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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 16, 2017 4:00am-4:29am EDT

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the judge has just blocked our executive order on travel, unprecedented judicial overreach. the danger is clear, the law is clear. the need for my executive order is clear. strike 2, president trump plans to take what he calls his watered down travel ban all the way to the supreme court. >> new details this morning as the president promises to produce evidence to support his wiretapping claim. >> and fall out today from the russian intel agents behind the massive hack attack against yahoo!. >> more concerns over exploding batteries after one woman's headphones explode in flight. >> and the mcdonald's worker whose quick thinking saved the life of an off duty cop.
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"early today" starts right now. >> some unbelievable stuff today. good morning, everybody. i'm jasmine. >> i'm frances rivera. great being with you. this morning a second explosive rejection just hours before president trump's revised travel ban was set to take effect at airports across the country, a giant roadblock. a federal judge in hawaii put an emergency stay on the banish ewing a 43-page decision saying the travel restriction would likely amount to a religious test. the judge himself adding that he couldn't ignore then candidate trump's call for a muslim ban during the election. the executive order the first iteration that came before it has set off marches and demonstrations around the world, even before it took effect. and now there's no telling when, if it ever will. >> but the president is not standing down, firing back at the judge and the ruling during a campaign style rally in nashville. >> this is the opinion of many, an unprecedented judicial
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overreach. you don't think this was done by a judge for a political reasons, do you? no. this ruling makes us look weak. we're going to fight this terrible ruling. we're going to take our case as far as it needs to go including all the way up to the supreme court. this is a watered down version, and let me tell you something. i think we ought to go back to the first one and go all the way which is what i wanted to do in the first place. >> and the department of justice is saying it will appeal the ruling calling it, quote, flawed and releasing this statement. in response, quote, the president's executive order falls squarely within his lawful authority in seeking to protect our nation's security. and the department will continue to defend this executive order in the courts. >> this morning still no evidence a day after the senate held its hearing into russia's interference in the u.s. election. republican senator lindsey graham at the hill many, he demanded answers from the administration and the fbi.
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both republican and democratic leaders of the house intel committee say they have still seen no proof to support president trump's claims he was wiretapped by former president obama. and now mr. trump is speaking out on the issue. for the very first time since making those unprecedented claims, he says there is still more to come. nbc's halle jackson has that report. >> reporter: a new suggestion from the president that it wasn't simply a wiretap. president obama had installed at trump tower like he originally claimed, but maybe more surveillance hinting at more to come. >> wiretap covers a lot of different things. i think you're going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next two weeks. >> reporter: it's another interpretation of his explosive tweet 11 days ago, still providing no proof. >> now you have to decide are you going to take the tweets literally and if you are then clearly the president was wrong. >> reporter: that'ss the house intelligence committee's top republican revealing he's seen no evidence of the president's
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claim so he wants congress to keep investigating. so, what's the president basing his accusation on? it's still not clear, but his attorney general says it didn't come from him. >> did you ever give him any reason to believe he was wiretapped by the previous administration? >> look, the answer is no. >> reporter: now time is running out for the fbi director to either back up his boss or admit the president's wrong. with some lawmakers out of patience, warning the administration is out of time. >> we'll issue a subpoena to get the information. we'll hold up the deputy attorney general's nomination until congress is provided with the information that finally clears the air. >> reporter: senator lindsey graham also wants james comey to confirm publicly the fbi is looking into whether russia got involved in the 2016 election, announcing comey promised answers but didn't say when. comey himself is in the hot seat monday as at least four congressional committees are now investigating any interference from the kremlin. >> thank you, halle jackson for
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that. also this morning more news from the trump white house as it unveils its all-important budget blueprint. they are looking to make historic slashes to federal agencies to boost defense programs to the tune of $54 billion. that's a priority for the president who says he wants a, quote, great rebuilding of the armed forces. all this despite the u.s. already spending more on defense than china, saudi arabia, russia, the u.k., india, france and japan combined. for more we are joined by nbc's tracy potts. which departments will we see the biggest cuts here? >> reporter: jasmine's let's look at winners and losers. in just a few hours we'll see the document. the biggest winner here, the milt tri, the pentagon, the defense department, that $54 billion that you talked about, it's a 10% increase. one of the biggest losers, the state department. they're looking at 28% of their budget being slashed and overseas this morning we heard
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secretary of state rex tillerson say essentially, they'll work with that. they'll become more effective and more efficient operating with fewer dollars. another big loser here, the epa, the environmental protection agency losing approximately a quarter of its budget. some of that from regional programs like the chesapeake bay and the president wants to put in this budget 1 1/2 billion dollar toward the border wall. one of the things that he doesn't want to touch at all, social security and medicare, the biggest parts of the budget as a result critics say the very concern that social programs, educational programs, programs for seniors, meals on wheels, some of the smaller programs could take a big hit. >> all right, nbc tracy potts for us. tracy, thank you. breaking overnight, three men were shot at the u.s. mexico bhord era long the rio grand river. one man was killed and the other two taken to the hospital. they were in a fishing boat when they came under fire and under
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attack by gun fire. the victims told investigators the shots came from mexico. the shooting happened near roma creek texas. nbc's schwartz has video from the scene. >> this boat, you see it here, it's got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, seven bullet holes on this side that you can see and there are more bullet holes inside. >> border patrol is now investigating and we will have a full report coming up later on today. >> police were led on a high speed chase in phoenix. officers say the man driving the yellow corvette was wanted in connection with a murder. the suspect sped along city streets and highways, diving across several lanes of traffic to avoid police. he even went the wrong way at one point endangering oncoming traffic. the chase finally ended at this intersection when unmarked police car crashed into the corvette. police say shots were fired and the suspect died on the scene. >> wow, one mcdonald's drive through worker is being called a
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hero today after his quick thinking helped save a police officer's life. he was serving the off duty officer and her kids when he noticed she was having trouble breathing. the car suddenly pulled away. he jumped right out of the window to put himself in front of the car to stop it from going into traffic. a second employee helped give cpr until an ambulance came. he said he jumped out of instinct and he is happy the officer is alive and you have those incidents you hear it's fight, flight or freeze. in this case he's full on. >> went into it really incredible video to see. just ahead new details on the russian spies charged in the massive yahoo! e-mail hack. but first check this out. the cleveland harbor west pier headlight house completely encased in ice. it was built in 1911 on the banks of the erie wall. now nbc meteorologist bill karins. it is a really cold -- it is incredible. it is cold out there right now. that's incredible as well.
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>> it's like january cold. everyone in the east is like, all right, what happened? february was such a tease and now it's like worse than january. well, freeze warnings are for 49 million people and we've had the freeze all the way down into north florida this morning. jacksonville dipped to 29 and new record low. temperatures are in the 20s all through the southeast this morning. we're doing unfortunately those early plants that come out, buds, they're dying off, cherry blossoms also. 35 in york. we warm up a little in the southeast. you wait to warm up nft southeast. new england has more snow to talk we will see sunshine. good morning, i'm meteorologist bill henley. skies are clear. there's still a breeze blowing and it's cold outside. the winds at 13 miles an hour, nowhere near yesterday. but just strong enough to make it feel like the teens in philadelphia. today, we'll get something we
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didn't have all day yesterday. neighborhood forecast is just ahead, vai and tracy. >> all right, bill, a bundle up today. here's what we're working on for "nbc 10 news today." >> yeah, we're staying on top of delays, power outages as the area recovers from the winter storm. history on a hiring freeze. we'll tell you about several philadelphia sites closed because of a presidential order. and the wildcats begin their quest for another national title. "nbc 10 news today" starts soon. "nbc 10 news today" will be back right after "early today." more "earning something you love" per roll bounty is more absorbent,
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for swifties. tmz reports swift may be mus stg service in light of her feud with spotify, but according to more likely for a fan club mobi. >> leading the news this is in tokyo right now. herapped up a tri lateral meeting with his japanese counterpart with north korea at tillerson had some startling news on the isolatedclea weapon. >> the diplomatic and past 20 y bring north k a point of dee nuclearization have failed. so, we have 20 failed approach, and that inclu united states provided $1.35 billion in assistance to north korea. as an encouragement to take a different pathway. >> and federal prosecutors
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charged four men including two russian spies with breaking into half a billion yahoo! accounts back in 2014. u.s. officials say these two fsb officers ran the attack and accused them of hiring two known criminal hackers to do the actual intrusions. one of the suspected hackers, canadian was arrested tuesday in toronto. the other three charged are said to be in russia. the u.s. asked the russians to arrest them but that's not likely. the fbi said the russians were spying on yahoo! users including russian journalist and u.s. officials. no decisions have been made about whether or how to retaliate. >> still ahead here on "early today" donald trump is about to tell all. plus more exploding batteries. this time in headphones. we have information you need to know about the products you're using. iful. wear that shade. wear that shade. throw shade. nice. no makeup monday or definitely makeup... it's monday.
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fast forwarding into thursday, president trump is hosting the prime minister of ireland at the white house one day ahead of saint patrick's day. along with the annual presentation of the shamrock, the two leaders are expected to discuss brexit and immigration. >> the administration says it's rolling back former president obama's rule setting standards for hydraulic freddacking. possible groundwater contamination and manmade earthquakes possible. >> president trump's first wife
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is writing a memorandum war about raising their three children and the lessons she taught them. the bookue >> this is kind of alarming. new concerns this morning after another fire incident on board a plane. suspected of being started by exhe batteries may have caught fire inside a passenger's head phones as she was sleeping. pretty terr nbc's thomas costello has more on this. >> reporter: the injuries were horrific. a passenger's face, hair and skin b in her headphones suddenly caught fire on a flight from china to australia. the victim told investigators she wassl music when suddenly she heard an explosion. as i went to turn around, i felt burning on my face, she said. i grabbed thethem on the floor. they were sparking and had small amounts of fire. with passengers choking on the flight attendants doused the fire with water. batteries are a n the batteries
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global safety concern. >> we're getting rapid calls and reports of kidsdfloor. >> reporter: in harris burg saturday, a three-year old died from a fire investigators say started with lithium ion batteries in a hover board. e-cigarettes, l yalaxy note 7 cell phones. >> it was brown, it was electronic snoik. that brown, green, gray real ugly stuff. underwriters laboratory showed us the danger the batteries pose. >> they all have af them, a solvent that will burn if it gets too hot or if there is an internal failure of the battery of some sort. >> reporter: already under a million hover boards and all of those galaxy note 7s. >> these are things consumers live with and keep in their pourses and pts every day. >> reporter: the concern now, liquidity yum ion batteries are common today in many if not most wireless headphones. tom costello nbc news washington. >> really so scared when you see the images. make you want to look at every single one of your devices and
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just be so concerned something like that can happen. >> yes, maybe use a pen and paper. it's pretty terrifying because you never know. >> just ahead michael jackson's only daughter speaks out about her famous dad. plus an lifesaving kindness between a pilot and a flight attendant. you're watching "early today." ♪ five-second rule protection. new lwithout any harsheliminates 99.9%chemical residue. ♪ lysol. what it takes to protect. if your sneezes are a force to be reckoned with...hlergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it.
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in 2009 when she was 1 years d, she tried to take her own life several times. jackson also revealed that up until age 12 she lackedoc home schooled and her only interactions were with family members or other adults. despite that, she said, quote, growing up i was treated as the favorite because ways the onpri. i was perfect in my dad's eyes. >> she's really growing to her own. that photo of her on the cover of that magazine, we can show that we were just talking about how she just signed -- there it is. she signed with aid modelling agency. we'll be seeing more of to see looking incredible and sounding incredible. good for her. >> coming into her own. an alaska airlines attendant are more than coworkers. that's because the pilot is giving her coworker a kding out were failing she asked friends and coworkers if they would sef they might be a good donor.
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captain jody was among the first to sign up. t word and when i saw the paperwork i think the title of fact i sent in was girl, i have your kidney. i was joking with her i was going to deliver the kidney on the beverage cart. >> it means the world to me. it means everything to me. it's life. >> they can have a sense of humor and have fun with it. the transplant surgery is scheduled for next monday in seattle. of course thinking about them and the wishing and the best and hope when they come out of it healthier and better and newer with that, that they'll be coming out and having a nice little chat and interview, too, maybe. >> i love that story. i'm not giving you my kidney, by the way. >> okay. >> love you, but not giving you my kidney. the industry americans are pumping records amounts of cash into the latest celebrity of hackers. you're watching "early today." so we don't have to wad to get clean. mmm, cushiony...and we can use less.
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chevy silverado pick-ups when you finance with gm financial. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. the road to repeat. the today, the villanova wildcats begin a journal noi defend their title i tournament. and president trump plans to unveil his first spending plan. and dozens of fd departments are on the chopping block. and digging out. people across the area are still dealing with storm headaches following this week's blast of winter. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. still, a lot of diggingod r news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vaiwe're off to anot. there are problems with the storm. 40 area hools are either on delay or cancelled classes.
4:29 am
we'll go to bill henley with the most accurate forecast in there is some good news. the skies are clear, temperatures are not as cold as the last couple of are still plenty cold this morning. and the winds have died down some. we're still seeing windchills in the feels like 13 in vineland. and 2 below in the pocono look miles an hour and a little lighter for wilmington and dover we saw lots of showers blow through with gusty winds yesterday. it's not going to happen today. today, we'll get some sunshine. we'll talk about the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood and the warmup that starts today when i'm back in ten minutes, but first, jessica boyington with the "first alert" traffic. >> we're watching that around the betsy ross bridge. no big problems or delays. southbound side, westbound, from woodhaven road to the vine
4:30 am
street expressway, average speed there into the mid60s. also checking in with 422, there's a crash reported right near collegeville road. that's a little bit of a different area as well. eight minutes in both directions, east and westbound on 76. average speeds into the 60s there. here in new jersey, route 38 just around nixon drive. no problems reported in either direction. and roads are definitely a lot clearer than yesterday or the day before. vai and tracy, back to you. a lot going on today. first up, president trump will submit his budget plan to congress today including a $54 million boost in military spending. the budget calls for a 25% cut to the epa's spending and eliminate jobs. and it calls for a ruling halts president trump's revised tral ban flawed. a federal judge in hawaii halted the revised ban yesterday just hours before it was supposed to


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