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tv   Today  NBC  March 18, 2017 7:00am-7:49am EDT

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good morning. breaking news. tea man shot to death at the airport after grabbing a soldier's weapon. man shot a police officer during a traffic stop outside pary. france on edge once again this morning with there for a royal visit. we are live in paris with the>> secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with chinese leaders this day after president trump slammed them over north korea. this frosty meeting with german chancellor angela merkel. >> mr. president. >> the president ignoring the h
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doubling down when it came to wiretapping allegations. >> at least we have something in common. laptop is stolen. scare after a this morning, what you need to know. facebook live tragedy. >> i would like the higher command to come out. >> a man streams his shooting death by police in tennessee. the authorities say he was trying to strike officers with his vehicle. an investigation under way. and. with round two kicking off today, no major ups while your bracket is in good shape, a surprising number of men are in pain today thanks to a surgical procedure that sky rockets it time of year. you have to wait to see what it is. today, saturday, march 18th, 2017. >> announcer: from nbc news, "t
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in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm sheinelle snoejones. >> i'm craig melvin. >> let's begin with the security scare in paris with still reeling after the terror attacks. we have nbc's keir simmons with the latest in paris. good morning. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning. another dramatic day in paris. two incidents investigated by the french prosecutor as attempted terror attack. one at the airport. thousands of passengers evacuated from the terminal when a man tried to grab a gun from a soldier. there were reports, unconfirmed, of a hostage taking. that man then shot dpead. we a terror watch list and known by french police. the second incident north of
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paris where a man shot and injured a police officer carrying out roadside traffic checks. nbc news now told by sources here in france that the same man was involved in both incidents. both incidents are connected. france, of course, on emergency alert since then 2015 when killed. people nervous here all t attac take, sheinelle,if closer look at policy on the sa taking on the chinese with nbc'. china expected to press secondary doing business there. in stateingsnt the secretary ofe reiterated his pit diplomacyhe .
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>> the t peninsula are quite high right now and thinr dangerous level. we committedng w can tict from anything drasticchao and possib in the region. diplomacy. yesterday, the the u.s. may consider a preemptive strike against north korea. china stronglyense system deplo in south koreapanded to japan. the way china seesurit alliance asia china. this is a stumbling block in the talks. kim jong-un is
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threatenaching the united state weekend at the mike pence is meeting with press conference to ssident rnd as theteion continued at the jo delivered a subtle dig. >> in the per iovisit, i said i to talk to one another and anot. >> reporter: questioned by an wiretapping allegations, his claim that barack
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surveillance on trump tower. mr. trump blamed a media source. >> thatnt made by a talented lawyer on fox. to fox.houldn't be talking to >> reporter: fox news then distanced itself. e now news knows of no evidence president of the united states was surveilled at anytime i re scolding from the british intelligence service that called the allegations. white house press secretary sean spicer offering no apology. telling we regret anything. president trump dredged up hist the obamaed in on merkel's phon calls. the president tried humor. >> at least we have something in eporter: from foreign to domestic double takes. with the gop health care bill i
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house republicans and claimed the obamacare >> we have a lot of yeses coming in. >> reporter: turning to theigor secret a's stolen from a pard the white house enforcement jum beforeervi s responded. >> the length on the white house grounds and g me. >> reporter: the department of request by the intelligence and ju behind the scene s information help investigate the surveillancatio. whated new light on the claims. sheinelle.
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>> thank you. national security staff at e cia and jeremy, good rnin craig. >> can we start with the new at upporters attacked in attacker is linked to the terrorot and talk aboutcret er the situation with north k. can rex tillersont. expect in tlerson really put on the table for pre military action. we always. he talked about it out loud for.
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if we use missile strikes or air strikes against north korea's missile and nuclear facilities, they will turn around and attack the 10 million people living around seoul. we on the peninsula. it will be a tinder box. we need diplomacy to kick in and we need china's leverage. >> let's switch and talk about wiretapping. president trump continues to insist surveillance of trump tower prior to the election. despite providing no proof. we do know at this point the department of justice handed over documents to congress and james comey will talk on monday. tell me this, if comey insists there is no evidence the department of justice turns over no evidence, is this proof that it did not happen? >> i think this is all but case closed. the president will be repudiated by his own fbi director i
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predict on monday. there is a bigger issue at play, sheinelle. at the hearing, he will be asked if it wasn't wiretapping, is there an investigation open about the ties between trump's circle and russians? that is the bigger issue. collusion during the campaign. i don't think he will answer that because we all suspect there is an investigation. he won't talk about it publicly. that is going to keep the issue alive for weeks. >> jeremy, thank you. let's turn to other newsdli starting with the manhunt for a teenage girl. 15-year-oldthomas is on the run with her former teacher. an amber alert was issued three days ago. cummings is considered armed and dangerous. thomas willingly went with him. to arom
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tennessee. it shows the moment a man is shot to death by police on a tennessee highway. we need to warn you here this is video that is tough to watch. in fact, you may want to turn away. 36-year-old rodney hess streamed this on facebook live. state police approached hess thursday after he stopped his car to block traffic and started acting erratically. his video does not show the entire incident, but police say one officer fired when hess tried to hit the officers with his car. hess died at the hospital. the shooting is now under investigation. a under arrest now for allegedly using twitter to cause another man's seizure. kurt suffers from epilepsy opened the twitter saying you deserve a seeizure for your pos. a flashing light did trigger a seizure. the man was tracked down on friday and arrested with cyber
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stalking with the intent to kill or cause bodily harm. hillary clinton says she is ready to come out of the woods. clinton has rarely been seen since spotted walking in the woods after the race. spoke at the st. patrick's day event in scranton, pennsylvania on friday. she is planning more events to help a divided country find common ground. let's turn back to paris where the duke and dutcand duch meeting. as we mentioned it comesdl incis airport this morning. nbc's keir simmons is back with more. >> reporter: sheinelle, good morning again. royal officials confirming the royal couples itinerary will move over the shooting incidents
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in the coming hours. they are expected at the eiffel tower. this is william's first official trip to paris. meeting the french president at the difficult time. after the british voted to leave the eu. >> this partnership will continue despite the decision to leave the european union. the depth of our friendship and breadthfnot change. >> reporter: the city where william suffered his tragedy. he was a teen when diana, died in a paris car accident. last night, william and kate attended a reception in the city of lights. the duchess looking radiant in her high fashn. ceremony in cono embarrassing images for william this week. the prince enjoying skiing with friends in switzerland and part while absent from royal to see in the dog
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house. professional. ithisger the royals pressure his mother may recognize.t byell phone cameras. recently, william openip hisile >> the first 268 years 8 years life. never talked about it. >> reporter: 28 years later, william compassion that would have made his mother proud. as i mentioned. william and kate looks like the children. craig and europeans throw aroud a protective gear.
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>> thank you for t believe it hn when i said that. >> do you remember whereouyeah. >> iindra petersons here for dylan dreyer. >> what kind of question is that? >> you mone, sheinelle. us winter started late. we don't knoerature is confused. ali throug maybe s snow. winter storm watch. is along the cape. we have the potential of gusts up to 50y sw there. the rest low.
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that guy haside where it wants to go. that's goingruise the coastline. we time we go through sunday, lookrighout to the cape. looking at shifts farther west, that canhang once again, it is all about the guy formi yet. look for the wintry s good morning.ogiskrystal kl. ake to it low mid-40s orecast he region. some spotty showers through parts of philly into the afternoon. spotty rain maybe a few flakes through the morning hours in the suburbs and same deal in the lehigh valley high of 38 in allentown. 42 trenton and ocean up to 45 smyrna mid-upper 40s for
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forecast highs and spotty rain through delaware. i love the enthusiasm. you were just like yes. snowfall. >> so >> so excited. >> to be clear, spring starts monday. >> who says? thank you. march doesn't mean the arrival of spring. also a time when millions prop up on the watch college basketball. >> people are crying about busted brackets, but this time stunning upsets yet in the tournament known as march madness. you may be surprised by the action taking place off the court. nbc's steve patterson is live in los angeles. >> reporter: good morning. march madness is a nationalns o out brackets, watching the games on really whatever screens they can find. it has an affect on the workplace in ways you expect and others not. here is a l tournament is playing out so
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far. >> march middle tennessee. >> reporter: the signs that make for madness. >> takes out. the minnesota gophers. >> reporter: long shots are cinderella stories. celebrities fill to take in the drama of the down to the wire nail biter. this year, though, the ncaa .ournament's top rated teams >> i think the perfect way to describe is a lmes, but not man. >> reporter: but the biggest action 40 million americans fi that is more than donald trump or hillary clinton in the last year'sa lot of themn the job. >> their duties during the ncaa
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employees use company time to year, researchers losses. >> you can find a way to and fl. >> reportemarch, even the pentagonrning sent to employees streaming the me network resources that could behe war. this, patients who are wife wohas of basketball. i have anthe office, it is a national >> it is something that unites n seen a large amount of upset is
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very early on. the fief up play today. for a big cinderella story. >> who is your team,epor r: i'm state alum. irstround. i could deeper. bracket? hard to pull against >> first time ever. >> i can you are mr. bracket. >> don't pull my man card on tv. thank you, steve. ink? >> i would like to see unc go all good. who is in your br lived. i have kansas going all wichita state and state? great story. i'm proud of you. by the numbers.
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why some people are making a lot money it tithis time of year e about basketball. and a nar the tourists and journalist in the middle eruption in
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♪ got that sunshine in my pocket ♪ >> still to come here on ime st to save yourself and driversis you are a want more out of rake fan.
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good morning. i'm ted greenberg. moving through10 farst alert meteorolot krystal klei isrhoo forecast. >> this is a look outsisn cover there. on tuesday. weassi
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on. you can see the main linehe next several hours and then ain a closer look where the snow iss county up to lehigh valley. tur into the rain as wea out of parts of philly for now. at on-off chances> ne this morning philadelphia a man sy assaultin man inside nbc 10 was on the scene on jerome street. and also removed several boxes from the house. hazard mapt crews checked out the scene but found nothing dangerous. new this morning a man and their pick up truck hit a utility pole on frankfurt avenue. the man was thrown from the truck. rescue crews had to rescue the woman. we're working to find out the victims conditions and what
7:26 am
caused that crash. on a light are note this weekend is your last chance to catch the the lips, roses and other blooming thing at the philadelphia flower. today's hours at the pennsylvania convention center are from 8:00 to 9:00. tomorrow it's 8:00 to 6:00. this year's theme is holland, flowering the world. i'm ted greenburg. more of the "today" show coming your way next even we're back with another date in 25 minutes. have a great weekend.
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unfortunately, discontent in south korea is not only related to the administration. this is a major embarrassment for south korea who criticizes the north for corruption and find themselves in a middle of a corruption case. >> you look busy. >> very likely to face jail time, too. >> okay. >> i would argue.
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>> hilarious moment there. take on the bbc interview that went viral. we will have more on that coming up in just a bit. we're back on this saturday morning. march 18th, 2017. nice crowd on the plaza. hi. thank you for joining us on a chilly morning in new york. back here in studio 1a. let's see what is making headlines. breaking news from paris. attacker shot dead at the city's airport after he wrestled a soldier to the ground in an attempt to grab her gun. the same suspect involved in a carjacking outside the city earli earlier. foreign policy on the front burner this morning with secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with oia china. the president doubling down on the wiretapping claim causing concern among the party. and median artie lange was
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arrested outside his home. officers found cocaine and heroin and drug paraphernalia. lange best known on the howard stern show. let's start with the download. recap of the biggest headlines from the massive winter storm to the lucky tourists narrowly escaping a volcanic eruption. some of the stories that caught our attention. >> a big winter storm rolled across the country this week. >> pummeling eight states and 70 million people. with parts of the northeast buried under more than 2 feet of snow and ice, homes were covered in ice. bad news for unlucky train passengers the day after. >> that's got to hurt. look at the chunks of snow coming off that. it's just bad.
7:31 am
the white house facing a crisis of credibility. >> first of all, he stands by it. >> press secretary sean spicer defiant of defense of the president. even after the panel investigating the accusations of wiretapping found no proof. spicer would not give an inch. >> the bottom line is the investigation by the house and senate has not been provided all of the information. president trump facing another setback in federal court. >> we're going take our case as far as it needs to go, including all the way up to the supreme court. >> the president promising to fight the decision blocking his latest travel ban. barring immigrants from six mostly muslim nations. derrick watson says that amounts to discrimination. a daring escape caught on camera. a woman jumps out of the trunk of the moving car after being kidnapped at gunpoint. >> the victim told police she
7:32 am
was walking to her apartment on tuesday when a man with a gun demanded money. when she said she did not have any, the suspect made her get back in the car. the suspected kidnapper pulled up to the gas station convenience store where surveillance cameras captured her at an atm attempting to withdraw money. he left abruptly when he was unable to get cash. the station owner kept an eye on him long enough to see the victim escape. a group of tourists and journalists lucky to escape with their lives when they were trapped in the middle of the volcanic eruption. >> it caught them all by surprise. ita italy's mt. etna exploding in steam and rocks. raining down on tourists and guides and a bbc news crew. the camerawoman still rolling. a piece of scalding hot rock inside her coat. the ground sizzling around them.
7:33 am
>> lucky, no one was seriously hurt. and a close call for a utility truck driving down the highway in el paso, texas. >> what's going to happen here? watch it. wait. here comes another sign that hangs down lower. what's going to happen here? >> oh, boy. >> no! >> i could play that game all day. >> we know what's going to happen. >> you have to think that poor guy. i'm sure there is some story about precisely why it was that he did not take the bucket down. >> i'll help you. he forgot. >> you might be right. you know, when you are busy. >> you have to start those cars. >> you have one job. >> you can forget. >> a money maker. let's keep it between ourselves, sheinelle. the rest of the us are
7:34 am
obviously -- craig said what? he did not hear that. we are looking for warmth. the rest of the country, not so much. the huge dome of high pressure. jet stream to the north. record heat. that's what we are looking for the next several days. temperatures above normal. we're talking 20 to 30 degrees above the average for this time of year. henderson, 89 degrees. tucson, 90 degrees. a little bit hot for you. we are looking at the potential to break records. las vegas, the record is 82. look how far above you are forecasted. 89 degrees. sunday, this guy is hanging around. a strong dome of high pressure. omaha, 25 degrees above average. through sunday, wichita, you see that number? 30 degrees above average. more records possible as we go in through sunday. look at the records. 81 for topeka. good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist krystal klei. here's a look at the forecast
7:35 am
highs for today. going to make it to low mid-40s which means again below average temperatures across the region. some spotty showers through parts of philly into the afternoon. spotty rain maybe a few flakes through the morning hours in the suburbs and same deal in the lehigh valley high of 38 in allentown. 42 trenton and ocean city up to 45 smyrna mid-upper 40s for forecast highs and spotty rain through delaware. all right. hopefull hopefully we get warmth the rest of the country is getting. >> thank you, indra. just ahead, he made the world laugh when his toddlers made this unforgettable entrance. we have another hilario handle . also, the wild causing dang conditions on the roads. flying ice. jeff rossen with the survival skills you need to
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this morning on "rossens" u it through the nor'easter this week, but now we have to deal a hidden danger on the highway. >> todat y c need to do before you hit the road to keep your family safe. >> good morning, guys. we survived the big storm this week. so many of us got a ton of snow. you know where it is now. piled high on the cars. do you know what you do? we are guilty storm. you walk out and wipe off the work. i get it. the snow on your can be dangerous. bemi fliying missile in the air. especially with spring on monday, believe it or not, and all that snow starts to melt. we are about to show you what
7:40 am
can happen and what you can do to keep us safe. our team deployed in the snow zone. spotting piles of snow on car roofs. >> another one. >> reporter: almost everywhere you look. >> why didn't you clean the top off? >> i did didn't it. >> reporter: terrifying moments when the the car. swerving out owatch thd high. crashing into the overpass. icy explosion blinding the driver behind. already this winter, dramatic accidents caught on camera. snow flying off of this truck. slamming into the man's wound w. huge heavy chunks landing in the fr incredibly has minor
7:41 am
injuries. it just happened on this car. she was shaken, but she's okay, too. >> i could have gotten injured. i could have slammed my brakes. >> reporter: it happened to me. roof. me. >> reporter: a big winter of us don't wipe the snow off the cars. police see it all the time. >> it's not just flying ice. ice doesn't have to hit your ice. >> reporter: if thet you. >> the roads are slippy. if i try i can cause another accident. police clean windshields off, but noty cold. >> jeff rossen.
7:42 am
we are talking about how dangerous it is for ice and snow on the roof. >> i didn't put it there. >> reporter: we are standing by with step ladders and ice scrapers. if drivers won't clean it off. we will. >> i have good news. brought my rossen reports team and we will do it for you. >> you are a bunch of nice guys. >> that's what i think. get to work, team. it takes minutes. >> get the last bit off. >> this man's truck is good to go. >> wipe it off. >> i will unless i tomorrow. >> reporter: car after car. we clean off piles of snow. >> look on your roof. >> absolutely. >> reporter: even a thin can do damage when it freezes over. huge chunks of ice. imagine this at highway speeds flying in your car? >> i couldn't reach it. my brush wasn't long enough. >> reporter: we swoop in.
7:43 am
that stings. by the end of the day, we help lots of drivers. we can't be everywhere. before you leave this morning, clean the roof to avoid this. >> thank you. >> awesome. thank you, giuys. >> thank you very much. >> by the way, leaving snow on the roof of your car is not just dangerous, it is illegal in as many asers facing fines up to $1,500 in places. want to know if it is illegal where you live? we havecom. check it out. happy spring on monday. >> happy spring to you. i don't know if it feels like it. thank s i happened to you? >> no. it is my worst fear when i'm driving. you are behind a big truck. has it happened to you? >> yeah. it is scary. thank you for that. up next, march madness is in full swing. this morning, we're keeping our eye on the numbers. >> it is not the scoreboard we're talking about. the bottom line for businesses
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while sure today is march 18th, but some it means march madness is in full swing. >> or it is march sadness. there are basketball games, but we decided to take a different look at it. march madness by the numbers. indra is in the orange room to explain. >> i'm laughing at you, craig. that's right. by numbers, i'm not talking about the scores. let's face it, there is more on the tournament than basketball. let's kick off with the march madness impact on beer. 3.5 million. roughly the number of extra cases of beer that have to be produced with inse 3.5 million. beer belly. witht
7:48 am
why not? wallethub say muc if the team loses. it increases 9% after losses. march madness can have an impact on college applications. that was the case when villanova won last year. applications increased 22%. pizza and beer going up. >> i believe that with villanova. by the way, i have them going with kansas. people are tweeting me. >> you are such a -- you picked five teams to win. >> i picked kansas and villanova. >> wichita state. >> they are not going all the way. >> none of your teams. >> i applied to northwestern. >> indra, thank you. still to come, lenses for love.
7:49 am
photographers giving deserving kids attention they deserve. but first this is "today" on nbc. >> you picked six teams. to com
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about situations with noof conc? we will tell you the best way to and chris pratt's new diet is anything but a piece of cake. we will look at that, but first these messages.
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7:56. goodrn let's get to nbc 10 first ale your most accurate neighborhood forecast. taka look at the feels like temperatures it's cold to start your morning. 23 in allentown and 29 in pottstown. philadelphia sitting at 32 degrees for the feel likes
7:55 am
conditions and off mid-upper 30s further south and areas like millville and atlantic city, 37 the current reading. there's a look at radar and satellite. wide view shows us the best line of snow and rain is moving out. ahead of schedule by several scattered activity through the next few hours of your morning. notice it's just spotty rain down south. spotty snow showers north of the philly area. right now a wave of villanova students is on the road to buffalo. they will be joining other members of nova nation already there to see the defending national champs play today in round two of the ncaa tournament. niagara falls is the backdrop for basketball. nova students began heading north last night. the migration continuing this morning. the seeded wildcats face wisconsin this afternoon at 2:40. nbc 10 keith jones is with the villanova fans onto road to repeat. look for his live reports only here on nbc 10 news. happening this weekend the
7:56 am
farewell tour for the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus is playing strength. three performances today and two more tomorrow at the sun national bank center. the circus made its final stop in philadelphia last month. i'm ted greenberg. more of the "today" show is coming your way next. we'll be back at the bottom of the hour for a full 60 minutes of news and weather. from all of us here at nbc 10 we hope you have a great weekend.
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7:58 am
good morning. breaking news. terror at the airport. a man shot to death at a paris investigators now saying the same man shot a police officer rl outside the city. france on edge oncemorning with duchess of cambridge there for a
7:59 am
we're live in paris with the latest. diplomacy in disarray. secretary of state rex tillerson meeting with chinese leaders this morning president trump slammed the chinese on twitter over north korea. this as the president held a frosty german chancellor angela merkel. >he president
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