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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  April 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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middletown and he is still shooting at police. we want to begin our live team coverage where this entire incident began at the wawa. >> and far fewer officers remain here at the scene. within just a few minutes, they arrived. they're cleaning up this scene right here. let's take you to what happened just a few hours ago. it's lunchtime at this wawa that's located at the end of a very busy strip mall. state police say a trooper approached a suspicious car in the wawa parking lot. now two people were inside of that car. state police say there was a struggle. one suspect ran away. . the other fired multiple shots at the officer. kevin learner was outside and watched everything unfold. >> i guess the guy pushed the officer and then he ran. he tried to run, i guess, but when he ran, he turned around and started shooting. >> now that.trooer's name has not been released. they later died at the hospital.
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now while activity here is rapping up, the investigation is just beginning. reporting live in bear, aundrea cline-thomas. >> and the man suspected of killing the trooper is now barricaded inside a neighborhood in middletown. s.w.a.t. teams are outside that home where he is holed up. nbc 10's brandon hudson is near that home right now. brandon, you've been there for about two hours thou. what is happening with this standoff? >> jim, we just saw about a line of paramedics leave this area, about 15 minutes ago. they were parked all the way down there.. we'll zoom in, give you a look at where state police, new castle, county police are stati stationed right by the elementary school. there is a helicopter also above the ground going through the neighborhood. now, the latest from police is officers remain outside the home while the suspect is locked in his home with an unknown weapon. here is video from the neighbor
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showing s.w.a.t. running through a driveway in the brick mills farm development. state police say a shoot-out between the suspect and police led to the neighborhood lockdown. police believe the shooter is the same man who killed a delaware state trooper and state police told us about their efforts to resolve this situation. take a listen. >> we have our cmt, which sour hostage negotiators that are speaking with him or trying to establish some sort of communication with him at this time and establish that -- you know, get information from him and try to get a peaceful resolution to have him come out and peacefully surrender. >> whose house is that? >> it is his house. he's at his own house in the 500 block of st. michael drive. >> state police say the suspect lived at that house with his family, but his family is not there at the time. we just saw some unmarked police cars just driving down this area. and you talk about waiting out here for more than two hours
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with people out here, they've been waiting out here a lot longer trying to get home. all these people who live oef out here are still evacuating. brandon hudson, nbc 10 news. >> a long afternoon, brandon, for many people. this is a developing situation. stay with the nbc 10 app for new information. we'll go live to nbc 10's mitch blocker with the procession of the officer's body. that's coming up in about ten minutes. the first another developing story we are following, a philadelphia police officer charged with man slaughter for speeding and triggering a deadly crash. only nbc 10 has this exclusive video of adam soto surrendering today. investigators say he was driving up to 90 miles per hour when he crashed into a man. nbc 10's deanna duranty is joining us live. investigators say two officers were speeding, but only one is charged. >> yes. and within the last 30 minutes, that officer who was charged, adam soto, his mugshot was released. that is him as he was working
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for the philadelphia police department wearing a police uniform in that picture that they have supplied to us. now, between, investigators say that he is being processed and he is no longer a member of the philadelphia police department. carrying his protective vest and police-issue gear,ed am soto turns himself into philadelphia police internal affairs. it was his car that slammed into 50-year-old danny committeery killing him. >> they are police officers. they knew that driving that fast could kill somebody. and unfortunately it had to be my brother, my only -- my only sibling. >> dimitry's sister says the announcement of charges nearly three months from the crash is a start, but she wants more. >> he was a great brother. they stole him from us. >> without commenting on the specifics of the facts or the charges involved here, i can tell you it's a very sad and tragic set of circumstances for
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everyone involved. >> can we get a comment before you head. >>? >> while soto is now charged, police say another car, another driver was involved and announced in addition to the arrest of soto, another officer, tony forest is also fired. >> at this point, i can't speak to whether or not the investigation specifically will determine that drag racing, but certainly at reckless speeds and, of course, the striking of soto's vehicle is directly responsible to the death of mr. dimitry. >> outside the da's office, dimitry's family is pushing for all involved to face charges. >> we live in a nightmare. every day i wake up and it's a nightmare when i wake you. it's a nightmare when i go to sleep. i don't think it's fair. i really don't. >> now, at this point, soto, the officer you stau there in his police-issued photograph was the only officer charged. the family, of course, asking for others. we asked police if there will be additional charges. they say at this point, that is up to the district attorney's office.. when we asked them, they say no comment on the case.
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now to another major story we are covering tonight, the final countdown to the nfl draft. we're now less than 26 hours away from the start. that's for the eagles and the other teams gibb selecting their future right on the ben franklin parkway. >> nbc 10 is your home for the nfl draft. keith jones and erin coleman are live at our draft headquarters. had tgi friday's right along the parkway. >> we hear that music out there, guys. can you feel the buzz? >> no question here. it is palpable here, the energy. 200,000 fans, they're getting ready to descend on the parkway behind us for the draft and the fan experience. >> the city has been preparing as we all know for months and the culmination of all that work happens in just one more day. tonight, crews are putting the last minute touches on the draft arena. a live look right now on that theater right on the set of philadelphia art museum. >> today, philadelphia police
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outlined their security plan to keep the crowds safe. lauren joins us right in front of the draft stage. what can fans expect out there for the draft? >> well, the first thing you can expect when you get here is quite a show. take a look at this. this thing is huge. you'll be able to see this from way down on the parkway. but to actually get inside here, keep in mind, you are going to have to go through security. you'll have to be screened. this whole area is now fenced off. you'll have to go through specific designated gates along the parkway. you can't just walk in anywhere like you can on any other day. before you see the big football helmet and find the one for the eagles, you'll see the precautions to keep nfl draft fans safe. concrete barriers, sensing and metal detectors are all part of the security. >> this area very familiar to
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us. we do fourth of july events there, made in america events there, we're there to help facilitate people coming and going. >> a regular host for big events that draw crowds and the spot line. james hubert works just blocks away. >> philadelphia does a good job with the pope. we pulled that off. if we can pull that off, we can pull anything off. >> for this evening, police are planting not just for security, but logistics, getting residents in and out of the area on a weekday and arrange ago spot on pennsylvania avenue where you can get a taxi or an uber ride. >> it's not going be like when you hit the button and they give you a street corner and then you'll rush out to that street corner. imagine if hundreds of people did that, we could have a traffic jam around the event that would cause major problems. >> homeland security and nfl security are also part of the
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operation, surrounding the latest big event to call the parkway home. >> and, you know, police tell us think of this like you're going to an eagles game. think of that in terms of what to expect when you get there, in terms of security. you're going to have to go through metal detectors. there will be certain things you can't bring in with you. and we have put a list of those on our website. ask before i let you guys go, i have to show you one more thing. take a look over here. this draft is for all teams, but just as we've been stavendzing here, we saw them putting these tarps up with the eagles. so it locks like the hometown team is getting a little bit of special attention there. what do you think about that? keith and aaron, with back to you. >> marking our territory. >> that's right. preferential treatment as it should be here in the city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. lauren, thank you so much. it's been cloudy here today, some rain showers could pop up here .there. we did see some sun, too. but the big question is, for
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tomorrow, will it clear up for the draft day festivities? >> glenn, things are really going to be heating up tomorrow. . >> yeah, erin, i'm not sure you're even going to need that jacket tomorrow afternoon because it's really going to warm up as soon as that sun comes out. the big storm tease been plaguing the area, slowly moving offshore and what that means is all that dry air back to the west is coming this way. and once it does and the sun gets out, the temperature shoots up. by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, it's already 68 degrees, some early clouds starting to go break up. in the afternoon, 72 by 1:00. more .more sunshine as we go through the day. you see even fewer clouds been by 3:00, 76 degrees. i think the high temperature tomorrow will be about 78, pretty close to that at 5:00. and later on even during the evening hours, the temperature
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did not drop very much. i have an even warmer forecast as we head into the weekends coming up in just a few minutes. keith and erin. >> so we're going to get rid of these jackets is what you're saying. >> i like that. that is some great news. love that. >> our nfl draft coverage is going to continue, of course, just getting started right now. join us live for a one-hour special, nbc 10 draft preview on the park away at 7:00 tonight. >> and it is just the first of three draft specials, jim and jacqueline will be here live along the parkway tomorrow night for eagles draft day. and then we wrap up all the draft action at 11:35 sunday night. for now, we're going to send it back to the studio with jim and jacqueline. guys. >> one day and counting. keith and erin, thank you. up next, we continue to follow breaking news, that delaware state treerp shot outside a wawa, shot and killed today. plus, a field trip for jurors in the trial of a south
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we continue to follow breaking news in delaware where a state treerp has been shot and
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killed today. it happened in bear, delaware. the trooper we're told approached a suspicious vehicle with two people inside. one of them opened fire .left the scene. police tracked the suspect to a home in middletown where the gunman is barricaded and at times has been firing at officer. let's continue our team coverage with mitch blocker who is at the hospital as the trooper's body was driven away. >> a massive turn out there and somber procession, mitch. >> yeah. somber, sad scene here. we have now been able to confirm that the delaware state trooper who was shot earlier today did die here at the hospital. in just the last hour, police and the sup had a procession for that trooper, that fallen trooper from here at the hospital where he died to the barracks in the wilmington. from sky forced 10, we want to show you the view of that procession as you see troopers saluting and onlookers pay their
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respects. the trooper was shot just after noon today. he was approaching what he thought was a suspicious vehicle and was shot but survived. we now know, until he got here to the hospital. >> we ask that you keep the trooper's family and the members of the delaware state police family in your thoughts and prayers. >> and, again, they are not releasing the trooper's name, pending the notification of all of his family. a somber, sad scene here at christiana hospital where we now know a delaware state police trooper has died at the hands of a gunman at christiana hospital is where he passed as police and the public pay their respects to that fallen trooper. mitch blocker, nbc 10 news. turn to go this story, new video today in the trial of a
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new jersey man accuseded of killing his son. the surveillance footage is of d.j. dropping his girlfriend off at the trendon train station the day before the 3-year-old's death. his girlfriend had spec spent the weekend and told him to choose between her or his son. brandon's body was found in a creek bed in october of 2013. jurors will visit that site tomorrow. the judge told them today, wear comfortable shoes for that visit. and let's two to first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz for a look at our weather. >> cloudy skies all day, but we've still seen temperatures well above the 57 yesterday. cloudy, 64 in philadelphia. cloudy in much of the area, but the lehigh valley, at least parts of it, reported sunshine and a temperature up near 70 degrees. that is a sign of things to come. a lot more sunshine tomorrow. and in philadelphia, 64 at the airport. 65 in mant yok and chestnut
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hill. 67 in bustleton and in somerton, all of those mayss are going to be well in the 70s to near 80 tomorrow. and it looks like we're going to be close to the warmest april ever recorded in philadelphia. right now, we're projecting second place, very, very close to first place in 1994., projecting records all-time warmest aprils. and some of that warm weather in the next couple of days contributing to that. you can see the clouds starting to move out as the upper air low that has caused all this mess continues to shift a little farther to the east. we've had a bit of a northerly flow today. that's why it hasn't rained, but we need a northwest flow to get the sunshine out of here. that's what we're getting. by tomorrow morning, though, it's going to be cloudy, some areas of fog, not very cool at all. highs in the 50s. by afternoon, even by noon time,
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temperatures are into the 70s. we'll watch out as the shore is going to have a sea breeze tomorrow. and upper 70s in the afternoon. how about that? yesterday, 57 for a high. two days after that, 78. then here come showers, maybe even some thunderstorms overnight tonight. so that after the draft and before the friday morning rush, how about that for timing? and then friday, we start these temperatures going well up up into the 70s and into the low 80s with even more sunshine. not much wind tomorrow. 79 at coney, 78 in langhorne, 79 in elwood, 77 in allentown. that's pretty nice weather here. 77 borhees. cooler at the shore. 65 degrees for the high temperature. and for the draft itself, in philadelphia, away from the ocean, 77 degrees and a good bid
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bit of sunshine. not a whole lot of wind tomorrow. 83 for the high temperature on friday. lots of sunshine. not much wind. saturday, 87, almost hot, kind of humid. showers .thunderstorms late in the day and into saturday night.. then we cool down just for a day on sunday. back to keith. and erin. glenn, not quite football weather, but we'll take it, right? back out here live at our nbc 10 nfl draft headquarters. >> we're having a great time and the eagles have their draftboard ready to make their picks tomorrow. csn's john clark is live at the novacare complex. john. >> yeah, hey, we caught up with the local draft experts, mike mayock. who does he want the eagles to take? hassan reddick, his dream is going to come true. and we're hearing from the ravens, coming up next.
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i'm john clark live from the eagles novacare complex. one more night, the nfl draft. some people want the eagles to take a corner back or a defensive end. but take a look at carson went. why do we show carson? a lot of nfl network analysts that we caught up with today want to find a weapon for carson wentz. philly's own mike mayock said the same thing. carson wentz went from 13 to 8 to 2. most of the skill position people are on effectively
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one-year contracts. so whoever the top defensive player on the board is, whether conley is available, whether it's rub b foster, you have to look at that guy versus what an offensive playmaker does for you. from my perspective, i'd rather take the offensive playmaker. >> hoish the man heading the eagles draft for the first time, it's swroe douglas. he spent a lot of years with the ravens, started out as a scott. we caught up with brian billick. he has a lot of good memories working with joe. joe was one that was not shy about having the courage for his conviction. if i say this is a player, i'm going to defend that. he's in a different perspective right now, but i imagine he's learned a lot tr being with ozzie newsome. >> working with howie, tom, have great experience running previous drafts in pittsburgh. guys like andy, doug peterson, with it's been a collaborative
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process. >> hey, 21 draft prospects were all over philly today. they went to shriners hospital for children put something smiles on the kids' faces. and one of them was camden's own hassan red ek. he walked on at temple. his dream will come true tomorrow night in his hometown area. >> i feel like i was overlooked before and a lot of people's eyes have been open and they see what i can do. so going to where i could end up, it's all been beautiful. >> we'll have a lot more on our special at 7:00. i'm john clark, we're right back. ♪
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recapping our breaking news, the body of a delaware state trooper shot outside a wawa in bear now at the medical examiner's office in wilmington. you see the casket there, flag draped. the officer's name has not been released. he was shot several times during a struggle with two men. one suspect is in custody and
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the other barricaded in hughes in middletown. we'll have updates on nbc and live updates at 11:00. tonight, trump's tax plan. our first look at what's in it, what it could mean for millions of families, saving them money, including the trumps, and how does the president plan to pay for it all? north korea secrets, heavy security for an unusual briefing, all u.s. senators at the white house. what were they told? hot housing markets, surging prices, in some places higher than before the recession. what buyers and sellers should know. drugged driving. for the first time it's now blamed for more traffic fatalities that be alcohol. and dancing dreams. amazing kids getting their chance toe shine. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new


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