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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  April 5, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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restriction. could be construction crew out there. watch firefighter lane restrictions there. other than that the north and southbound side of 95 are pretty much doing okay. crash in upper moorland on fareway road. watch for amtrak northeast this morning. running on modified schedule. may see some delays. reporting some delays already. check in with that especially as the morning rush continues. might see bigger delays. other than that new jersey septa and patco are running on time. i did not want my son to die like this. >> this morning in an nbc 10 exclusive, hearing from a mother in shock after somebody gunned down her son at a stolt in philadelphia. she believes he was targeted. police agree this was no random act. nbc 10 katy zachary live. tell us what we know about the case. >> reporter: rose mary, the
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deadly shooting happened at the intersection behind me. we checked with police this morning. still no arrest. grieving mother tells us she is confident there will soon be an arrest given the witness statement police have and the information that they are working with right now. tark a look. this is renay valentine. she says her 39-year-old son was targeted. he was sitting in a car at a light at the sprex of sormdale and boulevard early sunday when someone in a white cadillac suv pulled up alongside him and fired, killing him. his mother believes it stems from a fight at a club where he worked as a bouncer. he has children who are struggling with the fact their father is dead. >> they targeted him to kill him. they did. he wasn't a violent person, and for him to be taken away from us is senseless.
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>> as you saw in that interview, she was struggling to find the right words. tells us she wanted to speak out. she feels like she needs to. wants to send a message to law makers and legislators who vote on gun reform this cannot happen again. for now, reporting live no sormdale. katy zachry. nbc 10 news. new from overnight search is on for who shot a man. man was shot in the neck. he was rushed to the hospital. is history instead stable condition. this morning, there's an investigation into a police purr suft that ended in a crash. happened in philadelphia east mount airy neighborhood last night. officers were chasing two men in white car. driver allegedly tried to run over a police officer. the white car then collided with red car. nobody was hurt. we're working to find out if anyone is in custody.
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4:32. $70,000 reward offered to the person who can help police solve a quadruple shooting that killed three people. 25 shots fired here. not far from school playground. police tell us the surviving victim is not cooperating with the investigation and looking for witnesses to interview. happening now, a democratic senator from oregon pulling an all-nighter to protest the nomination of judge neil gorsuch to the court. took the senate floor around 7:00 last night promising to speak as long as he is able. democratic haves enough votes to filibuster the nomination, but republican leaders threaten to change the rules to allow for vote. hear arguments today on soda tax. >> just one of the stories we're following for you today. the american beverage association and local businesses are challenging the tax. they say it amounts to a sales
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tax because it's often passed on to consumers. city disputes that arguing the 1.5 cent tax is levied on distributors. money from tax funds goes to pre-k and other school programs. today jury here fist full testimony of eric frein. prosecutors say frein ambushed state troopers in 2014 killing one trooper and wounding another. frein has pleaded not guilty. let's head now to wilmington where a trial will continue for three teenage girls charged in a fight that led to 16-year-old girl's death. died of sudden cardiac arrest last year. she had a preexisting heart condition. all three teens charged in the case are being tried as juveniles. today we expect to learn more about plans to turn the old taj mahal in atlantic city to a
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hard rock hotel and casino. join city leaders at a briefing later this morning to spell out the details. hard rock has said it will buy the taj for $300 million. plans to open next year employing around 3,000 people. problems continue this morning nor commuters headed to new york's penn station. transit and am track operate on reduced service today. on monday an transit train derailed at the station. crash did so much damage, it could be days before full service is restored. nfl draft in philadelphia is drawing a lot of victors. also expected to jam up parts of the city. >> we're going to break down the closures that begin in just days and could last for weeks. up to draft time. plus state school cuts. tell you about the warnings to local colleges and universities. what it means for faculty and campus programs.
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also, mile high home opener. colorado rockies not worried about snow covered coors field as they get ready to play ball here in just a few days. 57 degrees. warm start. looking green. on boat house road, but we won't see green on the radar until tomorrow. blue skies for today. your neighborhood forecast just ahead.
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sincerely, robert kennedy, fellow grad and fellow citizen. citizens bank education refinance loan. call... to see how much you could save now. looks like a good drive so far. not dealing with construction. westbound and eastbound looking good. heading towards schuylkill or 95. no problem getting there. schuylkill drive times are okay.
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into the green 13 minutes. speeds into the 60s right now in both directions. crash in upper moor land. fairway road. end here in new jersey moving through the cherry hill area. towards different parts of philadelphia and area. i'll have more areas on the roads which check mass transit when i come back in ten minutes. just a little bit of a breeze at eight miles an hour. nice breeze out of the northwest. skies nice and sunny today. into the 60s this afternoon for philadelphia. 66 at 4:00 this afternoon. bright sunshine warm temperatures up in the suburbs. now 57. mild morning and suburbs wind a
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little bit stronger. 12 miles an hour. north westerly winds will be blowing into the afternoon. temperature climbs near 60 degrees at noontime. clear in the lehigh valley. 59 degrees right now. it is cooling down. we'll see the temperatures drop before they come right back up and warm into the 60s this amp. plenty of sunshine ahead for new jersey. there are some colder neighborhoods in new jersey with light winds and clear skies and very dry air. that's when you get chillier temperatures. nice warmup with sunshine all day long for new jersey. and at the shore. see sunny skies. 49. 60s by noon. into the 60s this afternoon. delaware, 59 degrees to start with. 50s this morning. on track for a nice wamplup this afternoon with mostly sunny skies today. dry on the radar. nothing to show you for today. tomorrow is a different story. first alert for heavy rain and potential for strong storms. that's the storm system moving through the midwest right now.
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take you through it hour by hour to show you when heavy downpours are going to reach your neighborhood when ecome back in a few minutes. 19 minutes before 5:00 a.m. on this wednesday. baseball a usually a sign of spring. wouldn't know it looking at colorado rockies field. >> it's covered as you can see in a blanket of snow. crewing will be clearing that snow away to get the stadium ready to host the team's home opener on friday. be out there no problem. phillies hopefully shouldn't have a problem this friday. looking at a for showers. home opener. don't forget to watch nbc 10 welcome home fleece special. starts at two. takes you right up to the game against the nationals at 3:05. >> other news this morning. former president of mexico slams president trump during a trip to our area. >> hear his plea to the president when it comes to the border wall. also, falling flat. tell you about the online backlash after pepsi rolls out a new ad with a new spokesperson. xñósoñ?ñ?@ñ?ñ?ñ?
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our county by county county begins. people worried about a controversial plan. dozens of people are voicing concerns can about a proposal to close local district court. they gathered at a township meeting last night. here's the deal. a drop in case load is one of the reasons for the plan, but residents worry that public safety would be jeopardized if the koufcourt closes. also say police would have to file cases 20 minutes away. believe if officers are out of the area for hearings, may not
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be able to respond quickly enough to an emergency in lower south hampton. pennsylvania state owned universities may have to cut jobs and programs because of low enrollment. officials say cheney university is among the states schools put on notice. sent out a warning that cuts could be coming starting next year. faculty members in california, clannon, mansfield and eden boroughinboroedinboro. the lion share food pantry started after the faculty and staff saw students going hungry. especially near the end of the semester when students are low on funds. let's head to lehigh valley where it is a win for a long time major league baseball uniform maker.
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workers have learned they will be on the job for years to come. there was some innocent when mlb officials announced under armour would take over, but a company cut a deal with under armour to continue making the merchandise locally. traffic trouble will continue at the jersey shore. fastest route remains shutdown. inlet bridge is closed down after a crack. movement and deterioration in support structure. now have to take the garden state parkway or route nine to travel between those two towns. 4:46 on this wednesday. jessica boyington is keeping an eye on the traffic for us. >> check in with jess looking at route 1, the boulevard. >> watching the boulevard. camera around roberts avenue. don't have problems reported at least. you can definite see in camera the driving is looking good. southbound towards schuylkill or
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northbound the opposite direction there. we're not seeing any problems reported in the roads. nice and dry. a good thing. out in upper moreland a crash on fair way road. checking in with pa turnpike. roads are green. no problems moving through. 22 minutes in both directions right now. westbound and eastbound to route 1. end on mass transit here. amtrak run reasonable degree on modified schedule. new jersey transit holiday schedule and reported delays as well this morning. further into the morning commute also. septa on time and patco on time with no problems. definitely check before you head out the door for amtrak and new jersey transit. 13 minutes before 5:00 a.m. on this hump day wednesday. check and find out what's happening out there. gorgeous day today. >> meteorologist bill henley has the details for us, bill? warm start too in's easton
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temperatures almost at 60 degree mark. 59 now in lehigh valley. upper 50s for pennsylvania, suburbs, and philadelphia. new jersey, interior new jersey and closer to shore that we're seeing some chillier numbers this morning. not everybody is getting them. look at clayton, 60 degrees in washington township. north, lumberton, pem borrowton. sunny skies. 68 in center city. 67 in somerton. well into the 60s for lehigh valley and suburbs. 68 in lansdale. 66 with sunshine for allentown and easton. across new jersey 40s and 50s disappear. upper 60s to near 70 degrees this afternoon. wouldn't be surprised if a few
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neighborhoods hit the 70 degree mark. definitely need sunglasses today. umbrella will go back into action tomorrow. potential for heavy downpour. that system comes our way not during the day tomorrow. first thing tomorrow morning. look at downpours that will continue into tomorrow afternoon. and some of this rain continues into friday as well which means not looking good for the phillies home opener. not weather-wise, anyway. 68 today. sunshine. few scattered clouds. showers will not be around this evening. come in overnight. about this time tomorrow, starting in our area. during the day, a chance of thunderstorms. heavy downpours. inch or two or rainfall for thursday. by friday, clouds linger. chance of showers. wind blowing. 49 the high temperature.
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not a great day to be sitting outside at the ballpark. big improvement for the weekend game. 58 saturday. 65 sunday. look at the warm up for next week. 60s on monday. 80 degrees next tuesday. stay nice on wednesday. and the next round of showers comes in thursday and friday. today in trenton, the administration is expected to update the state legislature on the 2018 budget proposal. christie calling for $35.5 billion spending plan. more money for education and public employee pension fund. head over to keystone state. pennsylvania house has approved a $31 billion budget proposal. relies on spending cuts to help fill a projected $3 billion deficit. bill faces heavy negotiation in the senate. tom wolf calls for spending $32 billion funded in part by a tax on natural gas production. former president of mexico
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talked about president trump's proposed border wall and other topics at an event last night at villa nova university. keynote speaker at the world affairs flaf. fox talked about the future for immigrants. trade and war on drugs. and here's what fox had to say about the proposed border wall between the u.s. and mexico. >> you are going to pay for the wall. 35 billion. wouldn't it be better to tell trump, trump open your eyes. open your mind. >> fox added that the money for the wall would be better spent investing in border state job programs with mexico. candidate vying to by the next addressed the issues yesterday. candidate form sponsored by the philadelphia bar association. meanwhile, former da abraham and
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another lawyer suing to have seth williams removed from office. state law prevents williams from keeping his job because law license has been suspended temp larry. williams said he will stay in office doing administrative work while he fights bribery and extortion charges. the current mayor of the embattled city of ferguson missouri has won re-election. won 56% of the vote. defeated el la joans who was trying to become the first black mayor. first election since the police officer shot and killed michael brown in 2014. he. a new pepsi ad sparking a bit of backlash on social media. >> the ad features kardashian family member kendall jenner in
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a blond wig as black lives matter walk by she rips off her wig, smears her lipstick and joins them. hands a can of pepsi to a police officer. many one critic on social media called the ad tone deaf and another said it was the worst thing she had ever seen. interesting. developing next, tensions are growing after north korea file as missile. cameras catch a man trying to snatch a child right out of a stroller in philadelphia. what he allegedly said moments before the attempted abduction. we're in here talking about partying. what are we talking about. i know we're not talking about parking. >> he's fooping that news conference is a promo for phillies rivals.
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we'll have it for you coming up.
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out in plymouth around blue route and ridge pike. no problems reported. quiet on most of the roads now. watching the construction projects clear. blue route checked out okay on the north and southbound side. updates for you for the rest of the morning. as soon as things start to get tied up. have my next update at the 5:00 hour. envelope draft still three weeks away. >> already obvious signs it's coming. especially in center city. road closures start next month. parts of spring garden street and kelly drive. scaffolding is up at the art museum where the theater will be build. big inconvenience for visitors and locals. >> came out here to film on the infamous rocky steps.
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i'm doing a music video. it's heart breaking it's not happening now. >> oh, my gosh. i need to figure out what i'm going to do. taking the train might be a better idea. >> make plans now because the detours and closures could last into may. a couple of football stars had a very big surprise for the ronald mcdonald house in philadelphia. take a look. my name is ron burg. i'm a corner back for philadelphia eagles. >> eagles players posed as furniture delivery men. dropped off donations for kids battles serious illnesses. >> it's crazy to see correlation in the kids and all the conditions and what they may have gone through. they're still happy. >> one of the more fun times i've had enjoying doing what i was able to do, pretending to be a worker and coming out here and delivering furniture and just
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surprising the kids. just giving them something to smile about. it was really good. >> swoop the eagle was also on hand for big donation surprise. okay. sixers fans will always remember all of famer allen iverson. also can't forget the routine press conference he once had that went viral. >> i was covering sports at the time. it was memorable. now reliving that moment and poking fun at himself. >> an important issue to stand. >> i know it's important, but we worried about parking. not the game, but parking, look, i know they got a plan. man. >> wearing a braves hat. i'm not sure he actually reached for that. braves commercials about the new stadium and questions about where to park. they asked fans and the team and now ai.
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>> i don't remember that. it doesn't register with me. >> they built a new stadium. 20 years at the old one. imemployed the old one, but there's parking problems there. brought in ai to recreate this famous press conference he had. >> i don't think that translates to people in atlanta. >> it's a philadelphia thing. the press conference are so famous everybody around the world knows about it. >> except for me apparently. >> no, please. >> not me. i don't know. >> can't they find their own athlete and -- come on. >> now for more stories we're following at 5:00 a.m. >> coming up, stroller scare, surveillance cameras capture a man trying to abduct a child in philadelphia. bubbling over.
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new chapter begins today in fight over philadelphia soda tax. children dead in syria. why president trump is blaming the obama administration. good morning. nbc 10 news today. roa rosemary conners. >> vai sikahema. let's get to bill henley. gorgeous day. nice cool start in new jersey. 44 degrees right now. 55 in the suburbs. lehigh valley is at 56 degrees. look at philadelphia. 60 and close to 60 in delaware. we will see sunshine. the temperatures climb near 70 degrees this afternoon for new jersey and delaware for 66 with sunshine. the lehigh valley and a beautiful day ahead for the suburbs and philadelphia. that's today. tomorrow, we're looking at storms and areas of flood threat. we've issued a first alert. look at that when i come back in ten minutes. first, jessicaoy


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