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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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safely. skyforce10 captured thick black smoke from the ground mike wallace could feel the heat from across the street. a contractor took this cell phone video of the massive fitness center fire he stopped what he was doing also to move cars from the falling embers and he thinks he saw how it all started. contractors using a blow torch on the facilities roof. >> yep. and those flames can shoot ten, 12 feet. so if you're not really careful, they probably were professionals but accidents happen. >> you see the black smoke. >> reporter: physical therapy patient was walking in the fitness center pool when the alarm started sounding. witnesses say there were about a dozen people in the therapy area including employees and 30 people in the basement working out. >> actually a woman who pulled t the the fire fighting drill.
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she screamed fire and ran outside with them. >> i was shivering until one of the fire ladies gave me this blanket. >> reporter: fire officials say over 50 fire trucks responded and it took two hours to contain the flames. emergency management, the red cross and fire marshals to sear roe in on a precise cause. heavy rescue and special ops team to make sure no one got trapped. >> they were able to search that area so we believe now that the budding is clear so it's going to be a while. >> reporter: fire crews continuing to put water on the fitness center. you can see completely through the center. that is the area that was over the olympic size pool in this facility. also officials have been doing air monitoring out here while no residents were asked to evacuate the area with those embers that were falling earlier today, they have continued to ask residents
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to shelter in place, keep their doors and windows closed so they don't continue to breathe this smoke. they'll continue to have hot the spot for hours, if not days. i'm cydney long, nbc10 news. >> thank you. the white house meanwhile has issued a new version of that executive order on immigration. >> president trump signed the order earlier today. here's what's new. the order removes iraq from the list of muslim majority countries impacted by the ban. sue dan, syria, somalia and yemen are all still under the order. it puts a 90 day bans on those countries. it does not apply to those who already have valid visas. the u.s. refugee program will also be suspended for 120 days. the ban on syrian refugees will be lifted. the trump administration says the goal of this new order is
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still the same. keep would be terrorists out of the u.s. while the government looks at the refugee and immigrant vetting system. >> to our allies and partners around the world, please understand, this order is part of our ongoing efforts to eliminate vulnerabilities that terrorist can and will exploit for destructive ends. >> we also know that many people seeking to support or commit terrorist acts will try to enter through our refugee program. the order will go into effect on march 16th. it will not revoke existing visas approved before that date and does not explicitly apply to current lawful permanent residents and green card holders. visas revoked because of the original travel ban have been fully stored. local people impacted they just might change their travel plans before this goes into effect in ten days. >> lauren mayk is live at
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philadelphia international airport. many people say there are still not resting easy. >> reporter: the way things are structured this time with that delay that you mentioned and exempting people who already have visas and green cards, folks tell me they're not expecting the same kind of chaos and drama here at the airport that we saw last time when people landed and they were just sent right back, but there are still folks who are nervous about it all and just because they can travel it doesn't mean they will. >> both of us. >> reporter: he and his wife chose to come here from their home country of iran but recently they felt they couldn't leave. >> we miss our family and we planned for trip to iran before all this happened. >> reporter: they cancelled that trip because iran was among 7 countries who's citizens were banned from coming into the u.s.
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in the president's original executive order. >> reporter: you're worried about getting back in. >> yeah, exactly. >> reporter: the president's new order changes people for visas. they're now exempt and can come and go. the order also removed iraq from the ban which charlie dent sees an improving. >> vetting travel from iraq was creating bilateral the problems. >> reporter: a republican critical are the first says he's reserving full judgment on the new order till he reviews details. >> what i can say is that this order appears to be better thought out than the first one which was not well thought out. >> reporter: back at penn it may officially change the rules for rabbi. it isn't enough to make him feel comfortable leaving yet. >> i know we cannot take a trip without any worries. >> reporter: the experience this past month has made an impact, no matter what the new order said. >> it really made us feel different, made us feel everyone
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looking different at us. >> reporter: now, that new travel ban doesn't go into effect for ten days and the couple we were just speaking with, they're considering making a trip within that window, maybe she would go and he would stay, but really they are waiting to see how things play out. they're thinking about maybe contacting an attorney for some advice. they are just still nervous about all of it. live at philadelphia international airport, i'm lauren mayk, nbc10 news. >> thank you. meanwhile fbi director james comey is asking the justice department to publicly reject president trump's claims that former president obama secretly wanted him during the election. president trump accused president obama of sinking to a new low and compared the wire tapping to watergate. even calling him a bad or sick guy. but so far there's been no evidence that president trump's phones were bugged. a spokesman for mr. obama the accusations are simply false. white house officials are asking
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congress to investigate the claims. all new on nbc10 news at 5:00 to explain the process of wanting and how difficult it would be to happen into a presidential candidates phone. >> sunny chilly start to the work week today. our cameras gave us this beautiful shot in atlantic county. changes, they are coming. first alert weather tracking rain into parts of our area later on tonight. some of you could see wet roads for your morning commute. with that rain comes warmer temperatures for the next couple of days. >> glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking it all in your most accurate weather forecast. not quite out of the woods yet, glenn. >> oh, that is correct, sir. take a look at the seven day forecast at the bottom of your screen as we head toward the weekend. not exactly as mild as what
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we're predicting over the next couple of days. 50 degrees in allentown today. only 44 in dover. 51 in mt. holly. that's right around average or even a little bit of above average and it's going to warm up tomorrow. you can see the rain back to the west. it's fairly large area, but it's also fairly light. you don't see any yellows or oranges or reds in there that would be indicating heavier rain. we've got the clouds coming in as we head through this evening. here comes some of that rain especially into the lehigh valley, berks county, upper montgomery, bucks, chester county. by tomorrow morning's rush, many roads will be yet north and west of philadelphia but it's a light rain and not everybody's getting it. most of the day tomorrow is dry, but cloudy and very mild up near 60 degrees and more showers come
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by tomorrow night. wednesday is mild as well. the temperatures not going down a whole lot, chance of showers by the morning rush especially temperatures warm enough so it's just rain as you can see-through our neighborhoods into the 40s and jersey and at the jersey shore but we do have snow in the forecast for later on during the week and it's not just in the poconos either. >> thanks for that. new details about a double shooting in the city east wick section that left one person dead. philadelphia police now tell us they're looking for a black car they think the shooter was in. you can see where some of the bullets hit this white car that the two teen victims were in yesterday. police think the shooters pulled up and fired several rounds. a 19-year-old was hit a number of times. he d died at the hospital.
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>> in camden county pushing for more religious centers. both of them were at the katz jewish community center in cherry hill today. they talked about the decline in federal funding for religious centers in new jersey and how they need to address the issue. the katz jcc was one of the several jewish community centers evacuated last week after a bomb threat was called in. take a look at the scene from skyforce10 last monday. the center was evacuated that morning, cherry hill police rushed to the scene and then gave the all clear. they're going through each and every building. today norcross and booker said federal funding must be a priority in south jersey. >> if you're one of the eight synagogs and schools in philadelphia, you got funding last year. but somehow if you live in new jersey as we do, you weren't eligible for that funding.
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>> this is a very frustrating, angering disappointing moment that we have to be here. norcross and booker strongly condemned the threats, calling the people responsible cowards. this comes after new jersey senator bob menendez pushed for the same funding last night. he spoke to jewish activist in cherry hill. our nbc camera captured police and a security guard keeping watch outside. >> a police chase in upper darby ending with a car crashing into a home. police tell us the driver of that car was spotted in havreton driving erratically. the driver lost control, drove on to someone's lawn and crashed right where you see it there. that driver was arrested. this evening nurses at delaware memorial hospital are still on strike. no new negotiations are scheduled, but the hospital is also telling us it is open and
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fully staffed. it is the second day of the strike for 370 nurses and technical staff at the drexel hill hospital. the union says the hospital has increased the number of patients per nurse and there are shortages of basic equipment. the hospital has said it's staffed at the national average. >> we need support. we need to keep this hospital. it's a good community hospital. we need to keep it running the way patients deserve. >> only nurses are two day into the stock they will be locked out for the rest of the week. that's because staffing agency require five days of pay to get temporary replacements. >> uber driver reported missing in ocean county after dropping off a fare has been found dead. some 60 miles away in atlantic county motel. 32-year-old hadn't been seen since early friday morning when he dropped off a passenger.
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his body was found inside the rodeway inn of the white house horse pike sunday afternoon. they are calling it a suspicious death. police were called to the motel and had to force their way into a guest room after he failed to checkout. >> the door is locked inside. he barricade the table and chain. he locked the chain, the door and i can't open the door. >> his hyundai elan tra still sat in the motel's parking lot today as police looked at surveillance video. it's not yet known how he died. >> new video watched as a burglar smashes the front door at this chick-fil-a in port richmond. it happened early last morning. you can see he signals to two other people then the three ransacked the office but they can't find any money. they ended up leaving empty handed and are still on the run. right now in chester county a former teachers aid is going
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to jail after she pled guilty to having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old student. she was sentenced to 11 to 23 months followed by five years probation. she was arrested back in april 2016 and charged with institutional sex assault and corruption of miners. prosecutors say she was tutoring the male student when they began having the relationship. today it's a meet and greet for newly appointed housing and urban development secretary ben carson. dr. carson was introduced to his employees today. he came up on stage with his wife and talked about his new role as the head of hud. carson says fairness will play a big role under his leadership at the white house. starting tomorrow the white house is back in business for tourists. the first time the public will be allowed inside since president trump took office. request for public tours have been submitted from a member of
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congress. >> democrats say they won't be paying a ransom to gain back control of their online network. a cyber attack shut down e-mail and websites in harrisburg on friday. a spokeswoman at the fbi's office here in philadelphia, per policy, the agency will not provide any update on an ongoing investigation unless charges are filed. >> get a load of this. the philadelphia police department now has more than a hundred new lieutenants, sergeants and captains. nbc10 news of temple university for the department's promotional ceremony. 170 members were promoted to higher ranks like chief inspector, detective and corp ral. mayor jim kenny were on hand to graduate the group. their new assignments officially start at midnight. former vice president joe biden is heading to south by southwest this year to talk
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about his efforts to end cancer. organizers of the popular music festival in austin, techlgs, say mr. biden will be featured as a speaker this year. making sure patients can afford treatment and raising data standards. south by southwest runs by march 10th to the 19th this year. jerry sandusky is now in a medium security prison. he was initially in a super max facility because he was considered vulnerable given the nature of his conviction. he is serving 30 to 60 years for molesting several boys he met through his second mile foundation. >> families forced out of their homes after a fire destroyed several row homes in wilmington. >> today crews sifted through what's left trying to figure out what sparked the flames. nbc10 news delaware tim furlong joins us now live. you spoke with some of the victims today. good news here no one was hurt.
4:17 pm
>> reporter: absolutely. you can see the caution tape is up here now. investigators they cut off the power and the gas now investigators are going to be able to come through here to try to figure out how this fire started. it's a fire that went house to house to house to house. this sunday afternoon fire on east 22nd street it left a dozen people homeless. >> i have nothing. >> reporter: charlotte's family was saved, the family hamster wasn't it. tammy was first to see the fire. >> my first instinct is start to bang on everyone's door. someone call 911. >> thankfully no one was injured and crews sured up the line of row homes. some neighbors think squatters or drug users snuck into the house and started it. the ceo was here this morning habitat had planned to donate the property to the city land bank for possible if they were
4:18 pm
ever able to buy the other connected homes. investigators will decide how the fire started and if it was started intentionally. they will work out the demolition details all this as 12 people now try to find a new place to live. >> i have a child and now we have nowhere to go. i have nothing. just please come forward and tell people that you're the one that did it because this is horrible. >> reporter: it is pretty horrible. the backs look way worse. there's pieces of roof that look like they could fall any second. the red cross is helping out all the displaced families. when the investigators decide how these fires started will be sure to bring that information to you. live in wilmington. >> we know you're going to stay on top of it. turning now to the weather. warming up a little bit for us. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us. 50s now, glenn. where we going from there? >> we're going into the 60s
4:19 pm
again. they're coming back for a couple days but then winter's coming back too and not just in the temperature department. 50 degrees in philadelphia. got a southerly wind trying to warm things up and we have a michlg of sun and clouds. more clouds than sun and some temperatures are in the 40s especially places closer to the ocean because the ocean temperatures 43 and the wind is coming off the ocean. this is at least in cape may county and it's 43 cape may point and upper township, 42 in somers point. little bit warmer inland, 47 in woodbine. we don't have much sunshine and it's a strong enough wind that the cooler air has come farther inland. so 5 degrees cooler in atlantic city than it was this time yesterday while it's 13 degrees warmer in philadelphia, 14 in mt. holly, 16 degrees warmer in vot coatesville. the temperatures are going back
4:20 pm
to the 60s but only briefly. you got a couple of days of it. the rain, we have some patchy showers coming in tomorrow and tomorrow night and then the "s" word is back. a couple of shots of it. chance of some light snow on friday and more significant storm on sunday, but the best chance of accumulation in the highest accumulations look like they'd be south of philadelphia. very strange for a march type of storm. here's the winter radar and you can see it's all just rain back to the west and this is pretty much just patchy and light, but lot of clouds as you can see. we're not going to be seeing a whole lot of sunshine in the future cast. it's raining throughout the poconos, lehigh valley, berks county into chester county. but as we head through the morning we're seeing little bit of improvement and most of the day is actually dry.
4:21 pm
then tuesday night we see line of showers come through setting us up for decent weather on wednesday. here's the next three days. 62, 62 and 54. all right. and this is what it's like in the p.a. suburbs. 10 degree drop for thursday. lehigh valley only in the 40s. but that's still above normal. a different story as we head friday through the weekend. i'll get into that coming up. >> say it ain't snow. thank you, glenn. >> a jersey shore woman sends her love was travel was coded by trouble. >> she started having trouble after a year of frustrating repairs. she called nbc 10 responds. she how they got her back on the road. >> luck of the draw. how you can win tickets to witness the nfl draft right here in philadelphia?
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plus this. ♪ >> all right. leaving it all on the floor, the danceoff on the courts that has a lot of us talking. that's next on nbc10 news at 4. >> all three major stock indexes down today. all that red. we'll be right back. >> announcer: sponsored locally by crashproof retirement. shielding your future with truth.
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something you've got to see here. a treat for fans at a college basketball tournament. the mascot showed their moves in a dance of. take a look. >> teach me how to dougie. mascots had a danceoff between games first lucas the stag against rider university. next killion from eye owna
4:26 pm
college. they're really no losers here but jillion is the only one still dancing in the tournament. go, go, go. >> that's good even if you don't like basketball. >> imagine spending the night near the president's home for just a few hundred dollars. we're not talking about the white house, of course. still ahead at 4:00. how guests manage to sneak their way into trump tower for an overnight stay. >> plus is the new hard rock casino a sign of more good things to come in atlantic city. here from the ceo what local ties has a plan to revitalize the city.
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>> within the last two hours nbc 10 spoke to the hard rock casino chairman about his plans to makeover the former trump taj mahal. nbc ted greenberg joins us now live from atlantic city. >> the chairman actually gave you a timeline of when we can expect some big changes along the boardwalk? >> reporter: yeah. got some more insight. jim allen was raised in northfield. and has previously held executive positions in atlantic city's casino industry. now he's at the helm of a major project that many hope will breathe new life in the struggling resort. hard rock international chairman jim allen on his way back to florida this afternoon after spending yesterday inside the former trump taj mahal in atlantic city. >> we spent a good part of yesterday walking the building and i was actually there when we opened that building in 1990. sometimes you forget how large
4:31 pm
it is. it's an amazing facility with so much potential. it's dated. >> reporter: hard rock and its new jersey based partners planning to spend more than $300 million to buy the taj from billionaire karl icon, strip it of its current theme, renovate the property from top to bottom and rebrand it as a hard rock hotel and casino with the aim of opening in late spring of 2018. >> the design process will take a minimum of two to three months, so i don't think we'll see any actual construction for three, four months or so. >> reporter: the hard rock expected to employee some 3,000 people putting people to work in the region where jim allen grew up and spent part of his career. >> the majority of the jobs will be created six to eight months prior to opening.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: allen also telling me hard rock plans to use its brand known worldwide to help grow all of the atlantic city market, not just try to move business from one casino to another. live in our jersey shore in atlantic city i'm ted greenberg, nbc10 news. >> tracking wet weather headed our way parts of our area will see the first rain showers tonight and more people could see wet roads on their drive to work tomorrow. not quite as cold today after a really fridge i had weekend. nbc10 news campus today where we saw lots of sun. still a bit of a chill in the area. >> chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking these changes in your most accurate weather forecast. glenn? >> it's likely to rain but it's not going to rain all day tomorrow. in fact, it's probably going to rain a very small amount of the day tomorrow. we have a lot of clouds around
4:33 pm
right now but they're not very thick clouds. you can see some of the brightness in the sky behind them so that's proof that the clouds are not that thick. the temperature back up to 50s, coatesville, allentown, philadelphia. it was pretty cold over the weekend and many temperatures got down into the teens yesterday morning and we had wind chill readings in the single digits so 50 is pretty mild by comparison. where there's no precipitation really close by we have a few sprinkles just west of harrisburg so there's not much of a threat for the next couple of hours but later on tonight, we could see a little bit of light rain. you can see how light all of this is and that's about all we would expect and the best chance would be generally after midnight and toward the morning rush. some roads could be on the damp side up toward the lehigh valley. not only do we have cold weather
4:34 pm
coming but there's snow in the forecast too and i'll tell you more about that coming up in a few minutes. here's some of the other stories we are following county by county at four. we begin in atlantic county in about a half hour, atlantic city council president marty small will formally launch his bid for mayor. he'll be holding a campaign kickoff again at the water front park at 5:00. he'll run against councilman in the june democratic primary. the winner faces republican incumbent done guardian. >> you can sign up for a tsa precheck at lehigh valley international airport this week. all you have to do is visit the tsa's website to sign up. it costs $85 to enroll with precheck, you can speed through security and don't need to take off your coat, shoes or belt. the program is so popular in october at the airport that it brought enrollment back this year. in berks county a surprise town hall for four local
4:35 pm
congressmen who are being accused of hiding from their constituents. republican representatives lloyd smuker, charlie dent, pat immediate were holding a closed door meeting in reading today. there will be a people's town hall inside the hotel where the reps are meeting along with a rally outside. >> and in new castle county it is election night in middleton voting for the town's mayorial. this comes after emergency meeting that happened on friday. it was called in response to a filing error. the board of elections voted to keep all of them on the bat dlol. people at sparq philadelphia received some southern comfort today. they are volunteering their spring break to come help in philly. 16 students from uga are here for the whole week. this is the 10th year students
4:36 pm
from uga have teamed up with spark philadelphia. it's the parent company of a family organization that provide services to individuals with disabilities. march is disability awareness month. we want to tell you about a party on the parkway that you could be invited to. >> the nfl draft lottery now open. you can win tickets. how you can score seats to watch next month's main event happening right on the ben franklin parkway. >> plus only the lonely on social media. why interacting with your friends on your facebook feed may not be enough to boost your mood. we'll explain next. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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interesting news this evening for parents of children with autism. a new study find excess brain fluds may -- from a six mold who was later diagnosed with autism. the darker spaces there between
4:40 pm
the brain folds and the skulls show large amount of seesh bral spinal fluid. 70% of babies who had this excess fluid developed autism by the age of 2. >> moms in new jersey could soon start saving money when it comes to breast pumps, a bill moving through the state legislature would eliminate taxes on storage supplies. today a committee approved the measure. social media has a feeling more lonely than ever. a new study shows if you spend more than two hours a day on social media you are twice as likely to feel isolated. experts say social media can too often replace face-to-face interactions. it can also lead to jealously and a distorted belief that others are leading happier lives. >> any mom knows the anxious anticipation in the days before giving birth. >> but there is one pregnant woman in particular nesting time it is gone viral for her.
4:41 pm
i'm going to ask you whether you did anything like this. next at 4:00 how her costume is paying tribute to a pregnant giraffe in the days before delivery. >> okay. rain headed our way later tonight but we could also be seeing snow by the end of the week. i'm tracking those changes plus another roller coaster ride in temperatures next on nbc10 news at 4. >> this portion of nbc10 news sponsored by morgan and morgan for the people. go to protect your vehicle?
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>> announcer: this is nbc10 news. >> if you were hoping to rent a luxurious pad in manhattan trump tower you are out of like. the site took that listing down. someone at the "the new york times" discovered the listing and contacted airbnb for contact and that's when the listing was taken down. people have stayed there before
4:45 pm
and were discreetly describe themselves as the condo's owner guests. the stays at the tower while he is in new york. >> right now it is your chance to see the nfl draft up close and personal right here in philadelphia. >> who needs new york. there's a live look at the ben franklin parkway. that is where the nfl is building a draft theater for fans to get a chance to see the action up close. 3,000 tickets are available for fans check out that space right there. they'll be given out through a random drawing. if you tried to get a ticket but couldn't. you can still get in on that fun. fans will watch the draft party on the parkway. it'll be massive tvs along it so you can watch and hear everything as its happening. for more information on how to get those tickets log on to the nbc10 news app. >> the sixers are home at the wells fargo tonight. "nbc10 news at 5:00" we'll explain why some tickets of
4:46 pm
their games are going up by as much as 200%. >> ow. >> this video has all the ingredients of going viral. >> you've got to see this. take a look a woman from south carolina took to facebook to imitate april, the giraffe complete with her own pregnant belly and a giraffe mask. a little dance there too. millions of people have been tuning in to a live picture from the upstate new york zoo where april lives waiting for her to have her fourth calf. more than 16 million people have watched this video. now speaking of april, here she is. she is still waiting to give birth. this is about an hour and a half north of scranton. a giraffe's pregnancy lasts 15 months. no, thank you. >> do you think she bought the giraffe head for the video or do you think she just happen to have one? >> i don't know. take a look at this. you probably heard of dancing in the street but how about snow boarding in the street.
4:47 pm
this is the snow boarders street in lake tahoe, california. it works just as good when there's this much snow. you know what? we could see some snow by the end of the week but probably not this much. >> i would say we're probably not going to get that much in the next ten years combined in philadelphia. some of the ski areas in california and nevada and the mountains, they've had dozens of feet of snow this winter. after being in an exceptional drought so everything is turned around. right now we've got 50 degrees and the temperature is on the way up. it was unseasonably cold over the weekend. we have some sunshine peaking through in parts of the area as you can see and the temperatures pretty close to average or maybe a little bit above average for this time of the year. let's see how we're doing in chester, bucks and montgomery county.
4:48 pm
west bradford 48, exton, malvern, chadsford, all 48 degrees for washington, north waels, warrington at 49. new hope and newtown at 48 degrees and all those places are going to be warmer tomorrow and some of them are going to be in the 60s. we have a few sprinkles headed toward harrisburg and eventually into our area. fairly large area of moisture, lot of clouds, but none of the rain is on the heavy side, there's no thunderstorms. by tomorrow's morning rush there certainly could be wet roads north and west of philadelphia. we don't expect much rain outside of the morning rush tomorrow. you can see some peaks of sunshine during the day that would help push the temperatures up into the 60s. then tuesday night we have another round of showers, maybe even thunderstorms coming through with the cold front.
4:49 pm
you can see that. that's in the middle of the night and that's gone by the morning rush on wednesday and we're seeing a lot of sunshine and gusty winds on wednesday. so here's the next few days and way above normal, tuesday, wednesday, we cool down on thursday but it's still not all that cool, right? then 51 on thursday in the p.a. suburbs, 48 in lehigh valley, jersey shore, 54 after getting to 64 wednesday. the wind direction makes all the difference there. now let me introduce you to next weekend. friday high of 39 degrees and a little bit of rain or snow. that's a weak system coming in on friday. high of 37 in the beshs. 35 in lehigh valley. and then it gets colder. saturday is dry but very cold for this time of the year and then sunday we're expecting snow. the best chance of being dry is
4:50 pm
actually in the lehigh valley and the best chance of more significant accumulation is delaware and at the jersey shore as that storm would track farther to the south. it certainly looks like it's going to be cold enough for snow. it's just about the track of the storm. we'll get into more on that a little bit later. >> thank you. next at 4:00 in the meantime, travel trouble for a jersey shore woman. >> hour harry harriston helped her get back on the road after a year of frustrating repairs for her rv.
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and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at in today's nbc10 responds. a woman's camper has problems
4:54 pm
after she uses it just two times. >> after a year of it not being fixed she called harry hairston's response team. >> this cape may woman couldn't wait to get back on the road, it says it took a call from us to make her a happy camper once again. >> i went and bought the most beautiful camper in the world as you can see. >> reporter: she spent almost $14,000 on this travel trailer 18 months ago. >> it has everything i wanted in a camper. >> she took it on two trips but then the roof started leaking. >> this was all puddled with water. >> she took it back to driftwood rv where she bought it. she says it was at the dealer for one year getting the roof and other parts repaired. when she got it back she tells us the leak wasn't fixed. so she called nbc10 responds. >> i had had it. >> we reached out to driftwood
4:55 pm
rv which sent it back to indiana to get it fix. it tells nbc10 it fell short of this goal in customer satisfaction in this extremely unusual situation. she got the travel trarl back in two months with the it fixed. >> awesome job. >> all right. so they got that all taken care of. after she got the rrgs v back, driftwood came to a different arrangement. driftwood agreed to buy back her rv at the original price she paid nearly $14,000 for it. now she's happy with that outcome and so is she. >> whether it's $14 or $14,000, you guys we advocate for you out there. >> $15 was earlier in the week for another guy. same location down in cape may. >> doesn't matter. >> let's go to our money recovery counter.
4:56 pm
$369,898 gotten back for you our viewers. >> and that's in less than a year's time. thank you so much. if you have a consumer problem for nbc10 responds, let us know the best ways to reach us are right there on your screen and we will respond to you. >> and tomorrow on nbc10 responds, her fish tank cracked hours after installing it. when her insurance company wouldn't answer calls for help, she called nbc10 responds. her story tomorrow morning. >> next on "nbc10 news at 5:00." >> president trump makes significant changes to his travel ban. what you need to know next on "nbc10 news at 5:00." >> we've been on the warm-up, plus we're tracking snow. yeah, snow. i'll break it all down next in my exclusive first alert forecast. >> plus, sticker shock. some sixers season holders just found out prices are going up, in some cases way up.
4:57 pm
those stories and more on "nbc10 news at 5:00." clr
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
. rain rolling in to the region right now. you can see the showers on radar and we are tracking snow for later in the week. >> the big increase on sixers season ticket holders just found out they're going to be paying if they want a seat next season. >> drink danger. the beverage believed to be behind the scare that sent two kids to the hospital after a
5:00 pm
stop at this restaurant. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. >> take two, president trump signs the second version of his immigration order. this is the fbi looks to knock down take claim former obama tapped the phones at trump tower. let's begin now with nbc10's monique braxton. >> what's different about it than the president's original order. >> the new revised travel ban takes the place of that original executive order. you'll remember that order was stopped by a federal court. i want you to take a look at this map. instead of the seven countries, this version only includes six. the new order specifies a 90 day ban on people from sue dan, syria, iran, libya, somalia and yemen. iraq is no longer included on the list. the trump administration says the new directive addresses legal issues that plagued that original order and led to confusion at airports and sparke


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