one of the biggest acts of the world. coming up next here, harry smith with a story of a sports icon who's always the biggest star in the arena.
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when the nba minnesota timberwolves take the court tomorrow night in minneapolis sid hartman will be in the building to cover the game. he's been on the sport beat for
8:33 am
more than 30 years and hasn't slowed down since 1975. harry smith visited a sportscohe the arena. >> i don't know if i'm a big deal. i'll be honest, i can't walk down the street without somebody identifying me. they hear me on the radio or read my column. this is a job. it's fun for me. >> the fun really started for sid in the 1940s. he was running the minneapolis lakers, a team that would come to dominate the early days of the nba. about the same time, he started writing for the got the drive or ha chad. >> every bit as dogged today as he was when he first walked into the "star tribune" in the '50s. he wakes up every day and thinks competition is what it is all about.
8:34 am
that has changed zero and that's what it is all about. >> sid's office walls are plastered with photos sports hall of famers and people who are just plain famous. sid gets to know people and when he does, they talk. glenn taylor is the owner of the minneapolis timberwolves and also the owner of s ecadli i need the m th or so ago.e nuts. >> with he's 100. have you evenough to do what let's findr out complail >> presided over "themillions. any sitting supreme cresing jud he grew up in l.a. attending hollywood high school where he ofheuperr courts. dated the future movie star lana turner. he served in world war ii in the pacific theater where he was hit by sniper fire later receiving the purple heart and the bronze star. judge joseph
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let's close this morning as we always do with predictions for the week ahead-on tuesday, the white house will reopen to public tours after a pause of nearly seven weeks. the president's home and the american people's home usually closes briefly during the transition to a new administration. but this stretch has been particularly long. we predict with a couple of thousand of positions still unstaffed in the new administration, the first ten tourists in the day every day get free white house salt and pepper shakers and a job at the state department. rallies and marches planned around the world and a strike
8:39 am
called a day without a woman. organizers asking women to take the day off work and shop at small women-owned businesses. hillary clinton expected to make an appearance at one rally. the world will briefly fall apart on wednesday because we men can sometimes be helpless dopes. the 45th iditarod sled dog race. 72 mushers and their teams of extraordinary dogs will travel just under 1,000 miles from fairbanks to nome, alaska. a trip that will take about nine days. the iditarod losing streak will continue this year for one infamous musher. that musher, you guessed it, gary busey. let down, again, by his team of toy poodles and bringing up the rear in nome. thank you superspendifor sp
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right now on "nbc 10 news today," critically injured, a 7-year-old girl is in the hospital after crews rescued her from the flames that swept through this house. a live report from the scene is just ahead. vandal on the loose. police and drivers want to know who damaged several parked cars in a montgomery county town and why. we are still in winter's icy grip, but not everybody minds it. today ice skaters will be enjoying the weather at the blue cross river rink along penn's landing. a warmup is coming. we'll fill you in in the first alert neighborhood forecast. god morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on this sunday.
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