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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  March 12, 2017 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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it's very simple. it's called good health care. >> if it's cia, it's a very serious issue. >> i think the president's tweets speak for themselves. >> i'm disheartened and disgusted with the scandal. good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. daylight saving time cost you an hour of sleep but we're here for you on another busy sunday morning. there are battles in washington over health care reforms and the dismissal of a group of attorneys. and we're keeping a close eye on a looming powerhouse of a winter storm that's set to hit the northeast. plus a new development in the beating of a motorist on a san francisco highway that was caught on video. this morning he is speaking out from his hospital bed.
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and later, my sunday sit-down with jon bon jovi. "living on a prayer" changed his life in the 1980s and three decade later, he's still on top but doing it now without his wing man, richie sambora. >> we didn't anticipate it. there was no fight. there was nothing about anything. he just didn't show up for work. >> a sunday sit-down with jon bon jovi a bit later in the show. let's begin this morning with the looming nor'easter expected to hit the east coast tomorrow night with 58 million people in its path. the storm setting up to be a beast. indra is in while dylan is out on maternity leave. indra, how bad is it going to be? >> justt was almost over, a pattern setting up over the east as we go monday through wednesday. as willie mentioned, 58 million people under watches and advisories right now, even a blizzard watch that is currently up. that's for long island, coastal portions of connecticut as well as rhode island and massachusetts.
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that means we'll be looking at very strong winds out there, and of course heavy amounts of snowfall. take a look at some of the totals we're expecting here. very different as we're looking at several models. some of you could be seeing near a foot. new york city will see near a foot, as well as boston. even d.c., we've upped your forecast to a few inches. we have two systems that need to merge to make this low that we're going to be watching. we're going to see snowfall in chicago, finally, for the first time this year, seeing possibly 3 to 6 inches of snowfall for you. off the coastline, those two emerge, and where it goes tells you how much snow we'll be expecting. willie? >> it looks like no joke over there. thank you. now let's turn to washington. president trump praising the secret service for stopping an intruder who tried to break into the white house this weekend. this as a battle goes on in washington over a proposed change of the health care system and a mass firing of u.s.
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attorneys across the country. kelly is live with all of it. kelly, busy morning there. >> reporter: it sure is. good morning, willie. the white house intruder who tried to breach security here is in custody and will be back in court tomorrow. this unexpected headline comes for a white house already dealing with big issues like health care and upheaval at the justice department. but friday night the president was home when security was tested. intruder raising new security questions at the white house today. california man, jonathan tran, jumped the security fence late friday on the pennsylvania avenue side is, carrying two cans of mace. officials say he moved behind the white house to the south lawn grounds. he appeared headed for the entrance before he was stopped, telling a secret service officer, i am a friend of the president. i have an appointment. court documents show tran had a backpack, a book written by donald trump and a letter he
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penned for the president. officials say he had no criminal history and told the secret service he had been called schizophrenic. the secret service said he was arrested without incident, but a former agent says the breach did pose a real risk. >> of course the president was in danger. this guy had a backpack. what if that backpack had four or five pipe bombs with shrapnel in it? >> reporter: the president did not appear concerned when reporters asked during a saturday lunch with cabinet secretaries. >> secret service did a fantastic job. it was a troubled person. very sad. the secret service was fantastic. >> reporter: the white house went on offense saturday, sending mike pence to louisville to sell the republican obamacare overhaul and persuade conservative critics, including kentucky senator rand paul, who opted to skip the vice president's visit. >> obamacare has failed the people of kentucky, it's failed the people of america and obamacare must go.
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>> reporter: taking the health care message home to republican districts, the feedback from constituents was heated. california republican congressman darrell issa tried to sound reassuring. >> you deserve good health care that doesn't make that coverage cost too much. >> reporter: pushback of a very different kind saturday from one of the country's most prominent federal prosecutors. among the 46 u.s. attorneys asked to step down by attorney general jeff sessions. obama appointee, new york's, refused to step down saying, i didn't ask to step down, i was fired. they won't comment on the situation. they will say, according to sources, that he's no longer with the department but he wasn't fired. president trump himself tried to
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contact barrara by phone before these dismissals were announced. they had a previous announcement having met back in november during the transition. this morning i reached out to the white house and so far no comment on that phone call. willie? >> kelly o'donnell at the white house. kelly, thank you. chuck todd is on "meet the press." good morning, chuck. >> good morning, willie. >> he was one of the 46 asked to resign. 47 of them had already stepped aside on the new administration, now the remaining 46 asked to leave. this happened under president clinton. attorney general janet reno asked those 96 attorneys to step aside. why is this getting so much more attention? >> i think it's only getting more attention because of pete barrara, to be honest. he's the highest profile attorney in the southern district of new york, and because of that pledge that chuck schumer, the democratic
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senator, got out of then-president-elect trump that he would keep pete barrara in place. there's a couple things you have to keep in mind. number one, the relationship between schumer and trump has soured big time. i don't think he thinks he has to uphold that deal anymore. you have to remember what political parties use u.s. attorneys for. it is used in many cases to seed the political party of future governors, mayors, senators. u.s. attorneys are usually where your next level of political leaders come from in every new political administration when you have a change in parties likes to sort of reseed the u.s. attorney slots in that respect. politically, if he ever wants to run for office, he's been very clever about how he's gone about this this week. he raised his i.d., he raised
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his profile. if he's a candidate for new york city, he's gone about it in a pretty effective way. >> he's got many people under investigation, including two high-profile democrats, the governor of the state of new york andy cuomo and bill de blasio. let me move on to health care, the plan that was introduced by republicans this week. republicans have taken flak on this. by tomorrow we're hearing the congressional budget office will tell us how much this thing is going to cost. what's the future that far heal health care bill? >> if it's a political debate, i think it's okay. if house speaker paul ryan and keep it to, if we don't do this it's a political disaster for the gop, then they can probably pass a majority and get it passed. if this gets to a policy debate, i don't see how they get to the finish line. on policy, conservatives think it's too much obamacare,
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republican moderates think it's not enough. i don't see how you do this without a single democratic vote and the the possibility of losing votes on either side. for now their only hope is to make this a political fight and make this about, hey, we'll politically get killed even if you don't support a plan you don't like. that's better than not having a plan at all. i don't know how you make that argument, though, to policy wonks on the right or in the middle. >> before i let you go, chuck, s 's been eight d president obama of wiretapping him at trump tower. the justice department has until th to let the committee know whether there were warrants, applications for wiretapping. where is this going to end? >> let's see what they come up with. we don't have a good answer on this. we heard what jim clapper said to me a week ago today when he said nothing in regards to trump
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tower. now, again, trump tower. does that mea wit trump that ar under investigation? tha that's something we may learn this week.much we'll be watching "meet the press" this morning. chuck is joined by health and human services secretary tom price as he tries to sell the new republican health care plan. now to that horrible scene out of san francisco earlier this week. a driver senselessly attacked by a group of bikers. this morning the victim is speaking out for the first time from his hospital bed. we want to warn you this morning, some of the video you'll see could be very disturbing. nbc's steve patterson has our report. >> everything happened so st victim of a vicious attack in his own words. >> they kept coming at me like bulldogs. >> reporter: on wednesday a pack of unruly bikers wove through san francisco traffic, popping wheelies, speeding and harassing drivers.
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>> there are about 20 motorcycles involved, yelling at motorists. >> reporter: the highway patrol responding to a call on the busy 101 freeway where the motorcycles forced their wrath on this sedan. he somehow defended the bikers by changing lanes and was immediately surrounded before being forced to stop. >> he started hitting my window on the right-hand side. he hit it until he broke it and the glass started flying at me. >> reporter: quintana tried to talk himself out. >> instead of using words, these guys used their fists. >> reporter: video shows the brutality of the beating. he described kicks and punches. >> one punch after another just hit me. >> reporter: after sustained blows across his body, the bikers began to speed away with one last injury to inflict. >> he looked at me straight in the eyes and turned on his motorcycle and ran my leg over. >> reporter: after the gang sped
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away, quintano said witnesses came to his aid, blocking traffic and calling 911. he was rushed to the hospital, treated for a broken arm and broken leg. >> i have no word for them. it shouldn't have happened. these guys need to go to jail. >> reporter: leaving pain and trauma in its wake with so far no arrests made. steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. now a look at some of the other stories making headlines this morning. authorities in seattle are searching for suspects after a synagogue there was vandalized with graffiti claiming the holocaust was fake with the letter s followed by a dollar sign. cemetaries across the country are dealing with a rise in bomb threats and vandalism. sad news from the world of music. singer joanie sledge has passed away. ♪ we are family ♪ i got all my sisters and me. >> sledge and her sisters hit
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the big time in 1979 with the song "we are family," a tune that became an anthem for the women's rights movement. joanie sledge died on friday. she was 60 years old. on a much lighter note, today is selection sunday when the ncaa reveals the 68 teams selected to play in the march madness basketball tournament. on sunday the villanova wildcats won the big east knocking off creighton 64-60. they will likely be the number one seed in the tournament. they won it all last year. the blue devils won on saturday. and my alma mater vanderbilt did lose to arkansas in the semifinals but a late season will likely put the commodores in the ncaa field. right, tournament committee? they're in the field. they better be. indra is back with another check on the weather. >> by now we know there is a big storm on the way, but we want to
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time it out for you as we go through the overnight hours into tomorrow. chicago right during that morning commute could be the biggest snowfall for you. 3 to 6 inches possible. detroit, also a snow day. 1 to 3 inches possible for you. 8:00 p.m. on monday, d.c., philly, starting to get a few of those snow showers but really in the good morning. i'm meteorologist krystal klei. frost highs today, a cold one, 36 the forecast high, 35 in scheft nut hill. mix of clouds and sun today, breezy as we go through your afternoon. in new jersey, 35 for the temperature trend and 34 voorhees, ocean city up to 38 degrees. mid to upper 30s in delaware today. snow chances arrive monday night into tuesday. we are bracing ourselves. the biggest snowfall of the year, possibly,, possibly, just
8:15 am
thought it was over with. >> wasn't winter over a few weeks ago? it came roaring back. indra, thanks. the highs and lows of the world, including the four-year-old girl who can fly. we'll explain exactly what you're seeing here. and a very serious tv interview on foreign affairs turns into a viral showcase for two little kids who burst into dad's office while he's on the air. plus, made in america. with president trump's promise to bring jobs back to the united states, we look at companies who are already doing it and how they're pulling it off. a little girl facing down the iconic bull. a look at the media frenzy surrounding her. we'll be back on "sunday
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the week. shall we? >> we shall. >> the first high goes to four-year-old madison gardner of lyndhurst, ohio who apparently is some kind of superhero. they arrived in the cleveland suburbs, and as madson's mother unpacked the car, she reached the door of the house and went for a ride. whee! with some superhuman vice grip hangs onto the door and the phone as she's whipped around the house. it was caught on the security camera making madsonison a vira star this week. she was freaked out but unharmed and they've been laughing about this picture posted to facebook ever since. that is supergirl. >> she might be stronger than i am. our low goes to the point when daddy is working with the grown-ups and his kids burst into the room. it happened with an expert on south korea as he's being interviewed live on bbc.
8:20 am
let's meet the whole family. >> the question is how good will democracy respond to those scandals. >> what will it mean for the wider region? i think one of your children just walked in. shifting sands with the northern region will change? >> i would be surprised if they do. pardon me. my apologies. >> so those are professor kelly's two children making a dramatic entrance, and their panicked mother diving in to extract them from the interview. watch this grab of the door. when she closes it, she kind of sneaks in. you have to admit she's got the arm of the child and mom sweeps in for duty. they interviewed the grandmother and the kids thought their father was talking to the grandparents on skype like they do all the time, so they came in to say hello.
8:21 am
>> what's up? our next high goes to the south carolina woman who challenged the giraffe to a birth contest and won. as you know, there's been a live camera on a giraffe for what seems like years now awaiting the birth of her calf. in myrtle beach, california, erin went live awaiting the birth of her baby boy. porter lane was born and mom brought out the giraffe masks for the delivery photo afterward. we're told erin, the mother, does actually have a human face. we should show that picture, too. >> she's going to look back in ten years like, what was that that i did? our next low goes to that feeling when you forget to pay the electric bill and your lights go out on the national beacon of freedom. the statue of liberty went dark
8:22 am
for about two hours on tuesday night leaving the torch still lit. people thought it was perhaps a political statement for national women's day, but nope. it was just an unplanned outage tied poetically to emergency work done on the generator. the statue of liberty finally getting a $4.5 million renovation by damage caused by hurricane sandy. our next high goes to the 29th birthday celebration for seattle mariners outfielder leonis martine. when he took the plate, he was met by a full mariachi band, a surprise cooked up by friends and teammates as a gift, and the band followed him everywhere. ♪ >> during warm-ups, during
8:23 am
batting practice, he's trying to take ground balls. at what point is he like, come on, guys. i appreciate the gift but beat it. >> i just want to hang out with the team. our final low goes to the omen. when you lose your lunch in the exact moment you've asked someone to spend the rest of your life with you, darrell hammond jr. had the proposal planned out beautifully. he took his beautiful girlfriend marianna up for a plane ride, and when the beautiful skies were just right, he tapped her on the shoulder with an open ring box. before she could even register what she was seeing, david turns and hurls on the plane. she is left holding the box while the man works through his personal air sickness journey. he never even got the question out, but after the journey she eventually did say yes. >> did they go to feel this special... need to eat this special. kellogg's special k... ...made with whole grains and fiber to help a body thrive...
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good morning. i'm rosemary connors. it's a few minutes before 8:30
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on this sunday, not 7:30. don't forget to move your clocks forward an hour. meteorologist krystal klei is tracking the forecast for us. krystal, we have frigid temperatures today and snow on the way. >> that's right. let's track the cold first. we're at 24 in philadelphia right now, 18 in the suburbs and 19 in the lehigh valley. low 20s new jersey to delaware. winds are light, and we are mostly clear. we'll see clouds building into the afternoon, breezy conditions. look at the highs, only low to mid 30s. we stay cold and dry tomorrow. tomorrow night through tuesday is when we're tracking the potential for snow across the region. new this morning, an old bowling alley in wilmington is nothing but rubble. firefighters were called to the former pike creek bowling center. dozens of firefighters worked for over an hour to put the flames out. fortunately no reports of injuries. the bowling alley closed in 2009 after 21 years in business. also new this morning, mt. laurel police are investigating
8:28 am
a crash near the intersection of route 73 and fellowship road. that's where a driver hit a person in the street. it happened around 3:30 this morning. the driver did stay at the scene. u.s. senator bob casey of pennsylvania will hold the first of a vears of town halls today in university city. there he'll meet with voters at 2:30 at the pren museum on spruce street. casey is running for re-election next year. that's it for now. i'm rosemary connors. krystal and i will be back at 9:00 for a full hour of news and weather.
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y26vgy y5yy
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mr. president, please, we have to do something. look how much the aliens control. this is the aliens. and this is us. >> this is us? >> yes. >> that is a great show, "this is us." but i can't watch it because it's on nbc and nbc has been very unfair to me. >> alec baldwin back as president trump on "saturday night live" last night. scarlet johansson hosting across the week from us here at 30 rock. for 30 years jon bon jovi and richie sambora performed side by side as one of the most recognized duos in music. they came up together in new jersey and became stars together around the world, selling some 130 million albums. then suddenly sambora walked away. but jon and the rest of the band
8:31 am
played on. bon jovi's latest album "this house is not for sale" recorded without sambora was an instant hit, and bon jovi is back on the road. for our sunday sit-down, i caught up with jon out on tour. jon bon jovi is back on the road. ♪ >> doing what he's been doing for nearly 35 years now, playing with his band to sold-out arenas across the country. ♪ >> bon jovi's latest tour is the guy's first in three years and the first ever jon has kicked out without his former lead guitarist and long-time friend, richie sambora. ♪ >> what's it feel like, jon, to stand up here without richie standing next to you? are you still getting used to it? >> no, no more. we didn't anticipate it. there was no fight. it was nothing about anything, he just didn't show up for work.
8:32 am
>> that's what's confused a lot of your fans. >> yeah, me, too. >> four years ago, sambora walked away from the band in the middle of a tour. >> he never reached out to you? >> not to me, not to tiko, not to david. >> but the show went on and phil x took his place on stage. >> richie was a great guy, hard shoes to fill, but phil is not trying to fill his shoes, he's trying to be his own man. ♪ >> the band's new album, "this house is not for sale" debuted at number one. sweet success after a post-sambora stretch that jon confesses was difficult for him. >> i didn't sing in the shower for all of 2014. i didn't touch the guitar. in fact, i walked by and gave it the finger. and you know what, in 2014, i think it gave me the finger, too. and one day i saw a photograph. i saw this proud stone house
8:33 am
with deep roots, and i said, there's the story to tell. >> that house is represented on the cover of the new album. bon jovi's roots are in working class issayerville, new jersey where at 16 he was already working the local clubs. >> late '70s, early '80s, u2, pat benatar, on and on and on and on. >> by 21, jon had a record deal and pulled together the band that would become one of the biggest in the world. ♪ >> but bon jovi was not an overnight success. >> i remember even my parents thinking on the first two records, well, nobody knows who you are yet. "slippery" changed everyone's life. >> bon jovi's 1982 album
8:34 am
"slippery when wet" with singles like "living on a prayer" and "wanted dead or alive" went platinum 12 times over, selling more than 30 million copies and making jon and his bandmates international stars. what was it like to be in the middle of that phenomenon where you guys were it in that moment? >> it was cuckoo. you have that one. it was a rocket ship. >> but even a rocket ship burns out eventually. >> it almost killed us. if i were giving advice to a young kid, i would say, you're going to go to sleep now and you'll be fine. ♪ >> what is it like to write a song and then go to an arena and have everyone sing that back to you? >> it's magical. there have been incredible moments in my life where the songs go far beyond their meaning. >> what goes into a set list?
8:35 am
i'm always curious about that. >> you have the hits, which folks would be disappointed if i didn't do. then there's the ones that are for me. i want to tell this story tonight or i don't feel like singing this one tonight. >> but there are some that have to be on the list every night, right? >> sure "wing on a prayer," "it's my life," and i'm fine with it. but i do one for me. >> the 55-year-old bon jovi always had a rock at the center of his rock and roll life, his wife and high school sweetheart dorothea. they have a daughter and three sons together. >> was it hard to be with a girlfriend in a hard rock band? >> we broke up after three months. she didn't want a life on the road. i went back to her and said, this is actually working for me. we have a gold record and we're in the meadowlands.
8:36 am
you should come. and she did. fortunately for me, i won her back again. >> when jon and dorothea aren't on the road, you might find them washing dishes at one of their jbj soul kitchen restaurants where people in need can volunteer for a good meal. part of the bon jovi's larger effort to fight poverty. >> we know we're chipping away at something, you know? and we feel good about it. >> jon spent time last year on the campaign trip, playing music and speaking out at rallies for hillary clinton. do you ever worry that you're going to offend an audience by talking about politics. >> i do not use that microphone as my soapbox. i never have. when i'm off the stage, if i choose to do something like i wholeheartedly supported mrs. clinton, then that's my business. >> how are you feeling about where we are right now as a country? >> there is a great portion of
8:37 am
the population of this nation who feel left out. and their voice needs to be heard. it's going to be a very different white house than i imagined. i'm going to be patient, but i won't tell you that i'm not fearful. i'm fearful. ♪ >> the big hair of the '80s is long gone, and so now is his guitar wing man. but with another number one album 30 years after the first, jon bon jovi is still hungry. >> i always said to my friends and to the people who don't know me the day that we're not doing it at a level i've grown accustomed, i'm out. you're never going to see the fat elvis and where are they now tour. it just ain't happening. ♪ >> it's almost surreal to me,
8:38 am
because i've been at this for so, so long that i still feel like i am that 21-year-old kid that got a record deal. ♪ who says you can't go home. >> how's that? >> jon bon jovi is out on tour now. the name of it is "this house is not for sale." from backstage to see the band who started in new jersey, check out our website. air bnb, who changed the places we stay and made it very comfortable in the process. indra is back with another check on the weather. good morning, indra. >> i don't think i can go anywhere without being asked, how much snow and when is it coming? a nor'easter setting up monday evening into tuesday. notice tuesday morning as we go
8:39 am
all the way here, we're talking about heavy amounts of snowfall. keep in mind where this low goes from this track to this track, that's going to change how much we're expecting. we do know 12 inches is good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. a look at your forecast highs, 36 the forecast high in center city 357bd in chestnut hill. in lansdale 32 degrees. that's about the same for allentown. notice the mix of clouds an sun today. we'll also be breezy as we go through your afternoon. in new jersey, 35, 34 voorhees. ocean city up to 38 degrees. mid to upper 30s expected as we go through today. snow chances arrive monday night into tuesday. well, most of us in the northeast are talking about snow. what did we just snnotice, will? >> 87 in southern california. >> i resent them, too.
8:40 am
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stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. for many of the 63 million people who voted for donald trump, part of the promise of his presidency is he will bring back the manufacturing jobs that have been streaming out of the united states for the last 40 years. but can he, an american industry, deliver on that promise? nbc's stephanie rule introduces us to some companies that are trying. >> it's 10:00 a.m. and competition at this crossfit fitness studio is just heating up. but the big winner isn't taking part in the jumps, squats or races. it's the company behind the equipment these competitors are using. the company's name, rogue fitness. and it's all made right down the
8:43 am
street in columbus, ohio. >> we're showing all of our secrets. >> bill henninger is the founder of rogue, a company he started in his garage and exploded as crossfit fitness programs took off all around the world. what isn't around the world, his factories. they're all here at home. >> made in the usa means to me that we've done it the right way. >> he is bucking the trend of moving offshore to save costs. almost all of his jobs are factory jobs. >> we know the process, we know the parts. we know exactly how they're made. i know bob made that piece or joe made that part. it's not about somewhere else we're selling. >> reporter: this would probably please president trump. >> it's coming back and it's coming back fast.
8:44 am
>> reporter: so what are the facts? since 2000, 5 million factory jobs have gone overseas. president trump himself has been criticized for manufacturing trump ties and clothes in china. but he's not alone. 98% of the clothes sold in the united states were made overseas last year. so how does that 2% made in the usa survive? we went to middlesex, north carolina to find out. a once booming textile town, these factories lay dormant for years. now the parking lots are are fu full again and business is back. this is the manufacturing home of american giant apparel, a six-year-old start-up that is disrupting the clothing industry. >> i've been told we couldn't celebrate sweatshirts in america anymore. >> reporter: he said the secret to success is the dedication of the american worker. >> u.s. manufacturing is viable
8:45 am
as long as you bring those classic american valuables to the program again. >> reporter: it means higher cash bonuses. >> we decided to try to emulate a business perspective to try to moderate american business again. >> reporter: but it only goes so far. do you believe american business will come back? >> no. there will be certain highs, and it becomes a conversation because there is a manufacturing index. which car is the most manufactured car in the u.s.? the winner, toyota camry. what's made in america is is taking on new meeting. >> reporter: what's not so new, the role the economy plays in american jobs. the 400,000 steel working and 300,000 textile jobs since the
8:46 am
1950s was due to automation. and with the explosion of technology giving way to robots and driverless vehicles, jobs for humans will shrink. but companies like rogue fitness are determined to disrupt that trend. having just completed construction of a new manufacturing plant, a former steel mill that sat vacant for 20 years now churning out thousands of products a day. >> so that's just our little ecosystem, but the ripple effect is pretty substantial. >> reporter: enterprising businesses adding that special label to their products, made in america. for "sunday today," stephanie rule, new york. >> stephanie, thanks. coming up next on "sunday today," harry smith visits the colorado artist
8:47 am
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♪ at there's a decent chance some of the food on your breakfast table this morning passed through the hands of one of the millions of seasonal farm workers in the united states. fruit, vegetables, eggs, all products of the labored men and women who traveled great distances for hard work and low pay. harry smith went to colorado to visit an artist who shines a
8:50 am
light on their lives. >> reporter: in a studio outside boulder, colorado, it's darn near impossible to tell what artist don cohen is working on. he paints with an airbrush, guided by a photograph projected in a massive shadow box, a photograph of cattle grazing in a pasture. a familiar scene to his fans and collectors. don cohen grew up on a farm in the high plains of eastern colorado. he's been drawing or painting since he was four. >> we had this white enamel table. i would go in there and spend hours drawing on that table with a pencil and then i could smear with my fingers to blend. never once did my mother ever say, donald, don't draw on the table. so i guess after i'd leave, she would clean off the table before we would eat dinner. >> reporter: painting where he comes from has been his life's work. but 20 years ago, cohen changed his focus. he started painting giant portraits of migrant workers.
8:51 am
>> i was up in greeley photographing these cows. i turn around and i see these migrants sitting on these sacks and i thought, wow, that is beautiful. i walked over and said, hey, would you guys mind if i took your picture? they said no. i thought, you know, nobody has ever painted the migrants. maybe i better. >> reporter: and so began an odyssey. >> i photographed for about nine years going all across the united states from texas to washington state, from california to florida. >> reporter: all to find the faces that would end up on canvas, faces that give identity to the invisible people who labor lab labored day after day to put food on our tables. is some of this about bringing dignity to the workers? >> absolutely. >> reporter: but cohen claims
8:52 am
it's not political. do you think this means more given the political world now? >> i want people to look at these paintings and appreciate them for the beauty these people are and what they do. >> reporter: at the opening a few weeks ago at the colorado springs fine arts center, those who saw were moved. >> i see a little bit of sadness from the workers. i mean, their lives are so hard, and i feel like itthr faces. but they're making the best of what they can. >> reporter: almost a quarter of this 81 years has been spent on the migrant series. he cries sometimes when he speaks about them, and why he cries, he says, he doesn't know exactly. >> harry smith reporting for us from colorado. this week another life well lived.
8:53 am
♪ >> in the small club in new york's greenwich village served as a stage. carly simon, peter paul & mary and fred weintraub all passed through the doors. he was selling baby furniture when he picked up and traveled the world before he settled on the music scene. the bitter end, with its brick wall as a stage backdrop, hosted a string of musicians and comedians like woody allen and joan rivers. weintraub introduced bruce lee to the world. he also made the woodstock music
8:54 am
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we're back with the predictions ahead. trump welcomes angela merkel to the white house. two years ago he said, quote, that she was ruining germany. he's backed off on that a bit. we predict trump will beat angela merkel with the traditional gesture afforded her
8:58 am
by the american president, the deep shoulder rub. there it is. friday, st. patrick's day. the holiday that commemorates the patron's day. we predict if he were alive today, sait. patrick would be s touched by the two-ounce test tubes sold every year in his honor. the show where women live together and fight in the big house with the pool as they vie for the attention of a young man. he will have to choose between lila and vanessa. as he proposes to the woman of his dreams, he is shocked to learn she likes another man. that man, gary busey. raven or vanessa, who wins tomorrow? >> raven is cute, but vanessa.
8:59 am
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winter storm watch. we are tracking a system that could bring us the biggest snowfall of the season. when it will arrive and how much will fall in your neighborhood coming up. before the storm we're facing another day of bitter cold temperatures. the wind will make it feel like it's in the 20s in some spots this afternoon. up in flames, an early morning fire rips through an old bowling alley reducing it to rubble. those details are straight ahead. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm rosemary connors. it's 9:00 on this sunday. thanks for being with us. a big week ahead in terms of our weather. we'll wrap up our sunday with freezing conditions. let's take a live look outside from our eagle easiness camera at


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