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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 31, 2017 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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now for more at 6:00 a.m. -- >> a rough ride. overnight, a pickup runs into a house while trying to take a gunshot victim to the hospital. and a south jersey cop who faces charges after two boys told their mother about an alleged inappropriate encounter in a restaurant bathroom. and a gift like no other. how a toy maker's handiwork is helping a little girl cope with her cancer battle. a lot to get to. friday morning, 6:00 a.m. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today". i'm trady davidson. >> i'm -- i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley and a first alert, right? >> yeah. we had steady rain overnight, thunderstorms, too. there's heavy rain on the way. a first alert has been issued for the area for today and into tonight. you'll need the rain gear this morning and early this afternoon.
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the entire viewing area today and tonight is due for heavy rainfall. i expect the heaviest downpours to come through the afternoon and evening rush. could lead to localized flooding. we could see inches of rain. showers now from the lehigh valley, bucks county, into new jersey. there's the steadier rainfall in new castle county, kent county, and streaming through south jersey, atlantic city. cape may has seen a steady rainfall this morning. there's more on the way. in fact, that's the line of the heavy downpours. that's due in this afternoon. you see all of the showers, those are all going to arrive before this afternoon. you'll need the rain gear today. and with clouds and rain and wind, chilly. 30s now for philadelphia park the suburbs, new jersey at 38 degrees. 39 in the lehigh valley. starting off at 39 in philadelphia, rain to start with. the steadier rain at 9:00, and at lunchtime. 47 degrees. not much warmer than it is right
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now. rain on and off and the downpours tonight. i'll walk you through it neighborhood by neighborhood so you know when to expect the heaviest rainfall when i come back in ten minutes. first, we'll have to deal with this on the roads -- jessica boyington has your first alert traffic. yeah, we're always -- already seeing problems now because of that bill. watching the schuylkill expressway, our cameras around university avenue. we have a disabled vehicle to the right-hand shoulder. the traffic squeezing by on the shoulder. moving toward the vine industry expressway on the westbound side, we'll see delays. i'll keep my eyes on that. watching camden, new jersey, a crash here on 676 northbound. the traffic that's moving this way around 76 to 676. we're seeing the crash taking out a line. on 95, drive times look okay. from south haven to the vine and speeds into the high 50s.
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back to you. >> thanks. o the nbc10 app. today is a great day to download it. you can check any traffic troubles, look at the live first alert radar, see what moving into your neighborhood. the sapp a -- the app is a free download. 6:03.llowing breaking news delaware county. crews are battling a house fire. we're worki was hurt. new this morning, police ar shooting in north philadelphia left a man in very critical condition. the shootingpe 2:30 this morning across from the man's home on colorado street. someone in a pickup drove the plan to the hospital but crashed into the front step of a house woman in the hospital after an accid atshelton avenue at east oak la this morning. a car crashed into a pole
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sending a second car on top of woman's condition. happening today, philadelphia d.a. seth williams heads back to court to tell a judge he has secured a new lawyer. this after the previous lawyer said wils pay him. williams pled not guilty to extortion charges. and jacob arraignment in the grace packer murder case. authorities say he strangled the girl last july, the day after high raped and beat her while her adoptive mother watched. at the hearing, prosecutors may announce that they'll be seeking the death penalty. in the russia investigation, nbc news confirms former national security adviser michael flynn is willing to testify before congress if he's granted immunities.
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-- granted immunity. and reports that devin nunes was helped to examine classfied information. in our area, a south jersey police officer faces charges for allegedly exposing himself to young boys in a restaurant restroom. the 1 boys told their mother th mingez fondled himself while laughing at them at the pennsville lamgby's wednesday. their mother says the boys are still upset. >> every time he close his eyes, he see the man laughing and shaking his genitals at him.
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>> police said mingez was visibly intoxicated. he's charged with lewdness and misconduct. there is also an internal affairs investigation. in north jersey, state police say a man who tried to run down a trooper with his pickup was shot and killed by the officer. happened yesterday during a police investigation at the turnpike rest stop in cranberry, middlesex county. the trooper was not hurt. a delaware family remains in anguish a year after the murder of a loved one. yesterday, marqueea benson's family made an emotional plea to find her color. police say the 36 -- her killer. police say the 36-year-old from upper darby died in what's described as a vicious attack. benson had a good job. she was a part-time student. her family and police can't believe anyone would do such a thing to a woman with such a bright future. >> this is our life until eternity. >> this incident left an empty
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innocence our detective division. >> investigators say it appears benson knew her attacker. in bucks county, police released this video of thieves robbing a jeweler in ben salem this month. investigators say the bandits cut through the roof to get in and steal thousands in gold from safes. police believe the same thieves used the same method to rob a jeweller in lawncrest last week. as promised, lawn leaders have announced a lawsuit to try to void the results of a special election. democratic write-in candidate emilio vasquez won the election to fill a state house seat. that's after a judge kicked the first nominee off t ruling that he didn't live in the district. democrats still won using write-in votes. republican leaders say they did so unfairly. >> some of the stuff we saw, people going into the machines without signing assistance forms. election boards handing out stamps for the candidate that they preferred.
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election workers saying they can't vote on the machine. they have to go outside and get a stamp. >> democrats deny wrongdoing. the gop has already asked the state attorney general to investigate the claims. the election fraud task force is also looking into it. 6:08. 39 degrees outside. wet, wet, wet. a look at soggy broad street from our kimmel center campus camera. more wet to the come according to meteorologist bill henley. >> we saw thunderstorms overnight and some of the heaviest, steadiest r may. this is a live view. the lafayette hotel. the wind ie is more rain lining. showers in the lehigh valley through bucks county and intora. south philadelphia getting a break, so is wilmington. the rain is lind ddletown and s information to new jersey through vineland, morris river, and atlantic city, seeing moderate showers.
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cape may, temporarily a threag and more showers to the southwest. this is all coming into play this morning. this is going to be here this afternoon. and this line of showers will produce heavy down powers. we could see more thunderstorms, too. we could wind up with two inches of more -- or more of rainfall by tomorrow morning. hour by hour, first thing, look at the rain coming back for allentown, reading, wilmington, dover, and at the shore. the entire area seeing rain during the afternoon hours. at 4:00, this is when we'll get the heavier downpours. in chester, delaware, and northern new castle county in delaware. watch how it spreads at 4:00 and 6:00 this evening. the downpours from lancaster county into chester, into delaware and south jersey. moderate rainfall extends to trenton and the shore and into
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the lehigh valley. heavier downpours this even, at 9:30 this evening, look at rain from mercer county through ocean and burlington counties and atlantic county in new jersey. it is lighter rain, but we could see moderate showers in philadelphia. that's by 9:30 thisby 11:00, th. the heavier rainfall moves out. and then it's really tapering off tonight. this time tomorrow, we'll see showers in the morning. first thing, just before sunrise. once the sun comes up, we'll have a better view of the mostly cloudy skies and then during the afternoon, that's 2:00 in the afternoon, you subcommittee breaks in the clouds -- you see some breaks in the clouds. we will see sunshine break through during the day on saturday. sunday, that's a different story. the weekend forecast with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten minutes. >> see you then. ten minutes past 6:00 a.m. on this friday. find out what's happening there on the schuylkill. >> yeah. we have a camera focused on it. what are you seeing? >> yeah. a disabled bus on the
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schuylkill. cameras around university avenue. it's on the westbound side. traffic right here coming away from the south philly area, away from the stadium area. you see it aep's to the right-h shoulder. only one lane getting by. if you head toward the schuylkill expressway on the vine westbound, you'll see delays moving through. watch for a crash on the p.a. turnpike's northeast extension. at the southbound side, you see where the yellow is. the accident at the lehigh valley. watch for delays moving toward new jersey. in camden, there's a crash here on 676 right around 76. where that splits off to get to the vine industry -- to 676 before it becomes the vine street expressway over the ben watch through the rthbound. area. here on 42, this is moving through stepford around our cameras at route 41. no problems or delays so far. definitely more traffic moving on the northbound side heading
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toward philadelphia. >> thank you. septa has a new strategy to keep riders safe. and we're getting an exclusive look. >> next, nbc10 takes a ride on the rails for an inside look at how officers are working to stop a recent rise in violence. and at 12 after 6:00, rockwell recovered. a break in a decades' old case of a fame out painting stole -- famous painting stolen from a camden county home. later, a crackdown at penn state. the tragedy that's sparking change on campus and new rules for students.
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a rainy friday morning. first alert radar, you see more rain headed our way. it will be an all-day rain with heavy raint times. meteorologist bill henley will have more coming up. the fbi will give us more
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details about a valuable painting recovered decades after it was stolen in camden county. the norman rockwell piece that was swiped from a house in cherry hill more than 40 years ago is now back with its rightful owner. tipster alertede fbi to the painting's whereabouts. the person who had the artwork nect to theft and will not face charges. a photo of a little girl holding a stuffed bunny has gone viral. i think you'll understand why when you see it. >> this is the sweetest story. the 3-year-old lost one of her eyes to cancer. s rted to realize that she was different from other kids. the mom was like, what am i going to do. she asked a doll maker to create a stuffed animal that looked like her daughter. and you can see the girl clearly loves her new one-eyed bunny. >> how sweet is that? >> the mom was looking for ways to make her feel better. someone said you need to show her something that she can identify with that has one eye. the dollmaker said she'd never
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had that kind of request, and it was touching for her to do that. >> there are so many doll companies, you wouldhi with the idea already to come up with dolls that look like the owners. right? >> such a great idea, too. there are probably so many kids -- not just her who doesn't have an eye. there are probably so many kids, a broken arm or anything. something that would touch a lot of different kids. that's a great idea. parts gavee a mr. potato head. there you go. >> what would your doll have, a tiara? >> big, fuzzy hair. it was hard for me through first grade. we could talk about this all- a we've e to get you to work. watching wet roads. northeast extension headed sout andund the lehigh valley. you see through the map system that's red. a minute ago we were into the yellow. seeing delays, more delays past the lehigh valley. checking in with the bridges.
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watch for construction. there's single lane traffic over the burlington bristol from a crash earlier this morning. now they have construction there. the betsy ross bridge is clear, so is the taconi palmeira. to the schuylkill expressway here, university avenue. watchi abus. i had people tweeting that drove past the scene saying it's a disabled septa bus. watching for this into the right-hand shoulder. if you are headed westbound past the scene, you'll see delays. again, this is heading out of south philadelphia toward the vine street expressway. i'll have updates on the schuylkill on the septa bus that's disabled when i come back and more updates on the rest of the roads. >> all right. thanks for that. 6:18. let's update you on the rain and storms tracking through the neighborhood. bill? showers and thunderstorms overnight. all day long, the wind will be blowing. it will combine to keep things chilly. 30s for the lehigh valley, 36 in
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the suburbs. delaware is 39. 37 in south jersey. 39 in philadelphia international. the same for andora, manayunk. port richmond in the 40s. through the day, rain. look at the temperatures -- at the bus stop this morning, 30s with rain showers. 41 in philadelphia. stand by, grab the rain gear. you'll need it especially late morning and afternoon hours. we'll get a break from the rain right now at chester county, berks county. the rain is not far away. you see the showers that extend from the lehigh valley into south jersey. this will be here this morning, this is this afternoon. that will bring the possibility of heavy downpours. by tomorrow morning at 9:30 in the morning, the rain will be done for us. will be out of here.
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by then we could see two inches, 2.5 in wilmington. 2.75 in south philadelphia. closer to three inches for egg harbor township. a long event through the day and into tonight. a lot of rain coming in. that could lead to localized flooding during the afternoon and evening commute. 49 this afternoon. the rain and wind will keep things chilly. the rain ends first thing in the morning. drying out during the day with late day sunshine, 52. if we get a little bit more sunshine, the number will go higher on saturday. it will be warmer on sunday. 60 with the high after a morning low of 40. monday back to clouds monday afternoon. rain due in on wednesday. tuesday on. wednesday, shaping up pretty nice. 61 degrees. dry day. thursday the showers come back. there's a chance of showers on friday. the phillies' home opener. the second day will be nicer on saturday. dry, too, partly sunny, 55 in
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the afternoon. both evening games. by sundays, we'll see -- by sunday, we'll see sunshine and 62. >>. >> looking forward to the home opener. thanks. the plan to make the trip down the shore faster is slowing down. the delayed timeline for a new e-zpass lane. the transportation crisis. the grim traffic prediction for one of america's most congested cities after a highway overpass collapse. i simply made it my mission to inspire creativity wherever i travel. >> and a rushed retirement. the mistake that may have spoiled crayola's secret reveal of its next discontinued tomorrow.
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a move to cut down on traffic heading down the shore won't be ready for the summer. the cape may bridge commission planned to have e-zpass lanes running by june 1st, but they
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delayed construction. the e-zpass toll lanes will be gradually installed over the course of the next four to five months. today a memorial service will be held for trailblading journalist -- trail blazing journalist claude lewis. he was the first person color to write a column for a major philadelphia newspaper. he founded the national association of black journalists. the memorial service is set for noon at villanova university. and comcast executive david cohen received a top honor last night. the distinguished performance and management award which cohen received. comcast is the parent company of nbc10. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads. an update now on the schuylkill expressway. these are cameras around university avenue. we earlier were watching for delays because of a disabled septa bus to the shoulder. it just cleared.
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we're watching resillual delays. -- residual delays. traffic moving philly toward the vine street expressway. i'll have updates on other slow spots when i come back. now, a first alert weather day. let's head to the nter. bill henley has that. it's been rainy. the rain take a break right now in cape may. the winds, they're still blowing. gusting to 25 miles per hour. that ik 35 at the shore. yes, we have a first alert for heavy rainfall. most likely this afternoon. i'll walk you through it neighborhood by neighborhood ahead. ahead, a boyfriend's revenge. why police say he killed his girlfriend's beloved dogs and how she tricked him into confessing. and a phone booth revival. the proposed plan to put them back in action in philadelphia to help communication in a more modern way.
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tracking storms. a first alert to prepare you for the heavier rain and wind. that's moving into the area for our friday. handcuffed and shackled. this man is behind years of rape in delaware county. why a trip to the grocery store led to his downfall. swallowed up by waves. a sailboat takes a dramatic turn sparking a rescue at sea. good morning, 6:30 on this final day in march. this is nbc10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy david science. you see on the first alert radar, it's going to be a soggy friday. the storm system heading our way has already done damage across the south like bringing down lines on houses and cars. meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate neighborhood
6:31 am
first alert forecast. we had downpours, even thunderstorms overnight. heavy rain is due in, and it's going to affect the entire viewing area. the first alert is for today and tonight. heavy rainfall, but the heaviest downpours i expect will be coming through during the rush. could lead to localized flooding. ape long-term event. we've seen showers, still going on in the lehigh valley and dry this chester county and -- dry in chester county montgomery county. falling to cumberland county, salem county, into delaware. new sussex getting rainfall. there's more rain laning up to the southwest. this is heading our way and will be here this morning. this afternoon, this line of heavier rainfall, that's going to be coming through the area during the late afternoon and evening hours. it's going to be a dreary one and a chilly one, too. we're in the 30s right now with rain falling and the wind
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blowing. we'll see temperatures climb a bit. we'll be close to 50 in philadelphia. rain in the suburbs and 47 degrees. 50 in new jersey. and a rainy, dreary day for the lehigh valley and delaware. i'll break it down hour by hour and show when to expect the heaviest rain in your neighborhood when i come back in ten minutes. first, let's see howarin twith . jessica boyington has an update. yeah. we're starting to see slow speeds. 95, our cameras around cottman avenue. you see a string of brake lights on the southbound side. you can see them braking as they come around the corner. 22 minutes. on the rise for this drive time southbound from woodhaven road moving toward center city to the vine street expressway. average speeds are dropping into the there's a crash on the p.a. turnpike's northeast extension. on the southbound side just past lehigh valley, you see we are seeing southbound delays. the northbound sooking a little. now this is the admiral wilson boulevard through camden. here's the ben franklin bridge tau toll plaza. not bad.
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watch the burlington bristol. single-lane traffic with construction from an earlier crash that happened this morning. the betsy ross and taconi palmeira are clear for now. >> thanks. you can count on the nbc10l troubles the storms create. you can get the live first alert radar to see what's moving in to your neighborhood specifically. the app is a free download. it is deadline day for indicted philadelphia district attorney seth williams. he is due back in court today to answer a judge's demands. nbc10's katy zachry is live in the digital operations center with more on the decision williams needs to give him. what can you tell us? >> reporter: seth williams needs to show the court that he has a new attorney for his federal corruption case. lawyer michael diamond stein said he could no longer represent seth williams for free. that's diamond stein right there. the judge told womens he needs
6:34 am
to -- williams he needs to get a lawyer to of accepting cash, crips, and gifts in -- trips, and gifts in exchange for his influence. as d.a., he makes, $175,000 a year but says a costly divorce has left him with financial problems. he owes the philadelphia board of ethics over $60,000 in fines. williams has pleaded not guilty and remains district attorney despite calls for him to resign from as far up as the mayor's office. i reached out to a spokesperson from the d.a.'s office to learn if williams has a new attorney. so far'vback. live in the digital operations center, nbc10 news. >> thanks. 39 degrees outside. a trial starks in bucks county today -- starts today in a bucks county case where a woman staked out a pizza shop along with two customers.
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one robber was shot and another wounded. the customer was not charged. a judge is expected to sentence a philadelphia mom in the death of her 4-year-old daughter. shakia holmes pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter. investigators say her daughter shot herself with the gun found in the closet of their north philadelphia home last summer. we have three stories making national headlines this morning to tell you about. >> yeah. a fire that triggered the collapse of an overpass causes a transportation crisis in the city of atlanta. georgia officials say there's no way to tell when the road will be reopened. the flames consumed part of interstate 85 last night. investigators don't know how the fire started. the highway is a major route that carries a quarter of a million cars every day through atlanta. we have new details about this deadly bus crash in texas. police now say a number of callers reported seeing a swerving check before the head-on collision with the church bus wednesday. the crash killed 13.
6:36 am
authorities sent deputies to check out the swerving truck, but the crash had happened by the time they found it. take a look at this video. you're watching a sailboat smashing into a pier near los angeles and then capsizing underneath it yesterday. rescue crews pulled four people aboard the boat to safety. they all had minor injuries. all four people were wearing life jackets. officials blame high winds and rough waves for the accident. 6:36. we'll go state by state and county by county for a look at stories across the area. >> in delaware county, a suspected serial rapist is under arrest. dejohn lee is said to have attacked nine women in chester over a period of several years, the first when he was 16. investigators tracked down lee when one of his alleged victims spotted him at the grocery store where she works. a bucks county man killed his girlfriend's dogs because he was jealous of how much time she
6:37 am
spent with them. joel davis initially told his girlfriend the dogs had just died. his girlfriend told him she had a surveillance camera in her apartment that captured him in the act. it was a lie, but it got davis to confess to the killings. he's being held in jail on pending charges. a woman sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing her husband with antifreeze. jamie baker pled guilty to second-degree murder. her husband was a competitive wastelifter to died -- weight lifter who died four years ago. she killed him by lacing his steroid injections with antifreeze. and a smoking ban that applies to beaches and public parks. violators could face fines of up to $1,000. lawn port joins a dozen towns to issue the ban, but it's the atl. 6:37. 39 and we're in for serious
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rain. >> behind us you see the low-hanging clouds. meteorologist bill henley with more. here's another dreary view from frawley stadium inwilmgton. clouds and rain. the steadier rain is south of in. a break is temporary. you see the in cks county and trenton. to the south, a steady line of showers extends from new castle county and kent cnto atlantic city. we have seen steady rain in cape may. showers this morning. and more rain coming at us. this is the rain that will be moving in this morning. this is what is of most concern for the afternoon. there's a lot of moisture. we could see a couple of inches of rain for the area during the afternoon and evening hours heavy downpours. you see the thunderstorm activity in virginia.
6:39 am
we had storms in our area overnight. there's a possibility of more lightning especially this afternoon. hour by hour, this is first thing this morning. the rain filling in. the areas that are not getting rain now, that's not going to last long. this is at lunchtime. rain from the lehigh valley through berks county, the suburbs, delaware, and all across jersey. at 4:00, heavier rain moves in and expands into the early evening hours. that's 6:00. look at the rain coming down at chester county. moderate showers extend from the shore to lehigh and the trenton area. it will still be going at 10:00 this evening. heavy downpours slowly pushing through the area. tapering off overnight, the rain is going t hder to find. first thing in the morning, a few showers. then it dries out during the day today. we're looking at a rainy and fortunateliy looking at localize -- and potentially looking at
6:40 am
localized fl issued the first alert. rain and temperatures in the 40s, topping out in the 50s for philadelphia. the suburbs, rain and wind, 50 the high temperature. most of the day it's going to be chilly and feeling colder than that. the lehigh valley, rain comes right back into play. the heavier downpours in the afternoon. you'll see the heavy downpours during the afternoon hours for delaware and south jersey. at the shore, temperatures will climb only into the low 50s this afternoon. march is going out like a lion. but april, well, looking pretty much nicer from the get-go. the ten-day on when i come back in ten minutes. 20 minutes before 7:00 a.m. a look at the schuylkill and city avenue. >> brake lights for sure. jessica boyington has an update. one of the places to show backups always here. we can count on the schuylkill. westbound, a string of lights here and before the off ramp. we're seeing a delay. and approaching that from montgomery drive, about to this point is where we're starting to see some delays moving forward.
6:41 am
additionally, we still have residual delays from the earlier septa bus that was disabled around university. the crash on the p.a. turnpike's northeast extension. heftier delays. southbound around lehigh valley, past the area here, you see the red. northbound looks a little better by the scene. watch for the crash in lower providence. ridge pike around south trooper road. we'll check in with the philadelphia national airport last. due to low clouds, there's a traffic management program in effect for rising flights. definitely check with your carrier before you head out the door. right now, we're saying zero for the time -- the delay for the arriving flights. definitely check before you go. what would you do if you found a bag filled with $15,000? >> a delaware county man turned it in. coming up, he's being rewarded handsomely for his honesty. plus, a rushed good-bye. the tweet that may have forced crayola to spoil its sendoff for
6:42 am
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a quarter to 7:00. not one area in the tri-state area immune from the rain. everybody's getting it. cape may here. you see beach avenue as we look over at the first alert radar. you see the glob of rain moving eastward. that's rain. penn state university is making major changes to its system following the death of a fraternity pledge last month. they're banning the beta theta pi fraternity where timothy piazza was a pledge. he fell downstairs at an event. authorities said no one called for help until the next day. piazza later died at the hospital. a university investigation found the frat riddled with excessive drinking, hazing, and drugs.
6:46 am
the school is banning beer kegs at all greek events, limiting attendance at parties and moving rush period was fall to spring. new this morning, ptl electric utilities is warning customers not to use l.e.d. night lights that the company distributed. three people reported the night lights started smoking. one caught fire. ptl which serves most of the lehigh valley gave out the night lights at schools and is part of energy efficiency kits. nbc10 gets an exclusive firsthand look at septa's efforts to prevent violence. >> septa police have launched a new crackdown putting more officers in places where students ride and congregate during peak hours. officers are walking along platforms and riding on trains trying to head off trouble before it ever happens. >> every day we'll come and look and see even with information from the officers what worked, what didn't work. strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, what we have to do better next time. >> the changes come in the wake of the student fight earlier
6:47 am
there month. septa reports there were through fights at stations yesterday. there were no arrests. you don't see mean many -- you don't see many phone booths anymore for sure. >> but city council introduced a resolution that would turn old booths into wi-fi kiosks. the kiosks would give anyone with a wireless dries internet access and give people without cell phones access to emergency contacts. new york city is already doing this. now to nbc10 responds. >> a viewer hired a contractor to redo her kitchen. months later, when the job isn't complete, she hired harry harrison. >> in is the kitchen table with all the stuff that goes back along with the oven -- >> reporter: this is marie wright, and you heard her right. many of her kitchen items still in her dining room. >> the refrigerator and microwave have been here for over two months.
6:48 am
>> in january she hired a contractor. >> i wanted a kitchen with counter space. >> reporter: the contractor offered a fair price and said he would do quick work. >> he said a week and a half to two weeks. >> reporter: she didn't get it in writing. she fired the contractor and hired a new one to finish the work. >> she tells us she's happy the work is just about complete. here's the takeaway -- read over contracts carefully. make sure you have a start date, end date, and payment terms spelled out. pay using a credit card when possible. you have more protections that way. if you have a consumer problem for nbc10 responds or telemando 62, let us know. reach out, and we'll respond to you. of course we have cameras throughout the delaware valley. a live look at center city, the aramark building. you see the wind flapping near the flag. it aep's drizzly, wet.
6:49 am
>> meteorologist bill henley has the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? yeah. wet and windy. it will combine to keep things chilly. we've seen rain. not a lot of rain, but it's still damp from the showers and thunderstorm activity overnight. delaware and new jersey, cloudy skies, the rain falling overnight is going to be steadier as we head into the afternoon. the easterly winds in center city will keep us cool, right off the ocean and will through new jersey and delaware and pennsylvania, too. that's going to keep a lid on temperatures and make it feel even colder. right now it feels like it's below freezing in philadelphia. 31 is the windchill. allentown, mt. holly, trenton, feels like 32 in each of the neighborhoods. showers, not too numerous in berks county and chester county. the showers you see in allentown and bucks county and into the trenton area, those are going to be on and off this morning.
6:50 am
this is the steady rain that we've been watching across delaware and south een a few br cape may. that's all the rain coming for this morning. and this is what we're dealing with this afternoon. there's thunderstorm activity and moving through virginia. there's a possibility we'll get more thunderstorms during the afternoon and evening hours. a line of heavy downpours, another line of heavy downpours and another line. that's what we're going to be dealing with through the afternoon hours. the lightning firing up. by the time this is done, tomorrow at 10:00, we'll be dry. the rain is out of here by then. we could see more than two inches of rain in philadelphia. 2.5 in wilmington. two in chester county and westchester. and in egg harbor township closer to three inches of rachbrain. heavier downpours this afternoon, 49 degrees. a dreary, breezy day today. those clouds today will be drying out overnight. and the first showers of the
6:51 am
morning won't last long. we'll get breaks of sunshine in the afternoon. 52 on saturday. a little more sunshine possible on saturday. and that number will go a bit higher. sunny sundays. 60 degrees. clouds return on monday. showers used in on tuesday. then a nice day on wednesday. we'll goat breaks of sunshine, back into the 60s wednesday and thursday. the showers come back on thursday. there's a chance we'll see showers on friday for the home opener. it looks like it will be dry for saturday and sunday. temperatures climbing next weekend into the 60s by sunday afternoon. >> excellent. thanks. nine minutes before 7:00. a dreary ride to work. brighter news if you take the mid county tolls. >> jessica? we had a construction project that was set to be around where the e-zpass lanes were closed until april 10th. they have both reopened, both sides, for the mid county toll plazas. you see no problems now except for now all we're dealing with are the wet roads when you drive
6:52 am
through. lower providence, a crash at south trooper road. if you're checking in with the bridges, the burlington bristol dealing with construction in both directions. single-lane traffic due to an earlier crash that we had this morning. there's also a crash on the p.a. turnpike's northeast extension headed southbound. looking better now at the maps st. we're into the yellow. earlier we were seeing big delays on the southbound side into the red. just past the lehigh valley. and check before you go if you're heading to the philadelphia national airport. there's a traffic management in effect due to low clouds. >> thank you. it may be raining, but today is a day to celebrate all the colors of the rainbow. >> it's national crayon day. crayola saying good-bye to one of its iconic colors. take a look. >> i think retirement is going to be my wildest adventure yet. >> that is dandy. dan deline is heading to -- dandy lion is heading to the
6:53 am
crayon hall of fame. the cat got out of the bag early. and the picture may explain the early a-- explain the early withdrawal. crayola told npr a few of the packages got out of the factory little bit early. today we should learn more about the crayon that will replace dandelion and a name-that-color competition. what color would you like to see some tweet us @nbcphiladelphia. >> i wonder if marketing tweeted that out. is that what it was, from crayola? >> it was the box that got distributed. somebody looked on the bottom and said, oh, now i know. >> nice. honesty and patience paid off for a delaware county man. >> his name is robert tracy, and he filled a bag filled with $15,000 in cash on the street in upper darby last year. he turned it over to the police,
6:54 am
and the police held on to it for a year hoping that whoever owned it would come forward. no end ever did. robert tracy filed a civil suit to get the money back to him. this week the judge ruled the cash, it's all yours. >> we're back with more on the timeline of the wet weather and the storms for your friday.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
nbc10 is following a pair of stories unfolding in courtrooms across our area. >> first indicted philadelphiaia d.a. seth williams has a deadline to meet. the judge wants to hear if he's found a new lawyer to defend him in his corruption case. this week the lawyer who handled
6:58 am
the d.a.'s arraignment ditched the case saying williams didn't have enough to pay him. williams pleaded not guilty to federal bribery and extortion charges. and today in bucks county, t in the grace packer murder case. authorities say he strangled the 14-year-old last july. the day after he allegedly raped her while grace's adoptive mother, sarah packer, the whole thing. today in court, prosecutors may announce that they'll be seeking the death penalty in this case. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a last check of the roads. watching in clay mont a crash on philadelphia pike on the northbound side around i-495. here is the schuylkill expressway. actually not doing too bad.cose. moving through the boulevard here, we normally see much bigger delays. at least for now. right here in this camera, it looks like eastbound a little checking in with mass transit, septa's train 501 running 20 minutes late because of amtrak
6:59 am
communication issues. new jersey transit, patco, and amtrak on time for now. and a crash at west evergreen and west main street. a first alert for heavy rainfall for the entire area today and tonight. especially this afternoon. periods of heavy rain. downpours are likely to come through with the evening rush. could lead to localized flooding. getting a break in the rain now in philadelphia. you see rain to the north, and look to the south across delaware and south jersey. that's light but steady rainfall. there's more where that came from. and this right there, the thunderstorm activity, those are downpours that will be moving in during the afternoon. what it's going to do is keep things chilly all day long. rain, wind, temperatures in the 30s morning. i'm climb into the 40s and low 50s. the wet, windy conditions continue into then ago, drying out -- this evening, drying out this weekend. >> you ladies bring your
7:00 am
umbrellas? >> you bet. i listened to bill yesterday. >> there you go. good morning. breaking overnight, a massive fire causes an overpass to collapse on one of the nation's busiest highways. in one hurt, but the highw shut down in definitelily. a huge nightmare for hundreds of thousands of drivers. michael flynn tells congress he will testify about that russian investigation and tell what he knows if he ee's grante immunity. frightening fall, a circumstance


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