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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  April 26, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> andrea is live at that wawa. >> yeah. you know, state police confirmed what witnesses have been telling us all afternoon. just take a look at the scene here. witnesses told us there was some sort of confrontation with the treerp and the suspect. around that red dodge charger that you see right there. state police say that the trooper found that the people in the car looked suspicious. he went to check it out .that's when the confrontation ensued. witnesses said the suspect walked away and then turned around and began firing those fatal shots. now, this all happened around lunchtime when many chose to stop by for coffee or a kwit quick bite to eat at wawa. so you can imagine the shock from area residents. >> you see all the shell casings out there. you're looking at it, are we in beirut? you know? i mean, you wonder. it's sad. >> it's important to acknowledge right now just how difficult it
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is for law enforcement, especially those that are out here investigating it at the scene. we are told that we're still in the very early stages of the investigation. again, that trooper who has not been named died from his injuries after being shot here. that's the latest here in bear. aundrea cline-thomas. >> now live to brandon hudson who is live in middletown and the search for the shooter barricaded in that home. >> brandon, what's the latest from your vantage point? >> you talked about that heavy police presence in the brick mills farm developmentier. we can show you the neighborhood is still on lockdown. you have county police around here. we walked across the media staging area. as we were waiting on police, you can see police are directing traffic, leaving from the school at the moment, but again, that neighborhood on the other side of that elementary school is still on lockdown. we have some video from a witness that we got a little more than an hour ago, showing s.w.a.t. running into a home in the brick mills farm
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development. you can get a look at the neighborhood from sky 4's 10, the aerials we've been showing you. we learned a shoot-out between the officer and the man police believe shot and killed a delaware state trooper led to this neighborhood development lockdown. we spoke to a neighbor who said this is quite unusual because the neighborhood is quiet. >> evidently we hear it came from route 40 up into middletown. >> a state trooper was shot. >> was shot. >> in that development. >> and they have him, he's barricaded in the house, i guess. they're not letting anybody up or down the roads. >> i want to show you something across the street. you can see a lot of people who live in that neighborhood development are over here. they're waiting to get home. some of them said they've been waiting for the better part of two hours just to try to get home. we are waiting to hear back from
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the delaware state police. we'll bring you that update when we get it. live in middletown, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. i want to show you a somber scene now. sky 4's 10 overhead as you see officers lining up here as they prepare to see the officer's body be brought out for an escort i presume to the medical examiner's office. this is a sad day for delaware state police. as you heard state police say when they announced the officer had died, a sad day for the state of delaware in general. we'll continue to watch this development for you, bring you any updates as soon as we get it. we are waiting to hear the officer's name. that has not been released as his relatives are notified. st officer was treated here but he could knot be saved. one suspect is in custody right now. another suspect barricaded in that home, in that neighborhood where brandon just was, still
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firing shots at police, according to officials. so keep it right here on nbc 10. as soon as we learn anything new, we will bring it to you live. in the meantime, we want to get to another big story we are on top of tonight. the countdown to the nfl draft. >> we have a live look at the ben franklin parkway. the anticipation is being made there. the clock is ticking down. heading up our draft coverage, eric and erin. >> listen, the music, the volume just rose here atop the tgi friday's along the ben franklin parkway about four or five blocks from where it's going to be. the rain has held out. it's looking pretty good right now. the excitement is building. >> we are just 24 hours away from the start of this draft. there's still some work to be done. the weather kind of slowed crews down a bit. the fans are still arriving and there is a buzz in the air here tonight. it's a mad dash to make sure
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everything is set. for round one on take one. security is tight. >> do y'all have passes? you're going to have to vacate. >> and getting tighter as fans began coming in from all over the country. >> aimny and noah just flew in from charlotte. >> this is one of his bucket list items. >> she bought him tickets to the draft. >> hers is venice and rome and stuff. mine is the nfl draft. >> the ramsey family came from wisconsin. ryan is slated to be a first round pick. >> we're going to be so happy for him. it is a dream of his and it's going to warm our hearts as parents. >> we're going to have a new favorite team essentially tomorrow. >> tomorrow, when all these weeks of preparation begin toes pay off. for some locals, it can't come soon enough. >> it just seems a whole lot and to block off so much of the
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city. i guess i don't see the roi, or the return on investment yet. >> i think it puts a positive spin on philadelphia to the nation. i'm glad it's here. hopefully they can come back next year. >> already thinking about next year, oh, my goodness. we haven't even gotten started yet. this event is about a lot more than just the draft. there's plenty of fun to be had for all ages. . >> it's covering 25 of all football fields. the nfl experience back here in the parkway, the largest festival ever put on by the envelope. the best part, too, it's free. tim furlong joins us live with a sneak peek inside. >> and the kids are really going to like all this. >> yeah. you know what i say? if it's free, it's for me. i always say that. but yeah, there's a lot of work to be done here. the zip line, i wanted to get a crack at that for our news cast. because of the bad weather we had, it's not quite done. the nfl museum is in one big
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tent which includes -- you remember this from a year ago. they told me i can come over here. don't worry about it. the bust of reggie white. we covered that at nbc 10. what an awesome time that was. the nfl says yeah, there's a lot of work to be done here on the parkway, but it's all going to get done. thanks to all the rain tuesday, the nfl fan experience on the parkway isn't as far along as it should be, but we are told it will be ready to open on time at noon thursday. and the local restaurants setting up mobile shops on the parkway, they hope this event is going to be just as huge as it has been billed. >> i really hope so because we dropped a lot of money to do this event. i'm hoping it does turn out. >> the family that runs el guaco loco hopes to sell lots of tacos. they hope the draft deal is a big win for them, the city and the eagles. >> huge. it's going to help out the city and the team. we need some draft picks for this team.
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we fwheed a party on broad street. >> first thing is first, though. let's try and enjoy the parkway party. if you come down here beginning tomorrow at non, you'll find plenty of fun stuff for fans of all ages. >> we have free autographs all day every day. we have our photo-op of the vince lombardi trophy. we have our super bowl, all super bowl rings on display in the museum. >> speaking of nice shirts to buy and all the cool things you can buy here, you can't buy that one. that is a game-worn peyton manning jersey. that's a pat tillman american hero jersey right behind him here. you'll see all these interactive exhibits. it's cool stuff. for football fans, it's over the top. it's like head sxloez exploding. there is one problem, though. it will be very nice tomorrow. it will be a nice day and the nfl draft has never been here. do you take your kids out of school? i'm thinking about it. i'm thinking it might be a about thing to do.
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every kid should really see this, especially if they're into tbl. >> even the big kids like tim furlong. >> live on television, run those routes, run the drills. he's not brief enough for that. tim, come on, man. >> done. i will totally get my game on. >> i bet you would. tim, with thank you so much. now to the weather and what we can expect on draft night. cloudy right now. >> is the sun coming out? >> not now. the sun won't be out this evening, but it will be for tomorrow. and you grab tim and tell him, yes, i did that last year with my little guy. best day ever together. pull the kids out. oh, did i say that out loud on air? okay. we don't have any rain out there, but we have the cloud cover, as you mentioned. it's on the backside with this area of low pressure. it's cut off, it's not moving very quickly. it's just sitting there. but you can see the clouds eroding away just west of the
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philadelphia area. so we will have sunshine tomorrow and then we'll deal with this storm system that could bring us a thunderstorm or two late tomorrow night and into friday. so let's go ahead and break down what's going to happen for you at the draft for tomorrow if you're going to head out there. everything opens at noon tomorrow. we're going to see a few clouds out there, but we'll see plenty of sunshine. the numbers are going to climb through the 60s, make it into the upper 70s out there. if we get a lot of bright sunshine, somebody might kiss 80 degrees. as we head through the evening, get ready for that first pick to be done. we're going to be looking at 72 degrees. any thunderstorms should come in after that. we'll talk more about the full forecast when i come back in just a bit. bundle up, guys, still some cloud cover out there tonight. >> i have my heavy coat out here today. coming up, the draft is forcing something unexpected in delaware. this hotel is occupied by some guests who never imagined they would be spending quality time in the first state and it's all because of what's going on miles away on the ben franklin
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parkway. that story, all new coming up. nbc 10 has complete coverage of the draft tonight at 7:00 catch our draft preview on the parkway.. that's with erin and i. tomorrow, our draft day special airs at 7:00. on sunday night, we'll recap the events with our eagles blueprint special. >> so for now, we're going to send it back to you in the nbc 10 studio. >> all right, guys, plenty to look forward to from out there. in the meantime, to other news right now sxb a philadelphia police officer under arrest, fired from the force after a man is killed in what his family calls a deadly case of street racing. officer adam soto turned himself in. police telling us he was the driver on cotman avenue who slammed into 50-year-old danny dimitry back in january. dimitry was thrown 15 feet into the air. he died at the scene. a second officer, tiny forest was in a second car and police say he will be fired. >> at this point, i can't speak
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to whether or not the investigation specifically will determine that drag racing, but certainly at reckless speeds and, of course, the striking of soto's vehicle is directly responsible to the death of mr. dimitry. >> the dimitry family has urged prosecutors to file more charges in the case. it is a sweeping tax reform plan that could mean change for every american family .business. today, the white house released a major tax cut proposal promising it will create jobs and boost the economy. for individuals, the proposed plan would eliminate most tax deductions. married couples would not be taxed on the first $24,000 the of income. that includes tax benefits to help with child care. critics say it helps the rich and there is no way to fund it. >> this idea that somehow growth can pay for these kinds of huge tax cuts is operating in fairyland. that just doesn't work. >> the administration has said
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tax reform will only work if obamacare is repealed and replaced. we are following breaking news in delaware tonight. a procession preparing to carry the body of a slain state trooper. that trooper shot and killed in a wawa parking lot in bear. one suspect bare indicated in the house still shooting at police. another suspect is under arrest. we have nbc 10 team coverage. keep it right here as we continue to track all that's still unfolding.
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right now to our breaking news, a delaware state trooper is dead after being shot at a wawa. >> a procession for the officer is about to begin. mitch. >> yeah, guys, we are just outside christiana hospital waiting for that procession. you can see the police cars, the fire engines, all ready to honor that trooper whose name at this point we do not know. again, the delaware state police just confirmed that the trooper from that shooting earlier today was killed. we can take a picture from above from sky forced 10.
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you can see the massive police presence and fire presence and ems presence all ready for this procession to begin. the delaware state police just within the last half hour gave us a very brief statement about this situation saying that this trooper was can killed. again, not releasing information about the trooper as far as his name, pending the notification of his family. at 12:10, they say this trooper approached a suspicious vehicle ask made contact with two suspects .one of which fired at the trooper. we're told he was treated on the scene and taken here to christiana hospital where he later died. again, we are awaiting that procession where they're going to take the trooper over to the police bare aches in wilmington. that's the latest, i'm mitch, nbc news. >> very somber scene behind you, mitch. now let's turn to the
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weather and big changes coming. >> tammy soza has more on that. er we're looking at cloud cover out there, but by tomorrow, you'll need the sunglasses. 63 in the pennsylvania suburb webs 63 in new jersey with clouds. a little bit of sunshine trying to break through in the lehigh valley, but the picture doesn't show us much of anything. the sensor is picking up a little bit. but no rain. 64 in delaware. we should be in the mid and upper 60s, so we're just below that average for today, but we're going to make up for it as we head through the week. no worries about that. take a look at the beam from doppler rarity sweeping the sky. no rain out there. we have that cloud cover, and look at it slowly eroding away. i don't think we'll get any of the breaks before sunset in the philadelphia area and not into delaware or along the jersey shore line. this is what we're looking at. we have a huge area of low pressure. it's cut off from the main body of the jet stream.
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.it's swirling around off the shore in the atlantic. it will get kicked out of here because there is something else coming down the pike. we have a huge storm system out to the west of us. it will be in here perhaps as early as tomorrow night with a thunderstorm or two overnight. so here we go, hour by hour, we have winds out of the north. we have some cloud cover. we start to clear out by tomorrow morning. we'll is a few clouds, maybe patchy fog. but look at the bright sunshine, clear skies, low 80s perhaps across the area. i think for the most part, we'll see the upper 70s. the winds turn to the southwest. early friday morning overnight, we see a shower or storm come through the area. it's gone by the time you head off to work. that's the good news.the we're back into the 80s for our friday. and then we go right into the 80s by 11:30 in the morning on saturday. could see a shower or storm north of the area, but that's the day we're going to watch because we could break some records on saturday. here is your neighborhood for tomorrow, fairmont, 78 degrees. we'll see 76 with shah sunshine in shanksville. in easton, 77.
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74 in robin isville. egg harbor at 71 and dover coming in at 75 degrees. guys. >> all right, tammie. a live look at the ben franklin parkway right there and the museum. it starts here in just over 24 hours. erin and keith are at ben franklin parkway. >> the draft is forcing an out of town baseball team to take a back seat. what is this all with about? >> this is a crazy story. the draft has the miami marlins taking a second round pick at least when it comes to whether they're sleeping tonight. the miami marlins, they are in town to play the phillies. they usually stay at the westin in center city, philadelphia. but it is completely booked by the nfl. so instead, the team is at the dupont -- the hotel dupont in wilmington. >> yes, wilmington. they got a little help from the philadelphia eagles organization
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today. the birds teamed up with the city to create an area in hunting park that will ademocrat monarch butterflies. local kids and members of the community also pitched in to help. now, the nfl draft has gone to the dogs, so to speak. uber drove puppies available for adoption to the officers of customers who requested some cuddle time. we really couldn't resist here at nbc 10 and n return for a $30 donation, workers got to play with the precious pups for about 15 minutes. >> love seeing martha there with a puppy. she's probably melting. nbc 10 has complete coverage of the draft. tonight at 7:00, catch our draft preview on the parkway. tomorrow, our draft day special airs at 7:00. .on sunday night, we'll recap the event with our eagles blueprint special. >> all right, guys, thanks. we continue to follow that breaking news out of delaware tonight. a somber scene where that state trooper who was slain today in
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that wawa parking lot, his body prepare to go be escorted to the state police barracks. we'll continue to bring you live reports, still ahead. hey allergy muddlers are you one sneeze away from being voted out of the carpool? try zyrtec® it's starts working hard at hour one and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. stick with zyrtec® and muddle no more®.
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the lehigh north hampton airport is expand to go handle more cargo planes for the airport agreed to what could be a more than $4 million project to build another cargo plane ramp. they hope to have it ready before am zone's christmas rush hits in november. a major story breaking in delaware tonight. within the past hour, we learned a state trooper shot in the parking lot of this wawa has died. >> and we are covering this story from all angles with a
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team of reporters throughout delaware. we'll be right back.
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in bear, delaware, the search for the gunman who shot and killed a state trooper outside this wawa this afternoon. we have team coverage of this from the scene of the shooting to the ongoing standoff with the suspect. >> let's head back to nbc 10's
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au aundrea cline-thomas. >> it's a tough day for law enforcement b, especially those who are still out here at the scene after losing one of their own. we're learning more details about what happened here. according to state police, around 12:10, the officer thought a car looked suspicious outside of this waw. two people were inside the car. the trooper approached them. state police say one suspect got out and fired several shots. the second suspect ran away. now, the trooper was taken to christiana hospital where he later died from those injuries. that one suspect who ran away was caught. the other suspect, law enforcement is engaged in a barricade situation with him at this hour. the name of the.treerp has not been released and want to go make sure that the next of kin, the family, all of the family has been notified. that's the latest here in bear. nbc 10 news. >> we are not finished with this
5:29 pm
coverage. it continues with brandon hudson in middletown where police are trying to capture one of the suspects. >> brandon, what is the situation like there right now. >> you heard about that barricade situation. we are now closer to that neighborhood. we'll go right beyond this state park ranger suv and go all the way down to an intersection where you will see some flashing lights, you'll see some officers out there, as well. there is a school right there, but on the other side of that school, you will see some homes which are on brick mills farm road here in the brick mills farm development. police are not allowing anyone to leave that neighborhood at the moment. here is some video we shot on the ground earlier this afternoon. a noticeable police presence on dove run and brick mills farm road which is by a shopping center, a hospital and an elementary school which is briefly on lockdown. that lockdown was listed a little more than a couple of hours ago. state police believe the suspected shooter who killed the delaware state trooper fired at officers before locking himself in his home on st. mike yaelal's
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way. the sheert lived at the home with his family. however, the family is not there. we spoke to a parent who came down here as soon as he heard about that lockdown. >> i saw a couple of helicopters going over and i saw probably about 40 cops going back that way. and then i got an e-mail about the kids in school. i have a little brother and a nephew and niece right there in that school and i came running over to see if i could get them out. >> live in middletown, brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> you're looking at live pictures from sky forced 10 of the escort of the officer's body in a vehicle behind the two motorcycles in the front. we saw this somber procession. we saw dozens of officers waiting for this moment at the hospital. very sad day. governor carney has just
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released a statement about the fallen state trooper. it says in art, my heart is with the officer's family and the officers who have served beside him. delaware's law enforcement officers go to work every day, he said, knowing they put their lives on the line to protect ourselves. we are incredibly indebted to their bravery and service. that statement just released by governor john carney of delaware. as we continue to watch this story unfold, we continue to await the officer's name being released as police elsewhere in the middletown try to get one of the suspects to surrender peacefully. we have a team of reporters in delaware covering this story for you. they are all fwaering new information right now. so keep it right here. as soon as we learn anything new, we're going break in and bring it to you live. now to another big story we are on top of tonight, it is the countdown to the nfl draft. >> final preparations returned way right now. we found crews taking down those iconic flags along the ben
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franklin parkway replacing them with flags for tomorrow's draft. heading up our draft coverage once again, erin coleman and keith jones. >> amid all the fun, there will be some important decisions made tomorrow. keith and erin. >> some huge decisions, jim and jackie. the art museum may be the focus point of the draft, but another center of the attention will be another philadelphia landmark. >> yeah. the franklin institute will serve as the draft selection square as it's called. lauren shows us what we can expect to see unfold there. >> well, the big announcements are made at the theater. the big decisions, they happen right here inside the franklin institute. take a look. you'll see 32 tables here. one to have for each team. over here, that's where the eagles are.. two seats at that table. this is where they will make their decisions. they can watch it from here. when they make that final pick, they'll write it down. >> the team representatives fill out the card. there's an nfl representative
5:33 pm
that then takes the card from that person, hands it to the head table. the head table verifies it's an will want eligible player to be drafted. assuming everything gets checked out, then it gets communicate down to the theater so it ultimately can be announced by the commissioner to the rest of the world. >> there is a room that the teams are seated exactly this way. it starts here with the first pick, the cleveland browns. and then it makes the round with the 49ers and goes to the rest of the teams so that it is easier for somebody to pick up those cards and turn them in as each team makes their bick. now, you could actually have a chance to see all of this as it's happening. there are going to be areas for the public to come in here and take la look at the action as it is happening. but we give you a sneak peek. nbc 10 news. >> lauren, thank you so much.
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>> if i look tow skies, the sun is coming out. >> it is coming out. you know what? mother nature absolutely loves football, i think, and we're going to see the sky is clear for tomorrow. not saying we're not going to see a few clouds here .there, but i think we're going to see an incredible warm-up. the radar is sweeping the skies. as erin and keith pointed out, yeah, there's no rain out there. if you look at the cloud cover, you can clearly see holes in the cloud cover. so we are going to see maybe a little clearing in some spots before sunset. we have a big area of low pressure parked rightoff shore. it's not going move until a storm system coming out of the midwest bumps it out of the way. but tomorrow, you see all the clearing off to the west, that's ours for the first day of the draft. we will get showers and storms perhaps by tomorrow night. so let's break it down for you you. this is our draft forecast. we want to get you ready for
5:35 pm
what's going to go on. 77 for tomorrow with winds out of the southeast at 11 miles per hour. if we get enough sunshine early on, we may see a few areas up to 80 degrees. on friday, we're going to kiss 883 degrees ask then we're breaking it out on saturday to 87. we will be watching that very, very closely. i'll have your ten day on ten coming up in just a little bit. erin, keith, back over to you. >> i like the sound of that, tammie. thank you so much. we have more draft coverage ahead. ahead at 5:45, the story of one local guy who expects to have his name heard tomorrow. plus, the special visit he made today and what his mom is predicting to happen to her on draft night. >> nbc 10 has complete coverage of the draft. tonight at 7:00, catch our draft preview on the parkway. tomorrow, our draft day special airs at 7:00. and so sunday night, we're going to recap the event with our
5:36 pm
eagles blueprint special. a lot going on, a lot of excitement. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, guys, thanks. and we continue to follow this breaking news out of delaware tonight. we're taking a live look right now at this procession carrying the body of a slain state trooper. sky forced 10 is live overhead. that trooper was shot and killed in a wawa parking lot in bear. one suspect is bare indicated in the house still shooting at police. another suspect surround arrest. we have nbc 10 team coverage as we continue to track all that is still unfolding.
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announcer: washington politicians are at it again with another disastrous health care repeal bill that raises costs and cuts coverage for millions. and their latest plan is worse
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than ever.. affordable coverage for maternity care, cancer treatment, substance abuse treatment, and preexisting conditions would no longer be gauranteed. the plan threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care.
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covering breaking news for you, this procession carrying the body of a slain state trooper. sky forced 10 what is is overhead. that trooper was shot in a wawa parking lot. still one suspect barricaded in a house. at last report, still shooting at police at that location. another suspect we are told under arrest tonight. we are nbc 10 team coverage. keep it right here as we continue to track all that's still unfolding on this breaking news. to our news right now, the defense attorney for convicted killer and former new england patriots star aaron hernandez said he did not write a suicide note to a gay prison lover. three handwritten notes hernandez left behind were released to family.
5:40 pm
one was for his fiancee. another was to his child. it's not clear if the third was addressed to anyone. he was serving a life sentence when he took his life last week. more trouble for united airlines. >> a rabbit expected to become the largest in the world died after traveling in cargo. here is a picture of simon, 10 months old, three foot long. he was being shipped to a new owner. he was alive when the plane landed, but died shortly thereafter. now, his breeder says he was checked by veterinarians three hours before the flight, seemed to be in good health. united said the safety and well being of all the animals that travel with us are important. we are reviewing this matter. a doctor was dragged off an overbooked flight in chicago. the security officer who grabbed him said that the man was flailing and fighting. lawyers for the doctor say they plan to sue.
5:41 pm
new jersey governor chris christie says he wants to government to suspend the practice of overbooking flights. and we continue to follow that breaking news out of delaware this afternoon. nbc 10 as has a team of reporters there where that state trooper has been shot and killed. and the procession continues now with the body of that slain trooper. sky forced 10 live overhead. the trooper was shot and killed at that wawa parking lot. one suspect is bare indicated in a house. we understand is still shooting at police or at least report that suspect was still shooting. another suspect under arrest. we have nbc 10 team coverage. so keep it right here as we continue to track all the latest on this breaking thus. tammie. >> and we're in the 60s right now, but the sunshine is trying to break through in some places in philly. it looks like tomorrow we'll have plenty of sunshine. locate those flip-flops. it's going to be a warm-up on the way that we're talking about. 70s tomorrow. a little cooler along the jersey shore, but everybody is on the
5:42 pm
rooid rise. we'll talk 80s when i come back. and we're coming to you live from nbc 10 draft headquarters. the excitement starting to build here along the ben franklin parkway. >> coming up next is what we'll have for you, this story of a local standout. he expects his name so be called tomorrow and tonight his mom is making a prediction about what will happen to her on draft night. that and more, next as our drafts coverage continues.
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now to the latest on breaking news. a delaware state trooper has been killed. officials say he was shot several times during a struggle with two men in the parking lot of a wawa in bear. one suspect is now in custody. the other remains barricaded in a house in mill town. and a procession is now carrying the body of that slain state trooper. we have a live picture from sky forced 10 as you are looking at right annoy. we have nbc 10 team coverage. turning to our weather now, some big changes on the way. >> a big warm-up. tamm tammisouza is joining us now with more on that. >> we were hoping the warm-up would start today, but now we have that storm system parked off the east coast keeping anything fromming moving into our area. as we take a look at what is san antonio as draft usa, you can
5:46 pm
see the wind camera bouncing a little bit. overall, temperatures in the area, 64 degrees in philly. we're looking at the 60s around the region. so it's not a really warm day. we should be in the upper 60s this time of year. but we're going to be past that by tomorrow. summer-like heat, that's what's on its way into the area. the heat is on tomorrow with 70s, maybe even a few 80s. we'll see 80s on thursday, friday .saturday of this week. maybe even break a few records by the time we get to saturday. if you're waiting to break out the flip-flops and the shorts, those are the days to do it. we'll see a chance of storms. several chances mainly late day and overnight. we're talking about thursday night, saturday night .then again on monday night. so this doesn't look like a warp washout during the day. next week does look like it's going to be on the wetside, though. there's a chance of showers every day next week. not seeing any rain here in the philly area. here is the big storm i just mentioned parked off the atlantic seaboard squirrelling around. you can see the clouds slowly
5:47 pm
eroding away as it emgs slowly out to sea. plenty of clearing to the west of that. there is another storm system in the pipeline. this one is bringing severe weather across parts of the midwest. it will start edging in our direction. that's the one we see for late tomorrow night and early on friday. let's go hour by hour. right now, 60s across the area. the winds out of the north. but you notice what happens. joef night, they're going to turn to the south and the southeast. by tomorrow morning, we'll see a little bit of cloud cover, maybe patchy the afternoon, plenty of clearing and 80s around the area. tomorrow night and into friday, here comes that round of showers and storms. that's going to be probably between about midnight and 3:00 a.m. crossing the area. very mild, in the 60s overnight. we clear out friday morning. the winds are out of the west and southwest. we started in the 60s and we climb well into the low 80s with sunshine. then take a look at what's going on. here we go, on saturday, 86. by 2:30 in the afternoon, 90 is the record that day. we could break it.
5:48 pm
we have some showers and storms that will make their way into the area, as well. here is your neighborhood forecast. let's get through tonight. overnight, very mild. we are going to see the cloud cover slowly eroding away. we have cloud cover out there. temperatures in the 50s, mid 50s for the lehigh valley. 60 in philly. tomorrow, we're basically going the be looking at the upper 70s everywhere but the jersey shore. still cool there at 68, but plenty of sunshine. here is your ten day on ten. it's a good one once you get past maybe tomorrow. 8 tomorrow with the sunshine. 82 friday. we have 87 on saturday. storms at night and into sunday, 72 on sunday. back to the 80s on monday and next week it looks like it's going to be a little cooler and a little bit soggier. guys. in just over a day, the nfl is draft is going to begin here
5:49 pm
in fill till. >> tomorrow, we are back at our nbc 10 draft headquarters justice outside the parkway. on the road top patio of t fw i friday's. >> for players, it is the culmination of a life 5th's work. many of the players expected to hear their name called are here in town. with more on that, we join john clark at the eagles headquarters in south philadelphia. >> he is stands big live at the novacare complex. john. >> yeah, hey, this is where the eagles decisionmakers will be stationed tomorrow, deciding on who they're going to pick. howie roseman, the vp, just drove away recently and you said, who do you guys want? i don't think he stuck around to hear who we wanted.but the best hometown story for the eagles would be hassan reddick. take a look at hassan this morning. he was with the other 20 draft hopefuls in town. he was at sleeper's hospital for children on north broad, lifting spirits of the kids there and hassan's story is very
5:50 pm
inspirational. he suffered two serious injuries at hadden heights high school playing football. he had no scholarship offers. he walked on at temple and now he's on the verge of become ago top first round pick. his mom and dad, they have had a huge influence in his life and his mom predicts she will not be able to contain her emotions when he is drafted tomorrow night. >> i know it's going to be tears. anything that has to do with him, i get emotional. i make it emotional now. but i know the tears are going to be flowing. but he deserves it. he deserves it. he came a long way. he fought really hard. >> and hassan said the first thing he's going to do is buy his mom a house. that is pretty cool. we're going to have a lot more with hassan reddick, his mom and dad, a special sit down with all of them. it gets emotional with our draft
5:51 pm
special tonight at 11:00. i'll be here live. we'll see you at 7:00. john, thank you so much. nbc 10 as complete coverage of the draft tonight at o'clock. be sure to catch our draft preview on the parkway. then tomorrow our draft day special also airs at 7:00. .on sunday night, we're going to recap the event with our eagles blueprint special. we're going to sen it back to you. we'll check back with you soon. thanks so much. to this now, mother's day is just around the corner. >> there's one mom's day offer claim to go be from a home improvement store, but it is far from what it seems. the warning going out tonight next.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
a bogus mother's day deal is making the rounds on facebook. it looks like a $50 coupon from lowes. but it wants customers to click on it, they're asked tore personal information and a fake survey. safety experts say it's usually a scam if a company asks for your credit card number on a survey. in today's nbc 10 respond, a sweet surprise turns kind of sour. >> a woman orders a box of treats for her fiancee, but the food is never delivered. when she can't get her money back, she calls us .nbc 10 responds. not good. >> not good at all. it's supposed to be a nice birthday gift, but this is also
5:55 pm
supposed to be the gift that kept on giving as a monthly subscription service. but the treats simply never arrived. >> jennifer wanted to get her fiancee a special berth day gift. she found a subscription service online caught treatsy. >> every month, a different box comes with goodies and snacks. >> jennifer paid for 12 months of treats for susan for a total of $203. >> everybody wants to get something like that. so it's not just celebrating it one time. it's for the whole we're. >> she paid in february spt first box was supposed to arrive in march. but weeks after the delivery date, still no box. >> nothing showed up. >> so jennifer started following up with treat todsie. >> i called them, no response. sent e-mails. >> she called nbc 10 responds. >> we're getting married in a
5:56 pm
month, so i could definitely use the money back. >> we reached out to treatsie which told us jennifer's experience didn't live up to its standards and after we got involved, good news for the couple. >> i got a full refund, $203 was put into my bank account. thank you so much. and you can buy some new candy with that, right? well, if you are thinking about signing up for a monthly subscription service, consumer experts say to your research. check to see if the company has complaints. also, pay with a credit card instead of a debit card. you have more protections that way. >> and it was sweet of you to help them out. >> i like what you did with that. . >> nice work. let's take those sweet dollars and add them to our recovery counter. we're now standing at $432,967. >> all right. if you're watching at home, if you have a consumer complain for nbc 10 responds, fill out the form on and we will respond to you. up next at 6:00, a suspect
5:57 pm
refusing to surrender after police say he shot and killed a delaware state trooper. we are get something brand new insight when our team coverage continues at 6:00. plus, a philadelphia police officer arrested for a crash that killed a man. investigators say he was speeding. all new, we talk to the victim's if a family about why they're not satisfied with the charges. plus, our in fact draft live continues. why police aren't the only ones working to keep you safe if you're heading to the parkway.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
that breaking news, a tlar state trooper shot dead in bear, delaware. right now, the suspect is refusing to surrender to police. he is barricaded inside a home. >> just moments ago, the.trooper's body was taken from the hospital. sky forced 10 flying live overhead as that police procession took place heading to the medical examiner's office. >> this all happened around lurch time in the parking lot of a wawa store in bear along pulasky highway. we know the trooper went over to a suspicious car in the parking lot. two people were inside that car. one of them got out of that vehicle and started shooting at the trooper, we're told. he then ran away from that scene. he is now barricaded inside a home in a development in nearby
6:00 pm
middletown and he is still shooting at police. we want to begin our live team coverage where this entire incident began at the wawa. >> and far fewer officers remain here at the scene. within just a few minutes, they arrived. they're cleaning up this scene right here. let's take you to what happened just a few hours ago. it's lunchtime at this wawa that's located at the end of a very busy strip mall. state police say a trooper approached a suspicious car in the wawa parking lot. now two people were inside of that car. state police say there was a struggle. one suspect ran away. . the other fired multiple shots at the officer. kevin learner was outside and watched everything unfold. >> i guess the guy pushed the officer and then he ran. he tried to run, i guess, but when he ran, he turned around and started shooting. >> now that.trooer's name has not been release


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