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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  April 20, 2017 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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a chance of a shower this morning but most of that is going to miss our area. then we'll get some sunshine. we're not going to miss out on a nice warm up this afternoon. we're starting off warmer this morning. 53 right now in new jersey. 54 in the lehigh valley. 52 degrees in the suburbs. that 55 in philadelphia, with clouds those will be here at 8:00 and at 11:00. look at the warm up in spite of those clouds. this afternoon we'll break through the clouds, get some sunshine and into the 70s for new jersey, 74 degrees right at 70 at the shore. nice warm up there too. we'll get the seabreeze later today. delaware 77 degrees later on today. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you when you may need your umbrella and when you can ditch it when i come back. first jessica boyington is watching your first alert traffic. >> we're watching the schuylkill expressway. here's our cameras around south street. looks good so far. moving in or out of the center
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city area. roads are good. there's a crash in white marsh on west butler pike around stenton avenue. watch for police activity. route 202 looks good. you can see our drive times we're green. ten minutes in both directions north and south from route 30 to the schuylkill. mass transit, we check out okay. septa, new jersey transit all running on time. this morning police are trying to track down three men caught on camera beating a father in kensington and now the victim is speaking exclusively to nbc 10 about the attack. the man was walking home from a job interview at the time. tell us more. >> reporter: he was. this was a brutal attack. it happened saturday as you said in kensington. police are just now releasing the surveillance video in hopes of identifying these three suspects. the victim a 25-year-old father was leaving a job massacre view
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on b street when the suspects attacked in broad daylight. they beat him until he was unconscious. then stole his cell phone and wallet before taking off. we talked to the victim. he did not want to show his face. here's what he had to say. >> lucky to be able to walk away despite the injuries. >> reporter: one of the suspects in that surveillance video has a white cast on his right forearm. police are asking anyone who recognizes him or those other two suspects to give them a call. reporting live, i'm pamela osborne, nbc 10 news. >> new from overnight police trying to figure out a crime in north philadelphia. they say one person was stabbed another pistol whipped. they don't know what toledo the violence and police have taken one of the victims into custody. opening statements start today in the case against david
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creato accused of killing his son two quarters ago. he killed the boy because he got in the way of his relationship with his teenage girlfriend. the victim of an attempted kidnapping is talk only to nbc 10. he says he was almost abducted by a woman he met through craigslist. police say this woman was behind the attack on the lansdale man. investigators said she planned to meet the victim in a parking lot after answering his ad. she brought a man and woman along who helped to attack the victim and force him into a car. >> evil people out there. that's what happens. >> the man says he was able to get away and called police. he spoke to deanna durante. bill o'reilly's run on fox news channel has come to an end. 21st century fox announced they dropped o'reilly yesterday.
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the move comes amid allegations of sexual harassment. "new york times" reported five women were paid a total of $13 million to settle sexual harassment complaints. we spoke to the executive director of the group women's way about o'reilly's dismissal. she said it's a positive step. >> we applaud the women for speaking out and we celebrate this as a victory for women's voices to be heard and fighting against sexual harassment. >> o'reilly released a statement saying in part it's disheartening that we part ways due to complete iep unfounded claims. by rating standards bill o'reilly was one of the most successful tv personalities. tucker carlson will take over o'reilly's 8:00 p.m. slot. >> vice president mike pence's ten day asian trip continues with a meeting with indonesia's
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president. they will discuss trade. pence will mark the 50th anniversary of the association of southeast asian nations. president trump is reportedly considering breaking 2015 iran nuclear deal struck during president obama's administration. secretary of state rex tillerson says the trump administration is conducting an inner agency review of the u.s. policy on iran. tillerson said iran's nuclear ambitions is a grave risk to international peace and security. tiller son said the review should clarify whether economic sanctions are applying enough pressure on iranian leaders. utah congressman jason chaffetz said he won't run for re-election. he announced his surprise decision on facebook and said he wanted to spend more time with his family. he chairs the oversight in government reform committee which investigates hillary clinton and benghazi attack. he didn't rule out a return to politics in 20.
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the secret service detained a man who was stalking former first daughter malia obama. the man showed up outside of her workplace on three separate days this month, holding a sign proposing marriage. in one case he slipped past security, got to the fourth floor and begged her to pear him. the nypd cents the man to the hospital for evaluation. we're learning more about the final moments of a prominent new york state judge's life. the nypd says they have surveillance video showing the judge walking alone near the hudson river hours before her body was found float in the richard. the video has not been made public. police calling the 65-year-old judge's death suspicious. in delaware county a warning for teens and their parents. police in springfield will have practice prolgs on the treats in the wake of reason behavior by teens everything from
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drinking to vandalism. someone took pictures of students in dorm showers and they are investigating the two incidents at a dorm on the university's main campus. police haven't identified the victims or said whether they were men or women. police are asking students for information about who may be responsible. the results of a recent study in california show promising signs for philadelphia soda tax. analysis of berkeley soda tax found overall businesses profited from the tax while sales of taxed beverages dropped by 10%. bottled water sales speck 16%. study found grocery bills were not affected and no evidence found for loss of revenue at stores. another new study shows sales of soda drinks fizzled last year. a report by the newsletter beverage digest shows sales dropped by 1% in 2016. it says the decrease is due in part to soda taxes and consumers switching to healthier drink
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options. eight minutes after 5:00. clouds over cape may but it's dry here. wilmington has cloudy skies. watching for a few showers so far they have missed delaware but that could change a little later this morning. 50s to start with. we're warmer than yesterday. 55 in philadelphia. south jersey is 53 degrees and in delaware, clouds overhead everyone is in the 50s this morning. 54 in talliville. to the south, 60 in lincoln and milton is 60 degrees right now. clouds some showers. quiet and dry in delaware. you can see the showers that are moving towards the lehigh valley into berks county. seen a few sprinkles in south jersey. there's a line of showers moving just towards harrisburg, just to the south. this will likely hold together and give us a few showers this morning in delaware. but it's not going to be an all day rainfall.
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this afternoon we'll see clouds break for some sunshine. look at the warm up. 55 degrees at 7:00 a.m. the clouds will linger this morning in the suburbs. late morning sunshine starts to come through 64 degrees and temperatures up by 10:00. a few rain drops this morning at 7:00 in the lehigh valley. dry but cloudy at 11:00, sunshine, 70 degrees this afternoon. delaware the clouds this morning, there's a chance of a shower but not a big threat. light showers in the area. 65 at 11:00 and by 3:00 in the 70s with sunshine. you'll see that sunshine in new jersey as well after a cool start in the 50s, warmer than yesterday. much warmer afternoon. even at the shore, last few days we had that pretty good seabreeze which kept temperatures in the 50s. today a westerly wind. not strong. just enough to boost temperatures on the beach.
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70. turning warmer before we get to the weekend. a look at the warm up for tomorrow when i come back with the day on 10e. >> bill is talk about the beach and warmer weather. hopefully we like traffic patterns out there. >> we'll find out. jessica boyington has you covered. >> usually about this time we're seeing construction projects from overnight clearing out of the way. 295 looks okay. belma belmar, 12 minutes. average speeds are way up there too. we're not seeing any problems right now out on the new jersey roads. there's a crash in white marsh on west butler pike by stenton avenue. we're watching the boulevard. our cameras around 9th street. both directions look okay. watch the southbound side moving towards the schuylkill. we see delays there first but not yet. 95 moving through delaware ten minutes in both directions north
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and south from 295 to 495. >> 11 minutes past 5:00. found guilty the man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper. here's the verdict. we'll tell the reaction to the eric frein verdict. why jurors are not done. burned and painted an injured cat is dropped off at a berks county shelter with a note describing the abuse. dow changing their image. we'll tell you what a jersey shore city is doing to change its party town reputation.
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investigators in reading are searching for whoever spray painted this cat purple and burned him. the cat named churchill was found parng earlier this month. a witness said kids were abusing him. he was treated at an animal rescue center and now in a foster home. this was the second cat subject to abuse in reading. other cat is also recovering. at the jersey shore a town is hoping to adopt a more family
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friendly atmosphere. >> seaside heights town council approved new measures to stir the shore community away from its party. there's a 9:00 p.m. beach curfew. a hike on beach tags. town leaders said seasiding heights got its party reputation after featured on mtv reality show "jersey shore." one boat has been beached there since the storm in january just a few yards away another boat has been sitting half emerged in the water since 2015. they are using immigrant money to remove the boats that will cost close to 30 grand. happening today four day of events to remember the late music icon prince. this weekend marks the one year anniversary of his death and to celebrate his contribution to music and culture. events are scheduled at his
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paisley park studios in minnesota. lift off. jack fisher on his way to the international space station. >> new from overnight an american astronaut an russian cosmonaut are heading to international space station. they blasted off early this morning aboard soyuz rocket in kazakhstan. they are expected to dock around 9:30 our time. >> april is national stress awareness month. >> a third of americans express chronic stress at work. psychologists find people who work around the clock, never take a break and don't like what they do they can become depressed or sick. they say it's important to recognize when stress is getting too much. >> you start to be nervous, your stomach is tied in a knot. time to stop what you're doing, take a break, take a deep
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breath. calm yourself down. analyze what's causing the stress and cake corrective action. >> take a deep breath, tracy. >> we're rarely stressed in the morning. we have a lot of fun here. >> we love our jobs. right. it's just the hours we keep. this guy says that action he suggested could be as simple as five minute walk or listening to music which we like to do here. >> we do. we like to sing. when i say we i mean you. >> there's less stress if there's no traffic out there. let's check in with boy and find out if that's the case. >> i can only guarantee no traffic if you tune in around the 4:00 marker. other than that after 6:00, 7:00 you know what it's like on the schuylkill. here's the vine street expressway. okay so far. westbound side is moving towards the schuylkill expressway right now with no problems even towards 95.
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crash in white mash around stenton avenue. watch for police activity there. 422 looks good. eight minutes at the most on that eastbound side. eastbound side jammed up first because of that traffic heading to the schuylkill from route 29. average speeds are into the 60s. on the new jersey turnpike this, is south on the new jersey turnpike and headed towards the delaware memorial bridge. so far you'll be good. more updates when i come back in ten minutes. >> 18 minutes past 5:00. another guy that never appears to be stressed, bill henley, always cool as a cucumber. >> so cool. steady. and fun. usually finds me napping. >> that's why you're not stressed. >> we're looking at a pretty good day today. starting off with clouds overhead. this is malvern, pennsylvania gentle breeze. dry right now but a few showers in the area. and a warmer start.
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50s across the board. south jersey, philadelphia, delaware in the suburbs. malvern is right at 50. 53 degrees right now. 53 in lincoln, university. 50s for newtown. warrenton, fort washington not a problem. we're in the 50s warm into the 70s for this afternoon. for that to happen we'll need sunshine. get that too. look at the warm up. philadelphia 8:00 temperature 57 degrees. 70s by 2:00 and stay in the 70s at 8:00 this evening. 70. this is what we're starting off with. few scattered showers, first-round moving off to the northeast just really some very light showers in berks county and lehigh valley and now northern chester county and into upper bucks county as well. not a lot of rain here but you might run into a few sprinkles. might need that windshield wipe they are morning. showers to the west. most will pass to the south. delaware has a better chance
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you'll see some of those than you will to the north. a chance of some showers this morning. then we get a nice break. more showers. part of a system coming in for tonight. i expect tonight we'll get showers and a possibility of a thunderstorm. but as we go through the morning hours, clouds will start to break a bit. this is noon time today. hour by hour forecast showing 64 degrees in philadelphia. wilmington up to 64 in the suburbs middle 60s. clouds and breaks of sunshine but we get the warm up one way or another at 6:00 this evening. slight chance of another shower popping up this evening, more likely they are going to wait until later this evening and tonight and see some scattered showers mainly to north of the city at 11:00 tonight and chance will stay with us until first thing tomorrow morning. a few sprinkles this morning. sunshine breaking through the clouds. 75 today. 80 for tomorrow. there is a chance of some morning showers, slight chance of a shower but a thunderstorm in the afternoon.
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enough sunshine especially late in the day for the big warm up tomorrow. it cools down for the weekend. dry day saturday. showers likely on sun. steady rain is likely. 59 degrees is the high temperature. rain is out of here for moan. after a cooler day tuesday another warm up in the 70s by ten of next week. sounds gad. thank you, bill. chase and shooting a suspect speeds away from police in delaware and killed. how it all came to an end outside of a church. found in a fire. the unusual pet discovered as the building went up in flames in philadelphia. clearing out the candy. we'll tell you about the healthy change at cvs stores are marking.
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squoo 5:24. mastercard is test agnew high-security feature and cvs is clearing out the junk food.
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good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning to you. that's right. mastercard testing fingerprint sensor technology with its payment cards. so instead of signing a receipt or entering your pin you place your thumb on your card to confirm your identity. you would scan your fingerprints at your bank which would your biometric card. mastercard hopes to roll out the cards worldwide by the end of the year. cvs is getting rid of its candy counter. they plan to reduce shelf space for junk food giving more room to nutritious food and health products. it will make changes at several hundred stores as it reinvents its image as beacon of health living. wall street will try to recover from tuesday's loss futures are high they are morning. markets ending mostly lower with the dow posting its second straight triple-digit loss following ibm's disappointing earns. oil prices are higher after fell
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4% on continued concerns about a global supply glut. the dow falling 118 points to 20,404. nasdaq edging up to 5863. learning his fate. today the sentencing phase begins for eric frein. a day after being convicted of killing a trooper. we'll tell you the sentence he could face. trail trouble. teens attack a woman by the schuylkill river. we ask about safety at the popular spot.
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sentencing a killer. the jury begins the decide the fate of eric frein a day after he was found guilty of killing a freerp. chase, crash and shooting a
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traffic stop threads a deadly confrontation with police in delaware. >> rate hike debate. you can weigh in on a septa proposal that could impact your commute. a lot to talk about this morning. it's 5:30. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate nbc 10 first alert neighborhood forecast. light rain in some places. >> a few sprinkles. light scattered showers this morning. most of the area is dry. dry in delaware. dry in south jersey. really more active showers moving through berks county. we've seen them in the allentown area and now in up are montgomery and bucks county. this is nothing but light rain. no heavy downpours. no thunder and lightning here. look to the west and there's one more line of showers that's going to be moving through. this will miss the. more likely to head into chester county, delaware and south jersey. then we'll see


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