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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  March 16, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> my old friend. >> we'll look forward to it. >> can't wait for that. glenn, thanksi. nightly news is up next. see you at 11:00. tonight, doubling down. president trump standing behind his accusation that president obama spied on him even after democrat and republican leaders said there's no evidence. >> the president's budget proposal, keeping his promise on national security but will the working poor pay the price? jgymnastics abuse scandal. a team doctor accused of abuse. could a major university done more to stop him? invasion of privacy. employees raising concerns over a p proposal to give companies what critics say would be easier access to your private health information. harrowing moments on camera as the mountain explode.
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the tv crew in the blast. "nightly news" begins right now. good evening. for the second day in a row a rare display of bipartisanship at the nation's capital on a critical matter. the democrat and republican leaders joining together in a public rebuke of president trump's wiretap claim. like the house counterparts the day before, the senators saying they have seen nothing to substa thr substantiate claims that president obama had trump towers wired. the white house is firing back and offering news articles as justification for the shocking claims. hallie jackson has details. >> reporter: a bombshell statement triggering an explosive response. >> hold on.
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hold on. hold. i'm making a point. >> reporter: after the committee president trump wanted to investigation his accusation of spying saying there's nothing there. we see no indication that trump power was the subject of surveillance by any element of the united states government before or after election day 2016. no surveillance, not even a wiretap according to the top democrat and republican on the senate intelligence committee. the president not convinced, not backing down. >> he stands by it but you're mischaracterizing what happened today. the bottom line is the investigation by the house and senate has not been provided all the information. >> reporter: that's not what the senate intelligence committee says. >> we have seen no evidence at all about the president's tweet of 13 days ago that somehow obama tapped trump tower and somehow this was effecting part of the presidential race. >> reporter: today the president's press secretary refused to
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say whether the president accepted the findings. >> let's go through what we do know. >> reporter: for a full eight minutes sean spicer cited a series of news reports accusing reporters of cherry picking narratives, reports that the president points to bolster his unproven accusation that president obama broke the law by spying on him. >> i've been reading about things. january 20th, there was a new york times talking about wiret wiretapping. >> reporter: it referred to surveillance targeting russians and did not mention president obama. any classified information would have been shared by fbi director james comey with top lawmakers. one by one they have said they have seen no evidence to back up the president's claim. comey himself will testify publicly monday, potentially putting this to rest. the question then, what next? how will the president respond to what his own fbi director has to say? lester. >> hallie jackson at the white house
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tonight. thanks. nicole wallace is an nbc news political analyst and former 43 bush communications direct director. we've seen this president walk away time and time again from evidence. is this one given the bipartisan nature of the rebuke that he can walk away from? >> there's two flashing yellow lights for him. a lot of trump voters are two time president obama voters. he accused the former president of a serious crime and a big man someone worthy of the office might be thinking about an apology tonight. number two, you now have the bipartisan republican led intel committee making the entire white house staff look profoundly weak and making clear that they don't have either the courage or the will to walk in and say to the president of the united states, mr. president, we got your back but you got over your skis. we're going to stop defending this because
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it's indefinanensible. >> good to have you here. president trump has unveiled his first budget proposal. the president is keeping his promise. there's a lot more money for the military but critics say popular programs and the poor would pay the price. peter alexander has details. >> reporter: it's the primary promise of the trump presidency. >> we have america first, america first candidate. you now have an america first president and it shouldn't surprise anybody that we have a america first budget. >> reporter: the president's team says he's delivering. a budget blueprint spending nearly $60 billion on defense, homeland security and veterans care offset by deep and unprecedented cuts. the state department slashed by 29% targeting foreign aid. the environmental protection agency sliced by 31% including programs to combat climate change. >> we consider that a
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waste of your money. >> reporter: the national health institute trimmed. he said that would devastate his breast cancer research. >> if you have one in eight women getting breast cancer in their lifetime, you can imagine how many people are affected, families and communities are affected. >> reporter: critics say low income americans would be the hardest hit with sweeting csweet i -- sweeping cuts to affordable housing and jobs programs. e liliminating aid on this meals on wheels program. >> it means that meals won't be served. people won't be helped. >> what do you say to the americans that are losing out? >> to take the federal money and give it to the states. we want to give you money for programs that don't work. i can't defend that. >> reporter: the president does add money for school choice. >> as a charter operator that means we could get more funding to expand to serve more students. >> reporter: what the proposal doesn't do, balance the budget.
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>> it's done nothing to improve the fiscal picture that we face that's quite significant and severe right now. >> reporter: the white house is also calling for more than $4 billion to build that border wall that president trump said mexico will pay for. this budget outlines the president's priorities but democrats and some republicans say it's dead on arrival. lester. >> thanks, peter. one last item of note regarding president trump. he's vowing to fight back after a pair of federal judges blocked his revised travel ban affecting six muslim majority countries hours before it was said to take effect. it's another setback after repeals court judges upheld a restraining order on first version of the ban last month. now to an nbc news exclusive. as the former doctor for usa gymnastics facing 23 sexual assault charges accusaccuse ed of preying on olympians. did the university
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fail to investigate him aggressively when one young woman came forward three years ago? we investigate. >> reporter: back in 2014, dr. larry nassar was the head doctor for usa gymnastics and a well respected on campus doctor at michigan state university when a student went to school officials with a troubling story. >> i felt violated. >> reporter: it took place during an appointment for her hip and back pain. >> it was when he started to insert his fingse fingers. that's when i pushed him off and told him to stop. >> did he have gloves on? >> no. >> did he tell you he was about to do that? >> no. >> reporter: she immediately reported to school officials. the school conducted an investigation. the conclusion, we cannot find the conduct was of a sexual nature. the procedure was
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medically appropriate. msu interviewed three physicians and train er. all of whom worked for the university including one who said they were very good friends. all four said they used the technique for pain but never under clothes and always with clothes. campus police conducted its own investigation. the prosecutor decided not to press charges. amanda was shocked. >> i knew that what he was doing to me was sexual. >> reporter: nassar stated on the job two more years. in august 2016, amidst new allegations from former patients he was fired. gymnast lindsay was his patient for three years when she was a teenager. she now believes what nassar called treatment back then was sexual assault over hundreds of sessions. >> around 500 or more altogether. >> reporter: now an msu gymnast, she says the school seemed to be more concerned about keeping a lid on the allegations against dr. nassar
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than offering her team support. some other members of the team were his patients. >> never were any of us asked do you feel like you're a victim or do you feel like you need to talk to somebody, these are the people you can talk to. >> reporter: she and two others tell nbc news that the head coach told the entire team not to talk to the media. the university declined nbc news requests for an interview citing the ongoing investigation. in statement michigan state said we have i consistently and repeatedly tried to get information to the msu community pointing to media interviews, web postings and a letter from the msu president which was sent nearly four months after nassar was fired. >> as you start to hear details about what people allege larry nassar did, what effect does that have on you? >> i have to think about it all the time. i have to think about the fact that i knew it was wrong and i came forward. i stood up for myself
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and i was silenced. >> reporter: dr. nassar's lawyers said his techniques were medically accepted and appropriate and called the allegations against him pat tently false and untrue. more than 80 women have come forward alleging assault. the michigan attorney general says they keep getting calls. nbc news east lansing, michigan. nearly every weeks for months there was been developments solving cyber espio espionage including yesterday's news of russian spies charge inside the yahoo attack. they are warning of a threat to utilities that millions count on every day. here is tom costello with more. >> reporter: there's a reason it's called the dark web where nearly every computer server is masked making them almost impossible to trace. a dark alley that can facility a massive attack blamed on russian agents.
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>> it almost feels like a losing battle. >> it's become a top priority for police and agents all over the world. >> reporter: hackers no longer have to write their own programs. >> hold my hands. i'll make you rich. >> reporter: they can buy it prepackaged from hackers who advertise on the dark web. among the big corporate names kno knocked offline, amazon, paypal and even wikipedia. >> reporter: the focus more on detecting and responding than preventing them. cyber experts are now warning of another imminent threat. 13,000 telecom, power, water and other utilities in the u.s. that they believe have lax cyber security. >> it wouldn't require very high-tech tools. >> reporter: growing concern about a big jump in ransom ware attacks where hackers gain control of the computer and hold the network hostage until they are paid off.
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it's happened to hospital, community college, police departments, even the st. louis public library where hackers locked up 1400 commuters and demanded $35,000. >> it turned every computer at the st. louis public library into a brick. >> reporter: because the library backed up the system, it refused to pay. an attack likely plotted on the dark web where anything goes with hackers leaving few tracks for law enforcement. tom costello, nbc news, london. crossing the line, could employers get access to your genetic information. critics sounding the alarm. critics sounding the alarm. you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back.
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we're back now with a controversy over workplace wellness programs. for years employers have used financial incentives to encourage workers to adopt healthier behaviors like quitting smoking. now a bill in congress would allow them to do the same to get your genetic information and critics say that's an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: in a world where we share almost everything, nurse jill is adamantly opposed to
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sharing genetic information at work. >> you're asking them to reveal something about themselves that they don't need to reveal. it's their own information. >> reporter: she's taking to twitter and facebook to stop a federal bill that would make it easier for companies to get such information about employees and their families through voluntary wellness programs. easier because companies could offer employees health insurance discounts of up to 30% to inties workers to share information about cancer or diabetes history and undergo testing to manage their health. >> information can only be collected and shared with a third party provider such as a health care professional. >> reporter: critics aren't convinced. opposed by 70 medical add voi ka si groups that fear incentives would hurt those who opt not to share information forcing them to choose between money or privacy. incentives that could run into thousands of dollars.
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>> i think it opens the door to the loss of genetic privacy. >> reporter: medical ethcist believes it could lead to faulty information. >> do the wellness programs work? >> since they don't have any data that they work and the genetic testing is inaccurate, it's a bad combination to take what doesn't work and add what's inaccurate and say let's change the law. >> reporter: pry trotrying to keep private the information that makes you you. nbc news, new york. when we come back, the big change snl is making for the first time in its 42-year history. when you have moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the unpredictability of a flare may weigh on your mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go, and how to work around your uc.
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when you have the right financial advisor, life can be brilliant. ameriprise back now with a close call caught on camera. at least ten people were injured today when europe's largest volcano erupted. a television crew
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captured the shocking scene on mount etna. gabe gutierrez has the video. >> reporter: this is what a near death experience looks like. italy's mount etna erupting spewing ash and steam. heart capturing moments caught on camera as bystanders on camera scrambling to safety. about 35 guides were there. ten people were injured. one of the guides said hot lava hitting frigid snow caused the explosion. etna is one of the most active volcanos in the world. drone video showed the explosive reawaken last month after a quiet few years. tonight the volcano is still active and the survivors are recovering after the escape of a lifetime. gabe gutierrez, nbc news. nbc has decided to
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when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. finally tonight, the new show taking broadway by storm. the true story of 7,000 travelers bound for the u.s. stranded in canada in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. it may be an unlikely subject for a musical but it already has some famous fans like canadian prime minister who attended last night. tom brokaw first reported on the story seven years ago and now brings us a new chapter. ♪ >> reporter: it is a
6:57 pm
story about ordinary people in the most extraordinary circumstances. the small town of gander in newfoundland where for five long days after september 11, frightened of airline passengers were forced to land and leave everything on the airliners. gandser provided food, clothing, prescriptions and love. >> there was a sense of kindness that happened. it's one of the reasons we talk about it as a 9/12 musical rather than a 9/11. the mayor knew his people would open their homes and hearts. >> we just like helping people. the limelight is not something we're accustomed to. >> reporter: no one could have foreseen the intense bonded that would form. nick and diane arrived on two different flights and nick proposed just two months later. >> we're so happy that the world is able to see the generosity and the love and the compassion of the gander people. >> it transcends party
6:58 pm
lines. there's i don't think anything political about this show. there's something human about it and that's the important part. >> reporter: a message not lost on canadian prime minister who attended last night's show and invited a special guest. ivanka trump. >> you hope she'll invite her father to see the play? >> i think so. one of the challenges i've had over the past few months and one of the responsibilities of any canadian prime minister is highlighting just how close a relationship is between canada and the united states. i think this story encapsulates great times. ♪ >> our tom brokaw reporting. that's going to do it for us on this thursday night. i'm lester holt. for all of us here at nbc news, thank you for watching and good night. hammered with
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questions about dating j. lo. >> the new videos today as the hot couple hits miami now on "extra." ♪ extra, extra j. lo's new man, a-rod, facing the cameras for the fist time since their surprise hook-up.
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>> is j. lo your dream woman, alex? >> ivanka trump's night out with canada's heartthrob prime minister justin trudeau. their surprise friendship revealed as they hit they hit b. >> how an official meeting in d.c. turned personal between ivanka, trudeau, and his wife. plus president trump's new sitdown with tucker carlson, taking a new swipe at arnold schwarzenegger. >> was a disaster. william cutting loose with a mystery woman. why hen trouble with the duchess back home. kendall jenner's $200,000 robbery. was it part of a new hollywood bling ring or was it an inside job? then -- >> i'm here in new york city to co-host the "today" show. my video diary behind the scenes. >> but to do the "today" show, yes. plus, an "extra" sneak peek at matthew perry and katie holmes as the kennedys. >> you hope to hear from the kennedys? >> my phone hasn't stopped ringing. >> now


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