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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  April 14, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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no major problems. ten minutes northbound, 11 southbound from the schuylkill to route 30. speeds into the 60s. and cherry hill, we look good. around route 70 and kings highway, both directions look okay. roads are dry. not a lot of cars at the door there. >> thanks. 4:30. we have this new from overnight. a scare at a hotel in lehigh valley. guests evacuate after a man was found dead in his room. >> katy zachry is live with more. >> reporter: as you see behind me, things have calmed down quite a bit up here. earlier, not long ago, this is how it looked. look at the video. it shows hazmat teams filling the parking lot here of the stay bridge suites on star road. the police chief who was on scene tells us they were called to the hotel where they found a man dead in his room, drugs were in the room. they also found one man lying in the hallway. based on that person in the hallway, they initially thought this might be a hazmat
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situation. they evacuated part of the hotel. it turns out the drugs and the situation were confined to just that one room. there was no widespread hazmat situation. police say the two victims, the one who passed away here, the one at the hospital this morning, are both from out of town. coming up at 5:30, i'll share with you comments we got from the police chief about those tense moments when they thought they had a widespread hazmat situation on their hands and really how it affected so many people staying at this lehigh valley hotel. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc10 news. philadelphia police are increasing security in an area of north philadelphia after two teenagers were jumped. [ screams ] [ beep ] in is cell phone video of the brawl -- this is cell phone video was the brawl posted to instagram. it happened tuesday outside a
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carnival at erie and whitaker. there are no arrests at this time. police are trying to figure out who stole $2,000 worth of power tools from a west philadelphia work site. >> the victim of the theft is a nonprofit group that cleans up the city's blight. the executive director of philadelphia community core says he noticed the power tools missing when he got to work on north 52nd street yesterday. the job training nonprofit hired high school dropouts and former prisoners to work on demolition projects. well, now the crew on this job will have to work with hand tools and may not be able to meet their deadline. >> very violating, you know. we're trying to do a good thing. we're trying to create as many jobs as we can. >> police were at the site to look at surveillance video. they haven't identified a person of interest yet. meantime, philadelphia community core is asking for donations. you can find the link at a new jersey state assembly
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candidate says he's staying in the race. >> the cape may republican party kicked him off the ticket when he was caught using crude language speaking to a woman. >> any good -- >> politico obtained and posted the video showing brian mcdowd propositioning a woman in a bar using crude language. he told nbc10 the woman is a longtime friend and that the conversation is being taken out of context. >> it was a jestful conversation, and unfortunately you only see ten seconds of it. it seemed like a setup. >> he was a 2005 contestant on "the apprentice" and later campaigned for donald trump. after seeing the video, the cape may gop says it cannot in good conscience support mcdowell. today's good friday when christians around the world commemorate the crucifixion of jesus christ. it of course leads to easter sunday, celebrating christ's resurrection. among the observances in philadelphia is the passion of
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the lord's service at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul in center city. dolorosa or route of suffering. it's believed to be the path that jesus walked on his way to his crucifixion. in philadelphia last night, catholics gathered at the cathedral basilica of saints peter and paul to mark holy thursday. the archbishop held a mass commemorating the last supper. and pope francis performed a holy thursday ritual yesterday visiting a prison outside the rome to wash and kiss the feet of inmates. the tradition is to show the pope's willingness to serve. it's believed jesus performed the same on the on, poapostles his crucifixion. and coming up an order from the supreme court that
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temporarily strips the d.a. of certainly credentials. cracking the case. police say they have the burglar responsible for dropping in on businesses across the area. we'll show who officers have in custody. on the waterfront, we'll tell you when a popular pop-up park in philadelphia will reopen for the season. dry this morning. 51 degrees in philadelphia. live view from the comcast center. 4:35. the weekend is upon on, and there's going to be a big weather change over the weekend. here comes another summer preview. ♪
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good morning, everyone. jessica boyington watching the roads. we're watching for the 42 freeway around route 41. here's the northbound side. this is typical of the
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morningtime because that's what jams up. not yet. typically around the 6:00 mark or into the 7:00 hour or so, we'll see delays moving northbound toward the philadelphia area or toward 295. watch for roadwork there, as well. also the townsend's inlet bridge closed. the alternates, route 9 or the garden state parkway to get between the two towns. mass transit seeing minor delays. septa's train 1701 running ten minutes late. new jersey transit, amtrak, and patco on time for now. more updates in about ten minutes. 4:38, 51 degrees. there are some clouds that are moving through the area. no rain in the area this morning. nine-mile-an-hour wind. we'll get sunshine breaking through the clouds, 50 degrees at 8:00. into the upper 50s by later in the morning and 60s -- look how it clears this afternoon. we will see more clouds this
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morning than we will later today. a nice warmup similar to what we saw yesterday. clouds moving through the suburbs this morning. you'll see mostly cloudy skies at 10:00 and noon. then here comes the sunshine for this afternoon. well into the 60s for the lehigh valley, too. 43 now. cloudy skies. wind just at five miles per hour. the wind will stay light. in fact, calm at noontime as the clouds thin out. 60s for the lehigh valley. 65 degrees at 4:00. and new jersey, you've got clouds passing through, too. a little chillier. 42 to start. still in the 40s at 8:00 this morning. then we race through the 50s and into the 60s with more sunshine at 2:00 and nothing but sunshine at 4:00 today. the winds will be light this afternoon. at the shore, 59 degrees at noontime. that's when you'll see the clouds. in the clear at 41. it will hold to around 60 thanks to the sea breeze, the easterly wind will be steady. and delaware, 48 degrees. there are clouds moving through delaware. the clouds will thin, and then
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here comes the sunshine and into the 60s today. over the weekend, though, the temperatures will soar. it's set for easter sunday. saturday, the temperatures will climb into the 60s for philadelphia, the suburbs, lehigh valley. even into new jersey and at the shore, 61 degrees. there are a few raindrops in the lehigh valley. there's a slight chance of a late evening lehigh valley shower. i think it's going to be dry on saturday. i think most of sunday is going to be dry and sunny and warm. it's sunday evening, in fact later in the evening, that we could see showers in the lehigh valley and new jersey. then later on, swinging through the rest of the area. looking a lot better for the weekend than it did earlier in the week. coming up with the ten day on 10 in ten minutes. >> thanks. here's a note -- this weekend and next weekend, you won't have to pay any 50s to get into america's national parks. the freebie is part of national park week. entrance fees don't apply to most of of the parks in our region including independence
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mall and valley forge. free, free, free. and you'll find more hammocks than ever when pens landing opens on may 12th. you can hear live music. popup markets are also scheduled throughout the summer. philadelphia is less than three months away from one of the biggest summer celebrations in the country. >> one of our favorites. wawa welcome america. yesterday its wawa day celebration. the company announced it's on board for another two years of wawa welcome america. the convenience store chain marked its 53rd year in business. we're a proud sponsor. expect big announcements about who the performers will be at the july 4th concert at the parkway. you can watch live on nbc10 starting at 7:00 on july 4th. >> our friends from wawa dropped by with coffee yesterday and doughnuts. >> they did. terrific. the clock is ticking for last-minute tax filers. >> this year, procrastinators
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have a few extra days to take care of returns. coming up, we'll help you get to the finish line in the tax filing season. also, honoring sixers icons. we'll take a closer look at philadelphia's newest mural inspired by a fifth grader's artwork. ññyñññçwçwñwñwñww?qoówvoó
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a quarter to 5:00 on this friday morning. our county-by-county coverage begins in wilmington. >> a judge handed down a split verdict in the case of a student's death following at attack. three teenagers were on trial for their roles in the fight that left amy joyner-francis dead. the judge found one teen guilty of homicide. a second teenager was convicted of helping to plan the attack, but a third student was acquitt acquitted. sentencing is scheduled for next month. the eric frein murder trial in northeastern pennsylvania will resume on monday. yesterday jurors got a look at the diary investigators say frein kept while on the run from police for nearly two months back in 2014. frein is accused of shooting two
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state troopers in an ambush, killing one of them. the surviving trooper is expected to take the stand next week. bill cosby's accuser will not have to testify before the comedian's sexual assault case goes to trial. yesterday cosby's lawyers lost their appeal in wanting to question andrea constand at a preliminary hearing. cosby is charged with drugging and molesting constand in his home in 2004. he's pleaded not guilty. jury selection scheduled to begin next month. in chester county, a suspect wanted in a stolen car case is under arrest. police tell us they were chasing a lexus reported stolen in valley township yesterday. they said the car crashed into a van in callen township. the driver got out and started running. officers captured him. the suspect was treated for minor injuries. to montgomery county, police say they have captured the thief who's been breaking into businesses by rappelling from the roof. this is video from one of the break-ins. police say jose venegas stole money, jewelry, and a gun from
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five businesses. the crimes happened at supermarkets and will delis across the county -- and delis across the county. the historic dupont building and hotel in wilmington has new owners. their plan is to put $175 million into the property for renovations. the new dupont complex will add retail, dining, and luxury apartments while preserving the hotel dupont. the property on rodney square is more than 100 years old. a $1 billion million complex is a step closer to being built in burlington county. the new jersey health planning board has approved the proposal for the facility to be built in west hampton township. it would replace virtua memorial hospital in mt. holly. the state health commissioner has to give final approval. and a plan to build this 350-foot-high coaster received a grant to help fund the project. the proposed ride would be built at the former sands casino site. and construction is expected to
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begin next month and be completed by the summer of 2019. let's get you to work. 4:47. getting ready to head out, let's check the roads for the drive to work. >> we don't want it to be like the polar coaster. jessica boyington looking at 202. jess? we're watching 202, reports of an accident in the westchester area. this is around our cameras at route 30. just up ahead, you see flashing lights. the lanes are closed here on the northbound side. in between route 30 and boot road. northbound before boot road, get off at route 100 and be diverted that way. that's the best bet since all lanes are currently blocked on the northbound side. the schuylkill expressway looks good so far. earlier we had construction on the westbound side approaching the roosevelt boulevard where we had lanes lost on the off ramp. now it's back open. we don't have to worry about that. it was never closed, but the construction has cleared out of the way. either way you see the drive time is okay, 11 minutes from the vine to the blue route. speeds into the 60s there. we'll end on 295 over in west
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stepford. around our cameras at route 130. 22 minutes now southbound from the 42 freeway, if you're heading to the delaware memorial bridge. speeds into the mid 60s there. i'll have updates on 202 when i come back. >> thanks. heart health fused with fashion last night. the american heart association held its rockin' red fashion show. design students from philadelphia university created dozens of gowns in honor of go red for women. experts talked about how to keep your heart healthy. there he is, bill hosts the event -- you've been involved for probably more than ten years. >> yeah. i think so -- >> fully aligned with them. >> i've lost track, it's been so long. such a great event. heart disease is the number-one killer of women. the go red campaign is all about bringing awareness and raising funds for research to fight the disease. and they've teamed with the amazing student designers from philadelphia universities. all of those designs were theirs.
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the winners will be in macy's window in center city. the four winners. watch for that. of course, they'd love to have you at the go red for women luncheon may 12th. >> i'll be there. >> get you a front row seat at the runway. >> no, a great show. i love it. i don't want to miss it ever. you don't want to miss a day like this. >> no. >> a beautiful day. and the weekend's looking good, too, if you're into warmer weather for easter. that sounds doable, doesn't it? easter -- easton right now is a bit cloudy. these clouds are going to pass by without any rain. there is a chance of some rain showers this weekend. 51 now in philadelphia. cooler in the lehigh valley and the suburbs. that's typical. delaware at 48. we're seeing cooler neighborhoods in new jersey this morning. mt. laurel at 42. it's 41 in mullica hill and 40 in swedesboro. that could drop to the 30s. the chill is back this morning for there. lumberton, 30s and 40s. at the bus stop you'll feel the
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chill. you'll see a good amount of cloud cover in the area. exton, reading, mostly cloudy for wilmington. clouds will be thinning. you'll see more clouds this morning. this afternoon will be clearing. there are more clouds for the weekend. that's the system that i'm watching that could give us some showers and possibly thunderstorms. i think most of the day saturday is going to be fine. in fact, the first chance of a shower, that's saturday evening at 9:00. you see in the lehigh valley, watch how quickly that dissipates. and most of the area might see a few clouds. that's it. sunday morning, there's a chance of some very light rain showers. first thing in the morning, some of the suburbs, into berks county and philadelphia, too. we're talking a sprinkle here. there's a possibility that won't happen at all. and then it clears by 10:00. look at the temperatures, into the 70s. warming into the 80s for easter sunday. that's what we're watching for sunday evening, the threat of showers and thunderstorms at 7:00. you see that moving in from the northwest. and during the evening hours,
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11:00 sunday night, that's when we'll get some rain. looks like most of the day saturday is going to be fine. most of the day sunday, it's also going to be dry. we do have that chance of some showers late sunday evening. a warmup, today, 67. tomorrow, 67. 84 with sunshine on sunday. showers sunday night. a cold front will drop temperatures for monday, lower on tuesday. then much-needed rainfall possible for wednesday and thursday. another round of showers after a break on friday. next weekend for saturday and sunday. >> thank you. pro football is remembering steelers chairman dan rooney. he died yesterday at the age of 84. his father founded the steelers in 1933, the year after he was born. rooney was president of the team in the 1970s when it won four super bowls in six years. he served as u.s. ambassador to ireland under former president barack obama. the former president released there statement, "dan
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rooney was a great friend of mine. more importantly, he was a great friend to the people of pittsburgh. a model citizen and someone who represented the united states with dignity and grace on the world stage." pennsylvania's highest court has suspended the law license of embattled philadelphia district attorney seth williams. >> the state supreme court issued the order yesterday that takes effect in a month. williams won't make any legal determinations while he's suspended. he's vowed to stay in office. his federal bribery and extortion trial is scheduled for the end of may. an appeals court rules a philadelphia principal fired over a cheating scandal should get her job back. michelle burns was fired in 2014 after the district accused her of doctoring standardized test scores for students at tilden middle school. the school district can appeal the ruling, but there's no word if it will. and this weekend, nicki keleny will be remembered at a walk in gloucester county. it's five years to the day that the 18-year-old died in a car
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crash caused by a distracted driver. in 2013, new jersey lawmakers passed nicki's law. a program notifying drivers that using a handheld device while driving is illegal. up next at 5:00, what's called the mother feof all bomb is dropped in afghanistan. >> what we're learning about isis. and the last don. the mob boss speaks to nbc10 about what he did to stay in the crime ring. and draft impact. we'll break down new numbers that show how much the nfl draft could cost the city of philadelphia. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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the road to recovery starts now. 4:55. tax day this year is monday, april 17th. so what if you file your return electronically only to find that someone's used your name and beaten you to it? a local financial expert explains your options. >> if that happens, you need to file on paper. you should accompany your paper
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filing with an affidavit that you can obtain from the irs website. a form, 14039, identity theft affidavit. >> cpa jennifer romberger said to mile any correspondent to the irs certified. the philadelphia visitors bureau said money from the democratic national election was not as much as expected. the bureau put the figure at $120 million less than projected. mayor's office said, "economic projections aren't an exact science. as far as we're concerned, it did not fall short at all." the revenue report comes as philadelphia is getting ready for the next big event, the nfl draft. the three-night event on the ben franklin parkway begins april 27th. here's a live look at the parkway where crews are already preparing. our partners at the "philadelphia business journal" say the draft will cost the city a half a million dollars in security, emergency services, and cleanup. the nfl will reimburse the city
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anything over that amount. meanwhile, sixers greats will be immortalized in a new mural in south philadelphia. the team along with mural arts philadelphia unveiled the work of art yesterday on the southeast corner of broad and federal. it features sixers legends allen iverson, dr. j., wilt chamberlain, and others. it was inspired by brandon daugherty. his mural beat out others for the contest. celebrating the end of an air with much fanfare. there was a walkout ceremony yesterday for outgoing police chief bobby cummings retiring after 32 years on the force. today will be the first day on the job for incoming chief robert tracie. he comes to wilmington from the chicago police department. a community came together to honor an atlantic county boy. we told you about this yesterday. his quick thinking saved his family from a fire that destroyed their home.
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[ applause ] >> standing o. students at the primary school showing appreciation for the bravery of 8-year-old cane o'connor. the first grader who has autism alerted loved ones after a fire woke him up. he, his parents and sister and pet dog got out unhurt. >> if we don't get out, we'll all be dead. then the house was full of flames. >> what he did was excellent. to show the other kids around that paying attention to fire prevention is a huge deal. >> the family lost their home, but the community is rallying to help. since we aired the original story this week, donations to a gofundme page for the family have nearly doubled. good for them. to a real inspiration. a wilmington woman is celebrating her 90th birthday today. >> she says maintaining an active life helped her reach the
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milestone. lydia turner is an avid rower with the wilmington rowing center. last night the club threw her a surprise party to mark the occasion. she shared some of her secrets to longevity. >> i go exercising three times to senior center and other things when i can. i swim. i like -- i like to be active. and i think -- i don't smoke, and i don't drink. >> she's living right. by the way, lydia was a founding member of the wilmington rowing center 30 years ago. she's still out doing it. i love that. >> she looks very comfortable sitting in that skull there. hands on the oar. three times a week. good for lydia. >> happy birthday. >> yeah. now for more on the stories we're following now on "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> mother of all bombs. president trump flexes america's military muscle in the fight against isis. new details this morning on the historic strike. going to court. corrections workers held hostage in a delaware prison prepare to
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speak out. b.b. gun attack. a south jersey teen hurt while chasing after his stolen bike. 5:00 a.m. on the nose. good morning, welcome to friday and "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. cool, but we can't complain. it's been a great run. we'll get right to meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate nbc10 first alert neighborhood weather forecast. bill? you can complain, it just won't make a difference. it will still be cool this morning. 44 degrees in new jersey. there are clouds moving through. no sign of rain. philadelphia at 51 degrees. clouds will break for enough sunshine to warm temperatures into the 60s this afternoon. the clouds at 10:00 and 57 degrees. a little bit of a breeze out of the north at four miles per hour. the winds will stay light. sunshine will be bright this afternoon. the clouds will move through, and then we'll see clearing skies. that will lead to temperatures in the middle 60s for the lehigh


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