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tv   Today  NBC  March 27, 2017 7:00am-9:06am EDT

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get realtime news, weather, and traff good morning. blame game. republican l obamacare. but who issetback yet for the w dallas. pushing east escalator going up sendingtumbling. at least 18 people injured. an investigation leading to two and fantastic finishes. north carolinagame-winning shot. >> fora upsetting florida. >> notice. yes. to join gonzaga and oregon in the final four. and thishing the college spirit. storming into the madness for the kickoff of rokerthon 3 today, monday march 27 2017. >> from nbc news this is "today" with guthrie. live from rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everybody. welc morning. the stage is set. the competition is intense.
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most exciting time of the year. we also have the final four to talk about. al roker told us he would not do rokerthon 3 unless it could surpass 1 and 2. al, how havethat? ♪ whoa. hey, guys. an entrance in. >> that's a good one. >> i havit would be homa. theit. and we are going where we symbols ever attempted. school. everybody hanging kick off storming into the oh my gosh. al. >> hope heittle enthu him in a bit. blame game among repu an obamacare replacement. where do the president and his perspective former white house earnest. st. >> reporter: i i have we have tohe days resident is trying to shake budget director asked aloud is the republican party capable of governing? the president and the party have a limited window going on to kee taxes. more fallout, for a president
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feeling drained by the swamp. first, the defeat. now, the finger-pointing. >> what happened is washington won. the one thing we learned this week is that washington was a lot more broken than president trump thought. >> reporter: president trump tweeting, democrats are smiling, blaming the conservative freedom caucus and others for the loss. arguing they saved planned parenthood and obamacare. a stinging failure for paul ryan. prompting the president to tell his followers to tune into this broadcast. the opening statement -- >> paul ryan needs to step down as speaker of the house. >> reporter: mr. trump's team insisting that was a coincidence, not a conspiracy. press secretary sean spicer saying the president wanted to show support for her show. that's it. but when the show aired, president trump was out to dinner at his d.c. hotel with his daughter, ivanka, and his son-in-law.
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aides say the relationship is strong. the two spoke twice this weekend. >> he thought paul ryan worked hard. >> reporter: what now? lindsey graham says president trump should reach out to democrats. >> i don't think one party's going to be able to fix this by themselves. >> reporter: looking to regroup, mr. trump and his team are eyeing another presidential priority tax cuts. after a tumultuous first ten weeks. the obamacare replacement pulled two blocked, and a wiretap claim rebuked. his aides don't accept it. >> i don't accept it. president trump is going to be proven correct. >> reporter: and expanded role for one of president trump's most trusted advisers. the president tapping ingping jared kushner to lead the washington innovation. it will help the government run more smoothly and efficiently. also this week the mystery over
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moscow's meddling grows. the senate intelligence committee holding its first hearing for any connection between russia and the trump campaign. its top democrat telling nbc news he would be quote, open to an independent commission to investigate possible collusion. matt and savannah back to you. >> peter alexander. josh earnest served as white house press secretary under president obama. he's joined as a political analyst. >> i'm happy to be here. analyst hat, not your democrat hat. and lookwhat happened. what transpired over the last few weeks care. who is to blame? president trump said then, he said it's the hard >> difficult than campaigning. if you want to be president of the united states and solve problems for the american get it done. you're remains so divided. >> let's works. is this a problem with the chief ofstaff, reince prebus? was this a p bannon? the vice president, who knows congress? all did. there's fishers ser fissures in the
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republican party that cannot be divided. obamacare and the problems that everybody improved. we can be in a situation where the president of the united states is not where the president of the unitedplodte they don't idley the party of no to a party gove there yet. the president said supportive things about the speak house today. but there was the about the janeaneeanine pirro opinion? >> wha been safe for quite some time as long as the party is di unifying principle reflective opposition to everythingat easy for them but when it came to replacing something proactive a party. as long as you're ommon ground we're goinger foot isn't it? do. on a replacemen wing of the what would be your advice to your fellow it's clear that republicans -- that democrats in hand they it looked like they were holding 65 days going to play that hand? they have leverage now and they shou progress on their terms, in support of value have identified they can look opportunities. they don't have to fold right now. they to do to you
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on your first day. relationship between don started >> i'm not conversations since trump took office. works. i'm thinking that president obama would his experience with president trump. >> that soundedthe press secretary's answer. programming tomorrow south carolina senator lindsey with us live. we'll get his take on health care and a whole lot more. taking a look at other news. we're hearing from the family of the american tourist who died in last week's terror attack in london. and there's new developments in the investigation, as well. nbc's kelly cobiella is in london for us. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. really emotional news conference this morning in london. the family using words like awful, horrible, gut-wrenching to describe what they're doing through. a family grieving. >> this has been a humbling and difficult experience. but we felt the love of so many
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people during these past several days.motherbrother, son, husband, kurt cochran. >> the most difficult part of al and we miss him up. stick around guys. >> reporter: the 54-year-old cochran ran a music studio in utah with his wife. the couple in london to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary anniversary, when a terrorist mowed them down on westminster bridge. four killed dozened injured in an attack tha seconds. the man responsible they say,lid masood. a man with a criminal past a happy childhood. bo single mom. over theeople being held this morning, their alleg they're saying that masood sent a message on whatsapp before the killing spree. >> we need to make sure that organizes like whatsapp and there are plenty of others like that don't provide a secret place forith each other.
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>> reporter: in london this wesilence. ♪ on westminster bridge. >> we want to. >> reporter: in utah a somber tribute to a good friend. >> he touched people the way music does. >> rep he's gone. this morning, melissa cochra she has a broken rib, a cut on her head and aleg. but she is doing better. also this morning, theorkers and the public. so far,$70,000 has been raised in support of this savannah? >> kelly cobiella t condemning the arrest of hundreds of tens of thousands of people took an anti-corruption demonstration agaiple were arrested. but a human rightsloser to 700. among thosedetained the opposition leader prominent critic. eight people are were caught in an avalanche at resort. high school students a0 miles north of tokyo when i were treated for injuries. hours before the incident the local meteorological agency
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released released an alert of snow and avalanches. shoppers at a hong kong mall on an escalator, reverses and sending people tumbling to the bottom. two people are still in the hospital. they're in stable condition. the reason behind that malfunction is still unknown. but two technicians who were called in to help with the investigation, were accused of tampering with the escalator after the incident. let's get back to march madness and the final four. thomas roberts is here. if you tell me you had oregon south carolina, gonezaga and north carolina i will not believe it. >> for millions of americans, the brackets are busted. and the voices may be gone just like mine today, because the elite eight game producing two first-timers in the final four and one finish for the ages. this morning, the madness marches on with the final four now set.
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north carolina will face off against oregon while cinderella south carolina takes on gonzaga. two match-ups few could have predicted. north carolina eking out a win over kentucky in dramatic fashion, after malik monk sunk a three-pointer with time running out. >> to tie it. impossible shot. >> reporter: north carolina's luke may responded with his own buzzer-beater. >> for the win. 30 seconds to go. >> reporter: the tar heels beating the wildcats 75-73 in the final nail-biting seconds. >> it's over. >> reporter: and in another wild game south carolina -- >> back to -- yes. >> reporter: coming from behind against the florida gators. their defense, dominating. >> taken away. dozier notice. yes. >> reporter: south carolina
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defeating florida, 77-70, bringing heartbreak to their opponents. and joy to their fans. including country music star darius rucker crying tears of joy in the stands. south carolina's coach, frank martin sharing this touching moment with his mother. >> i'm the luckiest human being in the world. >> reporter: their victory making south carolina's first trip to the final four. but they're not the only ones. >> and that one goes. >> reporter: the gonzaga bulldogs also making history this weekend. >> for the first time in program history, gonzaga is headed to the final four. >> reporter: surging past xavier in an 83-59 victory, their match-up with south carolina next saturday guaranteed to be historic. but the oregon ducks are looking to make history of their own. returning to the final four for the first time since 1939. >> oh no. >> are you kidding me? >> reporter: hoping to dash
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north carolina's dreams of returning to the championship and bringing home the trophy for the first time in nearly 80 years. we will all know coming up next saturday. we have south carolina going against gonzaga. oregon versus north carolina. now, fill out your brackets. >> it's a little easier now. yeah. thomas thank you very much. i don't know if we can stand the excitement. but there's more on college campuses because al has stormed into the madness. he's at the university of oklahoma for the start of rokerthon 3. good morning again. >> good morning, guys. we got everybody here gathered. i got to tell you. it was ironic that we're starting in norman. on campus here at university of oklahoma is the severe storms lab, all housed in the national weather center here on campus. they had a lot going on yesterday. this is iona oklahoma south of here. damaging hail. they had upwards of softball-sized hail that did a lot of damage to homes and
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caused a lot of problems. this lake looks like it's boiling. and they had tornadoes reported. again, just southeast of here. we had twisters reported. there were reports of damage to some mobile homes. but thankfully, no injuries. let's look at what's going on for today. we have more severe weather to talk about. it's firing up in the midsections of the country. the stuff that happened here has moved to the east. look at where we have the risk of severe weather, including an enhanced risk from nashville to memphis. tupelo mississippi. 12 million people at risk for isolated tornados. and then tomorrow it moves further to the east as it continues to push eastward. storms rumble into the tennessee valley damaging winds, hail, downpour. and tomorrow oklahoma city again, under the gun. wichita falls to san angelo texas. 11 million people at risk for 60-mile-per-hour winds, large hail and t ♪ lucky is a lucky dog. but not every pet is as lucky as lucky.
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so we came up with a little idea, this year, when you buy any bag of dog or cat food at petsmart, we'll give a meal to a pet in need. it's like this: when pearl eats, peanut eats. when wolf woolfs george gorges. and when moose mows down his meal, cuddles cuddles up to a bowl. you buy any bag, we'll give a meal. it's that simple. good morning i'm meteorologist bill henley. starting off with rain and fog, too. the rain disappears. the fog will thin out. we'll see a nice warmup in spite of mostly cloudy skies. may see a little bit of late-day sunshine in philadelphia. 69 degrees today. near 70 for new jersey with mostly cloudy skies. rain showers this morning out of here this afternoon. nice warmup for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. late-day sunshine and 64 degrees. delaware foggy but a little sunshine later on.
7:15 am
near 70. have a great day. >> all right. that's your latest weather. when we come back you are goingoing to see the national map as you have never seen it before. interactive, made up of college students. what could possibly go wrong? it's going to be fantastic, as rokerthon 3 storming the madness comes your way. >> all right, al. see you in a little while. also ahead, an uproar of two girls are barred from a united flight for wearing leggings. why the airline says there's more to this story. and we have "rossen reports" in the wake of the alabama woman's dramatic escape from the trunk of her car. would you know what to do if you found yourself in such a situation? but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. good monday morning. i'm katyzachr ahenley, rain nbc10 studios. look athat are just philadelphia is seeing sprinkles into the suburbs and lehigh n showers this morning. they'll then it will dry out and warm up this afternoon. be affecting your morning commute. there's something else thatwatching. let's check with first alert traffic reporter jesing wet roads, slippery conditions and fog. crash
7:22 am
here on the schuylkill expressway. the delay by the hour ago when it first started. this is aro. the accident is alane. at least two lanes are getting by. earlier we squeezing by. we were seeing big delays eastbound. the re northbound side near 168. black hor police in philadelphia are investigating a double shooting by a to reclaim his stolen money. surveillance video shows the scene yesterday inpolice say the owner shot the alleged thief in the chest, hand. the video also showed people scooping up cas suspect. also today, you can expect to see moresepta's market frankfurt line as well as the broad street line. back in 25.
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7:30 o morning. it's can ees2017. big crowd out on rainy morning in the northeast. with the in crowd inf rokerthonnd his friends in a little weekend. that tops today's storm system hammered parts on sunday. it is baseball-sized hail thunderstor to southern intensi cincinnati. 1 person was were wounded. pote of several motive. the shooters were able amid all of the chaos. new office for streamlining theso-called white house office of ameri led by the president's son-in-law jaredouage on social media this airlines' decision to ban two girls from boarding a flight because they were wearing leggings. joe fryer has the story here. >> reporter: this one has a lot of people up in arms. two girls were trying to board a united flight in denver when a gate agent stopped them deeming their span decksdex leggings were
7:25 am
inappropriate. the outrage began at denver airport, w denied entry by thereason they were >> she's forcing them to dressing over leggings or they can't board. when does united policewomen's e the right torefuse transport for passengers that are properly clothed. the girls were with an adult man wearing sreaction on social media, fast and furious. since when areate? is united airlines winner women and girls are land about appropriate attire.he girls were friends and employs. they have str representatives of united. the restrictions for them noskirts mid drifs and att >> the dress requirements for common among all airlines. >> reporter: henonrevenue passengers barred from flights all the time b of their clothing. but -- >> united's sexist. they restrict mostly clothing that women are wear. and men are free to goflip-flops. >> reporter: united says this
7:26 am
stricter dress code policy for nonrevenue passengers is made clear to employees. it's up to ensure their family and friends follow it when flying. united's dress code for paying customers is proper clothing and no bare feet. to our regular customers, your leggings are welcome. matt and savannah. >> matt is so relieved about that. >> thank goodness. let's check in with al. a little while ago he arrived on a speeding wagon. he is down in oklahoma for day one of rokerthon 3. al? >> that's right. university of oklahoma. the students and the band are going to never seen it before. a giant human map. okay? these students, first we have sunshine in the southwest. the weather's looking pretty spectacular. northeast, we have showers. we have wind. it will be a bit of a mess lovely day. on theippiiver valley we crazy. again here in the things looking good. up and snow. we're talking some
7:27 am
northern new england picking up good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. the fog will thin. we'll see a nice wa little bit of late-day sunstoday. near 70 forskies. rain showers this morning out of and 64 tle bit of sunshine late ♪ >> that' you need it. check out our friendscable. matt and al wait a second. you're in because we tonight have a lot of time. bangor, maine? >> we'll check bac it's looking good. >> all right, buddy. thank you. >> i'm exhausted. >> he's just beginning. coming up next, we have a new "rossen reports" that could lifesaver. >> hi. good morning. i'm jeffnapping case making headlines. an ducter the trunk of a car. would you know how toys and scratchys? it's these fleas and ticks. ow! i'm getting bit like crazy. got any ideas for me? well, not all it kills fleas ticks and mosquitoes.
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morning. on "rossene-opening experiment that could has more on that. >> r kidnapping case out of alabama, are incredible. when she actuallm inside. woul it. and it's easier than youshow you just caught on camera in alabama. this nursing student jumping out of the trunk of a moving car, after she was kidnapped and thrown in. >> i'm like i might have a trunk latch. i found the latch. i popped the latch. and i step out. >> reporter: the trunk latch that saved her life is required by law in all passenger cars since 2001. but would you know where to find it and how to escape if you were trapped inside? to find out, we've set up a dramatic experiment today. we're going to take volunteers and stick them into the trunk of this car, to see if they can turn their bodies around in the pitch black to find that latch, flip it and get out of the car. since we're sticking people in
7:31 am
the trunk of a car, we thought it would be a good idea to bring the capops along. >> we're here to help. >> reporter: i'm going to try it first. if we're asking people to do it i'm going to try it. i have not done this before. this is as weird as you think it would be. >> ready? >> close it up. it is pitch block inack in here. we're using infrared cameras so you can see me. imagine if you were in a real kidnapping situation, how scared you would be. i would try to push my way in the passenger seats. what should i do? >> turn your body around to face the rear bumper in the car. >> reporter: i'll turn my body around. i'm six feet tall. that's not easy. now what? >> reporter: >> you want to look at the rear end of the truckhunk and find
7:32 am
anything that is glowing. >> this is the latch. i'll flip it. and here i am. wow. that is frightening. >> it is. but knowing what to do makes it a lot easier. >> reporter: i knew what i was looking for. let's see if our volunteers can pull it off. climbant to get out. >> i'mngo use my own >> exactly. locked. try twow. you did it. a few people get it. but most -- >> dark and scary. >> little freaky. >> reporter: can't. what's it like in there? >> i can't find anything. out of this? >> reporter: this m out the seat. >> it feels like it's me. >> reporter: this system latch. >> i'm trying to find a volunteers men and women of it out. >> reporter: can i show you? that's the latch right there. look for the glow in the dark latch. >> if i was in an emergency, it would be good to know there's a
7:33 am
latch here. >> reporter: now you know. >> now i know. >> reporter: what if forceshow us to secure this zipoo like you're not going guys take their eyes off of maneuver. you bring yourull them down ur e overwhelm the >> this is what itgod. anyoat can do it. we bring out some more volunteers. yeah. rightu. >> reporter: was that ea tips that could savter: you're a great sport. >> thank another cool car. latch, the latch you did not know existed becausetuffed in her own trunk. why not knowppen. >> i'm equally as at zip tie thing. >> reporter: it gives you just in case. >> hope coming up carson has more on the unbelievable march madness finish. north carolina's game. and why folks in one c
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a thrilling end to a march madness game. unless you can't see it. carson is in the orange room with that story. >> that could be a problem, savannah. the final four is set after a weekend of incredible surprises. none more exciting than the final minute of the north carolina/kentucky game. as millions of fans took in that nail-biting finish, here's what viewers in columbus saw.
7:38 am
the cbs columbus station went to black for about a full six minutes to deliver news of a tornado warning over the final moments of that epic game. viewers not happy about it. here's jason tweeting in. here was my view of the buzzer-beater. the station responding 10tv will air the last two minutes of the kentucky/north carolina game at 8:00 p.m. by then the final four had been set. here's the real question how are our brackets holding up? let's take a look at our bracket battle and see where things stand. graphics for the orange room. look at savannah in the lead 73 points. there's matt lauer -- jack lawyer in second with 66 points. i'm in fifth. al has 49. matt you're the only one with anybody in the big game. if north carolina should win on saturday, you would surpass savannah and win it all. early congratulations to little jack lawyer.uer.
7:39 am
>> they have to win on saturday. >> i'm pulling for them. >> talk about dumb luck. coming up, al is storming into the madness of rokerthon 3 with the oklahoma sooners. don't miss the guinness
7:40 am
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7:43 am
aquarium. no sign of the city. fog and rain. rain moving in to philadelphia the sburks the lehigh valley. it will swing through the rest of the area during the day today, and we should dry out this afternoon. clouds will stay with us. in spite of the clouds we're in for quite a warmup. 67 degrees at 4:00. closer to 7 degrees at 6:00 today. -- 70 degrees at 6:00 today. >> thanks. now to the roads and first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. major backup on 95. >> major. watching 95 again around cottman avenue. here it's stop and go. our drive time pretty severe. we're at 42 minutes on the woodhaven road area to vine street expressway. average speeds are into the teens right now. we're also watching a crash in bucks county on bethlehem pike and sprattly road. back to you. >> thanks. officials in wilmington are asking you to avoid the block of market street between 5th and 4th streets this morning. that's because fire crews are still putting out hot spots from a fire that ripped through a shoe store and several homes yesterday. fire crews are still putting out
7:44 am
the hot spots. as you see, it ripped through a shoe store. families had to evacuate but nobody was hurt. delaware state police want to find the driver who hit and killed a pedestrian in bear, delaware, and kept going sundays. a person driving an escalade hit the victim in a parking lot and sped off. we'll have another local news update in 25 minutes. of course, you can join us every weekday morning for "nbc10 news today" from 4:30 to 7:00. i'm katy zachry. the "today" show continues now.
7:45 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up the blame game. the backlash building following the health care bill's failure. >> i think there's meanty of blame to go around. what happened is washington won. >> the president moves on. tapping son-in-law jared kushner for an expanded role at the white house. plus rokerthon 3.
7:46 am
>> i'm home baby. >> al is storming into the madness, begunning his week-long adventure to break world records at college come campuses across the country. his first stop oklahoma. >> let's hit it. and celebrating 70. music legend elton john marks his milestone in style, with an epic star-studded birthday party in michigan. savannah's on monday march 27th. good everybody. hi. >> i and it'scold. thank you. i'm a little dangerous>> meanwhile, al is on the he's at the university of oklahoma for the start >> yes. i just got tooner. boomer and, but two guinness weekend here having a great time. singing ees oh man. it's
7:47 am
♪ oklahoma, okay ♪ ♪ >> it doesn't get any better than that baby. >> is there anyone better to tour college campuses than al roker? >> i am thinking going back to school. al needs to go back to school. >> i think al should have a marching band with him at all times. at all times. >> al thank you very much. good luck. now, let's get to the top stories of the morning. here's your news at 8:00. good morning. i'm hallie jackson in washington. no marching bands at the white house today. but we are watching the blame game here. the fallout after republicans yanked their health care bill. as president trump looks to refocus on tax reform the white house is talking down any riff between the president and house speaker paul ryan. today, back to work with
7:48 am
backlash building. full-on finger-pointing, 72 hours after the health care bill failure. >> i think there's plenty of blame to go around. what happened was washington won. >> reporter: the administration pitting responsibility on conservatives in congress. >> congress just wasn't ready. you saw it. >> reporter: and the president this weekend, raising eyebrows by telling his 27 million twitter followers to watch judge janeane. her opening statement -- >> paul ryan needs to step down as speaker of the house. the reason -- he failed to deliver the votes on his health care bill. >> reporter: aides close to paul ryan said he the weekend with the president, who made clear his tweet had nothing to do with the house speaker. press secretary sean spicer tells nbc news, he wanted to show support of her show. that's it. new fallout for the freedom caucus whose members mostly oppose the health care bill. one lawmaker leaving the voting
7:49 am
bloc altogether. the caucus chairman reflecting on the revolt that sank the plan to kill >> no one has been more self-critiquing than me. >> reporter: he is not the only one thinking aty is able to fix this by themselves. >> reporter: and this morning, the president's influential son-in-law we learned is getting a bigger role. white house aides tell nbc news jared kushner will oversee the overhaul of the federal government the office of american innovation. and we learned that kushner is willing to testify in front of the senate intelligence committee as part of their investigation into russia's interference in the election. >> hallie thank you very much. there's new developments in the case of elizabeth thomas. she is the 15-year-old tennessee girl allegedly kidnapped by her 50-year-old married former high school teacher. they were last seen about two weeks ago. tammy leitner joins us from nashville.
7:50 am
good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. it's been exactly two weeks since they disappeared and very few new leads. we're also hearing from the wife of the suspected kidnapper. in an exclusive statement to nbc news jill cummins tells us nobody understands the pain and the shock i am in now. she had a message directly for herrever. for your sake andbeth's sake, please go to the police or safe. i know you aret of you that's really sorry. we're hearing for the firsts brother. they're -- >> yeah? the fron >> reporter: investigators are alsoe two of them w e-mail account. an e-mail, save about suspend its of another vehicle flipped the uber injuries. front seat. in pilot program is take harder classes of extracurricular activities help them get into college? we'll look at the process. and a look at elton john's star-studded birthday bash. and al is breaking a record start-to-finish on rokerthon 3
7:51 am
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7:55 am
just called her in. as a parent, have you ever done something, take something away from your child, something they really like, just to punish them? >> not yet. >> you're a little early. >> they're doing something bad with it. >> like a toy or something like that. >> not quite yet, no. >> we've been stories on the show in the past about child shaming. kids do something wrong and parents in a public way express their displeasure. here's what one parent did. he let the world know about it. at the cavaliers/hornets game this man was holding a sign saying thomas get your grades back up and next time you'll be here. love dad. what do you think about that? >> if you're going to do it that's the way to do it. he says love dad. a little emoji, like come on. i wish you were here. but you got to do what you got to do. >> you take the softer approach. >> i'm not into public shaming. it's like airing your dirty
7:56 am
laundry. but there's something comedic and lighthearted. >> it doesn't have your picture. >> i'm normally not in the shaming thing. but there's something good-natured about that. the tear and the love dad, i would have felt differently. he's saying this could be yours, too. we could do this together. it would be fun to share this. >> there's nothing about this that signals frustration or contempt on the part of dad. his motive seems to say, i would have a better time if you're here with me. >> and young people react to that. >> especially if it goes viral lying like that. >> i have a sonign that says you don't win the bracket, you won't be here. >> he normally does right? >> he does. this is the time of year that high schoolers are hearing back from colleges. just in time for next year "the washington post" lookeded a some myths surrounding the admissions
7:57 am
process. myth number one, admissions essays don't matter. they do. if there's an admission officer that is on the fence that essay could put you over the fence. especially if you're looking for something beyond. >> i needed that essay. i needed to write. that held some weight. >> i applied to rutgers because it didn't require an essay at the time. i can't wrightte. i do the moothath. >> the extra curriculars the better. >> they call that the vanity sheet. >> the resume padding. it likemakes you look broad, unfocused. last one. was surprising. the average grades in hard classes are better than "as" in easy classes. a lot of people think that. but apparently it's better to get the "a" in the easy class. >> i to don't. >> they don't look in to see it's advanced?
7:58 am
>> if you see a "c" or a "d" on a report card, what are they supposed to do with that? that was a.p. calculus. >> it's like in sports winning means everything. all of the 52-0, is 52-0. we've seen dash cam footage of a car chase. but what about a cow chase. the police in temple had to chase down a cow. it escaped from a vet clinic. you see the cow in a fenced-off area. that's good. and the cop walks up and says gotcha. and shuts the gate. the cow had other ideas. the cow runs through the gate. you can hear the cow saying, eat more chicken. as it ran down the gate. we checked in with the police department we have not heard if the cow has been captured. >> i didn't know cows were so fast. >> i didn't either.
7:59 am
>> don't fence me in. nobody puts that cow in a corner. let's do "pop start." >> i miss al's commentary. we start with antonio banderas. opening up about a recent health scare. the 56-year-old actor was rushed to the hospital for health reasons unknown to the public at the time. now, banderas has revealed the visit was due to a heart attack. speaking at a festival in spain, the actor said the heart attack was not serious. he did not suffer damage. he has downplayed the scare saying it hasn't been as dramatic as some have written. we're glad to know he's doing okay. big news for one direction fans. the band split up. you have some that started their solo music careers. now, looks like harry styles is jumping onboard. he dropped a teaser video during a u.k. show "the x-factor." not much is revealed.
8:00 am
a couple of keys on the piano. you can check this out, april 7th, appears will be the date. we'll see what actually comes in store for harry styles new music. finally, a day for elton john. the singer turned 70 over the weekend. and he celebrated in style. elton was sur rounded by some of the biggest name in the industry. katy perry, neil patrick harris among others. and who song happy birthday to elton? stevie wonder and lady gaga. e! news caught that moment on camera. ♪ ♪ happy birthday happy birthday ♪ >> looks like the party was a good time. and happy birthday to elton john. >> carson thank you very much. and thanks for being here. let's send it back to al in norman oklahoma on the opening day of rokerthon 3.
8:01 am
al? >> hey, guys. it's the moment we have been waiting for. we're not going to attempt to break one guinness world record but two guinness world records. we have from guinness world records michael embrekt that will be here to validate if we do it or not. the students from the university of oklahoma are going to try and create a sun, a cloud and a lightning bolt a human lightning bolt and a cloud. we have the band forming a sun just before support. all right? they need to hold the positions for five minutes. we're going to start the clock now. >> one, two, three. >> all right. and while they're holding these positions, we are going to give you the official forecast. hold your positions, folks, as we bring you your weather. first of all, we have to worry
8:02 am
about severe weather to talk about. wet weather moving in the pacific northwest. there's the severe stuff in the mid plains that affected parts of oklahoma and texas yesterday. it is moving to the east. there's snowy weather making its way into the northeast in new england. 12 million people at risk for very large hail damaging winds and isolated tornadoes today. and then for tomorrow the same area that was at risk this weekend, at risk again. 65-mile-per-hour-plus wind gusts. hail and tornadoes possible from texas into oklahoma oklahoma city on the northern fringe of that. the rest of the country, wet weather, making its way from the gulf into the ohio river valley. snow and ice into new england. strong winds through southern californ and the southwest.ia . good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. starting off with rain and fog, too. but the rain disappears. the fog will thin out. a nice warmup in spite of
8:03 am
mostly cloudy skies. late-day sunshine, 69 degrees today. near 70 in new jersey with mostly cloudy skies. rain showers this morning out of here this afternoon. nice warmup for the suburbs and the lehigh valley. late-day sunshine and 64 degrees. delaware, foggy this morning, but a little bit of sunshine later on, near 70. have a great day. >> okay. that's your latest weather. under 3:30 to go as we get rokerthon 3 going off in style. all right. now, not only do we have this going on but i got a chance to get a taste of the indomitable spirit of what happens here at the university of oklahoma. ♪ where the heck am i? >> al you're at the university of oklahoma. >> who the heck are you? >> aside from being the student body president, i'm your roommate j.d. >> who the heck are they?
8:04 am
>> they're with us. let's go explore o.u. >> okay. if you say so. >> it will be exciting. >> i'll take your word for it, j.d. ♪ ♪ oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day ♪ ♪ i've got a beautiful feeling everything's going my way ♪ ♪ >> did you know in a o.u. has more merit scholarship freshman than any other university in the country? >> that is awesome. >> shh. >> sorry. >> roker. >> so al how is your day at o.u. so far? >> so far, it's going great. but i smell somebody getting a
8:05 am
forecast ready for broadcast. >> you know what? i believe that's the students preparing for o.u. nightly. >> how do i get there as quickly as possible? >> the engineering students can help you out. >> that's what i'm talking about. i think i'm going to need more horsepower. boomer, sooner, let's go boys. hit it. faster. faster. not so fast. >> al this is our o.u. nightly broadcast. >> cool. >> rokerthon is officially coming to o.u. >> we're hoping for bright sunny skies over the plains. >> we'll turn to sawyer wells. what can we expect to see? >> monday is looking great. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> you have to say it a little deeper. your neck of the woods. >> your neck of the woods. >> your neck of the woods. >> excellent, sawyer. my job here is done. >> did you know that o.u. is home to the national weather center. >> you bet i did. i'm home baby.
8:06 am
yeah. my people. my people. all right. what's the temperature in anchorage, alaska? >> 24 degrees. >> what's the wind direction in portland maine? >> from the south. >> are we going to see rain for rokerthon? >> no. >> yeah baby, yeah. >> so this is the students' last rehearseal to break the record. >> you know, j.d. -- -- ♪ i've got a beautiful feeling everything's going my way ♪ >> boomer. >> sooner. >> oh, yeah. >> all right. let's take a look. how much time do we have left on the clock to break the record? we're coming down to ten seconds. here we go. ten, nine. eight. seven. six. five. four. three. two. one.
8:07 am
[ gunshot ] >> all right. all right. well coming up in a few minutes, michael is tabulating. he will let us know guys if we have broken the record. not just one, but two records, as we continue rokerthon 3, storming the madness. back to you. ♪ >> well done. well done. and let me just say, from miss guthrie and carson who are younger. there was a musical on broadway called eded "oklahoma." >> tell us about olden times. we'll check in with more madness after a check of local news and weather. i hope they made that record. >> they did. >> i think they did. ♪
8:08 am
8:09 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm katy zachry. just a few minutes before 8:30 on your monday. let's get to bill henley with your most accurate forecast. the fog mind you there. >> the fog is going to linger. the temperatures starting to climb and that will eventually get rid of the fog. the rain is a different story. the steadier rain moved into wilmington, the lehigh valley starting to taper off. the showers swing to south jersey and then we will see a warmup. clouds will stay with us. the afternoon temperatures will warm to near 70 degrees today. >> not bad. thanks bill. let's get a check on traffic with jessica boyington. what are you watching? >> slow downs here on 422. cameras around trooper road. looks okay. roads are wet. you can definitely see fog in the distance there, as well. this eastbound drive time, not
8:10 am
okay. 28 minutes from 29 to the expressway. speeds now into the teens. and dense fog advisory in effect for the philadelphia international airport. that will be scheduled until about 10:00 a.m. so you want to check with your flight before you head out the door this morning katy. >> jessica thank you. police are wrapping for a protest outside the office of philadelphia's indicted district attorney seth williams. nbc 10 just shot this video of barricades going up near 110 square in center city. traffic may be an issue during the protest. slated to start in a few minutes. community activists, including the black lives matter group demanding williams resign. last week he pleaded not guilty to extortion charges. another local news update in 25 minutes. we'll send you back to the "today" show. see you shortly.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
[ cheers and applause ] it's 8:30 on this monday morning. it's the 27th day of march 2017. and if this is spring take me back to winter because it's dreary here in the northeast. temperature about 40 degrees. it's rainy. >> you have this cold or whatever. >> who knows what is going on here. we're fine. and thank you for standing out in the rain. >> seriously. we're on the edge of our seats here because we just saw, we think, a world record being set down at the university of oklahoma where al is. al what's the verdict? >> well we're going to find out now, savannah. joining us is osu's dean of students clark stroud and our good friend michael imperak. what's the news?
8:14 am
>> al i totaled the tallies. i went through all of our counts. and both of them are guinness world record titles. congratulations. >> you did it. you did it. yeah. >> i would like to welcome you to the guinness world record family two times over. >> not one but two. a lightning bolt and a cloud. that's impressive. and we have the band forming a sun just because we could. that's why. all right. now, we are not done just yet because we have a $5,000 rokerthon pure point financial scholarship to help one of these lucky students. let's bring in our drum major. we're going to pick a name out of the hat. [ drumroll ] oh, no.
8:15 am
kelsey hawk. kelsey hawk. here she comes. >> oh. >> all right, kelsey. congratulations. boomer sooner has the mic for you. we're going to write your name in here in just a second. where are you from? >> i'm from northwest oklahoma. >> what's your major? >> international studies. >> international studies. this time we can use more international studies. kelsey hawk congratulations. a big thank you to our friends at pure point financial for this. $5,000 for you. what? >> that's not my last name. >> hull -- >> h-o-l-k. wait. you're kelsey hawk.
8:16 am
where is -- where is barren beatty when you need him? oh, my. >> what just happened? >> they very close pronunciations. >> her name -- what's your last name dear? >> at least kelsey's honest. >> it's hull. >> and she's kelsey holk. i think our friends at pure point financial are going to give them both a $5,000 check. yes. what's your major? >> arabic. >> arabic. all right. there you go. congratulations. oh that's fantastic. guys we're so thrilled you did this. thank you for coming out and being understanding. so first of all, thanks again to pure point financial for being so generous. and we're not done yet. crimson and cream, i should say the school colors we're going
8:17 am
to be moving on from rokerthon. this has been a heck of a way to start off rokerthon 3. thank you guys so very much. all right. let's do your weather. see what's going on as far as your weekend outlook is concerned. wow. how exciting. so for the week ahead, we're looking at severe storms through the plains storms out west. ice and snow in the northeast. as we look in the midweek period we're looking at wet weather in the midsection of the country. wet weather in the pacific northwest. unseasonably mild in the east. and towards the end of the week heavy rain plenty of sunshine up and down the west coast. looking at sunshine fromood morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. starting off with rain and fog, too. the rain disappearswillhin out. a nice warmup in spite of mostly cloudy skies. may see a little bit of late-day
8:18 am
sunshine in philadelphia. 69 degrees today. near 70 for new jersey with mostly cloudy skies. rain showers this morning out of here this afternoon. the lehigh valley. late-day sunshine and 64 degrees. delaware, foggy this morning, but a little bit of sunshine later on. near 70. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. here's the clue for tomorrow. i'm hitting the road. stop number two. within sight of the northern lights way up but it could be the source of your morning joe. so, rock shgs, rokerthon 3 rolls on. thank you to everybody at the university of oklahoma. thanks so much. we'll see you tomorrow. day two, rokerthon 3. >> well done al. nobody gets out of a pickle by the way, like al does. and our thanks to all of the sooners in norman. >> and cobngratulations to theons to the kelseys, plural.
8:19 am
rachel dolezal is here talking about moving forward in the wake of her identity scandal. first, this is "today" on nbc. phone rings "hello?" "yeah!" ♪"a new friend' s coming here to sesame street."♪ all new its sesame street liv e! make a new friend playing liacouras center april 6-9 tickets on sale at liacourascenter dot com
8:20 am
8:21 am
back at 8:38. rachel dolezal gained worldwide notoriety in 2013 when questions about her race and ethnicity came to light. she said she identifies as a black person and intended to live her life that way. dolezal was accused of faking her black appearance, a claim she denies. and in the aftermath of that firestorm she lost her job in the naacp. she wrote a story about her life, "in full color." good to see you again. i'm sure it's a mixed bag writing a back. i'm sure it was cathartic. but now, you're back in the
8:22 am
spotlight again. any trepidation about that? >> yeah. the book was a difficult one to write, for sure. but i felt like it was -- you know a little bit forced upon me as far as the need to tell the whole truth about my life. and the full story. >> and how has life been? you were here about a year ago. you were really honest about the impact of the revelations on your life and trying to find a job. you had a baby 13 months ago. how are things for you now? is it still as difficult to put your life back together? >> it's a big challenge. but i'm 100% committed to providing for my kids and finding my way back to the activism work that i'm passionate about. >> you changed your name legally. we will not reveal the name. but why did you feel the need to do that? >> i felt like i needed to change my legal name in order to be seen for my qualifications and experience rather than just seen for the tabloid publicity
8:23 am
that i got in 2015. so when applying for a job, i thought people were just seeing rachel dolezal and not paying attention to the wide-ranging experience and qualifyications that i do have. >> what are you trying to say in this book? what's the message you want to get out there? >> i want to advance the conversation about race and identity. and i really hope that readers are encouraged to be exactly who they are. and i also really hope that in some way, like i said i want to tell the whole story of my life. and in some way, that is able to set the record straight because my life story was really warped beyond recognition by a lot of the negative press in 2015. >> i don't have to tell you. you're still very controversial, rachel. a lot of people think, okay. even if i understand the fact she has ton of affection for the african-american community, she identifies with the african-american community,
8:24 am
feels a part of it why say that you are, in fact a member of the african-american community? i think that's the disconnect people still have. what's your response? i'm sure you hear it all the time. >> right. well i don't identify as african-american. i identify as black. i am part of the pan-african eve race is a social construct and we've acknowledged this in academia and science, there is a line drawn in the sand. there's still side black side and a white side. an i stand unapologetically onside. and my values. i stand with of challenging the supremacy. >> it's interesting. you could stand there and take without saying but i'm a member ofcommunity. right? >> i really prefer to just and black is really the closest descriptive term that essence of who i am. so -- >> how are le the rest of your life?
8:25 am
you said you want to get back to your activism and some of the things you were doing prior to this. >> absolutely. i am still committed to racial and social justice work and education. and i am just looking for opportunities to kind of re-enter that field. and participate again. i'm hopeful. >> best of luck to you and your family. the book is called "in full color." rachel appreciate it. coming up next we talk to ann romney about her passions her families and her take on what's going on in washington these days. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:26 am
8:27 am
welcome back. 8:45. ann romney was thrust into the national spotlight when her husband, mitt romney became the republican nominee for president in 2012. if you ask her, it's not politics that defines her. it's the work as the mother of
8:28 am
5, grandmother of 45, a passion for horseback riding and her battle with multiple sclerosis. she writes about that and more in her book "in this together." out in paperback. good to see you. >> hi savannah. >> the book is about your struggle with m.s. how do you feel? >> i feel great. i'm loving life. and i'm at this point in my life where it's time to give back and really helperes that are struggling with neurologic disease. we have a great center in boston that studies, m.s. a.l.s. brian tumors and we're making progress on all of the fronts. >> the book talks about your diagnosis at the age of 49. you were candid about dealing with that. how you got through it. what's the reaction that you got originally to the book? what have people really said to you about it? >> you know i still get people that just break down when they see me. and they just want to hug.
8:29 am
they are so grateful they know someone has gone through what they h from. so for mepe. andple that agement saying we are are making to give people h book. hope is on the list. of help deal with whetheripped from nt in life? y away so many things. but the people youters in life. having a purpose in and you know joy does ne to gce of life really bout front-runner and a finalist toof state in the trump ad obviously, the job went to the whole thing, terrific. and we wereusly beingitt to have been able to shape foreign affairs would have been a very significant role for him. and i know he would have accepted it if he had been asked. >> it's interesting because tongues wag in washington. some thought, is donald trump springing along romney but knows he's not going to offer the job. >> i think it was serious.
8:30 am
i don't for a moment think that was the case. >> you've been married 48 years. if the first abversery is paper and the second one is -- what's 48? what did you do to celebrate? >> with a lot of grandchildren, actually. we roasted marshmallows. >> s'mores? >> yes. we did s'mores with all of our grandkids. it's the joy. it's so much joy with having that family. i always tell people now, really skip parenting and go straight to grandparenting. it's easier. >> it seems good. your son, josh, some are talking as a potential candidate for governor for n the lights for rything you've experienced iyes. go for it. it's worth get in way,s now. >> grandpare very good. >> very perback tomorrow. and for neurologic going go to facebook "sesny street" with a nbc."
8:31 am
8:32 am
back at 8:51. "sesame street" has been a positive way for kids to learn and grow. >> now, a new muppet is joining the group. she's going to join us live. first, jenna has oreher story. >> diversity and inclusion has been a staple on "sesame street." now, they're tackling the autism disorder with fun-loving julia. on one of the most storied streets around. ♪ on sesame street ♪ >> reporter: there's a new face in town. >> who is this? >> oh hi meet you. autism. >> what'sautism? >> right away. >> she does things just a little differently. in a julia sort of way. >> reporter: julia is part of sesame see amazing. first introduced in 2015. she's now coming to life as a muppet on the show for the first time. what's he like?
8:33 am
what does she like to girl. she's 4 years uses a free things to dom isent adventures likable, puppeteer for julia. you have a personal connection to autism. will you tell me about that? >> yeah. my son is on kids positive diversity. >> we w new friend julia bceptance around autism. when we all play together ♪ sherri west do together game calleboing, t game sesame jenna pointed in diagnosed with. when we created the initiative mmunity was so bere 9:00 on your monday to the west. later today. it's a chilly rain right now. 39 degrees in the suburbs. the temperatures have been going nowherand the lehigh valley. warmup. near 70 this afternoon. >> convinced there is a crash, way. otherck lieth williams to resig city. today ins. frein is it's now open in the poconos!
8:34 am
book your african adventure now! struggles in the wwe championprise for al. her od 's take." live from studio 1a in welcome to i'm sheinelle, along with wwe ch>> i should say, we're al is outside. check i down there. >> that's what you do in college on a monday morning, i guess. >> i guess so. >> when al on campus. >> there's been more giant >> al's face is e day. i'll tell you that. mind. it was a sunday. >> look at y >> we were just sometimes y when have married. oh dylan? we go to church in the morning.t? >> i have a picture. ey were outside playing in sts. >> te no araleigh, north to film a commercial. i and i spiced street fights?? >> they're in t can i come to work with >> if you did bring him --
8:35 am
that's what they do have you heard about this united social media. this firestorm.airport. >> yep. >> and two girls get on the plane. they're wearing leggings. and they're told they can't get on this flight becauseleggings. >> and everybody around sees it happening the they tweet it out. it goes viral. who doesn't wear leggings on a plane? that's how i fly. but apparently these girls, according to saying we do have the right to refuse passengers who are barefoot or not properly clothed. the girls were traveling on the pass program, which means that they're free flights for relatives or friends of people who work for united. they have stricter dress code requirements because they're nonrevenue passengers and they are representing the united company. that's why they weren't allowed on the plane. they said to the regular customers, your leggings are welcome. it's because they were on a special pass. at first i thought, were the
8:36 am
leggings see-through. did you see their underwear? >> i don't know that they're on a special pass representing united at all. to me they are other people on the plane. >> it's weird. i get the concept of united trying to establish a dress code representing the airlines. on the other hand travel and travel attire had become so casual how are you going to tell who is with united or who is not with united? it's weird. i know they're trying to uphold their airline representatives, but at the same time, every person is dressed like that on the plane. for you to stop two people at random and say, you can't get on that's weird. >> and it goes back to the whole thing. people used to really dress up to get on a plane. >> so true. >> and attire has gotten much more casual. but planes have gotten much more un uncomfortable. not like we're getting fed on the plane. not like there's all this room. you have to pay for water on some flights. if you want to be comfortable, you're going to be comfortable.
8:37 am
>> everybody in the crew -- everybody is nodding with you. last time i went home i had and my grandparentsear holes in yourhold a create an >> at the beauty of nobody the world a chance t>> the tweet machine. >>ou brought a sca eatnu >> to gain weight? atch his wife 50 r shooting i >> instance in the repercussions afterwards which were not good. >> she didn't know the scene was coming? >> this was a bad idea on my part. i fully admit. >> you didn't wait until the movie came out? >> no. but that was the first time she expect. i didn't have the conversation ? lesson lear them to be shared -- a coming? >> took aiful she's coming back. e mows down his meal,. ♪sneeze away from being voted ou you take it agort® allergy spray for po with l'oréal's new of fresh hair. at olive garden. liberty mutual insuranceking your score won't hurt your crd crunchy stuff. u oklahoma for a 3 thew h as nicole. wwe that belt holding up your ourork.
8:38 am
but i got to there's a storm coming. be there.snow.s and on into the gulf threat of strong good morning. a nice weather for nickname for me it's pandemonium at o.u. you have a lot of energy. >> something weather-related. >> like the weatherman. it has to be something better. >> more punch. >> tweet in suggestions. >> you tweet your suggestions. coming up she's one of the biggest youtube stars on the planet, who has celebrities lining up to work with her. you're about to see what the buzz is about
8:39 am
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and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a different asthma control medicine like an inhaled corticosteroid. do not take breo more than prescribed. see your doctor if your asthma does not improve or gets worse. ask your doctor if 24-hour breo could be a missing piece for you. learn more about better breathing at you can't surf the internet for very long without stumbling upon lilly singh. her youtube channel has 1 million subscribers. and it shows her impersonations of her parents to female empower lt. and it has sitdowns with selena gomez and bill gates. >> she has scored edd movie roles.
8:42 am
>> she is sharing her lessons in her further back how to be a "bawse." >> you nailed it. >> and the difference between bawse and boss? >> you forgot the normal word. >> workplace, professional. bawse is all encomekum actually veryadult, who is trying to a gui 60 easy controllife, we control situations that we talk about that. >> doing the the ground floor in >> will you, though? collaborations. sele you have som how do you define so proud of this. people. they make up lessons. >> your favorite moment? >> i do. it's meeting the rock duane johnson. >> i thought you were going to say michelle obama. i love the dynamic. he's mentioned in the book. he's my mentor and has taught me so much in life.
8:43 am
>> and a nice guy. >> anyone you want to work with in the future? anybody on the to-do list? >> i would like to work with you. i heard amazing things about you. >> well -- >> maybe she will cheer you on. >> if i can get one of the golden tickets. >> love that segue. >> i love that little lilly is happy. up next she is a total diva. nikki bella gets ready to step into the ring with john made for a match -- match made in heaven. wrestlemania. >> it's listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs. this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth. just ask listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely to stand up to a bully do a yoga handstand, and be in a magician's act. listerine® kills 99% of bad breath germs so you can feel 100% in life. bring out the bold™. want a less intense taste that still cleans your whole mouth? try listerine® zero alcohol.
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♪ lucky is a lucky dog. but not every pet is as lucky as lucky. so we came up with a little idea, this year, when you buy any bag of dog or cat food at petsmart, we'll give a meal to a pet in need. it's like this: when pearl eats, peanut eats. when wolf woolfs george gorges. and when moose mows down his meal, cuddles cuddles up to a bowl. you buy any bag, we'll give a meal. it's that simple. nbc 10 news starts now. good monday morning. i'm katy zachry. just a few minutes before 9:30. it's raining, chances are, where you are right now. let's get to meteorologist bill henley with details. >> the rain is coming down. the fog is slowly thinning out. you can now see some of the buildings across the delaware. that wasn't possible an hour ago. rain showers, those steady rain
8:45 am
showers, now moving through delaware into south jersey. already starting to taper off to spotty showers through the suburbs. this afternoon, we will get some -- well maybe a little bit of sunshine. we will get a drier afternoon. the showers will come to an end, the temperatures in the 30s, 40s now, warm well into the 60s later today. >> thanks for that bill. let's get a check on the roads with first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. the drive a little bit better. >> dealing with wet roads, fog with reduced visibility there, as well. and some slow speeds. this is 95 actually coming away from the ben franklin bridge. earlier we had an accident on the northbound side around girard avenue. we're seeing some residual delays because of that. and 95 both directions really pretty bad. 46 minutes now, now down to 41. better on the southbound side between wood haven road and the vine katy. thank you. happening right now a protest under way in center city philadelphia. members of the black lives matter community group, as well as other activists have been
8:46 am
rallying outside the philadelphia district attorney's office for the last 30 to 45 minutes. they wanted indicted d.a. seth williams to resign. stay tuned for updates and any impact this may have on center city traffic. new jersey governor chris christie, is getting a new role in the trump administration. the ""washingtonathristie will head an administration aimed at the nationwide opioid epidemic. he has made this a key state initiative in his final year in office. we'll be back shortly. erica's largest indoor waterpa rk ♪ >> re pairing up "total you chitchat. with t >> i would take on >> we ritfguard? >> no. he stand in me i it. i feel the moves there's ajohn will propose. >> first of all, what is it -- >> for what it's worth, the odds are strongly in favor of a
8:47 am
prooez poezpro proposal. >> what's the prop bet? >> a side bet.eal thing? >> this is a real thing. >> okay. tip number one, never bet on ll i need to say about that. >> no pressure. >> no pressure. >> his palms are getting all damp. >> that's so sweet. >> you know, after we're going to get in the car, i'm like so -- >> where do we stand on that? john we let you off the hook."total divas." >> we haverney in mehance of john not kiss?jerk >> no marriage or 7:00 p.m. on the pop superstar talks about what is up in the spotlight and what she wants every young girl to know, right after everyday life brings challenges; but when i feel my best, i am my best. and it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia probiotic two week challenge and enjoying activia yogurt twice a day. activia with billions of its exclusive probiotic helps take care of what's inside so you can focus
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8:49 am
young girls. and i want them to feel like they're capable of doing anything. >> and there's celebrities that almost keep a veil up. we think everything is so perfect. you've chosen not to be that way and be authentic. was it healing to say, i have struggles. and this is what i struggle with. >> i didn't really have a choice. a lot of people saw my life whether i liked it or not. i have two options. i would succumb to what everyone was say organize assuming. or i could talk that opportunity and be vulnerable with my specific audience which is the people who have been with me since the beginning. and i think that's what i chose to do. >> i themselves in selena because i think she sees herself in them. really understand that if they can they want out of their life thata whole world of people that are willing to help them make that ha and that these types of things do come true. >> for many of the>> i'm going to cry. i promised myself i wasn't goi selena walked by. you look ayeah. >> so sweet.y are sometimes it makes more tthat? that's pretty goodhe feel e i've been straight these kids. every day. have >> those much. t in the southwest.
8:50 am
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this year, when you buy any bag of dog or at petsmart, we'll give a meal to a pet in need. it's like this: when pearl eats, peanut ea when wolf woolfs george gorges. and when moose mows down his meal, cuddles cuddles up to a bowl. you buy any bag, we'll give a meal. it's that simple. ♪ it seems like life is pretty good for june diane raphael. she has a new baby at home and a new hit show in netflix. now, in the third season. >> of course talking about theseries "grace and frankie." >> she is strong, independent and career-driven while her sister is married with kids. >> i do love your kids. they're your kids. >> you've got a weird way of showing it. their dumb teenagers and >> it's true.hisper >> look back and i an me. it shot
8:54 am
i walkut family. and seeing thelife.get a compliment from you. he to improvise. it's so good. i love to throw some things here and there and keep it alive and fresh. >> you do your >> yeah. do me. i do me. >> all right. >> i do me. but they're already so good i don't have. but, yes. i do. and sometimes the stuff gets in. >> and life is funny as home as well. >> hilarious. hilarious. people say because my husband is a comedian too, it must be a ton of laughs. it's not. it's not. >> not funny this. >> your husband posted on instagram and titled the picture parenting. what did he post? that was fun. >> that was fun. it's amazing the we're not doing jokes and bits all day long. we're parenting. we're in the thick of it. we have two, young babies. and i think people have a disconceptionut people at home. we're staring at each other angry. that's what we're up to.
8:55 am
>> you're working at another project with casey wilson? >> yes. we're watching a script for hulu called "unhinged." about a woman who has a rage problem. i can connect to it. >> about to say. sounds like something we can relate to. >> right from home. >> you're looking at me. was i supposed to say someme. i was going to say thank you. >> i have more information to dig up. i don't want you to leave. >> this is vodka p. and i realize what's happening. >> it kneadmade me nervous. >> can i read this? >> i want to ask you more questions. >> season three ofd frankie" on netflix now.
8:56 am
8:57 am
it? john is so ♪fast, rhythmic drumming nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm katy zachry. a little before 10:00 on monday. let's get to bill henley with your most accurate neighborhood forecast. things are starting out pretty wet and foggy. >> yeah but they're seeing slow improvement. we're seeing limited sunlight come through the clouds in cape may. not much rain in south jersey but that is changing as the line of showers moves through delaware and pennsylvania into camden and burlington counties and cumberland getting rainfall, as well. showers in philadelphia. the showers and fog will disappear and a nice warmup this afternoon. >> thanks for that bill. let's get a check of the roads with first alert traffic
8:58 am
reporter jessica boeington. >> watching reduced visibility. ca to see on our cameras, foggy and wet and seeing delays here around our cameras around lancaster avenue route 30, because there is downed wires in that area. lancaster area blocked between the portion of the blue right and spring mill road. you can see where it's seeing big delays th for all of that traffic trying to get off the exit ramp on the blue rutoute, as well. expect t this afternoon along market frankford and broad streets. officers in full force on trains until 3:00 after this fight forms. those are the hours that most kids ride the trains after school. we'll be back in just about 25 minutes with nor local news update.
8:59 am
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