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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 13, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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from arriving. >> it's the last-minute rush to get supplies, treat the roads, getting you ready. we're talking snow totals, the timing and protecting you in case of power outages. >> nbc 10 has you covered from the lehigh valley all the way to the new jersey shore. ride out the storm with the nbc 10 first-alert storm team. and thank you for joining us. i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm keith jones. you will need the shovel to dig out from this blizzard. the nbc 10 first-alert weather team has been tracking this for the last ten days. >> we have you covered with the nbc 10 first-alert team, glenn "hurricane" schwartz and tammy souza. this is no joke, glenn, take us hour by hour. we get snowstorms here regularly, but it is rare we get a blizzard. it is kind of a different animal. >> especially, this whole thing is moving quickly. and some parts of the area will see blizzard conditions and heavy snow while others hear the
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clap of thunder and will have flooding issues. so it's a very different situation. >> yeah, and it's going to be very variable depending on where you are. and that's why we got to do this neighborhood by neighborhood. and there are blizzard warnings in effect for every county north and west of philadelphia, that includes chester, bucks, montgomery, mercer up north to new jersey. what does it take for a blizzard? a 35-mile-an-hour wind. and you don't often get those that far inland. you get them at the coast, but that's what is unusual about this storm. visibility is a quarter mile or less with the heavy snow that happens regularly. but this has to happen for at least three hours straight. this is a strict definition. and i'm kind of a stickler on this. so when we say blizzard, we kind of mean blizzard. winter radar, nothing close by, but boy, that rain is coming fast up from the south. and there's a tremendous amount
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of moisture with that thing. so it's all about the temperatures and whether it is snow or sleet. so later this evening, the snow starts. the peak of this storm generally 3:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. that's the time to avoid travel. if you do that, you will end up okay. tuesday afternoon, the snow continues, but it's tapering off. and wednesday morning, it is just snow showers. it is not a long-lasting storm. just got to be patient and wait it out. here we are through the evening, the darker blue indicates the heavier snow. and boy, it's going to be heavy all through the night. when you get up in the morning, it is likely to be a lot of snow on the ground. farther to the south, that's rain. heavy rain. thunderstorms and rain. maybe thunder sleet, thunder snow. at 6:00 a.m., not going to be much of a rush hour. and with the amounts of snow, they are really going to vary as we have been saying, and nbc 10 first-alert meteorologist tammie
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sow zuza has more on what to expect. >> you pointed out the definition of the blizzard, but what most may not realize is you could have an inch of snow with a blizzard. you can have no snow, no snow on the grounds and the high winds create a blizzard. as the winds pick up during the day, we may see the watches and warnings dropped or added. but the one thing we'll see is a huge demarcation line across the area. between where we don't have a lot of snow and where we are digging and digging out of the snow. kids, i hate to tell you, it's probably going to be the heaviest snow falling overnight. so it won't be in the morning when you're out there at 8:00 or 9:00 in the morning, especially from the city eastward to new jersey. if you are up into the lehigh, burkes, pocanos, you'll be dealing with plenty of snow up there. that's one area we are guaranteed of that. we'll look at the snow total map up here. in chester in delaware county, for the most part, we are looking at a little bit of a difference. we'll be seeing snow totals that
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could be higher in some areas. the pinks will be the highest. and then they drift off heading eastward into the snow totals that could be a foot. but when you get into the pinks, all bets are off. that could be two feet. so here's what we're going to be looking at. we'll be looking at a big line. the closer that you get to the city of philadelphia, the closer that you get to the river, you're going to be looking at much lower totals where you could see eight if it doesn't wash away. then you see the purples, the purples will be higher than that above 12. here's what we are looking for chester and delaware counties. again, you can see that we have this line of blue. that's about 11.4 inches. you get up to pottstown, we are looking at 17%.3. again, that's if the rain doesn't wrap back around and the sleet dump tamper this down. but that's a whole lot of snow to be concerned with. >> thank you, tammie. right now, philadelphia's mayor is about to address how the city plans to cope with the snow emergency. this is a live look for them to prepare for mayor jim kinney to
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give a news conference. if you live in the city, we do know, if your car is not moved by midnight, you will get a ticket and be towed. we're going to check back in once this news conference begins. and we're going to bring it to you live. and what if you live in philadelphia? maybe in south jersey or delaware, we have you prepared to keep you informed from the storm. the live team coverage begins right now with mitch walker live in philadelphia. how is the city preparing? >> reporter: today the city was still picking up garbage and recycling, but we saw as they were outfitting the trucks to be plowing snow just 24 hours later. this morning these recycling trucks were on the usual monday route. this afternoon they were nearly converted to hold a snowplow. >> usually we are winding down and getting ready to go into a ditch restoration and paving season by this point. >> reporter: steve laurens is coordinating loading hundreds of the city salt trucks.
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tonight crews will start brining and they won't lay out salt until the snow start falling. >> i hope they get to our area as well. >> reporter: cheryl partlow expects her street plowed but won't be in a hurry to go out. >> i won't do anything. i'm staying in for the rest of the week and relaxing. being a movie buff with my husband. >> reporter: she's not the only one looking forward to snow. >> i got any grandkids over, we'll build a snowman, have a good day. >> reporter: there are 800 city workers scheduled to work tomorrow. more than 400 trucks will be out salting and plowing 2200 miles of snow. he expects them to be clear. the city will tow anyone parked in a primary street like market or broad starting at midnight. >> after last winter, this shouldn't be too bad. >> reporter: because of the mild winter that we have seen throughout our area, the city of philadelphia has not used much of its salt reserve. it still has more than 50,000
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tons of salt available. i'm mitch walker, "nbc 10 news." >> most school districts will decide tonight whether or not to close tomorrow. the philadelphia public schools have already canceled classes. >> averarchdiocese and pa rokro schools are also closed. the grocery stores have been packed with people stocking up for the storm. >> uh-huh. people are buying the necessities, we're talking milk, water, bread. if you have any shopping to do, expect stores to get even busier at the end of the day. nbc 10 delaware bureau tim furlong checked out the stores in wilmington. >> and tim, you talked to deldot about the snow. that's where the first flakes will fall where you are. >> reporter: i was there midday, and it was packed. but the roads still try at this point. this is main street newark. bone try right now, but by
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midnight, you won't see much of the roads and tomorrow you won't see the black top. the acme store has been slammed with extra customers. everyone is stocking up so they don't have to go out. >> water, frozen stuff, cat food. >> reporter: facts are facts, milk is going quickly today. the egg section popular, too. and a cold snow day doesn't mean no ice cream, right? >> i hate the snow. i hate the snow. >> reporter: breanna is lying. she likes the snow and was kind of giddy shopping for what she hopes will be a nice day off from work with her son. >> i'm getting bread, cheese, simple things. >> reporter: most of people here do plan to stay home tomorrow. deldot happy to hear that after a few smaller weather events. they are loading up for what they believe will be a much bigger deal. >> we have also had to baby sit a lot of these types of storms. so this one we'll actually be able to use our plows.
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>> reporter: see the marks on the road? that shows where deldot pre-treated the roads. the job will be more efficient if most of us stay home tomorrow. and that is just fine for those lucky enough to have the option. >> i'm going to stay in for sure. i'm not going to risk going out. that's why we are out now. >> reporter: yeah, just come back live, deldot has plenty of salt and trucks. they also told me that they have a huge new snow blower attachment. here's what it does, after the snow blower comes through and the plow pushes the snow to the right side of the street, they are coming back around the primary roads with a blower and then will blow all the snow onto the yards and into the sides. and then that way you won't have to shovel out your driveway access and store front access. not on every road, but they will do their best on the roads wherever they can. it's a big new toy and they are geeked up to use it. tim fur long, "nbc 10 news." >> thank you so much. they have a big job ahead of them. we'll go live right now to city hall, center city, philadelphia, where we expect
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mayor tim kenny to address the snow plan that they have in the city. let's listen live. >> if your car is moved, you can call 215-686-snow. srk s-n-o-w, to find it. and please do not call 911. the city will make a decision and publicly announce early this morning as to whether city government offices will be open. please wait for that. that should be sometime in the overnight hours. and if you have business tomorrow, please try to reschedule it for later in the week. citizens are encouraged to travel with caution on tuesday. please give yourself extra time to get to your destination. workers are encouraged to make use of flex time when available. caution, it will be particularly
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important during the morning rush hour when snowfall rates could reach two inches per hour and heavy winds are expected. the philly 311 call center will remain open during normal business hours. tuesday 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to take calls for non-emergencies. requests for salting and plowing will not be taken during the storm. once the storm has moved on, the city will announce when such requests will be taken. the department of parks and recreation reminds residents if a tree falls during the storm and it's blocking a road or is falling on a house, car or other property, please call 911. a crew of harborists from the department are on call to respond to tree emergencies. if a tree has fallen on electrical wires, please call
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peco's emergency number. and that is 1-800-841-4141. and finally, for the philadelphia prisons, all inmate visits are canceled tomorrow in all philadelphia prison facilities. and now i would like to bring sam phillips up to the podium to give you the latest on the weather. sam? >> good afternoon, i'm sam phillips, director of energy management. the national weather service issued a winter storm warning from 8:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 p.m. tuesday, tomorrow evening. the total snow accumulation is forecast between 8 to 12 inches. however, there is a worse case scenario forecast that has us closer to the 20-inch range. snow will begin tonight, monday evening, around 9:00 p.m. it will become heavy at times. and we'll continue through the midday hours on tuesday. we expect that all snow will
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diminish by tuesday afternoon. heavy snow will make roads impassable and may produce widespread power outages due to the weight of the snow on tree limbs and power lines. we're expecting some heavy, wet snow because snow will also be mixed with a period of sleet during the overnight hours. strong winds ranging from 15 to 25 miles per hour sustained with gusts up to 45 are certainly expected. this could lead to blowing snow, reduced visibility and again some power outages. but we'll be closely monitoring. temperatures will be in the upper 20s to mid-30s during the event. the daytime high is expected to remain in the 30s to low 40s for the duration of the week. nighttime lows will be below freezing. so we remind residents and businesses to just be careful about re-freezing that can occur later on in the week. the city is activating the city's emergency operation center beginning at 10:00 p.m. tonight. this will be focused on a select
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group of agencies to support the streets department's plowing operations, public safety coordination and to support our utility partners should there be any power outages. we urge people to prepare for a high-impact event. and anticipate difficulty with traveling late tonight and certainly tomorrow morning. we'll be sharing -- >> you're listening live to city hall, sam phillips, the director of emergency management addressing the residents of philadelphia. lucky for us, she gave the forecast there. we have the most accurate forecast with glenn "hurricane" schwartz and tammie souza joining us with a lot of expertise. make sure to count on the first-alert weather team to prepare you for the first major snowstorm. we'll take you to south jersey, next. south jersey counties have all hands on deck in prep paying for tuesday's snow, sleet and heavy winds, which could make any snow we have had in our rear-view mirror peal in comparison. that's next. and when is the snow going
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to start ? and when is it going to clear out? we'll go county by county to let you know what to expectation in your neighborhood. and breathing new life into a shuttered casino. we'll tell you what is next for the closed club. this portion of "nbc 10 news" is sponsored by penn medicine's aramson cancer center.
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how much snow will your neighborhood get? it really depends on where you live. this is a live look at camden and also the aquarium there. we are now focusing on south jersey. >> cydney long is reporting along route 70 in burlington county. >> reporter: this sun kissed salt along with 20,000 gallons of brine will work to offset the wrath of mother nature. crews from the public works put in overtime over the weekend. >> all hands on deck. >> reporter: and will now get sleep in front of what could be a day or two of heavy lifting with the salt operations, starting tonight. >> we would like that, whether the state emergency or not, any time motorists are off the road it helps us. >> reporter: mayor randy brown is in constant contact with crews. >> reporter: they have done very well in responding. and that is the key.
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>> reporter: his fear is that heavy, wet snow coupled with winds will cause widespread power outages, especially in the southern end near king's grant and barton run. >> heavily wooded, a lot of older homes. and remember, there are older poles down there, too. >> reporter: and any combination of ice, snow and sleet -- >> ice is tough. >> reporter: and as for schools that won't have tomorrow or tomorrow off? >> usually the police make the decision on what is the safest for the buses and the kids. if we get eight or more inches, we could lose a couple days. >> reporter: i was told by the electric companies today, they have done extensive preparation work removing large branches away from the power lines and utility poles so that tomorrow doesn't become a situation that is dangerous or any lengthy power outage situation. from marlton, cydney long, "nbc 10 news." >> there's a lot to talk about here, folks. nbc 10 is here to pro pair
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and p-- prepare and protect you. >> let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> this is cape may, nice, quiet and tranquil. it will be different than this 12 hours from now. tomorrow morning you'll see ted greenberg against the beaches, maybe leaning into the wind, just to stand up. because it will be so windy. it will be really brutal at the shore, but not a lot of snow. we have a blizzard warning north and west of philly. the conditions could briching 15 inches. the i-95 corridor is changing to sleet and rain. that will determine with how much snow we end up with. the sleet can compact the snow a little bit. and south delaware and at the shore, mostly rain. but gusts of 50 to 60-plus miles an hour. we have a blizzard warning. all the counties north and west
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of philadelphia. and you get a lot of wind and very low visibility for at least three hours. and then you got a blizzard. it doesn't happen a lot around here. we have a coastal flood warning. fortunately, it's just one bad high tide. and it will be a bad high tide and moderate coastal flooding here. here comes the rain and snow, getting closer and closer, but that is just the beginning of this gigantic area of moisture. that's going to combine with this area of snow that hit chicago. it turned into a big nor'easter. it is a fairly nice day, but it is going to go downhill fast, including the wind picking up in the middle of the night. when you get up in the morning, look at some of these gusts, close to 50 in avalon. and i think i saw a 60 for a period of time. and gusting in the 40s in the philadelphia area, even all the way up to allentown. that's why we've got the blizzard warning, because the
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wind, which is rare, is going to be that strong, that far inland. here's the snow coming in, 11:00 tonight, getting heavy during the night. and the sleet in pink. the rain in green and yellow. and maybe thunderstorms in the orange color. and really wild by 7:00 a.m. from thunderstorms and temperatures in the 50s in atlantic city to maybe thunder snow north and west. i mean, it is just going to be amazing. and then the cold air starts coming back. and the sleet starts changing back to snow. but in the afternoon, it gets lighter and lighter. so we're not going to add a whole lot to the accumulations  once we get after noon. now meteorologist tammie souza has more on how much snow to expect. where were you for the blizzard of 2017? this is in the history books. snow totals, we have a cotton
5:23 pm
candy map. the pink is the heaviest in the lehigh burkes and up in the pocanos. then you come on down through perhaps the upper parts of chester and montgomery and bucks county. you'll see the snowfall totals that could be anywhere in excess of a foot. that does include the city. and then you go out to the coast where there's virtually nothing. this could change very quickly if the cold air sticks around. and then this system actually brings enough moisture. we could see all snow. but at this point, it does look like we'll see the snow transitioning to something else by tomorrow morning, by the time you wake up. so we'll focus on what is going on in delaware from wilmington to middletown. we'll look at anything from 8 to 12 inches of snow. that's if we don't get the sleet and rain tapping down. you go further south, you're looking at nothing. we'll see the snow falling and not sticking. so let's go ahead and take a look at forecast for delaware. you can see, up near wilmington,
5:24 pm
a half a foot of snow. further south to dover and maybe a couple of inches of snow. so at this point, it's all about the timing of that warmer air coming in with that moisture. and mixing with that cooler air. but this is something you should pretty much plan on at this point. i'm going to head over to you, aaron. i have a question for you, glenn, i have done dozens of winter storms and you have done more. >> as far as in the philadelphia area, it just reminded me of the '93 storm where we had a foot of snow followed by a bunch of sleet. in the areas north and west, we have much, must have more. even perhaps two feet. we are not going to get quite as much sleet as that storm. but it's happened before. >> absolutely. remember the one from '93, thank you, glenn. we'll check back in with you as
5:25 pm
the forecast continues to evolve here and develop. next at 5:00, many the meantime, a champion sendoff. the wildcats get ready for march madness. and a new call for evidence and proof of tapped phones at trump tower. that's next.
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back to your forecast in a minute, but first, the president
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is walking back the wiretapping allegations against president obama. >> the president didn't actually mean wiretapping when he made the accusation. earlier this month over twitter, the president accused mr. obama of tapping phones at trump tower in new york before the election. lawmakers investigated the claims and asked the justice department in turn to give up any evidence by the end of the day. the president's adviser kellyanne conway downplayed the denials from the former director of national intelligence. >> he can say those organizations under his per view did not do this, but that does not discount the rest of the obama administration. >> the president has two choices, to retract or provide the information that the american people deserve. >> democrats insist it's important for the president to be credible if there is an international crisis. next at 5:00, parts of the region are under a blizzard warning.
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we're live in burkes county, next. and a hooverboard causes a fire to take the life of a young pennsylvania child. what you need to know, next.
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and we are preparing and getting you ready for the major
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winter storm. let's go to glenn "hurricane" schwartz to see how much snow we are going to get. >> the southern portion of delaware will see the least amount of snow by the time this is over. and the areas north and west of philly are going to get the most. that's where we have blizzard warnings in effect. official blizzard warnings. you have to have winds of 35 miles an hour. and the visibility, a quarter mile or less. not very far. and that's going to last for at least three hours. that's the official definition. and i'm pretty strict with that around here. so we don't use that word lightly. now you can see the snow and rain echoes just south of washington. and look how much rain there is. a tremendous amount of moisture. that's a thousand miles worth of moisture coming up this way. food thing it's moving fast, or else we get a lot more. now, the snow starts from south
5:33 pm
to north this evening. so you're okay for dinnertime. the heaviest snow, some is falling in the middle of the night, but until 11:00 a.m., it's tomorrow morning, that's the main threat. tuesday afternoon, the snow starts to weaken. and the snow showers for wednesday morning, again, a limited time period of the threats. here comes the snow, the dark blue indicates the heavy snow. and it is piling up during the night. so you get up in the morning, you're going to see a lot of snow on the ground in most cases, but not so much in delaware, not so much in south jersey. because it will be a lot of rain in those areas. and sleet in others. that's going to complicate those snow accumulations. and meteorologist tammie souza has more on that. and it is going to complicate the kids wanting to get out to play in the snow. well, it should be good snowball snow, right, glenn? it should be. but with any sleet or rain, it
5:34 pm
will change that. so all bets are going to be off. all right, i've been showing you this cotton candy-colored map for some time. the white will be zero to four inches. four to eight in lighter shades of blue. 8 to 12 where you see the darker shades. that goes right through the heart of philly. and then you get to 12 to 18, a tiny little strip of this right through the upper part of chester, bucks, montgomery counties. and then you get to the lee high, burkes, pocanos, maybe more than 20 inches, maybe more than two feet in isolated areas. we'll take a look at another neighborhood right now. we'll talk about what is going on in montgomery and bucks county. for the most part, we have a little bit of a demarcation line where in the upper most western edges, you could actually see 15 inches or more. and that is because of the lift as we see all of this kind of sliding up the slope going up a little bit higher. down as we get down toward the philadelphia area, that's where we could see that 12 to 18. and again, this is all going to
5:35 pm
be predicated on whether or not we see any rain or sleet making its way into the area. so we'll pick one number right in the middle, we'll do doylestown, that's where we could see the 16-inch amount. look at the shades of blue, you get down here toward this area where you are looking at amounts in the eight-inch total. we'll cover another area when we come back in a little bit. i'm going to send it over to you, keith and erin? and now to the lehigh valley, we are joined live with how people are preparing for the snow. th >> reporter: we are right across the tree from the south pin parking garage that will be open for drivers as the storm moves through. that starts at 9:00 tonight through 6:00 a.m. wednesday. here's the list of what reading city leaders are doing in
5:36 pm
addition to opening garages, recycling and trash collection are canceled. between 20 to 24 public works trucks will be on the roads. crews will work 12-hour shifts until the storm is out of the area. we also met people repairing for the next couple of days. minutes after we got to reading, we met a woman combing home from the grocery store. how was the grocery store today? >> it was really packed. it was really packed. >> reporter: how long did it take you to get in and get out? >> about a half hour. >> reporter: do you plan to leave the house tomorrow? >> i ain't go nowhere. i'm going to watch tv. i got everything that i need. i'll watch tv all day in my house. >> reporter: she is going to make sure to keep it tuned here to nbc 10 for the latest. we have also learned from the penndot, lehigh valley office, they plan to reduce the speed limit on interstates and expressways to 45 miles per hour as well as prohibiting motorcycles, buses and 18-wheelers. we'll continue to follow the
5:37 pm
latest developments here in burkes county. you can get those updates on twitter and facebook. you can follow me on both of those. and we'll update you. reporting live, here in reading, "nbc 10 news." philadelphia public and pa roke ca parochial schools already canceled classes for tomorrow. >> and be careful driving on the roads altogether if you don't have to be out there. speed limits will be reduced to 45 miles an hour. drivers also being told to keep a longer distance between themselves and the car in front of them. and to be ready for poor visibility. also, stay safe. penndot says make sure you remove all of the snow from the top of your car so it doesn't impact other drivers. within the last half hour, new jersey governor chris christie issued a state of emergency ahead of tonight's snowstorm. all state offices will be closed tomorrow. residents are encouraged again to stay off the roads. meanwhile, grocery stores,
5:38 pm
hardware stores and the garden state, they have been packed. >> it's crazy that it is happening in march, but, you know, i guess we deserved it. we didn't get anything this winter. >> i feel like i'm unprepared. i have a snow blower at home that doesn't work. i was trying to weigh out the season and now i'm here. >> shovels and snow blowers are in short supply. >> if you are trying to get out of town before the storm, your best bet may be amtrak. there are no major delays at 30th street stations tomorrow. amtrak will operate on a modifying schedule. there will be limited service between washington, d.c. and new york. >> and here's a live look at philadelphia international airport. southwest airlines won't fly at all tomorrow out of philadelphia. american airlines announced tomorrow no flights will take off before 5:00. some airlines are offering waivers to change flights without a penalty. if you are traveling by plane, train or automobile, some
5:39 pm
people are getting ahead of the game. some people are getting out of town before the storm hits. >> nbc 10 and telemundo 62 are partnering with comcast to make sure your devices are fully charged during this storm. tap the nbc 10 app to learn more about the plug-in power-up program. if you can safely get to a comcast xfinity charging system. we'll continue with the storm totals for south jersey. and a 3-year-old pennsylvania girl kill in a weekend fire. why firefighters say a hoverboard is to blame. and a casino is getting a new life. the entertainment coming to a.c.
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nbc 10 is here to prepare you from tonight's storm that is expected to bring blizzard-like conditions. this is a look at boat house row, it is calm. the storm team's hour-by-hour forecast is just minutes away. a federal investigation is being called into the safety of the hoverboards. >> a deadly fire in harrisburg prompted that call. 3-year-old ashante hughes died after a hoverboard burst into flames. that's the first death linked to
5:43 pm
a hoover hoverboard in the u.s. her grandmother talked about the last time she saw the little girl. >> she walked to the edge where everyone could see her, and everybody screamed, get the baby! get the baby! then she just disappeared into the smoke. >> they tell nbc news they are working to determine if the previously recalled hoverboard model was the cause of the fire. and next at 5:00, a lot of this rain is going to turn into blizzard-like snow. and heavy rain and heavy sleet in some areas. tonight's storm is going to pack a punch. i'm tracking the snow totals, next. and sending off the team in style. we'll hear from the players, next. where should you start when you're
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you have a few more hours before the snow starts falling. we continue to track the major winter storm that is headed our way. and thevil villanova wildcats a already headed out of town ahead of the storm. >> my number one overall ranked team plays in buffalo. i'll be there to provide coverage for nbc 10. we went to the team's sendoff party. >> danny, it's the beginning of the road to repeat. >> that's right, erin. proud alum keith over there hammering his team. good luck, keith. it's tournament time. in just three days villanova will face the winner of st. mary's game. and braving the cold temperatures, you can see the cats off to the ncaa tournament. jay wright says the weather definitely changed things.
5:47 pm
>> it changed it a lot because we just got home. we just got home yesterday. and, you know, i'm not really looking forward to leaving right away. but it hits you reality like, you're in it. we're going to be in buffalo tonight. that's where we'll play. and it's on. >> regardless of who the fighting keith jones' are playing, tipoff is thursday night in buffalo. good luck to everybody in the tournament. guys, back to you. >> danny, thank you so much. i'll be traveling with the team just as i have the past three years in my live reports from buffalo that start on thursday. and we are going to get more snow here than in buffalo. >> crazy to think about. we'll get the latest right now on the timing of the storm about to hit us from nbc 10 first-alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. when will the flakes start to fall? we are talking six hours. and keith, dress warmly for buffalo. it's going to be like january in buffalo. coming up after this storm, anyway. here's philly international.
5:48 pm
and if you've got any flights tomorrow, you're going to see some issues. because not only is the weather bad here, but up and down the east coast. so there's going to be hundreds and hundreds of canceled flights. north and west of philly, we've got blizzard warnings. all snow. and places will get at least a foot, maybe at least 15 inches. the i-95 corridor including philadelphia and wilmington gets heavy snow, but a changeover to sleet and rain in the early morning. that complicates the total snow fall you're going to be seeing and what's left by afternoon tomorrow. and at the shore, mostly rain with gusts of 50 to 60 miles an hour. the blizzard warning through the counties north and west of pennsylvania, all pennsylvania county except for delaware and philadelphia county. mercer county and points north in new jersey, that coastal flood warning for the entire coast, we have just one high tide around 9:15 to 9:30
5:49 pm
tomorrow. moderate coastal flooding there. and beach erosion. the precipitation is getting close to washington already. it may take less than six hours for some of this to start up. the area that's getting to buffalo now is not nearly as impressive as it was yesterday. but this is the area that's taking over as the coastal storm, the nor'easter develops. it robs the other system of the moisture. 42 in philadelphia. enjoy that. because it's not getting anywhere near that tomorrow. or the day after. and so a lot of the snow is going to be hanging around for much of the rest of the week. unlike typical march storms. future wind gusts, well, they are going up. here's 45 in avalon. we'll see how high it goes. i saw a 60. yep, the computer is calling for that. and 40-plus, even to the north. even at noon. so that's why the blizzard warning. and so as we look closely, you see in philadelphia, here comes
5:50 pm
the snow. that is heavy snow in the middle of the night. it is just piling up, maybe two inches an hour. but we do have that issue of the sleet, how much of this is going to be sleet to cut down on the snow amounts. that's part of what makes the variation. and meteorologist tammie souza has more on that. you're killing all the kids out there, glenn, right? they just want to hear all snow. they are thinking of sledding and snowballs and everything else, and snowmen. some could be diminished out here to the jersey shore. but if you're going to be up in the lehigh burkes, you're probably going to be quite happy. we'll take a look at south jersey to see what is going on there. because that's where we actually have a demarcation line. actually, we are up a little further to the north. there we go. we have to get down here near gloucester. you can actually see that we perhaps, if it comes down as all snow, we will be looking at 8 to 12 inches. that's if the sleet and rain
5:51 pm
does not tamper it down. and the snowfall totals are impressive for this time of the year. by the time we get to 1:00 tomorrow, the numbers will start to taper down because of the potential of that sleet and rain. look, not too far away in westchester, we'll be looking at over 11 inches. so it is going to be a very strong gradient. you may be driving a couple miles to see a lot of snow on the ground. and then you won't see hardly anything on the ground. so that is something we'll be watching very closely as well. but it does look like the sky is becoming what i call snow sky. it's getting quite heavily laden. the clouds are looking grayer like they are going to have stuff to fall later on. >> i was in the weather conference over the weekend. i rode back on the airplane with the baseball team. that was awesome. now i have to find out about your alum, yes? >> not as great as villanova. >> no baseball players? >> don't be so modest. well, it's so funny, i was just reading governor tom wolf said, do not travel tomorrow.
5:52 pm
that was brand new from the state of pennsylvania. and really depending on where you live, that's what the storm is all about, right is this because there's a line that you keep talking ab. >> whether it is heavy rain, thunderstorms or heavy rain, it is bad news in a storm like this, especially with high winds to be out there on the road. so kids are getting what you want, a snow day, right? and enjoy it. stay home. mom and dad, if you don't have to go out, stay put as well. >> thank you, tammie. >> your first day bringing us your expertise. thank you for that. next at 5:00, a business boom for atlantic city. >> the atlantic club has been closed for years. tonight, the new attraction coming to this closed casino and hotel. fios in the house!
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welcome back. lester holt is joining us with what is coming up on "nbc nightly news." >> hi, keith and erin. weather is on our minds as it is in philly. al roker is tracking the gathering storm that could paralyze much of the east coast tomorrow morning. also, why more and more american citizens are being asked to hand over their cell phones when entering or leaving the country. and an important new advance in treating arthritis. we'll tell you more tonight on "nbc nightly news." keith and erin, back to you. >> a lot of us will get socked by the storm. see you at 6:30. thank you.
5:56 pm
new at 5:00, a new jersey developer getting set to bring new life to a defunct atlantic city casino. >> r&r development entered a contract to purchase the property. the state-of-the-art water park will be finished. and the mayor is excited for the prospects this will bring. show "my cat from hell" stopped by to take part in the cat whisperer show. and here's the news from 6:00. >> we are shouting it from the mountain tops with a blizzard across much of our area tonight. >> we are bringing you live team coverage of the storm about to
5:57 pm
bring heavy snow and damaging winds. and at the jersey shore, it's the threat of flooding that has people busy preparing tonight. we have live team coverage across every part of our area. plus, i'm pulling out exactly when the snow that is coming this way will fall and hit your neighborhood. and how much we'll be digging out from. that's next in my first-alert forecast. also at 6:00, dealing with the fallout of the deadly prison takeover. the changes coming to delaware prisons after a guard was killed during a hostage standoff with inmates.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, a major winter storm about to rock our region. >> this is legit. >> starting tonight, heavy snow, damaging winds and flooding will slam us. >> i'm staying in for the rest of the week. >> nbc 10 is covering every inch of our region, protecting and preparing you for a possible blizzard that is just hours away. good evening. i'm jim rosenfield. >> and i'm jaqueline london. first up at 6:00, parts of the area are under a blizzard warning as the major winter storm heads straight for us tonight. >> it's expected to keep battering our area all day tomorrow. we have more than 100 school closings already, including philadelphia schools. the full list at the bottom of your screen. >> it is sunny and clear out there right now in center city. people are out along broad street as we look live from the kimmel center campus camera.
6:00 pm
but this scene will be empty and snow covered in just hours. >> and before it gets here, this storm is hitting detroit, michigan, right now. this is a live look at snow coming down there. and this will intensify as it heads our way. we have an army of meteorologists and reporters with everything you need to know to stay safe through this storm. let's begin with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz with the timing of the storm hour by hour. glenn? what i want you to do is take a look at this radar. and you can see the amount of moisture that is around. it is just a huge area that is covering us. and it is going to be affecting us for a good bit of the night tonight and into the day tomorrow. the blizzard warning has been issued and it covers all the pennsylvania counties north of philadelphia. and there's a strict definition for a


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