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tv   Today  NBC  April 20, 2017 7:00am-10:01am EDT

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sunday. >> all right. thank pup local updates throughout the morning on the nbc 10 app. >> thanks for watching. good morning. fired. bill o'reilly let go by fox news amid the sexual harassment allegations. his name already wiped from his show. >> it's the end of an era here at the fox news channel. >> this morning, what finally tipped the scales against him and now what the former anchor is sayingbout the scandal that led to his downfall. talking tough. on the heels of the trump administration firing on another adversary. what action is the white house ready to take to back up those words? and raising questions. why some close to aaron hernandez say there's no chance the former football star took his own life. as new reports reveal the bible verse written on his forehead
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when he was found hanged in his prison cell. and what a drag. a bizarre scene in california. >> i don't know what's going on here. >> a car lodged in the back of a big rig barreling down a highway. the driver desperate for help. >> he's not stopping! >> giving the term "truck stop" a whole new meaning today, thursday, april 20th, 2017. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning, everybody. welcome to "today" on a thursday morning. we've got willie in for matt again this morning. i have been playing all my barry manilow's greatest hits for you. >> overdrive this morning. barry manilow in concert for us. a light rain not keeping barry out of the shades for one thing. how cool is that man? and the crowd on the plaza,
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we'll have that coming up later. >> we have a huge crowd out there. but let's get right to our top story, and it is the stunning fall for one of the biggest stars in cable news. amid damaging sexual harassment allegations, fox news has cut ties with bill o'reilly and his popular show already has a new look and a new name. cynthia mcfadden has been following this. good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. viewers tuning into fox last night saw a whole new "factor." now new questions on what happens for o'reilly as the former king of cable news speaks out, even as he faces more accusations. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. >> this morning the king of cable news is dethroned. >> it is the end of an era here at the fox news channel. bill o'reilly is leaving this chair and this network after more than 20 years. >> the top-rated cable news show bearing his name now simply "the factor." bill o'reilly fired after sexual
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harassment allegations saying in part, it is tremendously disheartening that we part ways due to completely unfounded claims. but that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today. but the reality is that more than a half dozen women have accused o'reilly of sexual harassment. "the new york times" reports that o'reilly and fox news have paid a total of $13 million to five women. and more than 50 companies pulled their ads from "the o'reilly factor." o'reilly has denied all allegations against him. but it's a stunning downfall for the man who anchors the most lucrative broadcast in cable news. >> thank you for watching us tonight. >> "the o'reilly factor" generated $178 million in ad revenue in 2015 alone. five major players have left fox news in what has been a devastating year for the cable network. among them, former fox chairman and ceo roger ailes.
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he resigned after former anchor gretchen carlson filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against him. the first domino in this dramatic turn of events. 21st century clfox settled with carlson for a reported $21 million. ailes denied the allegations. with o'reilly's ousting, fox may have been trying to get ahead of other possible alleged accusers. >> i know more accusers. some of them have now told me, well, there's really no point in coming forward now, he's been fired. others may have lawsuits against him. and they may file those lawsuits. >> we have to break that down. >> o'reilly out of the country on a family vacation shook hands on tuesday with pope francis in the vatican's vip line. the stunning contrast to his firing, which came just hours later. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. >> this morning, the no-spin zone is no more. this morning national geographic
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and publisher henry holt say they have no plans to sever ties with o'reilly who has projects in the works with both. now, inside fox news wednesday afternoon, staff was stunned to hear o'reilly's firing, especially as the network's bosses seemed to praise him even as they pushed him out the door. >> scynthia mcfadden, thank you very much. >> gabe sherman brook is here and broke the news of the scandal. earlier we heard about the settlements paid after a number of women claimed sexual harassment against bill o'reilly, you have advertisers fleeing, there's a pending deal rupert murdoch is looking at in great britain. what brought this to a head so quickly? >> really, this was a storm the murdoch family wanted to weather but realized they couldn't. yesterday morning the firm paul wise presented their findings to rupert and the two sons, james
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and locklan, and they realized they couldn't save him and had to pull the band-aid off and make the decision to push him out. >> there was another shoe dropped and perhaps there was. >> there was. the other ticking clock was there was a board meeting for fox news taking place in new york today. and they wanted to have this resolved before the board of directors all come into new york. so this was a very fast-moving story. >> gabe, was there inside fox, until the end, a pro-o'reilly camp? were there people arguing for him to keep his job? >> really, i didn't hear a big ground swell of rank-in-file of people. the president of fox news tried to shore up bill o'reilly. rupert murdoch was inclined to keep him, but there wasn't a ground swell of employees who wanted him. he was a very difficult person to work with. >> it's a tricky situation because fox viewers probably don't support this move. he was exceedingly popular. >> oh, of course. this is going to be, in some ways, more complicated than the ousting of roger ailes last summer, because of bill
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o'reilly's personal connection to the audience. in the weeks ahead, it will be interesting to see if there's erosion in their ratings. >> and what does the future of fox look like? you can take this back to gretchen carlson, greta van susteren leaving who joined us at nbc, megyn kelly, roger ailes, bill o'reilly, is this a different network now philosophically? >> in a short-term, no. they have aligned themselves with the trump administration. megyn kelly is no longer in the primetime, this is going to be a new network. it is too early to tell. james murdoch would like to move it to a more centrist, moderate position. and this is more of a family struggle at this point than it is a television one. >> we remember roger ailes got a big payout as he went out the door. does bill o'reilly get the same thing? >> from what i'm hearing, he had two-and-a-half years on his
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contract. he earns upwards of $25 million a year. >> he just re-signed that, though. >> there was a provision. i think they signed the contract knowing the allegations were out there. so there was a clause that i understand that allowed them to have an exit, but he did receive money. >> dave sherman has been working this story for years and broke the latest chapter. thank you so much. we'll have more on bill o'reilly's departure including evidence of a smear campaign against o'reilly. and now to the white house and a new faux for the trump administration to focus on, iran. rex tillerson now warning it could become the next north kor korea. we've got two reports, we'll start with andrea mitchell. andrea, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you, savannah. the new administration, the president facing multiple crises from north korea to aggressive maneuvers by russian jets off the coast of alaska. and now the u.s. opening a new front with iran. from the trump administration, a stark warning to iran.
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>> an unchecked iran has the potential to travel the same path as north korea and take the world along with it. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson blasting the nuclear deal negotiated by the obama administration, calling iran a global security threat. >> the evidence is clear, iran's provocative actions threaten the united states, the region and the world. >> reporter: while the nuclear deal remains in place for now, president trump has repeatedly vowed to rip it up. >> the iran deal made by the previous administration is one of the worst deals i have ever witnessed. and i've witnessed some beauties. >> reporter: after acknowledging tuesday that iran is complying with a landmark 2-year-old nuclear deal, tillerson accused iran of sponsoring terrorism throughout the middle east. testing and developing missiles in defiance of the u.n. resolution, arresting u.s. citizens. the obama white house sanged iran for those abuses but with
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five other powers, they decided the nuclear deal was still worth doing. while experts say scrapping the agreement would give them permission to obtain a nuclear weapon. tillerson disagrees. if you break out that deal, won't that send a signal to north korea and other rogue nations that the u.s. can't be trusted to keep its end of the bargain? >> it is another example of buying off a power who has nuclear ambitions, we buy them off for a short period of time, and then someone has to deal with it later. >> reporter: tillerson says the u.s. may place north korea back on the list of state sponsors of terror, after having been removed from that list by the bush administration in 2008. all this as defense secretary james mattis is trying to clear up confusion over the location of that aircraft carrier, "the uss carl vin vecentvincent." both the president and mattis said the ship was heading to north korea as a show of force, even though it was heading to
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australia. >> we are sending an armada, very powerful. >> reporter: mattis now clarifying. >> we generally don't give out ship schedules in advance, but i didn't want to play a game and say we were changing when, in fact, we had. >> reporter: now moscow seems to be testing the new administration. twice this week, russian jets flew too close to the coast of alaska. once, in fact, norad scrambled fighter jets to intercept them. >> scary stuff. andrea mitchell at the state department, thank you. meanwhile, president trump is going to face-off again against the u.s. district judge. he publicly accused last years of being biased. kristen welker has more on this story for us. kristen, good morning. >> reporter: willie, good morning to you. the first time president donald trump clashed with the judge was over a trump university lawsuit when he was a candidate. this time the judge will preside over an immigration case involving a so-called dreamer
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recently deported. the judtrial putting the judge president trump's crosshairs once again. he's the judge who then candidate trump thrusted into the headlines saying -- >> i have a judge who is hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. his name is -- >> reporter: the world first met judge curiel last year when he oversaw this pointed attack. >> the judge was appointed by barack obama, a federal judge. i mean, frankly, he should recuse himself. i believe he happens to be spanish, which is fine, he's hispanic, which is fine, and we haven't asked for recusal, which we may do, but we have a judge very hostile. >> reporter: mr. trump saying he
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was biased because of his mexican heritage. judge curiel was born in indiana. >> he's from mexico. the answer is he's giving us very unfair ruling. >> reporter: judge curiel approved a $25 million settlement between trump university and students who claim they overpaid for seminars. mr. trump never admitted any wrongdoing. as for the current case, 23-year-old kwon montes said back in february he was deported from a california city for no reason. when he tried to reenter the country again, he was deported back to mexico. montes has status to shielden documented immigrants from being deported if they were brought here by their parents, but they say he violated it without getting the government's approval. in an interview overnight, montes' lawyer would respond but
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stressed her client would be vindicated. >> to this day he doesn't understand why he was deported even though he had permission to be in this country. >> reporter: the question now, will president trump take aim at the judge again in a case that's already become a legal flashpoint. so how did judge curiel wind up overseeing this case? according to california's southern district court, it was totally random, simply the luck of the draw. so far, no reaction from the white house. no court date has been set yet. >> kristen welker at the white house this morning, thanks, kristen. we are learning more about the apparent prison suicide of former nfl star aaron hernandez. an investigation is now underway as people close to him are raising questions about what exactly happened. nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer is outside the prison in shirley, massachusetts, for us. miguel, good morning. >> reporter: savannah, good morning. prison officials believe aaron hernandez hanged himself inside his single-unit cell. they say he was not on suicide watch and showed no indications he would want to harm himself.
7:15 am
that is why some are asking, was this really a suicide? aaron hernandez was discovered hanging from a bed sheet tied to a window inside his maximum security cell. this morning multiple news outlets say john 3:16 was scrawled on his head, a biblical verse that references eternal life. prison officials call the death a suicide. but this morning friends and members of hernandez's legal team are raising questions about that. >> it's very hard for me to accept the fact that he may have committed suicide. we are keeping an open mind. >> not guilty. >> reporter: just six days ago, the former football superstar, already serving a life sentence for the execution of friend odin lloyd in 2013, was acquitted of a double murder in 2012. wiping away tears as the verdict was read, the victims' families did the same, stoic during the trial, hernandez blew kisses to
7:16 am
his daughter and fiancee. his former agent says, there is absolutely no chance he took his own life. >> guilty of murder in the first degree. >> reporter: now they say they will conduct their own investigation into hernandez's death. for the families of those he was accused of killing, there is no justice. >> they take no joy in what's happened to him and more particularly to his family. >> reporter: on social media, nfl players past and present share their condolences for a man who once scored a super bowl touchdown and a $40 million contract with the patriots. on the day his body was discovered, his former teammates were celebrating their most recent super bowl win at the white house. just a few years ago, aaron hernandez seemed to have it all, fame, money, incredible success. but his life now coming to an end in a prison cell.
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with state police now launching their own investigation, we now know that aaron hernandez's pension says his family would like it to go to his daughter. as for his criminal record, his lawyers say because they were appealing his conviction, they are asking that his record be wiped clean. savannah? >> miguel almaguer, thank you very much. now back to that wild video we showed you at the top of the show. the incident happened on the 15 freeway northeast of los angeles. and here you see it, a big rig dragging a nissan maxima up the freeway pass after the car somehow becomes wedged into the side of the truck. the witness who was recording this video then pulls up alongside of him, the driver of the car waves his hand out the window and pleads for help. >> won't stop! he's not stopping! >> the truck dragged that car for about four miles. eventually, did come to a stop, and that's when the witness confronted the truck driver. >> why were you driving so far?
7:18 am
>> far? >> the guy's on the end of your car. >> i didn't know it. >> what do you mean you didn't know it, dude? he's on your truck! >> he said, what do you mean you didn't know it, dude? california highway patrol said it's not clear if anybody faces charges. >> i had the same question as the witness there. how do you go four miles and not notice? >> you don't look in the side mirror? >> that's amazing. apparently nobody hurt, thank goodness. >> yeah. mr. roker, what is shaking? >> well, we've got a lot of severe weather to talk about. in fact, take a look at what happened yesterday just outside of cleveland. i mean, they got dumped on with tons of rain. and they actually had to do water rescues from parking lots, getting people out of their cars. look at the burger king. i mean, it's under water. it is a mess out there. and there's more on tap for today for the same area. it's our top weather story. as thee systse systems push acre
7:19 am
great lakes, we'll have more rain and thunderstorms. in fact, we have a threat of severe weather from cleveland to indianapolis up to detroit. 25 million people at risk for this system as it pushes to the east, strong storms, wind, heavy rain, another round of heavy rain and thunderstorms move through cleveland. and then the southern part of this storm brings in a more overnight storm for this warm front. a risk of heavy rain through tomorrow into parts of the central plains. look at the rainfall amounts we're talking about, anywhere from three to five inches of rain. this system moves all the way into the east by saturday. from oklahoma city into nashville, three to five inches with flash flooding possible through saturday afternoon. we're going to get to your local
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good morning i'm meteorologist bill henley. tracking some showers this morning, but this afternoon the showers move out. these clouds will be out of here. we get sunshine and warm up to 75 degrees suburbs and philadelphia. new jersey a few showers this morning then sunshine breaks through the clouds this afternoon. 74 degrees. we'll see a warm up for the shore today. not much of a seabreeze blowing today. for the lehigh valley showers first thing this morning and breaks of sunshine late are today and into the upper 70s with late day sunshine for delaware. your latest weather, guys? >> comin coming up, marketing t munchies. why a lot of your favorite companies are rolling out new deals just for today, 4/20. and then prince william on the shock of his mother's death
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that he says still lingers 20 years later. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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good morning. just about 7:30. i'm tracy davidson. let's look outside and see what's become today in the weather. first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> light rain showers in trenton into philadelphia and another line of showers quickly moving through southern chester county and wilmington. you're about to get some wet weather. newel county and into south jersey. rain showers here this morning. lots of clouds. what we're not seeing are colder temperatures we had yesterday. in the 50s right now and on track for some sunshine this afternoon which means we'll warm into 70s later today. >> sounds great. now check the roads give you a heads up about a problem. boy h jessica boyington has you covered. >> route 30 eastbound side
7:27 am
dealing with a crash right next to route 282. onto right-hand shoulder. earlier we had the right lane blocked. traffic is a little slow. single file in that left-hand lane getting by on the eastbound side. crash out in lower providence on ridge pike. today jurors in the eric frein case return to court for the penalty phase of the trial. he faces the death penalty or life in prison. jurors found him guilty in the 2014 ambush shooting that killed a pennsylvania state trooper and injured another. today septa is holding another public hearing about plans to raise fares. this afternoon at the at the bucks county library in doylestown. you can learn how the proposed rate hike could impact your commute. it covers all mode of transit and begins july 1st. another update in 25 minute join us weekday mornings on nbc 10 today from 4:30 to 7:00. hey allergy muddlers
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♪ it's 7:30, it's thursday morning, the 20th of april, 2017. there is our plaza crowd. barry manilow is here. he's singing this morning, hoda is singing right now. okay. this is a great song. but there is no greater song, can we agree, than copacabana. ♪ she was a show girl we're trying to get him to play it. >> so they will stop singing it. tweet us with #singcopatoday. we are trying to convince barry manilow on the plaza this morning. >> it's already trending. that means barry has to sing it, right? >> he doesn't have to, he's barry manilow, but keep the
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pressure on. >> will you just tell barry, if you don't sing it, we will. and that is terrifying. >> do it for me. here's a look at what is making headlines this morning, secretary of state rex tillerson is talking tough when it comes to iran saying its provocative actions are a threat to the united states and the world. he announced the trump administration's plan to review the u.s. policy toward iran. overnight, a soyuz space capsule blasted off carrying an american astronaut and russian koz cosmonaut to the internatio space station. the duo is joining the current three-person crew on the space station. and officials at sea world say the last killer whale has been born in captivity at one of its parks in san antonio. the birth comes months after the decision by the florida-based company to stop breeding killer whales. sea world says it was a smooth delivery and mother and calf appear to be healthy. and this morning reaction of all kinds powuring in to the nes
7:32 am
that bill o'reilly is out after 20 years at fox news following explosive sexual harassment allegations against him. and what you think about that may depend in part on your politics. stephanie gosk is here with that, good morning. >> good morning. it's probably no surprise in these hyper politicized times, the recent allegations of sexual harassment against bill o'reilly turned into a battle between the left and the right. some are calling it the politics of sexual harassment. >> thank you for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. >> this morning the political pitchforks are out. the firing of controversial fox commentator bill o'reilly over sexual harassment allegations unleashing a firestorm. o'reilly's attorney says he has evidence of a smear campaign being orchestrated by the far-left organizations bent on destroying o'reilly for political and financial reasons. the conservative website breitbart also picking up on the theme with the headline, activist left gets monster scalp. overnight, the attorney for one of o'reilly's accusers pushed
7:33 am
back, saying he's a trump supporter and a fox watcher but -- >> when somebody commits egregious sexual harassment, it doesn't matter if they are right, left, green, center, black, yellow, they are going to be held accountable. >> fox paid $13 million to settle sexual harassment claims by several women, claims that o'reilly has strongly denied. recently president trump jumped to o'reilly's defense in an interview with "the new york times." >> he's a good person. you know, i think he shouldn't have settled. personally, i think he shouldn't have settled. >> reporter: that defense follows last year's campaign bombshell. of sexual harassment allegations against trump, which he denied. >> this was locker room talk. >> reporter: it all stirs up memories of anita hill in the early 1990s. >> judge thomas began to use work situations to discuss sex. >> reporter: and her explosive sexual harassment allegations
7:34 am
against eventual supreme court justice clarence thomas. >> it is a high-tech lynching. >> reporter: today's scandal with supporters and critics split down party lines, a reminder little has changed. >> it's sad that we are living in such a politicized era where we don't take the facts of the case as seriously because it conflicts with our own pre-conceived political biases. o'reilly's attorney said evidence is showing a leftist campaign, will be, in his words, put forth shortly and is irrefutable. guys, this fight is not nearly over. >> as we said, his legions of fans, his millions of fans are not happy about fox's decision to drop him. >> and expressing a ton of support on their website. >> but for many people, this is a question of sexual harassment, not politics. stephanie, thanks. thank you. we'll shoot over to al to see what he's got. are those the azores behind you? >> yes, very good. we got our first kind of
7:35 am
tropical system going on. it's the sub-tropical depression labeled number 1. 35-mile-per-hour winds moving north at 14. not going to affect anybody, but it's the first and thought we would show it. if it became a tropical system, it would be arlene. here are the names starting with arlene and ending with whitney if we get that far. it remains to be seen, but as we look right now for today, severe storms making their way across the ohio river valley. high fire danger in the southwest. it is dry, it is breezy, and so we could be looking at a lot of wildfires there. plenty of sunshine in l.a. today with a high of 83 degrees. good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. tracking some showers this morning, but this afternoon the showers move out. these clouds will be out of here. we get sunshine and warm up to 75 degrees for the suburbs and philadelphia. new jersey a few showers this morning then sunshine breaks through the clouds this afternoon. 74 degrees. we'll see a warm up for the shore today. not much of a seabreeze blowing
7:36 am
today. for the lehigh valley showers first thing this morning and breaks of sunshine later today and into the upper 70s with late day sunshine for delaware. have a great day. >> you can get that weather any time you need it. check out the weather channel on cable. guys? all right, thank you, al. 2017 marks 20 years since the tragic death of princess diana. and this week her sons are speaking out about the loss of their mother like never before. tammy leitner is at buckingham pallas. hi, tammy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. this has been quite the week, the royal family does not normally speak about their emotions, yet this week both prince william and prince harry spoke about their mother's death and the struggle that followed. >> i still feel, 20 years later, about my mother, i still have shock within me. >> reporter: candid words from prince william on his mother's death nearly two decades ago. >> you never get over it. it's such an unbelievably big
7:37 am
moment in your life, that it never leaves you. you just learn to deal with it. >> reporter: the prince speaking to a mom worried about her children who lost their father. >> they will be okay, won't they? >> with a mom like you, they will be fine. >> reporter: prince william not the only royal opening up. this week prince harry revealing that he shut down emotionally for years following the death of his mother, princess diana. and only in the last few years sought help. >> it was 20 years of not thinking about it and then two years of total chaos. and i just -- i couldn't put my finger on it, i didn't know what was wrong with me. >> reporter: the royal brothers using this opportunity to spread the word about their charity that fights mental health stigma. prince harry is here meeting with runners participating in this week's london marathon, talking to them about his charity, heads together. kate also encouraging runners wearing gear with the charity's logo. >> hello, nice to meet you. how old are you? >> 8. >> you're 8, oh, my goodness.
7:38 am
>> the one thing harry and i wanted to do was to get everyone talking and get more heads together, better than being alone. >> hello, prince william. >> hello, lady gaga. >> reporter: lady gaga talking to prince william about that loneliness. >> it was the best thing that could come out of my mental illness, was to share it with other people. >> reporter: and the woman who was the catalyst for this new openness, never far from anyone's mind. >> i think she would be proud of the campaign, proud of everybody involved, proud of us. >> reporter: princess diana was never scared of breaking taboos and seems her boys are following in her footsteps, speaking about their own struggles to help others. back to you guys. >> thank you, tammy. they are doing a lot of good by being open about it and trying to remove that stigma. >> there's something about this generation of royals that you just love when you see them pop up. well, coming up, is he planning a return to the
7:39 am
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item right now. #singcopatoday. we have to get to number one and then barry may sing it. >> we think if it gets to number one he will concede defeat. >> do you know what the number one trend is? it's 4/120. and that is today's date, but it is also a high holiday for marijuana supporters. >> and i guess we had a different high school experience. anyway, whether you are for or against legalized marijuana, there are ways to benefit today. nbc's joe fryer in los angeles to explain. hi, joe, good morning. >> reporter: hey, there, good morning. i had the same high school experience, too. to many, this is just april 20th, the day not terribly special. but to some, it's 4/20, a day when corporate sanctioned pot puns and product discounts will trend on social media with some brands hoping to cash in. it's a tongue-and-cheek holiday for marijuana. 4/20, the day when some users
7:45 am
celebrate their love for bud, and when marketers try to cash in, targeting any 4/20 enthusiast with a case of the munchies. today ben&jerry's released their any product, telling fans to get one before it goes up in a puff of smoke. >> one of our most popular flavors for a really long time was cherry garcia, up until fairly recently, half-baked has taken the number one top spot. in fact, the ice cream feature flavor in the chilacco is called totally baked. >> reporter: they say this perpetuates all types of stoners. noting not all marijuana leaves you craving junk food. and millions, including kids, use pot for medicinal purposes. but most mainstream brands target ads with a wink, hoping in a hungry haze you reach for their product. pepsi once tweeted this on 4/20, showing a pair of relaxed pepsi cans with a caption, "today's to-do list, absolutely nothing."
7:46 am
and they have a long history of eluding to marijuana in the 4/20 marketing campaigns, this year no exception. >> do you have pizza rolls? >> of course. it is 4/20, after all. >> reporter: companies that dabble in 4/20 marketing don't use words like "weed" in their ads, but it is no coincidence either. this doesn't come with burning bridges like the non-pot users like it used to. in 1969, 12% of people favored using pot which has grown to 60%. now marijuana use has become nearly as mainstream as the brands trying to capitalize on the 4/20 blaze. some digital marketing teams behind the 4/20 ads may be more blunt than others, but regardless of how you feel about the 4/20 holiday, even if you're not a fan, there's a potential bright side, some of your favorite brands might be offering discounts today and those are available to everyone. back to you guys. >> doritos.
7:47 am
who doesn't have the munchies, thank you, joe fryer. >> cool ranch or the regular? coming up, carson will give you a look at the world's most influential people. >> carson, did you know what 4/20 was? 4/20 was? >>liberty mutual stood with me when this guy got a flat tire in the middle of the night. hold on dad... liberty did what? yeah, liberty mutual 24-hour roadside assistance helped him to fix his flat so he could get home safely. my dad says our insurance doesn't have that. don't worry - i know what a lug wrench is, dad. is this a lug wrench? maybe? you can leave worry behind when liberty stands with you™. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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we are so happy, mr. daly is here. >> charlie, remember me, buddy? #singcopatoday, trending. and "time" magazine releases the 100 most influential people in the world. we get guest contributors to write about each of them. as you can see behind me, here are the five covers they have released, including as we go to my screen, viola davis, one of the many people there, oscar winner. m marlyn streep writing about it. and we have senator elizabeth warren here earlier this week,
7:52 am
writing about warren's battles with the big banks. and we have a special inside the magazine, there's simone biles, written by less lee jones who calls the olympian extraordinary and inspiring. and russell crow writing about less leslie, saying she's the best comedian of all time. and you'll see ivanka trump and jared kushner. if you want the complete list, we have it for you. it's the "time" 100 list at >> it's cool. i like to see what celebrities write about other celebrities. always good to read. #singcopatoday. we need it number one, people. this is so important. do it for us. do it for the children. >> do it for america. >> do it for america. and we have iconic barry ♪ predictable. the comfort in knowing where things are headed. because as we live longer... and markets continue to rise and fall...
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just before 8:00 this thursday morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get to first alert meteorologist bill henley. >> good morning. cloudy skies, a few showers this morning. by this afternoon, those we'll start to sunshine in cape may. live view from the lafayette hotel. 50s to start with. warming into 70s this ann. a few showers this morning for philadelphia, the sbubs uburbs, lehigh valley. few showers in delaware. lighter you need sunglasses. >> here are what the roads look like. jessica boyington. >> watching out we have a crash on easten road around maple avenue and 95. on the northbound side coming away from delaware near route 452.
7:57 am
average speed under the 40s. slow right here but this accident scene fortunately now over into the right-hand shoulder of that northbound side. we expect to learn more this morning about a police chase and deadly shooting in new castle county. investigators say they were following a suspect yesterday afternoon who refused to pull over. a chase began. officer and suspect were involved in several car crashes. the man trying to get away crashed and then ran off. police say that's when there was a confrontation outside of a church in bellefonte. opening statements start today in the case against david creato. he's accused of killing his son two years ago. the nfl draft is now just a week away happening in center city. this morning the eagles brass will discuss their plans about improving their team. look for our reports later detain and on our nbc 10 app. join us on weekday mornings for nbc 1010 today from 4:30 to
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, serena's secret. the tennis champ has fans everywhere cheering after announcing she's pregnant with her first child and managed to win a grand slam while expecting. plus, breaking his silence. ♪ in the wake of a new health scare, richard simmons speaks out to his fans for the first time since speaking with us more than a year ago. we'll tell you what the fitness star is saying and what he's not saying as he remains out of the public eye. and he writes the songs. ♪ could it be magic the legendary barry manilow hits the plaza for a special spring
8:01 am
concert as we talk to him about new music and milestones on this thursday, april 20th, 2017. >> hey, guys, who do you love? >> barry manilow. >> how many times did you see barry manilow? >> 500 times. >> and now -- >> "today." >> this is your what? >> new first barry manilow concert? >> ladies, where do you want to go? >> take me to copacabana, barry! ♪ shine shine shine >> we love manilow! >> and good morning, everybody. welcome back to "today." the man of the hour, barry manilow. wow, what beautiful weather we have for your show. >> it'ser theab er ther th terr. i'm so sorry.
8:02 am
and all these wonderful people are still there. >> there are so many people here. it's incredible. >> i know. >> it's a miracle. >> the jewish guild is killing me. >> this could work because we tried to pressure you into playing "copacabana." it is trending. are you thinking about it? >> of course. it's a yes! >> we did it! "copacabana"! >> you aim to please. you were just at a concert last night, weren't you? who were you singing for? >> claude davis and his documentary. wonderful film. >> look at him, late at night, here early in the morning, that's love. >> we haven't slept. we went from there to here. >> you never sleep, barry. you did it, america. you're going to get "copacabana" on this stage in just a few minutes with some more hits and new stuff. but first, a check of the day's top stories. it's time for the news at 8:00. >> barry, we love you. good morning.
8:03 am
i'm kristen welker from the white house. we begin with president trump and his new administration facing crises on multiple foreign policy fronts. secretary of state rex tillerson is sending a stark warning to iran saying their provocative actions threatened the united states while also blasting the obama administration for that nuclear deal they made with that country. take a listen. >> it is another example of buying off a power who has nuclear ambition, we buy them off for a short period of time and then someone has to deal with it later. >> reporter: now, while tillerson acknowledged that iran is complying with that landmark 2-year-old nuclear agreement, tillerson accused iran of sponsoring terrorism throughout the middle east, testing and developing missiles in defiance of u.n. resolutions, even arresting u.s. citizens. now, all of this comes as defense secretary james mattis is trying to clear up confusion over the location of that u.s.
8:04 am
aircraft carrier that both mattis and president trump said was heading to north korea as a show of force. this is creating somewhat of a controversy because it was actually the "uss carl vincent" heading to australia. now mattis is trying to downplay any confusion. the administration getting a lot of questions about this, essentially calling it an effort to be forthcoming that went awry. the president will likely get asked about all of this when he holds a news conference with the prime minister of italy at the white house later today. >> we'll be watching for that, kristen. thank you. breaking overnight, an aggressive effort by the state of arkansas to carry out the first execution since 2005 stalled for the second time this week. as courts blocked two lethal injections planned for today. a circuit court judge has now issued a restraining order on a key lethal injection drug. arkansas originally scheduled eight executions over an 11-day period this month, but the state faces the uphill battle to execute any inmates before the end of april when one of its
8:05 am
lethal injection drugs expires. tennis superstar serena williams just gave her fans an extra reason to cheer, and it had nothing to do with the match. morgan radford is here. morgan, when you show up, happiness follows you. >> and there's a happy story today. good morning, guys. the tennis superstar will soon add another role to her already impressive list of accomplishments and that's motherhood. serena williams is expecting her first child headed this way this fall. it's love off the court for serena williams and her fiance. williams posting this selfie on snapchat wednesday, showing a very small pregnancy bump with a caption, 20 weeks. the snap was soon deleted, sparking confusion, even speculation that the tennis star posted the picture by accident. but her reps happily confirming later in the day she is indeed expecting a baby this fall. fellow tennis stars sending their congrats.
8:06 am
andy roddick tweeting, there's gonna be a baby goat. we are so happy and know serena williams will be a great mother. chris evert tweeting, a baby and a wedding? a very special year ahead for serena williams. so happy for her new journey. well-wishes poring in online as they said she was in the early months of pregnancy when she beat her older sister venus to win the australia open. don't mind me. i'm just over here reveling in the fact that serena williams won the australian open without losing a single set while pregnant. serena hasn't played a record since the record-breaking grand slams title. so at the peak of her career, tennis enthusiasts may wonder how she'll bounce back on the court after having a baby. >> if she has the motivation, i th think she can come back strong. >> reporter: her spokesperson saying serena will be back on the circuit in 2018 salt.
8:07 am
rena said that i should make sure if anyone asks that that is clear. match point for williams, both personality and professionally. >> all right, guys. so according to our math, williams is likely due during the u.s. open right here in new york in the fall. so she may be watching from the sidelines with a brand new little tennis fan, guys. >> just say it again, she won the australian open while she was pregnant. >> and never dropped a set. >> never dropped a set. >> she's the greatest of all time. >> morgan, come back tomorrow with something. coming up next, richard simmons breaking his silence. what he wants his fans to know as he speaks out for the first time in more than a year. and we'll sit down with the legendary singing "copacabana," this salad? at panera, a good salad is so much more than a bowl of something green. more than an obligation to be good.
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and 8 other nutrients to provide balanced nutrition. hi! hey! i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. likewise! but, funny story. on top of that? my mom is my best friend. uh oh. yeah. oop! there's the rescue text from my roommate saying she needs me. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: the citi double cash card. we're back at 8:12. we were just talking about this, the whereabouts of beloved
8:13 am
fitness guru richard simmons. >> it was revealed he was hospitalized for ji jesstive issues earlier this week, but now he tells his fans he hopes to see you all soon. with speculation swirling around richard simmons' retreat from the spotlight, the 68-year-old is now breaking his silence. according to his manager, simmons was admitted to a los angeles hospital earlier this week for severe indigestion and is expected to make a full recovery. >> yea! >> the former fitness guru posted a message on his facebook page wednesday along with this photo saying, hello to everyone who has shown concern for me and sent their good wishes. joking, aren't you sick of hearing about me and reading about me? well, by now you know that i'm not missing, just a little under the weather. and i'm sure i'll be feeling good and back home in a couple of days, adding, this has reminded me that when you need help, you can't be afraid to reach out and ask for it. we all think we should always be
8:14 am
able to solve our problems all by ourselves and sometimes it's just bigger than we are. >> that's it! >> the "sweating with the oldies" star has been out of the spotlight since 2013. simmons spoke to savannah by phone last year. >> savannah, it is richard simmons, how are you? >> i'm good, richard, how are you? >> revealing he had sustained a knee injury. >> i sort of just wanted to be a loner for a while. you know, i hurt my knee, savannah, and had some problems with it. and then the other knee sort of gave me trouble. because i've taught like thousands and thousands of classes. and, you know, right now i just want to sort of, you know, just take care of me. >> a renewed interest in simmons picked up in february with the release of the hit podcast, missing richard simmons. >> where is richard? >> i have no idea. >> in the newest message to fans, the fitness mogul says, i reached out and hope you will, too. i'm sure there are people in your life who love and care for
8:15 am
you and would do anything to help you with the challenges you face. just knowing you care has already made me feel better. hope to see you again soon! love, richard. >> that goes without saying, we are big plans at the show. there are new rumors suggesting he may be making a comeback. he signed a business deal for merchandising, endorsements and licensing opportunity. we love this guy. hopefully he'll emerge. >> i know. he wants to be, you know, in solitude. and i say, let's leave him in his peace. but everybody misses him. >> take care of yourself, richard. let us move on to trending. carson is back. but first, we have to do "trending" before the mighty "pop start." do you love cold-pressed juice around here or what? yeah. i have no idea. >> is that fresh-squeezed juice? >> i'm glad you asked, carson. here's an innovative new product, a start-up that has already raised $118 million for, get this, called the juice-ero.
8:16 am
it uses four times the force of that machine. guess how much that machine costs? >> how much? >> 400 bucks. the pacts run between $5 and $8. here's where it gets interesting, you might say juicy. you can just squeeze the bag for free. using your bare hands and apparently, according to bloomberg, it works just as well as your $400 juice-ero. >> you're a juicer. >> that doesn't sound right. >> you have your juicy juice. >> he looked at me like i was crazy. >> i don't press mine. i make a tea more than a juice. >> can't you just open the welch's for 3 bucks? >> or your tropicana.
8:17 am
if you are looking for a proposal idea, don't try this at home unless you're flexible. these two are on vacation in hawaii practicing an intricate pose on the beach when he popped the question to her right there mid-air balancing her on his feet. the couple is from pennsylvania and spent their entire relationship practicing yoga. >> oh, my gosh, no. they kiss. >> here comes the kiss. >> she's going to pass out from the blood rushing to her head. oh! she sticks the landing. >> nice dismount. there's the proposal. luckily, they had a professional photographer on hand. >> they were ready, yeah. >> that's exactly how siri and i got engaged. just like that. >> i can't even touch my toes. all right, guys. if there's anything we have learned in "trending," it's that denim is anything but ordinary these days. first we told you about the clear knee jeans. those were big. then jeans with the full zipper at the rear-end. don't ask. >> i remember those.
8:18 am
i never wore them. >> and now the latest trend, it's the one-legged jean. that actress is putting that in the spotlight. >> she wears it well. >> carson -- what say you those? >> she looks lovely in it and you go. >> they asked carson to wear one. >> just now, though. >> and what did you say? >> no. you hear that, control room? it was uncle al. >> we talked about cargo shorts and how they are out. >> i love cargo. they will never be out. they are man's best friend. >> why? >> because it's our purse. my daughters are into shopkins, kids like little things, nick-knacks and what-not. i can put a binky in there, my iphone, it holds all things. any time my kid says -- i got it. i got it. >> have you considered a man-purse like willie carries? >> it's a messenger bag, savannah. >> it's a murse. >> let's do "pop start."
8:19 am
>> let's do. we'll start with chris pratt and anna faris. they had a big day yesterday at the premier of "galaxy of the guardian." they woke up to pranks and the car ride. they stole the show. they were goofing off a bit with poses including the awkward prom pose. there it is there. and a good old-fashioned photo bomb there in the background. those stars are the best. congratulations to them. and rob gronkowski celebrated their super bowl victory at the white house on wednesday. if you thought the good old gronk was going to sit on the sidelines, you were mistaken. first he crashed the daily press briefing. let's take a look. >> we'll see what pans out in the negotiation, but there's an opportunity -- can i just -- >> need some help? >> i think i got this, but thank
8:20 am
you. maybe. thanks, man. see you in a minute. >> that was the -- get out of here, gronk. that was cool. he also went to the oval office and shared this photo with him and president trump and a fist-bump. >> i love gronk. all right, carson, thank you. al? >> gronk funny. we'll show you what is happening around the country. we have severe weather we're talking about. we are watching the rough stuff push through the great lakes and into the midwest. and we have a risk of severe weather from indianapolis all the way to cleveland, 25 million people at risk for . good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. tracking some showers this morning, but this afternoon, the showers move out. these clouds will be out of here. we'll get some sunshine and warm up to 75 degrees in the suburbs. and philadelphia. new jersey, a few showers this morning. then sunshine breaks through the clouds this afternoon.
8:21 am
74 degrees. and we'll see a warmup at the shore today. not much a sea breeze. for the lehigh valley, showers first thing this morning and into the upper 70s with late-day sunshine for delaware. have a great day. and that's your latest weather.her. savannah? >> all right, al, thank you so much. we're just chatting with barry manilow, because we are so excited, he's an icon, he's here and amassed a top 50 top hits in his career. >> he's been nominated for a grammy in every single decade, going back to the '70s. >> his 30th studio album, "this is my town: songs of new york" comes out tomorrow. we are not worthy. >> no, no, thank you for having me. >> this album is a love-letter to new york. you are a new york kid. >> i am. williamsboro, brooklyn. >> williamsboro is the place to go get kale juice. but not then. >> taxi drivers wouldn't take me
8:22 am
back to williamsburg. it was too dangerous. yeah, that's where i come from. poverty and immigrants and dangerous, that's where i come from. not anymore, though. >> the new york you sing about, which songs did you choose? >> well, half a bit is original songs and half a bit is great standards. and choosing these great -- i had no idea there were that many great standards written about new york, but some great songwriters, that took the longest. and then to arrange them so it made sense for me to sing them. but it was great. it was great. i love that it took over a year to do this one, because i wanted it to be right. yeah. >> those made headlines recently because you publicly came out for the first time, the reaction has been incredible. what has it been like for you? >> it's been great. it's old news to me. and old news to everybody around me, family, friends, band. i think even fans, i don't think it was news at all, but the "inquirer" kind of caught us getting married.
8:23 am
so we were stuck. so we let "people" magazine come on in. but i'm a private guy. i'm a musician. you know, yes, fame hit me, but i never really wanted to go on that ride. so i kept my dogs to myself. i kept my home to myself. and so this part is uncomfortable, but not, you know, the topic, no, i'm not uncomfortable about that. gary and i have been together 40 years. >> that's amazing. >> for anybody. >> you always let the music speak for you. obviously, that's where your heart is. >> that's it. >> so we obviously pressured you into singing "copacabana" this morning. is that the number one song people want to hear? >> i think so. >> it is. why? it's kind of my go-to cakaraoke song. >> do you sing it? >> i don't know we call it singing, barry. they are trying to cue up the music. no. >> that's a lot of lyric. >> it is. but that is why it is such a show-stopper in karaoke, the yellow feathers, the dress down to there, the merengue, the
8:24 am
cha-cha. do you still enjoy singing it? >> i do. we expect expect it to be a huge record at all. those were the days of balance and stuff. and it is such a novelty song, we thought, it's a wonderful piece, but it will just be on the album. and it just exploded by itself. you know, on the dance charts and stuff. it was the biggest surprise. and now it's wound up to be, you mentioned my name, people say "copacabana" after all the records, it's "copacabana". >> 47 songs in the top 40, 12 number one hits, what a career. >> what a ride it's been. it's been a crazy ride. >> you're going to sing for us this morning. do you still love connecting with the fans like that? >> i do. yeah. i do. they are just great people. you should walk down the street with me some day. these strangers say the most beautiful things to me. >> what do they say? >> they thank me for helping them through their lives.
8:25 am
you know, the impact i've had on people, it is just -- sorry. >> i read bob dylan grabbed you at one point and was like, bah barry, keep doing what you're doing. >> he may have been stoned. i don't know. i believed it, that's all. >> barry, i don't know if you saw the show, but your fans are out there waiting in the rain. they cannot wait to hear you. so we are going to get this started just about now. thank you so much for chatting with us. >> thank you. >> he'll be outside for his live concert, some new hits, some old hits, and yes, he will sing "copa" today. let's go, she's a dog. [ whimpers ] find ping-pong. find your awesome with the xfinity x1 voice remote. that's amazing!
8:26 am
nbc 10 news starts now. 8 c:26. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. let's check with the weather with meteorologist bill henley. i see rain. >> yes, a few scattered showers. the showers are tapering off in pennsylvania. a few raindrops now in delaware and south jersey. but these showers here this morning, gone this afternoon. and we will see sunshine. so the temperatures that are starting off warmer this morning will warm into the 70s. it's a trend that continues tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon near 80 degrees. >> all right, bill. thanks. now let's check the roads with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. >> big delays on the schuylkill expressway right on the eastbound side. cameras watching around montgomery drive. 30 minutes from the blue route to the vine. speeds down into the 20s for right now. also checking in with mass
8:27 am
transit. west trenton with delays of 20 minutes due to equipment problems. you want to check before you go there. tracy, back to you. today jurors learn to court for the penalty phase of eric frein. yesterday jurors found frein guilty in the 2014 ambush shooting. there is a moratorium on the death penalty in pennsylvania. happening today at the jersey shore, the opportunity to find a new job. the greater wildwood chamber of commerce hosting a job fair this afternoon. 20 businesses hiring seasonal and year-round employees. jobs are available in the banking, restaurant, amusement and hospitality field. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. get the late yeast news and weather with the free download. i'm tracy davidson. "today" show continues in a couple of minutes. thanks for watching. have a great day. ♪
8:28 am
♪ ♪ with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, withdrawal,
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transfer, or payment each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright with simply right checking from santander bank. ♪ are you feeling alright, baby? ♪
8:30 am
we're back. and it's 8:30, thursday morning. it is the 20th of april. and there is so much enthusiasm on our plaza right now because barry manilow is moments away from taking that stage and starting to sing. we're so excited. we've got all the cute folks in their ponchos standing in the rain. have we mentioned -- ♪ copacabana >> it seems like these guys don't care whether it's raining or not, right? they are totally in. >> fired up. >> as we huddle under one umbrella together as a family. also, our next big batch of the next big thing contestants. they make their case to earn a
8:31 am
spot in tomorrow's finale. but first, al, can we have a check on the weather? >> let's look ahead to the weekend, shall we? for friday, possible record heat in the southeast, wet weather along the east coast. strong storms in the mid-mississippi river valley. west coast dries out. sharply cooler through the plains on saturday. severe storms make their way into the ohio river valley and midatlantic states. rain moves into the pacific northwest. sunday, sunday! along the midatlantic coast, strong storms and wet weather down into the southeast. the gulf is looking at wet weather into the w
8:32 am
well, that music just gets us excited, day four of the search for the "today" next big thing. they will head to sell their next big product. you voted to send the splatter guard fry wall to tomorrow's finale. now we are ready to reveal wednesday's winner. it is -- kevin vunn of north carolina. his invention, the clever sockdock. that means we have one more spot for you to vote on for our finale. then the judges will decide tomorrow. and who are our judges, you ask? anna baker, qvc's director of global merchandising, "todatoda contributor jill martin, and the very own dapper and in repose,
8:33 am
al roker, ready to judge. now, let's meet today's first semi-finalist. >> my name is krista barnett. i'm from queens, new york. and any product is bootband. bootband is today's next big thing because it's the only removable boot expander in the entire world. bootband makes any boot with a zipper a wide calf boot. so in four simple steps, you can go from frustrated to fabulous. >> all right, ms. fabulous. krista barnett, come on out. let's hear it. hello, good morning. >> hello. how are you? >> tell us about your product. >> i'm so excited to be here to tell you about the bootband. i have larger calves. and every time i would go into a shoe store or even order wide calf boots online, i would get so frustrated because every time i put on that boot, i could never zip it over my calf. and that led me to invent the bootband. this bootband gives us our
8:34 am
options back. this gives us our options back. so now boots with zippers are no longer off limits for the millions of women who have larger calves. let me show you how it works. it's so simple. you pull this back, pop this slider open, clip it right over the zipper, and zip it up. pull it, pop it, zip it and clip it. >> oh, wow. what? we have a question for krista. >> i hear from so many women who have this problem. so how does the sizing work? >> so this bootband comes in 10 sizes. and the smallest size expands up to one inch. and the largest size expands up to eight inches. but let me put that in perspective. i have a size 21-inch calf. and most boots are 15 inches. so i need 6 inches extra. but the great news is, i'm wearing designer boots and so are women who have size 28-inch
8:35 am
calves. >> krista barnett and bootband, thank you very much. now to the next semi-finalist. >> hi, my name is iqbal qadwani from ridgewood, new jersey. my product is karma nail polish remover. it will transfer how nail polish works and smells. >> all right, iqbal. come on out, sir. hello, good morning. >> hi, everybody. good morning. >> good morning. >> tell us about your product. >> my name is iqbal. my product is karma nail polish remover. i created "today's" next big thing. i used to wait tables in new jersey for several years. and then i used to get a pedicure but hated the smell of the nail polish remover at the regular salon. so i decided to open my first salon in 2007 and created line of nail polish and nail polish
8:36 am
remover all natural, free of chemicals. so they come in lavender, tea tree and uncescented. you have to smell it to believe it. >> because it doesn't have alcohol in it, is it as effective as other type of nail polish? because we know glitter is hard to get off. >> yes, it works with others. >> smell good? thank you. and last but not least, the last semifinalist. >> hi, i'm tabatha washington from santa rosa, california. our product is the swillow. this is today's next big thing because it is an organizational system beautifully designed to support the way you live today. >> all right, tabatha washington, come on out. >> hi. >> good morning. tell us about the swillow. >> my sister, jeanine, came up with the idea for the swillow after my niece broke her ankle
8:37 am
and needed her products next to her on bedrest. we worked together as a family to create the swillow. it will amaze you with its clever youthfulness. it can create a surface of a book or a bowl. and the coilest plate will help to hold your things, like your drinks, remote control, your phone, pens, glasses, so many options. the swillow's rings act to stabilize on the bed, couch or even in your car, which is great for keeping the things you need close to you, organized and in place. it's washable, easy to use, and looks great just lying around. >> and how many different colors does this thing come in? >> we have 20 to 25. we have all different patterns. and we just kind of circulate the patterns or buy new ones to go with your decor and what you like and your style. so for your house, and it looks good, even with stuff in it. >> tabitha washington and the
8:38 am
swillow, thank you so much. who will you send to tomorrow's finale? tabitha, krista or iqbar? cast your vote on and join us tomorrow as we join today's next best big thing. hello. straight ahead, barry manilow performs live on our plaza. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. it is happening. welcome back. we talked to the legendary barry manilow in the last half hour. now, you guys, it is finally time for the grammy, emmy and tony winner to do his thing on the citi concert stage. ladies and gentlemen, barry manilow! ♪
8:41 am
♪ i'm singing to the world the timing spirit coming ♪ let it come in ♪ ♪ i'm singing to the world, everybody is caught in a spin ♪ ♪ look at where we have been we have been run around year after year ♪ ♪ blinded with pride blinded with fear ♪ ♪ daybreak and you want to believe it can be daybreak ♪ ♪ ain't no time to reason. ♪ and let it shine shine shine all around the world ♪
8:42 am
♪ singing to the world what is the point of putting it down ♪ ♪ there's so much love to share ♪ ♪ i'm singing to the world don't you think it's coming around ♪ ♪ the feelings everywhere ♪ closing our eyes day after day covered in clouds ♪ ♪ losing our way ♪ but it's daybreak, if you want to believe noetsz notice ♪ it can be daybreak, ain't no time to grieve ♪ ♪ said it's daybreak if you'll only believe and let it shine shine shine all around the world ♪ ♪ sing it to the world ♪ it's daybreak if you want to believe ♪ ♪ it can be daybreak, ain't no
8:43 am
time to grieve ♪ ♪ said it's daybreak if you'll only believe and let it shine, shine, shine ♪ ♪ all around the world ♪ and let it shine, shine, shine all around the world ♪ ♪ around the world [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, yes, baby. that was barry manilow, outstanding. he's back with more music, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
♪ hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® zyrtec® starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec®. muddle no more®. try rhinocort® allergy spray for powerful nasal allergy relief.
8:45 am
hi. this is governor tom wolf. thousands of families across pennsylvania have been affected by the opioid epidemic. together, we can fight this disease. if you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, help is available. visit for resources and information on substance abuse. for treatment options, call 1-800-662-help. paid for with pennsylvania taxpayer dollars. all right. we are back.
8:46 am
we've got more music from the one and only barry manilow. again, his new album is called "this is my town: songs of new york" that comes out tomorrow. welcome to my fourth grade bedroom. this is the record i had, barry. and the lovely lady nancy was hoping you would sign it real quick. >> oh, sweet. >> and you look hot in this picture. >> how about the look, huh? >> look at that. >> that's awesome. still looking good. awesome. >> he hasn't changed a bit. >> barry manilow. take it away. ♪ ♪ this is my town this fabulous city ♪ ♪ this inspirational town
8:47 am
♪ new york all that i bring ♪ everything i call me really is nyc ♪ ♪ this is my town, talented city ♪ ♪ this big tall tower of town noti ♪ ♪ this is my town this great big powering town ♪ ♪ the skyline here is unmistakable ♪ ♪ and the spirit is unbreakable ♪ ♪ this is new york, this is my town ♪
8:48 am
♪ don't mess with me and my town ♪ ♪ new york you've always seen me through ♪ ♪ no other place but you knows me the way you do ♪ ♪ this is my town this fast-talking city ♪ ♪ this loud but lyrical town ♪ this is my town this fast-walkin' city ♪ ♪ this man-made miracle town here are the brightest ♪ ♪ and the cleverist
8:49 am
here's the summit this is everest ♪ ♪ this is the place this is my start ♪ ♪ this is my home this is my heart ♪ ♪ this is my new york this is my town ♪ hear barry manilow and all on concerts on barry manilow will sing "copa" coming up next. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
8:51 am
all right. we've got time for one more song from barry manilow. and by popular demand, america, here it is, one word, "copacabana". ♪ ♪ her name was lola she was a showgirl ♪
8:52 am
♪ with yellow feathers in her hair and a dress cut down to there ♪ ♪ she would merengue and do the cha-cha ♪ ♪ but while she tried to be a star tony always tended bar ♪ ♪ across the crowded floor he worked from 8:00 to 4:00 ♪ ♪ they were young and they had each other who could ask for more? ♪ ♪ at the copa copacabana ♪ ♪ the hottest spot north of havana ♪ ♪ at the copa copacabana ♪ ♪ music and passion were always in fashion ♪ ♪ at the copa they fell in love ♪ ♪ i love you ♪ his name was rico he wore a diamond ♪ ♪ he was escorted to his chair he saw lola dancing there ♪ ♪ and when she finished he called her over ♪ ♪ but rico went a bit too far tony sailed across the bar ♪
8:53 am
♪ and then the punches flew and chairs were smashed in two ♪ ♪ there was blood and a single gunshot but just who shot who? ♪ ♪ at the copa copacabana ♪ ♪ the hottest spot north of havana ♪ ♪ at the copa copacabana ♪ ♪ music and passion were always in fashion ♪ ♪ at the copa she lost her love ♪ ♪ her name was lola she was a showgirl ♪ ♪ the dress she used to wear, she traded feathers in her hair ♪
8:54 am
sh ♪ now she's lost her mind ♪ at the copa copacabana ♪ ♪ the hottest spot north of havana ♪ ♪ at the copa ♪ go fall in love ♪ don't fall in love ♪ don't fall in love >> that's how you do it! >> barry manilow, you made us so happy. by the way, his new album is called "this is my town: songs of new york." her so excited to have you.
8:55 am
♪ at the copa copacabana ♪ ♪ the hottest spot north of havana ♪ ♪ at the copa copacabana ♪ ♪ music and passion were always the passion ♪ ♪ at the copa don't fall in love ♪ >> we're back after your local ne
8:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. comie up on 9:00. i'm tracy davidson. let's check the weather outside with first alert mooelt, bill henley. >> a few showers so far. i'm tracking showers moving through the area. really started to thin out of the suburbs. now just a few scattered showers moving through eastern berks county into chester and montgomery. the steadier rain to the south. in wilmington this morning moving into south jersey.
8:57 am
drying out this afternoon. that's when you'll see sunshine. and if you can see the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, into the 70s later today. >> all right, bill. looks good. there's a problem on 59 to tell you about. traffic reporter jessica boyington has the details. >> watching the northbound side of 95. this accident scene blocking the two left lanes. on the northbound side, just before broad street. you can see only the right lane squeezing by and off this ramp, as well. so we are seeing some pretty big delays and backed up all the way towards the philadelphia international airport. again, this is the northbound side. so getting to the airport is still fine for now. the schuylkill expressway still slow in some spots. we're watching the east and westbound side, of course, moving toward center city on the eastbound side gives the drive time. 28 minutes. >> great, jessica. thank you. the nfl draft a week away happening in center city. this morning eagles discuss plans. look got report on-air and on the nbc 10 app. we have you covered for the
8:58 am
draft. we are live next wednesday night for our draft preview on the parkway. thursday, we'll have our eagles draft day special. and then finally, we wrap things up sunday night at 11:35 with eagles blueprint. nearly 50 new officers join the camden county police department this morning. they will be sworn in during a ceremony and immediately after that, the officers will go door to door to introduce themselves to the people of the community. i'm tracy davidson. thanks for watching.
8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," it's a bird, it's a plane, it's dean cane as our co-host. and ron howard on his genius new program. and we head into the wild right now. >> from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. it is thursday morning, april 20th, 2017. listening to "copacabana" by barry manilow, who has put on a spectacular show on our plaza, even though it was raining out there, his fans didn't care. they prepare. >> and a huge audience.
9:01 am
>> fanilows. >> are you a fanilow? >> openly. >> proudly. >> we love barry manilow. and he sounds great. >> he does. i was listening to him, it's like -- if you don't watch him and are just listening -- >> it takes you back in time. >> it sounds exactly the way he did back 40 years ago. >> did you have fun dancing to that? >> i did. i did. it's probably one of those, i would think, one of the, if not the number one, one of the top five karaoke songs. i think so. >> definitely. >> you don't want me to do karaoke, not something that's good. >> he's timeless, although, 11 years ago we did the "today" show from a cruise ship, and barry was -- performed on the cruise ship. so we got this great concert. although the interesting thing, barry doesn't like boats. so, you know, he was -- we were so thrilled that he actually got on a ship to come -- >> did he feel a little motion
9:02 am
sickness child he sang? >> i'm a little nervous on boats. >> i agree. >> i love boats. >> being on a ship but seeing "the titanic." >> you know what happens? >> it didn't work out okay. >> it didn't work out well. >> not okay at all. it is throwback thursday. we have a good one for you. this is the first imdb credit. a movie called "elmer." >> do you remember "elmer"? >> i was 9. >> hey, what are you doing? >> that bark. >> he just wants to get a close look at people. you don't have to worry about elmer. >> wow. >> that's kind of cool. >> how old were you? >> i think i was 9, 8? >> you were one cute kid. >> i'll take it. >> you turned into one cute adult. >> oh, my gosh. my dad directed that. i didn't know that i was going to be an actor, my brother and i drew straws to get to see who
9:03 am
was the actor and who was the stuntman. he won and got to be the stu stuntman. >> is he still a stuntman? >> no, he's a guitar player. >> there's my dad. >> that's so neat. >> oh, yeah. that was a long time ago. and my voice was so high. >> well, you changed since then. >> you were 10 years old. >> you became a man. >> you put on a cape and now you're superman. things happen. >> good things happen. speaking of which, we don't have a throwback photo of you, but we got a nice photo. >> she's beautiful. >> she's beautiful. in "people's most beautiful" issue. >> that's really cute. >> that is amazing. >> henry, poppy. >> look at poppy. poppy's the ham of the family, if you can believe that. it's -- what is such an honor, i have to say, it was one of those things where in high school, talking about throwbacks, my sister got most likely to be on the cover of "vogue" from her
9:04 am
graduating class. my boyfriend at the time got most likely to be on the cover of "gq." and i got most likely to trip across the stage at graduation. >> wow. >> so it was one of those things that when peop"people" came cal, i said okay. i said okay. is the boyfriend in the issue? i don't think so. i don't think so. but it was fun to do it with my girls. they are beauties, particularly on the inside, they are kind. >> and your husband is one of the nicest men i've met. >> he's cute as a button. buttons are round and shiny. i think that is what's cute, you know what i'm saying? >> i don't know. the kids are gorgeous, though. they are beautiful. gorgeous family. >> thank you so much. >> mom is rocking it. >> tell me some more. tell me some more. >> okay. so, you've worn red capes, but last night you and your son hit the red carpet for the first time.
9:05 am
>> yes, it was a film called "the promis "the promise." it's a very important film. i'm out there talking about this, i just got back from armenia. it's a big film, watch it, it's a timeless piece, a lot of fun. but having my son on the red carpet with me was very odd, because, you know, they were talking to him and cheering, calling his name and taking pictures. >> and how did he react to that? >> he was great. look at him, he's such a good-looking kid. >> a handsome fella. >> he's definitely taller than me now. >> isn't that a weird feeling? my 14-year-old is taller than me now. >> i have to reach to hug him. >> will he go into acting, do you think? >> he's looking at colleges, thinking of different kinds of things, if he wants to go to college, great. i think he does. if he wants to be an actor, great. i encourage him to do whatever he wants to do. >> that's a good dad. >> i have seen the trailer for this movie, the cast -- >> it's a heck of a cast. >> it looks like a terrific
9:06 am
film. >> go see it this weekend if you get a chance, to. go see it tomorrow. all the money made from this film goes to charity, too. which i have never heard of that. i have never heard of that before in my life. it's amazing. go check it out. >> we were talking about "people's most beautiful." they revealed vul ya rjulia rob on the cover. >> she tells you where she keeps her famous valentino dress that she wore when she won the oscar for "erin brokovich." it's under her bed. her husband refers to a heritage collection, things i can't get rid of. and what about hazel? hazel is her daughter? and that's what she wants to keep for her daughter. >> that's pretty cool. >> it's a nice keepsake. >> which led us to think, where is that cape, chris dean?
9:07 am
>> look how good you look in those -- >> and you still look good now. >> thank you, al, for saving her there. >> no, no. i just mean, not everybody can look good in those red underpants, right? >> that was a thing. they were just tights. we were just picked up for season five. so at the end of season four -- yes, al! yes! yes! >> not everybody, but al roker sure can. >> i didn't steal anything from the show. because we got canceled because teri got pregnant and we couldn't shoot. we couldn't end the show in correct fashion. maybe we'll get to come back and do a middle-aged version. >> we have an idea that, when i say we, dean has an idea that i'm jumping on, we need to bring this series back. >> it was terrific. >> there was no ending. people are still wondering, people like me are still wondering, what happened to those characters? >> i'm still wondering. >> did superman and lois, i mean, as they get into middle age, what is their life like? >> superman is not supposed to age. so they need a younger me. >> you haven't aged.
9:08 am
you sure haven't. >> i wasn't fishing for that. >> do you have anything -- >> no. as you know, you have been there several times, did you ever steal anything from the white house? >> absolutely. >> you did? >> no. >> i didn't. i mean, i kept my wedding dress, you think of things to pass on to my daughters, but i'm sure by the time they get married, they won't want their mom's wedding dress. >> you never know. >> i didn't steal anything, but too bad. it's the memories, it's the memories and the stories that i have to tell. just wait until after. >> i took extra napkins. the heavy embossed logo on them. >> you did? >> the paper ones. >> i did take the presidential m&ms. >> those are the best. >> al might as well have been the president. you don't want that. coming up, would you let your friends set you up on a date? how about your mom? let's talk to dean's mom right after these messages.
9:09 am
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we are back on "today's take" with dean cain. there's a new matchmaking app allowing friends to set up friends. >> if they can't connect themselves with people, their friends have to do it. their friends create their profiles, which, by the way, could be risky. although we should mention, you get the final approval of your profile that your friend set up for you. >> that takes the fun out of it, though. >> it can't be for pure pranks alone. >> fair enough. >> would you trust your friends to set you up, dean? >> no! absolutely not. not a chance. because my friends, no matter what, would try and prank me and do something crazy. they would definitely -- >> how did you meet debra, by the way? >> here at nbc. >> the nbc dating app. >> the nbc dating app. >> that's a good one. >> it's called "dateline." actually, that's where she worked. i didn't think about that.
9:13 am
>> okay, so who would you rather, your mother set you up? a friend, dean? or a dating app? >> i think i would go for the dating app. because my friends have try in the past, not so well. the worst person to set me up would be my mom. no offense, mom, i love you. >> well, we have her on the line. >> no, no. >> yes, we do. >> hi, sharon. how are you? >> good morning, i'm fine. >> good morning, mom. >> hey. >> sorry to wake you up so early. >> sharon, what do you think dean needs in a woman? who do you see setting him up with? >> wow, a beautiful blonde, young and smart. >> okay, all right. >> go ahead, mom, that's good. >> that is good. >> have you tried setting him up at all? >> a few times. >> how did that work out, mom? >> what was that? hey, let me tell you what, i've never set you up with an ugly girl. >> okay, that is true. that is true. >> that is true. >> my mom will say anything, by the way. get the five-second thing ready,
9:14 am
she'll say anything. >> sharon, when you set dean up with these women. >> these beautiful young women. >> these smart, beautiful, young women, where do you blame the failure of the relationship on? is it the women or on perhaps dean? >> mom -- >> ooh, that's a good one. because dean is not an easy guy to live with. >> and there it goes. >> what about him is so difficult? >> no, jenna, no. the north si do not push this, please. >> he's kind of a control freak. >> so you're a control freak. so he gets it naturally. >> yes. >> so he needs somebody a little more laid back it sounds like. >> i'm good with that, yeah. >> do you think it would be helpful, sharon, if you went on the date with him? >> oh, absolutely. >> as a chaperone, perhaps. >> that would be the worst thing that can happen. >> i think we need to set this up. >> why am i sweating? >> we know why, dean. we know why. >> holy smokes.
9:15 am
>> dean, i was at dinner the other night with some friends, and i do have someone for you. >> okay, thanks, mom. >> sharon, can we tag along? >> sharon, let's give that lady a call. >> i think someone is knocking at the door, ma. you have to go. >> speaking of, there's somebody at the door who wants to weigh in at this. it's an expert. >> oh, yes! >> barry manilow! hi, how are you? good to see you. >> hi, barry. >> how are you, sir? very nice to see you. absolutely. >> you're number one fanilow. >> i am a huge fan. >> let's get him in here. >> he's like, i have other things to do. >> barry is not my date, right? i love you, you're phenomenal. >> thank you. so are you? what are you here for? >> i'm just here hanging out with these guys. >> he's here to be humiliated. >> and doing a great job. >> we're trying to set him up on a date. >> everybody. >> i like that better. i like that better. wide open. >> someone told me there's an app or some sort, did you invent
9:16 am
it? >> i did not invent it but should have. >> people, do your own bio and try to get you a date? it sounds cool. >> would you -- you have been in a committed relationship for over 40 years, but if you were on the market, would you trust your friends to set you up? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> good answer. >> i don't know. >> i feel the same way. who knows. >> have you ever done it? >> no. i've been with my husband too long. apps weren't around. >> i can't figure it out. >> what's an app? >> you know what would make for a great date? for people to play your new album. >> that's why i'm here. >> people have fallen in love to your music for a long time. >> all over again. >> that's what i've heard. >> romantic and lovely. >> i'm involved. >> you're involved for sure. >> my wedding song was "it's a miracle." >> it was? who needs an app when we have barry manilow. >> thank you so much. it was such a great performance. thank you. >> that was fun out there. you should have seen what just went on in the rain.
9:17 am
all these people soaking wet, still yelling and applauding. wonderful. >> it was a huge audience. >> it wrapped around the corner, wonderful. >> great job. "this is my town: songs of new york," get it today. mpl let's check your weather. we have wet weather in the pacific northwest. strong storms firing up there uh the great lakes. a few showers make their way through the northeast as well. gulf coast looking pretty good. but as you can see, from oklahoma all the way into the upper midwest, 25 million people at risk. possible tornadoes later this evening inouthern s good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. tracking some showers this morning, but this afternoon, the showers move out. these clouds will be out of here. we'll get some sunshine and warm up to 75 degrees in the suburbs and philadelphia. new jersey, showers this morning and sunshine breaks through the clouds this afternoon. 74 degrees. and we'll see a warm up is he shore today.
9:18 am
not much of a sea breeze. lehigh valley, showers this morning, and into the upper 70s with late-day sunshine for delaware. have a great day. >> and that is your latest weather. coming up next, don't put the brakes on your diet when you go on vacation.vacation. we'll tell you what to eat on
9:19 am
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the better it works. retinol correxion® from roc methods, not miracles.™ spring break may be winding down, but we bet you're already making summer plans. >> whether you're taking a road trip or flying, it's hard to eat healthy when you're on the go. so we're going to help you make better choices in a food face-off we're calling, travel this or that. jackie london is our registered dietitian and nutrition director for "good housekeeping. " /* jackie, let's get started. >> we are going to have two food face-offs and you tell me which is better. first we have this hot dog versus that slice of pizza. >> this. >> i'm going with this. >> it's actually that slice of pizza. so your slice of pizza is a vehicle for veggies. so you've got extra fiber, extra nutrients, and plus, hot dogs,
9:22 am
processed meats are linked to increased chronic disease. so better off with pizza. >> is there a panel that says both? >> that's coming. >> are we there yet? i need more time in the car. >> soon we get a dessert break. so we're getting it. so we have this vanilla milkshake versus that vanilla cone. >> that. >> absolutely that. vanilla cone. excellent. we've got a milkshake that will set you back about 500 calories, 60 grams of added sugar. better off going with the cone and still getting that delicious flavor without so much sacrifice. okay. so let's go to the airport. >> i just got back from the airport. >> not that easy. >> there's a return fee for the rental car. >> okay. so now we have -- well, first, we have to sit down. but then we've got our -- you're waiting in the terminal and want a bite, okay? so is it going to be this sandwich or that wrap?
9:23 am
>> this. >> that wrap. >> it is going to be that sandwich. this sandwich, actually. because bread is higher in nutrients and higher in fiber. honestly, wraps tend to be made with shortening and lower in fiber, higher in calories. >> wow! surprise there. >> i guess it depends on the type of wrap it's wrapped in, right? >> yes, but don't be swayed by super foods. kale, tomato, skip it. bread is always better. now we're on the plane taking off. we've got the beverage cart coming down. >> a bloody mary? >> are you going with this tomato juice or that origin juice? >> this. >> that. >> it is this tomato juice. absolutely. because sometimes, neither one is your best choice. you want to go with water and certainly on planes we tend to get extra dehydrated. so go with the tomato juice because you can ask for that to be low sodium or no added salt to cut the sodium town and give
9:24 am
you extra nutrition without sacrificing any of the delicious flavor. >> what about bloody mary? >> skip the bloody mary mix. i wish. i wish. >> we're not talking about the mix, honey. >> it's going to get more serious with turbulence. snack aisle, we ready? is it going to be this pretzel versus that salted peanut? >> that. >> that it is. it's going to be the salted peanuts. they are heart healthier. they will give you a little bit of protein right there. 3 grams of protein, 1 gram of fiber and all the antioxidant benefits. >> aren't they much more calorically dense? >> yes. ask for two. >> then you won't eat the rolls or biscuits, right? >> no cookies. >> jackie, thank you so much. to find out more about this and these foods on the go, head to that, up next, the great ron howard gets into the mind of
9:25 am
another genius in his cool new series. we'll catch up with ron after your local news and weather. hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon goodbye! oof, that milk in your coffee was messing with you, wasn't it? yeah. happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose.
9:26 am
mmm. good right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. nbc 10 news starts now. good thursday morning. i'm tracy davidson. just about 9:30. let's get you updated on the forecast with first alert meteorologist, bill henley. he's got your most accurate neighborhood forecast. the rain is moving out, bill? >> yes, taking the tarp off in wilmington as showers have just moved out of the area. you might see another sprinkle or two, but not much more in delaware. in fact, most of the area will be drying out and the clouds thinning out for some sunshine. we're in the 50s right now. warming into the 70s later today. >> now let's check the roads for what you need to know if you're headed out. first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington has got you covered. >> so tracy, we're watching 95. we had a pretty big accident scene blocking all lanes except for the right-hand shoulder on the northbound side just before
9:27 am
broad street. it just cleared within the last couple minutes but still residual delays back towards the airport. also a crash on davisville road. tracy, back to you. jurors in the eric frein case return to court for the penalty phase. frein faces life in prison. yesterday jurors found frein guilty in the 2014 ambush shooting that killed a pennsylvania state trooper and injured another. today nurses at delaware county memorial hospital will vote on a new contract. they reached the tentative agreement with the hospital's owner. prospect medical holdings yesterday. nurses staged a two-day strike last month calling for more staffing to improve patient care. we'll have another update in 25 minutes. stay updated throughout the day when you're on the go with news and weather with the free nbc 10 app. "today" show continues in a couple of minutes. thanks for watching. have a great day.
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
he's a legendary filmmaker who directed some of the most acclaimed movies in hollywood. in 2002 ron howard won the award for best director for "beautiful mind" with john gnash. >> and now he's telling us about albert einstein in a national geographic series called "genius." let's take a look. >> what is time? a deceptively simple yes, yet it is the key to understanding relativi relativity. this is the reason my hair is going gray. or we describe motion, we do so as a function of time, that means per second, 100 miles per hour, but the mathematical description of velocity is moot,
9:31 am
unless we can define time. >> ron howard, good morning. >> good morning. good morning. >> how are you? >> on the outside, you would think, albert einstein as a series, not really, but television was the perfect place. >> absolutely. there turns out to be such a complicated, interesting, dramatic life with a lot of surprises and twists and turns. and, you know, the opportunity to delve into not only, what we created, what he gave humankind, but his relationships, which were fascinated, complicated and kind of wild. and also the political tension of the time, where he found himself the, you know, in the gun sights of some very heavy players, between j. edgar hoover in this country who didn't want to let him in, and a jewish scientist in nazi germany where
9:32 am
he was targeted. >> such a beautifully shot show. it looks like a movie. it really looks like a movie. and there are ten of them? >> it's ten episodes, which is the only way you can tell the story, again, because of all the twists and turns and all the surprises. almost everything you look at in terms of the history of the 20th century, he was either a witness to or influenced in some way. and there's so much drama around that. but also, i've looked at movie scripts over the years about einstein, and they were always insufficient. they didn't feel like they were going to be that great movie experience. when brian and i started looking at this, based on walter isaacson's biography, great book, we thought, wow, this is the way to actually deal with the man in a very dramatic, powerful, entertaining and surprising way. >> growing up, were you a fan of albert einstein? or were you surprised? >> i didn't know much until i read walter's book and began to
9:33 am
read the pilot episode of this. and as i said, i looked at screenplays in the past and thought i knew kind of what the story is, but his relationships with women are the biggest, probably the biggest surprise. first of all, that albert einstein, as a young guy, was a ladies man. >> einstein was a player. >> he was a player. >> he was attracted to very powerful, intelligent women. believed in marriage, very complicated first marriage. she was a physicist herself. influenced his work in very important ways. not so much is known about that. but also emily watson plays his second wife, elsa, such a powerful actress and very strong woman. so these relationships play a very important role in the way these stories unfold. along with the politics, along with the drama, and a bit of the science. not too much. just enough to give you a little understanding if you care. >> yes. it's a recipe for a great show. >> it's unbelievable. so smart but you can relate to it 100%. >> thank you. >> i knew he was e equals mc
9:34 am
squared and he taught at princeton because i went to princeton. that's all i know. i had no idea about all the relationships. it is so compelling. it's amazing. >> i really didn't know how much drama was around him. between his own maverick sort of academic lifestyle and how much pressure was put on him there, how much pressure was put on him being a scientist, jewish scientist in nazi germany. and then the fact that, you know, americans weren't so sure about allowing him in because they thought he could be a communist. >> it sounds crazy now. >> he came that close to not benefiting from this guy's genius. >> do you have any advice for dean about dating? >> show up. show up. >> yes. >> come on. >> howard breaks it down for us. thank you, ron. this premiers next tuesday at 9:00/8:00 central. coming up, one of our genius
9:35 am
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i like to ride my bike to work, but if you do, too, listen to this. there's a new study out today that finds biking is linked to a substantial decrease in the risk of several diseases. >> makes good sense, right? so whether you bike to work or take a spin with your kids around the neighborhood, we'll help you figure out which bikes are best. >> we have clint carter here, contributing editor for "buy si bike /* bicycle" magazine. helmets. >> when you look for a bike that does everything, you want a bike that is forward leaning. something where the handlebars are out there, to get a little bit of a workout in. and yes, so that is what you're looking for. when you get kids involved, this is another thing important. you have to have a helmet early on. and you want something that, what i really like about this one from nutcase, it has a magnetic clasp. so they can't pinch their
9:40 am
fingers in it. >> by the way, you're supposed to change them out every five years, aren't you? >> they wear out over time. accident or not. >> if you have a small child, we've got gavin, our producer, and something -- and his daughter, very excited. >> so yes, you notice, it's forward-leaning a little bit. including carrying children, happy or sad, in the trailers. sometimes the kids don't love to be in the trailer, but anyway, for kids, a couple of the cool things, fisher-price has a stationary bike that can play games on the bike where they pedal. wish they had that for adults. and when they are older, 18 months, get them a balance bike, which is great. >> what about bikes with training wheels? >> yes, a bike with training wheels is perfect. but one thing to keep in mind on a bike with training wheels, eventually the wheels will come off. you want a bike that doesn't have too many silly things. you want the kids to ride with
9:41 am
older kids as they grow up. so tassels on the handlebars -- >> no children have been harmed in this, just angered. i have this, this is cool. >> these are really great. if you don't have a place to store the bike and want a bike commute, the bronton bike folds up for public transportation, slide it under your desk. for a traditional commuter bike, i like this one from electra. the handlebars are higher up in a more comfortable position. you're less likely to sweat. >> you should have lights. >> you want to have lights on the bike. especially riding at night. the steel frame is great. you get the cup holder in the handlebar. get your starbucks in the morning. >> the mountain biking. >> these are the intense bikes. you want adrenaline. want to get muddy, go out for
9:42 am
hard weekend rides. the thing you're looking for in the mountain bike is the wide tires and the deep trade. that's kind of what you're looking for. and we have a really intense one, a beautiful bike. it's -- i think we're about to ride out on it. >> good thing he has his helmet on. >> this is the stove jumper. this is a fantastic bike. you know, it's a really technical bike with a carbon frame. and the seat can rise and lower as you ride, as you get on the hill. >> so specialized makes a great bike. >> a really awesome bike there. >> and to get to the trails, you need a good bike rack. >> you want a bike rack, you don't need a truck to carry a bike, you can put this on the back of a car. this is great, goes right onto the trunk. and to film your rides, you can get something, get a really awesome drone. this one from zero tech. >> that is a drone? >> it takes high-definition video. and you can set it to follow you as you ride so you can get all your cool stunts and all your
9:43 am
falls and everything up on youtube. i think this one is after me. >> and a haircut at the same time. >> crazy. >> clint, thank you so much. >> of course. of course. always a pleasure. >> okay. here we go. oh, i'm not going over there. i'm not going over there yet. let's just do the weather, shall we? okay. your weekend outlook looking like this, for tomorrow, possible records through the southeast. strong storms in the mid-mississippi river valley. western third of the country looking pretty good. wet weather in the northeast and the midatlantic states. for saturday, some snow showers in northern new england. severe storms through the lower mississippi river valley. ooh, bees. we're looking at strong storms through the ohio river valley. and then sunday, sunday! more wet weather, heavier weather makes its way to the midatlantic coast. hot and dry through the southwest where we do have a good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. tracking some showers this morning. this afternoon, the showers move out. these clouds will be out of here. we'll get some sunshine and warm up to 75 degrees in the suburbs.
9:44 am
and philadelphia. new jersey, a few showers this morning. then sunshine breaks through the clouds this afternoon. 74 degrees. and we'll see a warmup at the shore today. not much of a sea breeze. for the lehigh valley, the showers first thing this morning. and then breaks of sunshine later today and into the upper 70s with late-day sunshine for delaware. have a great day. >> that's your latest weather. let's check in, is quinn okay? >> she's not crying now. >> >> quinn, you will like these wild animals for the house party. some of the most incredible creatures right after these messages. oh, yeah.
9:45 am
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9:49 am
>> this is awesome. how beautiful is this? we are celebrating earth day, this environmental movement from 1970. every year someone celebrates. and really, it's brought to the forefront of our sbrirenvironmed how we as humans and our pollution and things will affect the environment. >> tremendously. >> and look at this guy. this is a superman of animals. >> i believe it. look at it. oh, jenna didn't like. jenna is a little scared. >> luckily, i have the real superman in front of me. >> a perigan falcon. >> they have been clocked at 280 miles per hour. the fastest animal on earth. they do that, pretty much to hit pigeons. >> there are a lot of pigeons. new york is good spot for them. >> these were all extinct in the '70s because of ddt, a pesticide, that made their eggs very fragile. so it kind of made it so they couldn't reproduce. but once that was controlled and
9:50 am
banned, now these birds are off the endangered species list and can see them circulating here in the city. and new york and buffalo, new york, you have these birds breeding on top of skyscrapers. >> good. because that can drive me nuts. >> this is my favorite. talk about pollution, i brought an animal that creates its own pollution. >> hopefully it doesn't do it on us today. >> right here. >> here he is. he's loaded. >> could he spray? whoa, he's spraying. >> he's pointing the barrel at me at the moment. the business end is toward me. >> could he spray in here? >> well, skunks can spray, absolutely. >> will he do it? >> we'll keep the tail down. a skunk like this, it's an unconventional animal, why would you celebrate a skunk? but these guys are important to the environment. they eat all types, they are the garbage man of the environment. they are an animal that can live among people and survive in spite of our civilization.
9:51 am
so they are amazing. when you look at a skunk like this, stay away from them for a number of reasons, but unless he's stamping his feet, we're okay. because that is the first indication when this tail goes up -- they aim for the eyes. >> that's important to put the gun towards you. >> isn't that amazing? now, you guys might want to see these a little closer. >> these are some tree frogs. >> these are my favorite tree frogs. i used to see these in costa rica all the time. and these little guys are beautiful. they look like -- >> wow, they are. >> check that out. >> my gosh, look at the colors. >> isn't that unbelievable? >> and jenna, what is amazing. they stick to any surface. look at that. >> this is a toy. >> isn't that beautiful? these are red-eyed tree frogs from costa rica. the reason we talk about frogs, they are perfect indicator species for how the environment is doing. they do a lot of breathing and water transfer through their skin. if there's pollution in the area, the frogs are the first to go. >> he's looking right at my. >> he might jump on you, jenna.
9:52 am
they stick to you. they stick to anything. there we go. >> i'm in trouble. >> aren't they awesome, though? >> they are incredible. >> he's giving me side-eye making me nervous. look at those eyes. eww. >> they look like a toy. >> look at the coloration. >> okay, i've had enough. i've had enough. oh, gosh, he's going up my shirt. >> it's too fun to watch. >> isn't that incredible? >> is he gone? >> you're safe. >> look at these guys. >> you notice the big red eyes, the reason they have those is because it startles, like if a bird would go after him, they startle a bird. >> it was startling jenna right now. >> let's see the dingo. this is a real dingo. >> this is not your average dog. >> no, no. he's squirrely. look how beautiful he is. it's amazing when it comes to affecting the environment. humans aren't the only culprits.
9:53 am
this dingo, for as cute as he is, he's a wild predator. he's a wild canine. hey, buddy. >> he's sweet. >> as much as we love to have you here and the dingo, too, we have to go. thank you so much. we're back in a moment. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
well, well, well, well, well. >> great time. >> lovely. >> you're such a part of the family, you know that? >> i love that, thank you. >> speaking of family, i'm trying to set him up, too. >> kathie lee should set you up. >> i've got -- he knows, i'm working on it.
9:56 am
nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm katy zachry. just a few minutes before 10:00. let's get right to first alert meteorologist, bill henley. he has your most accurate neighborhood forecast. >> rain moving through the area. most of it is done already. just a few showers now in southern kent county in delaware and a few sprinkles at the shore. we're drying out. temperatures already started to climb. now 61 degrees in philadelphia. look at delaware at 63. and 57 degrees in the lehigh valley. we're on track for 70s this
9:57 am
afternoon. turning even warmer tomorrow. but this weekend we're back to april in the 60s and 50s with a chance of rain sunday. bill, thanks for that update. let's get a check of the roads with first alert traffic reporter, jessica boyington. what are you watching? >> katy we're watching the roosevelt boulevard. southbound sight side just before the schuylkill expressway. an accident on the right-hand shoulder. it just cleared so now southbound, residual delay left. for the most part, everything good getting to the schuylkill expressway. katy, back to you. >> jessica, thanks. opening statements are under way this morning in the case against david creato. the camden county father accused of killing his 3-year-old son brendan two years ago in hadden township. this afternoon, you can learn about the master plan for the lehigh valley international airport. officials are hosting a public workshop to discuss the airport's next 25 years and its impact on the community there. i'm katy zachry. we'll have another update coming up in about 25 minutes.
9:58 am
you can always get the latest news and weather with the nbc 10 app. we'll send you back to the "today" show and see you in about 25.
9:59 am
10:00 am
kath . >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> let's do this, hoda woman. it's thirsty thursday. we are so happy on this drenched cold day in new york because we have got the one, the only the master, mr. barry manilow. he's been in new york all week. >> he's been everywhere. this morning was so funny, because everyone wanted to hear


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