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tv   NBC10 News at 4pm  NBC  March 31, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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one to two inches tonight. from philadelphia across south jersey out along the shore is where we're seeing the heaviest rain. also a pocket of heavy rain in delaware. let's scan the whole area. you can see across philadelphia, we had heavier downpour just minutes ago. it's now starting to lighten up, but i think we'll have another one on the way soon. let's go up to new morgan and reading. you can see there is a line of heavier rain moving through here. no thunder associated like we saw last night. this is just heavy rain moving through the area. now let's go ahead and take a look what's going on toward wilmington. you can see we're having a heavy downpour here. the heaviest totals are expected to be across the northern part of delaware. finally let's go into south jersey where you can see dennis and maurice river, and you can see the heavier rain right there. and it's going to be continuing off to the south and the east. cape may also looking at some heavier rain. all of this is associated, as you can see it going right up into south jersey, with this
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large storm system, which is taking its time. the center of rotation, to move across the area. that won't happen until very early tomorrow morning. so we could see another one to two inches of rain tonight. when i come back in 15 minutes, i'm going to take you neighborhood to neighborhood to show you exactly how much you're going to get at your house. guys, back to you. taking a live look at i-95 in wilmington from our camera at trolley stadium. damp and cloudy conditioned for anyone driving that busy stretch of road. tim furlong live in storm force 10. >> tim, where are you right now and tell us about what conditions are like. >> yeah, we're near the 95 corridor. but this is a railroad bridge here. this spot gets flooded out a lot in days like this. it usually takes a little bit longer than this, though, and that's a lot of water right there. i've seen it go up almost to the underside of the rail bridge. we're not going to go through this water. we have seen vehicles go through this water. we're not going to go any closer
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than this right now. we just are going down here just to show you. now we're going to start backing up out of the road. but, yeah, you can see how deep the water gets. we've seen cars go through it. we've also seen sedans smartly turning around and not trying to go through this. so all over new castle county, the rain has been coming down all day. it's gotten harder in the last 25 minutes or so, but, yeah, we've met a lot of people not enjoying the rain today. take a look. what do you think of this weather today? >> it's for the birds. >> reporter: she's wrong. most birds are smart enough to stay out of rain like this. >> you know, one day it's 70 degrees. next day it's like this. >> reporter: the highways in delaware have been a mess today, having to walk in the rain no picnic either. we did drive back through some low spots like this underpass, spots that sometimes flood out on days like this. so far so good at this sometimes impassable spot in stanton.
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too much of an april shower might not be going for the flowers hoping to be planted in the ground real soon. we also found tree crews working today. no climbing trees outside the bucket lift today. it's too dangerous. the davey tree company also says rainy spring days like this put them behind schedule for all their other residential jobs. plus the guys just don't like to get soaking wet when they're trying to get their jobs done. >> we got sunny days, and we got rainy days. it is what it is type of thing. it makes the guys uncomfortable, so, you know, keeping the guys' spirit up is important as well. >> reporter: yeah, it is just one of those days where you just don't want to be out if you don't have to be out. not because the roads are horribly dangerous like a snowstorm, but they're not fun to be on. and certainly not even fun to ride and run to your car and go into a shopping center and things like that. it's a bad night out here. we're getting on route 7 here. we're going to go over toward newport and over back toward 95. i've gotten some facebook messages from people telling me
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that over near arden, off i-59, almost to clay mont, that area is a bit underwater in some spots. we're going to show you what it's like on the highways and join you at different points throughout the afternoon. for now we're live in storm force 10. i'm tim furlong, nbc10 news, trying to stay dry here in delaware. back to you. >> all right, we'll check back in. that rain is going to continue to impact your drive home tonight. nbc10 first alert traffic reporter francesca ruseio is keeping an eye on the roads for us. >> an accident slow down everything for the afternoon rush. we're looking at moorestown township, at nixon drive. you do see how it's very red. right off the 2, take a look at this. this is 10 miles an hour. this is the rate of traffic. it's crawling. you can hop off at fellowship, township drive as an alternate. let's take a look at the majors. this is the schuylkill
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expressway. trav it's going to take you 46 minutes. again, westbound still looks pretty good but this picture will be changing as we approach the 5:00 hour. remember, take it slow out there folks and remember that umbrella. >> stay with nbc10 throughout the day for updates on the weather and traffic. we'll show you any problems that pop up on the roads near you. you can also track the rain and plan ahead for the weekend with the nbc10 app. download it for free to get interactive radar and your neighborhood forecast right there on your smartphone. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with an arrest in connection with a philadelphia strip club shooting. >> the shooting outside delilah's monday night forced police to shut down parts of i-95 during the evening rush. a woman was nearly hit by the gunfire while walking to her car. >> nbc10's rosemary connors broke the new details this morning at 11:00. rosemary, police tell you this was a random attack. >> they do, jacqueline and erin.
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authorities tell us the suspect is 29-year-old mitch. right now he is on the camden county jail on a weapons charge. philly police have wanted to nab him for days as they've considered him armed and very dangerous. police have been on the hunt for lawrence mitchell since monday. that's when they say he opened fire from this fifth floor window of this building under construction near front and spring garden streets. according to investigators, mitchell used a high-powered rifle with a scope to shoot as many as three times into the parking lot of delilah's nightclub. the bullets missed a woman getting into her car but hit this white chevy pickup. philadelphia police call the shooting random. on monday with the gunman still on the loose, they shut down parts of i-95 and spring garden street. right now law enforcement in camden county is working with philadelphia police. authorities tell me the next step for mitchell is an extradition hearing. reporting live from the digital
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operations center, rosemary connors, nbc10 news. are you able to stay in office and still do the job? >> philadelphia district attorney seth williams again refusing to answer the nbc10 investigator's questions about his conduct and ability to lead his office. this comes as williams accepts a temporary suspension of his law license while he fights a corruption indictment in federal court. he was back in court today getting permission to switch attorneys. defense lawyer thomas burke has taken the case. there had been concern that williams wouldn't be able to pay for his own attorney, but burke says he will remain williams' lawyer and fight the 23-count corruption and bribery indictment against him. >> the indictment does not contain a single allegation that the outcome of a single case prosecuted by my client's office was affected. we look forward to refuting the allegations and to the day that mr. williams is cleared of this behavior. >> seth williams says he will remain in office in an administrative capacity as he fights the charges.
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president trump says his former national security adviser is right to ask for immunity in exchange for talking about russia. >> mr. trump tweeted today, mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt, excuse for big election loss by media and dems of historic proportion. flynn is talking with the house and senate intelligence committees about obtaining immunity from prosecution if he testifies. but a top democrat with the house committee said today it's too early to consider an immunity deal for the former nsc adviser. sources tell nbc news the senate panel has already turned down flynn's request. this afternoon, the white house press secretary was clear when asked about concerns over potentially damaging information flynn may have. >> is the white house concerned that general flynn has damaging information about the president, his aides and associates, about
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what occurred during the campaign with respect to russia? >> nope. >> general flynn's ties to russia have been scrutinized by the fbi and are under investigation by both committees. president donald trump is touting his efforts to boost american manufacturing. he met with the national association of manufacturers today at the white house to publicize a new survey from the group. the survey found more than 93% of members polled now have a positive outlook on their companies. that's up from less than 57% this time last year. today a judge approved an agreement for president donald trump to pay $25 million to settle lawsuits over trump university. people say they were misled by promises to learn success in real estate. the school no longer exists. president trump says he did nothing wrong. hillary clinton is wading back into politics after losing the presidential election. clinton spoke today at georgetown university. during the speech she took several shots at president
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trump's budget and his proposed cuts to international programs. >> this administration's proposed cuts to international health, development, and diplomacy would be a blow to women and children and a grave mistake for our country. >> the white house has defended its budget proposal with a shift toward funding things like the military and border security. representative charlie dent returned home to the lehigh valley today. dent took questions from a crowd of hundreds at a town hall meeting in hanover township. topibles ranged from health care to russian interference in the election to the potential local impact of president trump's proposed budget cuts. >> everybody just take a deep breath. the president proposes, congress disposes, and we'll move from there. >> this was dent's first town hall since announcing he would not vote for the president's proposed health care bill. new details on the investigation into what killed twin babies in camden county.
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the medical examiner ruled today the 7-month-old girl died -- girls died of natural causes. their mother called 911 last week saying the girls were unresponsive in their crib at the family's apartment in lindenwold. a source working on the case confirmed the baby girls were born three months premature. a friday traffic crisis down south. one of the busiest stretches of roadway in america is closed this afternoon after this raging fire caused a bridge to just collapse. that bridge is part of interstate 85 in atlanta. it is a city already well known for its gridlock. here's what the bridge looks like this afternoon. it was around 6:00 last night that a fire started underneath it. about an hour later, the bridge collapsed in a flaming heap of flames and smoke. no one was injured, but now there is an added challenge to getting around atlanta. >> with that road out, it's going to be out for at least a week if not more. how are people going to actually
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get to work? >> the highway is closed in both directions indefinitely, creating bumper to bumper traffic throughout atlanta. authorities are still trying to figure out just how that fire started. for philadelphians, the situation in atlanta brings back memories of a massive fire that shut down i-59 more than two decades ago. an illegal tire dump caught fire in port richmond in march of 1996 and damaged an elevated stretch of 95. it took six months to repair the interstate. prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty against both people accused of killing 14-year-old grace packer. lawyers made the announcement when 44-year-old jacob sullivan waived his formal arraignment on homicide, rape, and other charges today. grace packer's dismembered body was found in a wooded area of lucerne county last october. prosecutors think grace's adoptive mother watched sullivan act out a rape murder fantasy
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they shared. deanna durante was in the courtroom. she'll have more on this story all new on nbc10 news at 5:00. a weekend gift for thousands of drivers in our area. the easy pass express lanes opened ahead of school at the mid county plaza in monlt gomry county. they closed last week and are expected to remain that way until april 10th for upgrade work. but all express lanes for easy pass users are open once again this afternoon. take a look at this video of the aftermath of a crash. one car almost completely on top of another. this all happened earlier this morning along broad street. police say there were actually three cars involved. one car hit a light pole, sending the second car on top of the third. one woman went to the hospital. the philadelphia housing authority broke ground today on a new development to revitalize a local community. governor tom wolf joined local leaders for today's ceremony. the pha said the strawberry mansion apartments will
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complement the ongoing revitalization of the north philadelphia neighborhood. the 55 sustainable units will include low energy usage features. they are the latest of three developments by pha for strawberry mansions. a norman rockwell painting stolen from a home in cherry little is back with its owners today. >> the fbi tells us it was hiding in plain sight. >> are you prepared to receive this painting? >> yes. >> and with that, a norman rockwell painting was back with its owners. >> i thought it was going to flush itself out one day, and it did. >>. stolen back in 1976, it was distinctive for more than its famous artist. robert grant bought it while playing pool. >> as he drew his pool cue back, he drew it a little too far, and he put a hole in the rockwell. and it was a, you break it, you buy it type of moment. >> grant gave the owner 100 bucks for a piece that graced
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the cover of the "saturday evening post" back in 1919. he didn't live to see the painting returned, but his daughter-in-law says he never forgot it. >> that was one of the last things he said, was go get norman. >> recently the fbi's art crime team reopened the case that had gone cold. >> and the wish came true. >> an unidentified art dealer, who isn't a suspect, turned it over when he heard about the theft, thinking it was a reproduction, he hung it on his kitchen wall when it didn't sell. after all, who buys a painting with a hole in it. >> my husband cried, cried and cried, and he still could cry if you talk to him. >> the fbi now has a lead on a suspect they believe came from philly. meanwhile, the owner's now six siblings won't say what they'll do with the painting. >> options are open. >> or what it's worth. some reports say more than a million. >> the family did have to refund the insurance company for the claim paid out after that theft.
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♪ new jersey native jon bon jovi is getting ready to rock south philadelphia. the last time he performed in philly was 2013. that all changes tonight when he brings his this house is not for sale tour to the wells fargo center. the show begins here at 7:15. turning back now to our first alert weather, and we are tracking heavy rain across our area right now. a live look down the shore from our cape may camera. you see the wipers there. a very wet and dreary day at the beach and strong winds could be an issue there as well. and this is a live look at philadelphia international airport where we have just learned that arriving flights are delayed by about one hour right now. that could change. so it is always best to check with your airline about your flight status. let's check in with meteorologist tammy souza for the latest track on this rain. >> it is a pesky rain that is going to be with us all evening, and at times it's going to be a
4:17 pm
heavy rain. that's why we have a first alert out for the heavy rain. what we're going to be looking at is the entire viewing area continuing to see these heavy downpours and then a little bit of a break. then more heavy rain. this is going to be through pre-dawn tomorrow morning. i think the heaviest is going to be before 10:00 tonight. it looks like because it will be steady and heavy at times tonight, we could be facing some flooding concerns and that's why we have a flood watch which has been issued by the national weather service. this is until 2:00 tomorrow morning for everybody, our entire viewing audience. that includes new jersey, delaware, and pennsylvania. that's because we could see some of that localized street flooding. beware if you're out and about, those streets that usually pond up first, those are the ones you want to avoid, especially because we have some heavy downpours. let's take a tour around the area. in philadelphia, it's lightened up a bit. you're probably getting a little bit of a break. there is more on the way, though, so don't be deceived by that. from reading all the way back down through wilmington we're looking at a steady rainfall.
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in fact, it's moving out now towards pile grove and woolrich. it's moving off to the south and the east. delaware city, you're south of that, i'm not sure going to get that heavy, hefavy rain. and then a batch of rain all the way down the shore from stone harbor toward cape may. you're about to get hit in dennis. into south jersey, hammonton, you're looking at heavy rain. galloway, a little bit of a break, but you get the idea. these pockets of heavy rain continuing across the area. and this storm system, the center of it is still back here across parts of west virginia, and it's still got to make its way across philadelphia. that's where the center of the low will be tomorrow morning. hour by hour look what happens. we're still at 8:00 looking at pockets of heavy rain across the area from philadelphia to cape may to dover off to reading. and then we start to see it tapering off as we get into the midnight hours, still some rain. we have the last of the rain showers swooping around at about
4:19 pm
5:00 in the morning. and then we'll start to clear out. this is how much rain you can expect to still fall tonight in your neighborhood. anywhere from 1 to 1.3 inches. this is across philadelphia county. now let's move to the suburbs and see. there's where you'll see perhaps an inch, maybe a little less than an inch in some places. west bradford, you're going to see a whole inch. let's go take a look at what's going on a little bit further off to the north. waring ton, you're going to be seeing an inch as well. let's go off to the lehigh burkes, and we are looking at less than an inch generally. so the heaviest of the rain will have already moved through that area this evening, and then it will be headed off to the east. we're going to cover more neighborhoods when i come back in just a few minutes. but now erica, tell us how much has fallen so far because it's actually fairly impressive. this is going to be a pretty big event when it's added up. >> that's right. you're talking about what's going to be added to what we're
4:20 pm
already seeing across the entire delaware valley. vineland just under an inch for you but a half an inch for dennis. maurice river just about a half an inch for you. notice right now we're seeing these accumulations very quickly. so very impressive numbers right now. hoe kesen just under an inch and a half along with wilmington. an inch for newark, and it looks like delaware city currently just under an inch and a half in total so far. but as tammy mentioned, we still have more rain headed our way. but i want to go ahead and focus quickly on what to expect for the upcoming weekend. everything is clearing through the overnight hours into early tomorrow morning. notice we will see some stubborn clouds sticking around for tomorrow. temperatures topping out mainly in the low to mid-50s, but the good news is conditions will improve by sunday. lots of sunshine and highs in the upper 50s to low 60s. so we will have to deal with that rain for tonight, but we do have a fantastic second half of the weekend in store. >> just focus on that.
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>> because not only is it rainy, but it's that cold, damp rain. >> kind of raw, right? >> uncomfortable. >> you know what, i will tell you this. we are still technically in a drought, and we need the rain. not all at once, but we're going to take whatever we can get. just stay safe on the roads. >> tammy, erica. thank you. this heavy rain we're dealing with definitely not baseball weather. but one week from today, the phillies will be playing ball again here in south philadelphia. we are keeping our fingers crossed for better weather next friday when we welcome home the phillies to citizens bank park. you can watch the home opener against the nationals right here on nbc10. dandelion yellow has every reason to feel blue. >> it does. the crayola crayon, it's ready for retirement. >> i think retirement's going to be my wildest adventure yet. >> the color taking dandelion's place in the big box of 24, and how you can help name the new
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crayon. plus an nbc10 viewer hired a contractor to remodel her kitchen, and when the job wasn't finished months later, she contacted harry hairston. the lessen from nbc10 responds when it comes to signing a contract. and take cover. the buzz surrounding this baseball field that put players on the ground. but first a look at the closing bell on wall street. dear fellow citizen,
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in as little as 30 minutes. so don't wait. get your free online valuation now. ♪ find out how much your car's worth ♪ ♪ at nbc10's first alert weather. tracking heavy rain during the afternoon rush. a live look at i-95 in south philly. you can see that slow travel on the wet roads there. first alert meteorologist tammy
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excu due za. the best video of the day. redondo beach, california, where heavy surf capsized a sailboat. all four people in the boat ended up this that choppy water. after a few moments of panic, rescuers did pull all of those people back onto dry land. certainly scary. there are certain sounds that let you know baseball season has arrived. the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, but not usually the buzz of swarming bees. look at that. that was the case yesterday in arizona. players on the rockies and the padres ducked and took cover after countless bees literally invaded the field. the bees only stayed for a few minutes, and then the game resumed. >> they stayed perfectly still. i think they practiced that before. we have a warning about signing contracts on nbc10 responds. >> harry hairston joins us. >> we're going to show you a common mistake on a contract that could mean the job never gets done.
4:27 pm
how to make sure you're covered. that's coming up next. and rain, rain, go away. that's not going to happen until this area of low pressure crosses philadelphia. i'll tell you when that's going to happen and how much you can expect in your neighborhood coming up.
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>> announcer: now your nbc10 first alert weather. >> right now at 4:30, heavy rain has been falling across our region the entire day, and it is not over yet. this was the view from storm force 10 earlier today in newark, delaware. the downpours certainly make driving more difficult and dangerous out there. lots of brake lights along the schuylkill expressway at city avenue. slow going. take your time and pack your patience. this rain is going to be with us for a while. taking a live look from
4:31 pm
storm force 10. on i-95, be sure to take it slow if you're heading home or heading out tonight. this system is going to last into the night. our first alert weather team is keeping you prepared for any potential flood threat where you live. nbc10 first alert meteorologist tammie souza is tracking where the heaviest rain is right now. >> it's actually from up here near reading all the way down toward philadelphia, not quite in philadelphia and down into wilmington. also from cape may back toward atlantic city and up toward tom's river. so we're seeing it kind of sporadic across the area as for as where the heaviest rain is falling. right now let's just go in toward cape may because i think you're about to get hit pretty hard from villis to cape may out towards stone harbor and dennis. that's where we're going to see a very heavy downpour, probably lasting 20 minutes or so. the center of the storm still back here. it's making its way into parts of west virginia and still has to cross the area. so here's what's going to
4:32 pm
happen. let's take you through this hour by hour so that you know what to expect tonight. as that low starts to approach us, we're going to continue to see this heavy rain that's moving through the area. these are heavy downpours, not expecting lightning with this. by 8:30 tonight, still some pretty good downpours across philadelphia, but let's take a look. tom's river, atlantic city, mount holly, that's where we're seeing the heavier rain. then all of this is going to start to move off to the east. we could see a little bit of sleek mixing in out toward mount pocono. we'll see some scattered showers overnight. once we get into 7:30 in the morning, i think we'll start to calm down. i think the rain will be gone. we'll be stuck with cloud cover throughout the day. tomorrow may be a little bit nicer as far as temperatures and the amount of rain, but we're still going to have to cloud cover. how much rain still has to fall tonight? take a look at this. some areas, more than an inch of rain. toward mount pocono, 0.07 of an inch. if you're heading out on the
4:33 pm
roads tonight, go slow and be sure to give yourself extra time. the rain impacting the commute. >> keeping an eye on the biggest trouble spots out there. >> not on impacting the evening commute, also skyrocketing these arrival delays. so we're watching 95 at the philadelphia internet airport. this is southbound over here. we're starting to see some bumper to bumper traffic northbound. these arrival delays, anywhere up to an hour has been reported. we're watching for an accident at abington. expect delays. i'll send it back to you guys. >> just as important as your umbrella is the nbc10 app. don't leave home without it. download it for free to get severe weather alerts and the weekend forecast right there on your smartphone. now to nbc10 responds. a viewer hired a contractor to remodel her kitchen but months later the job still wasn't complete. >> and at the end it was the homeowner who didn't do her
4:34 pm
homework on that contract. >> this is the kitchen table with all the stuff that goes back into the kitchen along with the oven. >> reporter: this is marie wright, and you heard her wright. many of her kitchen items still sit in her dining room. >> the refrigerator and the microwave have been here now for over two months. >> reporter: wright says in january she hired a contractor. >> i wanted to have a kitchen with counter space. >> reporter: wright tells us the contractor charged her a fair price and promised quick work. >> he said he could do this in a week and a half to two weeks. >> reporter: but she didn't get that time frame in writing. wright fired the contractor and hired a new one to finish the work. now, she tells us she's happy the work is just about complete. now, folks here's the takeaway you need to know. read over the contract carefully. make sure a start date, end date, and payment terms are all spelled out and pay using a credit card when possible. that way you have more
4:35 pm
protection. okay? that will help keep you safe. another thing you might want to do as well. check out the guy's work, the contract contractor's work. >> references. >> go see the work. >> and get it in writing. >> get it in writing for sure. >> verbal agreements don't hold much water. >> if you have a consumer complaint for nbc10 responds, fill out the form on or give us a call and we will respond to you. coming up monday on nbc10 responds, a battle over a bill left a homeowner on the hook for thousands of dollars. harry shows you how to avoid getting stuck paying out of pocket. that's monday on nbc10 news today. now here's a look at some of the other stories we are following county by count at 4:00. in bucks county, a woman could spend up to two years in prison after pleading guilty for her role in a deadly pizza shop robbery. prosecutors say chastity ramos staked out the shop in levittown before her boyfriend and his brother tried robbing the place. her boyfriend's charged in the
4:36 pm
robbery. a customer shot and killed her boyfriend's brother during that crime. in new castle county, dr. jill biden will be in wilmington talking about how to stop child abuse. the former second lady will deliver opening remarks at the imagine delaware forum. the event is free and open to the public. celebrating cape may county's history. today area officials dedicated a marker at the lewis ferry terminal at the boardwalk. it's to honor the 325th anniversary of when the county was formally established after european settlement. this was the kickoff to several anniversary events. and in gloucester county, kids can jump into a new indoor sports facility. launch trampoline park opened its doors in deptford just a few minutes ago. the park features connected trampolines that form a giant surface to jump on. a former eagles player owns it. brick by tiny little brick. >> philadelphia landmarks
4:37 pm
recreated in leg goes. a sneak peek inside the attraction that's bringing out the kid in all of us. and counting calories can make you sip responsibly. the first of its kind change panera bread is making at its beverage station. seals getting stranded all along the east coast. this one bitten by a shark. >> one of the flippers was bitten down to the bone. >> i'm ted greenberg. how rescuers at the jersey shore are now running out of room.
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prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant. >> announcer: this is nbc10 news. panera bread is taking new steps to help your health. starting april 5th, the restaurant chain will post added sugars and calories that are in each self-serve beverage. it will be at the point of pour. that means the information will be listed right where you get your drink. panera is the first national restaurant company to do it.
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waiting for junk food could force you to make healthier choices. researchers at rush university created this vending machine that delays the release of less nutritious snacks by 25 seconds. the machines tracked more than 32,000 purchases. it alerts you of what takes time and what is released right away. healthy selections jumped by 2% to 5% without hurting the sales. >> i think if i really want something, i'd be willing to wait. >> 25 seconds is not a long time. today is not the day you want to leave home without an umbrella. nbc10 first alert weather is tracking heavy rain. tammie. >> look at this. we got some heavy rain right down here headed toward cape may right now. we're going to see periods of heavy rain all evening long. i'll tell you how much is going to fall in your neighborhood. we're going local right after the break. plus school surprise. how an elementary schoolteacher kept a secret from her students for a year and gave them the ride of a lifetime.
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nbc10 first alert weather tracking heavy rain moving across our area. this is a live look at cape may as meteorologist tammie souza just mentioned, this area is about to get hit with a pretty big downpour. she's going to have the latest track on the rain in less than two minutes. but first we want to go right to traffic reporter francesca who is getting reports of flooding closing roads. >> this is the latest report in terms of street flooding in conshohocken. we are closed between station and diamond avenue right over here. again, you can obviously take conshohocken state road as an alternate, but this is our very first and latest penndot report of the closures for flooding. when i come back, we'll take a look at the roads over in new jersey. back to you guys. now a first look inside the
4:46 pm
area's newest ultimate indoor playground. nbc10 got a sneak peek inside the lego land discovery center. there are thousands of lego bricks kids can use. there's also a lego-themed ride and a cinema. >> i think it is awesome, and i can't wait to be part of it. >> my favorite thing is the lego ride. >> the lego land discovery center opens to the public next thursday. a special surprise for every single student at a south carolina school. a first grade teacher raising money to buy them new bikes exceeded her goal. [ cheers and applause ] oh, those screams. the kids were so happy to say the least. each one got a bike, a helmet, and a lock. some of them have never owned a bicycle before. >> oh, my gosh. one of the little boys was, it's
4:47 pm
the first time i've gotten a bike, or i'm so happy that i finally get to ride something and not just sit around and watch tv all day. >> listen to this. the kids' teacher raised more than $80,000. she says she plans to use that leftover cash to start a nonprofit to buy bikes for kids all across the country. >> that's awesome. >> it is an incredible story. >> they're not going to forget their teacher either. >> ever. and that every single child got one. nobody is wanting. >> brand-new bikes. excellent. turning to our first alert weather team, not exactly a great bike day. tracking a lot of heavy rain. along i-59 near claymont/delaware. so much heavy traffic. let's go to tammie for the latest track on this rain. >> let's take a look at who's getting the most rain right now. all the beams of our doppler radars are flipping around. we see a heavy year batch of rain up here toward allentown. also moving down toward bridge stop just off to the west of
4:48 pm
philadelphia. i think the heaviest right now is about to hit cape may and move through that area. things are starting to clear out in tom's river, atlantic city about to get hit by a moderate batch of rain. you can see all of this is still moving through the area. a little bit further to the west, you'll notice we have a bit of a break. i think we do get a tiny bit of break as we head through the evening. that's the good news as we'll have a chance to let some of this weeater recede. hour by hour, you can see this heavy rain right now and again a lot of this is out there on the jersey shore and south jersey and into delaware. but we're going to see this continuing off to the east. we'll see temperatures continuing to fall maybe even cold enough to get a little bit of a rain, snow, or a sleet mix, maybe some light freezing rain up toward mount pocono. that's at 8:30 tonight. let's go to just after midnight. spotty showers around the area. doylestown, that includes you. as we head into the pre-dawn hours, we don't really have anything. we drop down across parts of the area into the 30s, but i think
4:49 pm
in the metro area we stay in the low 40s because of all that cloud cover. by the time we get into midday on saturday, we have clouds, but we are not looking at rain across the area. so we have dried out. if you have activities, you're not going to be dealing with rain. now we're going to go neighborhood to neighborhood and see how much more rain you can get tonight. we've already seen anywhere from one to two inches of rain across the area. so in the philadelphia area, we're going to be looking at maybe center city, another 1.3 inches. the same for fox chase. if we get up to chestnut hill, we're going to be looking at maybe 1.2 inches of rain there. let's go ahead and advance out to the suburbs. let's take a look at what's going out here. kennett square, you'll see maybe an inch of rain. we get to phoenixville, eight tenths of an inch. fort washington, 1.2. bryn mawr, you're going to see about 1.2 inches of rain. let's head up to the lehigh valley and berks county. in synci
4:50 pm
in syncing spring, a half inch of rain. the heavier rain has already fallen in the lehigh valley in berks county. let's go ahead now. in bethlehem, about sixth tenths of an inch of rain. let's check out delaware where you're going to see heavy rain. glasgow, 1.1 inches. greenville, 1.2 inches. dover, another 1.4 inches of rain headed your way. and finally we need to make a stop in jersey where i think the heavier amounts are going to fall. we head up to hamilton, you could see 1.2 inches. then finally we head out to the shore where again we could still see more than an inch of rain. egg harbor, you could still have two inches of rain on the way for tonight. that's why we have these flooding concerns that are out there on top of what we've already seen. that's what you're going to show us, what we saw earlier today, right erika? >> that's right, tammie. it's all about that low intensifying just to the west as it continues to work its way north eastward.
4:51 pm
rainfall totals so far ranging anywhere between a half inch to an inch and a half. it's all about how you are driving tonight. make sure you take your time. what about the weekend? it looks pretty good. we are seeing some clouds to kick off your saturday, but sunshine for your sunday. it looks like we are tracking a new system that will be here by tuesday. so keep that in mind. and you can always follow us on social media @nbc philadelphia. for more information, more nbc10 after the break.
4:52 pm
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right now at 4:00, out with the old, in with the new. >> bye-bye to that guy right there. crayola is saying good-bye to dandelion yellow in its big box of 24 crayons. >> i think retirement's going to
4:55 pm
be my wildest adventure yet. >> dandelion is only the third crayon to retire in crayola's history, and its replacement, a crayon in the blue family. nbc10's randy gyllenhaal was at the factory in easton for the retirement party. >> reporter: more than 100 different shades make up the crayola color palette, a wax crayon for every taste. >> what's your favorite color? >> pink. >> what about you? >> red. >> reporter: but only one color is honored worldwide today. dandelion yellow. >> it's kind of a warmer shade of yellow. >> reporter: crayola retiring this old wax crayon after 27 years. >> dandelion became a part of our box in 1990. >> i'm coloring mr. dandelion. >> reporter: coloring inside the lines is an art form passed down to a new generation. >> i grew up coloring with
4:56 pm
mr. dandelion. >> reporter: kids and adults both write good-bye notes to this shade of yellow that will soon disappear. >> we're really sad because dandelion is leaving, but we're excited for what's replacing it. >> reporter: with dandelion retired, crayola will replace him requestwith a shade of blue. you can help name it. >> the color will soon be claying. >> i named it ocean blue. >> but that magic of colorful creation endures. >> it's a great way for kids to express themselves, kind of give them an insight into their imagination. >> reporter: in easton, randy gyllenhaal, nbc10 news. >> certainly is magic. all new at 5:00, fast food items taken off the menu for some local college students. also coming up, where is all the tax money going? tonight why parents insist more money should be set aside for schools. and we have a first alert. yes, there's a flood watch out there as the rain continues to pummel parts of the area.
4:57 pm
we'll go neighborhood to neighborhood to show you how much you're still going to get tonight.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
right now at 5:00, heavy rain pounding the region. the nbc10 first alert weather team tracking when the rain will let up for your weekend plans. new at 5:00, a fight about money outside the classroom. parents demand answers, wanting to know why more tax money isn't going to local schools. also new at 5:00, stranded seals. why the only facility for rescuing sick and injured
5:00 pm
mammals is running out of room. >> announcer: nbc10 news starts now. plenty to get to this afternoon. first at 5:00, torrential downpours. we've been telling you you would need your raincoats and umbrellas all day long. no matter where you live, the wet weather will find you and has found you. windshield wipers are working overtime tonight. in gloucester county as we check the conditions out on the road. >> from the roads to the air, flights are getting backed up at philadelphia international airport. be sure to check with your airline in you do have a flight out of town later tonight. we checked, and flights on average were delayed by at least an hour. here's a live look outside from our camera on top of the loews. you can see the rain and some fog beginning to roll through. >> let's take a look at the nbc10 first aletter radar. that swath of green covering the screen is pouring rain and not ending anytime


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