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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  March 27, 2017 11:00am-11:38am EDT

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showers are moving through our area and thunderstorms could be in our future. >> we're following breaking news from northeast philadelphia where an investigation into vandalism at a synagogue is under way. more calls for philadelphia district attorney seth williams to resign as demonstrators block str city streets this morning to make their voices heard. >> nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, it's a warm and wet monday throughout our area. a live look now at center city, philadelphia. the morning started out foggy and still there is fog in some areas. take a look at city hall, you can't even see the top. the fog is very thick. >> we continue to track showers across our area and a live look at radar where the rain is falling right now. take a look at that. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist
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crystal cry is in the area. this is not necessarily the end of the rain that we've been on/off seeing and new castle county and in philly and reddingtown, and still the showers through parts of south jersey and passing it in new york as it starts to move off to the east. this round of rain is on its way out. take a closer look to where it's still falling and you see the spots of yellow and orange and egg harbor township and you see it extending near ship bottom. those spots are more steady to heavy rain. this it downpour by any means and it's going by pretty quickly and these will linger around the shore points before the lunch hour before things move off entirely and leave us with lingering spot showers that are li ir a look outside, still very gray and an eerie look
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throughout our neighborhoods. temperature wise, we're seeing the climb in southern zones and not in philly yet at 48 degrees or the suburbs in 43 delaware, wilmington sitting in the upper 40s. if you go to southern delaware, they have low to upper 60s already as the warm front is starting to head our direction. we have a temperature boost on the way and it will hit later this afternoon. we'll talk more about that and your future model for those thunderstorms tomorrow coming crystal, thanks. let's see how the poor visibility is impacting the roads and nbc news traffic reporter jessica boyington. >> we're watching 95, guys, right now and rain coming down here, as well. on our cameras. of course, the truck is in the way and they just got it over into the right-hand shoulder and they move the cameras right on
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cue. maybe we'll get a better shot of it in a second and headed to th slower as they head into the right-hand shoulder and the residual remains. on lancaster avenue, east and westbound blocked in a portion. you can see part of the closure in the red right there in betwthnd springville road and we're seeing delays in the area and if you're headed southbound in the blue route, because of the veed around and there is bethlehem pike and stump road and we'll end up with the foggy situation at the airport. we are seeing 34-minute delays due to low clouds and they have a traffic warning in effect for flights arriving in philadelphia. so check before you go. you definitely want to do that before you head to the airport any time soon. >> thanks. to breaking news that we're following in northeast philadelphia. >> that's where a synagogue has been vandalized and it's want the first time this has
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happened. pam, how bad is the damage, first of all? >> reporter: this time, katie it was the one window that was broken out. police are taking this seriously and are inside right now. w video from inside of the temple where the rock came through the window. as you mentioned, this is want the first time this happened. it happened back in december. one window was the b in january owjanuary, we know the temple installed surveillance cameras and police are trying to get a look to see if the suspect was captured at all. the people who worship here feel as though they're beingrget. >> no other church is damageded in this area, just us. >> reporter: it's upsetting. >> right. >> reporter: and he tells me that the fbi is still incident
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happened back in those eight windows were vandalized. we also know there is a $10,000 reward connected with that incident. anyone with information should give them artinlive in the nort, i'm pamela osbourne, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. traffic is returning to protest this morning. >> demonstrators blocked traffi williams' office. members of black lives matter philly are demanding he resign. he pled guilty to bribery and extortion charges. protesters say he needs to get be a of the office. re-election. >> police are investigating a cs in the chest.ot the a tnager isd poli kensington there. no county. no one was place to stay. offia between fourth and fifth but se through friday. septa says those are the hours
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that most kids ride train after school and the extra measure comes after fights like this one broke out on a subway platform. in thefrein. he isac its championships which begin on down the sen. reform bill is havinnrs and thunderstorm y center and the second floor wvi now to healthcare planth president'ser
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stro require some comparty, but i th cuts mayui budgets to discretiar conservative freedom caus the c leading economic go throughout the day on air and on our app. >> it isxpecd to vote on judge neil y democra damaged b hail. hail stones wereere formed by a here is a live loo skiing today because of the st throughout the region andut alo oceang c through atlantic city and is mostly cloudy, but talking about with it being a and the poconos, as el
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een and spots of and that potential comes do because i want tthe south that is now what a diffeeallent usually and parts of delaware, we see upper 60s as we drop through maryland and as we go through our area it's still 40s and you can see wildwood starting to boost up and it will continue moving this direction and those temperatures are really going to boost in the afternoon and late day as a result of that warm air coming in from the south. so take a look at our planner. >> we go from 1:00 to 9:00 p.m. and we see the temperatures start moving into the 50s pretty quickly in the afternoon although we're in the 40s right now and that will make it by 5:00 p.m. into the mid, upper 60s in parts of our neighborhoods. low mid-60s in parts of the suburbs and the lehigh valley and part of the reason why will
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be the peeks of sun once the warm front has passed your area. so areas south much more easy to make it into the 60s and areas farther north wherewi front, but i do suspect a lot of near 70he l 70s in60s because we're seeingsy tbe talk through. here is a look at the next togh. as we let's take a look at cloudinnd s in the sun to boost uing f and cloudy.
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and we could startrse chance of e have the ak philly andur a we go into thgh allow us for sunshine ten-day i krystal.ut allergy chances ahed later, getti wore on a unite
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>> if you're in the militarythe perfect hirg fair for militaryerve members and theirater tomorrow and ad here to talk a affairs. and joined by a recent comcast hire who is also an officer in the marine corps reserves and thanks to both of you for being there. >> tell us about we ve 75 participating in the
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heroes job fair at the wells employers that 75 employers. o other major the primaryns service providers all about your howrtme in comcast. i can telago,he biggest things nuance managed and oversaw people, translates really well into th aside, if you money and people,ranstes well. >> i'm sure wou you
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have for someone, for a veteran attending tomorrow? >> be confident. employersommune a military confident. present a veteran, too.out,hy s veteran that can coming. good luck event. >> it will be. >> military hin if you can between the flyers and app. y this, a alert.
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well, the morning fog and rain has been impacting travel throughout our region this morning. take a look at this. philly international, best to check with your carrier for any delays if you're flying out of the airport today.
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and we continue to track showers across parts of our area. a live look in our area shows where the rain is falling as we speak. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist krystal klie is tracking that forecast. >> that round of rain is starting to move out, but we've still got the very gray skies and lingering fog out there especially in the north and west. this is outside the nbc 10 studios here. so what we're looking at is a change over in the afternoon especially in the late day. look at your radar and satellite map. we've got the rain line that's moving along the shore right now. we've still got cloudy conditions over pretty much the rest of our area. no breaks in sun yet. the fog is still lingering, and if we take a closer look to these showers they're mostly just a steady rain and the deeper green and spots of yellow that we see. no thunderstorms and just rain and a lot of have something that wi mostly in the 40s acrohe
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northern delaware, 48 degrees wa delaware andn dover,3 millsbgh that are in the 70 warm front justreak o will help to lead to thunto tuesday temperatures ands. >> krystal, thanks. >> breairg neighborhood. that's where a synagog vandalis third i live with reaction. how bas around? >> reporter: the damage is just to onedond show you. you can see moved
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outside. the synagogue there. we ago. erlice the and also working to get alyot ts hacember on december nnounced the police nance to rorter the second incident to . >> we have security cameras around the whole building and signs indicate that you are under sil and right now someone isnsideo cameo we get police right now huddled aroundne
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taking a look at what it maye f purpose who did that to seencidts. reporting live in the northeast, ne, nbc 10 updated theeain the last hour that a total fir the club early yesterday pice chief explained there was an argument that escalatdednt off- working a securykingot jumped interest action when the shoo b >> they immediately responded inside to ensure that there were
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no addnansure that neutralized dealt with resources here and provide a >> police number of shootings and the people responsible. presiden christie a new job. a white house official say christie to chair a commission to combat opioid part-time volul not require the governor to ristie has long made battling drug addiction one of his expe announce new this morning u ambassador nicki haley spoke out a global nuclear weapons ban and she joined other countries.nt
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threats from countries like north kore a necessity for keeping the erg type of nherinds of nuts at leat out. doctors followed 109 people known to be specific nut like walnuts, cash ottestsr nut, 50% of those pati his no doctors had the patients eat the those d with a ended up t tree to do is just ask. an said their survey showed0%ve th annual fee waived lowered and many times companies, and ins o
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phone call. >> its decision to stop two young because they were wearing at a an attendant telling the girls they could vpt family of an employee. it bars leggings. united says regularver you want and the issue took off on respo op support the airline saying it has the right to set own rules. up, up. a cancer message and sheig life their way. right now we're tracking rain showers starting to move out of the region, but we have more to come and thunderstorms are possible as we go into your tuesday and i'll track that hour by hour coming up.
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former news anchor and turn and fierce struggle it's the armor up for lifep people not just show up in the best shape t urg that fight. and her work and recognized in issue of there for cancer research headquartered n without any
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furthereana hernandez and she's here to talk about he? you had a greatmother, you're ironies and i always led fitness challenges fittest of myif career trying to help entire careerd will hap. i was leading theto this so nothing bad can hn middle of an have a second baby and they sai. you have cancer. i said you have the wrong person. i gained weight from the steroid.up.
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i had look deep inside myself as an what's the reason behind the eating clean and the dng preservatives and exercise and lucky for you, going into the treat ealize how important that is to be in the best shapem >> and that's exactly when i asked at the time at the time it was atoh for an ent year. what was the purpose. look around, you this big and o big and it is a fitness level be the more fit you are, t the more aggressive the treatment. there are people waldiabetes, t high blood pressurend much smaller dose. so you really, the more fit you rhow up, the b are. it doesn't mean it will save you, but it you you want all 30.
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you don't want 15. >> the moretmen >> yeah. >> that's how you started. i into armor up. you to have good gear, a i realized that my doctor said you thow up to meet viewers at the time had messaged me on media to say what can you do, because ipef my lifd if this happens to you fityou'r trouble, and i started armort's foods to deliver to cancert n t raise money and we have aormat much noise around me, and if i could have the fitness gear, a slippers and gown is not going to get you fit.
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>> no, but wearing t-shirts and fun stuff ready to be active during that fight. to stay moving. one day in bed will set you bacd when you have 30 cannot afford not to move. you have tople out there who ma toy the story. why should iea two men or one i life time, some sort of cancer and you have to be fit. thabou eat, whether you have stress in your l -- everyt whole what a because something will happen that will impact your life and your how well you fight it. >> we're selling those shirts on the website andhekingceere in t philadelphia area to help out.
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>hank you and thaw to cancerm >> if you want to for life make request or a donation for a cancer patient in need or check out the loreana hernandez, than. the family of the american tourist killed in lastk' speaki. >> this has been a humbling and difficult experience, but we ny people during these past several days. >> for brother, son, sb killed melissa badly injured in l with miss him terribly. t of t >> we're so stick around, guys.
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>>he music studio with his wife. celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary when a westminster bridge. four ki,ttack that police said . the man responsible, 52-year-old khalid masood. arrest. two people are still being held. their alleged ties to masood, . in london this weekend, westmin bridge. >> we w to kurt. >> in utah, a somber tribute still in shock that he's gone. melissa cochran's mother said this morning that she has a broken rib, a badly broken leg and a cut on her head, but she says she is doing better. the family also saying to emergency workers and the public, so far $70,000 has been
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raised in support of the family. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right. we'll start with a live look outside in cape may, new jersey, cloudy conditions still and you can see any fog is burned off along the shore points and some of the rain has been passing by, but the gray skies are not going to leave us today. we will see possibly some breaks of sun and still cloudiness out there and we go north to eastern pennsylvania and a very gray picture now and likely through the day. starting tight here, viewing the area where the showers are still passing by from cape may county to atlantic county and all of the way to ship bottom and ocean county we are tracking those showers starting to move offshore. what is left, some cloudy conditions like i mentioned across our entire region and isolated light showers that will pass by as we go through the rest of today, but i don't expect much more rain through today like we saw in our morning hours as this is starting to move out. if i pull this out even factor, though, we have another storm
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system starting to head our direction by tomorrow which means there is still a chance of more rain in the forecast that just hits tomorrow and that actually comes with the potential for thunderstorms. current winds really playing a part in our forecast right now. i know this doesn't look like much, wilmington and only 14 in wildwood, but it's about the direction of those windses. they're now coming in from the southwest. yesterday they were coming in from the east which is pushing in cool air. when you have motion in that direction usually it's pulling in warmer temperatures and that's exactly what's happening right now with the warm front moving through. look at the variation in temperatures as we go for the potential for showers, too, on your hour-by-hour we should be nearing 50 through lunchtime boosting into the 60s in philly, to 65, but this will be the late part of the day because the warm air will spread as we continue through the arch hours and it will move farther and farther north. notice we're still in the 50s in areas like allentown and we do see areas like dover and
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millville and possibly spots in the 70s and seeing that in areas like georgetown. notice the rain and not a lot of it and some spot showers in your tuesday morning and temperatures in the light 50s to start tomorrow off and then we go into the afternoon and 12:30, a chance of a thunderstorm popping north and temperatures that are in the 60s near 70 and there is like wilmington picking up at 70 degrees and we continue in the afternoon and a line of thunderstorms is possible by 4:30 p.m. so that's more widespread across the region. you could see a thunderstorm and we're looking at that about 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. and the showers do look up overnight and temperatures will drop down, as well and under a warm spell late today into tomorrow as this moisture pushes through which allows us the possibility of thunderstorms. >> 68 for us today should be our high and that's the very late part of the day with breaks of sun, and mostly cloudy. 71 tomorrow with those afternoon
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storms possible and 61 degrees wednesday and we're finally dry and mostly sunny and the upper 50s to mid-50s and another chance of showers and the weekend looking pretty good and springlike and upper 50s to upper 60s saturday and sunday. 75 years ago an organization formed to help jewish refugees in the holocaust. it is continuing its mission to help refugees and those seeking asylum have a brighter future. he's here with jean t.negui, a refugee from congress oo and rw. talk about your organization and the impact its had on the community. tell us more about that work. >> as you mentioned we started 75 years ago to help refugees. we continue to do refugee work although the population has changed over the years.
11:39 am
jean tee is a perfect example of that, and as an organization we've also grown to serve many of the at-risk populations in the community regardless of their race, religion. we are a diversified organization and we are providing services such as home care for people who are aging or disabled. we provide employment and training programs for individuals out of work or on welfare and a whole host of programs including youth programs that we have to help individuals certainly make that transition from school to work or school to higher education. >> so, jean tee, you're called a success story. your family escaped rwanda when you were a baby and talk about your life there and how it's changed when you came to philadelphia. >> when i was in africa my life
11:40 am
was really bad because life in a refugee camp, and life was not good. so when i came here i started gaining hope that my life was going to change because here in america, there are the jobs and life is -- and how did jeb help you? >> after three months i went to jeb and they helped me with english. they helped me to get a job. they -- and not the only tch me lots of things and how behave here in usa. >> e mlesage to those who might be troubled about an influxf refugees? your organization has been helping many,nk it's partf we all have had over the years although it's beinguals that
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we're serving likegentil are people who have values, escaping persecution and, you know, really trying have a life and we're able to provide them w america s the americanream. gentil is the perfect example and he came under our refugee program which took years for him to arrive here learning english and working on his skills, he also was able to take advantage of another opportunity and this is the beaut because we have so many different programs, able to go into our project wow with young adults who may not dropped out of high school. they getged or
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high school diploma, learn a skill and then that as a launching pad and gentil is alk about the 70th anniversary celebration that you ve academy award-winner dropping by tonight.uper cool. >> beng passic who happens o my. from his hit showplat and they time on their only night off to reessa e to talk about because this show is re a a challenges that you face. so it's able to take our message further. >> excellent.than you. gentil, thankjevs isan verse in
11:43 am out our nbc 10 app. ah
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and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios. the taste of real fruit in every bite. so berry good. we're working on several stories for you this afternoon at 4:00. erin coleman joins us to take a
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look at what we'll see. >> we're learning more about the business owner who took matters into his own hands when a thief robbed his laundromat yesterday. this afternoon he talks with nbc 10 about standing his ground for a second time at the business. plus, we're working to learn more about the missing money that the suspect dumped in the middle of the street. then, a couple waited for health insurance refund, but after months and months and no check, they turned to nbc 10 responds. see how harry stepped in to help and remember this montgomery county 7-month-old and his luscious locks on "the ellen show." today i got a first hand look at how baby theo's mom maintains his many. quite impressive. plus the most accurate forecast when we join you at 4:00. >> oh, theo, if we could all have that hair. mane, amazing. >> the weather, right? >> the weather, #badhairday. we've got a lot of humidity out there and we have a lot of
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moisture out there and the showers are moving offshore and we'll have a better chance of thunderstorms and temperatures are warming up late today and upper 60s and low 70s tomorrow and spring like the rest of the week, as well. >> thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> i'm tracy davidson and i'm katy zachry and for all of us at nbc 10, have a great day. ♪ we buy any car ♪ any make, any model, any age, any price ♪ ♪ from 50 bucks to 100 grand ♪ we buy any car ♪ any, any, any, any
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>> brady: hi. >> marlena: hi. >> brady: thank you for dropping everything to see me. >> marlena: it sounded fairly urgent. >> brady: yeah, it is. i have to talk to you. >> marlena: okay, anytime. you know that. >> brady: but not as a stepson, as a patient. >> marlena: a patient? >> brady: everything i tell you has to be... covered by doctor/patient confidentiality. >> marlena: sounds serious. >> brady: yeah, it is. i've been aiding and abetting a wanted criminal.
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