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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  April 27, 2017 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the trooper. he died at the hospital. police arrested one suspect at the shooting scene. the other ran off and as we told you is now barricaded in that home. we will bring you updates every 15 minutes on our nbc 10 app. in other news, a jury sent eric freed to death. >> the bell atop the courthouse last night. the three had been sentenced to die by eitheral injection. the jury is the same jury that convicted corporeal dixon and alex douglas. >> corporeal dixon will always remain in the heart of all members of the pennsylvania state police forever.
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>> every defendant i ever had that designed a trial has thought he or she had enough to when. >> it may be years before he faces execution. >> governor tom wolf suspended the death penalty and the state has naat executed an inmate since 1999 and carried out only three executions since 1976. both waived their rights to an appeals process. 63 degrees outside. let's talk about the weather today. a live look. things are warming up. 61 degrees, just in time for the nfl draft in philadelphia. >> we are getting a warm start this morning, with clouds overhead. no wet weather in the area. clouds will be thinning out. it is warmer this morning. about five degrees warmer. this is not rain we'll get
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sunshine, clouds this morning. 61 degrees, into the 70s. more sunshine this afternoon. 76 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon. the suburbs, you start off with a few clouds. 70s for the suburbs, from the lehigh valley. 62 degrees this time of the year. we are 20 degrees above normal and a stay elevated through the day. 70s by 2:00 this afternoon t. clouds will be thinning out. won't clear out completely. lehigh valley will still have clouds in the area. no rain, though, new jersey, 59 degrees, in for sunshine, a little bit of a breeze out of the southeast. that's at 6 miles an hour at 10:00. look at that, 70 and sunshine for a change. jersey shore, 53. the wend coming in off the ocean. but it is a 12-mile-an-hour wind
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this afternoon. >> that will be warming temperatures into the 60s. a nice warm-up at the shore. go inland, you find those 70s, including for delaware. 59 degrees right now. 71 degrees at lunchtime. look at that sunshine this afternoon, wind out of the southeast at 13 miles an hour. it's a trend that will continue tomorrow when we make it into '80s. i'll look at that and show you how warm that warm weather lasts. back in ten minutes. >> and we are also watching this morning out in belmar, a fuel spill on the northbound side a. serious situation right now. at least because we have a closure. right around the route 42 freeway. you are exiting. that ramp is closed. that's where 26 ends. northbound, continuing up northbound past del mar and moving more towards the trenton area. that's where we will see this problem.
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you can pop on 295 after the belmar area over if barrington or head on the northbound side. the jersey turn pooivg is opened and clear. we are watching route 1 around 17th street. both directions look good, north, southbound towards the expressway looks okay. on route 202 everything is gree green. >> thanks for that. right now, we are counting down the hours to the start of the nfl draft happening in philadelphia. the accident officially begins at 8:00 tonight t. national football league's biggest costume event putting our area in the national spotlight. the action all happens here along the ben franklin parkway. here's a live look right now. a block of events are planned. this is a live look at what's happening in the area at this moment. >> they are still working. they put hundreds of feet of
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fencing and apply the finishing touches to the nfl draft festival. >> that covers an area the size of 25 football fields. events here open to the public at noon. if you plan to go, pack lightly. security will be tight all along the parkway, similar to the airport, for instance. so forget purses and back pax and any small bag you bring could be searched. leave your selfie stick at home. philadelphia police and event security are all patrolling the area. fans will have to go through metal detectors to get inside the gate. fan favorites will play a role in the nfl draft. former quarterback ron jaworski will announce the 2nd and 3rd round picks. tonight they will pick the first picks. players from martin king, jr.'s school will join us for the announcement. also happening today, on
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the annual relay begins this 20,000 college and high school athletes will be competing the next few days. dozens of olympic gold medalists will be on the track for international competition. the relace are the oldest in the world. well, jurors in the high profile chapters will leave the courtroom today. we will tell you where they are going in a trial accused of killing his three-year-old son. of course, it is comedy comeback. we will show what you bill cosby is saying about a return to the stage after his sex assault case plays out. the case for commuters, we will make sure people are using a new payment option.
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good morning, we are watching
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the roads, we are out in belmont, new jersey, watching a fuel spill. we are headed to the northbound side of 295. right around that 42 freeway, 76 mark, right before you can split off in that direction and head to 295 northbound that ramp, exit 26 is block blocked right now. northbound considering all blocked off. the trucks overturned spilled a load of orange juice a. lot of cleanup there isened way as well. if you have to get to 295 northbound, you can get on in a different spot. a little further northbound t. jersey turnpike the schuylkill expressway, this is the eastbound side. just a 12-minute trip. we'll end with this crash on karen lane around harleysville pike. more when i come back. >> now, your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. 4:39, a little please going, the direction of the wind has changed today. >> that will help with our warm-up, boost our temperatures closer to 80 degrees this afternoon. we will need sunshine for that to happen. right now, we are looking at mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are right around the 60 degree mark. not much difference, look at the lehigh valley. 62 degrees this morning. a closer view. 59 right now. unionville is 57 and just into the upper 50s northwest. the temperatures are cooling down. they're not going to cool down much more because the temperatures are running into the cloud cover this morning and higher humidity. you see a little light fog in some spots to dpin with. not all day. sunshine will break through the clouds, into the upper 70s for philadelphia, look at the warm-up in the suburbs, landsdale up to 76 degrees. clouds and sunshine, down to 79
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and upper 70s for allentown and for new jersey and at the shore. the wind coming off the ocean. so it won't be quite as warm as inland areas today. >> 4! 41. a congo line.
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a tree will be planted in urban neighborhoods. . well, there has been a setback. environmental people need more information on the project. >> a philadelphia police officer is now facing in connection with the deadly crash. right on schedule. we have an update on the medical marijuana program. when it is expected to be up and running.
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it's about a quarter of 5:00 this thursday morning. we follow breaking news in delaware. this is a live look from middletown, the man believes shot and killed a state trooper is in a standoff with police. they used an explosive device to break open the front door. nearby homes have evacuated last night. most are being kept away. police believe this is the same
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man that ran outside a wawa in delaware yesterday. officers arrested another suspect shortly after the shooti shooting. our county by county begins, investigators found a three-year-old boy's body. >> he was found dead in 2015. creato was charged with killing his son. they found a picture of the area where the boy was discovered on the father's home. it was taken 36 hours before the child disappeared. now a dispute over a national gas pipeline. it would start in dallas county and runs to mercer county. new jersey environmental officials say the application to build it is incomplete. proponents say it would threaten water and wild life t. builder
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says it would create jobs and provide a new energy source. more than 110 businesses in reading and allentown will be closed to show support for individual poen owners. it's a part of a day without immigrants. 35 similar incidents are happening in pennsylvania. the highest number of any state in the country. look for businesses that will shut down on that day. officials in pennsylvania say the medical marijuana program is on schedule to be up and running by may of next year. the state house secretary says her agency has received more than 500 applications from people that want to grow, process the drug. she says they hope to issue permits by the end of june. in south jersey today more than 100 companies will be looking for workers at 9:00 there afternoon until 2:00 this afternoon. the problem is the to revitalize
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allentow allentown. they will include this innovation tower. we already have an issue to tell you about on the road. >> there is a spill out in belmar, new jersey, carrying cartons of orange juice. you are coming at 42 or either way, whatever you are trying to do is get to 295 northbound, a part of that ramp is blocked down. so moving northbound on 295. you won't get there. after that 42 freeway 76 mark.
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otherwise, 295 is smooth sailing. you can hop on after that northbound side, we have that ramp blocked. also cameras around 24th street. this is moving towards the schuylkill. we are not seeing problems or delays on sharon lane around the harleysville pike. eight minutes into the mid-60s. >> boy, it's 61 degrees already. i think there is a day i came without bearing fruit. >> it will get warmer. >> we should be in the 40s. the low temperatures we see in philadelphia. the end of april. clouds are overhead. warm air is pushing into the area.
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very little wind warm air moves in. there is some fog developing in coatesville. a 5 mile visibility. not bad at all. to the south. millvale has one mile visibility. in between this recording station, you may see patches of fog this morning. it's not going to be with us all day. 61 degrees right now in philadelphia. and not far from 50 for south jersey and delaware the lehigh valley, 62 degrees. 57 degrees at the shore. these numbers will climb into the 70s today. something we didn't see yesterday. we didn't see sunshine for most of the day yesterday. it will change today. 60 right now, audubon 60. there are still some 50. hopewell township at 59. but not much cooler this morning. so it will be a mild morning at the bus stop and a dry morning,
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too. yes, there will be clouds, there will be breaks and sunshine in those areas atlantic city and trenton a little cooler. i am tracking late tonight and overnight tonight, i think we stay dry. this storm system will make progress by this evening. a chance of not only showers, possibly thunderstorms. that's at 9:00 it leads into the lehigh valley, south jersey, early tomorrow morning. this is 1:30. it keeps on going. we see showers to start with in the 5:00 hour. the challenge to move out. enough sunshine, warm, into the '80s. today, partly sunny skies.
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78 degrees this afternoon. a chance of thundershowers and tomorrow 82 the high after a morning low of 63. see lots of sunshine on friday. up to 87 degrees on saturday. there is a slight chance we will see showers and thunderstorms. most of the day will be dry, clouds and sunshine for sunday. 72 degrees, a little cooler, it will be a mostly cloudy day. it could cause more showers and thunderstorms on monday. it brings the temperatures down on tuesday and wednesday, it gets cooler. may arrives on sunday. 60s for thursday, friday and saturday. >> thank you, bill. time to take a new step to get riders to use q cards. >> they will end weekly passes and one day convenience passes,
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we can reload online, over the phone, for now, they will have trail passes. they will learn major repairs. >> that follows derailment and problems that caused commuter chaos. an electrical problem on tuesday. they will will cause commuter delays and cancellations. in lehigh valley. an additional ramp will be built carrying shipments. the morning call could cost more than $4 million. the airport hopes to have it up and running with a practice russia in november. all new 59. a, united airmens reports on an incident in which the man was dragged off a flight. what they are now vowing to do. former vice president joe
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biden fights to ends sexual assault on campus. how victims are treated. nbc 10 is getting prepared for severe weather. on tuesday, we will bring you ahead of the storm. a lot of information on climate change. right here on nbc 10.
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the ben franklin parkway, they will be working up to the first draft pick is chosen. >> the district attorney's office discharged a police
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officer with manslaughter for triggering a deadly crash. this is yesterday. investigators say he was driving up to 90 miles an hour when he slammed into danny dimitri in january. he was thrown 15 feet and died at the scene. >> he was my brother. they stole him from us. >> authorities say a second officer was in the second car involved in the incident. he has been fired but not charged. >> a woman died last week. officers were conduct an investigation in a park in kensington april 18th when an officer put the car in reverse and backed into michelle colt. police say the officers took her to temple hospital. accident investigators are also looking into the crash. we have new details on
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district attorney seth williams. his friend, mohammed m. ali is now indicted on bribery and tax evasion charges related to the case. they allege ali and williams had an arrangement where ali would provide travel, money and other things. in exchange, prosecutors say williams would do favors for ali. williams is facing federal bribery and extortion charges. his trial is set for next month. a man is behind bars for sexually assaulting two young girls. police say joseph catrambone had it happen in williams town where he worked. comedian bill cosby hopes to resolve his trial. the comedian said i think about walking out on stage and sitting down on the chair and giving the performance that will be the beginning of the next chapter of
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my career. cosby has hem in 2004. jury selection begins next month in pittsburgh. cosby's youngest daughter released a letter defending her father. she wrote, quote, my dad like anyone in this country deserves to be treated fairly under the law. ♪ just like fire >> grammy award winner pink will perform in atlantic city this summer. the singer that grew up in philadelphia will take the stage. tickets go on sale next friday. well, an unusual sight outside new castle countedy high school yesterday. >> something straight out of idaho. they got a visit from a truck model of a potato the giant
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potato built by the idaho state commission. it is currently making a cross country jrn my. we are following breaking news, a trooper gunned down. the suspect is unfolding in the delaware neighborhood, forcing people out of their homes the break down and shooting that happened overnight. they sentence a man to death. now both sides are reacting, final countdown from the nfl draft kicking off in philadelphia. what you need to know about the impact on the city. breaking news, a man wanted
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tore shooting and killing a state trooper is barricaded inside a home. >> the fallen trooper has been identified as corporeal steven ballard. he was shot around noon after approaching two people in a car. police were able to take one suspect into custody at the scene. but the suspected killer then took off. now that suspect is believed to be holed up in middletown. katie, anyupdates right now? >>. >> reporter: we know the suspect is barricaded inside his home. where i'm standing right now is about a pile from st. michael's drive, where that home is located. you can see we are just in front of a barricade preventing traffic from getting anywhere


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