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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  April 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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make. restaurant mystery. philadelphia police launch an investigation after a burned body is found inside a vacant sushi chain. and seeing green. governor tom wolf lays out a timeline for when medical marijuana dispensaries will only in pennsylvania. -- will open in pennsylvania. 6:00 a.m., good tuesday morning. this is "nbc10 news today." a lot to talk about today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. we got rain yesterday. expecting sunshine today. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? sky force 10 is up and flying. look at the beautiful view. doesn't that look nice before sunrise? a lot of sunshine today. cool now, 46 in the suburbs. 36 in the lehigh valley -- 47 in the lehigh valley. looked like dirt on the lens. that's a cloud that's blowing through now. 52 degrees at 9:00. temperatures will move up. the sunshine will be bright. and the clouds will be out of the picture for the rest of the day. look at the warmup for the entire area. into the 60s this afternoon.
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a few scattered clouds in new jersey. 66 in the suburbs. 67 in philadelphia. into the 60s for the lehigh valley and delaware, as well. the forecast now, neighborhood by neighborhood. we'll show hour by hour how quickly temperatures will warm up in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington with the first alert traffic. thanks. the blue route and on ramp is where we're watching here. you can see both directions look great. we're seeing light volume, pretty similar to what we saw yesterday for the commute, as well. the southbound side of 95 looks okay from woodhaven to the vine. a 14-minute trip. 12 minutes on the northbound side. mainly we see those delays moving into center city. average speeds are dropping a little. they're still into the high 50s. nothing too bad there on 95. west philly, a hit-and-run crash closing walnut between 58th and 59th streets. there will be a heavy police presence for a bit for this
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accident investigation. back to you. breaking traffic news. nbc10 is live on the scene of a hit and run in west philadelphia. this is on walnut street between 58th and 59th street. here's what we know -- two people were on a motorcycle and were hurt. you see the motorcycle on the ground. we're told the minivan hit them, stayed on the scene. the driver ran away. one victim was -- has non-life-threatening injuries on the motorcycle. the condition of the other is not known. police have not made an arrest as of yet. flaws within the philadelphia fire department contributed to the death of one of its own. >> that's the message in a new report about the city's first female firefighter killed in the line of duty. joyce craig died battling a house fire in northern liberty in 2014. today we expect to learn more about the department's pledge to improve and keep its firefighters safer. pamela osborne with more on the new report and what's ahead today. fill us in.
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>> reporter: the fire commissioner is actually prepared to talk us through some of the changes that the department has made in light of what happened. officials say fewer lieutenant joyce craig died because a hose that supplied her oxygen it burned through oompt -- oxygen had burned through. in addition, there were problems with how her colleagues responded to her seven emergency distress calls. those failures happened as the 37-year-old was battling a house fire on middleton street in december of 2014. it was also determined that there were other indirect causes that led to her death. the city report cites a lack of situational awareness, poor strategy and tactics, and an uncoordinated rescue effort. the commissioner adding that the death of lieutenant craig was a devastating loss for her family and the fire department. again later on this morning is when we're expecting to learn more about some of the changes and lessons learned in light of this tragedy. reporting live in northern
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liberty, pamela osborne, nbc10 news. breaking overnight, the u.s. supreme court spared the life of an arkansas inmate minutes before his death warrant was set to expire. the high court blocked the late challenge by the state to execute a man convicted of murder. arkansas hasn't executed an inmate in 12 years. no reason was given for supreme court's decision. arkansas is working to execute eight death row inmates before its supply of lethal injection drugs expires. today a burlington county man is scheduled to learn his punishment. one of america's most notorious missing child cases. pedro hernandez was convicted of killing etan patz in new york are in 1979. the child disappeared as he walked to his bus stop. pat became the first child -- patz became the first child to appear on milk cartons. his body was never found. police got a tip in 2012 that led him to hernandez. he later confessed. today in northeastern pennsylvania, prosecutors plan to rest their case against accused cop killer eric frein.
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he's charged with shooting two state troopers during an ambush in 2014, killing one of them. the surviving trooper, alex douglas, took the stand yesterday calling frein a coward. douglas told the jury that getting shot felt like getting hit in the back with a baseball bat. a shuttered restaurant in philadelphia is now a crime scene after workers found a charred body inside. the sushi kingdom restaurant in north philadelphia has been empty for a year. contractors were called yesterday to repair broken windows. inside they found the charred remains of a man's body. police have not ruled out the possibility that the victim may have been a squatter who accidentally set himself on fair while trying to stay warm. they're awaiting an autopsy on the cause of death. a 19-year-old man faces charges in the shooting of a 13-year-old in berks county. police say matthew hale shot the victim in the teen's home in washington township friday night. hale was captured over the weekend not far from orlando, florida. the victim is still listed in critical condition. it's 6:05.
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51 degrees outside. on this day, 89 of his first 100 days in office, president trump will head to wisconsin to sign an executive order. the order will direct federal agents to use proposed rules for stopping immigration fraud and abuse. the white house said the current visa program undermines workers by bringing in cheap labor. new video of vice president pence in japan after arriving in the last few hours. held a news conference with the japanese deputy prime minister in tokyo. pence is on a ten-day asia trip. geopolitical observers still looking at vice president pens's warning to north korea during to his visit to south korea yesterday. at the demilitarized zone separating the north and south, pence said north korean leader kim jong-un should refrain from testing president trump and the u.s. allies. north korea responded by hinting at a preemptive strike and another nuclear test. president trump said he's looking at all options including military action if needed.
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and attention procrastinators, type's up. today is tax day, 2017. >> why did you look at me like that? did you know -- i usually do procrastinate. got it done yesterday, though. the traditional deadline was extended three days because april 15th fell on a saturday this year. yesterday was a holiday in washington, d.c. today's the last day to file your returns. still have time. get to it. you can file a six-month extension, but you've got to file that today, as well. we want your feedback on tax day. are you typically one of those last-minute filers? and also, what have you decided to do with that refund that you might get? reach out on facebook or on twitter. 6:07. let's get you to work. >> accidents route 611 in willow grove, montgomery county. >> looks beautiful. >> look at how nice it is, right? >> yeah. that looks smooth sailing. let's find out about the weather
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to accompany you on your ride to work this morning. bill henley's got that. traffic moving nicely on 611. the sun's not up yet. a few minutes, that sun will come up. we'll probably get sun glare. that can lead to slowdowns. right now, completely clear. look at this nice view from center city. it is chillier this morning. looking at 40s in the lehigh valley and suburbs. right at 50 degrees in delaware. philadelphia's 51. some of the coolest numbers are in new jersey at the shore, 47 degrees. and some middle to lower 40s in new jersey. voorheis is 46. look at coil field, oswego lake, 43. 50 in clayton. low 50s for florence and lumberton. hopewell township, 45 degrees. a bit of a capitol hill to start. we'll -- of a chill to start. we'll see a lot of sunshine. the last few clouds, they're crossing the shore now. and they're going to be out of the picture for the rest of the day. we'll be dry all day long today with enough sunshine to warm us into the 60s this afternoon. we will see a northerly wind.
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it stays below ten miles per hour during the day. just enough to keep things cooler than yesterday. we were in the 70s yesterday. today, typical april weather which means 60s this afternoon. 66 degrees at 4:00 for fil philadelphia. sunshine all day long help the suburbs, 52 at 8:00. up to 60 by lunchtime. you see the temperatures into the 60s this afternoon for the lehigh valley. delaware, sunny skies and 62 degrees at lunchtime. into the middle 60s at delaware, 66 degrees this afternoon. and a similar warmup for new jersey. one exception, the shore with a sea breeze blowing that's going to limit temperatures to the 50s to near 60 degrees this afternoon. they'll be peaking around midday. then that wind kicks in off the ocean, cools things little bit by 4:00 today. it will be sunshine all day long. enjoy today, the clouds make a comeback tomorrow. the ten day on 10 in a fumths. -- in a few minutes. >> thank you. 6:09.
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a problem in south jersey. >> let's find out where it is and what it is. jessica boyington has that. guys, we have sky force 10 over the scene in bordertown township on the new jersey turnpike. an overturned truck. looks like a fedex truck obviously. that's overturned into the side of the road here. the good thing is about this is that it's on the northbound side in the outer lanes. so all lanes are not blocked now. the inner lanes are still open. and you see they're trying to get this truck back on its feet here. so basically just taking out that right-hand shoulder into the grassy area and the next part of the lane. lanes are still getting by, but there will be a cleanup. spilled paper products on the road, as well. northbound around 206 at exit 7, you'll pass the scene. be cautious when you're moving through. also out in monroe township. also in new jersey, watch for a downed wire and overturned truck. actually a dump truck on route 322 blocking that portion of it right here. just around tuckahoe road.
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watching that and 295 in west stepford. no major problems now. both directions around 130 look good. 22 minutes if you're heading to the delaware memorial bridge from the 42 freeway. >> if you're expecting a package on fedex, check your tracking device. too much screen time during the day can impact your child at night. >> ahead, how ipads and smartphones can hurt their sleep schedule. putting their heads together, new, lady gaga and prince william join forces to tackle the stigma surrounding meant ntal health. and reasons for running. the most memorable moments from the boston marathon and the stories behind them.
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a year after pennsylvania legalized marijuana, the state remains at least a year away there opening facilities. governor wolf updated the program yesterday saying even though no growers or dispensaries are open yet, more than 200 sick children now have access to medical marijuana. the governor said everything should be up and running by next year. across the region, more voters calling for town halls to meet lawmakers face to face. last night in burlington county, two town halls miles apart got very different reactions. take a look. >> tonight take our health care plan! >> his complete refusal to listen to his constituents. ing to to any gathering where -- to go to any gathering where his constituents are. >> voters in mt. laurel were not staefed with republican governor mcarthur's meeting. last night a meeting was closed to the public. a town hall at maple shade high school featuring democratic congressman donald norcross was open to everyone.
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>> i think it's a good idea. this way people can -- we vote, and we can give our opinions. >> just can't listen every two years. you have to listen all the time. this is what town halls do. >> both constituents and protesters were looking for answers about health care, the environment, and other issues. two memorable moments from the boston marathon are trending on social media this morning. >> here's the first one. that is history being made -- actually, a second time at the finish line. kathrine switzer was the first woman to run a boston marathon in 1967 when women weren't allowed to run. yesterday at the age of 70, she did it again. and she even wore the same bib that she wore in her first race which, by the way, is now officially retired. she finished the marathon in 4 hours, 44 minutes, 31 seconds. and then look at this video.
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this is a wounded veteran carrying a flag across the finish line. staff sergeant jose luis sanchez lost a leg when he stepped on an ied in afghanistan and ran to honor his fellow marines. >> pretty impressive. i don't know that there's a bigger event. i'm including the super bowl. that there's a bigger event -- one-day sporting event anywhere in the country. not the world, but in this country. the boston marathon. the impact that it has on that community for one day. >> and it brings so many different people, different stories together. >> yeah. pretty amazing. let's find out what's going on today on the road out there. >> so hard, yeah. so hard to transition. hopefully somebody will be inspired by me in the broad street run coming up in a few weeks. just that i finish is going to be the issue. >> we'll cheer you at the end. >> we'll talk about that later. right now we have a lot going on. we'll start off with -- actually
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in bordentown township, a crash on the new jersey turnpike on the northbound side just around route 206. that's exit 7. it's a tractor-trailer, actually a fedex truck that flipped over and on its side here over into the right-hand shoulder of the outer lanes. that's at least the good news here, it's not blocking any of the lanes in its entirety. this is the outer drive here. the inner drive here is still open. we're not going to see anything major happening at least for now. you can see traffic is easily moving by the scene. they just have to clean the area up. there's paper products on the road from stuff that they have lost spilling the load on the northbound side. for now, no alternates needed. you can still get by the scene. it's something to watch out for. watch a crash on the a.c. expressway, the eastbound side at blue anchor, exit 33. all traffic is moving by just over into the shoulder. we have closed roads here. a downed wire and overturned dump truck in monroe township, route 322. both directions around tuckahoe
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road. cameras at 29 eastbound from 29 to the schuylkill, that's just a ten-minute trip. you see the eastbound side moving along just fine. back to you. >> thanks for that. 6:19. let's look at the day ahead. look at that. i say this every morning, i know, a broken record. i love the views. the live pictures that we take just as the sun is coming up. bill? >> we'll get a lot of that sunshine today. a great view from center city. a nice view from frawley stadium. and wimbledon, skies have cleared out -- and wilmington, skies have cleared out, sunshine all day. you'll definitely need the sunglasses today and a jacket this morning. chilly outside. right now delaware, 50 degrees. 51 degrees in philadelphia. 40s for south jersey. the lehigh valley and the suburbs mainly in the 40s this morning. west callen township, 48. 46 in lincoln, university. 45 in unionville. middle 40s for exton and malvern. nothing but 40s for bedminster, warrington, ft. washington down to 42.
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gl gladwin and st. david's, 46. that's bumped up. you'll need the sunglasses, and you can probably ditch the jacket --not the sunglasses, you'll need that through the day. nice for allentown, quakertown, 40s. sunny skies, a few thin clouds. nothing more than that in philadelphia, wilmington, and trenton. clouds will be taking a break for today. they'll return tomorrow. you see it's nice and clear now. the clouds have pushed offshore. all the rain stays to the south today. this is going to start to bring some of this moisture back to us over the next couple of days. we'll see the clouds return for tomorrow. that's going to lead to wet weather thursday and friday. not today. nothing but sunshine, 67 this afternoon. cooling down. we'll see clear skies tonight, and we will start with sunshine tomorrow morning. 44 in the morning. 65 in the afternoon. the clouds increase during the day. i think showers hold off tomorrow. showers are going to be moving in at times on thursday. not an all-day rainfall.
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most of the day it won't be raining. a chance of rain showers and thunderstorms. 60s for friday. saturday, lingering showers on friday. a beautiful day on saturday. rain. looks like it's going to be steady for and into monday. and still a few showers around on tuesday. we get a break on wednesday. the clouds thin out. look at that sunshine for next thursday. temperatures climbing next thursday to near 70 degrees. >> all right. thank you. 6:21. getting through airport security could soon get a little bit easier. we'll tell you what's coming to philly international. in trouble with the boss. the warning governor wolf is sending to his right-hand man. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal, or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪ governor wolf is weighing in on the treatment of the lieutenant governor's of state employees. the governor told mike stack multiple times, "you need to
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stop." the state inspector general is investigating reports that stack and his wife mistreated state employees. stack acknowledges that he said things in anger or frustration that he's now regretting. there are no details about exactly what the mistreatment involved. former president barack obama is expected to attend today's funeral for pittsburgh steelers chairman dan rooney. rooney served as ambassador to ireland under obama. the steelers gave friends and fans a chance to say good-bye to rooney during a public viewing at heinz field yesterday. he died after a brief illness. he was 84. almost time for the big unveil. philadelphia's newest museum officially opens its doors tomorrow. the finishing touches are being made to the museum of the american revolution in old city. before the doors open up tomorrow, nbc10 is giving you a special look inside. be sure to watch tonight for "road to the revolution." we're giving you exclusive access inside the stadium. tracy and i toured it last week.
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it is spectacular. >> incredible. >> our special coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. tonight. nchlt good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you and watching the roads. in bordentown township, the new jersey turnpike. angel overturn -- an overturned fedex truck. around route 202, exit 7. it's in the outer lanes of the outer drive. it's not really messing with traffic too much. you can still take the turnpike to get by. i'll have updates for you when i come back. good morning, i'm matt delucia live in camden. jury selection is due to begin today in the murder case of a 3-year-old boy. we'll tell you what else has happened in preparation for this trial. plus, upgrading the ride. we'll tell you about septa's plan to put wi-fi on buses.
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father on trial. day one in courtroom for a man accused of killing his young son and lying to police about what really happened. nationwide manhunt. the fbi intensifies its search for the so-called facebook killer as the community gathers to remember the beloved grandfather. and facetime for a cause. new this morning, two celebrities put their powers together to try and break the taboo about mean tooth health. -- mental health. good morning, it is tax day, april 18th. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. a lot to talk about today. first let's focus on the beautiful morning -- >> and your dress and the time -- >> we should have known. meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate first alert neighborhood forecast. bill? we've got a chill in the air this morning, but it's not going to last. a quick warmup today. 40s right now for the suburbs. you see the skies are glowing. king of prussia, not a cloud to be found this morning. 53 at 9:00, warming to 60 by
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noon. into the 60s for the entire area today, the exception will be the shore where the temperatures will be a little bit cooler with the sea breeze blowing. in the 50s this afternoon. inland areas, up to 63 degrees, lots of sunshine for the lehigh valley, philadelphia, and delaware. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you how quickly the temperatures climb into the 60s in your neighborhood in i'm back in ten minutes. first let's see how traffic is moving now that the sun subpoena. oops -- somebody not getting their package. an overturned fedex truck on the new jersey turnpike, that's why we keep joking about that. fedex overturn on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike just around route 206 in bordentown township. in the outer lanes of the outer drive. this is -- at least traffic is still getting by. you see the right-hand shoulder, had part of the next lane -- and part of the next lane is blocked, as well. they're starting to get that truck back on its feet. with traffic moving by and on the inner drive, the inner lanes there, traffic still moving by.
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you don't an alternate. there are more problems over in new jersey. winslett township, a crash on the a.c. expressway eastbound around blue anchor. that's exit 33, just the right shoulder is blocked there. all the rest of the lanes are still getting by. in monroe township, a downed wire and overturned dump truck on route 322 both directions blocked around tuckahoe road. we'll end on the 42 freeway. starting to see minor delays on the northbound side. this is actually moving through d depford at 41. this is moving just a little slow for now. back to you. >> thanks. 6:32. breaking news. live on the scene of a hit and run in west philadelphia on walnut street between 58th and 59th. a minivan hit a motorcycle injuring two people on the motorcycle. you see that motorcycle has been pulled on to that tow truck. the minivan stayed at the scene, but the driver of the minivan took off. one victim has non-life-threatening injuries, we don't know about the other
6:33 am
victim. we'll keep you post. and new from overnight, norristown police are investigating a deadly shooting this morning. police say a man in his 20s was shot and killed near swede and oak streets around 11:00 last night. the victim died at the hospital. police are searching for suspects and a motive. today in camden county, the trial begins for a father accused of killing his young son in order to save his relationship with his teenage girlfriend. nbc10's matt delucia is live outside the camden county courthouse where jury selection begins this morning. tell us more. >> reporter: the trial date had been delayed several times. yes, jury selection is due to begin later today. this about a year and a half after the death of that 3-year-old boy. over the weekend, the memorial that had been set up for 3-year-old brendan creato was removed. this at the spot where he was found dead in october, 2015. the candles, pictures, and stuffed animals taken away because the jury will be expected to make a trip to that site at the wooded area near the
6:34 am
cooper river at some point during the trial. prosecutors say it was the boy's dad, 23-year-old david creato jr., who killed the boy because he was hindering the man's relationship with his teenage girlfriend. he's pleaded not guilty to murder and child endangerment charges, saying the boy wandered away on his own. prosecutors say the boy suffered from homicidal violence. the jury selection scheduled to gaza strip later today. we will -- to begin later today. we will keep you posted a ed as trial unfolds. matt delucia, nbc10 news. the manhunt of the facebook killer continues. we've learned the suspect is on the fbi's ten most-wanted list. police in cleveland said steve stephens shot an elderly man at random on sunday and posted the video of the murder to facebook. the suspect blamed a woman for his actions and said he snapped because of her. authorities are offering a $50,000 reward for the information leading to an arrest. in cleveland last night,
6:35 am
loved ones and friends held a ring is ill for the murder victim, 74-year-old robert godwin sr. mourners tried to comfort each other at the spot where godwin was picking up aluminum cans when he was gunned down. 6:35. 51 degrees. today officers who were held hamg at a delaware -- hostage at a delaware prison plan to speak publicly for the first time about a federal lawsuit they will be filing. in february, inmates held workers during a standoff at the vaughn correctional facility in smyrna. lieutenant steven floyd was killed. his widow is expected to join the officers. new, two new jersey lawmakers calling for quick repairs at the damaged hoboken rail station. a platform has been walled off since september when a train barrelled into the station. the closed concourse causes a huge bottleneck for commuters there when there were problems at the station like the two recent derailments there. the concourse is set to reopen in june. the project to repair the entire station will not be complete until 2019.
6:36 am
the tsa is now testing a new pre-check enrollment center at philly international. here's a live look there. here's what we know about it -- starting today, you can sign up at that temporary location located in terminal b baggage claim. there are already locations across the area where you can sign up for the tsa pre-check. the tsa says if there's interest in that location, they could make it permanent. septa is testing wi-fi on five of its accordion-style buses. the buses are part of a pilot program that could eventually bring wi-fi to more of septa's vehicles. now we take you state by state and county by county for a look at stories from across our area happening in your neighborhood. >> in chester county, a man accused in the torture murder of his ex-girlfriend's 3-year-old son is ruled competent to stand trial. scott mcmillan's body was found in the family's mobile home in west callen township in 2014. last week his mother pleaded guilty to third-degree murder charges. she also agreed to testify against her ex-boyfriend, jerry
6:37 am
fallenbom, who will go on trial for first-degree murder in september. arson is the suspected cause of this deadly fire in -- in montgomery county. 51-year-old karen facker was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after her home on abby lane caught fire on friday. she died a short time later. the district attorney continues to investigate the fire. police in camden county are looking into a case of cemetery vandalism in cherry hill. someone damaged more than a dozen gravestone statues at the calvary catholic cemetery in marlton pike. people visiting grafts on easter reported the desecrations to police. it's unclear when the statues were damaged. bucks county will announce a drug epidemic blitz today. four town hall events are planned this month to educate people about the growing opioid epidemic and how to help people who are addicted. the first event, a narcan training session, is tomorrow in morrisville. this morning in trenton, hundreds of law enforcement
6:38 am
members are expected to attend at 18th annual blue mass dedicated to men and women serving communities from burlington, mercer, monmouth, and ocean counties. it also honors the memory of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. 6:38. going to be a fantastic day today. especially if you've got to do your taxes. that's what you've got to look forward to. >> nice. let's find out more. meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate forecast for your neighborhood. bill? yesterday was the day for taxes, the rain was coming down. today, call the bureau and see if we can get a delay. 51 now in philadelphia. nice, sunny day ahead. a little bit chilly to start with. that's not going to last long. into the 60s this afternoon. that's for philadelphia. the suburbs, 50 degrees, clear skies, bright sunshine, 60 by lunchtime today. and into the middle 60s this afternoon. a beautiful spring day. and the lehigh valley, look at the sky glowing this morning in easton. a little bit chillier there.
6:39 am
47 degrees. we'll still be in the 40s at 8:00. then right on through the 50s, 63 at 2:00 this afternoon. still climbing at that hour. clear skies in new jersey, 46 degrees right now. 57 degrees at 10:00. into the 60s this afternoon. a little bit of a breeze will be out of the northeast. then you see a late-day shift in the wind out of the east at five miles per hour. inland areas will still warm into the 60s. that easterly wind at the shore is going to keep the temperatures in the 50s. in fact, they'll peak around midday. and then cooling down a bit by 4:00 this afternoon. winds up to 15 miles per hour at 4:00. it's going to feel chillier, but nice and sunny at the shore. nothing but sunshine for delaware, too. 62 degrees at noontime. 67 at 4:00 today. enjoy the sunshine today because it's going to be fading tomorrow. more wet weather on the way. we'll start to see the clouds starting tomorrow during the day. i'll break it down day by day with the ten day on 10 when i come back in ten minutes. >> thanks. 6:39.
6:40 am
let's get you to work. you need the sunglasses as you head out. >> yeah. let's check the situation with that fedex truck that's overturned. jessica, tell us about it. right, on the new jersey turnpike, on the northbound side in the outer lanes. and over into the shoulder. actually the traffic still is getting by on the outer lanes, and the inner lanes still open, as well. you see here they trying to get this truck back on its feet. they're doing their job here. it's taking a little bit of time. and still a little bit of the paper products on the roadway, cleanup underway. traffic is getting by just fine. 206 at the northbound side, exit 7 on the turnpike, you should be good. still getting by. you don't need an alternate. the schuylkill expressway starting to be jammed up from montgomery drive and westbound moving past at city line avenue. that's what we're watching here. big delays moving the westbound side. moving toward conshohocken or the king of prussia area. typical delays that we see. and also watching in west philadelphia where that hit-and-run crash closed a portion of walnut street. watch for heavy police presence
6:41 am
between 58th and 59th street. back to you. >> thanks for that. screen time could impact how well your child sleeps. >> up next, how daytime habits can wreak havoc on their nighttime schedule. and this -- >> i love prince william. >> lady gaga. >> how about that? >> prince and a superstar. next, lady gaga teams up with british royalty to spread a message about the mind. vanessa: i got hurt and was given painkillers.
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by the time the drugs ran out, i was addicted. it happened so fast. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or visit
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the road to recovery starts now. a suspected drunk driver caught on camera plowing into a crash scene in rhode island. a news photographer happened to be shooting the accident in north providence on sunday morning. and that's when he caught another car smashing into the stopped car, spinning around and sliding backwards and down an embankment.
6:45 am
he was charged with dui. incredibly, no one was hurt. babies and toddlers who spend more time using touchscreens may be getting less sleep according to a new study of more than 700 families in the uk. 75% of parents said that their little ones used an ipad or smartphone for an average of 9 to 45 minutes a day. once you get past that, researchers found every hour of daily touch screen use equaled 15 minutes less sleep saying overstimulation might make it harder for kids to fall asleep. new, a royal prince and a lady get together to talk about a very serious issue. >> yeah. problem and lady gaga are use -- prince william and lady gaga are using facebook to spread the word about mental health. >> there's a lot of shame attached to mental illness. you feel like something's wrong with you. >> prince william talked from his london study to lady gaga in her l.a. kitchen using facetime. they're joining forces in the heads together campaign. g&a talked about her struggle with -- gaga talked about his
6:46 am
struggle with depression. william says he wants his children to be open with their emotions. his brother, prince harry, said he couldn't cope after his mother died. watch the entire conversation on our facebook page. in today's "nbc10 responds," a man who was overcharged for almost a year's worth of tolls when his e-zpass transponder stopped working. >> he called and only got three months of refunds. he called harry hairston and "nbc responds." >> reporter: this is bob pellegrino's daily routine. driving to and from work on the atlantic city expressway. >> i've been taking it for about 30 years now. >> reporter: he lost hundreds of miles a week and gets a discount from e-zpass for being a frequent toll user. a few months ago, pell green oh noticed he was get -- pellegrino noticed he was being charged more than usual. he wasn't always getting the discounted rate. >> i found out that my
6:47 am
transponder wasn't always working. it was intermittent. >> reporter: the problem dated back to last march. pellegrino uses these types of express lanes that don't alert drivers to broken transponders. >> there's no red light, green light, you go through at normal speed. >> reporter: he called e-zpass to complain. >> i'm definitely upset. now i'm seeing i have a year's worth of discounts i didn't get. >> reporter: e-zpass gave him a new transponder and funded the discounted rate over the last 90 days. that wasn't good enough. >> that's when i decided to call channel 10. >> reporter: new jersey turnpike spokesperson tells nbc10 responds refunds should go back 120 days. to go back further than that, it needs permission from the south jersey transportation authority to approve the refunds. after we got involved, the additional refunds were approved. all $232.76. >> you did good, man. appreciate it. >> yeah. >> reporter: harry hairston,
6:48 am
nbc10 responds. >> you did good. by the way, the typical life cycle of a transponder is ten years. check your e-zpass statements carefully. the only way to make sure that you're not getting overcharged. if you have a consumer problem, let us know. ways to reach us there on the screen -- blahs. 6:48. a few minutes before the start of the "today" show. >> yesterday we took the day off. you and i took the train to new york to shoot promos with matt and savannah. they were gracious hosts. so fun. >> thank you, guys. nice to see to spend time with you. >> it was fun to see you in the flesh. we miss you. >> you guys actually get along. amazing. we were shocked. >> yeah. we were surprised at -- >> it's great to have you up here. >> you know. guys, let me tell you what's coming up. a tuesday, we get started in a couple of minutes. we'll talk about this manhunt expanding nationwide for the suspect in that facebook video
6:49 am
killing. this morning the latest on the search and the emotional new tributes held for the victims. ahead, democratic senator elizabeth warren will be here for an exclusive live interview. we'll get her take on all things washington, the future of her political career and her message to donald trump on tax day. then the surprising rule at many schools when it comes to sunscreen. parents want this rule changed. we'll tell you about that and much more ahead as we get started on a tuesday morning here on "today." back to you. >> all right. see you in about ten minutes. >> see you then. thanks, guys. >> you got it. >> all right. let's go back and show another shot of route 611 near blair mill road and willow grove, montgomery county, cars on their way to work. >> sun's up. >> to school -- beautiful. >> let's find out what's to come with meteorologist bill henley. >> bright sunshine, look at the view from the nbc10 studios. sun is just coming up. temperatures have steadied out.
6:50 am
they still could cool down a little bit in spring city. nice and clear, a few thin clouds. then a quick turnaround. sunshine into the 60s for new jersey. this is delaware -- look, not a cloud in the sky. a few thin clouds left in rehoboth beach. clouds moving away from us. these will be clearing out. sunshine for the delaware beaches today and a nice warmup. chilly, yes, to start with. 40s for the lehigh valley and the suburbs. 46 degrees in south jersey. in philadelphia there are a few neighborhoods in the 40s. continue to cool down, chestnuts hill at 46, andora, 47. west mt. airy, 49. now in the 40s for summer ton, bustleton. we will see sunshine all day long. look at the warmup. quickly into the 60s. in fact, by 1:00 this afternoon, already up to 63. we'll still be in the 60s at 7:00 this evening. clear skies tonight. a cool night. into the 60s again tomorrow. the warmup comes ahead of wet
6:51 am
weather that's due in later on thursday. it's coming from a system that is nowhere near us today. showers are to the south. this system is going to be moving into the area and dragging some of this moisture back into the region for the end of the workweek. first thing tomorrow, starting off with clear skies. sunshine, but the clouds tomorrow will take over during the day. doesn't look like wet weather for wednesday. thursday, showers and a chance of a late-day rainfall. no sign of rain today. sunny, 67 this afternoon. that sunshine in the morning fades with clouds taking over during the afternoon. a little bit cooler tomorrow. 65 degrees. the warmup ahead of showers and a chance of a thunderstorm thursday. the late-day showers could continue into friday when it will be cooler. 60 in the morning. 65 in the afternoon. a dry day on saturday before steady rain arrives for monday
6:52 am
into monday. possibly lingering showers on tuesday. we dry out next wednesday and thursday with another warmup with sunshine next thursday near 70 degrees. >> thank you. eight minutes before 6:00. people tracking packages, seeing a delay. i hope it will get to you in one piece. >> we'll see what it's doing to traffic. first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington has been watching the overturned truck. jess? right, the overturned fed ex truck, there are problems on the roads. maybe some of these packages got lost in the middle of this overturned scene here. it is on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike in bordentown township. we're still watching traffic move by in the outer lanes. the aaron lanes are complete open. it shouldn't be a big problem getting through the area. this is northbound around 206, exit 7. traffic getting by. you see it on the maps system. not seeing major problems or delays. 95 seeing slowdowns around cottman moving toward center city, philadelphia.
6:53 am
28 minutes from woodhaven to the vine. speeds dropping to the 20s, as well. watch for a disabled vehicle in lower selford around southville road. i'll be back in five minutes. ♪ i never like to admit they was wrong ♪ >> pennsylvania teenager mark isiah hopes to dekeep advancing. tonight, the teenager from mt. pocono. he will sing the first live playoff round for team adam. his hope is to get enough vote to keep him going. we wish him well. #teamadam. >> a haunting voice. >> yes, we'll see if i can get time over there. next, the top stories that we'll be covering for you -- >> including a father going on trial for the death of his son. plus a new report details how a philadelphia firefighter died in the line of duty and the department's response, next. ♪
6:54 am
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just about 7:00. we'll look at the stories we're following today -- >> first jury selection scheduled to begin in the camden murder trial of david creato. he's accused of killing his 3-year-old son brendan in 2015. he pleaded guilty to more and child endangerment. prosecutors say he killed brendan because the child was hindering his relationship with his teenage girlfriend. happening today in northeastern pennsylvania, prosecutors plan to rest their case against accused cop killer eric frein. he's charged with tuolumne state troopers -- with killing two state troopers in 2014, killing one. the surviving deputy called frein a coward.
6:58 am
and today new policies in the wake of a firefighter's death. joyce craig was the first female doifr to die in the line of duty in -- deputy to die in the line of duty. yesterday, osha discovered a hole in her breathing mask and problems during stress caused her death. officers who were held hostage at the state prison in smyrna in february will talk about a federal lawsuit that they'll be filing. lieutenant steven floyd was killed in the uprising. his widow is expected to join in that news conference at noon. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with a last check on your drive. if you're heading out in bordentown township on the new jersey turnpike, you might pass this scene. and you will pass it. that's the good thing. northbound at 206, exit 7. an overturned fed ex truck. that's the northbound side.
6:59 am
flames betting by the scene. a crash eastbound at blue anc r anchor. just the right wires down there. overnight route 322 locked in both directions around tuckahoe road. a news sunny start and chillier morning. especially in the suburbs and lehigh valley. the sunshine will be a fast warmup. 53 at 9:00. lunchtime, near 60 in the lehigh valley. sunny skies for philadelphia. there are a few thin clouds now. those are moving out. 57 degrees at 9:00. 62 degrees at 12 noon with just a little breeze out of the northeast at eight miles per hour. and we will warm into the 60s this afternoon. typical april weather. not as warm as it was over the weekend or yesterday. sunny skies all day long today. what a treat. >> looks great. >> you guys get your taxes done? >> a while back.
7:00 am
>> yno like it. >> we're working on it. good morning. breaking overnight, the manhunt expands nationwide for the suspect that killed a perfect stranger in cold blood and posted the disturbing footage online. friends are urging him to surrender. >> i know you're in pain. but, brother, you have to turn yourself in. >> the victim's family gatherin emotional vigil. the white house standing firm on the president not releasing his tax returns despite earlier promises he would, as critics across the country turn up the heat. >> he's still under audit. >> will the president be forced to give in? the president's top agitator, senator elizabeth


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