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tv   Today  NBC  March 30, 2017 7:00am-9:04am EDT

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on the radio. >> get news time traffic and weather on the "nbc 10 news today". >> the "today" show starts right now. horrifying head-on collision all on that bus on and a their way back from a retreat. investigators now trying piece together what happened. daughter-in-chief. ivanka tmp appointed assistant to the president, joining her husband in thehelon. with the president's two top vi how will it play in the west wing and beyond? dangerous pedestrian deaths soar to their years. is your smartphone to blame? and new record. al's reached stop number four on his rokerthon tour and itoo sta
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little crabby today, thursday, march 30th, 20. from nbc news, "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. >> we're going to check in with al in a little while, but boy, we have a horrible storyg. o >> it's our sst iestigation int deadly accident in texas with a church bus carrying senior headp truck. jay kobe rascon where the members are dealing with a heart-wrenching loss this morning. hi, jacob,eporr: hi, savannah. the crash killing the church bus driver and all but onerive of t meanwhile, survived and is now the focus of the n. overnight, investigators combing
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horse icrific aftermath, twisted debris on the texas hill country after a pickup truck bu carrying senior citizens. >> for reasons truck veered into the southbound lane and struck the bus >> reporter: the victims were members of the first baptist church in new braunfels, texas, 120 miles from the crash site. the group headed home from a three-day retreat when tragedy struck. >> we're used to working fatal crash scenes, but first time that we've ever seen something like this happen wit confirmed dead at one time. >> reporter: a heartbreaking loss for thiss gathered to grie pray as news of the crash spread. >> ourmily's doing what church families do, like they are coming are crying together, they're praying together. >> the members who weref this church for a long time. and it's just tragic for
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>> reporter: as the community mourns, investigators now work caused the driver of the pickup truck to swerve into oncoming traffiok a we'll know exactly what happened. >> reporter: and ntsb investigshere the highway is still shut down. meanwhile, here grief counselors will be on site today. the lone survivor is still in serious but stable condition. matt and savannah? >> our thoughts are with them. thank you very much. there's a busy day on washington, d.c. the senate intelligence committee holding the first hearing on russia's interference in the election. the white house is dealing with a new blow to t ban. and president trump's daughter ivanka officially jfath's admin. we're covering it all starting with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning >> reporter: hey, matt. we have a full day on tap here in washington. ivanka trump now officially as
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from the boardroom to the west wing. more on that in a moment, but w federal judge is extending his previous ruling blocking president trump's revised travel ban. it's what's called a preliminary injunction, that means the president's order will stay on hold until the lawsuit resolved. this morning another blow for she presid ban after a federal judge in hawaii extended a ping the argu in court. on the ban more the revised travel ban would have restricted entry to the u.s. by refugees and six predominantly muslim countries. the move comes as the senate intelligence committee is gearing up for its first hearing into russia's interference of the election. the panel's top senators presenting a bipartisan show of force. >> i have confident in richard burr that we, together, with the members of our community will get to the bottom of this. >> reporter: their appearance in strark contrast to the house intelligence committee now paralyzed by politics. why the house republican chair
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is being called to recuse himself, the senate's top republican is vowing his investigation won't be compromised by his support for president trump. >> but i've got a job in the united states senate. it overrides any personal beliefs i have or loyalties that i might have. >> ivanka, any final thoughts? >> reporter: meanwhile, the president's newest hire is coming over scrutiny over her new job. his daughter ivanka getting a new title assistant to the president, an official, though unpaid government employee. the move coming in spite of ivanka's assertion last year she wouldn't be joining her father's team. >> people think that you're going to be part of the administration, ivanka. >> i'm -- no, i'm going to be a daughter. but i've -- i've said throughout the campaign that i'm very passionate about certain issues and that i want to fight for them, but not in a formal administrative capacity. >> reporter: her decision to make it official, a response to criticism that as an informal adviser she may have avoided rules and disclosures required
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of federal employees. ivanka's attorneys saying the move demonstrates ivankivanka's compliance with federal standards. but after trump tweeted that he was not trying to get top level security for my children, this was a typically false news story sparking a heating debated over the west wing and nepotism. >> i don't see how you wouldn't advocate for a working woman, ivanka trump, who challenged republican orthodoxy and advocated -- >> i let you finish, amanda, please let me finish. >> she is in no way qualified. >> reporter: that's the heated debate we have been talking about. as for ivanka trump getting security clearance, a security familiar with her plans tells me this morning ivanka isn't looking to get involved in national security issues, but given that most senior staff in the white house have clearance, they say, she wanted a guard against ined a veined a very ta
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disclosure. >> ari melber is our legal chief correspondent. good morning to you. you were here when jared kushner got his job at the white house. we talked about that being okay with anti-nepotism laws. does this fly legally? then we'll look at the practical side. >> it does fly legally. congress banned all in the anti-nepotism statute in 1967. this is a loophole. if they were trying to put her in the cabinet, it would literally be illegal but they have found the ad visor loophole. >> we'll talk about the bracket ca practicality roles. this is kind of complicated. >> the problem is the dual loyalty. why would you ever want to pick a situation and put yourself in it where you might have to choose between your love of family and your love of country. the conflicts rule to the same, as you see for doctors, it's not that you're a bad doctor or don't love your daughter when hospitals say you're not
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supposed to operate on your own family. it does create a conflict. that's why congress generally banned these kind of promotions. >> another thing, when when we had andy card here who served as white house chief of staff, it's important for the president to surround himself by people qualified, but it will speak truth to power. now, is your daughter likely to speak truth to power? >> we have examples of this, matt. i mean, look at this. last week we had where you had health care, fbi and a supreme court nomination, biggest week, everyone agrees. i don't think reince priebus could have taken a midweek schemization as we saw ivanka and jared do, as the family advisers do so. and i don't think it works in both directions. that's the governance question beyond the ethics. no one says there's any wrong with loving your family and giving them the happiness you want. but does it become something
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that you ask them to do things that other aides wouldn't be allowed to do, that you don't have candor going in both directions to the boss and back, but also among the other specialists and expesrts. some of the things that in washington is, you have to remove people and fire people. these administrations you cover, they don't end with the same group they begin with. how do you do that with your family? >> it's a thicket. ari, thank you. new developments overnight surrounding north carolina's controversial bathroom bill. late last night republican lawmakers and the democratic governor roy cooper reached and agreement to repeal house bill 2 and replace it with a new measure. legislators are expected to vote on it today, but it is still unclear whether there are enough votes in the house and senate to pass it. the current law that limited lgbt members to move out of state. and new jersey's governor chris christie was at the white house on wednesday, as his theat
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to you. >> reporter: good morninvernor hot at the white house. including his former deputy chief of staff, have been sentenced to prison time for their ruling in bridgedebagate. and he along with president trump taking a any white house stance on addiction. governor chris christie front and center in washington wednesday, meeting with president trump and taking the lead on a new commission to battle oprk difference to the s the conviction here wednesday before esentencing. >> in your opinion, do they need to serve somjue believes is app deputy of chief of staff bridget
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anne kelly, a single mother of four, sentenced to 18 months in a prison federal with a year of probation. >> i want to assure my kids and everyone else that this fight is far from over. i will not allow myself to be the scapegoat in this case, and i look very much forward to the appeal. >> reporter: bill baroni, a former transportation official, is appealing his sentence as well. 24 months in prison with 500 hours of community service. prosecutors say both took part in a scheme to shut down toll lanes to the george washington bridge in 2013. retaliation against the mayor of fort lee, who did not support governor christie in his re-election campaign. >> closing those lanes down, it put a lot of people in harm's way. >> reporter: governor christie has denied any knowledge of the lanes shutting down. once the head of trump's transition team, christie was removed and never given a permanent role in the administration. >> if the chief of staff position were to become available, do you want in?
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>> i've made it really clear to the president that it is my desire to finish my time as governor of new jersey. >> reporter: baroni and kelly were not taken into sentencing. they are going back to court in the fall with appeals. they could be sentenced to four years under federal guidelines but given considerably less than that. >> stephanie, thank you very much. new developments in the battle over so-called sanctuary cities. the city of seattle is now the trump administration over unconstitutional. deportation efforts. lt night o inside issue with one of the >> okay, which gate says died emergency. thaf faa is from the first but will i miguel phoneline.
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screen and bixb acompany's big may not be the but instead its troubled past, a notorious fire-prone note it m. >> reporter: after many of the phones overheated and spontaneously come busted, the devices were deemed too dangerous to use during flights. citing faulty batteries, samsung issued a recall, the $5 billion setback costing the company more than money. alsooo many other restore its battery, the source of past fires, now extensively tested won't last any longer than before. samsung counting on enhanced security features and a better camera to ring in sales. >> i trust samsung. i'm probably going to check that phone out, too. >> reporter: with the new phone launching april 21st, samsung is hoping to dial up new the question this morning, are
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consumers listening? experts say another misstep by samsung could be catastrophic for the company. samsung says the new phone, including the battery, has undergone multiple inspections. the s58 will be offered in two sizes. the question is now, will consumers buy? >> a lot of the line there, miguel, thank you. let us get a check on the weather. al roker, where does rokerthon find you this morning? >> well, guys, we are at layola university in maryland. behind me, you see the folks who couldn't get in to take part in the guinness world record today of trying to set for most people crab-walking for two minutes. so we'll get get to the severe weathere' another storm system trying to get itself together pushing the strong storms up from texas on
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into louisiana, eventually making their way into the mid-plains. so for today, 49 million people at risk for damaging winds, hail, tornadoes possible, illinois, indiana and kentucky. we're watching this all moving to the east. and as it pushes east, we look for those storms to continue from overnight. they move into the afternoon and evening. and by friday, they set themselves up right along the eastern seaboard with some strong thunderstorms, rainfall amounts anywhere from one to three inches of rain, especially as you get down around tennessee and the carolinas as well. and, in fact, that same system is going to be possibly causing a little nor'easter for some folks in the northeast. we'll have details on that coming up. but first, we're going to get to but first, we're going to get to your local ♪ ready. but first, we're going to get to your local set. go. go. go. ♪ ♪ one way or another, i'm gonna find ya' ♪
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♪ i'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya' ♪ ♪ one way or another,♪ ♪ one way or another, i wanna ♪ ya', get ya', get ya', get ya' ♪ ♪ ♪ one way or another, . good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful day ahead. just chillier than yesterday. 56 this afternoon. part lie sunny skies for philadelphia. much less wind than yesterday. 55, sunshine and a few clouds. no sign of rain during the day today. new jersey up to 54. the exception right along the coast. the shore cooler and some winds coming off that chilly ocean. but the lehigh valley and delaware into the 50s this afternoon. have a great day. guys, that's your latest weather from here in loyola. iggy, the grayhound, our record is going to be crab-tastic.
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yea! break out the old seasoning, baby! >> i love it. all right, al, see you in just a couple of minutes. coming up, walking while texting. new concerns in the wake of a dramatic spike in pedestrian deaths. and what may be behind it. and they say cash is king, but are its days numbered? the big move by big banks that could make paper money a thing of the past. but first on a thursday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, an amazing story, a family of six siblings, five of them know their guaranteed to get alzheimer's. maria shriver has their story, one that you will want to see, especially if you know someone or a family struggling with that disease. and a bit later in "pop start," george and amal
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just about 7:30. good morning i'm tracy davidson. let's get to first alert meteorologist bill henley with your most accurate neighborhood forecast that includes more sunshine. >> sunshine. we need it. look at the temperatures colder this morning, down to 30 degrees in the suburbs. 35 in the lehigh valley. new jersey is at 34 and 37 degrees in philadelphia. this is as cold as it will get today with sunshine we'll see
7:25 am
temperatures warm not to's levels but to what's normal for this time of the year. 50s for delaware, lehigh valley, new jersey the exception at the shore where it will be in the 40s this afternoon thanks to winds coming off the ocean. sunshine and 55 in the suburbs and up to 56 in philadelphia. still watching 95. bunch of problems on 95 and a bunch of different areas. this run right here is northbound side by route 322. approaching the commodore barry bridge is right here. from namens road up to blue route. average speed in single digits. >> the general assembly is expected to introduce a bill that would make the recreational use of marijuana legal. if it becomes law it would tax and regulate marijuana sales across state. in philadelphia former vice president joe biden will speak at the university of pence post
7:26 am
as head of the penn booiden cenr for die plowcy. another update in 25 minute. join us every weekday morning from 4:30 to 7:00. i'm tracy davidson. "today" show continues in just a minute. ♪fast, rhythmic drumming
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♪ 7:30 on a thursday morning. it's the 30th of march, 2017. some well-deserved camera time to the folks out on the plaza this morning. we have a big crowd. a lot of sports fans out there. we'll talk about that in our next half hour. and meanwhile, down in baltimore, al's kicking off day four of rokerthon 3 at loyola
7:29 am
university, maryland. >> all right, al, make your entrance. >> hey, guys, how you doing? well, we are here, the home of the grayhounds, loyola, university. this is quintin. this is mia. and we got the brad man, the grayhound, and the guinness world record quest continues with rokerthon 3. today, day four, loyola university, we are going to try to break the record for the most number of people crab walking in two minutes. it's going to be crabulous. you will see stuff you have never seen before. and they have to do it for two minutes without their tushies touching the ground. and it's a lot harder than it looks. so we're going to have that coming up. >> the crowd behind you, al, is very expressive. he's kind of stealing the show a
7:30 am
little bit. >> all right, al, thank you very much. let's take a look at other stories making headlines this morning. the senate intelligence committee holds its first hearing in to russian meddling in our election. in stark contrast to the house investigation, the committee's top republican and democrat appeared together on wednesday vowing to steer clear of politics and go where the intelligence leads. ntsb investigators are beginning their work on this terrible crash that happened in texas. a pickup truck slammed head-on into a packed church bus that was returning from a church retreat. 13 people in that bus were killed. the driver of the truck survived. he is in stable condition this morning. and the lucky colorado woman has been found alive. she and her cat had a very difficult ordeal. 85-year-old ruby stein was driving on a remote dirt road last week when she game lost and then stranded. she spent five frigid nights in her car before she was spotted by hikers. stein was checked out by doctors and is doing well and in very
7:31 am
good spirits. and a new study is out this morning that shows an alarming spike in pedestrian deaths, up 22% just in the past two years. and, yes, your smartphone takes a lot of that blame. nbc's kerry sanders is in orlando which has the distinction of being the most dangerous city in the country for walkers. hi, kerry, good morning. >> reporter: and i'm in the crosswalk and the countdown just went down so let me get across the street here. but yes, orlando does have that distinction. every day two people are struck? a crosswalk. and sadly, once a week a person dies. and it has a lot to do with cell phones. we are not talking about people in cars, we are looking at people walking across the streets with their phones and often with earbuds in so they can't hear and react to what is going on around them. it can happen in an instant. abby was hit by a car on christmas eve as he walked in south beach. >> i had no clue. i didn't see the car and it just hit me.
7:32 am
>> reporter: it turns out it's now more than dangerous to walk. according to a new report by the governor's highway safety association in 2016, about 6,000 pedestrians were killed nationwide. that's an 11% increase in just one year. up a stunning 22% from the previous year. >> that's a humungous increase for over two years. it is really tragic. >> reporter: six weeks ago susan gentry was nearly killed by a pickup truck while she and her family were crossing the street. the light was green and they were in a crosswalk when she was hit. >> i was pinned underneath the truck. >> reporter: susan fractured nine ribs and her pelvis, but she wasn't the only pedestrian struck that night. >> while we were in trauma, another night had been hit by a motorcycle. >> reporter: it's a growing problem. experts say there are more cars on the road thanks to an improved economy and lower gas prices. and more people are walking for their health and for the
7:33 am
environment. but one of the biggest problems now, the increase in smartphone use. a huge distraction for drivers and walkers. best advice for a pedestrian? >> so people not to be looking at their phones all the time. they need to be around of their surroundings. >> reporter: delaware had the most deaths followed by florida, arizona and new mexico. traffic engineers are designing solutions, fences and medians d. and devices, nothinsan, you guys might be wondering right outside your door in new york city, the most heavily walked city in america. surprisingly, percentage-wise, doesn't make the top ten. in part, because when there are people crossing the road, there's often large crowds. and cars in new york city drive relatively slowly. there may be a solution overseas as we look to the netherlands, because this is not a unique problem of just americans looking down at their phones. the netherlands have created a crosswalk where it actually
7:34 am
beams down light, sthato guys, . >> you say you tect down the street all the stream. >> and it is dangerous and know i shouldn't do it. i don't text and drive, but it is a lesson for all of us. plus it's not just about looking, your mind is sheery mu. let's headievek it or of th it makes its way east, it will bring snow and sleet to the great lakes today. and then transfer energy to a coastal low tomorrow as it pushes up the coast. rain right along the northeast coast, but as you get inland, we're talking about some pretty decent snows. some areas, interior parts of new england, could pick up a foot to a foot and a half of snow. boston could see two to three inches of snow before it's all over. that's what's gng on aroundoi good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful day ahead. just chillier than yesterday. 56 this afternoon. partly sunny skies for philadelphia.
7:35 am
much less wind than yesterday. 55, sunshine and a few clouds. no sign of rain during the day today. new jersey up to 54. the exception right along the coast. the shore cooler and some winds coming off that chilly ocean. but the lehigh valley and delaware into the 50s this afternoon. have a great day. that's your latest weather. don't forget, get your latest weather, you can check out the weather channel on cable. coming up in the next half hour, rokerthon 3, the world record for most people crab walking for two minutes. break oasong, it's going to be fantastic. >> does someone currently hold that record,? no. he's like, ustlg of the prerin death of cash?
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series we're calling the death of cash. when you owe someone money, how do you pay them? >> well, for a lot of us the answer is quickly becoming anything but paper money. tom costello takes a closer look at that. tom, what's going on? >> reporter: yeah, good morning. a lot of folks are simply going without cash. he is connected to a debit card a friend of folks, they ca wallet. it used to be that cash was king, but in this digital age when movies, car rides and vacations are just a tap of the phone away, it's reign may be ending. >> i don't like walking around with cash on me. >> people don't usually carry around a lot of cash nowadays. it is all digital. >> reporter: leading the resolution, the popular app thenmo. >> if you look at the evolution of consumers and their exchange from cash to credit cards to now the digital wallet, we're really in fundamentally taking the hassle out of cash for our
7:41 am
consumers. >> reporter: since december venmo says $2 billion was transferred through the app. now trying to cash in, big banks gearing up to launch a rival money-swapping network of their own this year called zelle. >> this is zelle. it's not just a payment system, it's a revolution in the way we move money. >> reporter: created by the financial tech firm owned by seven major banks. zelle says they want their network to go mainstream and reach older users. >> forget about checks. who writes checks? >> reporter: for years customers of banks like chase, bank of america and wells fargo have been able to send money to each other but only with the account and routing numbers. zelle uses a phone number or an e-mail address. creators say it expands the old system to 19 incy tugss reaching some 82 million customers. the powerhouse venmo saying it welcomes the competition. >> anybody who is encouraging the environment and the marketplace to remove the
7:42 am
awkwardness out of cash is welcomed. >> reporter: users of venmo can evened a emojis to payments making the sometimes awkward task of asking for money a little friendlier. and like google and uber, venmo now reaches very be status among some millenials. >> you don't have to feel super bad about asking, hey, can you pay me back for that thing because it is just like, can you venmo me that? >> reporter: it is not just cash on the way out, your credit cards, too. some vendors are accepting venmo as payment. and another sign t? wells fargo upgraded all their withdrawals without a debit card, all with an smartphone. an atm plusst a code through your pin number and digital wor walletay of the past. there, there's also google wallet anday
7:43 am
circle, but is it secure? well, the app is encrypted and you should be using every verification process possible. two-step verification if the app offers it, and only be sharing this information with contacts you know are your contacts. not somebody masquerading as a contact. and listen, as we know, hackers have hacked the cia. if you are not comfortable, don't do it. guys, back to you. >> good information, tom, thank you very much. you carry a lot of cash? >> why do you want to know? just kidding. no, i do not. i do not. but i just learned what venmo was. >> carson, do you carry cash? >> yeah, i love cash. >> carson is a wad of cash. >> let's just leave it at that, shall we? coming up on trending, big developments on the april the giraffe watch that's gripping the nation and what conspiracy theory is tied to her. and someone finally found a way to make the soccer star
7:44 am
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7:47 am
>> yeah, we're going to get to that. aside fromng soccer star, christian rinaldo looking for his strikingly good looks, he showed up for the unveiling of a bust in his likeness, but it wasn't exactly his best look. as you saw before the break, there it is, folks. those famous cheekbones and chiseled jaw in all their brass glory. as you can see in the side-by-side, the bust is a bit of a miss and quick lip sent social media users into a frenzy. some felt it looked more like the character sloth from "goonies," you remember that movie? others say it looks like rinaldo's bronze face. and here's a scene from the thriller. and there are some who said things looked up because we weren't seeing him on the soccer field. that didn't really seem to fix the problem either. the good news is ronaldo got another chance as that seemed to capture the handsome face that everyone knows and loves. he was all smiles at the event
7:48 am
after ward posting this picture with the word proud. guys? >> you got an airport named after you, that's pretty good stuff. that's a big deal, no question. >> that will soften him up a little bit. carson, thank you. just ahead, two huge stars paying us a visit. robert redford and cat arekathe zeta jones. and al and his friends are gearing up for how do they make starburst taste so juicy? they use wicked small fighter jets
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7:52 am
watching some clouds move through the lehigh valley, east. see some clouds and breaks of sunshine. we'll be in and out of the clouds. these clouds not producing any wet weather. during the day today. 40 in delaware. look at the temperatures updating, 41 in philadelphia and 36 degrees in the suburbs. we will warm into the 50s today but late today we'll start to get more clouds from the rain that you can see to the west. that's a storm that's heading our way for tonight and tomorrow. >> let's check the roads with nbc 10 traffic letter reporter jessica boyington. >> watching the schuylkill expressway. jammed in both directions. disabled vehicle on this right-hand shoulder of the westbound side approaching the roosevelt boulevard. seeing delays in direction. eastbound side almost at a standstill. crash around 40 foot road. >> investigators say a philadelphia man is dead following a shooting involving new castle police. officers were doing a welfare
7:53 am
check on carriage way. got into a struggle. shots were fired. the man died. a viewing will be harrison a veteransersnd
7:54 am
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7:55 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, highway tragedy. more than a dozen people killed after a pickup truck collides with a church bus in rural texas. >> we are used to working fatal crash scenes, but first time that we've ever seen something like this happen with so many confirmed dead at within time. >> investigators now combing through the wreckage to determine what caused that horrible crash. plus, heartache and hope. what if you knew that you and your siblings were guaranteed to get alzheimer's? maria shriver introduces us to one family dealing with that harsh reality with a surprising message of strength. >> we are still all together, and we'll fight together. and clooney knows best? the star and father-to-be reveals why his team on "e.r." prepared him for his next role as a parent. and why naming the twins is proving much harder than he and
7:56 am
amal ever expected on this thursday, march 30th, 2017. ♪ >> keep the spirit, go frogs! >> from the windy city to the big apple, we're in new york performing with the ballet. >> from tennessee celebrating my sweet 16. >> celebrating my sweet 16 from pittsburgh, p.a. >> to all our friends and family in alabama, we're pregnant! >> it's 8:00 on "today." it's thursday, march 30th. nice day out on our plaza. we are in the thick of it, the nit is here. >> and the nit is in new york city. and the final game tonight, you have the horned frogs of tcu, and you've got the yellow jackets of georgia tech in the
7:57 am
back there. and can we just tell you that the cheerleaders here from tcu got here at what time? >> 3:00 a.m. >> oh, my goodness. >> you guys are used to that. >> what time did the georgia tech cheerleaders get here? >> we got here at 6:00 a.m. >> okay, well -- >> so they are going to be fresher tonight. there's no question. >> good luck. al is having more rokerthon fun this morning. he's at loyola university, maryland, down in baltimore. it's all about day four. al, how are you feeling? >> i feel great. i mean -- you know, talk about mascots, we got iggy here, the hound. this is father brian, the president of loyola. how do you think your kids are going to do today? >> they will do great. they will do terrific. >> we want to lay down some rules here. so everybody, listen up. here are the rules, okay? first of all, you have to crab walk for two minutes, okay? rule number two, no tushies
7:58 am
touching the ground, all right? and rule number three, you have to be crab-tastic, a exciting.w. we'v g to you. >> what bk -- okay. all right. >> it'sbackwards. >> you have to go ard. >> that's tough. that could be the hardest 's no crab suit. >> no,dottuy. >> you're dragging your crab >> a little morebeg a "t." >> this is going to be >> we look forward to that, al, thank you. let'ss. get t here's the news at 8:00. >> reporter: we begin with a deadly bus crash in texas. i'm jacob rascon. overnight the death toll climbed to 13. the crash killing the church bus driver and all but one
7:59 am
passenger. the driver of the pickup truck survived and is now the focus of the investigation. this morning investigators are combing through the horrific aftermath, trying to figure out what caused the driver of a pickup truck to swerve into and church bus carrying senior citizens. scattering twisted metal and debris along the rural texas country. >> for reasons unknown, the truck veered into the southbound lane and struck the bus head-on. >> reporter: the victims were members of the first baptist church in new braunfels, texas, 120 miles from the crash si a three-day retreat when tragedy crash scenes, but first time sething like this happen with soy confirmed dead at withone it's loss for the small chuh grieve pray as spread. >> our church family is doing what church families coming tog
8:00 am
are crying together, they are praying together. >> the member who is were bn a church for a long time. and it's just a this morning and grief eounselors will be on site her today. the lone survivor i serious but stable condition.rit, jay kobe thank you very much. has extended his ruling to temporarily block president trump's so-called travel ban. the move keeps enforcement on hold as the case moves forward. president trump's revised executive order would restrict u.s. entry for people from a list of predominantly muslim countries. meantime, thed wn wednesday tha president's daughter ivanka is now an official employee of the u.s. government. as an unpaid assistant to the president, subject to the sams other government workers. and the fda has averughat i
8:01 am
first to treat a severe form of be available in a matter of weeks. ell with this story. >> reporter: doctors are calling the ocrevus a break through for patients living with m.s. miracle. >> it affects my movement. there were timesn not bathe myself. >> reporter: diagnosed at the age oft of her life with m.s., the diseasve wheelchair. >> when you wake up in the morning and you can't get out of bed, because your body won't let you. >>ep out of the question. buftnewly-approved drug, this is now as f granted? >> no. >> reporter: studies found in patients with a kind of relapse cuts the number of half. and appears to stop the disease fr
8:02 am
and in a majored is the first drug to slow the decline of those with the most severe form of the disease. and while it is exp steep cost. twice-a-year infusions. but it'ss current medication and has fewer effects. >> we can go >> reporter: a drug with the ne, ntial to changeiv life to s. converse, texas. >> what an incredible example that is. xt, we'll do trending. is april the giraffe final long-awaiting big moment? we've got new developments on and then, the clooneys ki of their twins on "pop start." why amal has already baby names
8:03 am
day four, r and rocker throck they do it? we'll have the result when we yea,♪ hey allergy muddlers thearpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working rds tweu take it again the next day. try rhinocort® allergy spray for powerful nasal allergy relief. how's it going? oh, it's going good. yeah? yeah, it's going great. this is my jam. what is that? what? the moment you realize the gardening gene skipped a generation. at lowe's, our grow together planting system
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8:05 am
♪ time to is drawg, the internet sensation, that is thing. mid-february. sobrua by. >> and conspiracy theory. people have pointed out that the
8:06 am
giraffe's name is april. and it's almost april 1st. so, isfool's joke? or i don't really know what a >> she'sknow. >> but youic there's a little bit of aan apr of the night watching a may have coming upn of i think they should gid >> i agree with colors tooe? of white. i say wha g are they going to k. of the box, d you asked he th you can dish online. >> it will be a conspiracy theory. that's right. >> that's very pretty. >> i have been doing this picture since i was about 5 >> so you have really perfected it. >> maybe there's a little squirrel there.
8:07 am
carson, "pop start." am appy litwhile, amal is focus about thedown. we've got kid her moth. played his exte bn -- >> glowing, look correspondence. now tooh surprise on monday star." he would give viewers a surprise performance. ♪ love your curves and your edges ♪ >> i wonder how many people were late for work? the train station, john legend breaks out in concert for 15 minutes. the impromptu show came as he announced his new tour coming to london.
8:08 am
finally, ed sheeran just kicked off his new world tour to support the album "divide." and when speaking to a british morning show, he said the one children. he would like and be girl amazing, carson, we are ad the school spirit hehey ere! ♪ strong. go hounds! named after st. the earth call statistics. a school with great>> midnight 12:00 to 2:00 a.m. >> after a late study hall. >> at loyola were proud of our lacrosse tradition. >> let's go greyhounds! >> our school is home greatness. we are proud of our paralympians. >> go team low l ready to make. >> it's time. we have o
8:09 am
all righty. the clock is starting. let's get the clock going. michael is walking down. tushes may not touch the ground. they seem very confident. they're doing a back ward/forward motion. did you know the average life span of a crab is every four year considering we eat about 1.5 million tons of crab every year. the most famous of course, is eugeneh. crabs on spongebob. he's my favorite. look at them go. all right. that's good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful day ahead. just chillier than yesterday. 56 degrees this afternoon. partly sunny skies for philadelphia.
8:10 am
much less wind in the suburbs than yesterday. 55. sunshine and a few clouds during the day. but no sign of rain during the day today. new jersey up to 54. the exception, right along the coast. the shore cooler as the winds coming off of that chilly ocean. but the lehigh valley and delaware into the 50s this afternoon. have a great day. that is your latest weather. make sure you get the weather you need, check out the weather channel on cable. all all right, on the clock -- all right, folks, you've got 30 seconds! keep those tushes off the ground! you're doing great! michael, how are they doing? >> 20 seconds left. and >> all right. >> they are feeling the burn there. >> this is so exciting. look at that. all right, here with go. >> oh, boy. >> coming up. >> five three, two, one! blow the horn, crabby!
8:11 am
all right, everybody, stay in place. yes, i know, i said blow the horn, crabby. that's going to go on my -- that's going to go on my tombstone. all right, while we find out, while michael -- starts totally everything up, we're going to pull a couple names. father, pull two names out of the hat. out of the rokerthon box. we have the rokerthon pure point financial scholarship. and father brian, the president of loyola, also has a scholarship to match this as well. would you call out the first name, father? >> grace slickland. >> grace slick land! here she comes. you ran prettyas hengratulations. second name, father?at's right. >>me
8:12 am
come on up. where's michael? michael empric. where's michael? we're going to find out in just a little bit. congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> excited? >> yeah. >> there you have it. we're going to find out -- we're going to find out if we did break the record. guys, back to you. we'll find out in the next half hour. >> that was fun. et him name the you cleared tha davidson. let's up here. cl little bit of snowalng into air. th 50s with422, sunsh some slow do. 18 minutes for closed faces senr killing her husband. she could face 15 years to life in prison. investigators say she poisoned james baker by injecting antifreeze into hysteroid bottles. the competitive weight lifter died in 2013. this morning at the art must museum begins a three year renovation project. the museum will offer an all-day open house with a pay what you
8:13 am
wish pricing. we'll have another up date in 25 minutes. you can say updated with news and weather with the free nbc 10 app. i'm tracy davidson. 8:30 now on y
8:14 am
8:15 am
march, of a blustery, breezy >> i'll say. >> here in new york cityut on t >> and a big star inside ourtao
8:16 am
talk about her new hit series "feud" and her pre about hisa u maryland to see >>o exciting. woryes. congratulations. congratulation e looking ates. snow tomorrow england. sunshine thr t strong safternoon. partly sunny skies day chilly o delaware into the 50s this afternoon. have a great day. that is your latest weathe. don't forget, when ever you need it, go to the weather channel on cable. one more day, rokerthon 3, day five. we're headed to the land of oz. sub sandwiches reign supreme. and we are going back to a great lakes shore. we'll see you tomorrow, day five, rokerthon 3! be there!>>ll right, al, thank
8:17 am
zeta-jones ishe fx series davis and joan to presen the award here to see her quest sd yes. t go down to l.a., it please come. it was a very rough. my father, kurt douglas, i spoke to him about it and he said, it was tough for us guys, but it was really tough for those women. because they were pitted against each other. and this feud between betty and genius.wsuel for the gossip prs around the clock and days to sc. budouglas, and he was around olivia. incredible. >>wa imaglly knew these as othe fighter. >> i lovha the commercial break said, how is raising a couple of teenagers?
8:18 am
because i'm doing the same thing. and your first thing was, i love it. >> i love it, matt. i love it. i love it. and i'm still waiting for, you know, i was kind of pre-empted, the whole roll your eyes teenager years, i love it. i just love their kind of freshness and the excitement --. i was in the theater and look at so i'm just that i didn't know. hi to michael fis best to you, back in the fourth hour. "feud" airs sunp n next, maria y battle agastsee. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:19 am
8:20 am
back now at8:40 with our ongoing series "brain power" tofamily's unique
8:21 am
struggling with alzheim others battling that touching. maria shriver is here >> good morning to all of you. it really is. you're speal family of sibling with five of them having the subject of a new book. this is adisease. ,brian, of fun. lalzheimer's, a rare genetic fm so ast, five of tixly carla testedo fight fo two of ordinary family and their extraordinary battle against alzheimer's. >> this family could be anybody. it coue could be the people next door to you. it's david versus goliath. >> doug is now in the end stages of alzheimers in a nursing home. jaime and dean are still well enough to work. do you f
8:22 am
>> yes, i do. at work. sometimes i -- just can't do the things i used to do. >> what was the re fellow coworkers when they heard? and were you scared to tell them? >> no, i wasn't scared to tell them. everybody knows that i hd ty ar too. >> siblings brian and lori have passed away from alzheimer's. lori's daughters, jessica and robin, watched their mother's agonizing decline, but nothing friends for their own tests. robin has the gene. jessica does not. >> it's an immediate ll by then immediate guilt. >> the tears didn't last too long. jessica, now she's vowed to take
8:23 am
care of me when i need it. and stand there fighting with me through every battle. >> for now, dean's son tyler day to day. to know his test ui just wish trials to find a cure you of perheir live lot of people's and d for you and the majority of peoeople's e alzheimer's. getting alzheimes. which tells us about p our yoso much. see you tomorrow. coming up next, matt's conversation with a true hollywood icon, robert redford. but first, this is "today" on nbc. fo stars in the new their on
8:24 am
8:25 am
lives. >> and dothat's pushed myself awayro script? >> well,d i i explored new rr o. that is whats answe >> yeah.e's asked about those consequences, that there wa? your ownyes.go>> but he doesn' ou don't know. dreams that was e my mother exactly but yet somee otherwise i probably wouldn't be that you did the time -- you're grandson thing. >> so you're not going to retire from acting? >> not at the moment. >> no? still direct? still want to direct more? >> well, yeah, but i think,it.ou if you stop,eoneaid to me last t
8:26 am
id, i wonder whatir. >> i doubt that. i doubty because i think, i hopa >> yeah. >> but theansws, are we always fcinating premise, ti life, proof positive,hy grandso. coming shod be crash in lan police say a car b let's get a check on traff a this is because volume. you can also take 611 by the scene. that is starting to clear out. obviously, those delays in the
8:27 am
area are where there are going to be the most problems. use those as alternates. let's take a look outside. meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> sunshine, clouds, temperatures starting to warm up now. 43 degrees in philadelphia. still coolness in the suburbs. you can see the clouds in king of prussia. near 50 at 2:00 and into the 50s this afternoon. rain holds off until tonight. in delaware, the general assembly expected to introduce a bill that would make the reactional use of marijuana legal. if it eventually becomes law, it would tax and regulate sales across the state. in philadelphia, former vice president joe biden will speak his new post as head of the pen professor. we'll have another update in 2t. stay updated with news and weather with theat d.
8:28 am
8:29 am
this morning on and direct braff tries something and home- surprise f by nellie furta "today's take"his throwback thursday morning, march 30th, 2017. listening to,
8:30 am
me,permiscuous" by w we have >> i have my whole family. i'm the guy with the entourage. it is my mom, my step-father. >> i find that absolutely delightful. >> that's who i roll with. >> and al is on the road for it never gets old. the college students at the crack of dawn are >> hi, al. he can't hear me. >> hey, zach, how are you? >> have you ever met al? al wel. >> before all the sitcoms, "scrubs" led the nk yo.
8:31 am
that means a very much. >> which is why i'm a little star-struck. and when i get st d't be shy. >> i'm a hugean it toge. when dylan gets quiet, she's just fl unco htad up this. cane in front of me. >> i have morganhere. >> you know what is y bank and use rmasks. but al wears the sammy davis jr. mask. it's lov it. we were telling him, they are the nicestwas to work with thes vo i was so hanging out with the legends, but they are so funny and sweet hanging around with them,
8:32 am
and they are hilarious and movie "going in style." but do you really direct these just let them do what they want to do? >> well, really do, i think people are confused, i'm notlipping a tabl. it's more like, i'mre vy silly the corner singing and dan up. my job is to, like, let's go to our marks. we got to get this byduct of th orchestra. >> i love that. i feel like this is goingn you know, you look at all the work they have done over the years, with michael cain and morgan freeman, that they are genuine excited about this movie. >> the fun thing for me is they call me now. i get my phone and am like, i think that's michael. zach, it's michael cain. i have 60 friends, they loved the movie. so they wouldn't be out promoting it this much, obviously, if they didn't love
8:33 am
it so much. and they are everywhere. so i'must talking about the fact that it's throwback t calling it throbr creative. >> so we photos of you. >> i don't know if m om of you look at that at at hair. and look athe her dmitting it live on the "today" show. rg this young actress,her. was it?time ago. early '90s? early '90 t tell you. >> it was your. it's very rela producer yells, >> stuff.
8:34 am
>> the whole america knows home. >> i takc. >> basket.aztec to get in m&m foun y machine at my leave a had them. my vh "e.r." and am about whacloy's baby. >> memorize jargon. itn now do -- i'll tell you, a funny story, when we shot in an actual abandoned hospital, and one thing that was started the people would pull up, would see all thesehes d be like, i h emergency. we are like, it's not a real hospital. they are like, what do you mean? we see doctors and an ambulance. day two oing, there was a giant sign up, this is not a real hospital. do not come here -- >> do they believe the hospital was there? >> it was a real hospital that we took over. when they saw people in the scrubs and uniforms, they just assumed with their broken arm or
8:35 am
whatever, you have to -- move along. >> two straights make a right. >> come on in, you want to be an extra? >> we put up a big sign that said, don't come here if you are ill. >> that's really talki ramsey, this was a big deal for you because if anybody likes airplane food, it's sheinelle. i'm right there with you. >> it is so delightful. >> i have never said anyone say that. >> my producer is always teasing me, is sheinelle ready for her> ring because -- the one type of food hwhere it the one type of food hwhere it got this today. down to i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, the one type of food hwhere it got this today. down to that was it. now i have nicoderm cq.
8:36 am
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8:37 am
oh! well that's nice!rt yr. oh! i'm so proud of you. free at at disc.c edis you made it movie "out ingenerous. nowit? >> i think there'spremier. so you're out on the let go do it you i know. i thought this was kind of interesting, that they basically
8:38 am
are just using us so that they can, of course, go do real stuff. >> this is just to fill time. because it takes a long time to get downstairs. >> well, we are here on loyola university campus. and it's the yeukelele club. and there's no reason. they have a love of yuk leukele. i don't know if there's much of a song. what song do you play? >> a standard eukelele progression. >> as opposed to the standard. fabulous, huh? it's an easy dance tune. all right, let's -- let's show you, let's show you something that happened earlier today. we are here to set the world record, the guinness world record for most people crab walking. this was our entrance. we had the greyhounds. the greyhounds are the mascot
8:39 am
for loyola. so here we go, 500 people crab walking. there's michael emperic back behind us from guinness world record. they beat the record. it was 300 something at northeastern. 494 people, yes! nicely done. that's why we are playing eukelele music. what were you saying, dylan? >> i was wondering how everyone's wrists are doing. that's tough. >> it is tough. and we also have tough weather making its way through the upper midwest and also through the midatlantic. i should say, the gulf coast. lower gulf coast, heavy thunderstorms. in fact, we've got a risk for 49 million people for large hail, damaging winds. chance for tornadoes in illinois, indiana and kentucky. where is don ho when you need him? all righty
8:40 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. beautiful day ahead. just chillier than yesterday. 56 degrees this afternoon. partly sunny skies for philadelphia. much less wind in the suburbs than yesterday. 55, sunshine and a few clouds during the day. but no sign of rain during the day today. new jersey up to 54. the exception, right along the coast. the shore cooler as the winds coming off of that chilly ocean. but the lehigh valley and delaware into thesóq 50s this afternoon. have a good day. and that is your latest weather, livweather, live from loyola, university. keep it up for the ukelele club. >> awesome job. just checking off the records left and right. we'll head back now to sheinelle and zach. they have made it down to the plaza and are ready to give away tickets to zach's "going in style" movie premier tonight. they are running out, sheinelle
8:41 am
without a coat. >> hi, everybody! >> shall we start over here? good morning! good morning! >> yes! >> hi! wait, where are you guys from? >> chicago! >> you get to go to the premier tonight to "going in style." >> come to the premier! >> hi, guys! hi, guys! here we go. hi! you're going to the premier tonight. yes, have fun. wait, can they both go? yeah, you can both go. you're going to the premier tonight. anybody around town? >> here you go. >> where are you from? where are you from? >> ohio. >> do you want to go to the premier tonight? >> we got two more. two more. where are you guys from? >> vancouver. >> when are you going back? >> tomorrow. >> oh, great, do you want to go
8:42 am
to the movie premier tonight with michael cain and morgan freeman? you're going. >> the golden ticket. right here. there you go. you're going to have the best time tonight seeing "in style." and we know and the wolf huffed and puffed... like you do sometimes, grandpa?
8:43 am
well, when you have copd, it can be hard to breathe. it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition or high blood pressure before taking it. symbicort could mean a day with better breathing. watch out, piggies! (child giggles) symbicort. breathe better starting within 5 minutes. get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. ♪
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it's time to shake things up. with the capital one venture card, you get double miles on everything you buy, not just airline purchases. seriously, think of all the things you buy. this why you asked me to coffee? well yeah... but also to catch-up. what's in your wallet? hard to believe it's been nearly two decades since nellie furtado first broke out on the music scene with her song "i'm like a bird" that earned her a grammy. >> after selling more than 16 million albums, nellie took a little break from music. >> and now nellie is back with a brand new album called "the ride." and in just a bit, she's going to treat us to a live throwback thursday concert. and keneeneel nellie is here, y
8:46 am
beautiful. >> great to see you soul. >> great to see you. you took a step back from music and why come back now? >> i experimented with other elements, like song writing for other people and producing. i had a label for a while. but then, yeah, i just got back into the song writing. this album is called a hangover album. it's kind of like, all right, there are highs and lows to life, so let's celebrate them. the happy and sad in between. that's what the record is like. a pop record to celebrate that energy. >> if we go back a little bit, we were talking about the fact you were going, we all started saying. ♪ i'm like a bird >> i have been singing it all morning. i love that song. it's such an earworm. you can't stop singing it. >> i still like singing it. i love to speed it up, slow it down. i love singing it. >> did you think it would stick around for as long as it did? >> i had no clue. when i wrote that on my guitar in a little hotel room in l.a., i never imagined to hear it in grocery stores and at the checkout line buying milk. it's amazing. >> bust out singing.
8:47 am
>> so many of us are drawn to you, the funky look with the sneakers and so individual, but it was not that simple. did they want you to put on a pencil skirt and heels? >> definitely. i had to fight for my look. i was like, i'm a regular girl, why go against that? it was fun to express myself. i was lucky. yeah. >> is it true you were cleaning bathrooms while making the first album? >> i was, for sure. my mother and i would meet at the hotel and i worked cleaning toilets, floors, like, i was a chamber made. and i wrote the song, some of the songs on "whoa nelly," my first record, to that. i said, i want to go back to my apartment to cleaning. and i started cleaning and all the songs came to me for the new record. >> maybe i should clean more and could write an album. >> it gives me lots of inspiration. >> i'll come clean your house. >> i thought it was interesting, drake, tell me if this is true,
8:48 am
is he one of your background singers? >> we are very proud of drake. he's on the cover. i've stayed there for 20 years, raised my daughter there. when he came out, we are excited to see this on the cover, but he sang backgrounds for my opening act in canada. he did doubles. >> that's so cool. >> so when you see him now -- >> i probably ignored him or something. i'm sorry, drake. >> well, nellie, you're sticking around to perform one of your biggest hits a little later. >> yeah. >> and another grammy winner, darius rucker heads to his hometown to give back in a special way and some very special kids that he's giving back to. that's all coming up after your local news. >> thank you so much. as women, we need to take time to energize our bodies and clear our minds. that's what's so amazing about poise® impressa. it helps you stop bladder leaks, pad-free. i love the fact that it has the three sizes. it isn't just one,
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8:50 am's driver wasn't >>n here. here is washington lane right there. that's where that intersection is that you generally want to avoid. you can see around the area a lot of pretty big delays. east mount is a good way to go. you'll get by without being stuck in massive delays. >> let's find out how things are looking outside. bill? >> looking pretty cloudy from this view. breaks of sunshine and the temperatures starting to warm up. lots of clouds, not much in the way of showers and watching one little area, a few sprinkles moving through burks county. started off as snow where it was colder but temperatures coming up now. we'll be dry through the day today. it's this evening we'll see rain moving in. for now, the temperatures moving up. 43 in philadelphia. warm into the middle 50s today. >> bill, thank you. happening today in delaware, the general assembly is expected
8:51 am
to introduce a bill that would make the recreational use of marijuana legal. if it eventually becomes law, it would tax and regulate marijuana sales across the state. and today philadelphia museum of art begins a three-year renovation project with a ground-breaking ceremony. this will give you a live look right now. the museum will offer an all-day open house with pay what you wish pricing. we'll have another update for you in 25 minutes. always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you at the top of the hour.
8:52 am
8:53 am
it's no secret, we are h co several times, butre in his hometown of hero." sweeping scenery and mother worked much ofho htown this south carolina town of chas years. >> i looshoes.
8:54 am
it was everything to my family. >> a place he regularly visits, including the musc children's hospital. >> i have to. it's the only thing i know how to do. it's the only thing i want to do. i want to help. what can i do next to make it better? >> making things better by putting smiles on the faces of his friends, the patients. >> i try not to bring up too much, how are you feeling or anything? you ask, but you don't want to talk about it. you want to talk about school, your friends, what games are you playing on your phone? >> his most extra special treat forou want to find out what is in these boxesthe it ary young, onl for a them that opportunieo hospital and b just like they are a teens. >> i don't do iset's hado. >> one friend tot is 16-year-ol
8:55 am
anemia. they met four years ago andghtb >> he always has something to but it's nice. other. i love him. he's my heart. >> and the transformation of the teen center can't come fast enough for some. >> i was here for about a week my last trip here. and i spent a lot of time in the atrium, because that's pretty much all you can do here. >> i feel like there's going to be a lot more stuff there and that it will be even better than it was before. >> all right, here we go. >> and as the ribbon gets cut debuting the new room, the celebration begins. >> these are so cool. >> and exceptional makeover to hopefully make some of the children's pain a little less painful. >> look at! >> with enough good will to make the mother of this musician very proud. >> it's hard to think that it's been so long, that she's been gone and i still miss her every
8:56 am
day. i'm going to love this home. she really did. she worked here a long time. she would be really proud of me. she would really be happy that it means so much to me. and it means so much to me because it meant so much to her. >> now for the most amazing part? an exclusive performance by darius himself. ♪ if i told you the best that i can be when there's no one that i see ♪ ♪ could you look the other way could you love me anyway ♪ >> i was born and raise in this town. when i finally made it in music, all i wanted to do was get back to this town. ♪ i need momma like the wind and the rain rock it like a south bend train ♪ momma you rock me ♪ >> thank you, all. >> that was nice. >> so sweet.
8:57 am
he's a good guy. dares you, thank you. you can see more of darius rucker's story on "cmt hometown heroes" tomorrow night on cmt. up next, the amassing science bob. i can't wait to see how he blows our minds. i love the fact that he's an elementary science teacher. how about this? how about this? he'll explain coming up next.ths this this this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can take on psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the #1 prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections and cancers, including lymphoma, have happened; as have blood, liver, and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions,
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he's back. the elementary schoolteacher who is a rock star scientist who is about to rock your world. scientist bob will have experiments for us. three things, right? >> we have three things to do. we have some you can't try at home and some you can. we want to give people a chance to try things out. so i thought we would start with high voltage electricity. >> can you do that one at home? >> this one you don't want to do at home. >> don't do this one at home. >> this is a thing in the science museum that makes your
9:02 am
handstand out. so i used to go to the science museum and they always called on the little girl with the long hair and they put her on it and her hair would standout. and i felt bad because i knew i was never going to get called on. i was a science guy. so built one myself and came up with a way that even zach can be a part of this. >> good, because i was never allowed to do that either. but my hair has a smidge of stuff in it. i don't think my hair is going anywhere. i woke up like this. >> this is going to insulate you from the ground. because electricity always wants to go into the ground. this little belt is going to spin to generate about a half a million volts of electrostatic electricity. here's the twist. put your hand, it's not on yet. i'm just going to come over here and put the pie pans right up there. >> just a normal morning at the "today" show. >> there we go. >> now, what is going to happen is we're going to charge this. the electrons will over to zach. then to the pie pans. electrons don't like each other so they try to repeal from each
9:03 am
other and we'll see what happens. let's find out. we'll start the wheel spinning. there it goes. and now we start -- >> oh, my god. yes! >> they are light enough to do one at a time. look at that! >> that was -- >> that was awesome. >> now how do you get them back on. >> now once he steps down, you'll be a little zapped. >> no, but i had a lot of good ideas. >> that is pretty cool. >> right. so, now, you know, the staples of home chemistry. >> the table just got me. >> did it get you? sorry about that, man. >> i can't believe i didn't curse. >> vinegar, baking soda, people are used to the volcano. >> sure. >> we got a little vinegar and some dish detergent and coloring in there. you add the baking soda and you get your classic, you know, flowing thing, right? so everyone should do that. people are saying, oh, it's so cliche. >> kids like that science game.
9:04 am
>> if you're 7 years old and have never done it, it's not cliche at all. but if you want to take it to the next level -- >> yes, we do. >> this is a little zip bag i got at a craft store. we've got some vinegar in there. just put some coloring in it. and then this is just baking soda. >> okay. >> so when vinegar and baking soda mix, it's an acid-based reaction that creates carbon die oxide. >> do it! >> so dylan, squeeze it real hard and put it down on the table. >> squeeze it real hard. >> i'm trying. >> then it starts building up the gas. you can see howh quite a bit. >> is that going tot popilds a a stir -t home experiment. >> that'sday" show. we got to ramp it up a little bit. on. all right? d w got a literoloring to.
9:05 am
i give you thet to get that out of there. all right, here we go. three, tw it up. >> oh! and now more than ever. >> am at that fizz. >> good home. >> don't try that at home. this is a metaldo t do this, i'. and then the it over -- thi one.
9:06 am
tip it up. >> that was amazing! >> that is awesome. so much fun. >> science bob, killing we'll cappella singers wel thein roke. they set thecord for crab walking. wow. pretty cool. we'll see if your weather is going to be cool or warm, depending on what you like. heavy rain on friday along the midatlantic states in the northeast. snow in interior new england. mountain snow in the rockies. sunshine through the gulf. looking ahead to saturday, we have plenty of sunshine along the west coast, although rain in the pacific northwest. strong storms in the mid plains. heavy snow northern new england, sunshine, great lakes all the way down to the gulf coast. sunday, sunday! we're looking at sunshine in the
9:07 am
northeast into the midatlantic states. we're looking for strong storms through the gulf and the sunshine returns to the good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a beautiful day ahead. chillier than yesterday. 56 degrees this afternoon. partly sunny skies for philadelphia. much less wind in the suburbs than yesterday. 55, sunshine and a few clouds during the day. but no sign of rain during the day today. new jersey up to 54. the exception, right along the coast. the shore cooler as the winds coming off of that chilly ocean. but the lehigh valley and delaware into the 50s this afternoon. have a great day. all right, guys, tomorrow. final day, day five, rokerthon 3. clues to the last location. i'm heading home to the land of oz, sub sandwiches reign supreme, and we'll be back on a great lakes shore. that's it, folks.
9:08 am
as i slip out and jump on a nets jet-jet, i'm jetting out of here. we'll see you tomorrow. >> al, thank you so much. coming up next, a throwback thursday performance by nellie thursday performance by nellie furtado singing one of you right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it thursday performance by nellie furtado singing one of you in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. with abreva. does your child need help with digestive balance? try align junior probiotic. so she can have a fraction dominating... status updating... hello-yellow-belt kind of day. get 24/7 digestive support with align junior.
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yeah. nes me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? tthe citi double cash card.oes. it lets you earn double cash back: the sn "today" is proudlyciti. the vol ance a little bit. performance from nellie fur day "t tad ride." hits.e she is performing one of ♪ pay me with all your dreams e.
9:13 am
♪ ♪ i may have ame divide ♪ ♪ i say what is on my find that maff ♪ ♪ because this life is short to leave just for you ♪ feel so less what are you going too ♪ ♪ so say what you want ♪ say what you want took her fae and made a poster ♪ ♪ now it's moccasins a sport and we take the culture in contort ♪ ♪ because this life is too short to leave just for you ♪ ♪ but when you feel so you goin
9:14 am
♪ so sa ♪ so say what y the one outside ♪ you're the o ♪ you'rene outside and you're going to get it ♪ this life srt so live it just for you ♪ ♪ so powerless what are you going to ♪ because this lifes too short
9:15 am
so live it just for you ♪ ♪ but w y so powerless what are you going to do ♪ ♪ soy what you want soy what you want notic ♪ say what you want to ♪ say ♪ say what you want >> that was fantastic. nellie furtado, thank you so much. that was fantastic. her new album "the available for preorder. it drops tomorrow. we're back in a minute. but first, this is "today" o nbc.n
9:16 am
9:17 am
it's a reunion this morning. we heard you and craig did a pilot together. >> yes. >> i was a little -- at the time. >> there we are. >> hey, i've lost a little weight since then. >> which one is which?
9:18 am
>> oh, come on. >> you look adorable. >> this is when game boys first came out. >> that's a good picture. >> yeah. >> wow, that's so cute. we should take the show on the road. >> i would like that. honestly, i swear to god, i don't remember it. >> because you were a little -- i was 14. >> he was 14. and they were letting me -- he was like,
9:19 am
nbc 10 news starts now. mor. i'm to meteorologist bill forec. >> making progress. in t 30s. just a couple spots 39 in the suburbs. ghtupo sunshine we had clouds and sunshine. we'll bean and turning temperat with rain due the roads with first alert traffic >> yeah, watching through cente. the expressway, our cameras goi here. not a lot ofally schuylkill doing okay. slower than the at rock street.
9:20 am
watch fan is dead following a a check at coachman'stmts shortly last night. and shots university of pennsylvania this head of the penn biden center for diplomacy and global engagement. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. now back to the "today" show. have a great day. we'll see you at the bottom of the hour.
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