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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  March 30, 2017 5:00am-5:26am EDT

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degrees. 35 in new jersey and 34 and still falling in lehigh valley. sunshine, some clouds at 56 degrees this afternoon. less wind than yesterday. 50s for the suburbs, new jersey, lehigh valley and delaware. again, no wet weather during the day. but this evening is a different story. take a look at that when i come back in ten minutes sheen you when you need your umbrella. first jessica boyington has a traffic update. >> watching the vine street parkway. around 24th street no problems or delays and no construction to worry about. right here is the westbound side that's moving shords the schuylkill. eastbound towards 95. no problems so far moving towards center city. construction at the mid county toll plaza. es pass express lanes are closed until april 10th. watching 95 and drive times here. moving through delaware. ten minutes at the most north and southbound 295 to 495. speeds into the mid-60s.
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new from overnight investigators say a philadelphia man is dead following a shooting involving new castle county police. officers were doing a welfare check at coachman's manor apartments at carriage way shortly before 8:00. they got into a struggle with a man and shots were fired. the man later died at the hospital. the disturbance has kept residents out of their apartments for hours. >> they are not letting people in. they are not letting no one out. haven't been able to eat. sitting in my car trying to get in my apartment. >> police still have not let people back in and haven't said when they will let them return home. happening today recreational marijuana could being legal in delaware. matt delucia joins us live in claymont. delaware will become the first state in our area to legalize the drug, right?
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>> reporter: right. and in delaware possession of marchen up to an ounce at this point gets you a $100 fine. big question some are asking if you can buy alcohol and tobacco why not marijuana inof course this is still in the very early stages. first state could be the first in our area to allow the sale of recreational marijuana. later today lawmakers plan to introduce the bill. eight other states allow this kind of use of marijuana. president of the delaware cannabis network said she's been trying to get a bill 0 on the tloor for the past four years. ponies argue this will allow easier access to drugs. some on the supporting side see an opportunity to bring more money into the state. there's no shortage of opinions on this topic. >> an introduction drug to the hard stuff. it's a money machine. >> it will save the states
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millions by ending unnecessary arrests and create economic development. >> reporter: so those who are trying to push this bill through are confident that they have the votes to get it passed. and the supporters, some of them say that they are planning to meet with the governor in the next couple of weeks, hopefully to try to get his support for the bill. i'm live in claymont, matt delnews, former eagles quarterback wants to be part of the medical marijuana industry. he's the leader for a group that submitted an application to the state. it calls for marijuana growing facility to be built in chester. breaking from overnight north carolina lawmakers today will vote on a plano state's controversial bathroom bill. the current law means transgender people across the state can only use public bathrooms that correspond with the gender listed on their birth certificates. north carolina has lost $3.6
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billion in business because sporting events and concerts have boycotted state. a man will spend his life in prison for killing a drexel college student in 2015. harris worked in wright's building but had been fired. he let himself in her apartment and then raped and strangled her. harris waived his right to a ju exchange for prosecutors not pursuing the death penalty. a man is charged with killing hisson. gentlem dd of head trauma. dow the grandson of a philadelphia radio icon is accused of stealing her fortune. she stopped paying her bills last year.
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police learned nearly a million dollars of mason's money was ve calvin turner spent it all. help is now available for hacking victims in delaware. a call center is now open for the 250,000 people whose personal information may have been stolen during a recent data breach of the state's job link computers. it's listed on our nbc 10 app. the site is offering three years of free credit report. in philadelphia a smoking cell phone brought firefighters to west philadelphia high school just before noon yesterday. investigators say the phone was inside a student's book bag when it started smoking. officials cleared the classroom as a precaution. no one was hurt. health officials in new jersey has a warning for pet owners. veterinarians have seen a number of dogs contracted a virus
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rats. symptoms include fever, loss of appetite and urination problems. new pipeliners will be installed. that will tez inflow of unwanted water from the ground. today ntsb investigators will search for the cause of a crash in texas that killed 13 church members. a small church bus and a pickup truck collided head on yesterday afternoon. the bus had beenf c church memb returning home from a retreat. one survivor from the bus is in critical condition. the truck driver stable condition. look at this video. that was a scary scene. that's west texas. it may look like a tornado. it's a weather pheno a gustnado.
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look at this home video of a tornado that blew through another part of texas. this was tuesday. the mass squif twister spun through an open field. this is one of seven tornados reported during severe weather there this week. seven after 5:00. that's a system coming our way for tomorrow. not today. today we're in the clear. thed little bit of a breeze morning keeping things chilly. 40 degrees in. 34 in the lehigh valley. look at the 30s for the suburbs. and for delaware and south4 degn some neighborhoods. upper 30s, turnersville 38 degrees. audubon 39. 40 in florence. these numbers are coming down. princeton 28 degrees. another cold spot for this morning for just about the entire area. bus stop this morning, we'll see sunshine but it's going chilly with temperatures in the middle to lower 30s. 34 degrees in allentown.
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40s for atlantic city. that's to start with. bus stop weather nice and dry. be dry all day long. doppler radar we're in the clear the morning. enough sunshine to warm into the pretty dploermsal for this time of year. normal high temperature is degrees. here comes the wet weather. it's reaching into the ohio valley pushing in to the ohio valley. this is all coming our way tomorrow and some periods of heavy rain for tomorrow. but today, forget about the umbrella and grab the sunglasses. 39 at 7:00. suns a few clouds, 46 degrees at 11:00. in the 50s for philadelphia thi similar warm up in the suburbs, 44 at 11:00 in the morning and 51 degrees at 11:00. dry during the day. you'll notice some clouds during the day in and out. thicker clouds will head in this evening. we could see some evening showers for is suburbs and leor the evening
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for delaware and new jersey. sunshine and clouds during the day. no sign of wet weather. 50s this afternoon at 3:00, 53 degrees for delaware and new jersey. it's the shore that will be cooler, a coming off the ocean keeping the temperatures onto chilly side for communities right along the ocean. inland you'll feel that warm up? to the 50s today. this is the normal line. that's 57 degrees. that's the normal temperature and we'll be right in the vicinity over the next few days. come with a warm up on sunday and that will have some sunshine too. a forecast when i come back in you in ten minutes. nine minutes past 5:00 a.m. >> jessica boyington has the traffic. >> not watching 95 right around girard avenue. southbound side here moving towards center city it looks great. 13 minute trip. that's a good drive time for now. headed southbound from woodhaven road totreet expressway
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speeds in the 60s. no delays yet. ing in with drive times on the blue route. 15 minutes in both directions north and south from 95 to the schuylkill here's route 73 in berlin near that berlin circle. northbound. is moving down if you have to get to the palmyra bridge you'll find. watch for construction at the walt whitman bridge. speeds down 35 miles per hour. some construction over the burlington bridge. nice and clear. updates for you on the rest of the roads and more drive times when i come back in ten. >> ten after 5:00. breaking overnight president trump is facing growing battles on a couple of his most controversial policies. and the new ways to n on his protect sanctuary cities like philadelphia. plus this -- >> he would truly be honored.
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>> former vice president joe biden gets emotional as he honors his late son. and close call new video shows how a school bus driver saved kids from a speeding car.
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quarter after past 5:00 a.m. former vice president joe biden is remembering his late son beau. >> biden was the guest of honor at the anti-defamation league inaugural beau biden shield ceremony last night in wilmington. it recognized more than two dozen members of law enforcement for embodying beau's legacy. >> he understood to his core it was a sacred obligation to use the power of government to intervene, to guarantee dignity for any individual from being
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affirmatively denied. >> change is happening all along north broad street in north philadelphia. rehab work is well under way at the divine lorraine hotel. think about north broad, it's the greatest connector of many different neighborhoods in philadelphia. there's just no reason to stop here. >> they are working on a plan to turn broad street metropolitan opera house into a modern concert venue. >> here's information about a game you need to know about. target is recalling 19,000 magnetic tick-tack-toe games. the magnets can come off so there's a risk children could choke or swallow and get a full refund.
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officials in bus driver wit saving children fro >> take a look at here it is again. ahe right side of the stopped s very momet the window warning childrenotar passed she them on. quick thinking saved the kids that is 5:16. let's get to you work on this thursday morn across a bus stopd in both directions you have t stop. >> fwoesht better to be safe than sorry. around the problems or delays. north and sou looks great.
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obstruction in towameion. just repord system. watching the schuylkill expressway. drive times no12 minutes freeb ee in the 60s. no pem new jersey, 295 and route 130 o. >>te >> so great. sunglasses. sunglasses today, tomorrow. >> that's howower it that come f tomorrow's rain mayea easton. not during the day. you may need your winter storm coat if ymorning. not justin lehigh valley. 34 degrees in south jersey.
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down to 34 degrees right at 40 philadelphia. there are some suburbs. it's 36 degrees now in37 gilberl bedminster 35. and right new hope. 32 degrees.degrees. that's where starting off. we'll see sunshine to clear. few scattered clouds day. these clouds are coming ahe of weather that's in thet thosey or tonight but we'll be in for some heavy rain friday. rs inially in the afternoon. sho central pennsylvania.adel ia and trenton and then during the later eveningrs see the first s
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just soming:00 is evening. the heavier rainfall due te it'e friday t, looking at. more than two inches ossib for wilmington and philadelphia and rain over doylestown. by the time this is all done.ig friday in morning. still a chance you'll see showers first thing on in the dy drying out. clouds will thin out.atur in th. bright sunshine is here 64 degrees in philadelphia on h. lookat ts jersey shore and bill are you good a videomathle k kids in grades five through gh math
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challenge to represent centers. >> emotions boil over after mur grocery store animal does. he just >> the decision reached by a judge that had both reacting. impact on wall street as the lf the european union. >> fresh princedrama. original aunt viv not back a n photo.
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game night is our daughter allie's favorite night. and knowing that her favorite general mills big g cereals are gluten-free, like honey nut cheerios, rice chex and lucky charms, she can enjoy it her way. try new very berry cheerios.
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income growth isn't increasing being priced out of the market. impacts of up with the olympics.
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with both stories. good morning, kate. >> reporter: good morning. wall street could tread water to start the trading day. futures are slightly lower this morning. a mixed session yesterday with the dow falling for the ninth time in the past ten days. the nasdaq rose for a fourth straight session. stocks in general were boosted by the energy sector as investors digested economic data and as the uk pulls the trigger to start the brexit to leave the european union. snapchat is teami ining up nbc universal to snap which to nashts traders will and fourth quarter sterday.
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nasdaq up bang overyou. >> kate, thanks. chill is in the air this morning. but our skies are clear. we'll see sunshine. get a nice warm up during the day. live view from penn's landing. 40 degrees at 5 lone 25. good time to check and first alert traffic center where jessica boyington we're watching out in 22 somewhere in that ar both directions lookking quiet. that can always chan whendo. ng ck. the city isder to cut funding to sanctuary cities like philadelphia. search is under way for a driver who tried to hit a
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philadelphia police officer. and this -- >> a surveillance camera is rolling as two burglars discover someone is home.
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pushing back. breaking overnight president trump's travel ban and sanctuary cities policy facing a new challenge. on the run a driver takes off after trying to run down a philadelphia police officer. who walks into somebody's grocery store brutally kill them. >> family of a murdered grocery store owner speaks after a judge's decision. a lot going on it's 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today". >> i'm david. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get to meteorologist bill henley. we're good today. >> we're great. nice and clear. chilly. may need a winter coat this
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morning as temperatures have dropped into the 30s for many neighborhoods. look at the suburbs, new jersey and the lehigh valley, 34 degrees right now. sunshine. we'll see to it start with. 35 degrees at and then 45 degrees at is 1:00. pretty good warm up but not going as warm as it was yesterday. philadelphia yesterday afternoon was in the 60s. today we'll see the temperatures throughout by 11:00. mid-40s by 11:00. we're on target for middles for this afternoon. philadelphia 56 degrees. 55 in the suburbs. new jersey for inland areas 54 at the shore. to see 49 degrees andn


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