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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  April 20, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> perfect. >> looking forward to that. thanks for watching at 6:00. >> we'll see you back here at 11:00 tonight. . breaking news tonight, a deadly shootout in paris. officers hit returning fire, killing an assaila assailant, a major operation in the heart of city on lockdown as isis claims responsibility. nuclear fears, nbc news learning u.s. intelligence and growing concern what is going on in north korea. found on the run, a teacher and his student caught after a month on the lamb. tonight the tip that put authorities hot on their trail. o'reilly fired fallout. new details on a massive payout for the former fax star. millions to walk away. high times, how today's date 4/20 became synonymous with smoking pot and how businesses are cashing in. and living legacy, out of a senseless tragedy, a young girl
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saving the lives of others. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt reporting tonight from chicago. good evening. we begin with breaking news a suspected deadly terror attack in paris tonight where a gunman opened fire using a military-style weapon on police officers along in paris sending people running for cover. isis claimed responsibility, and at this hour, police and soldiers co s shut off much of the shopping district telling tourists to return to their hotels. authorities have been on alert to the opening round of balloting in the french presidential electi election. president trump offering condahl lanclanc -- condolences after learning at least one police officer was killed.
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>> reporter: terror in the heart of paris on the world famous packed with tourists, a gunman opened fire on tpolicemen. frightening moments caught on social media. the attack just happen the man says. one of the officers killed, two others seriously wounded. >> three guys come down in an audi car and shoot the police and kill one of the police and one is injured. >> reporter: the assailant shot down as they fire back. he came out with a claka la forensic officers examining the car recordly used in the attack. all leads point to terrorism the french president telling the nation. president trump responding during a news conference with italy's leader. >> what can you say, just never ends. >> reporter: just two days ago, two men were arrested in france suspected of planning an attack to disrupt the election after bomb-making equipment and guns were seized.
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in february a man attempted to target a group of soldiers. shot by police. and in november 2015, multiple attacks by isis-backed terrorists in paris killed 130. france has been in a continual state of emergency since and now preparing to vote in elections, the first round sunday. one candidate lapenn focused on security and immigration. tonight's attack as candidates make the last pitches on a live televised show, a city and nation on edge once more. and tonight, isis social media accounts quickly taking credit from the account identifying a man from belgium as the attacker suggesting this was planned and the timing with voters heading to the polls on sunday, intentional. >> thank you. we turn to another v violent incident involving police officers, this one in
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seattle. two officers were shot while responding to a robbery call. one officer is in critical condition with life-threatening injuries and the other is in quote sat t satisfactory condition. two in custody and police are searching for a third. u.s. forces on high alert by north korea. officials tell nbc news learned any move by kim jong-un and at a late news conference, president trump addressed the growing crisis over north korea while again offering a dark assessment of iran. we get details from nbc's hallie jackson. >> reporter: tonight a military exercise as the north appears to position itself to conduct a nuclear test with little or no warning according to intelligence. the military is
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sniffer aircraft that can detect evidence with drones and spy planes. president trump today alongside italy's prime minister. >> as far as north korea is concerned, we are in very good shape. >> he's basically saying nothing to see here. in fact, the situation is tense and dangerous and we're a long way away from resolving the crisis. >> reporter: to convince north korea to turn down the temperature, they are leading on china. >> unusual moves have been made over the last two or three hours and i really have confidence that the president will try very hard. >> reporter: the president didn't specify what chinese moves he meant and isn't saying what he would do if north korea does test a nuclear weapon. the first time under his presidency, instead, preferring to preserve the element of surprise. that's been a hallmark of his foreign policy and today on the
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foreign nuclear deal, another startling break. >> they are not living up to the spirit of the agreement. i can tell you that. >> reporter: but just two days ago, his own state department acknowledged iran is holding up its end of the bargain. another step for donald trump toward developing a doctrine of unpredictability. the president's first foreign trip will be to italy for the g 7 summit with key allies and plans are also in the works to try to meet with the pope, that would come more than a year after pope francis gently criticized the idea of a border wall with then candidate trump, remember, calling those comments disgraceful. lester? >> hallie jackson at the white house thank you. more than a month-long man hunt for a high schoolteacher and his 15-year-old student has come to an end. they were found thousands of miles away from where they vanished. a single tip led to the teach er's arrest. we get details from nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: the arrest and rescue happened in remote
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northern california, high schoolteacher tad cummins was taken into custody. police finding his 15-year-old student, elizabeth thomas safe. a tip led them to the suspect's nissan rogue and an isolated cabin. elizabeth's family getting the news 39 days after she vanished. >> we're going to have to figure out what kind of state of mind she's in of course and probably get her some help but maybe, maybe a long road but, you know, at least we got her back now. >> reporter: investigators believe 50-year-old cummins manipulated the teen. the pair reported missing march 13th near colombia, tennessee. two days later picked up on surveillance video at an oklahoma city walmart with died hair. after 1500 tips, one lead last night took investigators 25 ocho -- 2500 miles away. >> they took up a remote cabin in cecilville.
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>> reporter: with cummins on the run for five weeks, his family publicly begged him to come home. he faces kidnapping and sexual misconduct with a minor. after vigils with elizabeth, soon she'll be home. >> i'm very happy. very happy. >> reporter: tonight one of tennessee's most wanted is behind bars and the teenager he vanished with is safe. miguel almaguer, nbc news. now to the fallout from the bombshell at fox news, the firing of its biggest star bill o'reilly, we're learning the details about his multi million dollar payout and new indications tonight that his departure will not put an end to the scandal rolling the network. we get details from nbc's ann thompson. >> reporter: bill o'reilly leaves with a $25 million check say sources with knowledge of his contact. the severance amounts to a year's salary of the four year-deal he signed. o'reilly learned he was out while riding to the airport in rome
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returning home from a vacation and that included meeting pope francis. gabrielle sherman reported about fox news for several years. did the sexual harassment claims end with o'reilly's firing? >> i'm hearing from my sources that the company is continuing to hear from women. this is a culture that long predated bill o'reilly. >> reporter: sherman says there are new claims of racial discrimination. she went on the view with her story of what o'reilly said when she was a temp. >> he walks past and says hey hot chocolate. >> reporter: a fox news spokesperson says they are unaware of any new claims. o'reilly's fire is less than a year after ceo ronl roger ailes was ousted. o'reilly and ailes were paid $65 million to leave, the women that accused them so far, $33 million. today the board of 21st century fox, the parent company of fox news met in new york. potentially at risk, it's attempt to buy europe's giant sky.
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21 1st century fox must pass a fit and proper test by a british regulator. >> it shows a pattern, an absence of the right corporate governance. >> reporter: fox news will address it promptly and confidentially. >> women there don't feel their climbs are taken seriously. >> reporter: even after a powerful man is gone. ann thompson, nbc news, new york. now to a legal twist of fate that has a lot of people talking as the trump administration moves to stop illegal immigration. it's caught up in a legal dispute over a so-called dreamer from california who was deported. his lawyers say for no reason. now it's in front of a federal judge who has a history with donald trump that may ring familiar. we get details from our justice correspondent pete williams. >> reporter: a legal fight with the trump administration over the deportation of a man from mexico has landed in the lap of a california federal
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judge gonzalo culer. the guj born in injudge born i indiana hated him. >> i believe he happ happehappe happens to be spanish, which is fine. we haven't asked for recruiusa recusal. he should have been thrown out. >> reporter: lawyers for a 23-year-old man are telling the judge homeland security isn't turning over all the records about the case. juan is a dreamer in the u.s. since he was 9. one of thousands who came here as children allowed to stay under an obama policy in effect. he was arrested two months ago climbing over the border wall from mexico because dreamers like him lose their status if they leave the country and come back, he was promptly deported but his lawyers say he was out side the country because two days earlier federal agents improperly deported him after he failed to
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produce identification. his lawyers filed a lawsuit now before judge curiel accusing the government of with holding records. >> we don't know exactly what happened because they refused to provide answers up until now. >> reporter: homeland security has no records of border agents walking him into mexico, only his illegal reentry. >> because of his illegal behavior, he lost that status and now he is been removed to his country of organ. >> reporter: family members say he's in mexico tonight hoping he can come home. pete williams, nbc news, washington. to the violence in venezuela. anti-government protesters clashing in the streets with police as the country teeters on the brink politically and economically and general motors will halt operations in venezuela after the government seized a car plant. nbc's jacob rascon has more. >> reporter: venezuela is at a breaking point. thousands taking in
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the streets yet again today after weeks of violent protest in the capital city. more than 400 arrested, at least seven people killed. dr. jorge was on the front lines. >> people are hungry but for democracy, for liberties, for rights. >> reporter: this woman a symbol of defiance facing down a national guard armored truck and rex tillerson voicing concern yesterday. >> we're concern the government is violating its own constitution. >> reporter: the venezuela economy has been in free fall for years after oil prices collapsed leading the wide spread shortages of food, water, medicine and other essentials. protesters blame the president and his socialist government, which seized control of many companies over the years, most vent recently u.s. owned general motors that halted production. thousands from miami to houston marched in solidarity.
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an unprecedented crisis in what used to be the envy of latin america. jacob rascon, nbc news. still ahead, startling new concerns about diet sodas, so many americans drink them believing they are a healthy alternative but a new warning from experts i never miss an early morning market.
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news if you drink diet sod sodas. a study lings thks them to stroke or did mementia. more in tonight's keeping you healthy report. >> reporter: for decades, america had a drinking habit with diet soda. trace tr tracy starts with would be. >> i sometimes go out of my way to work to pick up one. >> reporter: what's thought to be a healthy alternative to sugar drinks. >> i like the taste and probably because it's no coal calories. >> reporter: but the enthusiasm about the diet soda is starting to go flat. today a concern about the potential impact of these drinks on the brain. a provocative study links diet soda with a higher risk of stroke and dementia. in fact, researchers found that men and women who drank as little as one diet soda a day were at almost three times the
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risk. >> we're seeing an association between artificial sweetened beverages and the risk of stroke and dementia. the risk of stroke seems to be greater. >> reporter: this study is the first to report a link between diet soda and dementia and sure to fuel the growing debate over what role these drinks should play in a healthy diet. according to the american beverage association, low-cal resweetene sweetens are proven to be safe but some health experts say it's time to rethink medical advice to switch to diet soda as a healthier choice. >> i would say reach for a bottle of water before artificial sweetened beverages. >> reporter: and doctors say more research is needed to understand why diet soda might cause brain disease. dr. john torrez, nbc news, new york. up next, pot of gold, cashing in on the cannabis culture and why today is the the cannabis culture and why today is the unofficial holiday f you totanobody's hurt, new car. but there will still be pain.
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back now with high times for forks across the country in states with pot is legal and states where it's not and not because it's any thursday, for marijuana enthusiasts, it's 4/20, a time to celebrate and businesses are taking notice and cashing in. here is nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: it's the date now salmonoy with cannabis. hip py hill. >> i love smoking as i love living. >> reporter: in denver it's a festival with 250 vendors, there was even a grand opening today for the international church of cannabis. >> one can find a path to spiritual fulfillment through the use of cannabis. >> reporter: in 4/20 it was a code for a group of teens that met at 4:20 to get
6:53 pm
high. it's no coincidence some chose to target those with a case of money che muncihes. today ben and jerries announced something and it's legal in eight states and washington d.c. and pot advocates handed out joints calling for an end to the federal prohibition to marijuana. swit seven were arrested. >> reporter: despite the jokes, marijuana is not a joke. many departments took to social media with tongue and cheek tweets like this one in minnesota that shows munchies, video games and an officer with a net that says undercover operations are in place. the sign of these changing high times. joe fryer, nbc news. it was the beginning of the end of an era at sea world today. a baby orca was born at sea world san antonio but it will be the last ever for the chain of marine theme
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finally tonight, it was a tragedy that has become all too common here in chicago. an 1 11-year-old girl whose legacy moves on for the people that owe her an enormous amount of gratitude. ron mott has the story. >> reporter: 11-year-old hole ms was shot and killed in january by a stray bullet sitting in her van with her family. >> her heart was golden. >> reporter: while she's gone. her heart beats tonight somewhere. her organs donated, life to at least five people. >> she was taken away so soon. she didn't even get to spread all the move that she had. she spread a lot. she had a whole bunch more to spread.
6:58 pm
darvis, nurse and mom to 8-year-old seray who sometimes played with her received one of her kidneys. >> i can plan my life. it has to be too good to be true. >> reporter: it's real. >> and i'm so grateful. >> reporter: for the first time since her transplant. >> so good to see you. >> reporter: an emotional embrace with her mother, a new bond forged by grief. how do you honor this beautiful 11-year-old girl? >> i refuse people to forget who she is and what she stood for. this is a young girl that was already evolved and trail blazing. darves founded the nonprofit more than your kidneys. >> just in a matter of days my whole life turned, and i'm okay with that. i'm okay with that. my baby is living on in you. >> reporter: the gift of a lifetime from a child who made the most of her lifetime.
6:59 pm
ron mott, nbc news, chicago. and that's going to do it for us on this thursday night. i'm lester holt reporting from chicago. i'll see you back in new york tomorrow
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the ultimate undoing. the murdoch brothers. >> the final straw and stunning exit from fox news now on "extra." the murdoch behind the decision to ax o'reilly. we go inside the family showdown that ended with o'reilly in the no-job zone. then, new reports about smoking gun evidence. >> are there secret sex recordings? >> the late night kings unleash. >> mario lopez. >> vindiesel, and the guardians of the galaxy. shirtless, how he got red carpets ready. >> i think it's filled with diet coke. >> and how the mini diesels stole the show. >> i love these guys! >> la la versus


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