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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 7am  NBC  March 19, 2017 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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out in round two. villanova players return home after a disappointing finish to their college championship dreams. reaction next. ♪ good-bye to a rock legend. we're remembering chuck berry and his influence on music of where. sunshine returns. its starting out cloudy but your sunday should finish just fine. we're looking ahead to the first day of spring tomorrow. good morning. welcome to nbc10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. thanks for being with us. its 7:00 a.m. on this sunday morning. let's get you started with first alert meteorologist krystal and your neighborhood forecast for this last day of winter. >> hi, ted. what we're looking at today is still a little snow showing up on our radar returns. that will soon be out, though. what's moving through parts of
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delaware right now is actually dropping to the south. take a look. you see that rain/snow line is trying to dig deep into suffolk county. i think this is a little above the service. by the time it makes it to the ground, its mostly rain because temperatures are right around the mid to upper 30s instead of the lower 30s. what's happening is it's a little colder, air mass is moving to the southeast. it will be pulling out of delaware for the next several hours. its already a very light rain and will continue weak throughout the morning. feels-like temperatures, though, feels cold out there. 27 in philly and 26 for mt. holly. mt. pocono feeling like 15. millville feeling like 25. that's because its a little breezy out there this morning and still cold. temperatures are mostly in the 30s. here's your sunday checklist. do you need an up brehm la if in delaware? yes, for the next few hours. hat and hairspray, yes, as it's
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breezy. it's cloudy now but not later in the day. layers, 20s now but later in the day, 50s. snow boots, not yet but do we need it in the ten-day forecast? we'll look at that. one person is dead, another in a critical condition after a car crash in philadelphia. nbc10 was on old york road where witnesses saw a car speed over a bridge, lose control and hit another car. police investigating. wildcats fans are waking up this morning after their worst nightmare came true. their team is out of the ncaa tournament in round two of play. nbc10's matt delucia is life on villanova's campus with reaction to the early end of the road. >> reporter: some folks here, ted, can't believe what happened yesterday but it did and it was not a repeat of what happened last year.
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not that storybook ending these fans and the team were hoping for. the wildcats went into this tournament as the number one overall seed but? buffalo last night eighth seed wisconsin badgers battled them for the win. it was a three-point win. 65-62 was the final score. came down to the final seconds. this time the wildcats could not make it happen. quite a few fans actually made the trip up to western new york to watch that game in person. they are leaving disappointed. >> we'll say what a great season but hurts tonight. >> we're feeling all the pain, but i feel most -- i feel hardest for our kids, you know, for our team and the coaching staff and managers and everyone affiliated with the team. it's toughest on them. >> reporter: the team came home last night with fans waiting for the bus on campus here at villanova, welcoming them back after a hard-fought season. not one to be scoffed at, 32-4
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the final record for villanova this season. coach wright said the team is disappointed, they're hurting right now but he's proud of them. we'll hear from the coach coming up at 7:30. right now live at villanova, matt delucia, nbc10. jury trial begins in the case of graham spaniard accused of covering up allegations of child sex abuse in the jerry sandusky case. two former penn state officials pleaded guilty in the case last year. they could be called to testify at spaniard's trial. the former school president maintains his innocence. now to a story we brought you new at 11:00 last night. philadelphia police are probing a bizarre crime vofling a man who was tied up, shot, and then held captive for more than a week. the victim escaped from this house in kensington yesterday. police say it was a week ago friday when a group of armed men forced the victim into the house to try to collect on a drug
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debt. when the man tried to leave, he was shot in the leg. he told police he was assaulted of day of his captivity. police arrested one suspect. the victim was checked out at the hospital. new this morning, philadelphia police are looking into a deadly shooting in east mt. airy. it happened on centen avenue last night. police tell us the victim was shot several times. so far, no arrests in that case. in berks county, families are making their voices heard against a possible plan that would let local police act as immigration agents. demonstrators hit the streets in reading yesterday. according to reports, the sheriff is trying to make the county the first in pennsylvania to sign an agreement that would let officers question anyone's immigration status. supporters say it will increase safety. critics say it would cause fear and distrust. happening today, philadelphia afternoon bishop is
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urging catholics to attend a prayer service for immigrants and refugees. we have a life look at basilica of is the peters and paul. the service begins at 4:00 this afternoon. he says he recognizes undocumented immigrants may not feel comfortable showing up because of recent detentions and deportations around the country. ♪ a founding father of rock 'n' roll is dead. this morning fans around the world are remembering chuck berry. the gifted guitar pioneer and duck-walking singer passed away at his home near st. louis yesterday. chuck berry was 90 years old. we report on how his legend will liv on. >> reporter: chuck berry's life and influence can be summed up in three words -- rock 'n' roll. >> he's a legacy. he's a legacy to music.
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he's a legacy to rock 'n' roll, he's a legacy to the blues and guitar itself. >> reporter: the pioneering guitarist began making a name for himself in the 1950s. his showmanship on stage from his dance to posturing with compelling lyrics set him apart "johnny b. goode," "roll over beethoven" are some of his biggest hits. >> at the right time when afro-american music was spilling over into the mainstream. ♪ >> reporter: despite not putting out new music for nearly four decades, new generations continue to be directly and indirectly influenced by the legendary artist, that includes university of the arts guitarist sam, who was first introduced to the music at a concert. >> he was pretty old at the time but he was still doing the duck-walk and everything and it was pretty inspiring.
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>> reporter: berry continued performing well into his 80s. it's hard to find awards he did not receive. >> we've lost so many great musicians. more contemporaries and yet he's sort of there -- their father. >> reporter: in death his songs will play on. nbc10 news. today france on edge after the latest possible terror attack. this morning what we're learning about the man killed while trying to taking a soldier's gun at a paris airport and what may have motivated him. also ahead, an inspiration on the ice. meet the philly team who's a game-changer for her boys' hockey team.
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we're starting out with our first alert radar. nice, tight view of delaware. still looking at light showers passing by. i know radar is showing us a rain/snow mix. i think its actually rain at the service and light rain at that that's going continue dropping to the sought. it's already moving out of cape may county this morning. you see most of us are starting to see clouds thin. that's the difference between land and gray color you see, which is allowing more sunshine this morning and that continues into this afternoon. a mix of clouds and sun, leaning towards mostly sunny. these are the feels-like temperatures. feel like 36 at 4:00 to 5:00. the actual temperatures will be
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closer to michlt mid to upper 40s. still cold out there, about 34 at 2:00 this afternoon. about 38 degrees by 5:00. in delaware, feeling like upper 20s with those showers right now. still cloudiness through new jersey and the shore. feeling like the mid/upper 20s. look at that jump up to feeling 40 degrees late in the day. remember, the actual temperatures really will be in the 40s but it will be a little breezy. gusts to 25 miles an hour in today's forecast across the region. we'll talk more about your work week across neighborhoods coming up. >> thanks. maybe a little chilly to hit the water today, but fishing and boating enthusiasts can still check out the newest gadgets and products at wildwood convention center. the fishing and boating expo begins at 9:00 this morning. vendors will show off boats, rods and reels and other fishing gear. admission just $4 per person. north korea tests the
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boundaries again. coming up, latest rocket launch that's raising concerns about the country's plans. also ahead, changing the game. a local girl joins the boys' hockey team. how she's making a name for herself. on the ice.
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nk income is proclaiming success for the tess of a new high-thrust engine to propel rockets state news agency says leader kim jong-un attended the tess. north korea says the engine will be used to launch satellites. the u.s. and other nations are questioning that account. it's unclear if the north korean test was timed to match secretary of state rex
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tillerson's visit to asia, which is wrapping up in beijing today. tillerson spoke with chinese president xi jinping. the secretary said president trump is looking forward to meeting with the chinese leader next month. yesterday tillerson pushed for closer chinese cooperation in dealing with north korea's nuclear program. we're getting a look at the paris airport attacker who french authorities are now calling a suspected islamic terrorist. police shot and killed ziyed ben belgacem at orly airport. they say he shot a police officer in a suburb, stole a car and grabbed a soldier's assault rifle away from her inside a terminal before being shot. the airport is open again but france remains on edge after another apparent terror attack. well, a young hockey player in philadelphia is making a name for herself on the ice. nbc10's katy zachry shows us how the team is breaking barriers
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and gaining the respect of her peers. >> it's really fun to just get moving. >> reporter: ainsley rexford is not your typical teenage athlete. >> ice hockey, you have to be in really, really good shape. >> reporter: she plays hockey, plays it well, and she competes with the boys. >> i love this sport. identify always grown up playing at this rink and they only have one team. it just happens to be a boys' team. >> reporter: she learned to play nearly a decade ago on this very ice at philadelphia's wissahickon skating club. she doesn't just play on the boys' team, she's their captain. >> i was just, like, kind of surprised and honored they would pick me. it's not really different than any other team i've been a part of. the boys are really welcoming
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and supportive of me playing with them. >> reporter: though she's had her share of run-ins on the ice with those who aren't as supportive of her playing in a boys' league. >> i brush it off, keep playing my game, doing what i do. i don't let them affect what i say. and there's not that much that they're saying that can affect how i play. >> reporter: it turns out, ainsley isn't just a lead other this ice. she's in eighth grade and plays for her school's boys' hockey team as well, where she was recently named mvp. >> i love this sport. >> reporter: in chestnut hill, katy zachry, nbc10 news. let's take a live look outside. cape may, new jersey, where we had showers moving through. the rain has started to weaken and move out of parts of cape may county. here's a look on first alert radar. what's going on right now is a
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few showers hanging still over parts of dell. notice that line is starting to drop farther and farther south. it's because the storm center itself is down to our south. it will roll off shore and pull all that moisture with it. what we have now is as good as it will get in terms of any rain. its showing up on radars, a little snow as well. i don't think much snow is making it to the ground. temperatures are a tad too warm. if you're in delaware, expect a few hours of very light rain through the region. near freezing in the lehigh valley. philly, 36. same for south jersey. when we drop into our delaware neighborhoods, new arc you're at 36 degrees. that's the same for marshalltown. dropping farther sought, upper 30s as well. a little too warm for us to be talking snow at the ground. doefer, 35. greenwood, 35. milton also 35 degrees. a bit warmer at 38 for rohoboth beach. these numbers will start
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boosting up to the 40s later today. in your philly neighborhoods, center city at 46. port richmond 36. going to make our way into the 40s by the afternoon hours. we're also going to see in the afternoon hours winds that are a bit breezy at times. already we have winds about 10 to 15 miles per hour. those winds, more coming from the north today. look at your peak gusts. up to around 25 by later in the afternoon. breezy enough that you might need a little extra dousing of airspray before you head out this sunday. three-day outlook neighborhood by neighborhood. today 47, tomorrow 51 for the first official day of spring. that's at 6:29 for the vernal equinox. tuesday, 56 degrees up to where we more typically see this time of year, the mid50s. also some a&m showe.m. showers. monday night we may see showers.
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45 sunday. 49 monday. 51 by tuesday. we also get to the low 50s by your tuesday in the lehigh valley. mostly cloudy conditions. new jersey, 48 degrees goes up to 55 by tuesday. along the shore. delaware, some lingering scattered showers as well. today, 44 at the shore. 47 in delaware. look at that, low 50s by monday. those mid-50s by your tuesday. we'll talk about the ten-day on ten coming up in your next half hour. >> thank you. he's one half of a legendary rock 'n' roll duo from philadelphia. ♪ up next, nbc10's tim furlong travels to tennessee to talk with john oates as he prepares to bring something brand-new to philadelphia.
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tickets went on sale friday for the hoagie nation festival.
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nbc10's tim furlong traveled to nashville, tennessee, to talk with one of the organizers who's a familiar face if you love rock 'n' roll. ♪ >> reporter: kind of weird i had to go to nashville to find the heart and brains of this philly-centered hoagie festival but on irish street where every building is a recording studio, i found my guy in this one. ♪ >> reporter: philly's own john oates now lives and records here in tennessee. but philly is still in his blood. he talks a lot about the city in his new book that comes out. >> the hippy days when i would carry my guitar down spruce street and pop into people's houses and play. >> reporter: when they were asked to host hoagie days, they instantly had the name. >> as we approached filly, we
7:26 am
said, we're entering hoagie nation because we all love cheesesteaks. >> reporter: nashville is a cool, fungy town but hall & oates are philly guys. on memorial day they'll bring it back and coming back with a bigger festival the next few years from maneater to sara smile to kiss on my lips you'll hear all the songs. get your tickets before they're gone. tim furlong, nbc10 news. you can see hall & oates at hoagie nation festival. they will perform along with tears for fears and more. the show is saturday, may 27th at the festival pier at penn's landing. if you want tickets, look for the link on the nbc10 app. heartbreak for the wildcats. nbc10's matt delucia is live at villanova with reaction to the school's stunning loss. matt? >> reporter: an upset, a bracket-busser, whatever you want to call, it people around
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here, especially on campus, are hurting this morning. we'll hear from the coach about this loss coming up. hopefully we can make them talk a little better, talking melting snow in the forecast and days to come as temperatures start to climb. maybe not as good of news for mt. pocono but i'll bring you the forecast coming up.
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home without a trophy. villanova players return to campus after the end of their ncaa dreams. we're hearing from the team after the loss. white house intruders. a third person is stopped by the secret service in just a week. now the agency is under pressure to answer why. changes are coming for drivers in montgomery county. the closure that could slow you down for weeks.
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good morning, everyone. welcome back to nbc10 news today. i'm ted greenberg. 7:30 on this sunday morning. thanks for being with us. i've seen sunshine reflect off the buildings. let's get to meteorologist krystal. good to see the sunshine. >> yesterday was a great day. we had on/off rain showers. same setup, a little different system is passing us but its down to the south. we have lingering moisture through parts of delaware, but really only delaware that we are looking at. right now some light rains through suffolk, kent county. most of it is making it to the ground as rain. this is going to continue dropping to the south. it's already pulled out of new castle county, kent county will be next, spinning over dover and now pulled out of cape may county as well. over the next couple of hours, by 9:00, 9:30, this should mostly dissipate. we're looking at a better
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forecast today. right now we're at 36 in philly and northeast philly. 33, allentown and pottstown. some parts of our suburbs are right at or slightly below freezing. feels like mostly in the 20s. over the next few hours in philly, we stay right in those mid-30s with clouds hanging overhead through 10:00 a.m. those clouds are starting to thin. by your afternoon forecast, we make it to the 40s. we're talking mostly sunny conditions. look at those winds. they're up a bit compared to yesterday. also breezy for our forecast. we'll go into more detail for your sunday and talk about the work week ahead coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks. we'll see you then. nova nation not cheering this morning after the cats lost to badgers yesterday. students are already looking ahead to next year. nbc10's matt delucia is life on villanova's campus with reaction to the early end to the road. >> reporter: let me put it this
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way. every year espn does a bracket challenge. this year more than 18 million people filled out brackets. after villanova lost, fewer than ten still had a chance to be perfect. this was quite a bracket-buster. a lot of people did not expect this to happen, at least not this soon. the wildcats went into the game last night in buffalo as the number one overall seed. but they lost to the wisconsin badgers 65-62. only a three-point loss there. another game coming down to the final seconds. this time the wildcats could not make it happen at the end. quite a few fans made the trip up to buffalo. they're leaving disappointed but the team came back to kam bus last night. head coach jay wright talking about the end of their repeat run. >> i think they're real disappointed. i think they're really hurting. but i think they get that we played a really good team. wisconsin is a really good team. we gave it all we had.
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i think our guys addition i'm proud of our guys' effort but we're disappointed in the outcome. >> reporter: hopeful for the future. a sad campus this morning. a lot of these fans and students were hoping for another championship run. they didn't expect this to end this early, that's for sure. the only thing left to do now, though, is get back to work and get ready for next year. matt delucia, nbc10 news. the secret service is dealing with yet another white house intruder. agents detained a man who drove up to a checkpoint just after 11:00 last night. officers took charge of the man after sizing up his vehicle as suspicious. secret service says it has increased its level of readiness. just hours earlier, secret service agents arrested a man who tried to get onto the white house grounds. the man jumped a bike rack on pennsylvania avenue, but made it no further. the attempted breach triggered a lockdown. president trump is in florida this weekend. the two intrusions this week
7:34 am
came one week after a man climbed over perimeter fence to try to get inside the white house. a rowdy reception, that's what a republican congressman in central pennsylvania got when he held a life town hall yesterday. take a look. >> no more -- >> would you -- >> would you vote -- >> that's what some of congressman scott perry endured in york county. perry was the first gop member of congress from pennsylvania to hold a town hall. the crowd rarely let him finish answering questions. perry says he likes the enthusiasm. >> i think it's fabulous. i think the dialogue is great. i think the passion is great. i think the interaction is great and being informed. not only for them but for me. this is representative government. this is what it's all about. so, quite honestly, this is kind of standard fare, as it should be. >> perry got some cheers when he talked about his party's health care bill. he told audience members he's
7:35 am
not happy with the measure since it doesn't drive down the cost of health insurance. neighbors in philadelphia's fishtown section are frustrated over this road closure. now the city water department is apologizing. it has been a month since a water main broke on east huson street. the water main was fixed but the street is still closed. the water department blames part of the delay on the weather saying the street department has been unable to repaf the area this past week due to snow and ice. in a statement the water department says, we apologize for the lack of communication and follow-up with the neighbors on this block, as this does not meet the level of service we strive to provide our customers. the department says, east huson street will be fixed by next week as long as the weather cooperates. ♪ remembering chuck berry, the rock 'n' roll icon died yesterday at his home near st.
7:36 am
louis. he was 90 years old. berry is credited with helping create the rock music we know today. his inventive guitar licks and stage antics had a lassing influence on art iss like the beetles, rolling stones and bob dylan. fans in chuck berry's hometown gathered around his statue yesterday. musicians here in philadelphia saberry had an impact on their upbringing with his hits such as "johnny b. goode" and "roll over beethoven." guitarist sam riessen was first introduced to berry's music at a concert. >> he was pretty old at the time but still doing the duck walk and everything. it was like addition it was pretty inspiring. >> chuck berry performed well into his 80s last fall. he had announced he would release his first album in decades later this year. one of philadelphia's largest hispanic events is not happening this year. we hear reaction to the
7:37 am
celebration being canceled and the mayor's plans to get carnival restored. a warning for drivers. a major construction project could slow you down at the mid-county exchange in plymouth. how long it will last next.
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this morning we're hearing from long-time participants of the annual cinco de mayo event following the cancellation this year. organizers canceled el carnival because of fears of a federal immigration crackdown. immigration and customs enforcement says it does not conduct sweeps or raids inscram nantly. even sew, the people behind the event say they don't feel comfortable holding the parade down ninth street in south philadelphia. >> been in the carnival for almost eight years so it's going to be really hard not to do it this year. >> mayor jim kenney says he's, quote, deaf stated that i.c.e. has had such a chilling effect and added he'll do anything he can to bring back the event in future years. travel alert for drivers who use the pennsylvania turnpike mid-county interchange in preliminary mout meeting. the express ez pass lanes will be closed in both directions starting at 6:00 tonight.
7:41 am
those lanes will remain shut down for three weeks so crews can upgrade overhead electronic tolling equipment. during the project, drivers can still use the traditional ez pass lanes that are next to the express lanes. changes are coming to a popular delaware beach. still ahead, no longer allowed, what you won't be able to bring to the sand anymore if you head to rohoboth beach this summer. check out a look at our first alert radar. we have rain moving out of delaware and clouds thinning out over the rest of the region. here's a live look outside from center city where you can see the sun now is breaking through.
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if you head to rohoboth beach, you won't be able to use a tent or canopy along the edge. officials say the tents obstructed the view of lifeguards and other visitors. you can still use an umbrella on the beach, it just has to be smaller than eight feet in diameter. i like talking about beach
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weather. we're not there yet but we're starting to progress. tomorrow is the first official day of spring, 6:29 a.m. the vernal equinox. we're getting rid of what is left on some wintry weather in our region. notice snow in parts of washington, d.c., and baltimore. even looks like it's passing through parts of delaware. i've been checking ground reports. it's falling as rain. its a light rain. can you tell because of how light of color it is on our radar return. still scattered light showers in cape may county. for the res of us, it's been thinning clouds we've seen this morning. and some still breezy conditions. the blank spots are areas that aren't reporting gusts because the winds aren't strong enough yet. millville to wildwood, atlantic city up to bell mar, 25 gusts. today close to 15 miles an hour sustained. the guses, the burse of stronger winds, up to about 25 miles an hour. this isn't a windy day but
7:46 am
enough to mess around with your hair, blow maybe some stuff around in the backyard. just a heads up, it will be a breezy one for your sunday. makes it feel a little colder than it is actually as well. right now we're in the 30s in our new jersey neighborhoods. it feels more like the upper 20s. 35 in pittman. washington township at 34 degrees. mt. laurel checking in at 35. lumberton, 35. hopewell township at 34 degrees. we'll boost these numbers up in the afternoon to 40s across the entire region. temperatures climb today even tomorrow. 47 in philly today. 45 in the suburbs. low 40s for the lehigh valley. south jersey, upper 40s. same for delaware. mid-40s along the shore. notice the a consequence here. yesterday it was cloudy, gray, damp out there. today more sunshine as the day progresses. we are mostly sunny through the afternoon. monday, same deal.
7:47 am
looks like a pretty nice monday. low 50s in spots. 51, philly. 52, delaware. 50 for south jersey. upper 40s at 49 for the suburbs. the shore at 48 degrees. hour by hour, the rain that's left is going to continue pulling out around 9:30, 10:00 a.m. the clouds are still scattered but thinning. they are mostly gone as we get into the afternoon. 3:30 p.m. as we go overnight into your monday you notice its a pretty consistent forecast. a little sunshine to kick off your monday. overall, though, we do have chances of rain on that extended ten-day. we'll get to that coming up in a few minutes. good morning. good to see you as always. since florida won its second straight national title in 2007, no reigning champion has made it past the sweet 16, a trend that
7:48 am
continued sadly with number one seed nova bowing out. buffalo, tied 62-62, badgers get it to nigel hayes. what a sick move on the baseline to fool a defender. cats get a final look with plenty of time. trailing by two. josh hart takes the inbounds, walks the ball up the court, takes it into the paint, draws two defenders but doesn't get much elevation as the defenders converge and that was it. noti nova's best chance as they fall to badgers, 65-62. a look at cats returning to campus late last night. a bittersweet end to the college careers of a group of seniors that never lost two games in a row or any big fife games they played in. jay wright and remaining players forced to wait until next year. >> great college basketball game. just fun to be a part of it. give wisconsin a lot of credit.
7:49 am
they played a great game. proud of our guys. we played tough. we battled. these were, you know, ncaa tournaments come down to. they just -- down the stretch, they made two great offensive plays, two great defensive stops. >> i'm always going to be with my brothers. you know, i'm not going to be there on the court, making plays with them, but i'll be talking to them, texting them, facetiming them. those are my brothers for life, regardless of what happened this year, you know. we're close on and off the court. and that bond is never going to be broken. >> props to nova on a great season. to the boys of summer now. we're beginning to wrap up spring commitments. phillies hosting pirates in clearwater yesterday. not many bright spots in this one, but this was one. catcher rile hannagan in foul territory, catches, it recovers it to make the catch. it's a losing effort as pirates
7:50 am
knock off phils. the union haven't won yet this season but they haven't lost either. two draws in two games for jim curtain's men thus far. men in blue visiting orlando city fc last night. orlando got a goal in the first half. it's headed in. union leveled things up with a goal apiece. orlando retook the lead in stoppage time as it foelz to el peno. his shot can only strike the post. union lose and take it on the chin for the first time this year, 2-1. that's your look at sports. the trump agenda, the budget, health care, immigration, north korea and a supreme court nominee fill the president's plate. but that's tempered by a wiretapping claim and continuing questions on russia. it's all ahead this morning on
7:51 am
nbc's "meet the press." joining us for a preview is moderator of the "meet the press," chuck todd. good morning. thanks for being with us. >> morning, ted. >> chuck, we are more than halfway through the first 100 days of a trump administration. so far, does it seem like the white house is just spinning its wheels on major initiatives like health care and the budget? >> this week was one of those weeks where it certainly looked like it. they had a revise travel ban, blocked again by the courts, health care, even as they pull out all the stops to try to get the bill passed in the house, they only have seen a growing opposition to it in the senate. so, what looks like progress is actually a couple of steps back. the budget proposal was not received very warmly by most republicans, let alone, of course, not surprisingly democrats. and then the fact that he's allowed himself to be distracted all week by this wiretapping claim that has been so far unproven. and no matter the official in
7:52 am
washington or, frankly, even folks in the british government, no matter what they say to dispute the president's accusations, he continues to make that claim. perhaps it gets shut down tomorrow when fbi director james comey testifies at an open hearing and maybe says it for the first time will have the president retract his claim, but so far he won't do it. that just atdz to distractions that take away from his ability to persuade people on health care and budget. >> friday president trump suggested he and german chancellor angela merkel have something in common because they were both wiretapped by president obama. it's mentioned mr. trump has never offered proof of that since he tweeted about it two weeks ago. what does that say about american and world leaders, like merkel, take the president at his word? >> i think right now they don't take the president at his word,
7:53 am
per se. you certainly can't take this accusation at its word right now. that is something that over time he is going to need the credibility that comes with the office of the presidency, whether it's power to persuade or to make a case. if there is intelligence that claims that something's about to happen in a country and it's an imminent threat. all of this credibility erosion that he's allowing to happen is only going to hurt him down the road. >> chuck todd, moderator of "meet the press." chuck, thanks for being with us. we're looking forward to the show. >> all right, ted. trump's agenda will be the focus of nbc's "meet the press." chuck will sit down with the president's budget director, mulvaney and spoke with adam schiff of the intel community about president trump's wiretapping claim. that's this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc10. we're back in a moment.
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you're getting a look at the next generation of scientists. middle school and high schoolers participated in the new jersey science fair yesterday. top winners from sixth through eighth grades will go on to compete at the delaware valley science fair in oaks next year. high school students may be able to qualify for the international science and engineering fair in los angeles in may. so, good luck to them. >> good luck. >> not quite southern california
7:57 am
warmth around here, but temperatures are going up. >> yeah, that's right. we see a warm-up just in time for spring, which officially starts tomorrow. we're looking today at some braezyness outside. this is a live look from the sports complex looking out towards center city. you can see wind turbines rolling around there. we are seeing the clouds start to thin out. mostly sunny through the afternoon. 47 for the high. low 50s monday. tuesday some morning showers but 56 for the high. a little dip. next weekend we have more scattered showers. up to 63 degrees saturday and upper 50s sunday. overall, this is looking a little more spring-like than our last week's forecast was. >> oh, yeah. only a couple days in the 40s. who can complain about that? >> not bad at all. i think people are starting to get excited to go outside a little more as the snow melts off even more so today. >> thanks. farewell to winter. we'll see bye for right now. the "today" show is coming up next. for all of us here at nbc10, i'm ted greenberg. we hope you have a great sunday.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
he stands by it but you're mischaracterizing what happened. >> this ruling makes us look weak! >> it shouldn't surprise anyone we have an america first budget. >> good morning. welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. we are waking up to another busy sunday morning including the passing of music icon chuck berry. much more on his life in just a moment. plus another security scare at the white house. a man detained last night after he drove up to a security checkpoint in a suspicious vehicle just hours after someone jumped a barrier just outside the white house fence.


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