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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 10, 2017 4:00am-4:31am EST

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case against sara packer. good morning. nbc 10 news today. rose mary conners. >> i'm vai sikahema. making a come back. on a half hour early to help get you through the morning rush. snow moving into parts of the area. we have team coverage. francesca is watching the roads this morning. erica martin and krystal klei
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teaming up to bring you the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. we want to know when, where, how much. >> rose mary, vai, looking at snowy conditions in the forecast for your morning hours. isn't a major snowstorm. enough to be an anow yans as you get out the door for morning commute. pass right in the peak hours. already beginning of snowfa falling in mount poke know. just to north of viewing area. snow starting to move into berks county. not making reports to the grouped, but it will soon. drop pretty much from north to south as it presses along. also shift to the east a little bit. also get snow to the shore by the time this has moved through. plummeting temperatures as it moves along as well. there's the snow line. take a look. already gaining reports. mount poconos just starting to clip into lehigh valley and berks county. this is going to extend and
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continue progressing down to the south. everyone else is not seeing snow yet. looking now from 5:00 a.m. snow along the northern edge. that's what we're expecting. 5-7:00 snow pass into the suburbs. see the line drop south. at times this can be a more steady to heavy snow booer looking at. not going to be a hunl accumulation. grounds are warm. snow hits starts to melt. untreated surfaces, grasses is areas could see accumulation. 7-8 snow now moving through philadelphia. 8-10 moving through new jersey and dropping down to southern delaware. those are the spots with the lowest accumulation because they see the snow last. this isn't going to move out of our area until 1-2 in the afternoon. isn't a fast mover necessarily. what we're seeing from 6:00 a.m. there's the snow line through parts of chester county. not yet into parts of defr county and philadelphia or south. we continue from 6
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7:30 now it's in philadelphia and continues to drop further into new jersey and delaware. check that out coming up in a few minutes. talk more about your temperatures and how they're going to plummet in a few minutes. for now let's go to traffic with fran which he is cal ruscio. delaware river bridge detecting new jersey and pa turnpike has reopened. no more stress for your eching drive. always great news for everyone who uses this connector bridge especial lu during the rush hour time. we're going to be seeing different traffic patterns. over in center city, watching traffic in nnk. camera at broad street typically where we see morning construction that usually lifts around 5:00 and we are seeing traffic flowing just nicely. and very light traffic. so travel speeds on the majors this morning. 50s and 60s and overall problem free. take a look at the majors in new jersey.
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295. new jersey turnpike. problem free and we're good to go in the clear this morning. reopening of delaware river bridge and have more updates within the next several minutes. rose mary. back over to you. snow started falling in the poconos late last night. live look now from camel back ski resort. see the flakes coming down. the system is creeping closer toward our area. it was all quiet last night at the pen dot yard. trucks didn't pretreat the roads because rain will fall first here and wash away the assault before is the snow starts. not expected to lead to any school closures. >> that's not fun for the kids, but definitely not fun for adults either if you have to be out and traveling. >> snow come as shock to system. yesterday afternoon folks enjoyed temperatures in the 60s as they pent time outside. now a great time to download the free nbc 10 app. it's your chance to get realtime information and updates on the snow.
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plus the first alert forecast where you live. >> it is 4:05. for the first time if seven weeks a heavily traveled bridge that connected bucks county and berks county is open for community. bristol, katie. this is a relief for thousands of commuters who use the bridge every day. yes, it will help over 40,000 commuters who use the bridge that we're standing under. i can tell you that, you know, we're hearing a lot of traffic. not a lot, but enough traffic on the bridge at this early hour and it's far more traffic than people living in the neighborhood blow have heard of the last few weeks. crews worked around the clock to repair the bridge. put the finishing touches on the repairs late last night and ahead of schedules to the delight of tens of thousands of drivers. sky force ten over the scene and show as shot of what commuters did not expect to see until april. reopened after a worker found a
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crew in the westbound -- worker found a crack, rather in the westbound lane in jan. connects bucks county and burlington counties and sees up to or over 40,000 drivers a day. that meant more commute time and hassle in the morning and even rush for for drivers. now, what could make this first full day the bridge has reopened a little trickier is the fact as we reported we're supposed to see winter weather. we're going to stay on the story and let you know how drivers are fairing here. also coming up, another surprise in all of this, actually found some people who are not happy the bridge has reopened ahead of schedule and or at all. we'll share their story coming up in the next half hour. happening today, bucks county, sara packer is scheduled to be arraigned in court. accused of murdering adopted daughter. 14-year-old grace packer found dead in the woods back in
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october. mother reported her missing months earlier. sara packer and her boyfriend jacob sullivan raped and killed grace and dumped her remains. investigators believe the couple planned the murder for more than a year. today in chester county, jury selection continue in the trial of eric frooen. accused of deadly ambush involving pennsylvania state troopers. prosecutors and defense attorney started questioning potential jurors yesterday. police captured him after a 48 day manhunt. jurors are being chosen in chester county due to widespread media coverage in the poconos. let's take another look at first alert radar. see the snow line as we were talking about. just starting to keep along here from north to south. as we continue through the morning hours, edge a little further along to the east.
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going to spread across the entire board. currently really not issues to speak of because most of us have not yet seen the snow move through. in fact, a lot of us are still too warm at this point, but the cold air is wedging in. going to start seeing the drop in temperatures this morning. already seeing it to the north. just starting to move in parts of lehigh valley and berks county and poconos where the snow has been coming down for at least an hour. not too heavy of a snow at this point. may be heavy bans of snow throughout the morning hours. that's the concern. wasn't a major snowstorm that we were seeing. see the pockets of deeper purple. that's periods of a steady to heavy snow. the problem is when it moves in, not going to accumulate a foot, just an inch or two can make for a difficult drive this morning. because it hits right during the morning commute, that's first alert for conditions. take a look at visibility. everyone looks great until you get to mount poconos. under a quarter of a mile.
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heavy heavy snow moving in. not a big issues issue. it's enough to cause for rough driving conditions. especially for untreated roads this morning. hour by hour forecast. as we go through neighborhoods hour by hour. you'll see who is getting what. there we go with redding and allentown there 4:00 a.m. hour. 4-6 and line extends through chester county. upper montgomery. upper bucks and mercer county here. going to start lighter. there's the steadier snow line. starts to expand through philadelphia by 7:30 in the morning. 9:00 a.m. through new jersey. all it will way down to some shore points and northern parts of delaware. starts as rain snow mix into southern delaware. 11:00 a.m. now all the way to the shore. shore to southern delaware. everyone getting snow. some of steadiest passing through philly and dropping south. that will start to move out as we get to afternoon. could see snow squalls as well. here's a look at the snow total averages that we are expecting. the blue color, trace to one
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inch total. mostly south. pink, one to two inches. includes philly. lehigh valley berks upper suburbs 2-4 inches. just the poconos moving above that. we'll talk more about temperature than your snow totals coming up in a few minutes. >> see you then. ten minutes past 4:00 a.m. on this friday. we want to help you get to where you need to go. tell you what, 4:00 hour. going to be pretty easy. >> won't have any trouble. later when the snow starts reaching the area we're going to have problems. francesca ruscio keeping an eye on the maps. rose mary wharks are you seeing. >> especially when we see snow moving through the area. pen dot cameras picking up on conditions. as of now big story delaware river bridge reopened connecting pennsylvania turnpike as well as the new jersey turnpike. it has reopened. so for commuters in and out of the area, we're not looking at any more hassle or stressful situations because that's going to be always great news for commuters in and out of that
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area as well. taking a look at majors. look at this, seeing clear conditions along the schuylkill. camera spring garden. over towards center city facing eastbound. very light traffic right now. still closer towards 4:00 earlier this morning as actually to be exact at 4:11. we're going to be seeing snow move in towards pen dot cameras as crystal mentioned. travel conditions on route 202. very green right now. route 30 in schuylkill. in the green either direction. when i come back, take a look at 95 as well as the rest of the majors. coming up, construction crews in philadelphia dig up a piece of the city's past. >> we'll tell you about the colonial coffins that turned up in old city. also team usa adding philly flavor to coaching staff. city born star, to run the show for the women's basketball squad.
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fist alert meteorologist erica marten with your forecast. talking about the rush including northern pennsylvania suburbs. keep in mind we're expecting snow moving in from the southwest. reports in just one moment show you a life shot. when between the hours of 4:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. biggest concerns for that morning commute. we reexpecting poor visibility and slick roads. here's a live look outside over camel back. snow coming down. getting reports of official observation. well right now we do have winter weather advisory that has been issued until noon for the lehigh valley including berks county as well, upper montgomery county as well as upper bucks county. notice here for philadelphia
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county. lower montgomery county and chester county see this winter weather advisory in effect from 5:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. as the snow continues to work its way from the northwest to southeast. here is the deal. little deceiving. simply because it's light right now. current temperature for mount poconos. 27 degrees. pottstown 39. trenton 41. lancaster also seeing 41 degrees. notice the winds right now coming out of north east. we do have much colder air sliding into place. i would like to show you the temperature difference. # in philadelphia. 8234 trenton. 11 in mount holly. a sign we have colder air in place. as the snow does come on down it does evaporate and cools down the atmosphere profile so keep in mind we do have some more snow on the way. and temperatures will continue to decline. current winds right now, you see
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noerl 13-mile-per-hour for allentown. 8 millville. 10 philadelphia. 12 wilmington. coming up a bit going over what to expect as far as snow totals. 4:16. philadelphia police are hoping that this newly released surveillance video will help them catch the man who robbed a family dollar store northern liberty and threatened a worker there. >> employee tells nbc 10 she would be probably be dead if it weren't for a customer ma helped her out. spotted the man stealing deodd rant. when she confronted him. shoved her into a shelf and held a large knife to her face. that's when a customer intervened. >> when i turned around the, the female customer mt. store was literally on his back hitting him. it was definitely a traumatic experience. >> the man ran off. if you happen to recognize him, you're asked to call police. >> this morning, new details in the investigation of threats
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against jewish community centers across the country. head of new york city's police intelligence says he believes one person is behind many of the threats. the man is using a voice changer terror call in the threats and united statesing a device to disguise the number he's calling from. more than 140 threats have been made against jewish institutions. colonial times chls surprising find the constructions crews found. uncovered some bones last fall when they broke ground for a new apartment building along arch street. it was the sight of the first baptist cemetery established in 1700. now local archaeologists believed all the remains were removed more than a century ago. that was until yesterday. >> it was supposedly moved in 1859, 1860 so this cemetery was not something we were expecting to find. >> experts from the museum and
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rutgers university are working with construction crewing to search the rest of the sight and analyze the remains. see in our area snow starts to pass on through northern parts of viewing area. just a moment ago we saw the live camera. coming downright now. not a heavy snow. starting to progress from north to south. that's going to start hitting redding and allentown first. part of what's under first alert we are under for your morning hour. that will continue for suburbs as well. those are spots see accumulating snow. we'll get to snow totals in a second. take a closer look into where the snow is. watching out for this morning, deeper purples that you see. that's where we have more to steady heavy snow. again, this isn't a major snoef storm. it's going to be enough that it's an issue for the morning commute if it starts to come down heavily.
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the visibility is worse off. this is what we're looking at. now to 6:00 a.m. suburbs in areas north of the suburbs seeing the snow starting to move through. especially the upper suburbs. 7-9:00 a.m. passing through philadelphia. wilmington, trenton. that line. 8-10:00 a.m. dropping through new jersey to delaware. by 11:00 a.m. the snow should have made it to the shore. although may start as rain in those areas. feels like temperatures as we go through the morning hours and into the early afternoon. 34 at 6:00 a.m. when it feels like. remember temperatures a little warmer than this. you could have snow above 32 degrees if it's coming down steadily enough. will feel below freezing by 10:00 a.m. for the suburbs. same deal feeling like 25 at 10:00 a.m. and 24 in the lehigh valley. snow starting by 6:00 a.m. there. delaware feeling like 29. from 34-28 in new jersey. still lingering scattered snow
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showers by 1 in the afternoon in new jersey. same deal for the shore. may be a rain snow mix as we get to early afternoon time slots. here's neighborhood forecast amounts. we start to see a changeover as we get to burlington ocean county. pink is 1-2 inches. mount laurel one the two inch total. remember it's going to melt on a lot of surfaces like roadways. they're treated and the ground is warm out there. philadelphia also about one to two inches. amounts higher further to the north. talk more about this coming up in a few minutes. ever see the ball girls at the flees games. they've got skills. some of those girls. you think you know what it takes to be a philly's ball girl. you're getting your chance to prove it. tell you what you need to know about today's tryouts. >> plus accident making moves. strengthen receiving core. say good by to a fan favorite. later travel ban challenges. which states are taking the lead in the legal fight against trump's new order.
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fist alert meteorologist. we are talking about winter weather advisory that has been issued and in effect. including burks county. bucks county as well. now for montgomery county. philadelphia county, looks like chester as well. delaware county, you will see this winter weather advisory in effect starting at 5:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. keep in mind this system is moving in from the northwest to southeast. we talked about this yesterday. a frontal boundary sweeping on down and associated low to the west of us. all of the energy meeting up and this is why we're seeing the biggest concern will be for the morning commute. notice here, for the lehigh valley, we are seeing some deeper purple here. telling us we have some steadier snow showers moving down, and, in fact, our first alerts now is
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equity a.m. rush. biggest concern for the pennsylvania valley. friday today between 4-9:00 a.m. poor visibility and slick roads. try to treat the roads. live look outside. can't show you enough. camelback mountain see how steady the snow is now. keep in mind everything is moving from west to southeast. you will see it soon enough. here's the visibility is poorer to the northwest. and clearer as the snow makes it to our area. we will see poor visibility across the entire delaware valley. 4:24 right now. today high school and college softball players try out to become philly's ball girl for 2017 season. this is a live look at citizens bank park. tryouts will begin 9:00 this morning. hopefully the snow shouldn't be an issue. as many as 10 women selected to join the ball girl team.
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eagles fans are buzzing after the team acquired two new weapons for quarterback. carson wentz. signed one of the biggest names. jeffrey of the chicago bears and also signed smith from the 49ers who won a super bowel with the baltimore ravens back in 2012. fan reaction. >> good moves, but you know, we got to do a couple more things. secure a good defense. >> anything they did is an upgrade over what we had. >> guy haves weapons. i think it should be all right for them. >> carson wentz could get more presidential weapons out of nfl draft coming up next month. eagles fans dealing with the departure of defensive end conner barwin. tweeted a message to fans thanking them from the bottom of heart and calling philadelphia an amazing city.
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team usa begins play in the world baseball classic in south florida tonight. take on colombia this even. dominican republic. there are reports this morning that philadelphia's own donna will coach the u.s. women's basketball team at 2020 olympics in tokyo. head coach in south carolina. former coach at temple. one three olympic gold metals as a player and two more as an instant coach. expected to get that official announcement later on today. 4:26 this friday. 45 degrees outside. this morning. tracking snow. you can see it in this live picture at camelback mountain. still ahead, we'll have the timing for this wintery weather in your neighborhood. i'm first alert traffic reporter francesca ruscio. northbound for the philadelphia
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area, no problems this morning there. when i come back, have another update in the next several minutes. stay tuned. fruancesca ruscio.
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this morning, we are tracking snow. warm weather gone for now. blast of winter creeping closer to our area. >> commuter relief. traffic is once again flowing on an area bridge that has been closed for material in t clos closed for nearly two months. health care battle. moving forward, but not without a fight. good morning on this friday. march 10. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm rose mary conners. we've got you covered all morning long. francesca ruscio is watching traffic and meteorologist erica martin and krystal klei teaming
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up to bring you the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. let's start with krystal klei. huge difference from yesterday. yesterday i was out walking along the art museum steps. now is snow in the forecast and temperatures that are plummeting. here's a live look outside. where the snow started. camelback mountain. it's coming down and it has been for more than an hour. going to continue all morning long. there's the radar and satellite view. starting to get more steady snow through parts of areas just north of us. it's a lighter snow trying to make it to the ground as we speak. notice the green mixing in. some areas are still a little too warm right now fortous be tracking just snow. so what we're seeing is snow to the north. that green a little further south and the cold air dropping from north to south. going to start taking over and push everything to snow. some areas again rain to snow mix. here's why. 27 mount


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