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tv   Today  NBC  March 15, 2017 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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looking it up on amazon. >> one on prime? >> coming up. free shipping. bill is buying. >> what? >> happy birthday to me. >>. >> thanks for watching. good morning. breaking overnight. a portion of president trump's tax returns finally revealed. the leaked documents showing he paid $38 million in federal taxes in 2005. so is it the bombshell his rivals hoped for, or is it a bust? this as the white house stands by the president's claims that he was wiretapped by barack obama, with republican senator lindsey graham calling for the fbi to hand over any evidence of that immediately. >> they're about to screw up big time. >> this morning, senator graham joins us for a live interview. what a mess. temperatures plunge overnight, adding to the misery to the deadly nor'easter. up to three feet of snow in
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areas but major cities spared the worst. this morning, hundreds of thousands are without power, schools still closed and airlines scrambling to get up to speed. hack attack. high-profile twitter accounts hijacked overnight. nazi symbols posted on the pages of celebrities, politicians and media outlets. who was behind it? take two. the dad whose live television interview became a worldwide sensation after his children crashed into the room goes back on tv. >> once my son came in in the roller, then it was sort of -- there was nothing i could do. >> the lesson he says he'll never forget today, wednesday, march 15th, 2017. ♪ don't believe me, just watch >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone.
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welcome to "today" on this wednesday morning. we had the weather storm yesterday and back to politics this morning. >> what a difference a night can make. a lot to cover in politics, the top story this morning. >> we're getting a rare look at some of president trump's tax returns. documents that refused to release during the campaign. there's also new fallout over the republican's plan to replace obamacare. and the president's claims that phones at trump tower were wiretapped. peter alexander is at the white house with more on all of this. good morning. >> good morning to you. we're getting reaction from president trump as we speak. just moments ago, he tweeted, questioning how a reporter, quote, went to his mailbox and found mr. trump's tax returns. the president calls it fake news. the white house says the leaked 2005 form reinforcing what donald trump has been saying all along. he's an incredibly successful businessman. it is also refocusing a spotlight, at least for a moment, on mr. trump's unwillingness to turn over his returns. this morning, the release is
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raising questions about who leaked the form and why. >> reporter: overnight, a rare look at documents president trump is still himself refusing to share. >> we have his federal tax return for one year, for 2005. >> reporter: msnbc's rachel maddow airing a portion of his 2005 tax return obtained for a reporter by the forms revealing mr. trump paid $38 million in federal income taxes on $152 million of reported income. writing off more than $100 million in losses. his effective tax rate, 25%. the reporter who obtained the documents suggests they could have come from president trump. >> he has long history of leaking material about himself when he thinks it is in his interest. >> reporter: the white house verifying the documents authenticity seemingly while attacking the media. you're desperate for ratings when you push a story about two
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pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. trump has repeatedly ignored calls to share years of concerns, claiming they're under audit. >> the only one that cares about my tax returns are the democrats. >> reporter: the audit excuse is a sham, say the democrats. it was a brief distraction from the roll i can rollout of the republican health care plan. the president will try to deliver a booster shot, taking his message on the road. touting jobs in detroit and health care in nashville. despite fierce criticism, some from within the president's party, the white house isn't abandoning the republican plan. >> this is it. if we don't get this through, the goal of repealing obamacare and instituting a system that will be patient centered is going to be unbelievingly difficult. this is the vehicle to do that. >> reporter: democrats keeping up the pressure. >> trumpcare is a wreck.
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>> reporter: arguing the republican bill only benefits the rich. also this morning with the senate sub committee set to hol a committee about russian interference in the election, lindsey graham is warning the fbi not to ignore his letter about the president's wiretapping claims. >> i'm going to make an announcement about the letter and let the fbi know they're about to screw up big time if they keep running to the intel committee and not answer that letter. >> reporter: the white house still standing by president trump's explosive wiretapping allegation, aimed at president obama. >> i think he feels very confident that we'll ultimately what will come of this will vindicate him. >> in plain english, some republicans are saying it is put up or shut up time for the administration. that includes new comments from the judiciary committee chairman. he said he'll block the confirmation of president trump's deputy attorney general
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pick until he gets russia-related answers from the justice department. matt and savannah? >> peter, thank you very much. we'll talk to senator graham about russia's interference in the election and the accusations from the president, that he was wiretapped. we'll find out if senator graham is going to get the information he wants today in a moment. breaking news overnight, the tax returns. ari melber is with us. we get a two-page summary from 2005. is there a bombshell here? >> not a bombshell, but we learn that the president, like many wealthy americans, pays a lower rate lawfully than so many others who make less than him. >> he said, i fight not to pay taxes. i don't want to pay as many taxes. the white house actually put this information out, preemptively, late last night, and said it was illegal for reporters to talk about it. is it? >> federal law governs tax returns. if you're a government official or someone authorized to do it, you can go to jail for up to five years for leaking them.
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the media in this area, like so many others, can report on unauthorized disclosures without being a part of the underlying crime, if there was a crime. >> quickly, based on what was leaked and what wasn't included and the timing, any ideas who might have leaked it? >> that's the big question. right, matt? we had over a year where there was a lot of incentive and demands to get these things. any part of the tax returns never came out. here we are, after the election. there's a small number of people who would have this. donald trump, his accountant, family, people at the irs. in that small universe, who leaked it, we don't know. i'll tell you a lot of what's in there on this particular year goes towards things donald trump has said. he did have high revenue. the other thing on the law, matt, it is not illegal to leak your own tax returns. >> the document says client copy. >> who got it? we don't know. >> thank you. joining us now, republican senator lindsey graham. senator, nice to see you. good morning. >> good morning. slow news day. >> exactly. so the reports are you and the
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white house have given director comey a deadline of today to let you know whether there is an active investigation into active ties to the trump campaign. a, is it true? b, do you think you'll get the information today? >> yes. two weeks ago, we met with director comey, who i like and admire, and told him by the 15th, we'd like to know if there is an active criminal investigation. because congress should not interfere with it. we're going to have a hearing on russia. i don't want to bump into a criminal investigation if there is one. i think the entire country needs to know if there is something there. in terms of the letter we wrote, i want an answer. i asked the fbi and department of justice last week for any evidence of a warrant that would allow wiretapping. hadn't heard a thing. >> if it doesn't happen, you said the fbi is about to screw up big time. >> yeah. >> what happens if they don't comply? >> congress is going to flex its muscle here. you see it all over the place. senator grassley has been a great ally with senator feinstein, the chairman and
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ranking member of judiciary. we'll issue a subpoena to get the information. we'll hold up the deputy attorney general's nomination until congress is provided with the information to clear the air as to whether or not there was a warrant issued against the trump campaign. >> you're saying, number one, director comey should tell you whether or not there is an investigation into trump campaign ties to russia. number two is the issue we're talking about. the president made an accusation against then president obama, that he wiretapped his phones. you have asked the fbi to produce any evidence of a warrant or application for a warrant, any request to surveil trump or trump tower. do you think you're going to get that evidence today? >> i think if we don't get it today, the congress is going to ramp up the pressure. there are two different questions. is there an investigation? because i need to know before i move forward into investigating russia from a congressional lane. i don't want to interfere with a criminal investigation if there is one. in terms of whether or not there
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was a warrant, that's an easy question to be answered. and the president has suggested that the former president had his campaign wiretapped. >> right. >> the only way to do that is through a warrant. tell me whether or not there was ever a warrant issued against the trump campaign. they're going to have to answer that question. >> it is not the first time the president, senator, has made some accusation and then said to congress, you guys should look into this. >> right. >> you are pushing hard to get answers here. are you trying to send the president a message that what he tweets is going to be held -- he's going to be held accountable for what he tweets and for the accusations he makes? >> i'm trying to take him up on his challenge to look into his accusation. i don't know of any evidence where the fbi tried to obtain a warrant against the trump campaign to wiretap them. the accusation was made. he's challenged the congress to get to the bottom of it, and we will. if you want to challenge the congress to do things in the future, we'll take you up on it. >> personally, you're the kind of guy who strikes me as having,
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as my friends would say, a good b.s. monitor. you know what that means. >> yes. >> what does your monitor tell you about this wiretapping story, senator? do you think it's real? >> when i first heard it, i thought, that was a wild claim. i really don't know. if it is not true, just tell me it's not true. why is it taking so long to get the answer? so i have no evidence of it. i'm suspicious of it. but now i'm getting concerned because it is taking so long to answer my letter. >> let me ask you about this. the white house has same t simultaneously dug in. the press secretary yesterday saying they're confident the president's accusation will be verified and they'll be vindicated. now they're moving the goalpost. when the president said i was wiretapped, he put it into quotes, meaning all types of surveillance. there were several tweets he said president obama tapped my phones. what do you make of that? do you buy it, in terms of the shifting accusation for what the
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allegation is? >> well, it has changed from president obama wiretapped my phone to, was there any warrant issued against the trump campaign, trump tower or trump operatives. i want to know if there was. if there's not, we need to put it to bed. here's something that would be explosive. if the federal government was able to obtain a warrant from a judge, then they had to have probable cause that the trump campaign was colluding with the russians. director of national up te intelligence clapper said there was no evidence of a warrant. if there was warrant, it'd be big news. i don't think there is a warrant but i wish they'd tell me. >> oh, by the way, there's health care, senator. >> yeah. >> as it is written right now, this bill in the house, is it dead on arrival? >> it is mortally wounded. i don't know if it's died yet. rand paul would not vote for the house bill because he believes refundable tax credits is an
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entitlement in another form. my state did not take medicaid expansion. the house bill allows open enrollment for the entire country all the way through 2019 for medicaid. which is fundamentally broken. i don't like that. this is the last best chance for republicans to pass health care by themselves and screw it up. here's what i hope the president would do, try to get a good bill. if you can't, let obamacare collapse and challenge the democrats to help him fix a problem they created. >> real quick question. is this a good bill in is it? is it a good deal? >> not right now. medicaid is not where i want it to be. this thing will collapse, obamacare, under its own weight. we're trying to do too much too quick as republicans. we're running through stop signs like the cbo letter. much like president obama did. slow down. get it right. you're not going to get 60 votes to buy insurance across state lines. that is a fantasy in the senate.
7:14 am
if you think that is important to health care reform, it is never going to happen in the senate. >> too bad you don't speak your mind, senator. it's awfully nice to have you here. thank you so much. >> good morning. >> by the way, tomorrow on "today," an exclusive interview with someone he is familiar with. former south carolina governor and new u.s. ambassador to the united nations, nikki haley. her first since her confirmation. >> he does have a way with words. cleanup underway after tuesday's powerful winter storm hit the northeast with heavy snow, ice and high winds. we have coverage beginning with miguel almaguer in hard-win worcester, massachusetts. good morning. >> good morning. this is what so many are waking up to here in worcester homes. cars buried under snow. it's not just the street. look from our drone, it is much of this community, much of the state that looks just like this. we are five days from spring,
7:15 am
and we are buried in snow. >> reporter: overnight, more sleet and snow from a punishing storm pummelling eight states and 70 million people. >> one week it is warm. the next, blizzard. >> reporter: with parts of the northeast buried under more than two feet of snow and ice, the roads were dangerous and deadly. in new hampshire, a teenager lost her life after losing control of her car. in connecticut, an elderly man killed by a plow. while another driver flipped over in upstate new york. >> it is really bad. >> reporter: in pennsylvania, an 80 mile escort by the national guard to rush a 2-year-old to the hospital. a half dozen students injured after a school bus rollover on slick roads. a tractor trailer jackknifed on a boston bridge. homes are covered in ice. our team in the middle of it all. >> i'm in new york, where we're talking about 40, 50 mi
7:16 am
50-mile-per-hour wind gusts. car alarms are being set off. heavy snowfall here with several feet high. >> i'm blake mccoy in ridgewood, new jersey. while the storm may have been a bust in some of the bigger cities, it still packed a punch here. more than 8 inches of snow on the ground kept most people home. >> i'm anne thompson in boston. this nor'easter brought the city to a stand still. people heeded the advice to stay off the roads and stay home and stay safe. >> reporter: the hurricane force winds ripping through the region, massive waves pounded the coast. a blizzard in worcester. a reminder that winter isn't over yet. >> for those hit by cold temperatures in all that snow, the weather it's going to help today. the temperature will stay below freezing across so much of this state. while it is white in cities like worcester, in big cities like washington, d.c. and new york by the coast, they were spared for the most part. doesn't really help the folks though here, who are waking up
7:17 am
to all this snow. back to you guys. >> miguel almaguer, thank you. the storm is still having a major impact on air travel coast to coast after the cancellation of thousands of flights. how are the airlines getting back on track? gabe gutierrez is at laguardia airport for us this morning. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. the airlines are scrambling to catch up. at laguardia, they're up and running but there are virtually no lines behind me. the challenge today will be rebooking all of the stranded passengers. on tuesday, there were more than 6,200 cancelled flights across the country. already today, more than 1,000 flights have been cancelled. the major airports impacted here in the northeast are the new york city airports, laguardia, newark and jfk, as well as baltimore and boston. as flight's misery map, it is clear but red is popping up in the new york city airports as we see delays creep
7:18 am
up a z we up, as well. public transportation is mostly up and running. amtrak is running modified service in the northeast. if you do not have a flight already rebooked, chances are you're out of luck today. it could be several days before the airlines clear this backlog. >> thank you very much. that brings us to al. what do we expect? >> interesting, before the broadcast we were talking. the chief of forecast operations for the weather prediction center in maryland said he gave an interview to the ap saying, on monday afternoon, we actually knew that the totals along the coast were going to be lower than we thought but we didn't change it because we basically wanted people to heed the forecast. >> not take it too lightly. >> yeah, not take it lightly. i see that as kind of a cover your butt thing. the fact is, we did say there was going to be a change -- there could be a change in that path and it'd make a difference along the coast. if it was closer to the coast, we'd see less snow.
7:19 am
we were listen the lower ranges of the forecast. new york city, over 7.5. philadelphia, 8.3 inches. you go further to the west, mount pocono, 24 inches of snow. the suburbs of new york, new jersey, 12ines. hartford, 15 inches of snow. for today, we'll see wrap around snow, lake-effect snow, as well. snowfall amounts, additionally through rochester all the way to burlington, vermont, we could see another foot of snow into
7:20 am
good morning. meteorologist bill henley. windy and cold day. temperatures in the 20s this morning. wind speeds in the 20s. gusts topping 40 miles an hour could bring down many r tree branches leading to more damage later today. temperatures climbing to 20 degrees in the new jersey, but with those winds and some snow showers developing, they'll blow through the area and may see a dusting for philadelphia the suburbs new jersey less likely in the lehigh valley and just a chance of some snow. , thanks very much. coming up, new calls for the immediate release of an american college student serving time in north korea. more than a year after his controversial arrest, is the u.s. any closer to securing his freedom? overnight hack attack targeting celebrities and businesses. we'll have the latest on that. and the new concerns that the u.s. may be far too vulnerable
7:21 am
to hackers. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. i'm tracey davidson. frigid morning. >> even cape may frozen solid. see sunshine. cloud blowing past cape may in some strong gusty winds. already gusting to 32 miles an hour in wildwood. 24-mile-an-hour wind gusts in philadelphia. winds will get stronger this afternoon. could bring down more trees or tree branches leading to more power outages. 21 in philadelphia. factor in wind and feels like p degrees. definitely have to bundle up today. >> just heading out. be careful on the sidewalks. be careful on the roads. slippery spots for sure. get you updated on the roads
7:27 am
request traffic reporter jessica boyington. still out in chadford on this accident scene here. around baltimore part-tiike clo this both directions. southbound side and northbound side where the crash is still in place. tow truck involved as well as this vehicle. keep our eye on that for you. watching out in pennsville. crash closing a portion of road. churchill road and lee avenue. if you have to get to new jersey turnpike or 295 take north broadway. sky force ten over breaking news in center city. crews on the scene of a fire at xo lounge nightclub on south street. flames broke out around 6:00. see crews putting water on the fire. no reports of anyone ruhurt. tracey davidson. another report in 25 minutes. stay updated with news and weather and school delays with the nbc 10 app. today show continues in just a couple of minutes.
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morning, march 15th, 2017. that's a pretty view. it is our drone camera in worcester, massachusetts. they're digging out this morning from the nor'easter of 2017. it is so nice from on high. down low, not much. >> not when you're the one shoveling all that stuff. >> wading through the slush. >> the storm is obviously topping our look at today's stories. cleanup underway across the northeast while major cities like new york and philadelphia were spared the worst of the storm. other spots got up to 3 feet of snow. at least two deaths are being blamed directly on the storm. it impacted air travel all across the country with more than 6,000 flights cancelled tuesday alone. a leaked portion of president trump's 2005 federal
7:31 am
tax return making headlines this morning. he reported $150 million in income that year and paid $38 million in federal taxes. during the campaign, mr. trump was the first major party nominee since richard nixon to refuse to release his tax returns. hundreds of twitter accounts were hacked overnight. images of nazi symbols and other propaganda posted on the pages of celebrities, businesses and media outlets. an investigation is now underway. pro-turkish hackers are suspected. coming up, we'll have a closer look at new concerns over cyber security here in the u.s. in the meantime, the u.s. state department is calling on north korea to immediately release an american college student nearly a year after he was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor for stealing a political banner from a hotel. kelly cobiella has the latest on the story. good morning. >> good morning. this young man from ohio, otto
7:32 am
warmbier, is one full year into this 15-year sentence of hard labor in north korea. so far, no sign the secretive regime is ready to make a deal. >> reporter: last time otto warmbier's family saw him it was on a tv screen last march, begging for his freedom in a pyongyang courtroom. >> it was the worst decision of my life. >> reporter: the offense? trying to take a propaganda banner as a souvenir. the sentence? 15 years hard labor. the university of virginia student was in north korea on a five-day tour. not illegal but risky for an american. former governor richardson, who helped free political prisoners before, now working for his release. >> medically, we don't know how he is doing. he is a healthy, young man. initial reports were that he was okay. but the north koreans have not given him the access from our
7:33 am
swedish representatives that any political prisoner deserves. >> reporter: instead, north korea's unpredictable, young leader, kim jong-un, is firing missiles and testing the new trump administration. five launches last week. one last month during the japanese prime minister's visit to mara -a-lago. the response? attack drones. this morning, an american aircraft carrier is in the seas off south korea for military drills. the north warning of merciless attacks if the u.s. gets too close. kim jong-un has released american prisoners before. matthew miller and kenneth bay were both freed in november of 2014, after former director of national intelligence james clapper delivered personal letter from then-president obama. bay served two years of hard labor. >> i learned a lot. i grew a lot.
7:34 am
>> reporter: this time, with kim jou jon jong-un, richardson says it is different. >> we don't know what he wants. there is nothing to barter to get this kid out. in the meantime, he is sitting there suffering, sometimes forgotten. >> reporter: with rex tillerson in japan, it is, quote, hard to say whether warmbier's case will come up. we never lose sight he's being held unjustly and continue to press for his release. former governor richardson told nbc news he was allowed to travel with the delegation to north korea late last year. he said he wasn't given access to warmbier, but they put forward a proposal for his release. richardson said the north koreans didn't say yes. they didn't say no. matt and savannah, they simply didn't respond. guys? >> kelly cobiella, thank you. let us take a turn and get a
7:35 am
check of the weather from mr. roker. >> we're not the only ones suffering from cold air. it is diving south. as you can see, right now, we've got freeze warnings, watches and hard freeze warnings, 68 million people from missouri to northern and central florida. it could cause problems for vegetation. you can see the eastern half of the country looking rough temperature wise. today, new york city, 28. 39 in richmond. atlanta, 17 degrees below normal at 44 degrees. temperatures do warm nicely by saturday. 68 in atlanta. 66, richmond. 41 in new york and detroit. out west, that's where the heat is. it is fantastic. jet stream up to the north. look at phoenix, 91 degrees today. al baa kerr k albuquerque, 77. denver, 75. the end of the week is looking good. denver, 77. 95 in phoenix. las vegas will see a high of 90 degrees by saturday. gat's what's good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley.
7:36 am
windy and cold day today. temperatures in the 20s this morning. in the 20s this afternoon. and wind speeds in the 20s. gusts topping 40 miles an hour. could bring down more tree branches leading to more damage later today. temperatures climbing to 30 degrees in new jersey, but with wind and snow showers developing. they'll blow through the area and we may see a dusting for philadelphia, suburbs, new jersey, less likely in the lehigh valley and just a chance of snowflakes in the delaware. have a great day. >> get the weather any time you need it. check out our friends at the weather channel. coming up on trending, blame technology. we'll blame a woman who says her own name makes her light a, quote, living nightmare. the hacking of america. why systems in this country like power stations
7:37 am
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we're back. 7:41. our ongoing series, the hacking of america. more timely than ever in the light of the overnight hacking of twitter accounts. >> tom costello traveled to london to talk to the world's leading experts on cybersecurity. must have been fascinating. >> haunting is the bottom line. experts are issuing a code red threat level as the global pace of computer hacking has picked up dramatically, going from phishing and malware spans to full-throttle espionage. >> reporter: the leaked cia
7:42 am
documents offer a glimpse into the hidden world of espionage. breaking into cell phones and supposedly secure messaging apps. coming amid allegations of russian meddling and international fraud, the hacking of america now is a global phenomenon. there really are no international borders anymore in the digital world. >> that's right. hackers have torn down all of those traditional boundaries. >> reporter: we came to london to kemeet up with james, the he of research at a security firm. he says it is not just your individual privacy at risk. america and its infrastructure are very vulnerable. >> what we have is a map showing industrial control systems that are exposed to the internet. >> power stations, water systems, telecom. >> all of the aforementioned. >> reporter: in the u.s. alone, 13,000 systems that should have cyber walls around them but, instead, are virtually unprotected. >> if we zoom into chicago here, we can see a large number of
7:43 am
municipal and industrial control systems that are exposed. >> hackers could walk right? >> hackers could walk right in and not require high tech tools. >> reporter: it could be industrial espionage. it could be a foreign country. he uncovered this fake e-mail, purportedly from the embassy of qatar, inviting diplomats to a party. anyone who clinked on the link gave hackers the keys to the kingdom. >> if a foreign government was behind this, the goal is to grab your state's secrets. >> that's it. when you click that button, you allow an attacker into your system. presumably, if it is a foreign power, they're after state secrets. >> reporter: but tracking the hackers has proven elusive. >> we know there are a lot of cyber crime infrastructure in russia, in china, korea, eastern europe, throughout. the truth is, the person controlling those infrastructures could be anywhere. perhaps 50 meters down the road here in london. >> at a cafe.
7:44 am
>> at a cafe sipping a coffee. >> reporter: is it possible to hack the hackers? it turns out yes. by using the very tools they sell online. the hackers selling this kit for $2,000 is now in prison. >> it is simple to set up here. >> reporter: for our purpose, james hacked his own system, but he could turn the technology on the bad guys. >> perhaps on this system, there is some fragment of user information that tells us who they are. >> reporter: but any hacking is illegal, which means it is up to spy agencies and the police to actually hack the hackers. >> they used to lock people up in the tower of london. today, we can't even find the hackers. >> that's true. while there have been requests of criminals by law enforcement, most are anonymous out there in the world. >> so what can you do to protect yourself from international hackers? practice the basics. use long, complicated passwords. never the same twice. keep your computer software up to date.
7:45 am
you may consider turning off location services and the cloud backup. be very suspicious of any e-mails from people you don't know. what i learned is that if the world's spies can do this, hackers can do this, as well. >> would you take this and throw it away for me, please? >> exactly. >> what do you have tomorrow? >> we'll look at ransom ware. there are kits for sale online that allow you to hack into somebody else and take total control of their computer. of all of their stuff or all of your stuff. we're going to go into the dark web. we'll show you the kits and what they're doing to combat it. >> they take your material and say pay me or i won't give it back? >> exactly. i've got your stuff. if you want it, pay me $30,000. do you pay up or not? a lot of people said, i'm not paying up. >> tom, thank you very much. coming up next, the father whose interview was crashed by his kids, well, he comes out of hiding. carson is in the orange room with what he is saying about that adorable and vir ♪
7:46 am
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7:51 am
err errors. >> it was a mixture of surprise and embarrassment and amusement. probably some love and affection. it was cute. i saw the video like everybody else. it is funny. turned off twitter alerts and facebook alerts. i'm not going near youtube. >> it was the first time it happened for -- >> i've been doing tv for a while. never happened before. >> it was chaos for me. >> now she wants to talk. want me to bring her in? this is my life, man. >> the interviews are boring without the kids interrupting now. family, they're all going nuts. let's get to social media. still reacting to that. joe wrote, love them even more. dustin suggesting they get a reality show. they put out a statement, the family saying, we're a regular family raising two young children. it can be a lot of work. we love them very much. we're happy our family blooper brought some laughter to so many. guys, i'll play it again for ya.
7:52 am
>> please do. >> we'll send it back to you. >> i love mom. is she on roller skates there? she comes sliding in. >> it's the best. carson, thank you. still ahead, ben affleck gets candid. what he's saying about his stint in rehab. music superstar and "voice" music superstar and "voice" coach adam ttrails are covered... nothing like yesterday... paths aren't what they used to be... roads nowhere to be found.... ♪ and it's exactly what you're looking for. ♪ ♪ c(puppy barks) you can do it duck. hurry up duck! you can do it duck. iams.
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four minutes before 8:00. sky force ten live over a neighborhood trying to dig out from the snow hard and frozen. won't be melting any time soon. according to meteorologist bill henley. frigid temperatures and then there's the wind too. put them together and feels like the single digits. just got colder in philadelphia. six degrees is what it feels like now. we do have sunshine this morning. clouds will be increasing this afternoon. winds of 40 miles an hour or above. give us a few scattered snow showers for philadelphia and new jersey and the suburbs. could see a dusting. little lis likely to see snow showers in lehigh valley. delaware 30 degrees the high temperature will feel like it's in the teens later today. on the roads revealing icy
7:57 am
conditions. black ice in some areas. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has an update. >> and we're also watching a few things going on. vehicles and accidents everywhere. one here on the roosevelt boulevard headed southbound northeast philly. right around the inner drive. we're seeing big delays there. also still watching the baltimore pike crash. route 1 around creek road still closed for the cleanup of this accident scene. down free e trees and powers remain a problem as well. crews working to restore power in south jersey and wilmington area. live in south jersey. you will want to check with airlines before you heading to airport. tracey davidson. stay updated with latest news and weather conditions with the nbc 10 app. free download. today show continues in just a couple of minutes. i'm tracey daveson. have a great day.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." breaking overnight, trump's tax leak. two pages of the president's 2005 tax returns obtained by the media after months of speculation. but is it the big reveal democrats have been hoping for, or a big win for the president? we'll break it down. plus, paris speaks out. michael jackson's daughter revealing what it was like growing up with the king of pop and how she's learning to live in the spotlight. ♪ i don't want to know adam levine live in studio 1a. the "voice" coach joins us to talk about season 12, the competitors to watch and fatherhood. today, wednesday, march 15th, 2017.
8:01 am
♪ >> hi to our family and friends in orlando, florida. we're freezing! >> mother/daughter trip to nyc! ♪ living in a world gone plastic ♪ ♪ baby, you're so classic >> mississippi girls in the big apple. >> celebrating my 17th birthday. >> celebrating my 40th birthday. >> from auburn, alabama. >> good to see you. it is 8:00 on this wednesday morning. it is the 15th day of march, 2017. it is 21 degrees here in new york city. >> wind chill of about 12. >> it is a dry cold. >> yeah, very, very dry. nice crowd of people here. >> it is the rolling spring break, baby. >> everyone is fired up. >> we have a good one today, guys. my buddy adam levine is here
8:02 am
from the "voice." we'll talk to him about this season's competition. there he is. new dad. maroon 5 putting out awesome music. a ton to cover with adam. >> what is he saying, i'm that guy. no, i'm here. yes. when 3:00 rolls around, do you reach for something salty, sweet, fruity, nutty. snacks? >> anything i saw there, including oreos. >> i know, right? we have something for every taste when we reveal the new list of, yes, award-winning snacks. exciting, right? >> it is. first, let's take a look at the satisfactotories making hea. >> i'm hallie jackson in washington. this morning, we begin with the rare look into donald trump's finances. part of a 2005 tax return now released publicly with the president already firing back this morning. he's questioning the reporter's claim that the documents were found in his mailbox. calling it fake news. today, new questions over who leaked this information and why. all of it as russia stays in the
8:03 am
spotlight. >> reporter: for the first time, a look at a federal tax return of president trump's. a two-page snapshot of his 2005 filing, showing he earned about $150 million and paid $38 million in taxes that year. a tax rate of roughly 25%. the document stamped client copy was obtained by and shared with the rachel maddow show. the reporter saying it came to him in the mail unanimously but suggesting it could have been sent by the president himself. >> he has a history of leaking material about himself when he thinks it is in his interest. >> reporter: the white house confirming the numbers but dismissing the significance. in a statement saying, quote, you know you are desperate for ratings when you're willing to violate the law to push a story about two pages of tax returns from over a decade ago. the president as a candidate repeatedly said he would not release his tax returns because of an irs audit. >> the president commits to
8:04 am
releasing the tax return for this year or is he still under audit for the previous ones? >> my understanding is he is under audit. >> reporter: following, the white house willingness to release information when it suits him proves this is a sham. fallon said they shouldn't be distracted by two pages from '05 tax returns. the plan to repeal and replace obamacare is likely to come up with the president on the road and on a mission. headed to nashville partly to sell the new bill. also on capitol hill, top lawmakers, including lindsey graham, are asking by today that the fbi director share more information about whether the agency tried to wiretap trump tower under president obama. an accusation made by president trump nearly two weeks ago. more broadly, asking him to share more on whether the fbi
8:05 am
sin veis investigating more on the russian interference on the election. >> what happens if they don't reply? >> congress will flex its muscle here. we'll hold up the deputy attorney general's information until congress is provided with the information to clear the air as to whether or not there was a warrant issued against the trump campaign. >> reporter: the white house confident inquiries will back up the president's claim. >> i think he is extremely confident. i'll leave it to them to issue their report. i think he is confident that what will come of this will ultimately vindicate him. >> clearly, an extremely busy day here in washington. as president trump gets ready, as we mentioned, to head on the road not just to nashville. he's also set to talk jobs in detroit later today. plenty, of course, for the president to be pressed on at an expected news conference set to happen friday with german chancellor angela merkel. >> hallie jackson, thank you very much. millions of people in the northeast are digging out this morning after the powerful, late
8:06 am
season storm. many of them still looking at a pretty rough morning commute. miguel almaguer is in worcester, mass. good morning to you. >> good morning. yup, we're five days away from spi spring. in worcester, it looks like winter. folks are waking up and digging out. they have several inches of snow to get out of their homes and off their cars. up to 14 inches in some areas. it really wasn't just this one neighborhood. the storm whipped all across this region, burying this neighborhood and community. so much of this state under heavy and thick snow. it is going to be a wild day for folks trying to get out on the streets. many are covered in ice. it is unclear when we'll have a thaw out here. temperatures remain incredibly cold. matt, it is not just the koicol. we had hurricane force winds. upwards of 80 miles per hour across this region as the waves also pounded the coast. it is going to be a long day for folks trying to dig out and get out of this community.
8:07 am
matt, back to you. >> miguel almaguer, somewhere down there in worcester, mass. thanks. now to a frightening incident happening on board a flight from beijing to melbourne. it involved exploding headphones. an australian woman was left with these injuries on her face after her headphones burst into flames while she was sleeping. she woke up, tore the headphones off and threw them to the floor. the members of the flight crew poured water on them to get the fire out. the lithium ion batteries are likely to blame. the search is on this morning for a deadly cobra that escaped from its enclosure at a home in florida. the owner called state wildlife officials on monday to report the two-foot long snake was on the loose. police have alerted neighbors. that cobra is highly venomous. if someone were to be bitten, they'd need to be rushed to a hospital for immediate treatment. coming up next, dinner for one? why you may need to say so long to your friends if you want to
8:08 am
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8:12 am
hi, everybody. time for trending. >> little housekeeping here. breaking it down. >> we were make ago plan for the rest of the show. get jenna for trending was the top of the list. >> excited to be here. >> welcome back. >> table for one. who likes to dine alone? go out to a restaurant alone. >> i don't love it but i do it. >> not so much. >> i'm not afraid to do it. check out this headline. if you want to be skinny, ditch your friends. the new york post shedding light on this. they say when you dine with a group, you're much more willing to order drinks, dessert. >> absolutely. >> appetizer. check, check and check. sometimes we are even influenced by what our friends order. >> absolutely. >> if they order something yummy, we're like, maybe i should, too. >> when we're out on remote, that's when i find it is hardest. >> if i go to a restaurant, i'm not eating meat tonight, the person i'm sitting with said, i'm having a burger. i said, that sounds good. >> it's usually me ordering the burger. >> now to lebron james.
8:13 am
the cavs played the pistons. lebron can do anything on the court. prolific scorer, incredible champion. we've also learned he is a real gentleman. here's what happened. lebron gets the ball after a rebound. collides with his teammate, kyrie irving, knocking him to the ground. before he goes after the ball -- game is on here -- he goes, sorry, kyrie. i'll pick you up. now i'll get the ball. >> i got this. >> that's because he's lebron. >> absolutely. >> great situational awareness. >> he also knows he can do it. >> yeah, exactly. >> he's a good player. >> by the way, if it was a blue jersey, he might not have done it. >> kyrie would still be on the ground. >> two pieces of modern technology here. >> alexa, play "moves like jagger" by maroon 5. >> here's a sample of "moves like jagger" by maroon 5. ♪ put on a show >> there we go. ♪ now we make it >> alexa, stop.
8:14 am
another way to do that. i'll do your song request. siri -- >> alexa said, the heck with you. >> not going to let that happen. >> alexa, stop. alexa, seriously, stop. ♪ moves like jagger >> it doesn't listen to you. that's mine. >> you're cheating on her with siri. >> you put me down, alexa stands up for me. >> it was like the hand of alexa. anyway, the whole point of this -- >> there is a reason. >> -- was to introduce the concept that there is alexa and siri. your wife is named siri. >> yes. >> when apple came out with that -- >> 2011. >> was that crazy for her? >> i'll walk by and hear her making a reservation. she'll go, yes, siri like the phone. i hear that all the time. >> we are about to story talk. even miss siri daly. this woman is alexa siri. >> wow.
8:15 am
>> 21 and she's from new jersey. her last name is spelled differently. >> the most knowledgeable person on the planet. >> her middle name is google. >> she can't take it anymore. people ask her, alexa, do this. siri, do that. she doesn't have an alexa in her house because it'd be a disaster. >> i can't imagine that. >> carson, pop start. >> we'll start with ben affleck. the oscar winning actor completed treatment for alcohol addiction. he said, i want to live life to the full and he's be the best father i can be. i want my kids to know there is no shame in getting help when you need it. he added, i'm lucky to have the love of my family and friends, including my co-parent, jen, who supported me and cared for our kids as i've done the work i set out to do. ben said, this is an issue that he's struggled with in the past and he encourages others to get help. now to paris jackson. michael jackson's daughter bracing the cover on april's "bazaar." talking about growing up with her dad. growing up, i was the favorite because i was the only dad.
8:16 am
i was the princess. i was perfect in my dad's eyes. paris talked about living in the spotlight, dealing with haters. she added, you just can't care. not everyone will be happy with what you do. if you're not happy with what you're doing, that is a problem. the issue hits stands march 21st. we're fans of "weekend update." you're in luck because there is going to be plenty more "weekend update update" on the way. a primetime edition will air on thursdays this summer. four 30-minute episodes. other cast members expected to appear, as well. "weekend update," thursdays this summer. that'll be fun. premieres august 10th. kim kardashian opening up for the first time about the robbery in paris. the star explaining in her own words that the events and how they unfolded. she did it in next week's "keeping up with the kardashians." we have a sneak peek. >> what i think happened now, after thinking about it so much, is there was probably a group of
8:17 am
guys that were following us the entire trip. i was snapchatting that i was home and that everyone was going out. i think they knew pascal was out with courtney and i was with myself. they had to have known i was leaving that day. they had this window of opportunity and went for it. >> "keeping up with the kardashians" is sunday at 9:00 p.m. on e! >> thank you very much. mr. roker, check of the weather. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family with blue. >> our friends out west seeing wet weather, from seattle all the way down to oregon and croissant city, showers and heavier thunderstorms pushing through. this cold front drifts south and east. we look for river flooding and landslides possible, as well. as far as the rest of the country is concerned, temperatures going to be toasty
8:18 am
through the southwest with temperatures in the 80s and 90s. 30s in the plains. 20s in the northeast and new england. we are looking for windy, cold conditions. snow left over through western pennsylvania, upstate new york and new england. snow melt through the cascades. warm and dry for the southwest. plenty of sunshine through the mid plains to thepper great u good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a windy and cold day today. the temperatures in the 20s this morning and in the 20s this afternoon and wind speeds in the 20s, but gusts toppinging 40 miles per hour could bring down more e tree branches to lead to more damage today. the temperatures are climbinging to 30 degrees in new jersey, but with the winds and the snow showers developing, we will blow through the area, and a dusting for philadelphia, the suburbs and new jersey and less likely in the lehigh valley, and a chance of the snowflakes in delaware. thanks very much. now the "voice's" adam
8:19 am
levine. >> at this sneak peek for the next week's show, his bromance, as they call it, with blake shelton, is alive and well. >> you're both big-time singers here. i don't know how you wound up in the same pairing. probably had something to do with dum-dum. but ashley, i thought you came out today and you might have taken it. >> thanks, ellen. >> so good. >> amazing how many jokes. does blake pre-write those? >> no, i pre-write them and give them to blake. he has no original material. >> we were informed not to laugh at anything blake says. >> don't you dare laugh. >> yeah. >> 12 seasons. you were so young when this all began. >> i know. >> look at us now. >> 12 seasons in five minutes it seems. >> and i had, like, one child when we started the show. christina had max. then through 12 seasons, it's grown. probably the most fun for me, being friends with adam, is watching your whole family
8:20 am
blossom while doing the show. >> seeing yours, too. it is a crazy thing. it is a family, too. the show feels like such a tight-knit thing at this point. i don't even know how i would do without it almost. it is bizarre. a permanent fixture it seems in your life. >> i have three kids, too. yeah. >> bring them to the show so they can play. do you -- when you meet these young contestants, is it impossible not to see your young self in them? >> yes and no. i see some of myself in it, but also, it is a completely different thing than i ever -- i didn't grow up with that. we didn't have the "voice" or "american idol" or singing competitions. i guess we had star search but we were in a band. it was a different thing. no, i think the drive, the commitment to music, the passion for music is very much the same. i guess the medium is different. >> i don't think when we made this show, we ever set out for it to feel like a sitcom. it does at time. the relationship with you and blake. people think it is written in
8:21 am
some regard. it is not. that's the life it has taken, that bromance. now, alicia and gwen, their girl crush, i think, is almost more of a story line than you and blake. >> it is nice, actually. there was always the lone female who had to fend for herself with the three frat boys in the group. it was tough. i don't envy it. now, they've got partner in crime here. >> i always thought part of the genius of the show was the distinction between a coach and a judge. >> yeah. >> so we get to know the people who do really well on the show. the ones who make it to the finals. is there someone whose story touched you and moved now and you stay in touch with, perhaps, who didn't become a name we all know? >> well, it happens, unfortunately, a lot. people who win, people who don't win, people i established connections with over the years, there are many of them and i talk to them constantly. i talked to billy gilman the other say. jordan smith, i talk to once, twice a month, just to keep tabs on him. see what's going on. see if i can help in any way.
8:22 am
i can't help everybody. being totally honest about it. but just as someone who can provide them with some sort of advice or say hello or see what's going on. you want to stay in touch because they're friends. you consider them to be your friends. you've been through this experience with them. you want to continue to be a mentor in some way. >> off the show, you do that well. it is weird. blake doesn't travel, you know -- maroon 5 travels all over the globe. when we shoot the show, your schedule must be crazy. blake doesn't have gigs in europe. >> no, he does not. in fact, i would really like to see a blake shelton concert in paris. >> i see how he can do the show with his schedule. >> hi, paris. >> i had some french fries last night. >> hey, belgium. >> i mean, how do you -- you're on tour now with maroon 5. how has the scheduling been, being married and being a father. it is crazy. >> the whole thing is bonkers. kind of like carson daly. flying back coast to coast. you're on tour basically, going
8:23 am
two places. >> that's right. >> it is wild and crazy. i'm super grateful. it is incredible to have this success, especially for this long. the longevity is surreal almost. it is fun. i have fun doing it all. if it wasn't fun -- it is exhausting but to complain about it would be stupid. it is fun. >> do blake again. >> all day. don't get him started. believe me. >> hi. how y'all doing. think of a weird place for him to perform. hi, japan. it's not happening. there's no way. >> no, not at all. >> hey, tokyo. i don't know why he is turning into harry -- >> you got new music. >> touring this summer? >> not this summer. the tour lasted almost three years, which is bizarre. that's usually not how long it lasts. we started making music and we're trying to get a record out soon. you know, fortunately, it is because there were so many big songs in the last record. we toured the states twice and all over the world. >> i'm being asked to tell you
8:24 am
we have a few open fridays in july if you guys would like to show up here. >> cool. that would be our 4,000th time. we have to be on a short list for the most times, right? >> yeah. >> there's a lot of times we played here. >> there is. let's make it one more. >> let's do it. let's book it right now. >> you have a new single with -- >> sometimes when you have a collaborati collaboration, it can seem tacked on. let's get a feature. but future, obviously, kendrick lamar was incredible. future, it really felt like part of the song. i miss it when it is gone, you know what i'm saying in i love his verse. >> how is dusty rose? >> so adorabldorable. we all have daughters. wrapped around the finger. >> i'm done. >> february you got a star and blake was there. i heard him say nice things. >> it was a miracle. i've never heard nice things come out of his mouth before. >> sammy hay gar.
8:25 am
>> look at your family. beautiful. >> i'm a lucky person. >> by the way, your birthday. saturday? what day is it? >> march 18th, saturday. >> look at this. happy birthday, adam. >> thanks, everybody. >> there it is. >> can i have it? >> don't we have to cut it? >> no. dig in. >> come back and see us in july. >> oh, my gosh. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> oh, yeah. >> by the way, catch carson, adam and the gang on the "view" -- or the "voice" -- i don't know what happened there. >> i'm not on the "view." >> check them out on the
8:26 am
8:26 good morning. i'm tracy davidson and frigid morning out there, and sky force 10 is checkinging the conditions across north philadelphia where people are digging out if the are the snow and ice from yesterday's storm and frozen solid. the colder testimomperatures me that it will be sticking around for a while. we go to bill henley for the most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> tracy, it is cold and sunny in wilmington, but the clouds return than tks to the gusty winds. and strongest this afternoon when they could top 40 miles per hour, and could blow some snow showers back into the area, and not like the snow yesterday, but we could see a quick dusting of the snow that you can see moving
8:27 am
into northeastern pennsylvania. >> and now, let es check the roads across the area with the first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> from the secondary roads to the major highways are the biggest problems. that is why we have accidents involving the closure, and this is out around creek road and still closed in both drirection due to the stent, and these two vehicles were involve and closed in both direction, and also watching out in pennsville a crash closing out that road. and sky force brought this fire under control that broke out at 6:00 this morning at xo lounge club. no reports of anyone hurt. we will have another update in 25 minutes, and you can stay up to date with the nbc 10 app and it is a free download. the today show continues in a few minutes. i'm tracy davidson, have a great day.
8:28 am
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♪ hi, everybody. it is 8:30. it is wednesday, the 15th of march 2017. it is a chilly one out on our plaza. a little slippery and icy. we've got a happy crowd. 22 degrees right now they say. which i say brr. >> it warms my heart when we see people from the "voice" come and talk to carson. because all this stuff you see on tv, the warmth, it is real. >> yeah. >> appreciate that. >> i love that. i do. >> awesome for adam to hang around with us. coming up, jenna will introduce us to a trailblazing woman who is changing the face of politics in america. and then we're going to catch up with a living legend. shirley mcclain talking about
8:31 am
tackling new roles at 82 and why she says she doesn't believe in old age. after talking to her, i believe that. >> that's awesome. >> looks great, too. then we'll reveal the absolute best -- let's get to the important stuff, everybody -- snacks. the best ones on the market. who wants to munch on anything less? let's get a check of the weather first. >> let's see what's happening first with today. we're looking at wet weather in the pacific northwest. warm and dry through the southwest. 82 in l.a. windy and cold in the northeast. new england, leftover snow. gulf coast looking good. for tomorrow, freeze warnings still in the south. second day in a row in the morning. we're looking at a little wet weather and snowy weather in the pacific northwest. sunshine from the southwest to the centraplains. thl at good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley, and some sunshine to start with and it is cold outside when you factor in the wind, and the wind increases this afternoon and steady winds at a 23 miles per hour in philadelphia and gusts
8:32 am
beyond 40 miles per hour this afternoon and that may bring in some snowshowers this afternoon. and temperatures in the 20s in the lehigh valley. have a great day. >> what's your name, young man? >> dwight moore. >> you were here -- >> ten years ago. >> ten years ago. >> to the date. >> you have the little picture. >> where is your brother? >> just a friend. >> you guys look like you could be brothers. thanks for coming back. come back in another ten? >> >> probably. >> excellent. check your weather any time you need it. weather channel on cable. matt? >> al, thank you very much. now more of our female first "today" series in honor of women's history month. >> jenna, who do you have this morning? >> we talk about women in politics and hear from those who paved the way like minnesota
8:33 am
representative, the first muslim refugee elected to office. >> today, we prove the political experts wrong. >> we are an ambitious and determined people. >> the time for diplomacy is now. >> the first woman speaker of the house. >> for president of the united states. >> my name is omar, and i'm if first somali-american muslim legislature in the country. >> reporter: omar was elected to her home state's hus of represe -- house of representatives. >> did you feel you had more to prove? >> i also had the cultural barrier, of being a muslim. >> reporter: omar is the first female muslim refugee legislator in the country. >> my faith, islam, truly means peace. i think because people don't take the time to understand what this faith is about, they make judgments that are harmful.
8:34 am
>> reporter: born in somalia in 1982, when she was 8, omar's family fled due to the civil war. she spent four years in a refugee camp in kenya. in 1995, her family immigrated to the u.s. >> when you think back to your time at the refugee camp and you're watching what's going on right now, what goes through your mind? >> there was a picture of a little boy who washed up in a shore a while back. i remember people were sharing this picture on social media. i didn't want to look at this picture. that, for me, is a real reality. like i was one of those kids. >> reporter: at 14, omar fell in love with politics. when she was her grandfather's interpreter at local political meetings in minneapolis. >> watching his excitement over this process, for me, that instilled a great sense of wanting to participate in this process. >> reporter: omar was inspired by representative shirley
8:35 am
chizam, the first african-american woman elected to congress. >> herrma mannerisms were sayin if you are a person that feels you should have a voice at the table, they don't have a chair for you, you bring a lawn chair. sort of spoke to my heart. >> why are women not running for public office in large numbers the way that men are? >> there is certain scrutiny that is placed on female leaders that is not placed on male leaders. so if you are a mother, people ask, how are you going to find the balance? if you are a father, nobody asks that question. and the other thing is that we think we need to have more education, have more experience. one of the most qualified candidates in our nation's history was running for office, and because she was a female,
8:36 am
everybody wanted to, you know, tear her down in some way. >> reporter: the 34-year-old is a mother of three. >> you have young girls. what do you hope you do as far as changing the conversation about what they can become? >> my daughter, you know, since she was 5, has kind of talked about her desire to someday be president. and she sees that there is a path that someone like her mother is able to hold public office. >> reporter: omar also recognizes the responsibility of being a first female in politics. >> because when you are the first, it is really important that you are not just climbing the ladder yourself but that you are leaving the ladder for everyone else to climb after you. >> the issues of the forum -- >> reporter: she hopes her public service and her life inspire others. >> i think people can say, the
8:37 am
woman who had a life as a refugee kid in camp, came here speaking a few words of english, who ran at a time when there was extreme hateful rhetoric, if she was able to do it, then i can do that. >> omar's grandfather, who is no longer living, she said she thinks about him a lot. he introduced her to politics and she thinks he'd be proud of how far she's come. as a mom and as a woman, this is the type of person that should run for office. she's lived a very full life. >> how much she appreciates these institutions of democracy and having a seat at the table when it was so different in the country she grew up? >> exactly. she's hit the ground running. already introduced a few bills and really wants to make positive change. >> another great story. jenna, thank you very much. coming up, another remarkable woman. al will catch up with hollywood icon shirley mcclain. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back now with "today" living legends. al caught up with a real legend, shirley maclaine. >> i'll tell you what, she is amazing. we met at her home in new mexico, and i quickly learned that for shirley, life is just one big performance. ♪ >> wow. jfk. >> me and elizabeth, very, very close. >> reporter: tucked inside the foothills, shirley maclaine's home is a museum of memories. the academy award winner and 21-time golden globe nominee started her career in the 1950s.
8:41 am
the older sister to actor warren batey starred in five dozen films. >> i want you to be absolutely clear. >> is it in your genes? your mom was a drama teacher. you have your actor brother. you were named after shirley semi temple. >> it is true. what else can i end up being? absolutely right. i believe in that kind of suggested destiny. hadn't even thought of until you get to be my age. i'm thinking a lot about those things. how did all this happen? i've had such a wonderful life. >> the winner is shirley maclaine. >> the turning point, "terms of endearment." >> why should i be happy about being a grandmother? >> "steel magnolias," these are all performances that has a thread through them of strong women. doesn't seem like it is an accident. >> i guess not.
8:42 am
when you ask me who i am, i am basically the work ethic of a dancer. because i started when i was 2 1/2 or 3. that begins to form an attitude in your life that never changes. >> do you think that the dance and that ethic has really informed how you are as an actor? >> everything i do. to me, it is a collective work experience. don't be late. don't be diva. even the way i approach a script, i wait until i'm on the set because i don't want to leave out the other actors, the director. >> oh, dear. i'm afraid the war has made old women of us both. >> oh, i wouldn't say that, but then i always keep out of the sun. >> reporter: shirley maclaine also known for her activism, spiritism and belief in life out of this world.
8:43 am
>> do you think your spirituality has kept you as vibrant and as young? >> no question. because i don't believe in death. so i guess i don't believe in old age. i mean, i sometimes have a problem understanding i'm in my 80s for god sake. >> now you have a new movie out. "the last word." >> the thought of leaving my obituary to chance is unreasonable to me. >> i am the obituary writer. >> i want you to write it down. >> your character is very much about living in the day to day. >> yeah. >> do you share that? >> oh, sure. when you live that much in the present and you trust that it is almost and that it is balanced, you somehow get a vision of the future that's pretty correct. i'm now convinced that life is show business. i think that -- >> really? >> yeah. i think shakespeare was right. we're all actors on this human
8:44 am
stage, strutting our stuff. is it a comedy, drama, a mixture? life is all of that. ♪ i'm still here >> i'm jealous. >> yeah. >> that must have been fun. >> you're sitting across from her and remind yourself, this woman is 82 years old. no sign of slowing down. when i saw her, she was getting ready to drive her pickup to go do some shopping. it really is the secret, i think. she is a dancer and hasn't slowed down at all. >> you see all these roles. you're like, oh, yeah, that run and that run. she's done so many iconic roles. >> her house is like a museum. >> it is, living museum. >> cool. >> "the last word" is now playing in select theaters. up next, snack time, people. we'll reveal the ultimate munchies for any of your cravings. >> yes. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
welcome back. what are you planning to snack
8:47 am
on later today? the editors at "red book" worked to create a list of award-winning snacks that'll satisfy any craving. meredith is the editor in chief. good morning. >> thanks for having me. >> i think of this as the oscars of snakes. >> it is indeed the oscars of snacks. >> how did you decide what the best snacks were? >> we called in more than 500 snacks into the office, all very painful, as you can imagine. we ate through them and narrowed it down to our 45 favorites. then we sent them out to the panel of judges who were nutritionists, chefs, people with picky kids, and narrowed it down to 20. we'll look at 12 today. >> it is the best, the healthiest, the best tasting. >> yes. most filling. >> first, salty. talk to me. >> these kettle super simple sea salt chips won best classic. a plain potato chip but fantastic. >> okay. what about these? >> these are little multigrain
8:48 am
crackers with hummus. most filling. not too garlicky. if you don't have time for lunch, that's what you should reach for. >> i have a team of grazers, having their way with knasnacks >> excellent. >> sweet category? >> oreos thins. classic oreo with less filling. a little lighter. they're kind of addictive. really good. >> i'll try that. >> best crowd pleaser are the settle corn. a little sweet and a little salty. back to nature california lemon cokokies are totally natural. the most sophisticated award. it is a boxed cookie but taste fresh. >> looks like they'd be good with a cup of coffee. >> totally. >> now the nutty department. a department we're in a lot around here. >> so these are velveeta breakfast biscuits. they have lots of protein and lots of fiber. they look just like -- it is a
8:49 am
cookie. >> it really is a cookie. >> but for breakfast, which is genius. i have a 9-year-old who doesn't like breakfast. this, he'll eat. >> especially good on the go. what are these? >> goodness knows dark chocolate, almond and cranberry bars. 150 calories for four squares. they taste like candy, chewy and sweet but feel good about it. >> tastes like a nutter butter and i mean it in the best way. >> cheesy. >> harvest cheddar sun chips. they're whole grain. don't feel bad about it. this from philadelphia is genius. little bagel chips with cream cheese. comes in different flavors. this is the most satisfying award. >> here, nuts and cheese together. >> this is another genius idea. these are balanced break from
8:50 am
sargento. one-half is real cheese and the other is nuts and dried fruit. also get them with chocolate. >> sorry. we have a grazer here. grazer on the move. >> doing a little shopper. >> the thing about these, it is like an hors d'oeuvre platter on the go. >> what's this? >> these are blackberry pudding in a squeeze pack. >> good for kids, i'd think, because they like the pouchs. >> also sophisticated enough that you could have it and feel like you're having something good. >> finally? >> this is the most unusual award. they are baked coconut chips. they are a little salty. they're a little bit tweet. even for people who are not crazy about coconut, they're not super coconuty. >> they're good. they're sweet though. very sweet. >> yeah. >> do you have a favorite? >> good crunch on the coconut. >> the hummus -- >> going for the classic sun
8:51 am
chips. >> the velveeta thing is good. >> real nutter butter thing going on. meredith, thank you so much. we were starving so it worked our perfectly. >> good. >> back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. pennsylvania is getting the law requires many to get their child abuse clearances. are you one of them? if you're a coach sunday school teacher a scout leader camp counselor many people who work or volunteer with children may need their clearances.
8:52 am
pennsylvania means business when it comes to protecting our children. thank you pennsylvania! find out if you need to get your clearances by going to paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. i got it. i gotcha baby. (vo) it's being there when you're needed most. love is knowing... he's the one. (vo) was meant to be. and love always keeps you safe. we're fine. (vo) love is why we built a car you can trust. now and for a long time to come. the all-new subaru impreza sedan and five-door. a car you can love no matter what road you're on. the subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. 8:52. who is having a birthday? >> got nice folks to tell you about from our friends at smucker's. first of all, happy 100th
8:53 am
birthday to marry robb. a world traveler from pittsburgh, new york. a schoolteacher for over 30 years. ed of mississipwisconsin is 100 old. the secret to longevity, drinking film. happy 100th to leil. a seamstress from louisiana. also a red cross volunteer for 50 years. god bless. ms. gene landers is 100 years old. active lay did from oregon. does push-ups and sit-ups every day to stay in shape. >> wow. >> mattie gray is celebrating 100 years. worked for the u.s. post office 35 years. hope she gets nice cards in the mail. happy 100th birthday to patrick young of portland, oregon. completed a nearly 200-mile long race when he was 87. that's amazing. now, if you've got somebody you'd like us to celebrate, tell us all about them and send us a photo by heading to
8:54 am >> one of your birthday people drinks milk. >> yeah. >> do you still drink milk? >> never. >> yes. >> i love it. >> i love ice cold milk as a kid. >> i can remember standing, pouring a big glass of milk and my dad saying, drink water first. if you're still thirsty, have the milk. the milk is expensive and he didn't want us to drink it like water. >> one of my fondest memories is sitting with my grandpa. he'd take graham crackers and a big glass of milk. one one thousand, two one thousand. >> still crunchy. >> three one thousand and it falls apart. >> ice cubes in a glass, chocolate at the bottom and pour the milk in, stir it. you know you won't get to all the chocolate and it is left there at the end. >> did you ever just eat the chocolate powder? >> i did. >> me, too. you can hear your teeth disintegrating but it tastes so good. >> not good for you. anyway -- >> dentist is going, that makes
8:55 am
a lot of sense. >> they're like, that's why we got that many fillings back there. >> at 9:00, justin long is going to be co-hosting. >> cool. >> jenna bush hager. josh gag in the new "beauty and the beast."
8:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema, a few minutes shy of 9:00. igt now over to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> sunshine in philadelphia, but some snow falling in camelback mountain. barely showing up on the radar, but these showers will blow into our area this afternoon.
8:57 am
don't be surprised to see a quick snour blow into delaware and south jersey and enjoy the sunshine while it is here. and 30 degrees in new jersey and the clouds will return to the suburbs and philadelphia and 29. and with the wind blowing, it will feel like the teens through the day in lehigh valley and delaware. >> thank you, bill. and now, a check of the roads with first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> yes, the vine is a smooth drive. we skipped over a lot of the morning volume and rush and maybe some more people are taking the day off. this is 95 along the betsy ross bridge and no problems or delays and the sun is out, and the roads are looking dry. watch for some of the on/off ramps, and york road and elkins avenue for a crash. >> and there is a fire ob south street that is now under cont l control. it was the xo lounge nightclub around 6:00 a.m. and nobody h t hurt. >> and the u.s. postal service is going to resume normal
8:58 am
service, but they need to have your help to keep them safe by cleaning off the sidewalks and anything on overhangs. >> and a man with pennsylvania history has died. you may know his best film. the producer of the "the blob" died at age 98 in his home in beverley hills. 1958 classic. i'm vai sikahema. we will have another update in 25 minutes.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," we're bad for josh gad. the beauty and the beast star revealing secrets from the set. also, no shortage of laughs with justin long as our celebrity co-host. it is all coming up right now. >> announcer: from nbc news, thiss "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> you're going to make us laugh or else! it is wednesday morning, march 15th. the ides of march. we're listening to "my way" by calvin harris. i'm alongside jenna bush and we have the co-host, justin long.
9:01 am
>> you don't have to do it. >> not many do it. >> begrudgingly. part of my job. >> we had fun with you already. in the makeup room, we were laughing. >> should have been filming that. >> we couldn't play any of it. >> i'll be nervous and stiff and weird. it's been so fun. >> no. >> we said you'll make us laugh so come on. >> no shortage of laughs. >> that's shortage. >> what is the laugh quota? what's the typical amount of laughs? anything more than two is above the game. you finish aed a play in san dio about albert einstein. >> written by steve martin. hero of mine. >> no pressure there, right? >> exactly. i begged them not to tell me when he was coming. a lot of people knew when he was coming. fortunately, i didn't know. it was -- i would have gotten in my head about it. it was about -- kind of like an episode of "cheers" set in 1904.
9:02 am
picasso and einstein were characters. >> i like the mustache. >> oh, look at this. yes. yeah, they put me under this hair thing to curl my hair. that was me. that wasn't a bit. it is sort of a bit i'm reading my own program. >> is that a real mustache? >> it is real, yes. what do you mean? >> a fake one. >> if that were fake, whoever made that should be fired. shouldn't make fake mustaches. i can't grow anything in the middle. >> your girlfriend didn't love the mustache. >> as you can see, it is not the most -- also, if you get close on the mustache, you can see -- from afar, it is okay, but the closer you get, you see patches. down the middle, there is nothing. pier pieces would curl into think mouth. it was disgusting. >> we have a photo of you shaving it off. >> part of me liked the mustache. >> part of you didn't. >> yeah. i do esikept some of it. >> two face from batman.
9:03 am
>> that was the night we wrapped. i said good-bye to people. fun reaction. >> you're busy. you're also in a movie out now called "lavender." tell us about that. >> it is a creepy -- there i am in a -- glasses. >> do you play a psychiatrist? >> i just wear glasses in the movie. i play a psychiatrist, and i try -- abbie, the star of it. this creepy ghost movie thriller. shot in toronto, one of my favorite cities. there i also, still with glasses. i'm not sure what is happening. it's been a while since i've seen it. you should all see it. >> in theaters now so get to it. >> "lavender," get to it. >> my favorite justin long role, when i was first aware of you it shall. >> yeah. >> "dodgeball." >> thank you, al. they played me getting hit over and over with balls at the knicks game.
9:04 am
my buddy who came with me to the game, he said, you've gotten a lot of mileage after getting hit by balls. you get free tickets to the knicks now. >> not bad. >> the day we shot that scene where i was hit constantly, and i kept trying to get them to hit my head or, you know, the comedy zones. head or -- >> got it. >> the nethers. so just shamelessly, throwing myself. it was coming fast. they didn't want me to drive home at the end of the day because i was a little off. >> coh. >> next time you laugh at that, you were laughing at my pain. >> you bring the laughter. >> well worth it. >> can't have kids anymore. >> oh, dear. >> too many -- >> to the netters. >> dnethers. >> did you enjoy your snow day? >> i've been in san diego two months and didn't get a -- i wanted a taste of winter. this was, as you said earlier,
9:05 am
like an all you can eat buffet at once shoved into my face. it was a lot but beautiful. >> little too much. >> too much of winter. >> you think you had too much of winter, take a look at the owner of this house in webster, in upstate new york. it is a remote beach house, 25 feet from the shore of lake ontario. the spray turned his house into this ice sculpture. he doesn't have a retaining wall. actually, that's where do you should have a wall. build a wall. >> the wall should be there. >> sometimes you want to build walls. >> absolutely. look at that. that's crazy. >> now, it is strange it was just his house. >> yeah. the other folks had built retaining walls. >> i see. you and your walls. >> a good use. >> good use to the wall. >> how is that man going to defrost the house, al? >> i think basically, there's nothing you can do but let nature take its course. you can't get in it to do anything. that's crazy stuff.
9:06 am
>> beautiful. >> was he inside? if so, he is frozen? >> help! >> he starved to death actually. that's the sad part of the story. >> all he has in his house is ice cream. >> okay. >> skeleton. >> i'm excited for the next topic. >> yes. >> we're going to quiz justin. it is a game we want to call "the long and the short of it." >> as you should. >> justin sent us this game. no, he didn't. >> i sent it, yeah. i love playing this game with my friends. >> that's right. >> self-indulgence. >> let's play a game about me. >> we found interesting facts about you. >> that's surprising. >> online. by the way, we think they're all true. that's what we've been told. so the first one, during your senior year at high school, you were named the most likely not to be seen in class. true or false? >> do you guess? >> no, you have to tell us. >> is this entertaining for people? >> supposed to be. >> y'all play at home, too. >> this is the argument we have with the producers every day. >> people are entertained by this. >> we want to know a little about you. >> you're the boss. >> true or false? >> this is true.
9:07 am
>> most likely not to be seen in class? >> yeah. i wasn't -- it is not a good thing to say. i wasn't crazy about school. kids, you should stay in school. don't turn into me. i'm also getting hit with balls in the crotch for a living. >> so it worked out okay. >> this is what happens. >> worked out okay. >> i'm taking shots to the nuts for a living. >> i went with nethers but -- >> sorry. >> it is okay. it's all right. >> testicles, actually. >> i don't think we're supposed to say that. >> i should have made it clear. >> next. next. >> i fake being sick from school, yeah. >> you did voiceover work out of school. one of your biggest talents was doing a slacker guy. >> it was a popular voice. this was the late k'90s. a lot of, what's up, bro. a lot of that guy. do the dew. mountain dew, extreme soda. it was better than that. i'm doing it for effect now. >> i grew up in the same era and
9:08 am
know that voice. >> ""beevis and butthead." >> everyone knows you from the apple commercials. >> not everyone. >> well -- >> i get hostile around 9:10. forgot to tell you. >> in seven minutes -- >> you'll be on the floor. >> here's -- well, they just skipped ahead. had enough with the long and the short of it. is that enough? >> i told you it wouldn't be a good game. >> i had fun. >> i'd like to say hello to my mom and grandmother. my grandmother is in florida. jodi, i love you. >> guess how old she is, al? 100 years old. >> we have to get her on a smucker's jar. >> i don't know what that means but let's do it. i'll volunteer her for anything. >> it is a euphemism. >> is that a weird -- >> no. >> -- prank thing. >> folks who are 100 years old are on the smucker's jar.
9:09 am
we'd love to get her on it. >> al, that'd be great. >> do it. just ahead, remember the funny bbc video gone viral? well -- >> the best. >> doesn't get better than this. >> keeps getting better. >> the more you watch, the funnier it is, especially when the mom slides? >> i like the girl in the yellow shirt. >> i could watch this on a loop for days. >> speaking out. wait until you hear what they have to say. with two days to go until "beauty and the beast" is on the big screen, we'll catch up with lefou, the fabulous josh gad. >> he's busy. >> we'll cat
9:10 am
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9:13 am
everybody has seen this. professor robert kelly's kids unexpectedly entering the room while he is doing a live tv interview with the bbc. first, his daughter, who has that, just fantastic. >> i wish i had an ounce of confident walking into any room. >> i know. >> then the kid in the walker is pretty good. >> she's following. >> then his wife shows up. >> the door closes. perfect comedy close. can't time it better. >> this is when she reaches back. >> they miss the part when she collides with the door. >> turns out, she's in the other room watching the bbc interview live on her phone. then she realizes her kids had left when she sees them on tv. >> amazing. don't you want that angle, her watching and seeing it? >> yes. >> now the family is speaking out. what robert kelly calls a comedy of errors. here's what they had to say. >> well, sort of mixture of surprise and embarrassment and amusement. probably some love and affection. it was terribly cute.
9:14 am
i saw the video like everybody else. it is funny. i turned off twitter alerts and facebook alerts. i'm not even going near youtube. >> the first time it happened. f >> i've been doing tv a while and this is the first time it happened. >> chaos, obviously. >> now she wants to talk to you. want me to bring her in? this is my life, man. >> she's chained up. they're undoing the -- >> that is just great. >> there she is. >> so precocious. i love her. >> a rock star. love it. oprah wrapped work on a film called "a wrinkle in time." co-stars reese witherspoon and mindy kaling. she surprised the cast and crew with a gift. >> a $400 juice machine. >> you get a juice machine and you get a juice machine. >> can i ask, is that much of a surprise? >> no. >> i mean, don't you kind of expect that if you're working with oprah? >> you're going to get something.
9:15 am
>> it'd be weird if -- she set the bar so high gift wise. >> exactly. >> have you gotten gifts? >> or given gifts. >> nor have i ever been compared to oprah on national tv. >> no? >> not like -- i mean, no one gets oprah style gifts. >> yeah. >> i try to get, like, cookies and stuff for the crew. i'll bring baked goods. but, no, nothing -- >> that you bake yourself? >> no, that i purchase. thanks for comparing me to oprah. i don't do anything nearly -- >> compared to oprah, we come up short. >> losing proposition. >> you're not at home making mu muffins for the crew? >> no. there is a place in san diego, uncle biff's. shout out. >> is he a real man? >> yeah. >> i said, why uncle? he said, my nephew wanted it. i said, are you close with your nephew? not really nephew.
9:16 am
you don't buy a cookie from a guy named ed biff. >> "back to the future." >> eat my cookie. >> all right, mcfly! make like a cookie and crumble. >> you telling me you want me to purchase -- >> pretty good michael j. fox. >> doc, you're doing the weather? >> future boy, if you're from 1985, who is the president? >> ronald reagan. >> the actor, who is vice esident, jerry pr good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. it is cold out and the wind will increase this afternoon and we will see steady winds in the afterno afternoon and gusts up to 40 miles per hour, and that may blow a few snow showers this afternoon and a dusting is possible. 29 high in philadelphia and up to 30 in delaware and new jersey
9:17 am
and the suburbs and the lehigh valley and temperatures only in the 20s today. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up, we'll take you behind the scenes of one of the most anticipated movies of the year. "beauty and the beast." >> what is he doing? is he making out with his -- >> he's just working. >> josh gad spilling the secrets. >> obama, wait one second. hey, tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren.
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9:19 am
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9:21 am
26 years ago, we fell in love with a young bookworm named belle, taken prisoner by a beast in his castle filled with an enchanted staff. ♪ be our guest >> this is me. i'm sorry. the guy who has never done this. "beauty and the beast" has new guests to entertain. it returns to the big screen, starring a huge cast. >> josh gad plays lefou, has s gasston sets his sights on belle. >> she is the most beautiful in the village, that makes her the best. >> she's so well-read and you're so athletically inclined. >> i know. belle can be as argumentative as beautiful. >> who needs her when you have us? >> yes. ever since the war, i felt like i've been missing something. she's the only girl that gives me that sense of -- >> je ne sais quoi? >> i don't know what that means.
9:22 am
>> josh, by the way, it is g gast gaston. >> not as embarrassing as what justin did in the middle of the intro. that made my day. >> wait a second. i'm supposed to read on live tv? >> oh, that's me? >> i thought it was long. it was too descriptor. >> why am i here? gaston. listen, okay, i watched this last night. i was going to watch it with my 4-year-old. she went to bed and i was like, let a sleeping baby lie. it is so good. for people of all ages. it is so smart. so funny. it is so fresh. >> it really is. your daughter, by the way, was in her room watching "dead out," saying let sleeping mothers lie. so it is. it is a movie for everyone. i mean, i was 10 years old. we're about the same age.
9:23 am
we're not. >> we are. >> we are. >> yes. >> so the three of us, you know, remember seeing it in theaters. >> i remember "steam boat willie." >> yeah. >> what was it like growing up with chaplain? >> it was weird. i remember when the world was black and white, literally. >> world war i wasn't your -- >> no. >> that's the greatest generation. >> when i heard the casting of this movie -- >> i'm never going to be back on this show. >> we love you here. >> yeah. >> josh gad at lefou, perfect. >> yes. >> you were -- >> way to go, disney. >> i want to give context to what al just said. when i saw that josh gad was cast as a 2 foot troll from the movie, who is a siycophantic weasel, that's the man i would have gone with. >> classic. >> you go with josh gad. >> i will say, he has a good
9:24 am
heart. >> that's the key. lefou in this movie is a lot different than the original. >> that's the one thing -- >> he's complicated. he's got pathos this time, which is what i loved about it. and the comedy comes out of a different place from just the original. gaston, gastin -- >> i like gaston better. >> sounds like an intestine thing. >> you're about to miss incredible insight. >> more josh gad after the local news and weather.
9:25 am
♪ he's got the cash. he's got a condo. he's got a car. he's got a career. but that still doesn't mean he get's you. ♪ time to shine. orbit. you may be muddling through allergies.oned with... try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec®. muddle no more®.
9:26 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema, and just about 9:30 and right to first alert meteorologist bill henley with the accurate neighborhood forecast. >> what a frigid day. windy and cold and it is starting to fade and the clouds are blowing back into the e city, and the winds that are blowing, and the windchills in the single digits. it feels like 7 degrees right now in philadelphia and wilmington. 6 below in the poke know mountains and 8 in mount holly. the temperature is climbing and close to 30 in philadelphia and up to 30 in new jersey and scattered light snow showers this afternoon and a dusting la later today. vai. >> all right. thank you, bill. a check with the roads with the first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington.
9:27 am
jess? >> well, we are watching the memorial bridge and the reports of the falling ice over the delaware memorial bridge and now the outer lanes are closed in both directions. for the delays, light volume on both of the majors to take the day off again, and that is the good news there with that and watching the schuylkille, presswa pressway, and cameras around jir a rard show -- girard avenue show showing about 10 minutes from the blue to the vine. and a early morning fire pushed people out into the cold, and now, medics rushed one man down to the hospital, and down ed trees and a scattered power outages are to when a storm caused outages, and crews have been working to restore electricity. and all carriers now have resumed operations at the
9:28 am
airport. all carriers suggest you check with your airline before you leave out your door. i'm vai sikahema. we will see you in about 25 minutes.
9:29 am
9:30 am
and that's the plot of "frozen." can't tell that story twice. >> unbelievable. >> wish you could tell it again. >> we're back with josh gad, justin long, jenna bush hager, talking about one of the most anticipated moo ed movies of th "beauty of the beast." >>s lefou, who takes place in gaston's shenanigans to win belle's heart. >> what was it like filming that scene, "nobody fights like gaston." >> a lot like this interview but with a lot more frenetic motion. i literally remember seeing this song in the theater at the age
9:31 am
of 10, and i remember the audience applauding. so the expectations are here for me because i'm like, oh, if i don't do justice to this number -- >> make people applaud. >> yeah. now, seeing it with an audience and the audience erupting after all these numbers, it's like a dream come true. shooting that with luke evans who, by the way, is an extraordinary singer, also comes from musical theater background like myself, we had the most fun. you record this song beforehand. for us, because we're getting up on a table and doing all this, we had to sing live. we had to sing live. >> they were recording you singing live. >> you can't fake it. they were recording us. so, you know, you see a lot of that in the movie. >> it was so much fun. >> at the end of the number, that was all improved. i did 20 different variations of that. >> i hated that part. >> we knew you were looking for it. >> yeah. >> did you know when they called and asked you to be part of this, it was going to be huge? was there the pressure of -- >> i knew that the expectations,
9:32 am
like i said, were so high, that we had to do it justice. when you have a cast like this, i mean, think about it. ian mckellen. you have emma thompson. emma watson. stanley, dan stevens. >> what a diverse cast. there's so much diversity. >> kevin kline. >> what a diverse cast. kevin kline. >> the white men. >> the old white people and the younger white people. >> brunette white people. >> all the moxies. >> you're filming with daisy ridley, who is in the upcoming "star wars" and you've been grilling her. >> on instagram and twitter. >> tries to get information out of daisy riddler. >> j.j. abrams. >> about what "star wars" will be it. plays it dry and flat. it is funny. >> chris pat. >> chris pratt. >> have you allowed her?
9:33 am
>> i think she's at the breaking point. she does, like, when she gets to the breaking point, you know daisy, she goes for bad puns. >> i don't. >> gad. >> oh, my gosh. >> gad zooks. i'm like, daisy, you can do better than that. that's a joke i'd make. you gadfly. >> i don't believe in gad. >> that's my wife's motto. >> it is a joke, folks. >> gad is right here. how can i deny he exists? he's right here. >> any inside info on "frozen 2"? >> you have to tell us. i have a 4-year-old at home. >> here's the thing about "frozen 2,". >> this time it is personal. >> yeah. elsa has a vin tett-- vendetta. >> it takes place two day ago, starts with the blizzard in new york city. >> about one guy in long island.
9:34 am
>> one guy shoveling and all these characters come to life. i don't have any insight on "frozen 2." i think they won't tell me because they know i'll blab it. i really do. i really do. no, i have nothing. >> nothing. when do you start? >> i don't know if i'm in the film technically. i'm hoping -- >> if olaf is not in there, there will be sad kids. >> i hope my agent is calling me. disney, i really need the money. >> if he is not available, i am. >> that's gad news. >> justin long, ladies and gentlemen. >> it's really great. thanks for having me. >> josh gad. "beauty and the beast" in theaters this friday. up next, good times keep rolling with adam. a duffel bag and making history with us right after these messages. what if we could bring you better value by having better values?
9:35 am
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but shouldn't it be about firsts?d in zeros. and seconds... how about adding a third? we think there's a bajillion ways to measure success. and whether you have hundreds or millions... we think you deserve the financial freedom to sleep like this at night. this is the new success story. and at t-i-a-a, we're with you. start today at t-i-a-a dot org. parenting. >> adam pally is no stranger to sitcoms. you remember "happy endings." or on "the mindy project." >> now he's in "making history." he plays dan, a man who discovers time travel and visits his girlfriend in 1975. >> bringing her to present day, she has a lot to learn. >> bet you miss 1775, huh?
9:39 am
>> picnicing with you is better in the future. what is this called again? >> oh, that's spray cheese. inspired by cheese. >> your neighborhood is so lovely. there isn't even a children's graveyard. >> one of the cool things about the future is most kids live. >> i love that. >> me, too. clink. >> clink. >> adam, good morning. this is a lot of fun. >> thank you. >> tell us about the show. >> well, the show is about a loser who i play. >> perfect casting. >> yeah. it is a real stretch. they did make me audition. i find a time machine and use it to go back in time and pick up chicks actually. >> pretty good. >> as you would. >> i don't know why else you'd travel in time. >> so is it true you thought you were auditioning for something else? >> yes. the show is created and produced by miller, who did "lego movie" and "last man on earth." called me and said, do you want
9:40 am
to come in and meet? when i got there, i was like, you obviously want me to play young-h han solo. i was like, where is the chewy doll? i'm ready to do it. i have the attitude. i have to lose 40 pounds. they looked at me and phil was like, that movie is "young han solo." >> you're young. >> i was like, oh, thank you for lying. >> compared to me. >> yes. no, no, no, i'm -- >> compared to harrison ford. >> i'm 35 and look 72. >> no. >> yes, i do. yes, i do. >> stop. >> don't look a day over 65. >> thank you. i feel like all of a sudden, i'm the other guy in the apple commercials with you. also, who booked today in we following josh gad. it is like chubby, feminine jew day. >> there is a hallmark card for that. >> how are you celebrating
9:41 am
chubby, feminine jew day? >> i'll watch the "today" show. they do it right. nobody else celebrating it. >> go with adam pally and josh gad. >> you're going for a small audience. >> second time we brought up nathan. >> maybe that's why he was in my conscious. >> you go to different time periods. what's your favorite time period you visited so far? >> i really enjoyed 1940s germany, oddly enough. >> that is odd. >> yeah, that is very strange. >> you would think that that would be a bad time period for me, but i found it relaxing. i like the '80s. 1980 boston was fun. i got to wear an 8 ball leather jacket. i felt like spinderella from salt n pepper. whenever you show up to work and get a new wardrobe change, it's
9:42 am
great. >> adam, we don't want to say good-bye but we have to. >> the that was weird. makes me think you want to say good-bye. >> 1940s germany -- >> no -- >> i didn't want to say good-bye. >> you have a week to live. what is the bad news? i've been trying to reach you for six days. >> once again, another weird thing. i don't get the joke at all. >>ing history" sundays at fox. >> let's go to the break. i have to do weather. that was an awkward shot. wow. off the rails night. i love it. all right. as we look to see what's going on for today, we're looking at windy, cold conditions in the northeast with snow hanging around. pacific northwest, cold front bringing in showers and thunderstorms from the puget sound to northern california. tomorrow, things dry out a little bit. freeze warnings tomorrow morning through the south, southeast and on to the gulf coast. a few leftover snow showers.
9:43 am
>> we want to -- we're creeping in on the weather. >> making a roker sandwich? >> i have to be honest, i don't know what i'm doing. a producer grabbed me and said, throw adam in there. see what hapns. that'spe w good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. some sunshine to start with, but it is cold out there especially f factoring in the wind. the wind increases this afternoon and we will see the steady winds this afternoon and gusts at 40 miles per hour even this afternoon to blow a few snow showers, and dusting is possible. 29 is the high in philadelphia and 39 in delaware and new jersey and the suburbs of the lehigh valley, and temperatures in the 20s today. have a great day. >> and that's your latest weather. coming up -- >> the star is -- >> "she's a bad woman," hit
9:44 am
song. now a new single is climbing the charts. you'll hear it live after these messages. >> are you drawing that? >> yeah. you don't normally run through a meadow at sunrise. but once you indulge in rich, dark chocolate, lightly salted almonds and slow roasted peanuts... you might surprise yourself. nature valley sweet and salty bars. blissfully good. only tylenol® rapid release gels
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9:48 am
everyone from drake to justin timberlake singing his phrases. >> i want something to sing my praises. his new single, "romantic," has over 40 million streams. >> he's taking a break from the tour to sing it for us live. good to meet you. >> glad to be here, guys. >> this is awesome. >> exciting. >> you started off performing in smaller venues and now you're performing -- is this surreal? >> crazy from going from a karaoke bar to touring across america. yes. >> you were singing a song in karaoke bars? you'll give them something to talk about. >> see what you did there. >> i'll see you later. >> so good. >> now, stanaj singing "romantic."
9:49 am
♪ you say i make you shy ♪ i don't know why ♪ every time we kiss, babe, it gets better every time ♪ ♪ underneath the light, you're shining so bright ♪ ♪ the tension in the air, you could cut it with a knife ♪ ♪ see, i'm just tryna be somebody ♪ ♪ you got me in love so deep ♪ i don't got to do these things, but you make me ♪ ♪ you make me wanna be romantic ♪ ♪ you make me wanna be a star ♪ you make me wanna act different ♪ ♪ i love you for who you are ♪ you make me want to run
9:50 am
circles around you ♪ ♪ so glad that i found you ♪ you make me wanna be romantic ♪ ♪ you make me wanna be a star ♪ have you got the time ♪ we could do dinner and wine ♪ i could compliment you, but that would take all night ♪ ♪ i'm just tryna be somebody, you got me in love so deep ♪ ♪ i don't got to do these things, but you make me ♪ ♪ you make me wanna be romantic ♪ ♪ you make me wanna be a star ♪ ♪ you make me wanna act different ♪ ♪ i love you for who you are ♪ you make me wanna run circles around you ♪ ♪ so glad that i found ya
9:51 am
♪ you make me wanna be romantic ♪ ♪ you make me wanna be a star ♪ you make me wanna be romantic ♪ you make me wanna be a star ♪ you make me wanna act different ♪ ♪ i love you for who you are ♪ you make me wanna do circles around you, so glad i found ya ♪ ♪ i just wanna be romantic ♪ i just wanna be a star ♪ you make me wanna do things i never seem to do ♪ ♪ never said those three words but i say em to you ♪ ♪ saying things i never seem to say, make me ask why i'm acting this way ♪
9:52 am
♪ you make me wanna act different ♪ ♪ i love you for who you are ♪ you make me wanna run circles around you ♪ ♪ so glad that i found you ♪ you make me wanna be romantic ♪ ♪ you make me wanna be a star [ applause ] >> that was so romantic. >> terrific. >> thank you, guys. >> that was great. >> get a hug. bring it in there. >> thank you so much. we're back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
only a few hours left to enter our ultimate family fairy
9:55 am
tale get away. submit photos of your family experiencing a fairy tale. dress up, act out a scene. you can win air fare for four to scottland plus five night as accommodation. courtesy of home away. head to our "today's take" facebook page or enter and share your photos. you have until 1:00 p.m. eastern today. >> that looks fun. justin, we had a blast. i don't know what happened. i don't even know what happened but it was fun. >> you'll have time to unpack it on the 10:00. >> we'll talk all about that. plus, kitchen myths. all after your local news. >> and weather.
9:56 am
good morning. i'm vai sikahema. it is just about 10:00 a.m. right to first alert meteorologist bill henley with the accurate neighborhood forecast. start in the camelback mountain. >> these are showers that are coming in and going to blow into our area, and riding on the gusty winds that are already here. and you can see that the clouds have returned to with berks county, and montgomery and bucks and chester counties as well. the snow showers are going to be brief because the winds are
9:57 am
increasing them, and gust iing 32 in wilmington and i expect them to top 40 miles per hour this afternoon. >> okay, bill. now, a look at that first alert check of the roads with jessica boyington. and we have a problem with one of the bridges? >> yes sh, the delaware memoria bridge is closed in both directi directions because of ice falling. clearly, you can see the ice that has fallen from up above and it is really dangerous for all of the drivers and the traffic moving through is confined to the center lane. right now, looking at thep mas, because i am not seeing delays in either direction either on 495 or backing up to the turnpike, the volume is a lot lighter this morning, and that is a good thing. be careful with the ice. back to you, vai. sky force 10 is beauty si and looking the aftermath of the storm. this is a stormmanayunk, and
9:58 am
the man is trying to get the tires opened up before hits the road. i'm vai sikahema, and we will have another update in 25 minutes. we will see you at the bottom of the hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, y'all. it's wines day wednesday. march 15, 2017. i'm alongside by popular demand. >> they can't keep us apart. >> we are so happy. >> we are happy about it. we are jenna bush hager


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